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Bngham Young University, Provo, Urah

iq Wilcox

Associate Editors

Konoe Cahoon

John Dozung

Head Photographer
Ravell Call







page 2

Passages . . .

our transitions between stages,

between times, between now and


Passages and portals opening the way to

what we are

and what we might become.

Are the passages created by fate?
Can we stumble into Godhood?
Is it a synthesis of thought, action,
conditioning, preparation,
growth and achievement?

The whole man . . .

collective parts unified to bring forth the

ultimate masterpiece.

Each man his own artist.

Taking nothing but a lifetime of

chiseling, sculpting, painting, polishing . .

himself— o work of art.

page 3

Passing through each year
our spirit is molded by rhe colors of rhe season,

rhe fullness of rhe rrees,
rhe majesty of rhe morning dawn and rhe evening sun

as ir worships rhe sky.

City symphonies sound rheir melodies

agansr rhe peaceful, Hiring strains

of nature's changing hue.

poge 5

We pass from level ro level of physical perfection,

coming closer ro uniring mind and body, inrellecr and srrengrh.

Copruring a "rhird wind" nor definable in speech,

bur in acrion.

Compering only wirh whar narure has given us,
srriving ro surpass earlier expecrarions.

Always wondering,

is rhere life afrer yourh?




: -*y/i







4 N

'•f •


Interaction . . . passing in and out

of relationships, friendships, roles of

leadership, times of hardship . . .

while master of your own ship.

page 10

Vessels rhor oil travel rhe some seo
of life, frying hard ro find o land of
social cohesiveness.

page 11

Joy, sorrow, exciremenr, disgusr, anguish,

love, confusion, frustration, conrenrmenr.

A fusion of emotion, constantly changing

from year to day to hour to moment.

Unpredictable as the continuing Utah weather forecast.


J *


^... ."_'<■.•• ■'■'■ ":-:"

»"•.':• ~

«*- ^«fc*-







The limirs of knowledge ore pushed farther ourward
as each concepr is grasped and question answered.
Our minds long for infinite intellectual understanding
as we attempt to stretch for the mysteries and Keys of life

No goal is unattainable
no mountain too high
no sea too wide,
no desert too dry.

Defining our boundones
only by rhe learning goined in living
ond rhe vision ond promise
embodied in life rhor lies beyond

Passages ro Perfection

Passages ..
Physical ...


Spirirual ....




T v *


page 26

• - *

■ ■


6 tj

• vj _J



B )l



^^^^L* ■'^f ^-> ^3^3 * ^^k w^K



-^/* »>>v>.

^^^r Hh^^^^^^I

poge 27

Cougars Take WAC Co-championship!

"Righr before the game

is the very worsr parr.

You're always

wondering if you're OK

and how you feel.

You're always so

nervous. As soon as rhe

first play is over ir's OK,

you're back in reality.

Ir's really exciring ro

play on a winning

ream. When you lose

ir's a drag."

Ross Varner

page 28

"It's an honor for me ro
represent rhe school and
DYU's name. I'm really
grareful for rhe coaching
sraff ond rhe facr rhar
rhey help you so much,
on and off rhe field. I
hope ro be involved wirh
DYU Arhlerics someday. I
already miss if."

Mekeli leremia

poge 29

[he DYU Cougars finished rhe 77 season wirh o Q 2 re-

i d when rhey downed UTEP 68 19 on Nov 26 serring a
■ ievv WAC record for rhe mosr yards on mrercepnon rerurns
: i a single game

F! nigh some fans losr hope for rhe Cougars when Alt-
American Quarterback Gifford Nielsen was injured m r he
• ui agamsr OSU Sophomore Marc Wilson sreeped in ro
lead rhe Cougars ro a 63-17 win over C3U serring a VAC
re ! d ! i 'he mosr Touchdown passes in one game (7)
fh'i ream finished rhe season freihg the Arij<j|j»*> ^rnr^
<■ ij 'he WAC Championship

The year was highlighted by 6 tied records and 50 new

■ '.is set by rhe Cougors and individual ream members

including 2 NCAA records by Marc Wilson

The Defense was led by three All WAC selecnons Mark
rjernrsen. Jason Coloma and Mekeli leremia The Defense
recovered more fumbles during rhe season than civ ream
in DYU hisrorv They forced turnover tram opponents 36
times tiemg a WAC record and also gave uo the few c
vards on' pupf rerurns

The Cougars closed our rhe season wirh a 10 day "mo
Japan including rwo exhibition games agamsr Japanese

'earn members


.•*•'•■:.'.*:. ; ?;*V

l come ro u>J

'r moke rhe ream, and we've
oroved rhar new

'"Sure we had supersrars on rhe ream,
bur everybody was pulling for everyone else."

