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magistrates and to carry them in att the County meeting.

Whereas greatt inconveniences may accrew to the towne and
inhabitants thereof, especially children, by persons irregular riding
through the streetes of the towne, and galloping. Itt is therefore
ordered that if any person shall bee scene to gallop through any
streete of the town after this da}', except upon dayes of military
exercise, or any extraordinar}- case require, ever}' such person shall
pay two shilUugs, sixe pence, for every default, the one halfe to
come to the town, to bee paid to the Treasurer then being, and
the other halfe to the informer ; and itt shall bee lawfall for any
person to make stop of such horse or rider till the sayd fine
be paid as aforesaid.

Further whosoever shall turne outt any horse loose through the
towne to water or otherwise shall pay 12d. for every defect of that
kind being scene without a guide or rider.

[134.] 12. 1. 1655.

Att a meeting of Wm. Brenton, Tho. Marshall, Sam. Cole, Wm.
Paddy, Capt. James Olliver, Peter Olliver, and Wm. Davis.

Itt is ordered that publick notice bee given to the towne to meete
the next day to choose another Constable in the roome of Hugh
Drur^^ if they see meete.

Wm. Davis is chosen Treasurer and Recorder for the Towne for
this yeare.

Peter Olliver is chosen sealer of weights and measures.

14: 1: 55.

At a meeting of the towne upon publick notice.

It is ordered that (upon the request ofEnsigne Jno. Everett and
M^ Joseph Rock, to have liberty to stop carts from passing through
the paved lane by their houses) the}^ shall have libert}' to sett up
posts att each end of the lane till the towne or select men see cause
to lay itt open.

Itt is ordered that the select men shall have liberty to lay outt a
peece of Ground outt of the townes land, which the}' give to the
building of a house for instruction of the youth of the towne.

130 City Document No. 46.

31: 1: 1656.

Att a meeting of "VVm. Brenton, Tho. Marshall, Capt. James
OUivei", Wra. Paddy, Sam. Cole, Peter Olliver, and Wm. Davis.

James Everill is enjo3'ned forthwith to secure the sellar where
tho old meeting house stood, from such inconveniences as otherwise
ma}' accrew.

Att the request of Henry Phillips, butcher, in the behalfe of him-
self and the neighbourhood, to repayre the lane leading behind
his house to the spring, itt is ordered that the surveyors shall, att
the townes charge, repayre the one halfe of that lane for a foote

Wm. Pearse is admitted an inhabitant, James Nabors and
Michaell Wills being bound in a bond of ten pounds to secure the
town from charge. (Wittnes our hands.)

Tho. Reade is admitted an inhabitant, Lieut. Wm. Hudson being
bound in a bond of twenty pounds to secure the towne from charge.
(Wittnes my hand.)

Whereas Joseph Rock hath sett a fence into the streete betweene
his dwelling house and M''. Lyndes house, itt is ordered that hee
shall remoove the said fence within a weeke, on poenalty of twenty
shillings, and so from weeke to weeke till removed, and to sett itt
to range from the corner post of the house that hee lives in, to the
corner of M^ Lyndes house in a straight line.

[135.] Itt is ordered that Wm. Ireland and Aron Way shall
bee allowed fourty shillings for the country- high wa}' that is laid out
through their land att Rumny JMarsh.

The peece of land formerly granted to Edward Greenliff by the
spring is lett to Mathew Coy, from yeare to yeere while the towne
pleases, for two shillings, sixe pence, per yeare for the schooles

Richard Pittman is fined twenty shillings for nott giving security
to save the towne from charge, and to depart the towne forthwith
if hee put nott in security.

As also to secure his chimney from danger within a day on pen-
alty of twenty shillings.

James Nabors is fined five shillings for his chimney flaming outt.

Itt is ordered that the gallowes shall bee removed to the next
knole of land before the next execution.

Itt is agreed that Capt. James Olliver shall have forty shillings
a yeare for three yeares to provide a bull for the townes use winter
and summer.

Itt is ordered that a third part of the last rate bee leavied bj' the
Constables for a County rate.

28: 2: 56.

Att a meeting of M'' AVm. Brenton, Sam. Cole, Wm. Paddy,
James Olliver, Peter Olliver, Tho. JMarshall, and Wm. Davis.

