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N.B. — The names of donors and lenders, when known, are printed in italics.



I The Friday Club, Chief Justice Shaw in the chair; j^hoto-
graph of (beginning on the left) Charles P. Curtis,
Thomas Motle\', Nathan Hale, Benjamin R. Curtis, James
K. Mills, George Hayward, Lemuel Shaw, Francis C.
Gray, Nathan Appleton, Charles H. Warren, William
vSturgis, Thomas \V. Ward, Thomas B. Curtis.

NatJiau Appleto7r.

1 The Massachusetts Humane Society, incorporated in
1 791 ; photograph of the members about 1857 (beginning
on the left), Francis Bacon, George B. Upton, R. B.
Forbes, William Amory, William Appleton, Samuel
Hooper, David Sears (in the chair), Francis B. Crownin-
shield, John Homans, Charles Amory, J. Mason Warren,
S. K. Lothrop. Sanniel H. RnsseU.

3 The Tremoxt Club, the nucleus of the wSomerset Club,
about 1840 ; photograph of (beginning on tlie left) the
steward, F. C. Loring, F. Codman, Kirk Boott, James
Davis, G. Crowinshield, Benj. Morse, T. Cary, C. Ham-
mond, Gardner Gorham, J. Bethune, Frederick Sears, F.
Crowinshield, T. G. Appleton, W. Lee, Thomas Dvviglit,
Arthur L. Payson, Thomas Perkins, Edward Crowin-
shield, Dutton Russell, Frank Dutton.

Nathaii Appleton.


4 The South Side of State Street, near Washington Street,

in 1S40 ; engraved on wood by Devereux & Brown.

Alexander Williams.

5 " The Nativity ; " heliotype engraving of a painting b}'

Copley, owned by Lord Lyndhurst and sold by his ex-
ecutors. Hc7iry P. Curtis.

6 " The Finding of Moses ; " heliotype engraving of a

painting by Henry Pelham, half-brother of Copley {v.
No. 355). Henry P. Curtis.

7 Wendell Phillips; crayon portrait by F. E. Wright, 1S71.

,/. W. Black.

8 Samuel Miller Quincv, 1S33-S7; Colonel Second Regi-

ment, Massachusetts Volunteers, 1S62 ; Brevet-Brigadier-
General, 1S65; one of the charter members and first
secretary of the Bostonian Society ; photograph of a
crayon portrait by Grundmann.

9 Framed Original Design for the seal of the Bostonian

Society, in India ink ; adopted Feb. 13, 18S3 ; drawn by

John C. J. Brown.

10 The Act of Incorporation of the Bostonian Society,

Dec. 3, 18S1, signed by Henry B. Feirce, Secretary of
State, 1722 (2), 1734, 1774 (3)^

11 '••The Last Days of Daniel Webstp:r ;" oil painting by

Joseph Ames, of the death-bed of Webster, with portraits
of his family and friends, whose names follow, beginning
on the left, as in the key : Charles H. Thomas, Jacob Le
Roy, Edward Curtis, Mrs. Daniel Webster, Mrs. James
W. Paige, Samuel A. Appleton, James W. Paige, George
Ashmun, Rufus Choate, Peter Han^ey, Fletcher Webster,
Daniel Webster, Caroline L. Appleton (Mrs. Jerome Bon-
aparte), Master Daniel Webster, Master Ashburton Web-
ster, Mrs. Fletcher Webster, Caroline Webster, Dr. J.
Mason Warren, Dr. John Jeffries, wSarah (colored servant),
John Taylor, Porter Wright (farmers).

Prank K. Sturgis.

12-50 Maps and plans of Boston for the years 1722, 1774, 17S9,
1796 (2), 1800, 1803, 1814, 1820, 1823, 1S36, 1S27, 1832,
1834, 1835 (3), 1837 (3), 1838, 1844, 1846, 1847, 1S4S,
1S49, 1850, 1853, 1853, 1855, 1858, 1859, 1864, 1870, 1875,
1883, 1883, ^888, 1891, 1S92, 1S94.