George Harris

"Four years is a long rime

bur somerimes ir isn'r

enough. I suppose rhar's

besr, orherwise I'd be

going our for spring ball or

00 and srill be saying "jusr

wair rill nexr year'."

Richard Jones

page 32

Cougar Kittens
undefeated with
4-0 season

page 34

"This year's new breed of Cougar
basketball players has consisrenrly
proven ro be an excirlng and ralenred
group of young men. Our foundarion is
very solid and rhe furure for DYU
Basketball is brighr."

Coach Frank Arnold

poge 35

» '

\ -



1 ^ JgJk^J

fc Jar* TSi

■L. - M >^}r K_

"Since I was twelve, it's been my dream ro
wrestle for a major college. Now that I'm here
want to win for the school. When they go down
the list and count up the winners and the losers
want to be numbered among the winners.'

Scorr Maynes

page 38

poge 09

"I enjoy rhe

competition, especially

rhe rhrill of winning.

We oil give 110%."

Robert Olsen

page 40

Track & Field
and Cross Counrry



and Diving

page 42

. 4 • -

- . . *


"The besr rhing obour swimming ond diving
is rhar you nor only ger ro compere for
individual honors, bur you also represenr
porr of rhe ream."

Cyndi Palmer

poge 40


poge 44



+> -

T m.

poge 45


poge 46

Women's Soccer

poge 47


y X. *jGfS?f ,^***** ' *^ ■ r *^ l^^«.>»wi- 'Js \


poge 49

poge 50


poge 51

Women's Volleyball

poge 52

1977 AIAW National Volleyball Championship Held Ar DYU

DYU ployed hosr ro rhe Women's Nononol Volleyball
Championship in December Three days of com
penrion brought rop regional reams from all over rhe
Unired Stores The unmorched USC ream won over rhe
srrong University of Hawaii reom in the exciting final
game for first place in rhe rournamenr After upserrmg
Pepperdine University, DYU went on to play UCLA for
an impressive fourth place

page 53

Women's Track

■ ■

poge 54

Women's Field Hockey


Women's ^esi



poge 56


poge 57


page 58

"D.Y.U. has rhe porenriol of becoming
o powerhouse of rhe U.S."

Mike English

,( A Championship Team is creored
when six individuals each do rheir own
job and work rogerher wirh love and

Jack Hinron

poge 59


page 60


"Skiing is nor os much o sport as o
feeling ro me. The woy I feel has
a lor ro do wirh rhe woy I ski."

Jon Jones

poge 61


page 62

■~*r*L. ^ ** &


page 60


page 64


^^ Til

■fit/. - ^^ ^^^^^B ^^^^^^^3

BRjtf>.*" Ja. ,^^H

k ^^^^ps _9^ns&

^^^^r ^^^^H


1 II -

"A way I con
express myself."

Poulo Jo Merrill

poge 65

"Being on rhe Ballroom Donee

Team gives you an opportunity

ro discipline yourself and exercise

your self conrrol. Ir's grear!"

JaNae Jennings

"BYU International Folk Dancers 1 !

The mosr enthusiastic, hyper and

ambitious bunch of Kids on rhe

campus 1 Their unity is felt by

every member of rhe club."

Nancy Coll

page 66

"I really enjoy rhe learning
experience and confidence I
am building in dancing. I wenr
ro rhe Homecoming dance
lasr week and didn'r srep all
over his feer! Ir mighr be berrer
if a few more boys were in
ir so girls didn'r have ro
pracrice by rhemselves."

Jeonnie Culp

poqe 67

nrromura s


page 68

poge 69

'Norhing is o wosre of rime if you

enjoy it."

Joan Davenporr

■ ■'






page 70

"The Inrramurols program gives you o
greor opporruniry ro develop your
arhleric abilities and achieve personal

Cindy Gorcia

page 71

Community Sports

poge 72

poge 73

page 74


"Pushing yourself like rhor
makes you feel more alive.

Kim Kokodelas

poge 75

poge 76

poge 77

"Jogging requires on oil our effort . . .
ir is o discipline berween rhe body
ond rhe mind, one works wirh rhe orher,
bur each grows independenrly."

Randy Montgomery


'They ger inro more on-hond

rroining in rhe field . . . rhey

do ir because rhey like ir."

SFC Mamn Mosier


poge 80

-.. J


poge 81

page 82

«J (J tj:


^^Vi i



Recreation Educarion

poge 83

Yourh Leadership

"We oil shore somerhmg in common.

