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deputie Governor, John Winthrop, esquire, M'. Atherton Howgh,
M"". William Ting, Sen''. Captaine Edward Gibones, M^ John Nuegate,
M^ WiUiam Coleburne, brother Jacob Eliott, and William Hibbins.

Our Sister Purton, widdow, is graunted for this present yeare
following to mowe the marsh in the nue feild which our sister Mel-
lowes hath bene formerly graunted to mowe.

Our brother Button hath time to Consider untill the next meeting
whether or noe he will purchase the overplus of land which ioyneth
to his Lott at the mount, namely upon these termes : that he shall
sell to our brother Marten Saunders and our brother George Ruggels
so much land of his else where at the same rate hee is to pay for
it, that is to say 12s. per acr, hee or whoe ever bieth the same is to
pay his portion for fenceing.

Our brother Tho. Savage hath sould unto him at this meeting
one acre of upland at Hogg Island for 8s., formerly graunted to
Abraham Warren, as also hath given unto him halfe an acre of
marsh at the same Island, being at the po^nt of the Island next
to Winnetsimet.

Evan Thomas is accepted for a townseman at this meeting.

Henr}- Dawson is also accepted for a Townsman.

The}' are both to bee t:iken notice of for land at Deare Island,
if it be disposed of for Tilleg.

Evan Thomas for six heads.

Henry Dawsonne for three.

M^ Winthropp, M"". William Tinge, and Captaine Gibones are
appoynted to vue the land adioyning to M^ Bworne's bowse for
a place [51] for building the shipp, the which he desires may be
given him for the same use.

Edw. ArnoU is taken into Consideration until the next meeting
to beecom a townsman.

M''. Christopher Stanley hath graunted unto him an acre of land,
be it more or less, upon the little Island at Hogg Island, adioyning
to the 10 acres that seriant Savag hath purchased, yf it be not
formerly graunted.

Richard Bennett is accepted for a Townsman.

Thomas Stanburie is accepted for a Townsman.

The 22d of the last moneth, 1640.

At a meeting this present day by Richard Bellingham, Esquire,
deputie governor, John Winthrop, Esquire, M^ Atherton Howgh,

Boston Town Records, 1641. 59

Captaine Edward Gibones, W. William Ting, senior, M^ Cole-
burne, J\r. Nuegate, brother Jacob Eliot, and William Hibbins.

Abraham Hagburne is admitted a townseman.

Richard Sandford is admitted a townsman, who also desireth a
lott when any are to be graunted.

Abraham Ferrie hath acquainted the townsmen with the sale of
his howse, in Boston, and Lott.

Brother AVright, of Bra>aitree, is to pay for the alianation of 60
acres of land, at Is. 2d. an acre, the which amounteth to £3 lO.s.,
and is to pay it in to AP. Bworne, towards the buj^ldingof the shipp.

Brother Steeven Kingsley is to have his foure Acres, former!}^
graunted, to bee mad 7 acrs upon a head, allowing for the same as
others have done, and are to doe.

At this meeting our brother Button hath accepted of the re-
maynder of land adioyning to that land of his within the knight's
neck, soe called, at Brayntree, the which amounted unto 25 acrs
and a halfe, for which he is to pay 12s. per acre, in consideration
whereof he is to allowe to our brother Saunders and brother Ruggles
that land which was his, without the fence, amounting to 22 acreb,
be it more or less, at the same rate, namely, for 12s. per acre.

There is also twoe acres and a half within the same neck, the
which brother Peniman hath, he also is to pay after the rate of 12s.
per acre for the towne stockc of Boston.

Brother Edward Jackson is alowed the same marsh he formerly
mowed in the nue feild for this next Crop.

Brother Sweete is to be Considered for a greate Lott.

Leonard Buttall is to have layd out by Captaine Gibones a place
at Fox hill to burne lime during the towne 's pleasure.

Fhillip Rice is accepted for a townseman.

That which Beniamine Alby is to pay to the towne of Boston for
the land he bought of our brother Button, at mount willaston,
cometh unto £1 17s. 8d.

