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John Oliver is appointed to measure the three-hillraarish at Brain-
tree, in which M"". Wheelwright had a grant of fort}- acres, and to
give notice to this meeting of the overplus above the sayd forty acres.

There is 20.". allowed William Courser for his service about the
swine, which tooke him up (as he sayth) about three weekes time.

There is liberty granted unto James Oliver to Continue his
enterance into his sellar, where now it is in the street, la3ing the
nether part of his dore flatt about 18 inches, or two foot.

Also there is liberty granted to the said James Oliver and M''.
Edward Tynge to straiten their street palls from David Sellecke,
his corner poste, unto the said Edward Tj^nge's Diall-poste.

This 25th of 7 mo., 1G43.

At a general Townsmeeting upon lawfull warning.

John Winthrop, esq'". Governor, Richard Bellingham, esq", W".
Hib'Dens, Gent., W"'. Tynge, Treasurer, Capt. Gibons, W'". Col-
bron, Jacob P^liott, Valentine Hill, John Oliver are chosen as for-
merly for the Townes affayres for these G months next ensueiug.

At a meeting the same day of John Winthrop, Esq"^", Governor,
Richard Bellingham, esq"^*^, W™. Hibbens, Gent., W"\ Tynge.
Treasurer, W"\ Colbron, Jacob Eliot, Valentine Hill, John OUver,

There is granted unto Ensigne Savage an acre of marish, be it
more or lesse, Lying at the Nor-west end of Hog Hand, and for-
merly luiallotted, bounded with the upland toward the South, and
with the salt water on all other parts.

It's agreed that Arthur Perry, Drummer, shall have 91. for all bis
service for the Towne with his Drum this last yeare and halfe end-
ing on the 1st of the 7th mo. last past, to be payd bj' Anthony
Stodder, late Constable, out of the Townes-rate.

This 27th of 9th mo., 1643.

At a generall Townes meeting upon lawfull warning.

76 City Document No. 46.

William Frankling Smith, is Choseu Constable in the stead of
Edward Tynge for this next ensuing yeare.

At a meeting this da}^ of John Winthrop, Esq''", Governor, W™.
Hibbens, Gent., W". Tynge, Treasurer, W". Colbron, Jacob Eliot,
John Oliver.

It's agreed betweene the select men on the Towne's behalfe [68] ,
and Hugh WiUiams and George Clifford : That Nathaniel Newgate,
Apprentize to the said Hugh WilUams and George Clifford afore-
said, shall doe all Coinon service in druiiiing for the Towne on
trayning dayes and watches, The sayd George for these three
yeares next ensueing, and the said Nathaniel for these foure yeares
next ensueing, in Consideration whereof the Towne will be at the
charges of their learning skill in druiTiing.

It's further agreed with Arthur Perry that he shall give his Best
dihgence in Teaching the sayd George Clifford and Nathaniel New-
gate in all the skill and use of the drum needfuU to all common
service in military Affayres, in consideration whereof he shall have
foure pounds payd to him within six mo : next ensuing.

John Button and John Hill have now resigned all Claime of in-
interest in the businesse of the corne mills, agreed the 31 of 5 : 1G43.

There is liberty graunted unto John Hill, Blacksmith, to sinke a
well on the west side of his dwelling howse.

Thomas Clarke, late of Dorchester, hath libert}^ to wharfe before
his proprietye in the milfield against the sea.

The like libertj'e is granted to John Milam before his present
dwelling howse.

It's ordered that the case concerning the shop set before William
Tynge, Treasurer, his freehold, shall be in the first place treated of
at our next Towne meeting.

The like libert}^ of wharfing is granted unto Valentine Hill before
his proprietj-e in the milfield, provided that a libertye of colhon
landnig be reserved betweene the wharfe 's of Valentine Hill and
John Milam aforesaid.

William Tyngs, Treasurer, hath the like liberty of wharfing
before his propriety in the marish, neere John Lowe's howse granted
to him.

It's ordered that the high way of two rods in breadth shall be
preserved on the beach (as it is begun) from Edward Bendall's
cove towai'd John Gallop's Point.

