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bv B. Cole, engraver. London, 1733. Pis.

Plans. F°. *L.4i.i4

Papworth, John Buonarotti.

Hints on ornamental gardening: consisting

of a series of designs for garden buildings,

gates, fences, railings, &c. London, 1823.

29 colored pis. L. 8 . *L.4i.6

Rural residences. With some observations

on landscape gardening. London, 1818.

Col. pis. L. 8°. *L.4i.7

Park Jurjaves [nachst Agram in Kroatien].

Wien. [1853.] 11 pis. F°, obi. *L. 50.14

Parsons, Samuel, jr.

Landscape gardening. N. Y., 1891. Illus.

Pis. 8°. *L.32.23

Pean, Armand.

L'architecte paysagiste. Paris. [1886.]
Illus. Pis. Plans. 8°. *L.3i.n

Percier, Charles, and Pierre Francois Leonard
Choix des plus celebres maisons de plaisance
de Rome et de ses environs. 2e edition.
Paris, 1824. 75 pis. L. f°. *L.70.6

Plans de plusieurs chateaux, palais et resi-
dences de souverains de France, d'ltalie,
d'Espagne et de Russie. [Anon.] Paris.
[1833] 38 pis. F°. *L.70.7

Perelle, Adam.

Receuille des plus belles veiies des maisons
royale de France. Paris. [1685?] 106 pis.
L.'f°. *L.50.25

Perkins, George Henry.

Catalogue of the flora of Vermont, includ-
ing phaenogamous and vascular crypto-
gamojs plants growing without cultiva-
tion. Burlington, 1888. L. 8°. *L.23.i4



Petzold, E.

Beitrage zur Landschafts-Gartnerei. Wei-
mar, 1849. Illus. Map. 8°. *L.3i.5

Furst Hermann v. Piickler-Muskau in
seinem Wirken in Muskau und Branitz,
sowie in seiner Bedeutung fur die bildende
Gartenkunst Deutschlands. Leipzig, 1874.
Portr. 8°. *L.53.92

Die Landschafts-Gartnerei. Mit erlautern-
den Figuren, nach Originalaufnahmen
von Friedrich Preller. 2te vermehrte Auf-




of Fairmount

Chicago, 1893.

Pis. 12°,

lage. Leipzig, 1862. L. 8 C
Same. 1888. 8°.
Same. 1896.

Der Park von Muskau.
[1856J Plan. 16 .
Philadelphia. Commissioners
Annual report. [10th.] Phila., 1878. Portr.
Pis. Maps. 8°. *L.53.83

Phillips, Henry.

Sylva florifera: the shrubbery historically
and botanically treated. London, 1823.

2 V. 8°. *L.22.23

Photographs. Collections.

Fourteen miscellaneous photographs, in-
cluding five of Berlin. In a case. *L.6o.7
Nine photographs, including five of An-
twerp and four of Brussels. In a case.

Picturesque sketches of rustic scenery includ-
ing cottages & farmhouses. By Prout,
Varley, etc. [London?] i860. 54 pis.
F°. *L.6o.i2

Pinchot, Gifford.
Biltmore forest.
Pindemonte, Ippolito
Su i giardini inglesi e sul merito in cio dell'
Italia; e Sopra l'indole dei giardini mo-
derni: saggio di Luigi Mabil, con altre
operette sullo stesso argomento. Vero"a,
1817. PI- 8°. *L.33-25

Piringer, .

Garten-Verschonerungen oder E"twurfe zu
geschmackvollen Gartengebauden und
Zierden. Wien. [1823.] 14 p!s. F°. obi.


Wurzbach identifies the author with Benedict
Piringer, the engraver.

Piatt, Charles Adams.
Italian gardens. N. Y., 1894. Pis. L. 8°.

Pontey, William.

