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A continuation of Victor's History of the theatres of London and Dublin
[1730-1771] on shelf-number **T.77.3i.

Same. Being a continuation of Victor's & Oulton's Histories, from
1795 to 1817. London. Chappie. 1817, 18. 3 v. **T.77.33

Contents. — I. Drury-Lane. 2. Covent Garden. 3. Haymarket. — English Opera.

Our actors and actresses. Pascoe, C. E. **T.57.3o8

Our actresses. Wilson, M. B. **T.56.254

Our magic. Maskelyne, J. N. 4006.217

Our Players' Gallery. See Theatre, The. [Monthly.]
Our recent actors. Marston, J. W. 4547.119; **T.57.292

Our theatres to-day and yesterday. Dimmick, R. C. 4395.206

Ourry, E. T. Maurice, editor.

Cahaisse, H. a. Memoires de Preville, et de Dazincourt [Anon.],

revus, corriges, et augmentes d'une notice sur ces deux comediens,

par M. Ourry. Paris. 1823. **T.56.6; etc.

Ours et fours. Bergerat, A. fi. **T.36.9i

Out-Door Players, The, Peterborough, N. H.

The story of the Out-Door Players (a summer school-camp) in
pictures. [Peterborough, N. H. 1917.] Illus. Portraits.

A school of dramatic training. 5599*^92

Out-door theatres. See Open-air theatres.

Oven, A. H. E. von.

Das erste stadtische Theater zu Frankfurt a. M. Ein Beitrag zur
ausseren Geschichte des Frankfurter Theaters. 1751-1872. Nach den
Acten bearbeitet. Frankfurt am Main. Selbstverlag des Vereins.
1872. vi, (2), 120, (i) pp. Plates. fVerein fiir Geschichte und
Alterthumskunde, Frankfort-on-the-Main, Germany. Neujahrs-
Blatt. 1872.] **T.93.i3

Overthrow, The, of stage-players. Rainolds, J. **T.77.i39; etc.

Owen, Charles, alleged author.

The conduct of the stage consider'd. See Conduct, The, of the
stage consider'd.

Owens, John Edmond.

Owens. M. C. Memories of the professional and social life of John
E. Owens. Baltimore. 1892. Portraits. Plates. 4344.148; **T.56.25



Owens, Mary C.

Memoiies of the professional and social life of John E. Owens, by

his wife. Baltimore. Murphy & Co. 1892. vii, 292 pp. Portraits.

Plates. Autograph facsimiles. 4344.148; **T.56.25

Owl, The. [Weekly.] No. 1-24. Apr. 9 -Oct. 29, 1831. [London.

Morton.] 1831. i v. Portraits, mostly colored. **T.26.63

Relates largely to the London theatres.

Oxberry, William.

Memoirs of celebrated performers. New York. Turner. [1827.]
71 pp. 6549.38

Contents. — Madame Freron. • — C. J. Kean. — Master Burke. — J. Henderson.
— B. Webster. — T. Weston.

Oxberiy's Anecdotes of the stage, &c. London. Virtue. 1827.

(i), 96 pp. Portrait. **T.57.278

Oxberry, William, compiler.

The actor's budget; consisting of monologues, prologues, epilogues

. . . theatrical anecdotes and comic songs. London. Simpkin

& Marshall. 1820. (4), iv, (4), 346 pp. **T.97.334

Another copy is on shelf-number **G. 382 1.26.

Oxberry, William Henry.

Oxberry's Dramatic chronology. Containing the names, dates of

births, first appearances and deaths, of most of the principal

London actors and actresses, up to 1849. [London.] Harris.

[1850.] 43, (i) pp. **T.98.24

Oxberry's Dramatic biography, or the green-room spy. Vol. 1-6. New

series, vol. i, 2. London. Virtue. 1825-27. 8 v. in 7. Portraits.

Projected by William Oxberry. Edited by Mrs. Oxberry. **T.59.54

Same. Vol. 1-5. New series, vol. i. 6 v. **G.382i.30

Same. New series, vol. i. 1827. **K.37,i7

Oxberry's Dramatic mirror; containing the biography of eminent per-
formers. London. Virtue & Co. 1827. (i), 476 pp. Portraits.


I'roiectcd by William Oxberry and edited after his death by his widow. The
running title is, Dramatic biogfraphy.

Oxberry's Theatrical Inquisitor, or monthly mirror of the drama. By
the editors of "Oxberry's Dramatic biography." London. Virtue.
1828. 216 pp. Portrait. Plate. **T.29.ii

Oxenham, Henry Nutcombe.

