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Michaill Wills is admited to be an Inhabitant.

It is ordered, that Benia : Ward shall pay but three pounds per
annum for the marish that hee hyei'S of the towne, not expectinge
foure per annum after too years, acordinge as the former contract
did bind him unto.

There is sold unto John Hurd a small peece of ground lyinge at
the end of his howse plat for ten shilhngs.

The 29: 11 mo., 1648.

At a meetinge this day of M^ Wra. Colboui'ue, Jacob Eliot,
Tho. Marshall, James Eviiill, James Penn.

There is sold unto Ilngh Gunison sixe foot of Ground in bredth
and twelve foot in length, downe to his sign post, to payle in, for
forty shillings.

There is graunted to Isac Waker liberty to set up a porch afore
his dore foure foot into the street from his howse dore and sixe
foot by his howse side.

There is graunted unto Tho. Marshall all that marish, Contain-
ing too rods in breadth, that lys betweene M"". Rich. Bellinghara
and himself, in pa. 75, in exchange for that 15 foot of ground that
hee bought of the Towne, acordinge to that order entered pag. 73,
but the Towne did not think fit, on Consideration, to make good
that sayle to him.

The 26: 12 mo., 1648.

At a meetinge this day of M^ Wm. Colbrone, Jacob Eliot,
Tho. Marshall, James Evirill, James Penn.

M^ Richard Bellingham hath liberty to wharfe afor his pro-
prietye that lieth between Walter Merry and Wm. Winbourne,
provided that it doth not prejudice the battery.

Jerimye Ilowchin hath liberty to set up a portch 4 foot from his
howse, and soe all alonge by his howse, to set up a payle before it.

It is oi'dered, that Jacob Eliot shall have the swamp that joyneth
to his allotment at mudye River next to Cotton Plax house bye the
Common feild, Reservinge libertye to cut hedginge wood in it for
the Common fence that runeth thro the sayd swamp.

It is ordered upon Consideration of our Bro. Bendall's request
about Dear Hand, which the towne let to him for seven years, it is
Granted to him that his seven years shall be made up twenty and
one years payinge his rent of 14L per annum, according to former
agreement, provided that he shall leave a suply of wood for the
[84.] Maintenance of on family for ever, as also whatever fruit
trees he [corner torn off] plant their he or his hayrs shall leave
standing at the end of his [torn off.]

94 City Document No. 46.

It is ordered, and agreed upon the perusall of the acounts of

M"'. Hill [ ] Edward Bendall about the cove or docke in their

charges, which they [ ] in the five j'ears allowed them l\y the

towue to expend in as appears [ ] 56, which we find to put to

account 818L 13s. 4d., which makes their nu[ ] of years for
them to possess to be four score from the year 1646.

It is ordered, that James Johnson shall have sixteene foot of
ground from his howse southward alonge downe to his garden
payle post, in consideration that he shall make and maintaine for-
ever a sufficient hygh way for foot and Cart over the watter Course
which runs from M'". Hutchisons yard alonge by his howse end.

It is ordered that John Baytman, John Burrill, Tho. Hawkins,
James Hawkins and the rest of the naybours shall have liberty to
remove away that crose worke that is set over the milne creeke
which hiudreth the passage of boats, upon such Condition that they
shall make the creek goe alonge out to loe watter marke.

jVr. AYilliam Brenton hath liberty to set up a portch afore his
howse to range even in the street with M'. Hills and M'. Hardings.

Ther is graunted unto Ensigne Hutchison, Benia : Gillum, Benia :
"Ward, Jonathan Balston, John Compton, Tho. Smyth, Steevea
Butler, Rich. Richison, liberty to make a hyghway from their
howses over the marish to the bridge and over M''. Hills Ground
upon then- owne charges which was eight pounds, sixteene shil-
lings, for which chai'ges they are free from Hyghwa}^ charges this
nine years.

Ther is ordered that a hyghway of twelve foot betweene Capt.
Hardings howse and Wm. Davice howse, shall goe alonge to the
bridge which the towne and M"". Hill set up together, beinge to be
made by the towne and M'. Hill, and for that hyghway their is
graunted to W. Hill a way to his Ground by the sea side alonge
bye the howse of Wm. Hudson, senior, and a cart way below the

The 12th 1 : mo., 1649.