The profitable planter. A treatise on the
theory and practice of planting forest
trees. 3d edition, enlarged. London,

1809. PI. 8°. *L.22 27

Practical observations on the culture of lu-
cerne, turnips, . . . &c. Communicated
by letters to Dr. Templeman. Added, a
comparative view of the broad cast and
drill husbandry . . . Dublin, 1767. Sm. 8°.
No. 2 in *L.2o".3

Price, Sir Uvedale, baronet.
An essay on the picturesque, as compared
with the sublime and the beautiful; and
on the use of studying pictures, for the
purpose of improving real landscape.
London, 1794. 8 . *L.32.i

Same. New edition, with additions. 1796,
98. 2 v. _ *L.32.2

The picturesque: with an essay on the origin
of taste, and much original matter, by Sir
Thomas Dick Lauder, hart., and 60 illus-
trations on wood by Montagu Stanley.
Edinburgh, 1842. 8°. *L.32.3

Pueckler-Muskau, Hermann Ludwig Hein-
rich, Furst von.
Andeutungen iiber Landschaftsgartnerei.
verbunden mit der Beschreibung ihrer
praktischen Anwendung in Muskau
Stuttgart, 1834. Text, 16°; Atlas, 44 col.
pis. 2 folded maps. 2 folded plans. F°.

Apergu sur la plantation des pares en gene-
ral, joint a une description detaillee du
pare de Muskau. Traduit de l'allemand.
Stoutgart, 1847. 8°. -^.53.93

Pyne, James Baker.
The English lake district. Manchester.
1853. Ulus. Pis. L. f°. *

Quincy, Mass. Board of park commissioners.
Annual report, 1892. Quincy, 1893. Map.

„ 8 °- *L.53-77

Rand, Edward Sprague, jr.

The rhododendron and "American plants."
Boston, 1871. 12 . *L.25.2

Rapin, Rene.

Les jardins, poeme en quatre chants; trad.
nouvelle. avec le texte. Par MM. V * * *
[Voyronl et G * * [Gabiot]. Amster-
dam, 1782. 8°. *L.34.20
Of gardens. A Latin poem. English'd by
Mr. Gardiner. London. [1706.] Pis.
Sm. 8°. *L.34.i8
Same. 2d edition. [1716?] *L.34.I9
Rauch. John Henry.

Public parks: their effects upon the moral,
physical and sanitary condition of the in-
habitants of large cities; with special
reference to the city of Chicago. Chicago,
1869. 8°. *L.53.8o

Reber, Franz von.

History nf medieval art. Translated bv To-
seph Thacher Clarke. N. Y., 1887. Illus.
Plans. 8°. m *L.54.i2

Reform association, New York city.
Andrew H. Green and Thomas C. Fields.
Secret management of the Central park
commission. N. Y., 1874. 8°. *L.5340
Repton, Humphry.
Designs for the Pavilion at. Brighton. With
the assistance of John Adey Repton and
G. S. Repton. London. [1808.] Vign-
ettes. Col. pis. Plan. L. f°. *L.qo.5
An enquiry into the changes of taste in land-
scape gardening. London, 1806. 8°.

The landscape gardening and landscape ar-
chitecture of the late Humphry Repton,
being his entire works on these subjects.
New edition. By J. C. Loudon. London,
1840. Illus. Portr. Pis. 8°. *L.33.27
Observations on the theory and practice of
landscape gardening. Including remarks
on Grecian and Gothic architecture. Lon-
don, 1803. Illus. Portr. Pis. 4 .

Same. 1805. *L.3i.33



Sketches and hints on landscape gardening.
Collected from designs and observations
now in the possession of the different
noblemen and gentlemen, for whose use
they were originally made. London.
[I794-] Pis. F°, obi. *L.3i.3i

Repton, Humphrey, and John Adey Repton.

Fragments on the theory and practice of
landscape gardening. Including some
remarks on Grecian and Gothic architec-
ture. London, 1816. Illus. Col. pis. 4 .


Richou -
Art de
24 pis.

composer, de distribuer et de de-
a peu de frais, toute espece de jar-
. Paris, 1828, 29. Text; Atlas,
12 . *L.34.8

Rieth, Qtto.

Architektur-Skizzen. 120 Handzeichnungen

in Autotypie. Berlin, 1891. F°. *L.4i.i5

Riviera of Italy. Views.

Twenty-three photographs, which include

thirteen of Monte Carlo, eleven of Cannes,

one of Avranches. In a case. *L.6o.4

Robbins, Mary Caroline.

