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Least or Ibwles or garbidg or Carion or dead dogs or Catts or
any other dead beast or stinkeing thing, in any hie way or dich
or Common within this neck of land of Boston, but ar injoynened
to bury all such things that soe they may prevent all anoN-anc
unto any. Further it is ordered that noe person shall throw forth
dust or dung or shreds of Cloth or lether or an}' tobacko stalks or
any such things into the streats.

Bro. Tho. Marshall hath given a hie way throwgh his grownd for
to goe strait from the mill Bridg to the house of Sarjt. John Bar-
rel! to be sixteen foot broad, to Continue a hie way unto the town
for ever.

This hie way next above written, at the request of Bro. Thomas
Marshall, is relinquished again, and the town not to be Charged with
the maintinance of it, this 31 : 11th mo., 1652.

Tho. Sewell and his wif ar admited to live in the towne one the
request of Ed. Flecher, Rich. Greedly, Jno. Parker, Miles Tarne,
Richard Thayre, all of Boston : all of the above named persons
ingag themselves joyntly and severally for to secur the Towne from
all damag and Charg b}' intertaining of them.

26th of 5th mo.

At a metting of all the Seleekt men, Richard Waite is granted
libertie to set up a porch befor his now dwelhng house, three foot
into the streeat, and 6 foot broad, he payinge to the town tresurer
six penc every twentie and fifth day of March, from henceforth
and for ever.

James Pitney is admited a Townsman. Theoder Adkinson doth
bind himself in twentie pownds starling, to be paid unto the
Town's Tresurer, on condition for to secur the Town harmless
from all Charg that shall com by the said James Pitne}' or any of
his famyly.

Henry Mosly is Fined twentie shillings for not filling nor cover-
inge of a seller which lieth open to the hie waye, to the hazard
of the lives of Children.

AVilliam Shattoke, a Shoemaker, is admited a to be a Townsman.

[100.] It is Ordered that the seller which is digged partly in
the grownd which Thomas Marshall, Bought of the Towne (which
lyeth between the grownd of M"". Bellingham and the land of the
said Thomas Marshall), and partly in the streate, shall be fild up
soe farr as belongeth to the hie way, as the hie way rangeth from
the seller which is now digged and stoned in the land of M'. Rich.
Bellingham, to be left of the sam bredth along unto the hie waj',
which turneth unto the mile by the house of Phillip Longe ; this
was agreed one by the consent of Thomas Marshall, whoes the
land whear the seller is digged in.

Silvester Harbert is admited a townsman.

9th of 6th.

Att a genirale towne meeting one publik notis, M"". Powell is
Chosen a Comissioner for to take a list of the persons which ar by
law to be ratted by pole, and to Joyne with the Seleekt men in
rating the persons and estats of the Inhabitants.

112 City Document No. 46.

Robert Feeld is admitted to keep a Cook's Shopp and to draw

William Corser is admited to keep a Cook's Shopp and to draw

30tli of 6th.

At a metting of all the Seleckt men, Awgoston Liudon is ad-
mited a townsman.

Att the sam meetting, Jams Westmorland is admited a towns-

At the sam meting M^ Ed. Hutchinson and Thomas Marshall,
Liftt. James Johnson and Sarjt. Petter Oliver is apointed to vew
the lands at Muddy river, for the laying out of a hie way into the
marsh, and to make a return thearof the next town metting.

[103.*] 5th: 8th mo., [1652.]

Att a Townef meting of M^ Willm. Branton, Capt. Thomas
Clarke, Thomas Marshall and Thomas Savage.

William Whitwell is admitted to keep a Vicktualing house and
to draw beere for one yeare.

Martin Stebbin is admitted to keep a Vicktualing house and to
draw beere for one year.

Sarjt. Robert Turner is alowed to have his new house to jet out
farther into the streat (then his old house now standeth) as it is
now set up ; he is to pay unto the Towne Tresurer the sum of
two shillings, six penc, per the year, to be paid ever}' twentie and
seaventh day of September from this present day for ever.

21st of the 8th mo.

Att a genirall Meeting of the fremen one due warning, for to
Chuse seaven freemen for to be Comissioners, thear wear Chosen,
Capt. John Leverit, Capt. William Tyng, Thomas Savage, M^
Nathaniel Duncom, M"". Ed. Tyng, Capt. Tho. Clarke, M^ Anthony

Att the sam meetting thear was Chosen, M^ Ed. Hutchinson,
Capt. Robert Keyn, for to draw up and present a petition to the
Genirale Court.

