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Janiiahy No. 1

AuTiioiis 2

Lkiteks 6

A Natuhauist at Large: The People Crunch 0)mes

TO East Africa Norman Myers 10

Thk Human Strategy: What Goes Ui', May Stay Up

Marvin Harris 18

Bios: The Language of the Leaves Arthur W. Galston 26

Land Sharing in Rural India Curtis P. Harlman 32

Photographs by Gary S. Wolinsky

The Cod: A Case of Supervised Neglect Albert C. Jensen 44

Return of the Fisher

Robert B. Brander and David J. Books 52

Medieval Beasties Frank J. Anderson 58

Arctic Renaissance George Swinton 64

Man's Adaptable Predator Edwin D. Kilbourne 72

Sky Reporter: Black Holes and Galaxies

John P. Wiley, Jr. 84

Celestl\l Events Thomas D. Nicholson 86

The Prophet Speaks Review by Luther P. Geriach 88

Suggested Additional Reading .". 100

February No. 2

Authors 2

Letters 6

A New Age for Aging Bernard L. Strehler 8

The Human Strategy: Riddle of the Pig, H

Marvin Harris

Bios: A Basic Unity of Life Arthur W. Galston

The Silent Ordeal of a South Atlantic Archipelago

Ian J. Strange

From Mother Goddess to Dishwasher Dena Justin

Phineas T. Barnum's Charming Beast Harvey A. Ardman

Secrets of the Coelacanth Keith S. Thomson

Unveiling the Black Widow John A. L. Cooke

Moments in the Mud Photographs by Maureen Bisilliat

Social Systems, Sex, and Survival

Review by Daniel H. Janzen

Sky Reporter: Back to the Backyard John P. Wiley, Jr.

Celestial Events Thomas D. Nicholson 100

Suggested Additional Reading 102




March No. 3

Authors 2

Letters 4

The Misnamed, Mistreated, and Misunderstood Irish Elk

Stephen Jay Gould 10
The Human Strategy: The Withering Green Revolution

Marvin Harris 20

Bios: Plant Cancer Arthur W. Galston 24

Lonely Lives Under the Big Sky WilHam A. Douglass 28

Flowers of the Sea Meredith L. Jones 40

Photographs by Carl Roessler

Letters from Golden Sardis George M. A. Hanfmann 46

Cemetery Ecology

Jack Ward Thomas and Ronald A. Dixon 60
The Greater Rhea Chick and Egg Delivery Route