The rescue of an old place. Boston, 1892
„ , 16 . *L.6s.2

Robinson, John.
Ornamental trees for Massachusetts planta-
tions. Boston, 1881. 8°. *L.22.3i
Robinson, William.
The English flower garden: style, position,
and arrangement; followed by a descrip-
tion of all the plants best suited for its
embellishment. 2d edition. London,
1889. Illus. 8°. *L.32.i9
Garden design and architects' gardens. Two
reviews. London, 1892. Illus. Pis. 8°.

Gleanings from French gardens: an account
of such features of French horticulture as
are most worthy of adoption in British
gardens. London, 1868. Illus. Pis.
Sm.8°. *L.34.i3

The parks and gardens of Paris, considered
in relation to the wants of other cities and
of public and private gardens. 2d edition.
London, 1878. *L.53.i

Same. 3d edition. 1883. Illus. Pis. *L.53.2
The subtropical garden. 2d edition. Lon-
don, 1879- Ulus. Pis. Sm. 8°. '"L.34.5
Rochester, N. Y. Board of park commission-
By-laws. Rochester, 1889. 12 . *L.53.n
Royal botanic gardens, Kew.

The gallery of Marianne North's paintings
of plants and their homes, Royal gardens,
Kew. Descriptive catalogue. 4th edition,
enlarged. London, 1886. Maps. Sm. 8°.


Official guide to the museums of economic
botany. No. 3. Timbers. London, 1886.
Sm. 8°. *L.23.5

Route map and index to the Royal botanic
garden and arboretum. [London.] 1885.
Broadside. *L.5i.i2

Ruskin, John.

Lectures on architecture and painting, de-
livered at Edinburgh, November, 1853.
N. Y., 1890. 12 . *

The poetry of architecture: cottage, villa,
etc. N. Y., 1890. 12 . *

The seven lamps of architecture. 2d edition.
N. Y., 1890. 16 . *L.55.i2

St. Louis. Forest park.

Report of the commissioners. 1875. St.
Louis, 1876. Pis. Plans. 8°. *L.53.82
Samuels, Edward Augustus.

Among the birds: a series of sketches for
young folks. Boston, 1868. Illus. Pis.
16 . *

Ornithology and oology of New England.
Boston, 1867. Illus. Pis. 8°. *L.i3.2o
Santos. Francisco de los.

The Escurial; or, a description of that won-
der of the world for architecture and
magnificence of structure. Translated
into English by a servant of the Earl of
Sandwich. London, 1671. Sm. 4°.


Sargent, Charles Sprague.

Asa Gray. Boston, 1886. 8°. *L.234

Report on the forests of North America
(exclusive of Mexico). Washington, 1884.
Maps. 4 . *L.22.i

The woods of the United States. With an
account of their structure, qualities, and
uses. N. Y., 1885. 8°. *L.22.24

Sargent, Henry Winthrop.

Skeleton tours throuerh England, Scotland,
Ireland, Wales, Denmark, Norway, Swe-
den, Russia, Poland, and Spain. N. Y.,
1870. 16°. *

Sauvan, Jean Baptiste Balthazard.

Picturesque tour of the Seine, from Paris to
the sea. Illustrated with 24 coloured en-
gravings, from drawings by A. Pugin
and J. Gendall. London, 1821. Map.
L. 4 . *L.5i.20

Schabol, Jean Roger.

La theorie du jardinage. Ouvrage redige
apres sa mort sur ses Memoires, par M.
D * * * [Antoine Nicolas Dezallier d'Ar-
genville]. Nouvelle edition, augmentee.
Paris, 1774. Portr. Pis. Sm. 12 .

Schleiden, Matthias Jakob.

The plant; a biography. Translated by
Arthur Henfrey. 2d edition. London,
1853- Ulus. Pis. 8°. *L.23.6

Schmidlin, Eduard.

Die biirgerliche Gartenkunst, oder, prak-
tische Anleitung zur zweckmassigsten An-
fange, Eintheilung und Bestellung der
Haus- und Wirthschafts-Garten ... 2.
Auflage. Stuttgart, 1852. Pis. Plans.
8°. *L.34.22

Schmidt, Otto.

Burgen und Schlosser in Oesterreich. 50
Heliogravuren, mit Text von Julius
Meurer. Wien, 1894. L. f°. *L.5o.i7

Schneider, Carl Ernst.

