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makeup examination must obtain advance authorization from the Office of the Dean
of the College.

If a student is absent without excuse from a term-end examination and does not
obtain authorization for a makeup examination, the student will be given a grade of
zero on the examination. The instructor will be asked to supply a grade for the course.
If the instructor fails to do so on or before the institutional deadline, the Registrar will
enter a failing grade on the student's record.

A student is expected to complete the work in each course before the beginning of
the examination period. Students unable to complete the work in a course by this time
may apply, with the consent of the instructor, for an Incomplete. Approval of the
faculty adviser as well as the instructor is required; for students on warning or proba-
tion, the approval of the Office of the Dean of the College is also required. The work
must be completed by a date stipulated by the faculty adviser and in no case later than
two weeks after the beginning of the next semester. The grade for the course must be
filed by the instructor no later than the third week of the next semester. The Registrar
is instructed to enter the grade of "E" on the record of any student who fails to obtain
an Incomplete as stipulated above or who does not complete a course on schedule.
Such failures may be changed only by vote of the Committee on Academic Standing.

Should a student not complete other required academic exercises such as laboratory
assignments, minor papers, or quizzes, and if the absence or noncompliance is excused,
the instructor in charge of the course may, at his or her discretion, require the work to
be made up or not count the assignment in determining a grade. When there is no
satisfactory excuse for the incomplete work, the instructor may, at his or her discretion,
record a failing grade.


Academic Status

At the end of each semester, the Committee on Academic Standing announces the
Dean's List of honor students. A student shall be placed on the Dean's List if he or she
has earned a semester grade point average in the preceding semester of 3.50 or higher;
and has not received a D, E, or F, or more than one C; and has completed a course
program within the constraints of rate of work provisions before the deadline for re-
moving an Incomplete; and has received a regular letter grade in at least three courses.
A senior doing honors work in the fall may receive an "S" in that course (99) and still
be eligible.

In order to be eligible for the degree, students must compensate for any D beyond
two with honor grades in an equivalent number of courses. A satisfactory record for a
term contains no more than one D and no E's.

At the conclusion of each semester the Committee on Academic Standing reviews
the records of students whose performance is unsatisfactory. Such students are in-
formed in writing. In extenuating circumstances, no further action is taken. Students
with moderately deficient records are generally placed on warning; students with more
seriously deficient records are generally placed on probation; and students whose
records are severely deficient may be required to withdraw from the University. Stu-
dents on warning or probation are required to earn a complete and satisfactory record
during the succeeding semester; failure to do so may result in a required withdrawal
action. The University reserves the authority to sever relations with students whose
academic performance is so profoundly deficient as to suggest an inability to meet
academic requirements.

Involuntary withdrawal from the University occasioned by academic deficiency
requires the student to interrupt formal study for a minimal period of one year. After
that time the Committee on Academic Standing will consider application for readmis-
sion. Primary considerations in making readmission decisions are evidence of sustained
and productive activity during the period of absence from the campus, evidence of
serious academic purpose, and pertinent letters of recommendation attesting to the
candidate's readiness to resume formal study.

Leaves of Absence and Withdrawal from the University

Any regular undergraduate student who has been in residence for two semesters and
who has a complete and satisfactory record from the preceding semester is eligible for a
leave of absence. A leave of absence is granted for one or two semesters and may be
extended, at most, once. Students are required to inform the Office of the Dean of the
College in writing of their intentions at a specified date prior to the beginning of the
term in which they are scheduled to register. Credit will not normally be granted for
academic work taken at other institutions during a leave of absence.

A student wishing to withdraw from the University may do so at any time. After one
calendar year has elapsed, the Committee on Academic Standing will consider a student's
application for readmission. (Note: Please refer to the schedule of refunds on page 35.)

In order to obtain a leave of absence or to withdraw from the University, a student
must consult the Office of the Dean of the College and obtain clearance from all ap-
propriate administrative offices.


Dismissal or Severance

The University establishes and administers rules of student conduct and reserves the
right to suspend or to require to withdraw students whose conduct, in the judgment of
the President, in consultation with the Director of Student Affairs or Deans of the
Graduate or Heller Schools, warrants such action. Normally, the University will give
due notice and, if requested, a hearing before the appropriate body to any student who
may be required to withdraw from the University for other than academic reasons.

University Records Policy

The Brandeis University Records Policy contains procedures and constraints governing
the disclosure to third parties of personally identifying information gained from offi-
cial records; procedures and rights governing student access to his/her educational
records; the nature and location of various records maintained by the University and
the title of the University official responsible for their maintenance, supervision, and
interpretation; and procedures by which students may seek to remedy alleged inac-
curacies in University records.