29th : 9th mo.

Att a meeting of all the seleckt men, Thomas Blighe is admited a
Townsman, he carying himself without Scandall.

M''. Thomas Browghton hath libertie to wharf befor his grownd
which heth at the Ferry towards Charlstown, provided he wharf
within one year and a day.

Goodwif Howine hath three pownds ordered to be pnid to
deackon Trusdale for her use, according to her desire, which three
pownds is in pt of a Cow due to her Irom the towne.

Goodman Arnal is fyned five shillings for throwing dung and
filth into the street.

* There is no page 101 in the original.

t Evidently the word "Town" is superfluous.

Boston Town Eecords, 1652-3. 113

Sarjt, "William Cotton is fyned five shillings for throwing filth
and dnng into the street.

Those whoe have been at Charge for the pavinge of the lane
wliieh goeth from the Cove at M''. Ilamberyes north west to the
house of Robt. Bradford, ar alowed fortie shillings towards theyr
Charg, to be paid by the Constable.

13 of 10, [1652.]

Att a towne meettiug one publik notice, M''. Jno. Coggan, M''.
Jno. Newgat, and M'^. Samll. Cole wear Chosen for to receive the
severall Sums of mony which any in this Towne will underwrit
towards the mayntinanc of the president and fellowes or pore
SeoUers of Hervert Colledge.

M^ Edward Hutchinson is the sam day Chosen Gentleman of the
great Artiler}' of Boston.

[103.] 27:10:1652.

Att a metting of all the Seleckt men, William Inglish is admitted
a Townsman.

Richard Taylor hath liberty to set a shop at the sowth end of
INlrs. Hambros house, to be removed on the select mens order.

31, 11 mo.

At a metting of Capt. Tho. Clarke, Ensign Ed. Hutchinson,
Ensign Jerym}- Howchin, and Tho: Savage, and Tho: Marshall.
William Ware is admitted a townsman.

28th of 12th.

Att a metting of all the Seleckt men, William Gilford, Brike-
layer, is admited a Townsman.

M^ Rich. Bellingham ingageth to secur the town from all dam-
mag by Receiving of hime for one whole 3'eare.

Goodman Watters is to remove his Fence which is set up crose
the old hie way which goeth from Tho. Hawkins' howse over the
littell bridg behind the waiter mile to the Ferry to Charlestown,
before the seaventh of March next, one the penalty of twentie

William Foxery is admitted a Townsman.

M"^. Pighogg, a Chururgeon, is admitted a Townsman.

Francis Hudson hath libertie granted unto him to wharfe Befor
his own ground near the Ferry at Charlstown. He is inioyned to
leave a suffitient hie way of a rod and half broad betwixt his house
and the syd of wharfe, provided alsoe that he do wharf within one

Jno. Lewes is fyned 5s. for Intertaining of Francis Burges
without libertie of the seleckt men.

Good" Watters is fyned tenn shillings for Intertaining of Roger
Sowers without libertie form the seleckt men.

14th of 1 mo., 52-53.

Att a generale Towne meeting on publike warning thear was
Chosen deputies for the generale Courte : Capt. John Leveret and
Capt. Thomas Clarke.

114 City DocmiENX No. 46.

Thear is chosen for Seleckt men : Ensign Edward Ilntchinson,
Ensign Jeryni}^ Howchinc, Leiuett Jams Oliver, Thomas Mar-
shall, M^ William Brenton, M^ Samuell Cole, Cornet Peeter

Thear is chosen for Comissioner to Cary in the Voats for
Majestrats : M^ Nathll. Dunkom.

Thear is chosen Coustabls : for this towne, M^ Joseph Rocke,
Henry Bridgham, Bartholmew Chevars, William Wenborne.

For Constabl at Romly Marsh : John Doelittell.

For Constabl at Muddy Eiver : Peeter Ashpinall.

And for Clarkes of the market : Thomas Buttalls and Corporall
Henry Pownding.

And for Seallers of Leather : William Corser and Robt. Reade.

And for Surveyors of High wayes : Mathew Barnes, Richard
Benit, Thomas Wiburne.