Die Aesthetik der Gartenkunst. Leipzig,
1890. 8°. *L.34-27

Die schone Gartenkunst, in ihren Grund-
ziigen gemeinfasslich dargestellt. Stutt-
gart, 1882. 16 . *L.34.3
Sckell, Friedrich Ludwig von.

Beitraege zur bildenden Gartenkunst. Miin-
chen, 1819. Pis. Plans. 16 . *L.33-7

Same. 2. Ausgabe. [1825.] Portr. Pis.
8°. *L.33.S



Scott, Frank Jesup.
The art of beautifying suburban home
grounds of small extent. N. Y., 1881.
Illus. Pis. 8°. *L.33-29

Scoville, Joseph A.
Plan for Central park. [N. Y., 1858.] 8°.

Sedding, John D.
Garden-craft old and new. London, 1891.
Illus. 8°. *L.32.i2

Same. 2d edition. 1892. *L.32.i3

Seeley, J.
Stowe. A description of the house and gar-
dens of . . . George-Grenville-Nugent-
Temple, marquis of Buckingham. Buck-
ingham, 1797. Pis. Plans. 8°. *L.42.20
The plates were drawn and engraved by T. Med-

Same. 8°, large paper. *

Select collection, A, of views and ruins in

Rome, and its vicinity. London. [1798?]

62 col. pis. F°. *L.50.8

Shenstone, William.

Works, in verse and prose. 3d edition.
London, 1768, 69. 3 v. Illus. Portr. Pis.
Sm. 8°. *L.66.8

SiebSfck, Rudolph.
Die bildende Gartenkunst in ihren modernen
Formen. Leipzig, 1853. 16 col. pis. F°,
obi. *L.70.i2

Plates 17-20 are lacking.

Same. 2. Ausgabe. 1856. Text, 8° ; Atlas,
20 col. pis. L. f°. *L.70.u

Guide pratique du jardinier-paysagiste a
l'usage des proprietaires, amateurs, archi-
tectes, ingenieurs, jardiniers, etc. Tra-
duction par J. Rothschild. 3e edition.
Paris, 1870. Atlas only. F°. *L.20.i

Silva, Ercole, conte.

Dell' arte dei giardini inglesi. [Anon]
Milano. Anno IX [1800]. Illus. Pis.

4°. *L.20.20

Simond, Louis.
Voyage d'un Frangais en Angleterre pen-
dant les annees 1810 et 181 1. Paris, 1816.
2 y. Pis. Sm. 8°. *L.52.i6

Sinclair, James.

The beauties of nature: and how far they
transcend those of art, in landscape gar-
dening. A poem. London, 1852. PL
Sm. 8°. *L.65.4

Sinclair, Sir John, bart.
The code of agriculture; including observa-
tions on gardens, orchards, woods, and
plantations. 1st American edition, with
notes. Hartford, 1818. Pis. 8°. *L.i2.7
Sloan, Samuel.

Homestead architecture, containing 40 de-
signs for villas, cottages, and farm houses,
with essays on style, construction, land-
scape gardening, furniture, etc. 3d edi-
tion. Phila., 1870. 8°. *L.42.3
Smith. Charles H. J.

Parks and pleasure grounds; or, practical

notes on country residences, villas, public

parks, and gardens. London, 1852.

Sm. 8°. *L.53.ioo

Smith, Francis Hopkinson.

American illustrators. Part 1-5. N. Y.,

1892. Illus. Portrs. 15 pis. F°. *L.50.20

Smith, John, publisher.

Select views in Italy. London, 1792, 96.
2 v. 72 pis. Map. 4 , obi. *L.6i.20

Smith, John Thomas.

Remarks on rural scenery, with 20 etchings
of cottages, from nature . . . London,
1797. 4 . ' *L.5i.n

Smyth, Thomas.
Who own the Province lands, the common-
wealth or its tenants? [Boston, 1890. 1
8°. *L.5378

Refers to the shore front lands in Provincetown.
Snelling, George Henry.