At a generall Townesmeettinge of all the Inhabitants upon pub-
lique warninge were chosen for Deputys of the Generall Court for
this year Capt. Keayne and James Penn.

For select men were chosen M''. Wm. Colborne, Jacob Eliot,
Anthony Stoddard, Jerimy Howchin, Tho. Marshall, James Everill,
James Penn.

For clarkes of the market, Jerimy Howchin, James Penn.

For Constables, M'. Tho. Clarke, Theodor Atkinson, Tho.
Clarke and Barnabas Fawer.

For survayers of the Hyghways, Christopher Gibson, Walter
Mereye, John Button, Wm. Blautcn.

For Sealers of leather, Ricli. Weeb, Robt. Tourner.

It was further ordered that the select men of the towne shall
take order aboute Longe Hand and Spectacle Hand, with them that
now hold it, to instate it on them for Inheritance, upon paying a
yearly rent upon evrye accre for the Schols use.

It was farther ordered that those that shall Tindei'take to builde a
howse for the Courts to be kept in, shall have the Imunitye of it
that comes b}' any tole or rent to them and their hayers for ever.

BosTOX To^vN Records, 1649. 95

It is ordered that the Hyghway that lieth on the south side of the
watter mihie shall run alonge bye the Corner of the sayd milne a
rod in breadth, as it is layd out in a strait line to the milne hill
that lies to the ferry e to Charlton.

M^ Tho. Clarke is fined 20s. for refusing to serve his Con-
stables place.

[85.] [Corner torn] 9:2: mo., [-]649.

A meetinge this day of M"". Wm. Colbrone, Jacob Eliot, Anthony
Stoddard, Jerim^- Howchin, Tho : Marshall, James Evirill, James

In the place of M"". Tho. Clarke was chossen Isaac Waker to be
Constable for this year.

Wm. Philips hath agreed to give 13s. 4cL per annum for ever
to the use of the schole for the land that Christopher Stanley gave
in his will for the schols use ; the rent day began the 1 of March,

Moses Paine, of Braintr}^, hath let to him 500 Accers of land,
to be la3"d out at Braintry, painge forty shillings per annum for
ever, for the schols use, and to begin his rent daye on the first
of Maye, 1649, to be pa3'd on the first of the first mo. for ever, in
corne or porke at the prize curant, and that to be payd into the
towne treasuree success ivl^^e.

John Barrill, John Odlin, Wm. Ludkin, James Browne, Benia-
min Negoose, Raph Masson, James Davise, Edward Dinis, Tho.
Munte, Rich. Cartter, Abell Porter, Tho. Grube, John Strange,
Tho. Wey borne, James Jemson, doth bind themselves and their
successors to pay six pence an accre per yeare for their land at
Spectacle Hand for ever to the use of the schole, that so it may be
proprietye to them for ever, and they are to bringe in their pay to
the townes treasurer the first of February forever, or else there
land is forfiet into the towne's dispossinge.

John Jackson, Garaalliel Waight, James Hudson, Wm. Kerby,
Tho. Bell, Robt. Linchorne, Anthony Marker, Abell Porter, Tho.
Spalle, Tho. Munte, Water Senot, Wm. Coope, Rich. HoUige,
Nicholas Baxster, Wm. Lane, Edward Browne, Beniamin Nigoose,
Beniamin Warde, Frauncis East, Henirye AlUn, Ed. Rainsford,
Tho. Venner, John Odlin, Wm. Ludkin, George Griggs, James
Davis, Richard Richardson, Robt. Blote, Mathew Jones, Mawdit
Ingles, Rich. Find, Jonathan Balston, Tho. Stanberrye,
Christopher Parrise, John Viall, Mathew Chaffey, Micaell Wills,
doth bind themselves, and there successors to pay sixe pence an
accre for theire land at Long Hand bye the yeare for ever : and
that to be for the use of the scole, that so it maye be proprietye to
them for ever, and the}' are to bringe in there pay to the townes
treasurer the first of februarye for ever, or else there land is forfeit
unto the townes disposinge.

M''. Bowin and Petter Oliver is chosen for perambulation at
Mudye River.

Allexsander Becke is chosen to keep the Cowes this year, and is
to rec : 2s. per head.