Recollections of Ober-Ammergau in 1871. London. Rivingtons.
1880. X, (i), 80 pp. **T.48.4

Oxford amateurs, The. Mackinnon, A. 2497.183

Oxford University. See University of Oxford.
Oxford University Dramatic Society.

MacKinnon, A. The Oxford Amateurs. London. 1910. Portrait.
Plates. 2497.183


Le theatre au College des Bons-Enfants et chez les Peres Jcsnites
de Reims. Paris. Levy. 1883. 30 pp. **T.77.202

P., M. D. See Pure, Michel de.
P., M. F.. pseud. See Coeuret, P.
P., M. L, pseud. See Coeuret, P.



Paccard, Jean Edme.

Memoires et confessions d'un comedien. Paris. Pougin. 183Q. (3),

viij, 411 pp. **T.56.i88

Le petit homme noir aux acteurs et actrices du Theatre fraiic^ais.

[Anon.] Paris. Bechet. 1815. xx, 122 pp. **T.57.368

Paciaudi, Paolo Maria.

Pavlli M. Paciavdi De athletarvm KuPioxi'ioei in Palaestra Graecorvni
commentariolvm. Romae. Palearini. 1756. 33, (2) pp. *4003.i35
Padua, Italy. Theatres.

Stratico, S., Conte. Dell' antico teatro di Padova. In Padova. 1795.
6 plans. 4091.100


A special list of works on this subject is in preparation by the Library, in
the meantime the card catalogue may be consulted.

Paine, Robert Treat, Jr., formerly Thomas.

Dedicatory address; spoken by Mr. Hodgkinson, October 29, 1798,
at the opening of the new Federal Theatre, in Boston. [Boston
Theatre, Federal Street.] {In Paine, R. T. Works in verse and
prose. Pp. 197-205. Boston. 1812.) - *4405.24

The first theatre, the Boston Theatre on Federal Street, opened in 1794, was
destroyed by fire in 1798 and rebuilt the same year.

Palais-Royal, Paris.

Beynet, a. Les chroniques du Palais-Royal. Paris. [1881.]

2639.75; **T.97.229
Chabrol, W. F. Le Palais-Royal et le Theatre frangais. Paris.

1879. **T.93.7

Discussion sur les apanages, pour S. A. S. M&r le Due d' Orleans;

contre le Sieur Julien. [Paris. 1818.] **T. 75.34

JuLiEN, A. Memoire a consulter et consultation pour le Sieur Julien.

proprietaire de la salle du Theatre-frangais; contre S. A. S. Mon-

seigneur le Due d'Orleans. [Paris. 1818.] Plan. **T.75.36
Observations de M. Julien, additionnelles a I'expose des faits

de son Memoire a consulter. [Paris. 1818.] **T.75.37

Louis xviii, of France. Ordonnances du roi, concernant la restitution

des biens appartenant a Monseigneur le Due d'Orleans, et la

remise des titres, plans, papiers, etc., qui se trouvent dans les

archives et depots publics. Paris. 1818. **T.75.33

Memoire a consulter, et consultation, pour S. A. S. Monseigneur

le Due d'Orleans; contre le Sieur Julien. [Paris. 1818.]

Memoire pour S. A. S. Monseigneur le Due d'Orleans, demandcur;

contre le Sieur Jullien, defendeur. [Paris. 1814?] **T.75.29

Plans relatifs au Palais-Royal, et discussion des questions qu'ils

ont fait naitre au proces entre S. A. S. Ms^" le Due d'Orleans et

le Sieur Julien. [Paris. 1818.] Plates. Colored plans. **T.75.35
Points de fait et de droit les plus importans, pour les adjudicataires

originaires de la salle du Theatre-frangais, appeles en garantie

frangais; contre S. A. S. Monseigneur le Due d' Orleans. | Paris.

1818?] **T.75.40

. Resume servant de reponse pour M. Julien, proprietaire du Theatre

frangais; contre S. A. S. Monseigneur le Due d' Orleans. [Paris.

1818?] **T.75.39

Palatinate. Theatres.

Walter, F. Geschichte des Theaters und der Musik am kurpfiil/i-

schen Hofe. Leipzig. 1898. Plate. Plan. 6871.40




Pilgrimage, A, through the Holy Land, explanatory of the Diorama
of Jerusalem and the Holy Land painted from original sketches
made by W. H. Bartlett. [London. 185-?] 3048.252 ; etc.