In addition, students are invited annually to decide whether they wish the University
to disclose "directory information" to inquirers. Directory information consists of
the following items:

Name, address (local) and telephone number, home address and telephone
number, date of birth, class standing (freshman, sophomore, etc.), dates of atten-
dance and field of concentration.

If the University is instructed to withhold directory information, only the student's
name will be disclosed to inquiring parties (except in emergencies or as otherwise
allowed by law); otherwise, all items of directory information will be disclosed. Con-
sult the Office of the Dean of the College for additional information on the University
Records Policy.

Student Life

The Office of Student Affairs is responsible for the quality of student life and student
development. Among this office's areas of concern are cultural, intellectual, and recre-
ational and religious programming, residential life, the availability of professional
resources to aid students in their present endeavors and future life planning, and stu-
dent conduct matters.

Located in the Usdan Student Center, the Office of Student Affairs is responsible for
co-curricular programming; advising, supporting, and coordinating student groups
and activities; the smooth operation of the multi-purpose Usdan Student Center: and
other campus programs such as orientation and parents' weekend. The staff, in con-
junction with undergraduate students and faculty, maintains a varied program of social,
cultural, and intellectual events during the academic year. Policy formulation and
committee work of import to student life and activities are also focused here.

To further the objective of student growth, the Office of Student Affairs coordinates
the following departments and services:


The Office of Career Planning

The Office of Career Planning assists undergraduates with their graduate and career
plans. The office staff provides individual career counseling, Ufe planning workshops,
career exploration programs, and a full career resource center. Located in the Usdan
Student Center, the office serves as a link between current undergraduates and Brandeis
alumni вАФ alumni from the business and professional world, who have entered fields of
higher education, medicine, journalism, social work, law, and many others. In addi-
tion to counseling and career information, the staff provides assistance to seniors and
alumni as they prepare and distribute job appHcations and credentials. Coordination
of interviewing with representatives from educational, governmental, and business
organizations is provided throughout the academic year. All students are encouraged
to make use of these resources as early in their Brandeis career as possible.

Office of Residence Life and University Housing

The undergraduate College of Arts and Sciences is essentially a residential college with
nearly 80 per cent of its students living in residence halls. The Office of Residence Life
and University Housing, located in the Usdan Student Center, is responsible for the
effective administrative operation, as well as counseling and programming activities,
within all residence halls. Off campus housing services and graduate housing are also
functions of this office.

Residence halls are grouped into eight living areas ranging in size from 140 to 400
students. Each area is under the supervision of a Resident Quadrangle Director or Area
Coordinator. In addition. Head Resident Counselors and undergraduate Assistant
Resident Counselors " live-in" and aid in the administration of several residence halls.
Residence staff members are available to provide assistance to students on academic,
personal, and social matters.

Religious Activities

Religious activities and related programs are centered in the Three Chapels Association
and are conducted by the student religious organizations: B'nai B'rith Hillel Founda-
tion, Bethlehem Chapel Community and the Harlan Chapel Christian Community.

Hillel, the Jewish student movement on campus, is a multi-faceted and highly
pluralistic community which embraces and welcomes Jews of all persuasions and
interests. Hillel presents a wide range of programs including an unusual free university
of seminars, workshops, study groups, social service and philanthropic projects; a
Jewish Arts Festival; Holocaust Remembrance Week; a diversified Israel program; a
Sabbath lecture series; Soviet and Arab Jewry projects; a Hebrew chorus; and a full
spectrum of religious services and holy day celebrations.

The Bethlehem Chapel Community serves the total Catholic community at Brandeis:
students, faculty and staff. There are Sunday and daily Masses, hours for private and
group consultation, seminars, study groups, Holy Day and Feast Day programs and
other events.

The Harlan Chapel Christian Community serves the Protestant community at
Brandeis and presents a variety of services and programs including religious services,
poetry readings, films and speakers. The Christian Fellowship and the Brandeis
University Gospel Choir are under the sponsorship of the Harlan Chapel Christian


The three chaplains serve as advisers to these groups and are available to all persons
within the University community for personal and rehgious counseling and informal

Student Activities

Usdan Student Center

The Usdan Student Center acts as a focal point for co-curricular and extra-curricular
activities at Brandeis. The Center provides office space and facilities for student
government and a broad range of student clubs and organizations. Undergraduate
students play a major role in the operation of the building, both through the large
number of student staff who work in the building, and through the Usdan Student
Center Advisory Board which assists in the determination of policy and student
organization space allocation.

Student Government

Brandeis students consider themselves a part of a community dedicated to the advance-
ment of liberal values, the enrichment of life experience and the deepening of learning.
Organized as the Brandeis Student Union, they consider it their prime responsibility to
create a democratic student organization, to increase the flow of new ideas and to
provide enjoyable and creative recreational and cultural activities for all students.

