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Actors. Portraits.

See also Actors. Biography. Collections ; Caricatures.

Actors' Fund of America. Souvenir and programme of the Actors'

Fund fair. New York. 1892. **T.75.8

AcTRiCES, Les, de Paris. Portraits de E. de Liphart. Texte par

Emile Bergerat— Daniel Bernard. Paris. 1882. Illus. **T.53.i6
Almanack de "La Rampe." Actrices parisiennes. [Paris. 1901.]


Art ALBUM of footlight favorites. [New York? 190-?] 60 portraits.


Barnaeee, H. C, compiler. [A collection of portraits, principally of

Henry Clay Barnabee as an actor; views of Oberammergau and



Actors. Portrails. (Continued.)

photographs of the actors in the Passion Play of 1900. Boston.
191-?] . **T.53.24

Beauties of the stage. New York. fuS;-?] **T.53.6

Bkown, a. K., compiler Dramatic and musical photographs. [Bos-
ton. 1911-13.] 10 V. **T.I2.I

r Collection of 63 character portraits, mostly English. With index.]


Costumes of the modern stage. Part 1-5. Edited by M. Mobisson.
Illustrations bv MM. Lebegue, Mesples, etc. [London. 1889-90.]


Craig, E. G. Henrv Irving, Ellen Terry, etc. A book of portraits.
[Chicago. 1899.] **T.52.8

Dramatic souvenirs [Boston. 1910-13.] 6 v. **T.i2.4

51 portraits of actors, mostly English and of the early nineteenth
century. N. p. N. d. **K.26o.5

Galerie des artistes dramatiques de Paris. Portraits par Al.
Lacauchie, et accompagnes de portraits litteraires. Paris.
i84i[-43]. 2 V. Portraits. **T.52.ii

Galerie dramatique. ou acteurs celebres qui se sont illustres sur les
trois grands theatres de Paris. Paris. 1809. Colored portraits.


Galerie theatrale ou collection des portraits en pied des principaux
acteurs des premiers theatres de la capitale. Paris. [1842?] 3 v.

**T.5i.i4; etc.

Gallery of players. [Quarterly.] No. 1-9, 11. From The Illustrated
American. New York. i894[-97]. **T.52.9

Geoffroy, C. M. Nouvelle galerie des artistes dramatiques vivants.
Contcnant 40 portraits des principaux artistes dramatic|ues de
Paris. Chaque portrait est accompagne d'une notice biographique
et d'une appreciation litteraire par Alex. Dumas, Albert Cler,
Arnould. Paris. 1855. 2 v. Portraits. **T.53.9

Guillaumut, A., fils. Costumes des ballets du roy. Archives de
rOpera, xviiie siecle. 20 planches en couleur. Paris. 1885. **T.92.7

HiCHENS, H., editor. American actors and actresses of today —
particularly those favorite to Cleveland, with lists of their prin-
cipal appearances. [Cleveland. 1913.] 4349a.289

HoussAVE, A. La Comedie frangaise, 1680-1880. [31 portraits. Paris.]
1880. **Cab.26,29.4

Illustrated American stage, The. A pictorial review of the most
notable recent theatrical successes. New York. 1901. **T.53.2

Lawrence, B. Celebrities of the stage. London. [190-?] Colored
portraits. **T.5i.i3

Lee, VV. H., compiler. Dramatic & musical programs. [Accompanied
by portraits of the performers and in many cases, by scenes from
the plays. Boston. 1897-1913.] 13 v. Illus., some colored. Por-
traits, some colored. **

L<iLifti;. F. A. La Comedie-frangaise. Histoire de la maison de
Moliere de 1658 a 1907. Paris. 1907. Illus. Portraits. Plates.


Marie Burroughs art portfolio, The, of stage celebrities. A collec-
tion of photographs of the leaders of dramatic and lyric art.
Chicago. 1894. **T.54.i2; etc.

Mavai.l. J. E. Mayall's Cclel>rities of the London stage: a scrits
of photographic portraits in character. [In 18 nos.] Nos. 1-8.
London. (1867.) **T.54.3i

I 5(1]


Actors. Portraits. (Continued.)