[52.'] Brother Courser, of Boston, hath sould and resigned
up his lott at muddy river, it being 10 Acres, to our Brother Alex-
ander Beck, of the same towne.

The graunt of the towne of Boston, to M". John Winthropp,
Esquire, of the twoe hills, with some baii-en marsh adioj'uing
there unto, be it more or lesse, liing next to pulling poynt, is thus
bounded : towards the north with the Land of M^ AVilliara Firce,
and with the salt water on all other partes.

It is ordered. That whatsoever allowance for Rockes or swampes
our brother M^ John Oliver hath formerly made, or hereafter
shall make, in the allotments of the inhabitants of this towne, shall
of right belong unto them, unlesse the towne shall see cause to
alter an}- thing before they be recorded by their bounds and limits
in the town's booke.

The 29th of the 1st moneth, 1641.

At a meeting this present day of Richard Bellingham, esquire,
deputie governor, John Winthrop, Esquire, Captaine Edward
Gibones, M''. William Ting, senior, M^ Coleburne, brother Jacob
Eliot, and WiUiam Hibbins.

60 City Document No. 46.

Our brother John Leveret is grauuted that little plott of marish
in the nue feikl, it being 3 rodd or there about.

It is graunted that those Lotts formerly graunted to our twoe
Elders, M\ Oliver and M\ Leverett, in the full proportion of land
as it now lieth, shall, b}' this order, be confirmed unto them, although
their Lotts doe amount to a greater quantitj^ of land than was
intended at the grauuting thereof.

Our brother M"". Richard Parker and our brother Everall are
appoynted survaiors for the new feild b}- sentry hill for this present
yeare ; And the streete to goe up to the same is to bee reserved for
the towne's use.

William Courser, our brother, hath leave to sell his howse to
Gawen Andersonne, of Eocksburie.

That parcell of ground at Long island, formerly graunted to our
brother Talmage, be it more or lesse, according to his graunt is now
Consented unto that our brother William Wilsonne shall have it,
paing to Goodman Tarne for the labor he hath bene at upon the

It is ordered that if any hogges be found not sufficiently yocked
by the 7th day of the 2d mo., 1641, that the owner of such hogges
or swine shall pay for every hogg or swine soe taken up, or found,
halfe a bushel of Corne. And that the same hogg or swine is to
bee kcept in the pound 24 howres, and if it be not owned by that
time then they are to be sent to Deare Island, and not to be fetched
thence untill full satisfaction be made, viz. : od. for pounding and
for carege, and for wrong done, if any bee.

[53.J It is also ordered that if any goates shall be found
without a keep after the 14th day of the next moneth, being the 2d
moneth, that the owners of them shall forfett for every goate soe
found halfe a bushell of Corne, and 3d. for pounding, where they
are to remaine 24 howres, namely, in the pound, and if not owned
by that time, then to be sent to deare Island, where they are to
remayne untill they haA'e given full satisfaction.

Noe man is to suffer any wood or other timber to lie in the streetes
above 4 dayes, but upon there owne ground, upon the forfeture of
4d. per day for every load of wood or timber found soe lieing.

The 26th of the 2d moneth, 1641.

Att a meeting this present day by Richard Bellingham, Esquu'e,
deputie Goveinor, John Winthrop, Esquire, Captaine Edward
Gibones, M"'. William Ting, senior, ^r. Nuegate, M'. Coleburne,
brother Ehot, and Wilham Hibbens.

Our brother M^ Wentworth Day hath graunted unto him 100
acres of land for his greate Lott at Muddy River out of a parte of
that land which was appoynted for the Comune.

It is also graunted to our brother James Jonson, our brother
Button, and Goodman Tarne, to make use of a rodd a peece of
land, namely : three rodd in the whole, adioyning unto Wm. Hib-
bins, his garden pale on the one side, and soe over towards our
Elder Oliver's little howse, and downe to the Creeke eastward, and
up to the high way westward to make use of for dressing his
leather, not (misuseing?) the same, soe be it bee notnoysome to any

Boston Town Records, 1641. 61

of the neighbowrehood, and to hoiild it untill the towne doe require
them to yeild up the same.