The Student Union is the assembly of the entire student body. The Student Senate,
consisting of elected officers and elected representatives from each class, meets regu-
larly to conduct its business and supervise its programs. The Student Program-
ming Board has the responsibility for collection and allocation of the voluntary Stu-
dent Activities Fee, which funds a variety of social, cultural and educational programs.

Student Organizations

A variety of student organizations exists for all who are interested. Organizations are
open to any matriculated student on the basis of competency or interest. No exclusive
or secret societies may be organized.

Co-curricular activities include the Anthropology Club, Art Club, Chemistry Club, le
Club Francois, Computer Science Club, Economics Club, Linguistics Society, Music
Club and Psychology Club.

Musical, dramatic and dance activities include Brandeis University Gospel Choir,
Dance Artistry, Gilbert & Sullivan Society, Israeli Dance Group and Tympanium

Special interest groups include African Circle, Amnesty International, Black African-
American Party, Brandeis Gay Alliance, Brandeis Asian-American Students Associa-
tion, Brandeis Democrats, Brandeis Zionist Alliance, Chess Club, Christian Fellowship,
Clamshell Alliance, College Republicans, Cycling and Outing Club, Divestment Club,
Environmental Studies Committee, Friendship International, Frisbee Club, Grito,
Hillel, J. P. Stevens Boycott Support Committee, Minority Pre-Med Society,
Photography Club, Pot Shop, Pre-Dental Society, Pre-Law Society, Sailing Club, Ski
Club, Speech & Debate Society, Student Service Bureau, Student Sexuality Information
Service, Table Tennis Club, Waltham Group and Women's Coalition.

The campus radio station, WBRS-FM, is owned by the University, and operated solely by
students. The station is licensed by the FCC to transmit on 91.7 mhz to the greater Boston
community. A broadcasting schedule exceeding 100 hours per week includes programs of
information, entertainment and public service.


student Publications

The Justice is the student campus newspaper, edited and managed entirely by students
to cover matters of campus interest. It is published weekly during the academic year.
The Student Senate annually publishes a Yearbook and a Course Evaluation. In
addition, several special interest publications are available. These include, among
others, Folio, the Brandeis literary journal, and Intelligentsia, a campus humor

Committee on Student Life

This faculty-student-staff committee chaired by the Director of Student Affairs is
responsible for recommending changes needed to improve the quality of life for the
Brandeis community. It is also charged with making recommendations to the President
regarding rules, regulations, and poUcies governing conduct on campus.

Students also serve as members of a variety of University and faculty committees
including the Educational PoHcy Committee, Committee on Admission and Financial
Aid, Library Committee and Athletics Committee. Two students also serve as
representatives to the Board of Trustees and the Executive Board of the National
Alumni Association.

Security and Safety

The Department of Security and Safety is located at Room 1-A, Sydeman Hall. Re-
sponsibilities of this 19-member special police force embrace campus-wide security/
safety patrol, traffic control and enforcement of University driving/parking regula-
tions, protective custody of University offices, classroom/dormitory areas and profes-
sional inquiry into incidents involving theft, trespassing and related matters. Special
emphasis of the Department is placed upon preventive and protective care for all
members of the University community.

Automobile Regulations

All students must register their vehicles with the Department of Security and Safety.
Students with motor vehicles must observe University traffic and parking regulations,
a copy of which will be placed in each mailbox at the beginning of the school year.
Due to Umited space, the Brandeis Parking and Traffic Committee strongly recom-
mends that students leave their motor vehicles at home.


Recognizing the importance of athletics in a sound college educational program,
Brandeis University offers a wide variety of organized sports. All aspects of college
athletics, however, are subordinate to the essential educational purposes of the Uni-
versity. The athletic program exists for the welfare of the students and for the contri-
bution it can make to their educational experience. A physical examination is required
before participation in any organized sport.

The University fields varsity teams for men in soccer, baseball, basketball, fencing,
lacrosse, cross-country, track, tennis and swimming. Women engage in varsity basket-


ball, fencing, tennis, softball, swimming, volleyball, cross-country and track. The
varisty squads compete against teams representing colleges and universities which
regard athletics in the same spirit as Brandeis University. Playing on a home-and-away
basis, Brandeis teams have scheduled competition with teams from the Midwest, the
South and New England. Brandeis is a member of N.C.A.A., New England Athletic
Conference, Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference, and the Greater Boston Collegiate
Athletic Association. All home athletic contests are played on the campus at Gordon
Field, Marcus Field, Rieger Tennis Courts, Shapiro Athletic Center and the Linsey
Sports Center.