[Memorial to the Legislature of Massachu-
setts, with remarks and letters in favor of
a modification of the Back Bay plan.]
[Boston, 1859-] PI- Plan. 8°. *L.53-6i
Society instituted at London for the encour-
agement of arts, manufactures and com-
The gardener's new companion: added, an
appendix, containing the manner of keep-
ing bees ... By a lover of improvement.
Also, a collection of letters on agriculture.
Dublin, 1766, 67. PI. Sm. 8°. *L.26.3
Some artists at the Fair. N. Y., 1893. Illus.
Pis. 8°. *L.54-2

Contents. — The decoration of the Exposition,
by F. D. Millet. — Types and people at the Fair,
by J. A. Mitchell. — The art of the White city,
by W. H. Low. — Foreground and vista at the
Fair, by W. H. Gibson. — The picturesque side,
by F. H. Smith.

Spain. Views.

Fifteen photographs of places in Spain. In
a case. *L.6o.6

Spectator, The. New edition, with prefaces
by Alexander Chalmers. London, 1817.
10 v. Sm. 8°. *L.66.i

Speechly, William.

A treatise on the culture of the vine. York,
1790. Pis. L. 8°. No. 1 in *

Starke. Julius.

California woods. San Francisco, 1889. 8°.


Steele, Richard, of Sion Hill, near Thirsk.
An essay on gardening, containing a cata-
logue of exotic plants for . . . green-
houses. York, 1793. Pis. L. 8°.

No. 2 in *
Steuart, Sir Henry, baronet.

The planter's guide; or, a practical essay

on the best method of giving immediate

effect to wood, by the removal of large

trees and underwood. Chiefly intended

for the climate of Scotland. 2d edition,

enlarged. London, 1828. 8°. *L.22.20

Same. 1st American, from the 2d London

edition. N. Y., 1832. 8°. *L.22.2i

Stieglitz, Christian Ludwig.

Descriptions pittoresques de jardins du

gout le plus moderne. Leipzig, 1802. Pis.

8°. *L.33-i3

Gemahlde von Garten im neuern Ge-

schmack. Leipzig, 1798. Pis. Sm. 4 .

Strutt, Jacob George.

Sylva Britannica [et Scotica] ; or, portraits
of forest trees, distinguished for their an-
tiquity, magnitude or beauty. London.
[1830.] 50 pis. F°. *L.22.3

Sulzer, Johann Georg.
Allgemeine Theorie der schonen Kiinste in
einzeln, nach alphabetischer Ordnung der
Kunstworter auf einander folgenden - Ar-
tikeln abgehandelt. Neue verm. 2te Auf-
lage. Theil 1-4. Leipzig, 1792-94. Pis.
8°. *L.63.i



Switzer, Stephen.

Ichnographia rustica: or, the nobleman,
gentleman, and gardener's recreation.
Containing directions for the surveying
and distributing of a country-seat into
rural and extensive gardens ... 2d edi-
tion, with additions. London, 1742. 3 v.
Pis. Plans. Sm.8°. _ *L-35-3

Taylor, Isidore Justin Severin, baron, and
Voyages pittoresques et romantiques dans
l'ancienne France. Par J. Taylor, Ch.
Nodier et Alph. de Cailleux. Paris, 1820-
77. 17 v. Pis. Plans. L. f°. *L.40.i-8

The vol. for Bourgogne is lacking, also vol. 3 of
Champagne and vol. 3 of Normandie.
Temple, Sir William.
Works. Prefixed, the life of the author. Ed-
inburgh, 1754. 4 v. 8°. *L.62.20
Thaxter, Celia.
An island garden. [Appledore, Isles of
Shoals.] With pictures and illuminations
byChildeHassam. Boston, 1894. 8°. *L.i5.2
Thomson, James.

The seasons. Prefixed, the life of the au-
thor by P. Murdoch. N. Y., 1820. 24 .


Same. With engraved illustrations, from

designs drawn on wood by John Bell, C.

W. Cope . . . Edited by Bolton Corney.

London, 1842. Ulus. 8°. *L.64.n

The illustrations, 77 in number, are from designs
furnished by members of the Etching club.

Thouin, Gabriel.