MiRoiR draniatique, Le. Biographic des acteurs et actrices dc Paris.
No. 2. Paris. [1878.] **T.53.i

New York, City. Theatres. Raymond Hitchcock's 44Th Stkkkt
THEATRE. Souvcnir programme. Edward E. Rice's testimonial in
celebration of his forty years in management, 1877-1917, tendered
by members of his companies and other friends. [New York.
The Kane Press. 1917.] Portraits. Plates. **T.i2.i3

Operatic & dramatic album, The. [Containing 53 portraits. London.
1877?] **

Pearson, C. A., publisher. Pearson's Photographic portfolio of foot-
light favourites. London. [189-?] **T.52.2

Players of the day. A series of [48] portraits in colour of theatrical
celebrities of the present time. London. [1903.] **T.5i.ii

Portraits des artistes des theatres de Paris. [Paris. 18 — ?] 70
portraits. **T.5i.5

Portraits of actors and actresses. [Boston. 1912.] 2 v. **

Portraits of dramatic celebrities. N. p. N. d. (60) portraits.


Portraits of English actors of the eighteenth and early nineteenth

centuries, 130 in number. N. p. N. d. **K.i2oa.4

Portraits of favorite actors and actresses. N. p. N. d. **T.ii.3

Reference, La, des Portraits contemporains pour 1897-1900. Annee

1-4. Paris. 1897-1900. 4 V. Portraits. **T.25.27

Reutlinger, . Le panorama. Nos jolies actrices. Paris. [189-?]

Saturday Programme, The, and sketch-book. [Weekly.] (With

which is incorporated the Figaro-Programme.) London. 1874-

76. 5 V. **T.25.i4

Scrap-book of scenes and views. [Illustrations, portraits and plates

cut from various books. Boston. 187-?] *626o.i3

Shakespeare, W. The complete works of Shakespeare, from the

original text. Illustrated with steel engravings, chiefly portraits

in character of celebrated American actors. New York. [ 1856.]

3 V. *459i-4

Smith, H. B. Stage lyrics. [With forty-one character portraits of

stage favorites.] New York. 1900. *4396.i75

Stars of the photoplay. Chicago. 1916. 8061.253

Stein, P. Deutsche Schauspieler. Berlin. 1907, 08. 2 v. *6907.i9
Stephens, R. N. Queens of the drama. Portraits by F. L. Kirk-

patrick and C. A. Worrall. Biograplfies by Robert N. Stephens.

Troy, N. Y. [189-?] **T.5i.i2

Tallis, John, & Co., publishers. 70 engravings from photographs of

living actors, illustrative of Shakespeare's plays. [London. 185 1 ?]

Tallis's Shakspere gallery of engravings. London. [1850-53.]

**T.23.i2; etc.
Terry, D. British theatrical gallery. A collection of whole length

portraits, with biographical notices. [London.] 1825.

Theatres, Les, de Paris. Notices et portraits. Texte par une

societe de gens de lettres. Dessins par Eustache Lorsay. Paris.

[1854.] Colored portraits. **T.53.i2; etc.

Theatrical portraits. London. [190-?] 8 portraits in ])orttolio.




Actors. Portraits. (Continued.)

Trumble, a. Great artists of the American stage. A portrait
gallery of the leading actors of America. With critical bio-
graphies. Part I. N. Y. 1882. **T.55.5
Actors. Portraits. Catalogues.

Club of Odd Volumes. Boston. Exhibition of prints and playbills
to illustrate the history of the Boston stage (1825 to 1850), from
the collection of Robert Gould Shaw. [Boston. 1915.] **Q. 17.31
FiLiPPi, J. DE. Catalogue des estampes & dessins, architecture
thea'trale. scenes theatralcs, decorations, costumes et portraits,
dont la vcnte aura lieu 23-25 mai 1861. Paris. 1861. **T.66.6

Garrick. D. a catalogue of a collection of engravings, consisting
chiefly of English and foreign portraits, the property of the late
David Garrick. Which will be sold by auction. [London. 1825. 1

No. I in **G.395i.i7
Grolier Club, .W;.' York. Catalogue of engraved portraits of actors
of olden time. [Exhibited at] the Grolier Club. New York.
[1907.] **T.58.i47;etc.