Palianti, Louis.

Souvenir de dix ans. Theatre imperiale de I'Opera. Paris. Gosselin.
1865. 46 pp. [Petites archives des theatres de Paris.]

No. 4 in **
Palianti, Louis, editor.

Alm.\nach des spectacles pour 1852. Annee i. Paris. 1852. Dia-
grams. **T.27.2I
Palissot de Montenoy, Charles.

Lettre du citoyen Palissot, a la citoyenne Bourguoin, sur ses debuts
au Theatre de la republiquc. (In Coste d'Arnobat, C. P. Lettre
d'vm comedien du Theatre de la republique, aux demoiselles Gros
et Bourguoin. Pp. 42-60. Paris. An ix [1801].)

No. 5 io **G.3562.2
Palladio, Andrea.

MoNTENARi, G., Conte. Del Teatro Olimpico di Andrea Palladio in
Vicenza. Discorso. In Padova. 1733. Portrait. 5 plates.

*4095.i07; etc.
Palm, Adolf. See Mueller-Palm, Adolf.
Palmer, Albert Marshman.

Catalogue of [his] library. Including Shakespeare and Shake-
speariana, costumes, biographies, stage histories, rare dramatic
magazines and tracts, old plays; works of the dramatists. His-
tory of the Union Square Theatre. To be sold at auction January
30th and 31st, 1906. By the Merwin-Clayton Sales Company.
Part I. New York. 1906. 116 pp. Portraits. **T.65.3i

Palmer, Frank.

Censorship in England. By Frank Fowell and Frank Palmer. Lon-
don. [1913.] xii, 390, (2) pp. Portraits. Facsimiles. 6257.86
Palmer, John.

Harral, T. a monody on the death of Mr. John Palmer, the
comedian. Prefixed, a review of his theatrical powers; with
observations on the most eminent performers on the London
stage. London. 1798. **T.56.i3i ; etc.

Sketch, A, of the theatrical life of John Palmer, containing an
accurate and impartial summary of the incidents of his public
life. London. 1798. **T.97.58; etc.

Palmer, John Leslie.

The censor and the theatres. London. Unwin. 1912. 307, (i) pp.

Relates to England. **T.77.228

The comedy of manners. London. G. Bell & Sons, Ltd. 1913. vii,
(4), 308 pp. Portraits. Plates. 4579-239

Contains pictures and notes on a number of London theatres. Bibliography,
pp. 299-304.

The future of the theatre. London. G. Bell & Sons, Ltd. 1913. (3),
xi, 196 pp. 4579-245

On the English drama and theatre.
Palmer, Minnie.

Blvtii, H. My sweetheart! The life and adventures of Minnie
Palmer. A tribute to grace and genius. London. [189-?] Por-
traits. **T.95-78
Palmistry. See Chiromancy.



Pangloss, Peter, Esq., LL.D. & AS.S., pseud.

The Young Rosciad: an admonitory poem, vvcll-seasoiied with Attic
salt, cum notis variorum. London. Gordon. 1805. 35 pp.

Another copy is on shelf-number No. 11 in **G.3947.2. **T.S'i-I'^^

Pangloss, Peter, Esq., LL.D. & A.S.S., pseud., editor.

Daggervvood, S., pseud. Memoirs of Sylvester Daggerwood, comedian,
&c. deceased: including many years of provincial vicissitudes.
London. 1807. 2 v. in i. **T.87.34

Panorama, Le. Reutlinger, . **T.52.5


Bapst, C. G. Essai sur I'histoire des panoramas et des dioramas.
Extrait des rapports du jury international de TExpositioii uni-
versclle de 1889. Paris. 1891. Plates. Plans. **T.93.8

Barker. H. A. Description of a view of the north coast of Spitz-
bergen, now exhibiting in Henry Aston Barker's Panorama,
Leicester-Square: painted from drawings by Lieut. I'eeclicy.
London. 1819. Plate. **T.96.299

Description of the field of battle, and disposition of the troops

engaged in the action, fought on the i8th of June, 1815, near
Waterloo; illustrative of the representation of that great event
in the panorama, Leicester-Square. [London.] 1816. Plate.


Description of the procession on the coronation of His Majesty

George the Fourth: July 19, 1821. Now represented and exhibiting
in Henry Aston Barker's Panorama, Leicester Square. London.
1823. **T.96.205

Description of the viev\' of the Battle of Vittoria now exhibiting

in Henry Aston Barker's Panorama, Leicester Square. [London.]
1814. Plate. **T.96.302;etc.