It is ordered that ten pounds be paid to Rich. Gridley for lime
and brickes d'd* att Fort-hill, which being paid hee is to Free the
towne from any farther demands.

• Delivered.

Boston Town Records, 1656. 131

Martin Stebbiu hath license to draw bearc this j'eare ensuing.
Jno. Poole is admitted an inhabitant.

26: 3: 56.

Att a meeting of Tho. Marshall, Wm. Paddy, Sam. Cole, Peter
OUiver, and James Olliver.

Walter Meny is fined ten shillings for receiving an inmate.

Tho. Leader is appointed to 3'oke and ring all swine, and to
returne the names of them that refuse to yoke and ring to M^

Wm. Pollard is chosen Shepheard for this yeare, and to have
8cl. per sheepe for all sheepe of a yeare old and upwards.

Wm. Beamsley is fined 10s. for leceiving an inhabitant without

[126.] 28: 5: 56.

Att a meeting of M"". Wm. Brenton, Tho. Marshall, Sam. Cole,
Peter Olliver, James Olliver, and Wm. Davis.

Tho. Harding is admitted an inhabitant, Walter Merry and Tho.
Munt being bound in 40Z. to save the towne harmless from charge.

Itt is ordered that the north battery bee forthwith repaired.

If any young person or others bee found without either meeting
house, idling or playiug during the time of publick exercise on the
Lords day, itt is ordered that the constables or others appointed
for that end shall take hold of them and bring them before au-

25: 6: 56.

Att a meeting of M^ Wm. Brenton, Tho. Marshall, Sam. Cole,
Peter Olliver, Capt. James Olliver, and Wm. Davis.

Gabriell Tetherley is admitted an inhabitant, M''. Brenton security
for him in a bond of 201.

Whereas greatt annoyance accrewes to the towne and inhabitants
aboutt the dock, by the butchers throwing garbidge into the dock
and over wharfes. Itt is therefore ordered that henceforth such
butchers as have nott conveniences of their owne to dispose of
their beasts entrails andgarbidg, shall have liberty, and are hereby
ordered, to cast such things that so^shall anno}^ into the millcreeke
over the draw-bridg, and in no other place upon the poenalty of
twenty shillings for every defect.

Whereas Richard Webb, Shoemaker, hath lately erected a frame
of a house coining three foote or thereaboutts upon the townes
land, wee hereby declare that the said Kieh. Webb hath so erected
the said frame withoutt the consent of the select men.

Jno. Parker is admitted an inhabitant, and Rich. Greene bound
in 20/. bond to save the towne free from charge.

[127.] 29: 7: 56.

Att a meeting of Tho. Marshall, Mr. Sam. Cole, Wm. Paddy,
James Olliver, Peter Olliver, and Wm. Davis.

Robt. Doutch admitted an inhabitant, and Walter Merry and
Tho. Munt bound each in 20/. to secure the towne from charge.

132 City Document No. 46.

William Whittwell hath his license to draw beere renewed for
the yeare ensuing.

Capt. Tho. Savage hath liberty to make sellar doores before
his new house betweene the draw bridg and the conduitt, to come
out 3 foote from his house and no more, except they lye flatt
and covered sufficiently with plank, and that nott to exceede two

Itt is ordered that fifty shillings shall bee allowed to Isaac Culli-
more for worke done att the Battery.

29: 8: 56.

Att a meeting of Tho. Marshall, Sam. Cole, Wm. Padd}^, James
Olliver, Peter Olliver, and Wm. Davis.

Itt is ordered that there shall l)ee a pound sett upp by the Con-
stable att Rumny marsh, for which hee is to pay outt of the rate
to bee leavied this yeare.

Itt is ordered that sixteene pounds bee paid to Capt. James
Olliver, Peter Olliver, Wm. Padd}', and Wm. Davis for so much
disbursed b}' them for the repayring the north battery.

26: 9: 56.

Att a meeting of Wm. Brenton, Wm. Paddy, Tho. Marshall,
James Ohiver, Sam. Cole, Peter Olliver, and Wm. Davis.

Itt is ordered that elder Pens rate shall bee taken of and dis-
charged with the Constables.