Capt. Wm. Tinge shall have the refusall of the purchase of the

96 City Document No. 46.

swampe that 13'es between M"'. John Wilsons, of Boston, and

There is granted unto Ensigne Ilntcliison, Beni. Gillam, Beni.
Ward, Jonathan lialston, John Compton, Tlio. Sn\yth, Steven
Butler, Riehard Riehison, leave to make a Hyghway from there
howses over the marish to the Bridge and over M''. Hills Ground,
upon there owne charge, they beinge allowed to be free from all
charges of Ilyghwayes till the somm of SI. IGs. be run out which
they have disbursed.

There is ordered and layd out a hyghway of 12 foot betweene
Capt. Ilardings howse and Wni. Davis howse alonge strait to the
Bridge, which the towne and M"". Hill set up betwene them, upon
Consideration that the hyghway at the seaside is demolished oulye
a way bye the howse of Wm. Hudson, senior, reserved for cart
and horse below it for the acomodation of the sayd land.

[86.] The 26: 4th mo., 1G49.

At a meeting this daye Wm. Colborne, Jacob Eliot, Anthony
Stoddard, Jerimy Howclain, Tho. Marshall, James Evirill, James
Penn : there was a ratt made of 33^ Is. Od. for the Hyghways to
be gathered by the surveyors for this yeare and to be expended
on the Hygh wayes.

Rich. Taylor is to ringe the bell at 9 of the cloke at night and
half an houre after foure in the morninge and is to have for his
recompence 41. a yeare, begininge his year the 24 : 4th mo., 1619.

It is ordered and agreed betwene the Select men of the towne of
Boston on the on part and Martin Saunders, Samuell Basse and
Mathew Barnes for and in behalfe of the Towne of Braintrye on
the other part, that whereas Boston hath sertaiue lands Hinge be-
tweene the Bounds of Dorchester and the Bounds of "Waymouth
as by the Grant of the Court it will appeare : It is now agreed
bye and betwixt the partyes afore sayd in the behalfe of the
Towne doe grant that all such Lands of theirs within the pre-
cincts aforesayd (being comouly called and knowne by the name
of Mount AYolliston) shalbe accounted* within the Towneship of
Braintrye and lyable to beare all Common charges in that Towne
when they are layd out and improved. 'Jlie towne of Boston
still retaininge the right and power of allottinge and disi)osinge of
all those lantls to particular persons that are ^-et unlotted out ; the
Towne of Braintrye paying therefore The sume of lifty pounds in
maner followinge. Unto the towne of Boston viz. ten pounds
the 10th of January next ensuinge the Date hereof, and ten pounds
each first mo. ensuinge (the next first mo. only excepted) for foure
3'eares successively untill the wliole be payd ; all the sayd pay-
ments to be made in merchantable Corne as wheat. Rye, Pease
and Indian at fifty shillings in each of them which sayd some of
fifty pounds beinge payd, the Inhabitants of the Towne of lirain-
trve are not only to inioye for a common the loOO acres formerly
layd out for a C^omon, but alsoe the abovesayd liberty and power
wnth all their Inhabitants, as other townes, to bring in all improved
lands to beare Counnon charges with them : provided that M''.
John Wilson, pastor of the church of Boston shall not be ratted

Boston Town Records, 1649. 97

unto Braintrye for his farme at Braintrye, only that his tenant
shalho still liable as heretofoi'c. Final I3', it is agreed and i)roiiiisi'd
by the sayd three men, JNIartin Saunders, Sanniell Basse, and
]\j[athew Barnes, lor and in the behalfe of the townc of Braintrye to
make good the aforesayd payment at the meetiuge howse of Boston,
to the seleet men thereof, which shall be successively chossen the
severall years. In witnes where of the select men of the Towne
of Boston for the time beinge on the on part, and Martin Saunders,
Samuell Basse, and Mathew Barnes on the other part, in the be-
halfe of the Towne of Bi-aintry, have set to their hands Interchang-
ably, this 20th of the 8th mo., 1G47.

John Loo, Josua Scotto, Wm. Ilanbery, Isaac Waker, Edmond
Jackson, John Shaw, Joseph Wormwall, Leanord Buttolfe are in-
debted to the Towne of Boston, and tlunr successors for ever for
the schols use for their land in Bendalls Cove, as their evidences
will show it forth, which some that is to be payd yearly is M. 'ds. 2d.