Donald F. Bruning 68

Sad Saga of the Oceana Susan Schlee 76

Where Humanity Ends Review by Robert Coles 84

Suggested Additional Reading 97

Celestul Events Thomas D. Nicholson 98

April No. 4

Authors 2

At Random Alan Ternes 4

A Naturalist at Large: Smokey Bear Meets Satan's Wife

Raymond B. Cowles 6

Letters 20

Bios: China's Far-flung Children Arthur W. Galston 24

Metamorphosis of the Monarch Jecon Gregory 28

An Indian Journey to Life's Source Peter T. Furst 34

Last Dance on the Mating Ground

Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Philippe Diole 44

The Cones of Cappadocia Roberta Strauss Feuerlichi 50

The Black Rhinoceros John Goddard 58

A Botanist at Sea Nicholas T. Mirov 68

People and Their Music Review by Alan P. Merriam 78

Celestl^l Events Thomas D. Nicholson 92

Suggested Additional Reading 95

May No. 5

Authors 2

Letters 4

Where Did You Go? Out. What Did You Find? Fossils

Robert Sommer 9

Bios: Education under Fire Arthur W. Galston 18

Refugees of the Ice Age Thomas C. Barr, Jr. 26

The Lost Vikings of Greenland Jcirgen Meldgaard 36

The Squalor That Was Rome Theodore Crane 44

The Bison Is Beleaguered -A.gain Henry G. DeYoung 48

Folk Art in the Barrios Eric KroU 56

Foiling the Falconers Alan Pistorius 66

Celestial Events Thomas D. Nicholson 78

The Greening of Indoor America Richard M. Klein 80

Suggested Additional Reading 87

At Random Alan Ternes 88

June-July No. 6

Authors 4

Letters 8

A Naturalist at Large: Genesis Salvador E. Luria 10

Bios: Health Care in North Vietnam Arthur W. Galston 20

Old Glory and the New Yap David Labby 26

Photographs by Dorreen Labby

Seeds: The Carriers of Life Willard K. Martin 38

So Fair and Foul a Bird Charles Vaurie 60

Photographs by Hans Silvester

A Most Peaceable Rodent Garrett C. Clough 66

The Myths in Men's Mtnds Review by Terence Turner 80

CeijEstul Events Thomas D. Nicholson 90

Sigr Reporter: The Ancient and Legendary Gods of Old

Carl Sagan 92

Suggested Additional Reading 94

At Random Mihon Rugoff 96

August-September No. 7

Authors 4

Letters 11

A Dog's World View Kenneth D. Roeder 12

The Human Strategy: The Rites of Summer. ..Marvin Harris 20

Bios: Hard Times for American Science ..Arthur W. Galston 24

To Kill a Honeycreeper Richard E. Warner 30

Sickness and Death in Florida's Coral Reefs

Gilbert L. Voss 40

Twilight of the Cree Hunting Nation Harvey A. Feit 48

Man and Marijuana Richard E. Schultes 58

The Adaptable Raccoon Dean Schneider 64

Food, Glorious Food! Review by Raymond Sokolov 86

Celestial Events Thomas D. Nicholson 96

Suggested Additional Reading 98

Sky Reporter: The Ice Age and the Caldron Carl Sagan 100

October No. 8

Authors 2

Letters 8

Secrets of the Great Plant Wizard Ken and Pat Kraft 10

Bios: New Ways to Increase Man's Food

Arthur W. Galston 28
A Tribe of Ancient Mariners Comes Ashore

H. Arlo Nimmo 34

Disaster from the Tropics R. Cecil Gentry 46

The Turning of the Leaves Patricia W. Spencer 56

The Day the Mountain Fell Daniel and Jean Shepard 64

Showdown in Ngorongoro Crater Richard D. Estes 70

Man's Age-old Struggle for Power Andrew Hardy 82

Not All Roads Lead to Wounded Knee

Review bv Peter Farb 88
Sky Reporter: Beglnnings and Ends of the Earth

Carl Sagan 101

Celestial Events Thomas D. Nicholson 102

Suggested Additional Reading 104

November No. 9

.'VUTHORS ........i 5

Letters 6

Twilight Seen from Space

K. Ya. Kondratvev and 0. I. Smoktv 12

Bios: Turning Plants Off a.nd On Arthur W. Galston 26

A Naturalist at Large: Cabinets of Curiosities

Frank J. Anderson 41

The Metro Forest A Natural History Special Supplement 45

Turkey Renaissance

Gerald A. Wunz and .A.rnold H. Hayden 86

Bedouins of the Oil Fields Donald P. Cole 94

Back to the Bow and Arrow Review by C. Loring Brace 110

Celestial Events Thomas D. Nicholson 126

December No. 10

Authors 4

Letters 11

Living off the Fuels of the L^nd Eric Hirst 20

Seaweed Invasion Robert Wassman and Joseph Ramus 24

The Glory That Was Jerusalem Christopher L. Hallowell 38

The Japanese Art of Tattooing Donald Richie 50

Photographs by George and Claire Louden
Natural and Unn.wural Selection in a Wild Goose

Paul A. Johnsgard 60

Giant Pandas in the Wild Wang Sung and Lu Chang-kun

. . . AND IN A Biochemical Laboratory Vincent Sarich 70

A New Weapon Stirs Up Old Ghosts William E. Mitchell 74

Bios: Botanist Charles Darwin Arthur W. Galston 85

Political Storm Signals Over the Sea Patrick A. Mulloy 87

Pots and Robbers Review bv Ian Graham 94

Sky Reporter: The Hospitable Planet Earth

Gregory Benford 102

Celestial Events Thomas D. Nicholson 104

Suggested Additional Reading 108



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Turkey, Nov., p.86

Bajau, Philippines, Oct., p.34

Basque shepherds. Mar., p.28

Bedouins, Nov., p.94

Cappadocia, Apr., p.50

Eskimo, Jan., p.64

Indians, Cree, Aug., p.48; Huichol. Apr.