H.\LLE, T. Portrait-Katalog zur Geschichte des Theaters und der
Musik. Katalog XL Munchen. [188-?] 2 v. **T.65.i4

Lacy, T. H. Catalogue of [his] extensive and valuable collection
of portraits, comprising theatrical performers, dramatists, com-
posers and others connected with the stage, which will be sold
by auction. [London.] 1873. **T.66.9

Mann, C. N. The private library and collection of portraits of
Charles N. Mann. For sale at auction. New York. 1907.

Mathews, C. Catalogue raisonnee of Mr. Mathews's gallery of
theatrical portraits, forming a nearly complete dramatic record
from the year 1659 down to the present time. London. 1833.

Merwin-Clavton Sales Company, auctioneers. The library of a
dramatic author and critic consisting of dramatic literature, por-
traits, etc. To be sold at auction. New York. 1906. **T.65.34
Nebe, H. Catalogue of the collection of prints (including pamphlets,
etc.) formed by the late Harvey Nebe. Including original draw-
ings, rare portraits and play bills. For sale at auction. New York.
1 1902.] **T.66.26
Players, The, New York City. The pictures of The Players. [Cata-
logue. New York. 1895.] 8077.55
Robins. Messrs, auctioneers. Extensive and uncommon collection of
theatrical portraits. A catalogue of a very curious collection of
engravings of actors and actresses, from the earliest period to
the present day, which will be sold by auction. London. 1825.

No. 2 in **G.39Si.i7
SoLEiRou H. A. Catalogue de la galeric theatrale recueillie par feu
M. H. A. Soleirol. Portraits d'artistes dramatiques dont la ventc
aura lieu les 29 avril - 2 mai. Paris. 1861. **T.66.20

Theatre d'application, Paris. Auteurs et acteurs. Catalogue de
I'cxposition de portraits installee dans les galeries du Theatre
d'application. Paris. 1889. Portraits. Plates. **T.66.i4; etc.
TiioRNBER, H. Catalogue of engravings of theatrical scenes and por-
traits. London. ( 1888.] Portraits. **T.65.i5
Toole, J. L. Catalogue of an interesting collection of books and
portraits relating to the drama. London. 1906. **T.66.23



Actors. Portraits. Catalogues. (Confirmed.)

Wylie, C. J. Catalogue of [his] collection of theatrical portraits,
comprising mezzotint and other engravings, water-colour draw-
ings, which will be sold by auction. London. 1901. **T.65.45

Actors. Shakespearian. See Shakespeare. Representation of his plays.

Actors abroad.

This heading includes accounts of performances by companies of actors settled
temporarily in a foreign country.

See also Commedia dell' arte; Italian players in France; Strolling

players; Travelling companies.
Baschet, a. Les comediens italiens a la cour de France sous Charles

IX, Henri III, Henri IV et Louis XIII. Paris. 1882. 2662.73; **T. 76.146
Chaulin, N. p. Biographic dramatique des principaux artistes

anglais venus a Paris; precedee de souvenirs historiques du

theatre anglais a Paris, en 1827 et 1828. Paris. 1828. **T.59,io
CoHN, A. Shakespeare in Germany in the sixteenth and seventeenth

centuries: an account of English actors in Germany and the

Netherlands. London. 1865. *459i-3

Delius, N. Die englischen Comodianten in Deutschland zu Shak-

spere's Zeit. Ein Vortrag. Bremen. 1865. No. 4 in **G.6oa.24

Daly, J. F. The life of Augustin Daly [including an account of the

visit of Mr. Daly's company to Europe.] New York. 1917. Por-
traits. 6257.146
English analyses of the French plays represented at the Gaiety

Theatre, London, June and July, 1879, by the Comedie frangaise.