And for Surveyor at Rumlj^ Marsh : James Pemerton.

And for Packers of flesh and fish : Sarjt. John Barrell.

And William Dinsdall and Isack Collimore is Chosen to look to
Cariages and Wheels of the great artiUry, and to be payd by
the seleckt men.

■ [104.] Thear was granted unto Isack Collimoor a smale piece
of grownd lying at the Northwest end of Mackallin Knight's
grownd, towards the howse of M"". Howchins, which is for to sett
hime a house one, it is to be layd out by the Sellect men.

The Comissioners for the Town, and the seleckt men, are de-
sired to draw up instrucktious for the deputies against the Generall
Corte they or any five of them ar to doe it.

Ensign Josh. Scotto, Ensign Robt. Scott, M^ Belcher, Edward
Flechar, and Sargt. Nathll. Williams ar desired to draw up In-
strucktious for the Townsmen to ackt b}', to be an adition to what
Instrucktions they alredy have.

iNP. Hezekiah Usher is Chosen Tresui'er for what is Contributed
within this towne to repaj'r the greate Artilery and fortifiecasyon.

It is Ordered then that thear shall be a ladder or bidders to every
house within this Towne that shall rech to the ridg of the house,
which every houshowlder shall provid for his house by the last day
of the third mo. next, one the penaltie of six shillings, eight penc,
for every on that shall not by the day aforesaid be provided of
such ladders, and to forfit the aforsaid sum of six shillings, 8d.
for every mo'th that the}' shall be soe wanting after the aforsaid
last of the 3d mo.

It is Ordered that every howseholder shall provid a pole of above
12 foot long, with a good large swob at the end of it, to rech the
rofe of his house to quench fire in case of such danger, this to be
provided by the last of the next 3d mo., on the penaltie of twelve
peuc forfit for everyone that then shall be found defecktive, and
to forfit twelve peuc per month soe long as the}' be so defecktive
after the aforsaid last day of the 3d mo'th.

It is Ordered that the seleckt men shall forthwith provide six
good and long ladders for the Towne's use, which shall hang at the
outsyd of the metting house, thenr to be redy in Case of tier, thes
ladders to be branded with the town marke.

Boston Town Records, 1653. 115

It is Ordered that whoesoever shall take awa}- any of thes lad-
ders, excepting in Case of fire, shall forfit to the town Tresury
tweutie shillings.

It is Ordered that fower good strong Iron Crooks, with Chaines
and rops fitted to them, and thes Crooks fastned on a good strong
poie be forthwith provided b}' the seleckt men, which shall hang
at the syd of the meeting house, thear to be ready in Case of fier.

It is Ordered that the Charge was ocasyoned by the devidinge of
the millitary Company of this Towne shall be paj'd out of the
Town's Tresurey.

[105.] It is Ordered that noe howse shall be pulled downe in
case of fier l\y any men, without the consent of the major part of
the majestrats and Commissioners and seleckt men of this town
that ar present thear at the sam time of the fier ; and that noe
person whoes house shall be so pulled down within this Towne
shall have or recover any satisfaktion b}' lawe for any house soe
pulled downe.

William Franklin and ne3'ghbors about his howse is granted lib-
erty to make a sistern of 12 foot or greater, if they see cause, at
the pompe which standeth in the hie way neare to the Stats armes
Tavern, for to howld watter for to be helpfull, in Case of fier,
unto the towne. He is to make it safe from any danger of

The Seleckt men ar to provid a bellman for to goe about the
towne in the night from tenn unto five a Cloke in the morning at
such times in Winter as thear is noe wach kept in the towne.

M"". William Ilibbins is granted a small peece of ground at the
outsid of his fram, which now standeth at the North syd of his
grownd, for to sett a pale a littell without his own grownd soe as
the watter Corse be not stopped nor hindered nor the Towne from
the use of it, the seleckt men ar for to apoint and set out how far
he shall set his pale, soe as other neyghbours thear be not prejudised
thear b3\

The 28th: 1: 53.

Att a meting this daye of M^ Wm. Brenton, Samuel Cole, Capt.
James Oliver, Ed. Huchinson, M". Jeramyah Houchin, Cornet
Peeter Oliver, and Tho. Marshall. -,

It is ordered that Maclin Knight, of Boston, and Nathaniell
Willson, of Muddy River, are Chosen overseers for the Fence at
Muddy River, according to Lawe provided in that Case.