51 Reproduction, upon one sheet, issued in 1S46, of two old
maps of New England, the first of which is entitled :
"The South Part of New England, as it is Planted this
yeare, 1634;" an exact copy of the first that was made


Reproduction — Continued.

after Massachusetts was settled. It was taken from a book
published in London by William Wood, entitled: "•New
England's Prospect." The Second is entitled : '' A Map
of New England, being the first that ever was here cut,
and done by the best Pattern that could be had, which be-
ing in some places defective it made the other less exact;
yet doth it sufficiently shew the scituation of the Countrey,
and conveniently well the distance of Places ; " an exact
copy of one published in 1677, to accompany a work en-
titled : "The present State of New England, by William
Hubbard." It was the first map engi^aved in this country,
and was highly praised for its elegance and accuracy.

John Foster Bush., M.D.

52 Photographic Reproduction, somewhat reduced, of an

original map found among the manuscripts in the British
Museum, supposed to have been executed by Gov. John
Winthrop, about 1634, showing the Plantation of Boston
and the surrounding country. Boston Public Library.

53 Reproduction in fac-simile of an original plan, entitled :

" A Draught of Boston Harbor: By Capt. Cyprian South-
ake, made by Augustine Fitzhugh, Anno 1694;" copied
for H. F. Waters, Esq., from the original in the British
Museum, 12th August, 1S84. This is the earliest maj^ of
Boston Harbor which has yet been found, and is executed
in colors. Henry F. Waters.

54 Heliotype Reproduction, entitled : " Carte de la Ville,

Baye et Environs de Boston. Par Jean Baptiste Louis
Franquelin, Hydrog. du Roy, 1693. Verifiee par le Sr de
la Motte."

55 A Similar Map by Franquelin, made in 1693, to aid a scheme

to capture " Baston " by a French Expedition from Qiie-
bec ; heliotype reproduction. lViIlia>n W. Greciiough.

55 Reproduction, made in 183^ of an early map, entitled:
"The Town of Boston in New England, by Capt. John
Bonner, yF^tatis %w^ 60. Engraven and Printed by Fra.
Dewing, Boston, N. E., 1722. Sold by Capt. John Bon-
ner, and William Price against ye Town-house, where may
be had all sorts of Prints, Mapps, etc."

57 A Reproduction, made in 1870, of an early map showing

the topography of Boston Harbor, originally published
according to Act of Parliament by J. F. W\ DesBarres,
Esq., August 5, 1775 ; lithograph by A. Meiscl.

58 Lithograph by Tidd of Boston after an old cut in the " Penn-

sylvania Magazine," dated -July 31, 1775, entitled : " Exact
Plan of General Gage's Lines on Boston Neck in America."


59 Heliotype Reproduction, made for Frothingham's " Siege

of Boston," in 1S79, entitled: "Plan of the Town of Bos-
ton, with the Intrenchmcnts, etc., of His Majesty's Forces
in 1775' fi'om the Observations of Lieut. Page, of His
Majesty's Corps of Engineers; and from the Plans of other
gentlemen." Engraved and printed for William P^addcn,
Charing Cross, Oct. i, 1777.

60 Heliotype Reproduction, made in 1S75, of two maps upon

one sheet, entitled respectively : "A new and Accurate
Plan of the Town of Boston in New England, i774 ' " ''^"'^
"A New Plan of Boston Harbor from an Actual Suney,
1 774'" The original plate was engraved in England, from
an accurate Survey by British Engineers, just previous to
the Revolutionary War. Williani S. Appleton.

61 General Washington's Revolutionary Campaign War Map,

after a Survey ordered by him, showing the position of
his Army in defence of Boston, 1776, also the Fortifications
and Gun Batteries, extending from Charlestown around to
Dorcliester Pleights. Albert O. Crajic.