London. [1879.] **T.95.93

FouRNiER, E. L'Espagne et ses comediens en France au xviie sieclc.

Paris. 1864. **T.95.64

Harkensee, C. H. T. Das franzosische Theater [in Hamburg].

Hamburg. 1S96. 4670.3?

Heitmueller, F. F. I. Adam Gottfried Uhlich. 11. Hollandiscl'.e

Komodianten in Hamburg. (1740, I74i-) Hamburg. 1894. 6872.49
Herz, E. Englische Schauspieler und englisches Schauspicl zur

Zeit Shakespeares in Deutschland. Hamburg. 1903. 6872.60

London. Theatres. Gaiety theatre. The Gaiety programme. [The

performances of the Comedie frangaise. London. 1879.) *-=T.i5.i3
Mayer, M. L. The Gaiety French plays. Season, 1880. Short

biographies of the actors & actresses. London. 1880. **T.97.i9o
Meissner, J. Die englischen Comoedianten zur Zeit Shakespeares

in Oesterreich. Wien. 1884. 2590.3

Olivier, J. J. Les comediens frangais dans les cours d'Allemagne au

xviiie siecle. Paris. 1901-05. 4 v. Portraits. Plates. **
Paris. Theatres. Comedie franqaise. La comedie frangaise a Londres

(1871-1879). Paris. 1880. 2676.156; **T.78.i2

Paris. Theatres. Theatre du Vaudeville. La troupe americaine

d' Augustin Daly donnera une serie de representations au Theatre

du Vaudeville. [Programmes et resumes. Paris.] 1886. **T.ii.8
Some considerations on the establishment of the French strolers;

the behaviour of Iheir bully-champions, and other seasonable

matters. [London. 1749.] **T.97.5o

Zimmermann. p. Englische Komodianten in Wolfenbiittel. (In Ger-

manische Abhandlungen. Pp. 215-224. Strassburg. 1902.) 6875.58
Actors and editors. Poem. Under graduate, An. No. 10 in **G.3824.i3
Actors as they are; a series of sketches of the most eminent performers

now on the stage. New- York. Roorbach. 1856. 3-85 pp.

Another copy is on shelf-number *4343-233- ■ ^••T.56.115



Actors by daylight; or, pencilings in the pit. [Weekly.] Containing

memoirs of the most celebrated London performers. Vol. i (no.

1-40,42-51). London. Pattie. [1838,39-] Portraits. **T.26.27

Actors by gaslight, or "Boz" in the boxes. [Weekly.] No. 1-37. Apr.

'1 - Dec -^g 1S38 [London. 1838.] 296 pp. Portraits. Plates.

Actors of the century. Whyte, F. **T.53.8; etc.

Actors' art. The. Garcia, G. **T.77.79; etc.

Sec also Actor's art, The.
Actors' children.

Dorothea Dix Hall Association, Boston. A home and school for
stage children and children of actors. [Organization, history, and
treasurer's report for 1907.] Boston. 1908. Illus. Plates. 5577-145
Actors' Church Alliance.

Siii.NN, G. W. The Actors' Church Alliance. [New York. 1902.]

Actors' Church Alliance of America. Boston Chapter.

Annual report [ist]. Boston. 1901. *5579a.i90

Actors' fete, The.

H., A. The actors' fete [at the Crystal Palace, London. London.
187-?]. No. 21 in **G.3822.3

Actors' Fund of America.

.\ct of incorporation and by-laws. New York. 1896. 29 pp.

Annual report, 5th-ioth, i4tli-25th, 27th-32d. New York. 1886-1913.
23 V. in 4 and unbound parts. Plate. **T.i5.i5

Complimentary souvenir programme. Benefit performance, Boston
Theatre. April 21st, 1910. [Boston. The Mudge Press. 1910.]
21 pp. **T.i5.2i

Souvenir and programme of the Actors' Fund fair. Madison Square
Garden, May 2d - 7th, 1892. New York. 1892. 212 pp. Portraits.
Plates. Autograph facsimile. **T.75.8

Actors* remonstrance. The, or complaint, for the silencing of their
profession, and banishment from their severall playhouses. Lon-
don. Printed for Edw. Nickson. 1643. [London.] Marshall.
1822. 7 pp. **T.95.3i

Refers to the closing of the theatres by Act of Parliament in 1642.
Other copies on **T.95.35 ; No. 2 in **G. 3823. 53.