Japanese, tattooing, Dec, p.50

Sardis, archeology,* Mar., p.46

Vikings, May, p.36

Wape people. New Guinea, Dec, p.74

Yap Island, June, p.26
Archeological digs, Dec, p.38

, May, p.56

,0, Jai


and Natural history, Jaiv., p.58

Backyard astronomer, Feb., p.99

Black holes, Jan., p.84

Celestial events, Jan., p.86; Feb., p.lOO;

Mar., p.98; Apr., p.92; May, p.78;

June, p.90; Aug., p.96; Oct., p.l02;

Nov., p. 126; Dec, p. 104
Climatic changes, Aug., p. 100
Comet Kohoutck, Nov., p. 126; Dc



Lunar eclipse, partial, Nov., p. 126

Meteor observation

, Jan., p.84

Planets, Nov., p.l26

Sky Reporter, Jun

e, p.92; Aug., p.lOO

Oct., p.lOl; Dec

, p. 102

Southern sky, Jan.,


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.■., p. 126

Backyard astronomer.

Feb., p.99

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, p.66

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1, Nov., p.94

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;an science, Aug., p.24
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Educalion, May, p.l8
Food, Oct., p.28
Health care, June, p.20
leaves, Jan., p.26; Feb., p.26
Plant cancer. Mar.. p24
Plants, Nov., p.26




Habitat, No'

Honeyrreeper, Aug.. p.30

Hoopoe, crested, June, p.60

Prairie falcon. May, p.66

Hhca, Mar., p.68

Turkey. Nov.. p.86

Wild goose. Dee., p.60
Bison, May, p.«
Black holes, Jan., p.84
Black rhinoceros, Apr., p.SB
Black widow spider, Feb., p.66

Leaves, Jan., p.26; Feb., p.26; Oct., p.56

Marijuana, Aug., p.SB

Miracle seeds. Mar., p.20

Peyote, Apr., p.34

Plants, cancer in, Mar., p.24; feeling
toward, Oct., p. 10; physiology of, Apr.,
p.68; lime clocks, Nov., p.26

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Siberian, Apr., p.68

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Brazil mud flats. Feb., p.80
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Callcjon dc Huaylas, Peru, Oct., p.64
Cappadocia, Asia Minor, Apr.. p.50
Caves, May, p.26
Celestial Events see Astronomy
Cells, cancerous in plants. Mar., p.24; divi-
sion and aging, Feb., p.8
Cemeteries, Mar., p.60
Chicane youth. May, p.56
China, expatriates of. Apr., p.24
Chinese culture. Bajau. Oct.. p.34
City forests, Europe, Nov., p.52
Climate and urban trees, Nov., p.70
Climatic changes and pollution, Aug., p.lOO
Codflsh, Jan., p.44
Coclacanth, fossil fish, Feb., p.58
Comet Kohoutek, Nov., p.l26; Dec, p.l04

Black rhinoceros. Apr., p.58

Codfish, Jan. p.44

East African wildlife, Jan.. p.lO

Honeycreeper, Aug., p.30

Prairie falcon. May. p.66

South Atlantic wildlife. Feb., p.30
Coral reefs, Aug., p.40
Cree Indians, Aug., p.46
Darwin, Charles, Dec, p.85
Dog, dachshund, Aug., p.l2

Hemp, Aug., p.58

and Huichol Indians, Apr., p.34

Marijuana, Aug., p.58
Earth, Oct., p.lOl; Nov.. p.l2; Dec, p.l02
Earthquake, Peru, Oct., p.64
East African wildlife, Jan., p.lO

Bahamian hutias, June, p.66

Birds, Nov., p.55

Black rhinoceros, Apr., p.58

Cemetery, Mar., p.60

City forests, Nov., p.52

Food, Oct., p.28

Forestry, Nov., p.72

Forests, Nov., p.82

Home improvement plan, Nov., p.74

Honeycreeper, Aug., p.30

Human, East Africa, Jan., p.lO; rural In-
dia, Jan., p.32

Hunting practices, Cree Indians, Aug.,

Lord's Woods, Nov., p.63

Lynn Woods, Nov., p.76

Pig, Feb., p.20

Racoon, Aug., p.64; Nov., p.58

Smokey Bear and fire prevention, Apr.,

Scpiirrel, Nov., p.61

Urban trees, Nov., p.4S; p.70

Wooded wonderland, Nov., p.67
Education, May, p. 18
Elephant, Jumbo, Feb., p.46
Elk, Irish, Mar., p.lO
Energy crisis, Oct., p.82; Dec, p.20