Beniamin Ward is to pay unto the Towne of Boston and his suc-
cessors for ever, 31. per annum for a parcill of land by his howse,
as the evidence therof doth make plaine, to be for the schols use.

Edward Bendall hath Deare Hand for twenty yeares and he and
his to pay 14L per annum and his successors, to the Towne of
Boston for the schools use as l)ye evidence will appeare.

At a Generall Townes meetiuge, the 12 : 1 mo., 1049, bye gen-
erall Consent it was refferred unto the select men of the Towne to
transact the agreement betwene those that have interest in the Cove
and the Towne for their rent which they are to paye to the schols
use for ever, that is to say for the sayle of the revci'sion of the Cove
called Bendall's Docke.

[87.] The 27: 6: mo., 1049.

At a meeting this day of M^ Wm. Colbrone, Jacob Eliot,
Anthony Stoddard, Jeremy Ilowchin, James Evirill, Tho : Mar-
shall, James Penn.

It is ordered that Anthony Stoddard shall have libertye to sell
his 100 acres of land to Moses Payne, of Braintre, and that he
shall have liberty to take it next unto that hee hath hired of the
Towne, or else where, if he see Cause.

Robert Nash is lined 19.s. Gri. for his leavinge his slaughter howse
with noyesome smells, to the offence of the Towne.

M^ Sowther is admited a townesman to Inhabit with them.

Tho. Painter hath liberty to erect amilne at Fox hill, by publicke
consent of the Towne in generall, and that he is bound to finish
the milne in too years, and at the first pecke of Corne it grinds hee
is to begin his rent of 40s. per annum forever to the publike use
of the Towne.

James Pilbeam is admited an Inhal)itant of the Towne.

Wm. Francklin is fined 20.s. for setinge up his howse and Com-
inge out on the Towne's ground, and not callinge the select men of
the Towne to vcw it acording to towne order, and is further fined
20.S. every ten days till the abuse l)e reformed.

Vallintine Hill shall make up his ground at the bridge within 14
dayes, or else he is fined 20s., and on the neglect hereof hee is fined
20s. every ten daj's till it be amended.

98 City Document No. 46.

George Halsoll is fined 20s. for not making up his hygbway afor
his shop soficiently, and hath hbert}' for the linishing of it till the
next 8 mo., '50.

Daniell Tarant* shall erect his wharfe for the hygh way before
his howse sufficiently by the 3 of the 11th mo., upon penalty of
20s. fine.

It is ordered that M''. Clarke, mariner, is to cleare the High way
at his cellar, and secure it that noe harme be done bye it, and that
within 6 dayes, upon penalty of 20s. fine.

It is ordered that Wm. Beanisly shall remove away his oyster
shells from of the Towne's hye wa}' before his dore by "the 1 of the
11th mo., on the penalty of 20s. fine.

It is ordered that John Baker shall remove the howse that stands
on the Towne's Highway by the 1 of 11th mo. on penalty of 20s.

The 31st, 9th mo., 1G49.

At a meeting of M^ Wm. Colbrone, Jacob Eliot, Anthony
Stoddard, Jerim}' Howchin, James Evirill, Tho. Marshall, James

John Milam is fined 20s. for the defect of his way before the
milne, and also 20s. for the defect of the Bridge by John Butman's ;
if they be not mended within 4 dayes, he is fined 20s. evr}^ 10 days
for evry offence.

Edmond Jackson is fined 20s. for his defect of his way by his
cellar betweene James Evirill and himselfe, if it be not mended by
the 5th, 11th mo.

It is ordered that noe person whatsoever shall suffer an}' stones,
cla}', timber or firewood, boords or clapboords, or any other thinge
that maye anoye the towne's streets to lye above 48 howres,. upon
penalty of five shillings for evry default.

Edward Belcher is chossen watter Bayley to se that noe stones
nor timber doe l^'e on the fiats or shoor to the Damage of boats
or vessalls, as alsoe to see to the clearinge of the streets of such
things as doth anoye the streets, and for his satisfaction he shall
have half of eviry fine, and the other half to be for publiq use.

It is ordered that the owners of the wind millne successively
shall secure the milne from doing any damage to any Cattell or
swine, upon penalty of making satisfaction sofflciently.

Wm. Franklin is fined 20s. for disablinge the passage way over
the Creeke by John Butman's howse.