Plans raisonnes de toutes les especes de
jardins. 3e edition. Paris, 1828. 58 col.
pis. L. f°. *L.50.i8

Tipton, Ed. A.
Trotting and thoroughbred stock, the prop-
erty of Leland Stanford, Palo Alto, Cal.
San Francisco, 1888. 8°. *

Tokio Daigaku, Tokio, Japan.
Catalogue of plants in the herbarium of the
College of science, Imperial university.
Tokyo, 1886. 8°. *L.23.8

Trianon, palaces, Versailles.

Guide illustre des palais et jardins de Tria-
non. Versailles, 1887. Ulus. Pis. Plans.
16 . *L.57.8

Tuckermann, W. P.

Die Gartenkunst der italienischen Renais-
sance-Zeit. Berlin, 1884. Ulus. Pis.
Plans. 8°. *L.3i.4

Turner, Joseph Mallord William.

Picturesque views of England and Wales.
With descriptive and historic illustrations
by H. E. Lloyd. London, 1838. 2 v.
L. 4 . . *L.5i.i

The rivers of France. London, 1837. 61
pis. 4°- *L.5i.3

[Twenty essays on literary and philosophical
subjects.] [Dublin, 1791.] *L.6s.n

Useful and ornamental planting. London,
1832. Ulus. 8°. *L.32.i5

Useful plants of Japan described and illus-
trated. Contents of and indices to Yuyo
shokubutsu zusetsu mokuroku oyobi sa-
kuin. Tokyo, 1891. 8°. *L.2?.Q

Valles, F. de P. F. X. H.

De l'alienation des forets aux points de vue
gouvernemental, financier, climatologique
et hydrologique. Paris, 1865. 8°. *L.22.37

Van Rensselaer, Mariana Griswold.

Art out of doors. Hints on good taste in
gardening. N. Y., 1893. 12 . *L.34.6
Client and architect. Chicago, 1891. 8°.

Vasey, George.

Exotic trees in Washington. [Washington,
1875.] 8°. *L.22.i4

Vaux, Calvert.

Villas and cottages. A series of designs for
execution in the United States. N. Y.,
1857. Ulus. Plans. 8°. *L.42.2

Veitch, James Herbert.
A traveller's notes ... of a tour through
India, Malaysia, Japan, Corea, the Aus-
tralian colonies and New Zealand, 1891-
1893. Chelsea, 1896. Ulus. Pis. Map.
L.4 . *L.5i.i6

Vergnaud, N.

L'art de creer les jardins. Nouvelle edition.
Paris, 1839. 24 colored pis. and plans. F°.

Viart, — — , vicomte de.
Le jardiniste moderne ... 2e edition.
Paris, 1827. PI. 12 . *L.34.2

Victoria illustrated. Containing a description
of the province of British Columbia, and
a review of the resources [etc.] of Vic-
toria. Victoria, 1891. Ulus. Portrs. 4 .

Vierling, Frank C.
Arbori-culture. Proceedings before the
Committee on judiciary. Ordinance in-
troduced Nov. 11, 1889. Chicago, 1890.

12°. *L.22.26

Walpole, Horace, 4th earl of Orford.

Anecdotes of painting in England. Also, a
catalogue of engravers who have been
born or resided in England. Collected by
George Vertue. With additions by James
Dallaway. New edition, by Ralph N.
Wornum. London, 1849. 3 v. Ulus.
Portrs. 8°. *L.54.i6

The correspondence of Horace Walpole, earl
of Orford and the Rev. William Mason.
Edited by J. Mitford. London, 1851. 2 v.
8°. *L.62.i

Essay on modern gardening. [Essai sur
l'art des jardins modernes. Traduit en
frangois par M. le due de Nivernois en
1784.] Imprime a Strawberry-Hill. 1785.
Sm. 4 . *L.32.20

In French and English.
Ward, Lester Frank.

Directions for collecting and preserving
plants. Washington, 1882. 8°. *L.23.I2
Warder, John Aston.

Hedges and evergreens. A manual for the
cultivation, pruning, and management of
all plants suitable for American hedging;
especially the Maclura, or Osage orange.
N. Y, 1858. Ulus. Pis. *L.23.7

Warton, Joseph.

An essay on the genius and writings of
Pope. [Anon.] 2d edition. London,
1762-82. 2 v. 8°. *L.62.i6

Watelet, Claude Henri.