We love rhe outdoors. We wonr ro

become closer ro our Forher and prove

ro ourselves rhor we con do ir."

Lenerre Johnson

page 84


"If we wonr ro be close ro God we
hove ro love oil his creations: rhe world,
rhe heavens, rhe land, rhe animals and
oil mankind. There's no berrer way ro
do rhar rhan ro jusr ger our rhere and
fighr ro exisr. When somerhing rakes
rhar much our of you, you can'r help
bur love ir. We cannor develop wirhour
srress nor be perfecred wirhour

Sugar Srllmor

page 85

poge 86

How Physically Fir Are You?

"I'm very physically fir."

Doug Smirh

"An 8 on a scale of 10."

Ross Fornsworrh

"I'm physically fir, bur I'm nor srrong."

Lorry Sramps

"I don'r Know.

Kim Smirh

"To do whar?"

Tom Smyrh

"I play handball and run rhree miles every

Kelly Gallacher

"I am so physically fir rhar I can run
around rhe 5FH crack once wirhour

Elene Turney

"I'm so physically fir rhar I can run around
rhe 5FH rrack rwice wirhour choking. You
berrer work a lirrle harder Elene!"

Lonni Jones

"Righr now? Nor roo."

Lisa Kozenko

"lr depends on whar siruarion I'm in."

Darrell Pochards

"Prerry physically fir."

Lone Henslee

"I'm in good condirion."

Dove Smirh

"Fair bur could be berrer."

Dory I Day

"Nor physically fir enough ro ger up ar six
every morning."

Sruorr Mcorrhur

"I may be small, bur I'm in good shape."

Sreve ftirer

"I'm so physically fir I don'r need a
pyramid under my bed."

Dilly Durongo

page 87


*•.- -% '■'

DOHOM ROW Peter larkin, Randy Orreson Greg Philips, Knkor Chobonion. Corlos Amonnn, Doniel Pereyro. Provit Tangcrovakoon, Druce Hoppe TOP ROW
Lance Dlock. Dnghom Ord. Drew Losker. Eric Remhard. Kip Billings. Ken Wagner, Eddie Escobedo, Emmanuel Adeleke. Hugo Rodier. Dale Kerr Coach Jim Du-

DOTTOM ROW Coach Norm Chow. Coach Fred Whirrmgham. Cooch Tom Ramage, Cooch Dave Krogrhorpe. Coach Doug Scovil, Heod Coach LcVell Edwards,
Coach Garrh Hall Cooch Dick Felr. Coach Mel Olson SECOND ROW: Scorr Phillips. Richard Herlm. Vc Whirserr. Scorr Reber. Cloy Dlod<well Doug Williams Russ
Davis Al Gaspord Dorr Oares Jon VandeMewe. Tom Miller Cloyron Forsyrhe. Kelly Horns, Lonce Reynolds, Walr Monwill. Dill Schoepflm THIRD ROW Dev
Duke Tod Thompson Rob Anderson, Casey Wmgord. Dill Ring. Roy Brock. Marc Wilson, Gifford Nielsen, John VonDerWouden. Richard Jones. George Horns.
Kent Tingey Mark Flammer. Danny Hansen. Alan Corlile. Drod Sullivon FOURTH ROW Nick Eyre. Dill Dovis, Mike Hemnch. Drod Hardisry. Sid Johnson. John Kor-
mylo, Sreve Carlson. Larry Kemp. Kim Sreworr, Dave Gardmeer, Ray Lmford, Jim Joramillo. Calvin Close. Scorr Neilson. Gary Sroddord FIFTH ROW Todd Chris-
rensen Roger Gourley Lloyd Jones. Norm Toylor, Terry McEwen, Jim McMohon, Dove Francis, Drenr Johnson. Croig Wing, Clay Drown. Gory Kama. Gory Pe-
rersen Doug Srromberg Dennis Webb, Ricky Pinckord. Kip Aposrol. Ken White SIXTH ROW Keirh Upereso, Mekeli lerem.a, Don Frazier. More Compbell. Sreve
Herring Dob Simmerman Russ Deck, John Romoge, Tom Enlow Jeff Toggarr, Rob Duchonan, Ross Vomer. Rod Wood. Sreve Corson SEVENTH ROW Greg
Heod Glen Redd Mark Dernrsen. Mar Mendenhall. Porry Drodford. Drion Hansen Lorry Miller, Sreve Anderson. Sreve Hoffman. Joson Colomo. Ron Velasco.
Jeff Horns. Mark Drady TOP ROW Dave Compos, John Neal. Dob Presred, Tony Hernandez, Marc Swenson. Dove McKee. Dill Popm Nor poured Mark An
droszczyk Steven Drady Michael Chronisrer. Mitch Edwords. Scorr Fletcher Druce George. Mork Giroux, Don Horrwig. Mark Ipsen. Dlake Jensen. Jim Jensen.
Dob Kitten. Mark McKmney. Williom McNobb. Dovid Mayo. Jim Mlorr, Mike Pererson Dove Smirh. Ed St Pierre, Mork Terranovo. Larry Tucker, Paul Ward. Doug
Wilks Stanley Younger. Ken Zwohlen