Same. London. 1869. 8 pp. [Mr. Ashbee's Occasional facsimile

reprints. 4.] No. 4 in *2423.5o.i

No. 6 of an edition of 100 copies.

Same. London. Printed for Edw. Nickson. 1643. [London. Reeves &

Turner. 1873.] (2), 10 pp. [The old book collector's miscellany.]

No. 19 in *4555-52.3

Actress, The. in high life: an episode in winter quarters. New York.

Derby & Jackson, i860. 7-416 pp. **T.87.43

Actress, The, of the day. Poem. R., G. F. **T.58.29

Actresses. See Actors.


Actricc. t'lK', d'un jour. Jacouot, C. J. B. No. 11 in *667i.2.6

Actrices, Lcs. Gonxourt, E. L. A. H. de, and J. A. H. de Goncourt.

. , **T.99.55

Actrices, Lcs, de Paris. Portraits de E. de Liphart. Texte par fimile

lUrgcrat — Daniel Bernard. Paris. Launette. 1882. (3), 128,

(3> PP- Illus. Portraits. **T.53.i6

Actrices, Lcs, dc Paris. Savard, F. **T.57.302



Actrices, Les, du xviii^ siecle.

GoNcouRT, E. L. A. H. de. La Guimard d'apres les registres des
menus-plaisirs de la bibliothequc de I'Opcra, etc. Paris. 1S93.

**T.57.227; etc,
Mademoiselle Clairon d'apres ses correspondances et les rap-
ports de police du temps. Paris. 1890. 2657.109; **T.57. 324
Adam, J. R.

"A word" with Bunn, after Burns's "Address to the Deil." London.
Brittain. [1847.] 12 pp. **T.57.303

Adams, Florence A. Fowle.

Gesture and pantomimic action. New York. Werner. 1891. (3),
iv, 7-221 pp. lUus. Music. 3596.106

Same. 2d edition. **T.7S.2i

Adams, J. Davenport.

Catalogue of dramatic literature including memoirs, autobiographies,
works of famous dramatists, early playbills, Shakespeareana, etc.
Also a few books on music, books on costume, etc., etc. From the
library of the late J. Davenport Adams, and other collections.
Offered by Francis Edwards, bookseller. London. [Flower.]
1905. 28 pp. **T.66.25

Relates to the English stage.

Adams, Joseph Quincy.

The conventual buildings of Blackfriars, London, and the playhouses
constructed therein. [London? 191-?] 25 pp. Plans. **T.75.8o
Shakespearean playhouses. A history of English theatres from the
beginnings to the Restoration. Boston. Houghton Mifflin Com-
pany. [1917.] xiv, (i), 473 pp. lUus. Portraits. Plates. Maps. Plans.
A few pages are devoted to Ogilby's Dublin Theatre. 4594. 156

Adams, Joseph Quincy, editor.

Herbert, Sir H. The dramatic records of Sir Henry Herbert. Master
of the Revels, 1623-1673. New Haven. 1917. Portrait. Facsimile.


Adams, Maude.

Maude Adams in The little minister. [By J. M. Barrie.] Edition-
de-luxe souvenir published by arrangement with Mr. Charles
Frohman. With drawings by Allan Gilbert. New York. Russell.
1898. (2) pp. Portraits. Plates. Autograph facsimile. **T.52.i4
Adams, William Davenport.

A book of burlesque. Sketches of English stage travestie and parody.
London. Henry & Co. 1891. vi, (i), 220 pp. Portraits. [The
Whitefriars library of wit and humour.] 4573-i3o; **T.47-63

A dictionary of the drama. A guide to the plays, playwrights, players,
and playhouses of the United Kingdom and America from the
earliest times to the present. Vol. i: A-G. Philadelphia. J. B.
Lippincott Co. 1904. *6252.76

No more was published.