There is graunted to our elder Leverett twoe acres, or there
about, of marsh or meadow, lieing upon Charles river, abutting
on the Creek that partes Cambridge and Boston.

There is graunted to our brother Henry Webb to purchase 3
acres of marsh at muddy river, yf it be there to be had.

William Ilibbins hath Confirmed unto him that fresh marsh
■which was formerly graunted him at muddy river, valued at 10
acrs formerly, but proveth to bee about 18 acres, bounded with a
rocke on the one side, and a great swampe on the other.

This 27th of the 3d moneth, 1641.

Att a generall Towne meeting, upon publique notice, M'. Wil-
liam Tynge, Treasurer, and M". William Hibbens are Chosen
Deputyes for the service of the next generall Court.

Also at the same meeting, M^ Bellingham, Deputy Governor,
M'. Winthrop, esqre, M^ Tynge, Treasurer, Capt. Gibones, M^
William Hibbens, William Coleborne, Jacob Eliott, James Penne,
and John Oliver, are chosen to order the Town's occasions for
these six months next ensueing.

The 31st of the 3d moneth, 1641.

Att a meeting this present day, by Richard Bellingham, Esq're,
Governor, John Winthrop, sen'r, Esq're, M'. William Ting, sen'r,
Captaine Edward Gibones, M^ Coleburne, brother Jacob Eliott,
brother James Penn, brother John Oliver and William Hibhins,

John Serch is admitted a townsman, he behaveing himselfe

[54.] Upon the heareing of the Cause in difference betweene
our brother, M^ Atherton Howgh, one the one side, and our
brother AVilliam Cheseborowe, brother Write, with others of our
breethren and freinds at the mount on the other side, Its consented
and agreed unto by our brother M"". Howgh, to and with our breeth-
ren and friends at the mount aforesaid, that our brother M"".
Howgh, for his parte, doth yield up all Claime in that marsh which
in his neck of land at the mount, contayning about 60
acres, unto the sayd Claimers thereof. And our brethren and
freinds there aforesayd doe consent and agree that our brother M^
Howgh shall enioy peaceably to himselfe and to his assignes forever
all that necke of land adioyning to the sayd marsh aforesaid, ac-
cording to a former order entered in this booke to the same purpose.

Its ordered by us, who for the time present are appoynted for
the ordering of the affaires of the towne, that all those who have
land in sentry hill feyld, either upland or marsh, shall pay for
every acre they there hould, after the rate of Is. an acre, towards
the mayntaining of the fence thereof.

Its ordered that all dry cattle shall be driven of the necke, and
not be suffered to abide there, except Riding horses and draught b}*
the 5th of the 4th mo., 1041.

Our brother John Davies and our brother Tho. Buttolph shall
agTee with a Cowe keep for the towne for the present summer.

62 City DocmiEXT No. 46.

Our brother Samuell Sherman hath graunted him to mow that
parte of marsh in the neck this present summer that hee mowed
the last.

Our brother Robert Turner is graunted that land which lieth
betweene his lott and Cambridge nue line, soe fare as the lem^ts
of his lott retcheth it lieing along by the side thereof, and noe

The 28th of the 4th moneth, 1641.

Att a meeting this present day of Richard Bellingham Esq're,
Governor, John Winthrop, Esquire, Capt Edwaid Gibones, Wil-
liam Tynge, Treasurer, William Ilibbens, William Colbron, Jacob
Eliott, James Penne, John Oliver.

It is ordered that our brother Henry Webbe, bro. James Penne,
and Bro. Stodder shall take up the accounts of M^ John Coggan.

It is ordered that our bro. Everill and our bro. Burden shall
have leave to sinke a pitt att the upper end of the wharfe, before
our bro. Burden's house, and to Putt a vessell therein (so that
they cover the same) to water their leather in ; and if it be found
an annoyance to the Towne, then they are to fill it up againe.

To our bro. Tho. Seottua is granted a small quantity of salt
marish lying betweene his great lott and Charles River.