[Here is an asterisk, and in the margin are the words " vid.
pag. 69." On p. 61) is the following entr}', evidentlj" omitted on
p. 68. It begins as follows : — ■ ]

[69.] " I humbly crave pardon for this Error."

At the meeting of the selectmen on 27 of 9 mo. 1643.

The Intent of the Agreement between the Towne and the
Grantees of the Cove, &c., for the Milne is as followeth : —
That the Grauutees shall not be bound to Reserve any marish if
they have Occasion to Cutt it up ; but in that Case the Towne's
libert}- for repairing the Causewa}' shall [70.] reach to such land
as shall be left, be it upp. or nether Spitt.

2. That the sayd Grauntees shall not be bound either to the
making or mainteyning of an^- such Milne or Milnes, upon an}"
other penalty- than the Losse of the said Cove and Marish and other

Boston Toavn Records, 1643. 77

land Graunted to Retunie to the Towne againe as if it had not
bone graunted. And for further explanation, It is now declared
and agreed betweene the Towne ancl the Grauntees That if the
said Grauntees shall not goe forward, nor perfect the said Worke,
as it is Intended, or having perfected the same in an}' measure,
shall see good at any time to give it over, and not continue to
uphold and mainteyne the same, it shall be noe breach of cove-
nant on their part, onely the Graunt to be voyd (and so forth)
as before. And whatsoever Timber or other Materials they shall
be at Cost to erect or bring upon the land Graunted, it shall be
lawful for them to sell off unto any other person within the space
of one yeare after they shall have left off to proceed in the sayd
worke, or to uphold and mainteyne the same being made and
finished, provided that if the Towne will give them for such Tim-
ber worke or other materialls so much as another, they shall have
the same, and one month's time for Refusall.

Moreover there is 33 foot in Breadth added to the former graunt
neere Goodman Lowe's howse, and both upon Condition the Milne
or Milnes may be set betweene Joh. Gallop's Point and Edward
Bendall's Cove.

[Here we return from this added part, on pp. 69 and 70, to the
regular record on p. 68. — W. H. W. ]

[68, cont.^ This 8th of 11th mo., 1643.

At a general Townsmeeting upon publick warning.

William Hibbens, Gent., John Wilson, Pastor of the Church,
William Colbron, Deacon, are chosen to Treat with all the neigh-
bouring Townes concerning a convenient way of Fortifying at
Castle Island.

Also it's agreed that the Fortification begun upon the Fort
Hill, and a worke for that end some where about AYalter
Merryes' Point, shall be raised. For the ordering of which Capt.
Keayne, Capt. Hawkins, Eusigne Savage, Sergeant Hutchinson,
Sergeant Johnson, and Sergeant Oliver are chosen. And the
Towne doe unanimously promise to supply all necessary labours
and charges according to the Direction given them by the fore-
named Committee, according to an equall Rate made by their

This 19th of 11th mo., 1643.

At a generall Townsmeeting upon publick warning.

There is graunted unto M^ John Winthrop, Junr., and his part-
eners, and to their heyres and assignes for ever, three thousand acres
of tlie coinon land at Braintry, for the encouragement of an iron
worke, to be set up about Monotocot River. The said [69.] three
thousand acres to be la}^! out in the Land next adjoyning and
most convenient for their said Iron worke, by the direction of
the select Townsmen.

This 29th of 11th mo., 1643.

At a generall Townsmeeting upon publick warning.
It's agreed for the Repaire of the Castle, that the Towne of Bos-
ton will provide all the timber, and lay it in its forme at the Castle

78 City Docuivient No. 46.

Iland for the worke at the Top of the Hill, in case that other
Townes shall goe on with their proportionable shares of the worlcs
there. Capt. Keayne and Capt. Hawkins are appointed to I'reat
with other Towne's Comittces about the same. Furthermore,
The Towne consenteth to afford such helpe unto ten persons or
family es as may encourage them in their residence at the Castle
Island, the which is referred unto the select Townes men to agree
it with such as shall inhabit there.

The same day.

At a meeting this da}^ of John Winthrop, Esq™, Governor, W™.
Hibbens, Gent., W™. Tynge, Treasurer, W™. Colbron, Jacob Eliot,
John Oliver.