There is this day a rate for towne and countr}' and coUedge
coiiiitted to the Constables to bee leavied to the value of two
hundred eiglity eight pounds, sixteene shillings, nine pence.

[128.] 29: 10: 56.

Att a meeting of Wm. Brenton, Thomas Marshall, Sara. Cole,
Wm. Paddy, James Olliver, Peter Olliver, and Wm. Davis.

Itt is agreed that att the next generall court motion bee made by
our Deputyes that the line betweene Boston and L^un may bee
determined by the said court.

Goodman Wales hath 6s. abated of his rate for his yeare in
regard of his povert}'.

Itt is agreed that the next day of our meeting some time bee
spent to consider of Capt. Kea^^ne's will in respect of the legacyes
given to the towne.

Itt is ordered that care bee taken to pay Rich. Gridley for build-
ing the schoole house chimny.

25: 11: 56.

Att a meeting of Wm. Brenton, Tho. Marshall, Sam. Cole,
Peter Olliver, James Olhver, Wm. Paddy, and Wm. Davis.

Upon the pernsall of Capt. Keayne's will respecting the legacyes
given to the towne, itt is agreed that forthwith the executrix and
overseers of the said will bee advised with concerning the said
legacyes withoutt delay.

Itt is agreed upon the complaint against the son of Goodwife

Boston Town Records, 165G-7. 133

Saxnon living withoutt a calling, that if sliee dispose nott of him
in some wa^' of employ before the next meeting, that then the
townesmen will dispose of him to some service according to law.

Itt is ordered that notice bee given to Mathew Barnes to secui'e
the mill bridge by a sufficient fence of fonre foote high, and that
within 6 dayes, on poenalty of twenty shillings.

Jno. Andrew on consideration hath 6s. 3rf. abated outt of his
rate, which the Constables are to allow.

Robert Harris of Muddy River, in consideration of two high
wa3-es taken outt of his land, hath 4 acres of land granted him
outt of the townes wast land most convenient for him, and M"".
Peter Oliver is ordered to lay itt outt.

[129.] 23: 12: 56.

Att a meeting of Wm. Brenton, Thos. Marshall, Wm. Paddy,
Sam. Cole, Peter Oliver, James OlUver, and Wm. Davis.

Frary admitted an inhabitant.

The Constables of Boston are discharged of a rate comitted to
them to bee leavied for the towne. Country, colledge, and powder,
to the sum of two hundred eighty eight pounds, sixteene shillings
and nine pence for this present yeare, as per their account under
their hands.

Whereas a tract of land, as by plott drawne cont. one thousand
fifty seven acres, is lett to Moses Payne of Braintree for foure
pounds, foure shillings per annum, for ever, as by former agree-
ment, and that there is a vacant peece left outt which is convenient
to bee included that the line may run streight, itt is therefore
agreed that the said vacant land shall be lett him for sixe shillings
per annum, to be added to the other foure pounds, foure shillings,
so the whole is 41. 10s. per annum, to bee paid the first of first
moneth yearely.

There is lett to Capt. James Johnson all the wast land belong-
ing to the towne on the southside of the Creeke by M"". Winthrop's
warehouse and adjoyning to the land already lett to Ben Ward, to
enjoy the same for ever, hee paying foure ponnds, ten shillings per
annum for ever to the schoole of Boston, alwayes reserving high
waves through the same land for the townes use, and the said laud
to bee bounded on all parts and to. bee specifyed in covenants ex-
pressly, and the land to bee bound for security of payment, which is
to bee paid every first of the first mo, and to begin the first March,
57, on forfeiture.

Itt is ordered that Tho. Walker shall bee allowed forty shillings
for brickes and lime att the fort.

Itt is ordered that Rich. Woody shall bee allowed thirty shillings
outt of the next towne rate for whatt hee disbursed upon the
bridge by M"". Winthrops warehouse.

Wm. Blantau hath part of upland his barne stands on lett to
him for two shillings, foure pence per annum during the townes

[130.] 9:1: 5G-57.

Att a generall townes meeting upon publick notice from house
to house there were chosen for the yeare ensuing.

134 City Document No. 46.

Deputycs for the Gencrall Court, Capt. Tho. Savage and Capt.
Tho. Clarke.