62 Reproduction, made in 1S76, by George Lamb, of a map,

entitled: "A Plan of Boston in New England, with its
Environs including Milton, Dorchester, Roxbury, Brook-
^^ line, Cambridge, Medford, Charlestown, Parts of Maiden

and Chelsea, with the Military Works constructed in those
Places in the years 1775 and 1776. Dedicated to the Right
Honorable Lord George Germain. London : Published
according to Act of Parliament, June 3, i777'> ^y Henry

63 Plan of the " Burnt District," 1S72. Thomas Minns.

64 French Map of the port and harbor of Boston and the

adjacent coast ; dedicated to the King by the Chevalier de
Beaurain, 1776 ; given by M. Muret, Surveyor of the
City of Paris, to WilUain Watson.

65 Plan of the Back Bay and pulilic parks, 1877.

W. H. Whitmorc.

66 Eight Views of Tremont Street before the widening in 1869,

reproductions of photographs in possession of the Public
Library ; framed together.

67 Colonnade Row, from a photograph in ]30ssession of the

Public Library.

68 Four Views of Tremont Street about iSoo; framed together.

5g Panoramic View of Tremont Street, east and west sides,
from Court Street to the Common, Jidy, 1853, from a
wood-cut in Gleason's " Pictorial and Drawing-room Com-


70 Pi.AN of the Boston Park System, from the Common to

Frankhn Park, furnished by the Park Department.

71 IJeacon Hill in 1736, showing the estates and their owners,

by Alexander Miller, civil engineer. David M. Balfour.

Case No. i.

Daguerreotype of Charles Sumner, taken in i8£53, '^^y South-
worth & Hawes, and engraved for Pierce's " Life of
Sumner." Edward L. Pierce.

Cameo bust of Josiah Qiiincy, a:t. SS, cut in 1S60, by Stevenson,
a well-known artist of that day. Josiah P. ^ulncy.

Hadge and ribbon of the Order of the Cincinnati, once owned
by General Dearborn, and worn by him in Washington's
presence in 1789. Samuel H. Russell.

Menu of banquet to the Lispectors of Buildings of the United
States, Feb. 15, 1S94, by the Assistant Inspectors of
Boston. Jo// II T. Daly.

l?iLL signed by Major Thomas Melville, of the " Boston Tea
Party," March i, 1821.^

Menu of dinner given to the Commercial Clubs of Chicago,
Cincinnati, and St. Louis by the Commercial Club of
Boston, 1885.

Signatures of John Hancock and others in aid of the petition
of Benjamin Gault to sell liquor, 1773.

Edivard I. Brov:ne.

Wheel through which passed the rope of a bell in Christ
Church, 1740; an inside wheel runs on ball bearings.

The Wardens and Vestry.

Photograph of Ole Bull and in\itation to a complimentary
concert at the Music Hall, 1876.

Medal with [portrait bust of P. S. Gilmore made from the wood
of the " Coliseum " of 1S69, Sylvester Baxter.

Programme of the excursion of the S. A. R. to Bemiington,
Aug. 19, 1S91 ; with the names of the party.

Bill of the "Cromwell's Head" Inn, in School street, Dec. 21,

Manuscript elegy on Gov. John Hancock, 1793.

Geo. O. Carpenter.^ Jr.

Ballads of the War of iS I 2. P'rank W. Sprague.

A List of the killed and wounded on the 19th April, 1775.


Case No. i — Continued.

Birthplace of Edward Everett on Boston Street, Dorchester,
issued on the centennial anniversary of his birth, April ii,

Piece of the ship " Cadmus," which brought Lafayette to Amer-
ica in 1824.

Vase and cane from wood of the Hancock House.

Rev. H. F. Jenks.

Handbill; appeal to tar and feather George Thompson, which
led to the Garrison riot, Oct. 21, 1S35. B. V. French.

The Ninth Issue of the first daily newspaper issued in New
England, " The Polar Star and Boston Daily Advertiser,"
Oct. 15, 1796.