W"\ Hibbins, Gent., and W". Colbron are appointed to lay out
the High way to the South-Wind-milne that lyeth betweene Thomas
AVheelar's and Robert Woodward's gardens.

There is liberty granted to Ensigne Savage, Mathew Chafeth,
Isaak Cullimore, John Gallop, Senr., John Sweet, John Hill, Sam-
son Shore to make wharfes towards the sea before their proprietj^es
in the Milne-feild.

There is liberty granted to Widdow Purton to mowe the marish
in the necke this 3-care which she hath mowed formerly.

There is granted unto Gryphen Bowin, Gent., an howse lot, if
any yet remaine to be disposed of.

William Hibbens, Gent., William Colbron and Jacob Eliot are
appointed to view the wast gi'ound before Joshua Seottoe's Sellar,
and to Report unto the next meeting whether an howse plot may
be graunted there to Richard Saudford.

Alexander Becke and Edmund Jacks'on have liberty to mowe the
marish this next yeare which they have formerly mowed.

There is graunted unto Abel Porter a Small parcell of Land,
about a quarter of an acre, undisposed, adjoyning to his Planting
ground at Long Iland.

It's ordered that Abraham Hagburne shall pay one shilling unto
the Towne for the use of the shop standing upon the Townes wast
before the propriety of William Tynge, Treasurer, for the next
ensueing yeare, and that he shall remoove the said shop (if occa-
sion be) at two months' warning given hmi by the Towne.

[Here, as already explained, the record goes to middle of p. 70.
— W. H. W.]

[70.] This 18th of 1st mo., 1644.

At a generall TowDsmeeting upon lawful warning.

Capt. Gibons, Capt. Keayne, Capt. Hawkins, Ensigne Savage,
Sgt. Hutchinson, Sgt. Johnson, Sgt. Oliver, are appointed to agree
with some Workemen, to Finish that worke our Towne is to doe at
the Castle, and that the Towne's Select men shall make a Rate for
the defraying of the charges thereof.

At a meeting this day of John Winthrop, Esq''^, Governor, W".
Hibbens, Gent., W". Tynge, Treasurer, W". Colbron, Jacob Eliot,
John Oliver.

There is graunted to Anthony Stoddard Hberty to make his Enter-

Boston Town Records, 1644. 79

ance out of the street into his Sellar, neere our Pastors house iu
such manner as was Grauntcd to James Oliver and to open his
shop-window-board two foot into the street.

There is graunted unio Wm. Teffe a parcell of land neere the
south wind mill to be layd out by William Colbron & Jacob Eliot
provided that He shall fence it with posts, and rayles, and not
build upon it nor plant it with Indian coine nor any thing that
may hinder the windmill.

Wm. Frankling, blacksmith, is allowed (and that with Edw. Ben-
dalls Consent, to be one of those whose howsc abutteth upon the
high waye neere the Cove, and so to enjoye the liberty e of the Cove
allowed to such as [71.] Abutt thereupon.

There is liberty graunted to Edward Bendall to procure the 400
acres formerly graunted unto Samuel Maverick, Gent, purchased by
him, to be layed out Orderly in and about a small parcell of raed-
dow found out by him in the upper parts of Monotocot River, neere
Taunton Path.

John Ruggle is appointed (as formerly) to keepe the milch cat-
tell for this next sumer.

John Oliver is appointed to lay out the marish formerly- graunted
to Richd Bellingham, esq"^", as neere as He can according to the
limits expressed in the Graunt.

There is liberty graunted unto John Bigs to fence his marish in
the necke formerly purchased of the Towne by the Direction of Wm.
Colbron, and Jacob Eliot, and if any quantity fall within the sayd
fence above his Proportion He is to allow the Towne for it.

This 29th of 2d mo., 1644.

At a meeting this 29th of 2d mo, 1644, of John Winthrop, esq™,
Governor, W". Hibbens, Gent., W'". Tynge, Treasurer, Valentine
Hill, W™. Colbron, Jacob Eliot, John Oliver.

