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37 CO!«iHfriot Com- within Its boundarles ; the President shall appoint, at the
first meeting of the Board In each year, and subject to
its approval, a Standing Committee on each District,
whose number, in each case, shall be proportionate to
the number of schools in the District.
Chairmen of Sect. 4. The member first named on any commit-

tees, tee, shall be the chairman thereof; except that the

Committee on tlie Latin School, on the English High
School, on the Girls' High and Normal School, and
each District Committee, shall respectively elect its owti
Annual and Sect. 5. The Board shall hold its annual meeting

quarterly meet- , .

inga. for the election of teachers on the second Tuesday m

June, and three other stated quarterly meetings on the
second Tuesday in March, September, and December,
at seven and a half o'clock, P. M., at such place as the
President may appoint ; and the Board may hold special
meetings whenever they are deemed necessary.

Quorum. Sect. 6. For a quorum, a majority of the Board

must be present ; but a less number may vote to send
for absent members, and to adjourn. Whenever the
Board is obliged to wait, after the hour appointed for
the meeting, for a quorum to begin business, or when-
ever it has to suspend business and adjourn for want of
a quorum, the roll shall be called and the names of the
absentees recorded by the Secretary.

Vacancies in Sect. 7. Whenever a vacancy occurs in this Board,

the Board.

a Committee shall be appointed, consisting of three mem-
bers from the ward in which the vacancy exists, and two
at large, who shall consult with the Aldermen of said
ward, or with the Chairman of the Board of Aldermen,
in case the ward is not represented in that branch, and
report to this Board, on or before the day of election, the
name of a suitable candidate to fill said vacancy.

Chap. II.] RULES.


Powers and Duties of the P resident.
Section 1. The President shall take the chair pre- oponin? of

1 11 • 1 n ^ • pir»i fncctings.

cisely at tlic hour appointed tor tlie nicetnij^ ot thclioard,
and shall call the nicnihcrs to order, and, on the appear-
ance of a f(uoruni, he shall cause the records of the la.-^t
meeting to be read, and siiall proceed to business in tli(>
following order, and shall not dc[)art from it unless
authorized by a vote of the Board.

1. Papers from the City Council : Oninrof


2. Unfinished business of preccdnig mcetuigs ;

3. Nomination and Confirmation of Teachers ;

4. Keports of Committees ;

5. Motions, Orders, Resolutions, IVtitions, t^c.

The Nomination and Coniirmation of Teachers shall
be called for in the order of the districts.

Sect. 2. The President slmll [ircscrve order iind Dutnsoftiic
decorum m the meetmgs ; he may speak to pomts ot
order in preference to other members, and shall decide
all questions of order, subject to an appeal to the Board,
on motion of any member regularly seconded, and no
other business shall be in order till the rpicstion on the
appeal shall have been decided.

Skct. 3. When two or more members rise to s])oak s.mic.
at the same time, the President shall name the nu-inber
who may speak first.

Sect. 4. lie shall rise to addrcs.s the IJoard, and to snmo.
put a question, but may read sitting. He siiall declare
all votes; but if any member doul)t the vote, tl»c Presi-
dent, without debate, shall rccpiire the nicinbers voting


[CHA1>. II.

Committee of
the Whole.


to rise sind stand until they are counted, and he shall
declare the result.

Sect. 5. The President shall appoint the chairman
when the Board goes into Committee of the Whole ; at
any other time he may call any member to the chair,
but such substitution shall not continue longer than one
meeting. He may express his opinion on any subject
under debate ; but in such case, he shall leave the cliair,
and shall not resume it while the same question is pend-
ing ; but he may state facts, and give his opinion on
questions of order, without leaving his place.
Yeas imd nays. Sect. G. The President shall take the sense of the
Board by Yeas and Nays, whenever one fifth of the mem-
bers present sustain a motion therefor.

Sect. 7. All questions shall be propounded by the
President in the order in which they are moved, unless
the subsequent motion shall be previous in its rature ;
except that in naming sums and fixing times, the largest
sum and the longest time shall be put first. After a
motion is seconded, and stated by the President, it shall
be disposed of by vote of the Board, unless the mover
Avithdraw it before a decision or an amendment.