A COPY of the second newspaper published in America, started
Dec. 21, 1719, merged with the "New England Weekly
Journal " in 1741.

Receipt given by Major Ben Russell, of the " Columbian Cen-
tinel," 1813.

First number of the "Daily Evening Transcript," July 24,
1S30. Curtis Guild.

Sword worn by Col. W. V. Hutchingsof the 24th Massachusetts
Regiment, from 1S61 to 1865.

Case No. 2.

Photograph of arms of George III,, once in the Council
Chamber of the Old State House ; removed to Halifax on
the Evacuation of Boston in 1776.

Photograph of Col. Benjamin Pollard, first commander of the
Independent Corps of Cadets; from a portrait.

Bill of William Price for cleaning pictures in the Old State
House in 1740-41.

Three Photographs of St. Botolph's, Boston, England.

Photograph of the bust of Longfellow in Westminster Abbey,

A Bullet from Bunker Hill, and one from Stillwater (1777).

Edward I. Browne.

Gold watch and seal once owned by Jonas B. Brown, of Bos-
ton, who died in 1835, cet. 40 years.

]\Iiss Harriet L. Broxvn.


Case No. 2 — Continued.

Photograph of Diinicl Webster, from a daguerreotype, taken
in his 64th year. Warren G. Roby.

Badge worn at the inauguration of Bunker Hill Monuinent in
1S43. C. E. Midlett.

Photograph of Deacon Moses Grant (1745-1817), of the " Bos-
ton Tea Party." Miss Alice Grant.

Photographs of the Wc]:)ster House, aiul monument, and Innial
lot at Marshfield. //. L. J/adloc/c.

The Gov. Winslow House at Marshfield, and secret closet in
the house; photographs. //. L. Hadlock.

Silver plate and books taken from the box placed under the
corner-stone of the Merchants' Exchange, Aug. 2, 1841.

Francis Cabot., Secretary.

Photographs of interior of the Williams House, Roxburv.

Walter E. EJnving.
A Watchman's Rattle. E. II. Savage.

Autographs and autograph letters of Governor Hutchinson,
Daniel Webster, J. L. Motley, Alvin Clark (with por-
trait), Fanny Kemble, Prof. J. W. We1)ster, Joshua Bates,
O. W. Holmes, Commodore Isaac Hull, Samuel G. Flowe,
Laura Bridgman, John Hancock, Robert C. Winthrop,
President Felton (with photograph), Governor Gore, Wm.
Lloyd Garrison.

Photograph of the library of James Russell Lowell, at Elm-
wood, Cambridge.

Photographs of Caleb Gushing, Dr. George C. Shattuck, and
Harriet Beecher Stowe.

Bill-head of John Hancock, merchant and patriot.



72 Laying the Corner-stoxe of the Beacon Hilt, Reser-
voir, Nov. 22, IS47 ; oil painting by Moses Wiglit,, with
key, containing portraits of the Mayor, Josiah C^uincy,
Jr. ; ex-Mayors Josiah Qiiincy, Sr., and S. T. Arm-
strong; Nathan Hale, T. B. Curtis, and J. F. Baldwin,
water commissioners; City Marshall Tukey, and members
of the City Council and Government.

Loan : City of Boston.


73 Photograph of the Reservoir, which was demolished in

i8S3;from the Curtis Collection. Henry P. Curtis.

74 Samuel Phillips Savage, of Weston, 171S-97 ; Member of

the Provincial Congress ; President of the Massachusetts
Board of War, during the Revolution ; Judge of the Court
of Common Pleas for Middlesex County ; presided at the
meeting in the Old South Meeting-house, Dec. 14, 1773, to
protest against the landing of the taxed tea ; photograph
after Copley. Alexander Cochrane.

75 Rev. Daniel Sharp, D.D., born in England, 17S3, died

1S53 ; Pastor of the Charles Street Baptist Church, iSi3-
1S53; lithograph by Thayer, after a daguerreotype.

76 The Same : steel engraving by Sartain, after Harding.

William H. Whitmore.