It's ordered that Sergeant Major Gibons, Wm. Colbron, & Jacob
Eliot shall lay out such a parcell of Land in some place of the
Commons of this neck as may satisfy Wm. Hibbens, Gent., for that
land of his which is enclosed with the breast worke upon the Fort

There is liberty graunted to Christopher Stanly to wharf before
his propriety neere Winnesemet ferr}* in the millfeild.

This 17th of 3d mo., 1644.

At a generall Townes meeting upon publick warning.

John Winthrop, esq'^% Governor, W". Hibbens, Gent., W".
Tj'nge, Treasui'er, Sgt. Major Gibons, W™. Colbron, Jacob Eliot,
Valentine Hill, James Penn, John Oliver, are chosen to Order the
affayres of the Towne, as formerly, for these six mo. next ensuing,
and till new be chosen.

This 29th of 5th mo., 1644.

At a meeting this day of John Winthrop, esq''*, Deputy Gov-
ernor, Wilham Hibbens, Gent., Sgt. Major Gibons, Valentine Hill,
Jacob Eliot, John Oliver.

The Land within the Common fence at Braintry neere the Knights

80 City Document No. 46.

necke belonging to Boston is hereby sold vinto Sergeant Matson,
James Penniman, Moses Pa3'ne, Francis Eliot for 5s. per acre be it
more or lesse, to be payd in Corne or Cattle within one moneth
into the hands of M^ Henry Flint of Braintry for his owue Use, on
consideration of his late gi*eat losse through the hand of Gods
Providence by fire.

The Constables of this Towne are appointed to pay foure pounds
ten shillings unto Arthur Perry, part of seaven pounds due to him
for his service in Druiiiing untill the first da^' of the first month
last past, and for teaching the use of the drumme according to
agreement made with him on 27 of 9, 1643.

The remaine is pa^xl by 20s. to Widdow Hudson for him to be
allowed her in her present Rate, 10s. in discharge of [73.] his
owne Rate, and ten shillings to VV™. Davis for him to be allowed in
his Rate.

There is 5s. allowed to Nathaniel Woodward Sen'' to be payd
by the Constables for la3-ing a water channell of Timber in one of
the Causwa3'es towards Rocksbui'y.

Zache Bozworth is appointed Pound-keeper and to be allowed
for his service therein according to the order made on 13th of
3d mo., 1637.

Walter Merrj' hath libert}^ grauuted him to wharfe before his
Propriety by his present dwelling howse.

Sergeant Major Gibons, Valentine Hill, and John Oliver or any
two of them are appointed to veiw the wast ground neere John Hill
the Smiths howse, and to Consider whether any part thereof may
be conveniently sold to our bro. Thomas Marshall for the building
of a shop, and to make report thereof unto our next meeting.

Charity White is allowed 26s. for thirteene weekes keeping of
John Beny, to be payd by the Constables.

Nicholas Upshall hath liberty grauuted him to wharfe before his
propriety in the millfeild.

Richard Lippencot is Admitted Townsman.

That parcell of marish that belongeth unto the Towne of Boston
in the three-hill marish at Braintry, which was not formerly
Counted to belong to M^ Wheelwright's marish, together with
the two Hillucks of upland therein, is grauuted, to be equally di-
vided betweene William Tomson, Pastor, and Henry Flynt,
Teacher, of the Church of Braintry.

Sergeant Matson hath liberty to mowc about two loads of hay
in the three-hill marish at Braintr}' this j'eare.

The Prices of Edward Bendall's wharfe are settled for a yeare,
and the writing is here to be entered.

[73.] This 26th of 6th mo., 1644.

At a meeting this day of John Winthrop, esq.. Deputy Gov-
ernor, Wm. Hibbens, Gent., Major Gibons, Wm. Tynge, Treas-
urer, Valentine Hill, James Penn, Johu Oliver.

There is graunted unto Tho. Marshall, Shoemaker, 15 foot Square
upon the wast, neere John Hill, Blacksmith, his shop, to be sett out
by Valentine Hill and James Penn, for which he is to pay unto the
Townes use 20s. upon demand, and so to enjoy the same for three

Boston Town Eecords, 1644. 81

ycarcs certaine, and if it should afterward proove inconvenient
unto the Towne, He is to relinquish the same againe upon 6
months warning, the Towne paing him his necessary charges ex-
l)on(led thereon ; provided allso that this graunt doe not Hinder
ihc present water course, nor any that may hereafter be graunted
for the Coves use.