With poet and player. Essays on literature and the stage. London.
Stock. 1891.' viii, 228 pp. 4578.141 ; **T.98.28

Adams, William Henry Davenport.

The Merry Monarch: or, England under Charles IL Its art. litera-
ture, and society. London. Remington & Co. 1885. 2 v.

2570.23; **T.56.228

Nell Gwynne. (In his Famous beauties and historic women. Vol.
I, pp. 1-32. London. 1865.) 2249.57.1

Another copy is on shelf-number **K.284.6. 1.



Adderley, Hon. James Granville.

Thu fiyht for the drama at Oxford. Some plain facts. With a pre-
face bv W L. Courtney. Oxford. Blackwell. iS88. xiv, 35 pp.

Adderley, Hon. James Granville, prefacer.

M.vlKI.n.nox. a. The Oxford amateurs. A short history of theatricals
at the University. London. 1910. Portrait. Plates. 2497.183

Address, An. to persons of fashion. Hill, Sir R., Baronet.


Address An. to tiie inhabitants of Manchester, on theatricals. Verse.

Watson. J. **T.77.29

Address, An. to the ladies on the indecency of appearing at nnmodcst

plays. London: Printed for R. Griffiths. 1756. (i), 22 pp.

No. 5 in **G.3824.i6
Address, An. to the public. Edinburgh. Printed in the year 1767. 24 pp.

KiLites to tbc claims of David Ross to the Theatre Royal, Edinburgh.
Address, An. to the public, on the immorality of theatrical amusements.
N. p. [18—?] 8 pp. **T.76.i33

Adelgonda, of Bavaria, consort of Francis V., Duke of Modena.

Brl-.n'i. G., and others. Albo pittorico di alcune feste modenesi nella
fausta occasione delle nozze auguste tra I'A. R. dell' Arciduca
Francesco Ferdinando, Principe Ereditario di Modena e S. A. R.
la Principessa Adelgonda di Baviera. Modena. 1842. Plates.

Adelphi, London.;ret(>n. A. The literary history of the Adelphi and its neighbour-
hood. With a new introduction. New York. 1909. Plates. Map.

Ademollo, Agostino.

Gil spettacoli dell' antica Roma. Descrizionc istorica. Firenze. A
spese deir autore. 1837. 403 pp. *2950.i3

Ademollo, Alessandro.

1 tcatri di Roma nel secolo decimosettimo. Roma. L. Pasqualucci.
1W8. xxviii, 283 pp. 2762.74

I'.ibliografia della cronistoria teatrale italiana, pp. ix-xv.

Ader, Jean Joseph.

Traite du melodrame, par MM. A! A! A! [pseud, de Armand Mali-
tourne. Juste Abel Hugo et Jean Joseph Ader]. Paris. Delaunay.
1817. viij, 79, (i) pp. **T.96.307

Adice, G. Leopold.

Theoric de la gymnastiquc de la danse theatrale. Paris. Chaix &
cic. 1859. 202 pp. **M. 121.29

Adolphus, John.

Memoirs of John Bannister, comedian. London. Bentley. 1830.
2 v. Portrait. **T.55.io8

Same. [1839.] 2 v. in i. **

Adventures of an actor. Lafitte, J. B. P. 4565.3; **T.57. 71

Adventures, The, of an actor, in the characters of a merry-Andrew, a
.Mttliodist-preacher, and a fortune-teller. Founded on facts. Lon-
don: Printed for the author. [17—?] (i), 334 pp. **
Adventures, Tlie, of Billy Shakespoke before and behind the curtain.

Sec Farrar, C. A. J. AuKiteur and professional stage life.
Adventures, TIic, of a dramatist, on a journey to the London managers.
[Anon.] See Frere, Benjamin.



Adventures, The, of a strolling player. Tomkins, Simon, pseud.