Selectmen, Deac. Tho. Marshall, M^ Wm. Breuton, M^ Wm.
Paddy, ]\r. Sam. Cole, Ensigne Jos. Scotto, Ensigne Jno. Hull,
and Wm. Davis.

Constables, for the towne, Nat. Adams, Nat. Williams, Amos
Richardson, Jno. Collins.

Rumny Marsh, James Pemberton for Constable.

Muddy River, Thomas Gardiner for Constable.

Surveyors for high wayes, Wm. Beamsley, Wm. Blantan, Jno.
Peirce, Henry Duglas, and Sam. Bennett att Rumny marsh.

Clarkes of the Markett, Sargt. Barrett, and Sargt. Jackson.

Sealers of leatlier, Wm. Courser* and Samuell Norden.

Packers of fish and meat, Jno. Cunny and Wm. Dinsdale.

Itt is ordered that the paved lane b}' M^ Shrimptons bee laid
open, and no more shutt up.

Capt. Savage, M^ Stodard, M^ Howchin, and M^ Ed. Hutchin-
son, sen., are chosen a cohiittee to consider of the modell of the
towne house, to bee built, as concerning the charge thereof, and
the most convenient place, as also to take the subscriptions of the
inhabitants to propagate such a building, and seasonably to make
report to a pablick townes meeting.

M^ Hezekiah Usher is chosen Commisioner to carry in the votes
for magistrates and County Treasurer to the Couut^^ meeting.

It is ordered that in case Nat. Williams take a journey for Eng-
land before his yeare bee outt, that then the towne will choose
Constable in his roome.

[131.] 10: 1: 56-57.

Att a meeting of Tho. Marshall, M^ Wm. Brenton, M'. Sam.
Cole, Ens. Jos. Scotto, Ens. Jno. Hull, and Wm. Davis
Wm. Davis is chosen Tresurer and Recorder.
Joshua Scotto is chosen Sealer of weights and measures.

Leiut. Fisher.

After due respects premised, by these wee giVe you to under-
stand, that whereas a sum of moneys to the value of twenty pounds
was by the towne of Boston delivered to your predecessour, M"".
Sam. "Olliver, and the same since acknowledged (by bond- under
hand) from Lydia, your wife, and the rent of which being due for
the space of sixe ^-eares past. The townes occasions calling for such
rents and debts, wee hereby make our request to you, that you
would please to take some speedy course to satisfy our expecta-
tion, and lett us heare a few wordes from you that so wee may nott
by any such neglect of yours expose ourselves to any appearance
of neglect of that trust comitted to us by the towne ; thus hoping
of 3-our care and reall endeavour to answer our desires (vizt., for
the returning unto the towne both principle and rent, which rent is
forty shillings per annum) wee shall waite your answere and rest.

AVhereas divers inhabitants among us have formerly had grants

* The name of Robert Reynolds is stricken out here.

Boston Town Records, 1657. 135

of land for great lotts lying att INIount WoUaston and Muddy
River, which sayd hinds luxve long since beene laid outt unto them,
the sajd lands lying in coinon with the townes lands and Ijound-
ing upon the sayd lands. Itt is ordered that all such persons (the
townes occasions now calling for the improvement of their owne
wast land and being aboutt to dispose of the same) shall, upon the
third day in the second month next ensuing, goe their bounds
betweene theirs and the townes bounds, with those deputed by
the towne thereunto, and that upon the poenalty prefixed by law,
fol. 4.

Itt is further ordered that all such persons as can lay an}' just
clayme to any lands or lotts in the foresayd places granted to them
by the towne, but nott yett laid outt, they shall repayre to the select
men, betweene this and the 2Gth of the next month, and make
good their clayme and title to the same upon the penalty of for-
feiture of the sayd grants.

[133.] 26: 1: 57.

Att a meeting of Tho. Marshall, Sam. Cole, John Hull, Wm.
Davis, and Wm. Davis (sic).

George Burrill, Cooper, is fined ten shillings for intertaining
John Gilbert into his family- withoutt consent of the towne.

30: 1: 1657.

Att a meeting of Tho. Marshall, Sam. Cole, Wm. Padd^', Jos.
Scotto, Jno. Hull, and Wm. Davis.