[55.] The 26th of the 5th moneth, 1641.

At a meeting this present day of Richard Bellingham, Esquire,
Governor, John Winthrop, Esquire, W^illiam Tynge, Treasurer,
William Hibbens, William Colbron, Jacob Eliott, John Oliver.

Robert Wing hath graunted to him 20 bushels of Indian Corne,
for looking to the lowe water marke in Centry feild this jeare, to
be paid him by the acre.

It is Ordereil that the Constables of Boston shall pa}' those
workemen that were employed about the way at Rumney marsh,
betweene Winnesemett and Lynne, at Is. Gd. a day ; if it be payd
in Indian Corne, they are to have it at 3s. a bushel.

Anthony Stanyarne is graunted to be a Townsman.

Our brother John Oliver is chosen Treasurer for the Towne, and
to keep the Towne's booke.

It's agreed that our bro. Beamsly is to be payed for 10 rods of
Causway done by him on the further side of the bridge at Rumney
marsh, at 6s. per rodde, together with a small parcell of worke on
the hither side of the said Bridge, which cometh to Is. 6d. ; in all,
£3 Is. 6d.

Henry Stevens is graunted to have a gi*eat lott at mount WoUas-
ton, alias Brayntry, for five heads.

The 27th of the 7th moneth, 1641.

At a meeting this day of Richard Bellingham, Esquire, Governor,
John Winthrop, Esquire, William Tynge, Treasurer, Captaine
Gibones, William Colbron, Jacob idiott, James Penne, John

It's agreed that for the maintenance of the high wayes, the Richer
sort of Inhabitants shall afford three daj'es' worke of one man

Boston Town Records, 1641. 63

(except such as have Teames) ; the men of middle estate, two
dayes worke ; and the poorer sort one day, to be Ordered according
to the Discretion of the surveighonrs for the higli wayes ; and
every Tea me in the Towne is to afford one daye's worke, under the
Penalty of 2s. a day for each man that is defective in Affording
his heipe according to Appointment, and 8s. per day if carts be
defective ; to be Levyed by Distresse by the Survej'ghours of the

It's Agreed that AVilliam T^-nge, Treasurer, and James Penne
sliall RectiA' the Accounts Concerning Charge of Fencing in the
mill feild. and allow to Each man an equall Proportion, according
to their Charges expended.

David Phippen is admitted to be a Townsman, and to have a
howse lott, if it can be found.

There is an house-lott graunted to John Search neare unto the
house lott of Robert Walker.

There is granted unto Job Judkin to have a great lott for five
heads at Mount Wollaston alias Braintry.

There is granted and sold unto John Bigs (for forty shillings,
already- payd by Worke about the magistrate's seat) a parcell of
marish ground l3'ing in the Sentinell-hill-feild, conteyning one acre
and halfe, be it more or lesse, bounded with the salt water shore
toward the North W. ; with a salt Creeke towards the North ; with
Land belonging to John Leverit, parted by a Ditch, towards the
East ; with the upland adjoyning toward the AVest and South
West ; to belong unto him, and his hey res for ever.

This 29th of the 9th moneth, 1641.

At a meeting this day of Richard Bellingham, Esquire, Governor,
John Winthrop, Esquire, William Tynge, Treasurer, William Col-
bron, Jacob Eliott, James Penne, John Oliver.

Samson Shore is Admitted to be a Townsman.

It's Ordered that the Constables shall Pay unto Robert Turner
for diet for the Townsmen £2 IS.f.

[56.] There is Granted unto John Palmer, Sen., an Allot-
ment at Mount Wollaston. alias Braintry, for two heads.

Edward Arnold is Admitted to be a Townesman.