There is 20s. allowed to be payd to our brother Rawlines in
Consideration of the High way taken out of his corne feild behind
his dwelling howse.

Ordered to be sent unto Braintree.

" Bretheren and neicjhhonrs of Braintree^

" Having understood that you have, beyond the Power of yonr
warrant, chosen John Read, one of our Towne, to serve upon the
Grand Jury, we desire that 3-ou would not put an}' such hinderance
unto our Comfortable mutuall agreements one with another, but
that 3-0U would desist, and choose some other for that service."

It's ordered and agreed with James Penn that in Consideration
of his land at the Fort hill be it more or lesse. He shall have 3
acres layd out next William Hibbins, Gent., his Land neere Rocks-
bury gate, at the appointment of William Hibbens, Gent,, and
William Colbron.

This 30th of 7th mo., 1644.

At a meeting this day of John Winthrop, esq.. Deputy Governor,
Wm. Hibbens, Gent., Valentine Hill, James Penn, John Oliver.

Its ordered that the Constables shall pay unto Sergeant Turner
six pounds nine shillings due to him from t:he Towne.

Its ordered that the Constables shall pay unto Tho. Ohver, Elder
of the Church, seaven pounds for seaven months attendance upon
the Cure of the servant of Tho. Hawkins.

James Penniman, Thomas Matson, Francis Eliot, Moses Paine,
have paid ten pounds unto M^ Henry Flynt, as they were ordered
to doe on 29 of 5 mo., 44. 3

Thomas Bell hath gi-aunted to him the small parcell of marish
at Long Island towards the East end, to enjo}' it according to the
tenure of John Gallop's possession of marish there.

This 2d of 10th mo., 1644.

At a meeting this day of John Winthrop, esq.. Deputy Governor,
Wm. Colbron, Jacob P^liot, Valentine Hill, John Oliver.

Its ordered that the Constables shall pay unto Walter Merry 5.s.
for Fencing set up at the upp end of his [74.] garden by reason of
the high way there, and 3.s. for the use of his boat to Wiunesemet
to carr^' workmen to repaire the high wayes there.

There is liberty graunted to Jasper Rawlines to make use of a
rood of upland for the making of Brickes at the Easterne end of
Sergeant Hues, his Corne feild neere Roxsbury gate.

Thomas Joy, Carpenter, is hereby required to make a safe pass-
age over his Sellar in the high way, by the water side, in the mill-
foild within two dayes after the sight of this order under the
poenalty of 20s.

82 City Document No. 46.

Its Ordered that the Constables shall pay unto Arthur Perry
50s. for his halfe yearcs service in druming, ending on the first of
7th mo. last past, and 40s. for his attendance on setting of the
watches this last Summer.

There is liberty graunted unto Deacon Eliot to sett out his
barne six or eight foot into the street at the Dii'ection of Deacon

Its ordered that the Constables shall pay unto Deacon Eliot for
the use of m'' Woodbridge eight pounds due to him for keeping the
Schoole the Last yeare.

This 30th of 10th mo., 1644.

At a meeting this day of John Winthrop, esq.. Deputy Governor,
Wm. Hibbens, Gent., Wm. Colbron, Jacob Eliot, Valentine Hill,
D'^acons, James Penn, John Oliver.

William Hibbens, Gent., and Valentine Hill are appointed lo
view the marish in the new feild mowne by Edmund Jackson last
3'eare, and to report unto our next meeting whether it be convenient
to sell it, and if so the valew of it.

The Constables have undertaken to mend the highway at the
head of the Cove neere their Shops, and to charge it to the Townes
account and also to make a sufficient cartway' in the street from
the Cove toward Charleton by what heipe of neighbours they can
attaine, whereof the Towne is to beare halfe the Charge.

The Constables are to Demand of Martin Sanders and George
Euggles of Braintree the money due to The Towne for Land sold to
them, and in case they refuse payment to sue them for it, the pay-
ment of it having bene for these sundry yeares witheld by them.