Thomas Rider is fined twentye shillings for breach of Towne
order in taking John Lightfoot as inmate.

William Franklin and Joshua Scotto is fined twenty shillings
for deficyencye of the Bridge over the mill stream near John Bate-
mans house and want of safe passage there.

It is ordered that the same order as touching hoggs, which was
made for the last yeare, shall Contynue in force for this yeare next

The 4th of the 2d mo., 1653.

Joseph Rock was fined twentye shillings for refusing to accept
of the ofl3ce of a Constable, being legally chosen thereunto.

116 City Document No. 46.

[106.] The 4tli of the 2 mo., 1G53.

At a generall meting upon publike notyce, Joseph Rock was
Chosen Constable, for the j-eare ensuing.

There is granted unto Maelvlin Knight a parcell of land at the
end of his house, thirty e foot at the north end thereof, in Lew of
that at the South end of his house, which the Towne hath granted
unto Isack Cullamore.

The 18th: 2 : 53.

At a general meeting, Joseph Rock is fined 20s. for refusing to
accept of the Constables office, being legally called thereto.

Joseph Rock is Chosen Constable for the yeare ensuing.

Joseph Rock is fined 20s. for refusing to accept the Constables
oflflce, being Legally Chosen therto.

The 25th 2 : 53.

At a meeting this daj^e of M"". William Breuton, M'". Samuell
Cole, Capt. left. James Oliver, Jeremyah Houchin, Peeter Oliver,
Tho. Marshall, and Ed. Hutchinson.

It is ordered that Tho. Olcott shall keepe the Cowes which
goe on the Comon upon this neck of Land, and to have 2.s. Gd. per
head for every Cowe that goes there, and he to pa3'e for the wintring
of the bull, which he ingageth to doe, and to l)egin the second of
the od month, and to keepe them till the 2Uth of the Sth mo.

M''. Simon Ayres is fined tenn shillings for his Chimney being
on fire. Contrary to an order made for prevent3'en thereof.

The 30th: 3d mo., 1653.

At a meeting this daye of M'. Samuell Cole, M"". Jeremyah
Houchin, M"". James Oliver, Peeter Oliver, and Tho. Marshall.

David Hichbone is fined twenty shillings for receving James
Robinson into his house as inmate, Contrary to a towne order,
which fine was Remitted upon his acknowledgment and his sor-
rowe for the same.

[107.] Robert Sanders is Admitted to be an inhabitant of this

M''. Tho Ruck is allowed to retayle strong water.

27th: 4: 53.

Att a meeting this Daye off M''. "Wm. Brenton, Mr. Samuell Cole,
M^ James Oliver, M"". Jeremy Houchin, Peeter Oliver, and Tho

Thomas Alcott is Chosen to oversee the Comon, and to im-
pound such Cattell as Contrary to order he shall finde to goe

Roger Else is Admitted an inhabitant of this towne.

It is oixlered that fourt^^ shillings shall be payd unto Mr. Robtt
Woodmancye as part of his repay res of his house.

Foras much as sad events have bene by fire when it breaketh out
bej'ond its due bounds. To the Damage and losse nott only of
estate but life also, for preventyon whereof it is hereby ordered
that noe fire shall be kindled within three rod of anye ware house

Boston Town Records, 1653. 117

or wharfe or wood pile or any other Combusteble matter subiect to
fire, nor shall anyc keepe fire in anj'e vessell lying in anye Dock, or
to anye wharfe after nine of the Clock at night or before five of the
Clock in the morning, in penalty of every offence tenn shillings,
the one halfe to the Towne, the other halfe to the party Com-
playning ; this order to take place the First daye of the 5th
month, 1653.

The 28th, 6th, 1653.

At a meeting this daye of M^ Saranell Cole, M'. William Breu-
ton, M^ James Oliver, M^ Jeremy Houchin, M"". Edward Huch-
inson, Peeter Oliver, and Thomas Marshall.