A short account of the view of Lisbon, now exhibiting in Henry

Aston Barker's Panorama, Leicester Square. [London.] 1812.
Plate. **T.96.298

A short description of Badajoz, and the surrounding country,

with extracts from the London Gazette: explanatory of the picture
exhibiting in the panorama, Leicester Square, representing the
siege in 1812. [London.] 1813. Plate. **T.96.30i ; etc.

Barker, H. A., and J. Burford. Description of the view of Athens,
and surrounding country; now exhibiting in Henry Aston Barker
and John Burford's panorama, Strand: with an improved explana-
tion. London. 1818. Plate. **T.96.295; etc.

Description of the view of Venice; taken, and painted by

Messrs. Barker and Burford, now exhibiting in their panorama,
Strand. London. 1819. Plate. **T.96.3oo

An explanation of the view of Rome, taken from the tower of

the Capitol. Now exhibiting at H. A. Barker and J. Burford's
panorama, Strand. [London.] 1818. Plate. **T.96.294

Explanation of the view of the interior of the city of Paris,

now exhibiting in Henry Aston Barker and John Burford's pano-
rama, Strand. [London.] 1816. Plate. **T.96.297

Bayne, . Description of Bayne's gigantic panorama of a voyage

to Europe, from original sketches taken by the artist iiiniself.
Boston. 1848. 6268.24; etc.

Burford, R. Description of a view of the great temple of Karnak,
and the surrounding city of Thebes, now exhibiting at the Pano-



Panoramas. (Continued.)

rama, New York. Painted from drawings taken in 1834, by F.
Catherwood. New-York. 1839. Plate. 3054-68

Description of the view of the city and lake of Geneva, and

surrounding- country, now exhibiting in the Rotunda, Chambers-
street . . . 1826. New York. 1829. Illus. Plate. 4864.25; etc.

Daguerre, L. J. M. Notice explicative des tableaux exposes au
Diorama. [Paris. 1822?] 40793.213

Description of the Colosseum, Broadway, 35th and 36th Streets, New
York. The largest iron structure in the world. A history of the
world renowned cycloramas: London of 1828, Paris by moonlight,
and London of 1873, by night. [New York. 1874.] Plates.

6262.88; etc.

Description of the picture, Belshazzar's feast, painted on near 2,000
feet of canvas. Open at the diorama at Niblo's Garden, Broad-
way. [New York. 185-?] 80793.99

Donaldson, T. L. Description of a second view of Pompeii, and
surrounding country; representing the tragic theatre, covered
theatre, temple of Isis, small forum, now exhibiting in the
panorama, Leicester-Square: painted, from drawings taken on the
spot, by Mr. Burford. London. 1824. Plate. .Plan. **T.96.293

Description of a view of the ruins of the city of Pompeii, and

surrounding country, now exhibiting in the panorama, Strand;
painted from drawings taken on the spot by Mr. Burford. [Lon-
don.] 1823. Plate. **T.96.292

Great siege, The, of Paris: 1870-71. [By Philippoteaux.] Also,
the assassination of the Archbishop of Paris [Darboy] at the
hands of the Commune of 1871. [By Desbrosses. Description of
the pictures. Boston. 187-?] 26393.33

HuTCHiNGS, W. E. A description of Hutchings' grand classical
panorama of the sea and shores of the Mediterranean. Executed
by A. Hewins. Boston. 1848. 6262.35

[Manuscripts, programmes, etc., relating to his Grand classical

panorama of the sea and shores of the Mediterranean, executed
by A. Hewins. 1848?] **T.i2.3

London. Colosseum. An account of the Colosseum. [London. 1830.]

Pilgrimage, A, through the Holy Land, explanatory of the Diorama

of Jerusalem and the Holy Land painted froin original sketches

made by W. H. Bartlett. [London. 185-?] 3048.252; etc.

Wood, J. H., and A. Collins. The true story of the Sleeping H canty

and the Beast. [London. 1900.] Illus. Plates. **

Panor3m3S. Buildings.

LiEBLEix, J., and H. Wagner. Panoramen. Illus. Plans. (In

Handbuch der Architektur. Theil 4. Halb-Band 4, pp. 410-425.

Darmstadt. 1885.) *8o92.52.4


See also B3l]et; D3ncing; Gesture; H3rlequin3de; Puppet pl3ys;

Shsdow pantomimes.
Adams, F. A. F. Gesture and pantomimic action. New York. 1891.