Assurance is hereby Given unto Tho : Fowle, Gent, for his Satis-
faction concerning pa^-ment of his present Proportion toward the
Fortification at Castle Island, that noe more shall be required of him
toward the building of the worke now in hand there, and in case it
be not finished that halfe his mony expended shall be returned to

There are two acres of ground added to James Penn his former
graunt on 26th of 6th mo., 44, for more full satisfaction for his
land on the fort hill taken to the Use of fortification.

[75.] Deare Island is let to hire unto James Penn, and John
Oliver for these three j'ears next ensuing paying unto the Use of the
Schoole seaven pounds per yeare. In part whereof the}' are to repay
according to former orcler on 31st of 11th mo., 1641, unto Major
Gibons the mony pa3'd by him unto John Ruggle, and that before
the 1st of 3d mo., 1645. Moreover there is liberty graunted to the
Inhabitants of this Towne to cut wood on it provided that they
carry off", or set the same on heapes, that it may not be spoyled, nor
hinder the feed of Cattell.

This 27th of 11th mo., 1644.

At a generall Towne-meeting, upon warning from howse to

Sergeant Major Gibons is chosen to be of the Committee for
Castle Island, and to give order concerning the fortifications in the

Boston Town Records, 1645. 83

This Da}'. At a meeting of John Winthrop, esq., Deputy
Governor, ^Ym. Hibbens, Gent., Sgt. -Major Gibons, Wm. Colbron,
Jacob Eliot, Valentine Hill, Deacons, John Oliver.

Edward Miles is admitted Townesmau.

Valentine Hill, Deacon, together with one of the present con-
stables, are appointed Auditors of Anthon}^ Stodder late Constable
his accounts, and to make report thereof unto the select men at
their next meeting.

There is ten shillings allowed to be pa_yd b}^ the Towne unto wid-
dow Howin towards her reliefe, in Consideration of her shop now
standing in the market place speedily to be remooved.

There is graunted unto Joshua Scotto to straiten his pall at the
head of his howse plat neere John Lowes Howse as the head of the
sayd John Lowes palls runn, and to have that marish therein con-

The remaining part of the sayd marish neere John Lowes howse
not formerly Disposed of (except two rods broad next Thomas
Marshall, his garden palls), is Graunted unto Richard Bellingham,
Esq. , for the Continuance of peace and love, In Consideration of a
quiet resignation of all claime unto the wast before his howse, to
be given unto the Towne under his hand.

This 31st of 1st mo., 1645.

At a meeting this day of John Winthrop, esq., Deputy Govern-
or, Wm. Hibbens, Gent., Wm. Colbron, Valentine Hill, Deacons,
James Penn, John Oliver.

It's agreed with Thomas Scotto, of this Towne, for his Dwelling
howse, and yard, and garden in this Towne, sold and delivered unto
the select men afforesaid, for the Towne use, with all the appur-
tenances thereof, and groweths thereupon, and benefits that doe or
ma}' arise by virtue thereof, bounded with the Lands of Henry
Messenger towards the North ; with the Land of M'. Richard
Hutchinson towards the East : with the Comon street toward the
South : with the Burying place toward the west, and all for the sume
of fifty-five pounds, to be payd as follows, vizt. : fifteene pounds
by the said Thomas Scotto' s Order unto George Curtis of [76.]
this Town — five pounds whereof is to be pa3'd in wheat at present,
the other ten pounds to be payd by the end of the 8 month next
ensuing, halfe in money, halfe in merchantable beaver at the price
currant ; And 15^. more by the sayd Thomas, his appointment, unto
John Mellowes at his returne from his present sea voyage in like
manner as the former or otherwise to his satisfaction. And 2dl,.
more, partly in marish in the new feild, after the rate of 3/. 10s.
per acre, and the residue as shall be further agreed.

Macklin Knight and William Parsons are admitted Townsmen.

There is graunted unto Alexander Becke the little marish next
M"". Haughe's Point, be it more or lesse, as it shall be found by
measure, after the rate of three pounds 10s. per acre, to be payd
the one halfe in wheat, and the other halfe in mon}' for the Towne's

Jonathan Balston and Thomas Smith are admitted Townesmen.

84 City Document No. 46.

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