Acordinge to order of the Towne in Generall, whoe gave power to
the select men of the towne, to sell the Reversion of the Dock or
Cove Called by the name of Bendall Docke, together with the flats
thereto belonginge, which uppon the 31 : 9 mo., 49. The Select
men of the Towne have sold the Reverssion to James Evirill, ever
painge to the School's use sixe pounds sixteene shillings ten pence
p. Anum for ever, as may more fully appeare in the Deed of sayle
in the Towne's keepinge, under the hands of the Recorder [tora
off] time being.

* Called Turrell in Index ; the name is often spelt Turand and Turing.

Boston Town Records, 1649-50. 99

[88.] It is ordered that all the land at the head of the Cove
round aboute by John Glover's, George Burden's, Hugh Gunison's,
C'apt. Wm. Tinge's, Wm. Franklin's, Kobert Nashe's, and eight
foot to the eastward of it, is highway, and not to be aeounted within
the purchase of James Evirill of his purchase of the Towne : As
alsoe from the Eastward sid of the eight foot, and round about b^-e
the Corner of Edward Bendall's Bricke howse, and soe b}^ Samuell
Col's howse, as alsoe to Edward Ting's wharfe, shall goe a High
way of twentye foote in breadth.

The 26: 12th mo., 1649.

At a meetinge of M^ Wm. Colbron, Anthony Stoddard, Jacob
Eliot, Jeremy Howchin, James Evirill, Thomas Marshall. James

John Milam is fined 20s. for not raakinge a Cart bridge at John
Buteman's howse ; and if hee goeth not aboute it within sixe dayes
hee is fined 20s. every sixe dayes till it be finished.

The 11th: 1 : mo., 1650.

Alt a generall townes meetinge upon publicke notice were chosen
for Deputy's for the General Court this ensuinge 3'eare, M^ Anthony
Stoddard, James Penn ; and for Selectmen for the Townes affaires
M^ Wm. Colbrone, Anthony Stoddard, Jacob Eliot, Jerimie How-
chin, Tho. Marshall, M''. Tlio. Clarke, James Penn ; for Clarkes
of the Market, Jerimie Howchin, James Penn ; for Constables,
Robert Button, Edmund Jackson, John Phillips, Christopher Gib-
son ; for Surveighours for the High ways, George HalsoU, Wm.
Cotton ; for leather sealers, Nathaniell Bishop,. Wm. Couresser.

It is alsoe agreed on that M''. Woodmansey, the Schoolmaster,
shall have fift3'e pounds per annum for his teachinge the schollers,
and his proportion to be made up by ratte.

It is alsoe agreed that Petter Oliver shall have 15Z. per annum,
for 7 years, to maintaiue the High wayes from Jacob Eliots Barne
to the fardest gate bye Roxsbery Towns end, to be sofficient for
Carte and horse, to the satisfaction of the Countrye.

It is alsoe agreed on that theire shall be a carte Bridge bye John
Milame set up by John Butemans howse acordinge to Contract.

M^ Adam Winthorp, Wm. Phillips, Wm. Beamesley were
chossen to ioyne with the Selectmen of the Towne, to lay out the
high wayes bye the new meetinge howse.

It is alsoe agreed on that all the land at Braintree undespossed
of, besides the 2,000 acers that was set apart for the schools use,
is not from this time forward to be alotted to any particular per-
sons, but to be improved for the publike service of the Towne of

It is agreed on that a ratte shalbe made for the fortification that
is to be sect aboute bye those that are apointed for it.

The 18th 1st mo., 1650 or 49.

At a meting this day of M"". WilUani Coleborne, Jacob Eliott,
Tho. Clarke, James Penn, Jerimy Houchin, Tho. Marshall, and
Anthony Stoddard.

100 City Document No. 46.

James Penn was chosen Tresurer for the Twone this yeare.
Anthony Stoddard was chosen Recorder for the Towne this yeare.
Thoroas Bell and David Ilickborne were chosen to execute the
order aboute Swinne this yeare. Sergaint Scoott had notice given
him that Capt. Harding Pale before his house be Taken away
within one moneth ensuinge, upon Penalltye of twenty shillings.

25th, 1st mo., 1650.

At a meting this day of M"^. William Coloborne, Jacob Eliatt,
Tho. Clarke, James Penn, Jerimy Houchin, Tho. Marshall, and
Anthony Stoddard.