Sect. 8. The President shall consider a motion to
adjourn as always in order, except when a member has
the floor, or when a question has been put and not de-
cided ; and motions to adjourn, to lay upon the table,
to take from the table, and for the previous question,
shall be decided without debate. Any member who
moves to adjourn to a day certain, shall assign his
reasons for so doing.

Sect. 9. He shall put the previous question in the
following form : " Shall the main question be now put?"
and all debate shall be suspended until the previous ques-
tion shall have been decided. The adoption of the previ-

Motion to

PrcriouB ques-

Chap. III.] RULES. 9

ous question shall put an end to all debate, to bring the
Board to a direct vote upon pending amendments, if any,
in their regular order, and then upun tlie main question.

Sect. 10. Whenever in his opinion it is necessary, Ca" of "pociai
the 1 resident may, and at the written request of any
five members, he shall call a special meeting of the
Ijoard ; but no meeting of the Board shall be called on
shorter notice than twenty- four hours.

Sect. 11. All Committees shall be nominated by Appointmentof


the President, unless otherwise ordered by the Board.


Rights and Duties of Members.
Sectiox 1. When any member is about to speak in Duties of mom

, , 1 -rt 1 1 I 11 bora in debate.

debate, or to present any matter to the Board, he shall
rise in his place, and respectfully address the President;
shall confine himself to the question under debate, and
avoid personality. No member in debate shall mention
another by his name, but may describe him by the ward
he represents, the place he sits in, or such other designa-
tion as may be intelligible and respectful.

Sect. 2. No member while speaking shall be Inter- Ciui to order.
ru[)ted by another, but by rising to call to order, or to
correct a mistake. But if any member, in speaking or
otherwise, transgress the rules of the Board, the Presi-
dent shall, or any member 7rmij, call him to order ; in
which case the member so called to order shall imine-
dlately sit down, unless permitted to explain ; and the
Board, if a[)pealed to, shall decide on the case, but with-
out debate.

Sect. 3, W the l)()ard .^liall dt'terniine that a nieni- violation of
ber has violated any of its Kules, he shall not be allowed



[Chap. Ill

Kuica of debate,


Order of mo-


Members to

Di\i.sion of a

Reading; of a
papvr, when
called for.

Suspension of

to speak unless hy way of excuse for the same, until he
shall have made satisfaction tiierefor.

Sect. 4. No member shall speak more than twice
to the same question, without leave of the Board ; nor
more than once until all other members choosing to
speak shall have spoken.

Sect. 5. No motion shall be considered by the Board
unless seconded. Every motion shall be submitted in
writing, if the President direct, or any other member of
the Board request it.

Sect. 6. When a question is under debate, no mo-
tion shall be received but to adjourn ; to lay on the table ;
for the previous question ; to postpone to a day certain ;
to commit ; to amend ; or to postpone indefinitely ; which
several motions shall have precedence in the order above

Sect. 7. When a question has once been decided,
any member voting in the majority may move a recon-
sideration; such motion, if made at the same meeting
with the decision, shall prevail if a majority of the mem-
bers present sustain it ; but if made at the subsequent
meeting, it shall not prevail unless a majority of the
whole Board vote for it ; and only one motion for the re-
consideration of any vote shall be permitted.

Sect. 8. Every member present when a question is
put, shall give his vote unless excused by the Board.

Sect. 9. All motions and reports may be committed
and recommitted at the pleasure of the Board.

Sect. 10. The division of a question may be called
for, when the sense will admit of it.

Sect. 11. When the reading of a paper is called for,
and the same is objected to by any member, it shall be
determined by a vote of the Board.

Sect. 12. The consent of three foiirths of the mem-

Chap. IV.] RULES. 1 1

bers present at any meeting shall be reffuisite for the sus-
pension of any standing Kule of the Board, or Kcgula-
tion of the Schools, unless the proposal for the same
shall have lain upon the table for at least one week.

Sect. 13. Whenever any proposition is submitted nei^ai or
by a member to amend or repeal any Rule of the Board, liuica.
or involving the amendment or repeal of any liegulation
of the Public Schools, said proposition, before any action
thereon, shall be referred to the Committee on Rules and
Regulations, or to such other committee, standing or
special, as the Board may designate, who shall report
thereupon, in writing, and said report, together with such
recommendations or orders as may be therein contained,
shall be open to immediate consideration and action.


Dudes of Standing Committees.
Section 1 . Immediately after the appointment of the committ

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