It is ordered and agreed upon that whearas Richard Cooke and
the select men of the towne agreed for a parcell of Land, being
part of the Land belonging to the schoole house, the 29th [ 108.]
of the 1st mo., 52, it is now further ordered and agreed that
whearas the sayd Rich. Cooke was, in the former order, to paye
thirtj-e shiUings per annem, he shall nowe paye l^utt twentye shil-
lings per annem, and he stand to all Charge of Fencing for ever ;
the sayd rent to be payd into the hands of the Townes Ti-easurer
quarterly upon demand.

It is ordered that M"". Foot shall Fence his seller from the high
waye neare to the bridge over the mill-stream soe as the high way
ma}' be without Danger betwixt this, the seaventh daj'e of the
seaventh mo., in penalty of twenty shillings for defect hereof.

The 26tb of the 7th, 53.

Att a meeting this daye of M^ Samuell Cole, M^ James Oliver,
M'. Jeremy Houchin, Peeter Oliver, and Tho. Marshall.

The 26th, 8th mo., 53.

Att a meeting this daj'e of M\ Samuell Cole, M"". James Oliver,
M^ Jeremy Houchin, Peeter Oliver, and Tho. Marshall.

Gwalter Senett hath Liberty granted to digg a Cove in the
Marshe neare M"". Ransfords to Lxy his boate in.

The 26th of the 10th moneth, 1653.

At a meting this daye of M"'. AVillm. Brenton, M^ Samuel Cole,
M''. Edward Huchinson, M^ James Oliver, M^ Jeremyah Houchin,
M^ Peeter Oliver, and Tho. Marshall.

Joshua Scotto and AVilliam Franklin have liberty from the select
men to alter the drawe bridge, whereas it is made [to] rise in one
Leafe, and, by reason thereof, heavy and dangerus, to make it to
rise in two leaves : provided they make it as suffitj'ent as when the
towns men First accepted it, to the acceptance of the salect men,
and soe to keepe [109.] it from time to time in suffityent repayr.
And have Liberty also to Levell, rayse or fall the Bridge as they
see occasyon, provided they make good the high wa3'es and soe
keepe it in repa3'r from time to time ; this order having refcrrence
to the origynall grant unto Henry Simons, George Burden, John
Button, John Hill and partners.

118 City Document No. 46.

The 30th, 11, 53.

Att a meeting this daye of M^ Samuell Cole, M''. WiUm. Bren-
tou, M'. Edward Huchinson, M''. James Oliver, M'". Jeremy
Ilouchin, Peeter Oliver, and Tho. Marshall.

It is hereby ordered that every inhabitant within the towne of
Boston shall make np, and soe keep in suffytyent repayr, all their
fences betwixt neighbour and neighbour, as well in garden as in
all other out fences, betwixt this and the 2.jth of the first month
next, in penalty of Five shillings per rod for every rod defectyve.

It is ordered that Alexander Beck and Edward Devotyon shall
oversee the fences at Muddy river, and give warning to the owners
of the severall fences that they be made suffytyent betwixt this
and the 25th of the first mo., and soe kept in suff3-tyent repayr
fi'om time to time according to order as in that case is provided.

Simon Rogers and Robtt. Read hath ingaged to serve the towne as
Bellmen, to goe up and downe throughout the towne by the space of
five bowers in the night, beginning at eleaven, and soe to Contynue
till foure, and to have twentye shillings by the week for their Labour.

The 12th: 1: 53 or 54.

At a meeting this daye upon publike notice was Chosen for
Townesmen : M^ Wm. Brenton, M"^. William Davis, M^ Jeremyah
Houchin, M"". James Oliver, M"". Samuel Cole, M"". Peeter Oliver,
and Tho. Marshall.

Chosen for Deputyes : Capt. Thomas Clarke and Capt. Thomas

Chosen for Constables : Habacuck GloA^er, Tho. Mattson,
Farnham, and Thomas Wibourne.

Chosen for a Constable at Rumney Marshe : William Hearsay.
For Muddy River : Garrett Bourne.

Chosen for Surveyors : Richard Crichley, Hough Drm-y,

Goose, and Nathiell. Adams ; and for Rumney Marsh was chosen
Thomas Stocker.

Chosen for Clarkes of the markett : Joseph Rock, and Thomas

Chosen for Leather sealers : William Courser, and Robt. Reed.

[109.*] Chosen for Searchers and packers of Flesh and Fish:
William Dinsdayle and John Barrell.

Capt. Tho. Clarke and Capt. Tho. Savage are desired to returne
the towne's answer to the Comissyoners of the Colledge about the
mone3's to be gathered for the same.