Its Ordered that the Constables shall Pay unto John Bigs six
pounds, six shillings, ten pence, for worke about the Magistrate's

There is granted to Valentine Hill, of Boston, Merchant, and
to his Associates, their executors, administratours and assignes,
all the wast ground (common highwaj- and proprieties reserved)
from the Point of the Marish betweene M'. William Tynge's
Palle and John Lowe's howse there, as it is now staked out, to
the uppermost Corner of M''. Edward Tinge's Proprietie neare
the key, already- staked out, and so round by Edward Bend-
alle's to the Point fore mentioned, for so many yeares as I he Charge
they shall bestowe in Purchase of their neighbours their late
wharfinge, and in Building, making and repairing such wharfes,
creekes or coves within this five yeares now next Comming shall
amount unto, accounting after nine yeares' time to be allowed for,

64 City Document No. 46.

one hundred pounds, and rateabi}' for all the charge so to be be-
stowed, as aforcsayd, this terme to begin at the expiration of the
sayd five ^"eares. And the said Valentine Hill and his Associates,
their executours, adniinistratours, and assignes, are allowed to take
Tunnage of all such vessels and wharfage of all such goods as shall
there arrive, or make use thereof during the sa^d termes Provided
that all such whose grounds doe butt on the wast ground above
granted, or high waves there, shall be free to import, land and export
within this jurisdiction (except b}' wa}' of merchandize) , all their
owne goods, wood, timber and other things being originally of this
jurisdiction, without any charge, during the terme before granted,
so that the vessells stay not in the coves nor creekes delivering,
nor the goods remain upon the wharfe, above forty-eight houres.

And it is also agreed that such warehouses or other houses as
they shall erect during their terme they shall be allowed for
b}' the Towne, after such Rate as the}' shall be vallued to
be then worth without Respect of the Place. And it is also agreed
that such wharves as they shall make there, they shall leave in good
Repaire, and so as they may be of use to the Towne at the end of
the time. Provided that if the}' or their excequators or Assignes
shall Resigne and give up the same to the Towne three yeares be-
fore the end of their terme, then they shall not be charged with
Reparation — Provided the}- shall not hereby have liberty to Pull
downe or demolish the same or any part thereof. And it is also
agreed that the said Grantees shall within the space of two yeares
next ensueing sufHciently wharfe, and from time to time keepe in
repaire the creeke next unto George Burden's house, fitting for
the lading and unlading of a lighter of twenty tunne in ordinary
Tydes on either side thereat. — And it is also agreed that they shall
not take tunnage or wharfage of any boates or goods but at such
times as the wharfes and coves shall be usefull for such vessells as
shall then arrive, nor shall hinder the ladeing of any goods upon
any such part of the cove where they shall not bestowe any an-
swerable cost of wharfing. And it is further agreed that it shall be
lawfuU for any of this Towne to passe to and fro in their ships or
small boates without paying any thing, so as they doe not lay or
leave the sayd boats to prejudice the sayd Grantees for the passage
of any other gi*eater vessel, or the ladeing or unladeing of [57.]
any merchandize, or other goods by which they are to Receive
benefitt. Provided allso, that if M'. Edward Tynge shall within five
yeares now next coming, wharfe in that part of the waste betweene
the inside of the crosse wall and M*. Hill's wharfe end, being in
length seventy-four foote, or thereabout, being allready marked
out. He shall then enjoye to him, and his Assignes, the sole
libertye of tunnage, and wharfage, by and upon the same without
contributing to any other charge, and in Consideration thereof the
sayd Grantees are to have their nine yeares made up tenne for
every one hundred pounds bestowed as aforesayde, and if he shall
not wharfe the same within the sayd five yeares, then the sayd
Grantees may doe it as the rest.

This 6th of the 10th moneth, 1G41.

At a generall Towns meeting upon Publique Warning.

Boston Town Records, 1641-2. 65

There are Chosen for the Affayres of the Towne for these six
months next ensueing : Richard Bellingham, esqre, Governor, John
Winthrop, esqre, William T>-nge, Treasurer, Captaine Gibones,
Williame Colbron, Jacob Eliott, Valentine Hill, James Penne,
John Olivr.

This 10th of the 11th moneth, 1641.

At a generall Townsmeeting, upon warning from house to

It's agreed that for the making of the high wayes at Romny
Marish now ordered by the Court, each man in particular through-
out the Towne shall alford their helpe, in six severall Companycs,
at the appointment of William Tynge, Treasurer, Captaine Gib-
ones, Captaine Keayne, John Newgate, Samuell Cole and Joh.