Illus. Music. 3596.106; **T.75.2i

Blasis, C. The theory of theatrical dancing. With a chapter on

pantomime. Edited from Carlo Blasis' Code of Terpsichore,

with the original plates, by Stewart D. Headlam. London. 1888.

Pl3tes. **T.95.49



Pantomime. (Continued.)

Broadbent, R. J. A history of pantomime. London. fiQoi.]
. v>^ 2576.179 ; **T.97.3o6

^y^ Calliachi, N. Nicolai Calliachii De ludis scenicis mimorum, &
pantomimorum syntagma posthumum. Patavii. 1713. Portrait.


Driesen, O. Der Ursprung des Harlekin. Ein kulturgeschichtliches
Problem. Berlin 1904. Illus. Plates 6252,72

Grysar, C. J. Der romische Mimus. (In Kaiserliche Akademie der
Wissenschaften, Vienna. Philosophisch-historische Classe. Sit-
zungsberichte. Band 12, pp. 237-337. Wien. 1854.) *3340.3.i2

Ueber die Pantomimen der Romer. (In Rheinisches Museum

fiir Philologie. Band 2, pp. 30-80. Bonn. 1834.) *69s6.2.2

Halliday, a. Comical fellows: or, the history and mystery of the
pantomime. London. 1863. **T.47.98

HuGOUNET, P. Mimes et pierrots. Notes et documents inedits pour

/ servir a I'histoire de la pantomime. Paris. 1889. Plate. **T.95.i35

v^JoHNSON. J. An account of pantomime. The London pantomimes,

1881-1882. Facsimiles of the earliest announcements of English

pantomimes. [London. 1882.] **T.95.94

L'Aulnaye, F. H. S. de. De la saltation theatrale, ou recherches
sur I'origine, les progres, & les effets de la pantomime chez les
anciens. A Paris. 1790. Plates. **T.96.263

Memoires et pantomimes des freres Hanlon Lees. Avec une preface
de Theodore de Banville et six gravures a I'eau forte de Frederic

/ Regamey. Paris. [1880.] Portraits. **T.58.69

^^^>AVagner, L. The pantomimes and all about them: their origin, his-

toiy, preparation and exponents. London. [i88r.] **T.48.8

v/^Weaver, J. The history of the mimes and pantomimes, with an

historical account of several performers in dancing, living in the

time of the Roman emperors. To which will be added, a list of

the modern entertainments that have been exhibited on the

English stage. London. 1728. No. 7 in **G.3824.i7


CoRALLi, J., and E. Burat de Gurgy. [The devil on two sticks.]
Programme of the story, scenerj'-, and dances, in the new grand
ballet The devil on two sticks. London. [1836.] **T.36.72

Decombe, F. a. [The fairy slipper.] Programme of the story,
scenery, and dances, in the new grand ballet, in three acts, called
The fairy slipper. London. [1834.] **T.36.67

Storm, The. Programme of the story, scenery & dances, in the new
grand fairy ballet, in two acts, The storm; or, the Isle of the
Genii! London. [1834-] **T.36.68

Taglioni, P. [The revolt of the harem.] Programme of the story,
scenery, and dances, in the fairy tale, in three acts. The revolt
of the harem. London. [1834.] **T.36.23; No. i in **M.i47.35

Papillon de La Ferte, Denis Pierre Jean.

L'administration des Menus. Journal de Papillon de La Ferte, in-
tendant et controleur de I'argenterie, menus-plaisirs et affaires de
la chambre du roi. (1756-1780.) Public avec une introduction et
des notes par Ernest Boyasse. Paris. Ollendorff. 1887. (3),
454, (i)- pp. **T.55.49

Papillon de La Ferte, Denis Pierre Jean. Works about.

JuLLiEN, J. L. A. Un potentat musical, Papillon de La Ferte: son
regne a I'Opera de 1780 a 1790. Paris. 1876. 4044-59



Papon, Auguste, Marquis.

Lola Montes: or, a reply to the "Private history and memoirs" of
that celebrated lady, recently published by the Marquis Papon,
formerly secretary to the King of Bavaria, and for a period the
professed friend and attendant of the Countess of Lansfeldt. New
York. 1851. Portrait. **T.97.239

Paradox, The, of acting. Diderot, D. 4673.73; **T.77. 181; etc.

Paradoxe sur le comedien. Diderot, D. 4672.1 ii

Parfaict, Claude, and Frangois Parfaict.