Ralph Hutchinson is fined ten shillings for intertaining Jno.
Gilbert into his family, withoutt the townes mens consent.

Whereas, the coinou is att times much ano^'ed b}' casting stones
outt of the bordei'ing lotts, and other things that are offensive : Itt
is therefore ordered that if any person shall hereafter any way
anno3' the coinon by spreading stones or other trash upon itt, or
la3' an}' carrion upon itt, every person so offending shall bee fined
twent}' shillings.

Wm. Ireland is appointed pounder att Rumney marsh for this
yeare ensuing.

Itt is ordered that henceforth no persons shall have liberty to
keepe shops within this towne, or, sett upp mnnufactures, unless
they bee first admitted inhabitants into the towne.

John Vyall, upon petition to draw beere till the 29th of Sept.
next, is referred to the county court for license, and is approved
for that end.

Jno. Hart is fined ten shillings for intertaining Jno. Gilbert into
his family, withoutt the townesmens consent.

Capt. James Olliver, Ensigne Scotto and Ensigne Hull are
appointed to the perambulation of the wast lands and the lotts laid
out att Braintree.

Elder Colbron, Peter Olliver, M^ Wm. Paddy, Jacob Eliott are
desired to attend the same service att Muddy river, and likewise
the laing out of the Highway to Watertowne Mill.

M"". Wm. Paddy and Ensigne Scotto are apijointed to trcaet
with Leiut. Fisher concerning the debt due to the towne, and to
make a full conclusion with him concerning the same.

13G City Document No. 46.

[133,] Whereas there was 400 acres of land long since granted
to M''. S:im. Maverick and by him assigned unto Ed. Bendall. And
whereas Leiut. AVni. Pliilips appeared before us as Attourney unto
the sayd Edw. Bcndall, presenting unto us a Coppy of the former
grant. Itt is ordered that the said 400 acres ma}' bee laid outt for
him, provided (itt appeare nott that the sayd land hath beene for-
med}' laid outt) : itt ma}' nott entrench upon an}- small lotts
either laid outt or to bee laid outt.

Clement Gross is allowed to draw beere till the 29th of Sep-
tember next, if the county court consent thereto.

Wm. Pollard is chosen pounder for this yeare.

* Notice given both to Watertowu and Cambridge, that they
might depute some to Joyne with ours deputed to lay out a high
way from Mudy river unto Watertown mill, and upon the 21 of
this 2d mo. it was (by partys deputed by the sayd Towns) per-
formed. The sayd way is 4 Rod in Breadth and directed by markt

Also notice given unto the Town of Brantrey that if any among
them had any grants of land from this Town, they might make
Claime of them by the 2Gth of this 2d mo, upon forfeture of such
grants if neglected.

And likewise if any of their Inhabitants had bought any lotts
or otherwise possessed them by gift, that bordered upon any part
of our CoiSon lands, they should be redy to goe their bounds
with us upon the 21st of this instant.

24: 2: 57.

At a meeting of M^ Willra. Brenton, M^ Tho. Marshall, M^
Sam. Cole, M^ John Hull, and AVilliam Paddy.

It is ordered that M''. Ed. Hutchinson, Samuell Benit, and
John Tuttell shall goe the bound line betweene Maiden and Rum-
ney Marsh, and Lin and Rumney Marsh.

There was also notice given unto the select men of Maiden, and
likewise off Linn, that they might meet with ours above specified
upon the 11th of the 3d mo. next at the House of M^ Samuell
Benett, at 7 a clock in the morning. Maiden upon the 11th, and
Linn upon the 12tli day of the sayd month.

Moreover it was desired in our Letter to Linn that they might
take order about the country high way near unto M'. Saml. Bennitts
house and dispose it soe as may be most Convenient.

27 of 2^ : 57.

Att a meeting of M^ Wm. Pady, Tho. Marshall, Samuell Cole,
and John Hull.

Richard Way is admitted into the Town, provided that Aron Way
doe become bound in the sum of twenty pound sterll. to free the
Town from any charge that may accrew to the town b}' the said
Rich*^. or his family.

I, Aron Way, doe heerby engadge my selfe, my heires, executors,

*The marprinal note says, "6 of 2d. High way laid out from Muddy River to
Watertown Mill."