It's Ordered that Deai-e-Island shall be Improoved for the main-
tenance of a free schoole for the Towne, and such other Occasions
as the Townsmen For the time being shall thinke meet, the sayd
schoole being sufficiently Provided for.

It's Ordered that notwithstanding the order made (concerning
the disposing of Lands in this necke) in the 4th of 10th,
1635, yet for peace sake, and for avoyding of confusion in
the Towne, many Lauds having bene bought and sould at cleare
rates, the Rights of all Lands disposed of shall belong to the ppr.
owners of them, as the}' should have done if the afore former
order had never bene ; and the sayd former order is hereby
repealed. Provided that this Order shall not concerne such marish
ground as hath bene let from yeare to yeare.

It's ordered that there shall be noe more Lands granted unto any
Inhabitants that shall hereafter be admitted into the Towne, unlesse
it be at a generall Townsmeeting.

It's ordered that the 9 men shall, according to the present need
of the Towne, appoint the summe and the particular Assessments
of a Towne Rate.

Captaine Gibones, Valentine Hill, Hemy Webbe, and Anthonj'
Stodder are chosen to Trade with the Indians, according to the
Order of the generall Court.

This 31st of the 11th moneth, 1641.

At a meeting this day of Richard Bellingham, esqre. Gover-
nor, John Winthrop, esqre, William T3-nge, Treasurer, Capt.
Gibones, William Colbron, Jacob Eliot, Valentine Hill, James
Penn, John Oliver.

There is granted to William Briskoe to have an Addition for
one head to his Lot formerly granted at Mount Wollaston alias

It's Agreed for the satisfaction of John Ruggle, senior, [58.]
concerning 71. 15s. 5d. charges in building expended at Deare
Island, That Capt. Gibones (vvlio hath undertaken it) shall pay the
sayd sume to our Bro. Ruggle, and in liew thereof shall have the
present use of the sayd Hand untill the Towne doe let the same,

66 City Document No. 46.

and then the said sume of 71. 15s. od. is againe to be repayd unto
him by the Towne.

John Gutteridge is admitted to be a Townsman.

Richard Tajlour is admitted to be a Townsman.

Edward Weeden is admitted to be a Townsman.

Tlie I^and of Henrj' Webbe formerly' granted, conteyning two
hundreth acres, belongeth unto him, as it is now la3-d out at Brain-
try, be it more or lesse, being bounded with Lands as yet in Com-
mon toward the North and East ; witli the Land of Robt. 8kot
toward the South ; with Monotocot river toward the west.

The Land of Robt. Skot formerly granted, conteyning in quan-
tity two hundreth acres, belonging to him as it is now layd out at
Braintry, alias Mount WoUaston, being bounded with the Lands
of Henry Webbe toward the North ; with Lands as j-et in common
tOAvards the East and South ; with Monotocott river toward the

Richard Knight is admitted to be a Townsman.

William Tynge, Treasurer, and Valentine Hill are appointed to
Take order concerning the Payment of Robt. Wing for attendance
the last summer upon the New feild, and of Richard Parker, and
James Browne for their charges about the lowe water mark in the
new feild, and to returne what they have done in it at the next

James Hudson is admitted to be a Townsman.

John Leveritt, in Consideration of garden Lot granted to him in
the new feild, doth grant unto John Hurd and howse plat betweene
the howse plats of Robt. Hull and WiUiam Plantayne.

This 7th of 12th moneth, 1G41.

At a meeting this day of John Winthrop, Esqre, Governor,*
William Tynge, Treasurer, Capt. Gibones, WiUiam Colbron, Jacob
Eliot, Valentine Hill, James Penne, John Oliver.

There is granted unto Robt. Reynolds three acres of marish at
muddy river, for which he is to pay six shillings eight pence unto
the Towne, according to what he should have paj'd for that parcell
of marish which was to be purchased by him at hog Hand, but
is now sold unto Thomas Marshall.

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