Ethnohistory, Basque shepherds. Mar., p.28

Fishes, Feb., p.SB

Theories of, Irish elk. Mar., p. 10; Charles
Darwin, Dec, p.85
Falcon, prairie. May, p.66
Falkland Islands, Feb., p.30
Fire prevention, Smokey Bear. Apr., p.6
Fisher, Jan., p.52
Fisheries, management, Jan., p.44

Cod. Jan., p.44
Coelacanth, fossil, Feb., p.SB
Folklore, Feb., p.40

Cod, Jan., p.44

and Fuel, Dec, p.20

Increase, Oct., p.28

and Pig, Feb., p.20
Forestry, Chicago, Nov., p.72

in Cities, Nov., p.52

Second growth and turkeys, Nov., p.86

Return of, Nov., p.82
Fossil, fishes, Feb., p.S8; imprints. May, p.9
Fuel, Oct., p.82; Dec, p.20


Gazelle, Grant's, Oct., p.70

Geology, earthquake, Peru, Oct., p.64

Goose, wild, Dec, p.60

Greenland. May. p.36

Hawaii, birds. Aug.. p.30

Heahh care. North Vietnam, June, p.20

Hemp, Aug., p.SB

History, elhno, Mar., p.28; oceanographic

Mar., p.76
Honeycreeper, Aug., p.30

loopoe, crested, June, p.60
luichol Indians, Mexico, Apr., p.34
luMArr Strategy

Fashions, Jan., p.l8

Green Revolution, Mar., p.20

Pig, Feb., p.20

Pigment and summer, Aug.. p.20
lulias. Bahamian, June, p.66
ce Age, cave animals. May, p.26; climatic

changes, Aug., p.lOO
ndia, rural, Jan., p.32

Cree. Aug., p.48; Huichol, Apr.




InsecU, monarch butterfly, Apr.,


Coral reefs. Aug.. p.40
Sabellid and serpulid polychai

, Mai


Squid. Apr., p.44
Irish elk. Mar., p.lO
Japanese tattoo, Dec, p.50
Jerusalem, Dec p.38
Jumbo, Feb., p.46
Kohoutek, Nov., p.l26; Dec, p.l04
Law of the sea, Dec, p.87

Language of, Jan., p.26

Movement of, Feb., p.26

Sleep movements, Jan., p.26

Turning of, Oct., p.56
Letters to the Editor, Jan., p.4; Feb.,

p.6; Mar., p.4; Apr., p.20; May, p.4; June,

p.8; Aug., p.Il; Oct., p.8; Nov.. p.6; Dec,

Lord's Woods, Nov., p.63
Lynn Woods, Boston, Nov., p.76

, May, [

Dog, Aug.


Elephant, Jumbo, Feb.. p.46

Elk, Irish, Mar.. p.lO

Fisher, Jan., p.52
. Gazelle, Oct., p.70

Hutia, Bahamian, June, p.66

Panda, Giant, Dec, p.70

Pig, Feb., p.20

Raccoon, Aug., p. 64; in Cincinnati

Rhinoceros, black, Apr., p.58

Squirrel, Nov., p.61
Marijuana, Aug., p.S8
Marine Life

Coral reefs, Aug., p.40

Sabellid and serpulid polychaete



Squid, Apr.,
Medieval beasties, Jai
Metamorphosis, mor


Mar., p.40

■ch butterfly, Apr.