Essai sur les jardins. Paris, 1774. 8".

No. 2 in *L.33.i5=*L.33.6



Weale, John, editor.

Designs of ornamental gates, lodges, pali-
sading, and iron work of the royal parks.
London, 1841. Illus. 50 pis. F°.

Weichardt, Carl.
Motive zu Garten-Architekturen . . . Wei-
mar, 1879. 25 pis. 3 sheets of details. F°.


Weidenmann, J.

Beautifying country homes. A handbook

of landscape gardening. N. Y. [1870. J

Illus. 24 col. pis. 4 . *L.3i.30

Wesmael, Alfred.

Catalogue raisonne des arbres forestiers &
d'ornement de pleine terre en Belgique.
Gand, 1864. 8°. *L.22.30

Whately, Thomas.
L'art de former les jardins modernes.
[Anon.] Trad, de l'anglois [par Franqois
de Paule Latapie]. Paris, 1771. 8°.


Same. Paris, 1771. No. 1 in *L.33.i5

Observations on modern gardening. [Anon.]

Dublin, 1770. Sm. 8°. *L.33.i6

Same. 2d edition. London, 1770. 8°.


Same. 3d edition. 1771. *L.33.i8

Observations on modern gardening, and

laying out pleasure-grounds, parks, farms,

ridings, &c. New edition: with notes by

Horace (late) earl of Orford. London,

1801. Colored pis. 4 . *L.33.20

Wilkins, Gouverneur Morris.

In the matter of the extension of Central
Park. [N. Y„ 1861?] 8°. *L.53-32

Wilkinson, Sir John Gardner.

On colour, and on the necessity for a gen-
eral diffusion of taste among all classes,
with remarks on laying out dressed or
geometrical gardens. London, 1858. Illus.
Pis. 8°. *L.62.3

Many of the plates are colored.

Wint, Paul de. _

Essais historiques sur les jardins. Paris,
1855- 8°. *L. 3 3-5

Wood, John George.

Insects at home. A popular account of in-

sects, their structure, habits, and transfor-
mations. N. Y., 1872. Illus. Pis. 8°.

Woodward, George Evertson.

Architecture and rural art. No. 1. 1867.
N. Y. [1867.] Illus. Pis. 12 . *L.56.3
Suburban and country houses. N. Y.
[1873.] Illus. Pis. 12 . *L.56.2

Woodward, George Evertson, and Francis
William Woodward.
Country homes. 5th edition. N. Y., 1866.
Plans. 12 . *L.s6.i

Woolnoth, William.
The ancient castles of England and Wales.
With historical descriptions by E. W.
Brayley. London, 1825. 2 v. Pis. 4 .

World's Columbian exposition.

Classification adopted by the World's Co-
lumbian commission. Chicago, 1891. Pis.
8°. *L.52.7

Report of the director of works [D. H.
Burnham]. Chicago, 1892. 8°. *L.52.6
Young, Arthur.

General view of the agriculture of Oxford-
shire. Drawn up for the consideration of
the board of agriculture and internal im-
provement. London, 1813. Pls^ Maps.
8°. " *L.i2.6

General view of the agriculture of the
county of Essex. London, 1807. 2 v. 8°.


General view _ of the agriculture of the

county of Lincoln. London, 1799. Pis.

Maps. 8°. "*L.i2.i

General view of the agriculture of the

county of Norfolk. London, 1804. Pis.

Map. 8°. *L.i2.2

General view of the agriculture of the

county of Suffolk. 3d edition. London,

1804. Pis. Map. 8°. *L.i2..3

General view of the agriculture of the

county of Sussex. London, 1813. Pis.

Maps. 8°. *L.i2.5

Zeyher, Carl, and J. G. Rieger.

Schwezingen und seine Garten-Anlagen.

Mannheim. [1826.] Pis. Plans. 8°.





This list is based on the one published in the Bulletin for July, 1878, and reprinted in the
Bulletin for January, 1879, with the addition of the titles of such books as have since then
been received at the library.

Abel, L.

Die Baumpflanzungen in der Stadt und auf
dem Lande. Wien, 1882. 8°. *L.22.i7

Ablett, W. H.

English trees and tree planting. London,

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