77 Edward Thompson Taylor ("Father Taylor"), 1794-

1S71 ; a sailor in his youth, became a Methodist preacher
in 1S19; for many years at the Seamen's Bethel; photo-
graph. James W. Black.

78 Harrison Gray Otis, 1765-1S4S; U.S. Senator, 1817-33;

Mayor, 1839-32 ; colored crayon hy Dubourjal, 1845.

Loan : Frederick O. Prince^ Executor.

79 Rev. Lyman Beecher, D.D., 1775-1S63; Pastor of Han-

over Street Church, afterward 13owdoin Street, 1826-32 ;
lithograph by Chandler ci. Bro., after Grozelier.

80 Rev. Jonathan Mayhew, D.D., 1730-66; copper-plate en-

graving portrait bust, executed in London by Cipriani for
one of the Hollis family ; within a wreath are the words :
" Remarks on an anon, tract. P. LXXXIL I am indeed
a poor man ; " hanging therefrom are a bishop's mitre, re-
versed, and a crozier, referring to his controversy with the
Episcopal missionary Apthorp in 1763; underneath is the
inscription : " Jonathan Mayhew, D.D., pastor of the West
Church in Boston, in New England [1747- 1766], an as-
sertor of the Civil and Religious Liberty of his country
and mankind, who, over-plied by Public energies, died of
a nervous fever, Ivly VHII, MDCCLXVI, aged XXXXV."

81 Rev. Joseph Sewall, D.D., 16SS-1769; Pastor of the Old

vSouth Church, 1713-69; copper-plate engraving, with fac-
simile autograph. William H. Whitmore.

82 Rev. Cotton Mather, D.D., 1663-1828; Minister of the

North Church, 1684-173S ; heliotype reproduction in India
ink of a portrait in Harvard College Library, by Sarah
Moor head. Justin Winsor.


83 Daniel Wehstek, 17S2-1S53; steel en<^iaving by Cheney

ami Dodson, alter Staiog, A/oscs VV. Wc/d, M.D.

84 James Jackson, M,D., 1777-1S67; engravinj^ hv WagstalV

and Andrews. Moses W. Weld, Sl.D.

85 Rev. John Sylvester John Gardiner, D.D., 176:5-1830;

Rector of Trinity Chnrch, 1805-30; President of the lit-
erary club which conducted the AittJiology and Month iy
Rcviczc ; lithograph by Mary M. Maguire.

86 Rev. Baron Stow, D.D., 1S01-1S69; Pastor of the Baldwin

Place Baptist Church, i S3 2-48 ; of the Rowe vStreet
Church, 1848-67; engraving liy Sartain, after Alexander.

\Villia?n //. WIntniorc.

87 Alexander Parris, 1780-1S52 ; Architect of the (^uinc\'

Market and St. Paul's Church ; crayon portrait b\ Chick-
ering. Mrs. B. B\ CJiandlcr.

88 Rev. Sebastian Streeter, D.D. ; Pastor of the First Uni-

versalist Church, 1824-64; Rev. Thomas W. Sulloway.
Associate Pastor, 1S61 to 1864, when the Societv was dis-
solved ; double photograph. T//omas Jl\ Snlloxvay.

8g Crocker and Brewster, full-length photograph of Uriel
Crocker and Osmyn Brewster, inscrilied : '' This pic-
ture was taken on INIr. Crocker's ninetieth birth(la\-, and
is presented to the Bostonian Societv by Uriel Crocker,
Feb. 3, 1S87."

90 Rev. Thomas Baldwin, D.D. ; Pastor of the Second Baptist

Church from 1790 to 1S25 ; engraving by Hoogland, aftei'
Miss Margaret B. Doyle.'

91 Captain Joitn Linzee, R.N., Commander of II. B. M. .Ship

" Falcon" at the Battle of Bunker Hill. He married the
daughter of Ralph Inman, of- Cambridge, and was the
grandfather of Mrs. Prescott, wife of the historian; etching
by Miss Ajzfiie T. Pratt.