Beheving in the value of athletic participation for both conditioning and relaxation,
the University maintains a full array of intramural programs. Competitions are orga-
nized in various sports on a volunteer-team basis. The intramural program includes
flag-football, basketball, softball, tennis, table tennis and volleyball. Residence hall
and commuter teams have also been organized in these sports, with the competitive
aspects subordinated to the enjoyment of the game.

Health Services

Because health and medical care are an integral part of the University experience the
University Health Services provides a program of comprehensive medical and emo-
tional care. A mandatory Health Participation Fee entitles students to medical services
available at the Golding Medical Outpatient Facility and counseling services at Mail-
man House without additional charge during the academic year. The annual health
fee does not pay for off-campus medical consultations, dental care, medications,
laboratory tests, drugs, x-rays, reusable supplies or admission to the University's
hospital, Stoneman Infirmary, and students are responsible for these charges.

In addition, each student is required to have personal health insurance. The student
may elect to participate in the Brandeis University's Student Health Insurance Plan
underwritten by Massachusetts Blue Cross-Blue Shield or may substitute membership
in another plan.

Except for limited day care facilities, the Health Services and the use of the Stone-
man Infirmary are available to students only during the period in which the University
is in regular academic session.

Prospective students planning to matriculate in the college and graduate schools
must submit a Health Examination Report completed by the family or personal
physician prior to registration. In addition to information about previous health and
details of the physical examination, evidence of immunization against tetanus, polio,
measles, mumps and rubella are required. Since students may not register until the
requirements have been satisfied, it is strongly recommended that the Health Examina-
tion Report be submitted by July 1 .

The Student Health Insurance Plan is designed to defray expenses of those care
situations which are beyond the scope of the Health Services; for example, laboratory
and x-ray examinations, as well as hospitalization for illnesses or accidents of a more
serious nature. The Plan extends for a full calendar year commencing with the first day
of the academic year.

A detailed brochure of the services offered by the University Health Services as well
as an outline of the details of the Plan is mailed to parents. Students and parents are
urged to read this brochure carefully and keep it for reference.


Whereas situations not covered within the Health Services or by the Insurance Plan
are infrequent, an awareness of these possibilities will lessen misunderstanding and
disappointment. In such instances, students and their parents are responsible for
expenses which are not covered by the University's health program or its associated
insurance policy. Similarly, students and their parents are responsible for expenses
which are not covered by alternative insurance programs substituted for the Brandeis
University Student Health Insurance Plan.

Psychological Counseling Center

The Psychological Counseling Center, which is a part of the University Health Services,
is located in Mailman House. It provides professional assistance to students who have
personal or emotional problems. Those who wish such help may refer themselves
directly to the Center. Their communications with the staff are held in strict confidence.

Dining Facilities

Student cafeterias are located in the Sherman and Usdan Student Centers. A separate
kosher kitchen is provided in Sherman. The Usdan Student Center also offers an ice
cream parlor and the Boulevard, which consists of a group of small food shops and a
retail bakery. In addition, light refreshments are provided in Cholmondeley's, a coffee
house operated by students in Usen Castle.

The Stein

Located in Sherman Student Center, The Stein is a tavern offering sandwiches, light
meals, beer and wine. The Stein is a popular gathering place for students throughout
the academic year.


Located in the Usdan Student Center, the campus bookstore is operated by a private,
non-Brandeis agency. It is open Monday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00
p.m., 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Friday, and 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Saturday. The
bookstore, through its close association and coordination with academic departments
and faculty members, offers students a comprehensive stock of textbooks and paper-
backs related to the academic program. School supplies, clothing, health and beauty
aids, and gift items may also be purchased at the bookstore.

Post Office and Student Mailroom

The campus mailroom is located in the Usdan Student Center. All student mail is
delivered to the campus post office, and a separate mailbox is maintained for each
student. From 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and from 11 a.m. to noon
on Saturday, all services are provided, including the sale of stamps and money orders,
registry of mail, and handling of parcel post packages.





Campus Facilities

Academic and Administrative Buildings

Abelson Physics Building

The Abelson Physics Building houses the teaching and research laboratories of the
Physics Department. It also includes a major physics lecture and demonstration hall.

Administration Center

Overlooking the main entrance to the campus, the Brandeis University Administration
Center houses the offices of the president, vice-presidents, dean of faculty. University
administration, and the National Women's Committee. Conference room facilities
serve the Board of Trustees, faculty, and administrative staff. The center comprises
the Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center, Gryzmish Academic Center, and the
Julius and Matilda Irving Presidential Enclave.

Bass Physics Building

A unit of the science quadrangle, the Bass Physics Building includes research facilities
for the Physics Department as well as departmental offices.

Bassine Biology Center

The Bassine Biology Center houses all of the research activities of the Biology Depart-

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