Adventures of a ventriloquist. Monciueff, W. T. No. 2 in **T. 57.373

Adventures, The, of the strange man Dr. H. S. Lynn. Lynn, H. S.


Johnson, F. G. The press-agents handbook. How to advertise a
play. Chicago. [1916.] 6197.128

Aeschylus. Eumenides. Illustrations.

Farren, R. The Eumenides of Aeschylus as performed by members

of the University at the Theatre Royal, Cambridge, December,

1885. Cambridge. 1886. (6) plates. **T.42.4

Affaire ]\Iarie Colombier — Sarah Bernhardt. Pieces a conviction. [5c

edition.] Paris. 1884. 71 pp. Portrait. 6645.85

Aflalo, Frederick George.

Round the world with "A Gaiety girl." By Granville Bantock and
F. G. Aflalo. Illustrated from photographs. London. Macqueen.
1896. 172 pp. Portraits. **T.57.i48

A Gaiety girl was composed by Sidney Jones.

African Roscius, The, pseud. See Aldridge, Ira.

Age, The, Theatrical, Musical, & Sporting. Sec Sporting Pilot, The,

and the Age, Theatrical, Musical, and Sporting.
Agen, France. Theatres.

Magen, a. La troupe de Moliere a Agen d'apres un document

inedit. Paris. 1877. **T.56.i44

Agnel, fimile.

Code-manuel des artistes dramatiques et des artistes musiciens.

Paris. Mansut. [1851.] viii, 260 pp. **T.78.7

Agnew, Frances, pseud. See Scheuing, Frances May.
Aguecheek. Fairbanks, C. B. 6264.59; **T.97. 106

Ah! comme ils mentent! [Paris. 1892.] 9 pp. No. 4in **

Upon the cost of representing tlie plays of Oedipe a Colone and Semiramis at
the Paris Opera. The title-page is missing.

Aicard, Jean Frangois Victor, prefacer.

Darzens, R. Le Theatre libre illustre. Paris. 1890. Illus. Por-
traits. **T.74.i4
Aigueberre, Jean Baptiste du Mas d'.

Seconde lettre du souffleur de la Comedie de Roiien au gargon de
caffe ou entretien sur les defauts de la declamation. [Anon.] A
Paris, Chez Tabarie. 1730. 86 pp. Plates. No. 2 in **T.58.64

Aiken, Samuel Clark.

Theatrical exhibitions, a sermon. Cleveland. Penniman. 1836. 19 pp.

Pp. 3-6 are missing. **T.76.8l

Aikin, Arthur.

Styles, J. A defence of An essay on the immoral and anti-Christian
tendency of the stage, against the animadversions of a critique
[by Arthur Aikin] in the Annual Review. London. 1807. **T.96.i09

An essay on the character and influence of the stage on morals

and happiness. 2d edition, with an appendix [containing Stric-
tures on an article by Arthur Aikin]. London. 1807. **T.77.i57
Aikin, Samuel Clark. See Aiken, Samuel Clark.

Airs varies. Jullien, J. L. A. 4057-35; **M. 127.40

Aix, France. Theatres.

JoLY, A. Note sur Benoet du Lac; ou, le theatre et la Bazoche a
Aix a la fin du xvie siecle. Lyon. 1862. **T.76.44



Akerby, George.

Spiller's jests: or the life and pleasant adventures of the late cele-
brated comedian Mr. James Spiller. [Anon.] London: Cook.
[1729.] 48 pp. Portrait. No. 5 in **G.3823.3

Siiiller was many years comedian at the theatre in Lincohi's Inn Fields,

Albanes, A. d', pseud. See Havard, Jean Alexandre.
Albany, N. Y. Theatres., H. p. Players of a century. A record of the Albany stage.
Including notices of prominent actors who have appeared in
America. Albany. 1880. **T.77.7; etc.

Alberg, Albert.

Anson, W. S. W. Life of Albert Alberg (actor-author). [London.
1883?] **T.57.376

Albert, Motistcur, pseud. See Decombe, Ferdinand Albert.

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