92'THOMAS Smith Webb, 1771-1819; engraved portrait bust l)y
Annin & Smith, after Penniman, commemorative of his
services as one of the founders and first president of the
Handel and Haydn Society ; dedicated to the Masonic Fra-
ternity and to the H. & PI. and Philharmonic vSocieties, by
the painter and engravers ; the bust resting on Handel's
'^ Messiah," open, and other musical and masonic works ;
behind, an organ and masonic emblems.

93 Benjamin Franklin, 1706-90; copper-plate engraving In
Tanner, after Cochin (in fur cap), 1777-

Ha 1)1 lit 0)1 A. Hill.


94 William Emmons, an actor known as "Pop" Emmons, a

familiar character forty years ago ; litliograph by Pendle-
ton, after Johnston.

95 Nathaniel Shepard Prentiss, M.D., 1766-1S53; for

thirty years town clerk of Roxbury ; oil portrait by Bass
Otis. Rev. yose-ph Banvai'd., D.D.

96 Re\^ John Thornton Kirkland, D.D., 1770-1S40; Presi-

dent of Plarvard College, 1S10-2S ; lithograph by Pendle-
ton, after Stuart, iSio. Rev. Sam //el May.

97 Rev. Ezra Stiles Gannett, D.D. , 1S01-71 ; Pastor of Fed-

eral Street and Arlington Street Churches, 1S24-71 ; pho-
tograph. Sam//el M. Bcdll)/o-ton.

98 Rev. Edward Dorr Griffin, D.D., 1770-1S37 ; first Pas-

tor of Park vStreet Chvnxh, 1S11-15 ; engraving by Sartain,
after Waldo. Airs. Thomas A. Emerson.

99 Rev. William Ellery Channing, D.D., 1780-1842 ; Pas-

tor of Federal Street Church, 1 803-1 S42 ; engraving bv
Hoogland, after Harding. E. G. Li/cas.

ICO Rev. Jonathan Mayhew, D.D. {v. No. 80) ; steel engrav-
ing by Wright Smith. JSIattJiew A. Alayhezv.

lOi REv^ James Davis Knowles, 1798-183S; Pastor of the
Baldwin Place Baptist Church, 1835-32 ; engraving by
Chorley, after Doyle, 1S29. E. G. L//cas.

102 Rev. Sebastian Streeter, D.D. {y. No. 88) ; litliograph

by Bouve, after Rowse. William H. Whitmore.

103 Daniel Simpson, 1790-18S6; Drummer in the War of 1812 ;

in the 24th Massachusetts Volunteers in the Rebellion ; for
the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company over seventy
years, and for the New England Guards over fifty years ;
oil portrait by Darius Cobb, life-size, two-thirds length,
seated, holding his 'drum (No. 104). Da//icl Simpson.

104 Snare-drum beaten at the Battle of Biinker Hill by John

Robbins, having on its side the date "• 1771," with motto:
"• A//t vincere a/tt tnori." Daniel Simpson.

105 Jonas Chickering, 179S-1853; manufacturer of piano-

fortes; photograph of a lithograph by Grozelier.

George II. Chickcrii/g.

io5 Edward Kendall, 180S-1862; Bugler to tlie New England
Guards ; took the first prize at Covcnt Garden, London,
1846 ; lithograph by Fabronius. Saim/el W. Clifford.

107 Francis I., Duke of Lorraine, 1708-176^; married Maria
Theresa, 1736; elected Emperor of Germany, 1745.

Arnim M'/iller.


108 Maria Tiikrp:sa, 1717-17S0, Empress of Germany, suc-

ceeded Cliarles VI., 174O) t^^'*^ colored engravings from
life, by Engelbrecht. Arti/ju Midler.