Tho. Painter hath Libert3'e to sell his Dwelling house to Ephai-im

Tho. Munt hath Libertj-e To Mow the March at Bird Hand this

M"". Jerimy Houchin is chosen Sealer of the weights and Meas-
ures this yeare Till another be Chosen.

[89.] Brother Beck is assigned to receave of the Constables
that were last yeare, five pounds foure shillings for the keping of
Tho. Kand as full satisfaction.

This 12th 2d mo., 1650.

At a meting this day of M"". Tho. Clarke, James Penn, Jerimy
Houchin, Tho. Marshall, and Anthon}^ Stoddard, Selectmen,
M"". Adam Winthrop, William PhilUps, and William Beamsley
apointed to Lay out High wayes at the North end of the Twone.

It was ordered that there should be a way of a Rod broud by the
water side from the Batterry to Charles Towne ferry.

It was ordered that a Highway of two Rod in breath should be
preserved by Will. Phillips in the Feild that was M"". Stanleys, and
soe to the Ferry point at Charles towne, Leding unto the Crose
way that Leads from the Water Mills unto the water side betwene
Good Duglas and Water Merr^'cs garden, acording as it is marked
and stakt out this day, and untill Buildings be there erected, Gaites
and stiles may suffice.

It was ordered that the way formerl}^ granited of a Rod in breath
b}' the water side from Gallops point to the Battery (l)eing inter-
rupted b}- Mrs. Hawkins, her house) it shall turne up from the
water side through M'^^ Hawkins her garden and soe by M''. Win-
throps house, betwene Major Bornes house and his Garden,
before M^ Hohoks, to the Battery.

This 22d of 2d mo., 1650.

At a Meting of the Fremen by particular Warning to Chouse a
Deputie for the Generall Court in the Steed of James Penn who
was Chosen by the Church for other service, Thomas Marshall
was Chosen Deputie for the Generall Com-t.

The 29th of 2 mo., 1650.

At a meting this Day of M^ William Coleborne, Jacob Eliatt,
James Penn, Thomas Clarke, Jerimy Houchin, Thomas Marshall,
and Anthony Stoddard.

Boston Town Records, 1G50. 101

It was ordered that M^ Elias Maverick and James Johnson,
wlio were cboson by George Burden ; Deacon Eliatt, and M''.
Thomas Clarke who were chosen by the Townsemeu in tlie pres-
ence of M"'. Newgate and with Consent of him : should Lay out a
Cart and a Horse way at Rumley Marsh from M"" Hohocks Farme
towards the Mill.

The 24th of 4th mo., 1650.

At a meting this Day of M'' WiUiam Coleborne, Jacob Eliatt,
Thomas Clarke, Jerimy Houchiu, Thomas Marshall, and Anthony

It is ordered that whereas there was 600 Akers of Land
grainted to M^ Thomas Foule, which Land is accepted at Rum-
ley March by Samuell Bennett of Line, be it more or lesse as is
expressed in a deed to him made by Captaine Leveritt and M^
Hill : The Towne is freed from the said Granit, or otherwise the
said Land is to returne to the Towne againe.

The 29th of 5th mo., 1650.

At a meting tliis Day of M''. William Coleborne, Jacob Eliatt,
Mr. Tho. Clarke, Jerimy Houchiu, Tho. Marshall, and Anthony

[90.] It was ordered that M"". Colborne and Jacob Ehatt
should be desired to Veiw the Swampe betwene our Pastor's ground
at Brantree and Captaine Ting, and to Strike the Line betwene
them and also that part betwene the Captaine and Edmund Quinsye,
and to make report of the quantity thereof to the Townesmen.
And there report was that our Pastor his part of the Swamp was
about 80 Akers, and Capt. Ting 14 Akers, besides 6 or 8 Akers
betwene him and Edmund Quinsye ; the Bounds betwixt both is
the naturall Passage of the water in a small Running. The which
parsells of the Swamp were granted to them by the Towne in

10th of first mo., 1650.

Mr. Vener and the Neighbours there about had libertie to dig a
Well and Set a Pumpe therein, nere the Shop of William Davis,
providing without anoyance to the street passage for the Wast

The 30th of 7th mo., 1650.

At a meting of M''. WiUiam Coleborne, Jacob Eliatt, James
Penn, M''. Tho. Clarke, Jerimy Houchin, Tho. Marshall, and

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