It is ordered that none shall burne Lime, or boyle anye bluber or
anye other thing which may be an3'e anoj'ance to the towne, but at
the directyon and appoyntment of the select men, who have hereby
power to appoynt such places as ma}' be without anoyance.

The select men have power and liberty hereby to agree with Joseph
Jynks for Ingins to Carry water in Case of fire, if they see Cause
soe to doe.

The 27th 1 : 1654.

At a meeting this daye of M^ Wm. Brenton, M"'. Wm. Davis,
M^ Samuell Cole, M'. Peeter Oliver, and Thomas Marshall.

• Two pages are numbered 109.

Boston Town Records, 1654. 119

M'. Wm. Davis, and M"". Peeter Oliver, John White, and Pccter
Aspinwall are Chosen to Jo^-n with Cambridge to lay out a hie
waye through muddy river to Cambridge.

M"". Samuell Cole was Chosen sealer for waights and measures.

M'". Thomas Braughton his grant of liberty to Wharfe or make a
barrocado before his land at Center haven is Gontynued.

M^ William Davis is Chosen Treasurer for the Towne, for the
3'eare en sewing.

Thomas Marshall was Chosen Recorder for the Towne, for the
3-eare ensuing.

M"'. James Oliver and Robtt Turner are appoynted to run the
line betwixt Cambridge and Rocksbur}', and tlie towne of Boston
in perambulatyon.

Capt. Robt. Kayne and John Touthill are Chosen to run the line
betwixt Boston, Charlstowne, and Linn in perambulatyon.

[110.] The same order which was made about hoggs for the
year 52, is to be in force for this yeare, next insuing.

The 24, 2 mo. 54.

At a meeting this Day of M^ Samuell Cole, M"". James Oliver,
M''. Wra. Davis, M^ Peeter Oliver, M"". Jeremj^ah Houchin, and
Thomas Marshall.

It is ordered that Thomas Olcott shall kepe theCowes this yeare,
ensuing and shall have two shillings per head for every Cow that goes
upon the Comon, and sixe pence per head for the hire of two bulls,
which he iiath hereby power to gather upon every Cowe.

It is ordered that none shall gather anye Dung on the Common,
nor Carrye an^-e of from the Common, in penality of every barrow
full of Dung soe taken awaye to forfeit tenn shillings.

It is ordered that the pound keeper shall have for his fees for
pounding of one horse, 4cZ. ; and for moi'e than one to the number of
sixe, 3d. per head ; and for Cattell M. per head to the number of
6 and above sixe at 2d. per head ; and for sheepe for every head a
penn3'e to the number of tvvent3-e ; and if above twent3'e, for every
head a halfepennj'c.

The 28: 4 mo., 54

The towne hath Covenanted with William Ireland and Aron
Wa^'e to make good the hie waye as it is now layd out b}' the
towne of Lin, leading from Lin to Wenesemett, vids : that part
which is newh' layd out, part in M^ Nugates, and part in their
owne land, the}' are to make and mayntayn it for seaven yeares in
suffytyent repayr, for which the towne is to give them five pound.

William Bruff is admitted as an Inhabytant, William Wenbourne
standing bound to the towne that ha shall nott be Chargeable thereto.

Forasmuch as Complaynt hath bene made by severall persons
(that the high wa}* at Rumney marsh, which is layd out for the
private use of the farmes, to lead unto the landing place by M"". New-
gates), that severall persons have refused to be at Cliarge of Re-
payre thereof, though such as have benefitt by the use of it. [111.]
It is therefore hereby- ordered that the inhabitants of Rumney IMarsh
that shall make use of the fore mentj'oned high wa}', shall, accord-

120 City Document No. 46.

ing to proportvon Contribute to the mayntenance thereof; and in
Case auj^e shall refuse soe to doe, the resedue have hereby power to
debarre them of passage through the sayd waye.

M''. Dean Winthorp and Amos Richardson, on the behalfe, and
as Agents unto M''. Steaven Winthorp, doe laye out a high waye
through the marsh from Henry Bridgliam's house to Beniamin
Ward's wharfe, soe farr as their ground goeth, and where their
ground ends, the town granteth the residue of the waye through
the marsh which belongs to the Towne, the street to runn in a line,

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