109 Parsonage of Bratti.k Sqijai{k CiiuRcir, formerly standing

in Court vStreet, on the site of the building lately occupied
by Adams Express Co. ; water-color bv Fuller, i8^v

Samuel If. Russell.

no Rev. John Goriiam Palfrey, D.D., 1796-18S1 ; Pastor
of Brattle Square Church, 1818-1S30; ISIcmber of Con-
gress, 1S47-9; Postmaster, 1861-6; relief bust in plaster.

Samuel J\f. Bedlington.

111 Brattle Sc^uare Church, i 172-1871 : photograph.

D. ll'aldij Salisbury.

112 Boston Harror, from Fort Hill; oil painting by J. ^V. A.

.Scott, 1S53.

113 Four Silk Ensigns of the New England (juards (chartered

181 3), specified as follows:

vState Flag, inscribed : " 4th Battalion, ist Brigade, ist
Division, New England Guards."

Battalion Color of white silk, inscribed: "New Eng-
land Guards, instituted September 23, 181 3. Presented
by S. Abbott Lawrence, October 30, 1S37."

Ensign of blue silk, displaying on its respective sides the
shields of the States of New York and Massachusetts, and
bearing upon the pole a silver plate engraved as follows :
" Presented to the New England Guards on the occasion
of their first visit to New York, July 31, 1844, by the ex-
members of the Corps residing in the city at the time."

National Ensign, lettered as follows: "4th Battalion,

Above th.em a blue silk company guidon, inscribed:
"N. E. (;., 1813."

The Ncxv Ei?gla7td Guards' Association.

114 John Wilkes, .Serjeant Glyn, and Rev. John Horne ;

colored mezzotint, engraving by Houston, published in
London, 1769. Loan: Samuel H. Russell,

115 Boston, from Dorchester Heights; oil jxiinting by Sec-

man. A. C.

116 Clock owned by the Hon. William Sullivan (i77l~^S39) '

made by Aaron Willard, of Roxbury.

Loan: Mrs. Elizabeth A. Tcjuiey.


117 Jean Cheverus, 1768-1S36; first Roman Catholic Bishop

of Boston, 1S10-1823 ; Bishop of Montauban, 1823 ; Arch-
bishop of Bordeaux, 1S36 ; Cardinal, 1835; lithograph by
Moore, after Stuart, 1S26. John C. Flynn.

118 Rev. William Mattocks Rogers, born in Alderney, 1S06,

died 18^1 ; Pastor of Central Church, 1835-51 ; colored
lithograph. Airs. Charles P. Strong.

119 The New England Guards, in camp on Savin Hill, under

command of Capt. George VV. Lyman ; oil painting upon
a mahogany panel, inscribed: "September 11, 1819.
Painted by B. B. Curtis." ./. Putnam Bradlee.

\10-1\ Two Slx-pound Brass Field-pieces, with engraved
inscription : " Cast and Mounted by order of the Board of
War, for the New England Guards, 1814," with sponge-rod
and rammer. One of the cannon was fired by Lafayette
on his visit to the encampment of the Guards at Savin Hill
in 1824. The JVexv England Guards' Association.

122 John Jeptries, M.D., 1745-1S19; in his costume as an

aeronaut, with barometer, etc., in his balloon, copper-plate
engraving; also his portrait at a later period, lithograph by
Pendleton, after Greenwood ; the column erected to com-
memorate the spot in the forest of Guines, France, where
Dr. Jetliies and Blanchard, the aeronaut, landed after their
balloon voyage from England to France, Jan. 7? ^7^5 '
copper-plate engraving by Johnson, after Greenwood;
framed togetlier. Loan: B, Joy Jeffries., AI.D.

123 Rev. Ephraim Peabody, 1S07-1856; Pastor of King's

Chapel, 1846-56 ; photograph. Nathan Appleton.

124 James Madison, 1751-1S36; President of the United States,

1S09-1817 ; oil portrait, after Stuart.

Loan : A Republican Institution.

125 Joshua Bates, born in Weymouth, Mass., 17SS, died 1S64;

of the firm of Baring Brothei's & Co., London ; lienefactor

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