Histoire de I'ancien theatre italien depuis son origine en France
jusqu' a sa suppression en 1697. Paris. Laml^ert. I75,3- -^iv,
(2). 455, (3) pp. **M.io9b.3i

Parfaict, Frangois, and others.

Dictionnaire dcs theatres dc Paris, contenant toutes les pieces qui
ont ete representees jusqu'a present, des faits anecdotes sur les
auteurs. acteurs, danseurs, &c. [Par Frangois et Claude Parfaict
et Godin d'.\bguerbe.] A Paris, chez Lambert. 1756. 7 v. in 6.

Contents. — i. A-B. 2. C-F. 3. G-N. 4. O-R. 5. S-T. 6. V-Z. 7. Additions
et corrections.

Same. Chez Rozet. 1767. 7 v. *4639.35

Parfaict, Frangois, and Claude Parfaict.

Histoire du Theatre frangois, depuis son origine jusqu'a present.
Avec la vie des plus celebres poetes dramatiques, des extraits
exacts & un catalogue raisonne de leurs pieces, accompagnes de
notes historiques & critiques. [Anon.] Tome i, 2. A Amsterdam,
aux depens de la compagnie. 1735, 36. **T.78.23

Same. Tome 1-15. A Paris, chez P. G. Le Mercier. 1745-49. 15 v.


Parfouru, Paul Desire (Paul Porel), and Georges Hippolyte Mondain


L'Odeon. Histoire administrative, anecdotique et litteraire du second

Theatre frangais. Paris. Lemerre. 1876, 82. 2 v. 26703.50

Contents. — [i.] 1782-1818. 2. 1818-1853.

Same. Tome i. **T.75.4i

Paris, Antoine Louis.

Le theatre a Reims depuis les Romains jusqu'a nos jours. Reims.
Michaud. 1885. (6), 314 pp. Plates. **T.75.5

Paris, Louis. See Paris, Antoine Louis.
Paris. Theatres.

See also Actors abroad; Italian players in France.
Albert, M. Les theatres de la foire. (1660-1789.) Paris. 1900.
Tllus. Plates. 4676.104; **T.97.254

Les theatres des boulevards. (1789-1848.) Paris. 1002.

4676.134; **T.77. 112

Arago, J. fi. V. Foyers et coulisses. Panorama des theatres de

Paris. Paris. 1852. **T.57.382

Physiologic des foyers de tous les theatres de Paris. Paris.

1841. **T.79.8

Audebrand, p. Un foyer de theatre d'il y a 50 ans. Le foyer du
\'audeville de la rue de Chartres. (In Petits memoires du xixe
siecle. 2e edition. Pp. 293-321. Paris. 1892.) 2646.105

Petits memoires d'une stalle d'orchcstre. (Acteurs, auteurs,

journalistes.) Paris. 1885. **T.77.i25




Paris. Theatres. (Continued.)

AuRiAc, P. E. J. M. d', editor. Theatre de la foire. Recucil de

pieces representees aux foires Saint-Germain et Saint-Laurent.

Precede d'un essai historique sur les spectacles forains. Pnris

1878. **T.37.i46

Bachaumont, L. p. de. Memoires historiques, litteraires, politiqiics,

anecdotiques ct critiques. Extrait des Memoires secrets de la

republique des lettres. Paris. 1809. 3 v. **T.S7.9i

Baisser, Le, du rideau. Anecdotes theatrales ancienncs et moderncs,

tirees des memoires des temps. Paris. 1837. **T.58.i4i

Banville, T. F. de. Mes souvenirs. Paris. 1882. Plate. 4646.67
Barba, J. N. Souvenirs. Paris. 1846. Portraits. **T.56.6i

Barthelemy. fi. M., Comte de, editor. Nouvelles de la cour et dc la

ville concernant le monde, les arts, les theatres et les lettres. 1734-

1738. Paris. 1879. **T.95.52

Benjamin, E., and H. Buguet. Coulisses de bourse et de theatre.

Paris. 1882. Illus. **T.97.223

Bernardin, N. M. La comedie italienne en France, et les theatres

de la foire et du boulevard. (1570-1791.) Paris. 1902. Illus.

Portraits. Plates. 2679.277

Bernheim, a. J. Trente ans de theatre. Serie [i,] 2. Paris. 1903,

04. 2 V. ^ **T.77.iio; etc.

Bertrand, J. fi. G. Etudes d'economie theatrale. Les theatres

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