Meteor observations, Jan., p.84
Meteorology, Oct., p.46; Aug.. p.lOO
Mexico, Huichol Indians, Apr., p.34
Microbiology, influenza virus. Jan.. p.7
Micronesia, Yap Island, June, p.26
Miracle seeds. Mar., p.20
Molecule, June, p.lO
Monarch butterfly, Apr., p.28
Mud flats, Brazil, Feb., p.80

Murals, Chicano, May, p.S6
Mythology, Jan., p.SB; Feb., p.40
Natural History, a name, Apr., p.4
Natural History museums, early collections,

Nov.. p.41
Naturalist at Large

Conservation, Jan., p.20

Dogs, Aug., p.l2

Genesis, June, p.lO

Smokey Bear, Apr., p.6

Trivia, Nov., p.41
New Guinea, Wape people, Dec, p.74
New York City, and influenza virus, Jan.,

North Vietnam, May, p.l8; education, May,

p.l8; health care, June. p.20

History, Mar., p.76

Tropical, Oct., p.46

Wealth of, Dec, p.87
Oil fields and Bedouins, Nov., p.94
Paleontology, coelacanth, fish, Feb., p.SB
Panda, Giant, Dec. p.70
Peru, earthquake, Oct., p.64
Peyote and Huichol Indians, Apr., p.34
Philippines, Bajau, Oct., p.34
Photosynthesis, Oct., p.28
Pig, Feb., p.2a

Pigment and summer, Aug., p.20
Plants see Botany
Pollution, and climate, Aug., p. 100; and

Florida's coral reefs, Aug., p.40
Polychaete worms, sabellid and serpulid.

Mar., p.40
Population explosion. East Africa, Jan., p. 10
IS, Aug., p.64; in Cincinnati, Nov.,



, Mai

Rhinoceros, black, Apr., p.58

Rock Creek Park, Washington, D.C., Nov.,

Rome, ancient. May, p.44
Sardis, excavations in. Mar., p.46
Satellite, Nov., p.l2

Science, and federal support, Aug., p.24
Sea anemones. Mar., p.40
Seaweed, Dec, p.24
Sea worms. Mar., p.40
Seeds, June, p.38

Skin and pigment, summer, Aug., p.20
Sky Reporter see Astronomy
Smokey Bear, .'\pr., p.6
South Atlantic, Falkland Island, Feb.. p.30
South Pacific, Yap Island, June, p.lO
Southern sky, Jan., p.84
Space, Nov., p.l2
Spiders, black widow, Feb.. p.66
Squid, Apr., p.44
Squirrel, Nov., p.61
Summer and tan, Aug., p.20
Swiss National Park, May, p.88
Tattooing, art of, Dec, p.50
Time clocks in plants, Nov., p.26

Autumn leaves, Oct., p.S6

Chicago trees, Nov., p.72

Home improvement plan, Nov., p.74

Urban, Nov., p.48

Urban and climate, Nov., p.70
Trivia, Nov., p.41
Turkev, Nov., p.86

Urban trees, Nov., p.4S; p.70

Vikings, May, p.36

Vinoba Bhave, and farming in India, Jai

, in bis

May, p.48; influ

Wape people, New Guinea, Dec, p.74

Weather, Oct.. p.46

Wildlife. East African. Jan.. p.lO; Falkland

Islands, Feb., p.30
Women, fashion. Western, Jan., p. 18; and

liberation, Feb., p.40

Lord's Woods, Nov., p.63

Lynn Woods, Nov., p.76

Wooded wonderland, Nov., p.67

see also Forests, Trees
Yap Island. Micronesia, June, p.26

Books its Review
Afrkanin: The Cullural Unity of Black Af-
rica, Feb., p.91
Amasonian Cosmos, Feb., p.86
Americanizing the American Indians, Oct..

Avocado Pit Grower's Indoor Hott'-To Book.

The, May, p.80
Big Thicket, The, Jan., p.94
Conscnnrig Life on Earth, June, p.87
Edge of an Unfamiliar World, Oct., p.92
Flowers and Trees of Tudor England, Nov..

p. 123
Food in History, Aug., p.86
Foxfire Book, The, Jan., p.97
From Honey to Ashes, June, p.80
Gad Within, A. Feb., p. 93
Growing Unusual Fruit, May, p.82
Grow Your Own Plants, May, p.80
Handbooks of the Brooklyn Botanical Gar-
den, May, p.80
Japanese Art of Miniature Trees and Land-
scape, May, p.80
Jii'aro, The. June, p.84
Literature of the American Indian, 0. I..

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