Boston Town Records, 1657. 137

«S:c., Tinto the selectmen of the Town of Boston and their suoces-
sours in the suui of twenty pound stt-i'll. in behalle of my Brother,
Richard Way, and liis family, that they shall not be chargeable
to the Town, and hereunto set my hand.

Aron X Way.

his niarke.

Richard Smith is admitted into the Town, being Coiiiended to
the Town by M^ Jno. Willson, senr., provided that Henry Blague
and John Pease, become bound to the Town in the sum of twent}'
pounds sterll.

We, AVilliam Blague and John Pease, doe heerby bind our
selves, our heires, executors, &c., joyntly and severally in the full
snin of twenty pound sterll. nnto the select men of Boston and
their successors, to secure the Town from all charge from tyme to
t3'me from the said Rich*' Smith and his family : and hereunto put
our hands.

[134.] The 27 of 2d. 1657.

It is ordered that every person that putt any sheep upon"" the
Coiuou shall pay to the keeper 8d. for every sheep and 3d. for
every Lamlj.

Edward Blake* is Admitted an Inhabitant, and John Blake is
heerby bound in the snin of twenty pound sterll. to save the town
from an}^ charge, either from the sa3'd Edward or his family. And
this attested by his hand.

John Blake.

25: 3: 57.

Att a meeting of Tho. Marshall, Wm. Padd}', Sam. Cole, and
Wm. Davis.

Isaac Cullimore is ordered to secure a chimney in his leantoo
from danger of fire within eight dayes on poenalty of 20s.

Macklin Knight is ordered to secure his sellar behind his house
within ten dayes on poenalty of twenty shillings.

Ens. Hull and Wm. Davis are appointecl to view the cedar
swampes att Muddy River and to report what they judge them worth
to bee rented forth by the yeare or other wise, as may bee most to
the townes advantage.

29th of 4th, 57.

Att a meeting of Thomas Marshall, Wm. Pady, Sam. Cole,
Josh. Scottow, John Hull.

Tho. Dinsdell hath liberty granted him to hire a room of Capt.
Tho. Savage.

John Clow, having served an Aprentiship, hath Liberty to fol-
low his Calling in this Town.

Wm. Courser, having liberty granted the last year to set up a
porch, not exceeding foure foot from his now dwelling house, and
desiring the said grant to be recorded, it being owned that he had
A grant, as afforsaid, it is heerby recorded.

It is ordered that Ensigne Jno. Web shall suply Richard Sanfard

* The name Blague is written and cancelled here.

138 City Document No. 46.

with such necesary support as the little infant Mary Langham or
the nurse thereoff either have or shall expend, untell the Town take
further order.

George Broome is Readmitted with Caution of his future good

There is Let unto Robert Sanderson A Little 3 square strip of
Land upon the upper end of his owne Garden, Coming from the
upper Corner of Tho. Hunt's pailes uuto the stile of the said Rob-
ert Sanderson, for 18cl. in mony, to be paicd yearly to the Town
Treasurer, and he to Injo}- this during the Townes pleasure.

M"". Richard Web is heerb}' Enjoyned to clear the highway before
his house within this twelve dayes, upon the poenalty of twenty

James Everell is heereby Enjoj'ned to take away the heapes of
I^arth Laid upon the high waies, upon any part of the dock, that
soe passengers may not be forced into the dirt in fowle wether ;
and this is to be done in twenty daj-es, upon the poenalty of twenty

[135.] There is Granted unto Wm. Beamsly and Henry Dug-
less, who are surveighers for the high waies, that there ma}* be ten
pound expended proflltably for the high waj-es at the North End
of the Town, paid out of the Rates of M^ Jno. Richards, M^ Wm.
Pain,* Wm. Beamsly, Richard Benit, Henry Dugless, Alexander

There is Lett unto Isaak Cullimore A little peice of ground
which is close to the end of his dwelling house, and is there be-
twixt both high waies thirt3' foot, and at the uper way in breadth
fourteen foot and halfe, and Comes to the Lower high way unto
one foot, in forme as in the Margent,t for the Auuall rent of
three shilling to be duly paid, and this Grant to Continue during

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