page 88

DOTTOM ROW Eric Peterson. Paul Dernsrein, Joel Miller. Richard Williams TOP ROW Coach Woyne Peorce.
Mike Nissley, Cork Diehl Dove Goodine. Paul Petersen, Jeff Robbins, Dennis Dond Nor pictured Rick Foughr
Steve Jones




DOTTOM ROW Mike Drannan. Dob Clamperr. Sron Souzo SECOND ROW Erich Gort Jomie Edmon Tom Hmes
TOP ROW Cooch Korl Tucker Jerry Rose Tod Hensorlmg Dove De Sontis Not pictured Chip Larson Lee
Miller Dick Zokol

poge 89





BOTTOM ROW Mosahiko Kinjo, Perry Johnson, Isomu Moesoro, Dernhord Heoger, Hiroro Kurihoro TOP ROW Mark Nolon, Mark Dusch,
Don Drew, Trever Cnnoll, Spencer Pnnce




DOTTOM ROW Mike English, Doug Jormon, Dalron Hording, Tom Pererson, Russ Lawler, Ramsey Cobonlllo TOP ROW Dryon Carpenrer,
Jock Hmron, Cums Clifford, Dove Richards, Dorrell Richards, Por Miyahiro

DOTTOM ROW Molcom Kono. Com Durr. Rich Ternieden. Korl Robertson. Robert Dorry Dono Morsow Le Ron Cropo TOP ROW Coach Voir
Mehr, Rick Hornson, Jeff Jacobson. Andy Remfurt. Lance Pierson. Dove Clark. Dobby Gerber, Dove Hills. Dean Horvey. Randy Jensen. Mike Mar
rin. Power Skormg Instructor Loun Oores. Team Manager Kenr Francis Not Pictured Jock Thomas. Dill Compbell

DOTTOM ROW Axle Hardy. Tom Morns. Greg Petersen, Tyler Sreinbach, Don Valgordson, Rick Scnvner. Vance Low Mike Tucker. Ken Clayton
SECOND ROW Scott Nielsen. Murphy Sua. Len Tsuhako. Rob Dtyth. Jim McMohoa Tim Anderson Jeff Durton. Dill Pittson. Dove Deck. Cooch Voel
ler TOP ROW Cliff Posrornicky. Robin Duchanon, Com Killebrew. Morsholl Richey. Marc Thomas. Den Dradley Kim Nelson Stan Younger John

Dorrorff, Clyde Nelson. Cooch Low. Coach Pullms









page °1










DOTTOM ROW Cooch John McMullen, Heod Coach Frank Arnold, Cooch Horry Anderson SECOND ROW Scorr Runia. Mike May, Don
Amge, Greg Dollif, Greg Anderson TOP ROW Larry Cheesmon, Keirh Rice, Alon Toylor, Paul Vos, Dove McGuire, Mark Srroud. Kevin
Neilsen, Sreve Anderson, Glen Roberts


DOTTOM ROW Larry Lawrence, Dan Morris, Denron Horr, Jeff Creer, Henry Marsh, Luis Hernandez, Coach Sherald James TOP ROW
Dlame Anderson, Anld Worhne, David Gunn Nor picrured Terry Delr, Demerno Cobanillos, Francis Clark. Roberr Conner, Perer Horo
den, Marvin Harper, Rodney Hosman, Kevin Hyde, John Jeffenes, John Leoch, Andrew Lewis, Kenr Monson. Jomes Novejar. John
Rogers, Sreve Tyler. Durrell Wheorley, Tracy Willioms. Dob Shumwoy

page 92

BOTTOM ROW Jerry Dodge Dove Honsen, Mel Moxwell Rory Needs Orod Hansen TOP ROW John Mechom Som Orme Doug Shi
mizu Ed Moisey LoMor Doyer Nor picruted Dennis Dlockner Dill Dickson. Chorles Gordner Almon Gillespie, Mork Honsen Som Horrley
Scott Moynes. Lomom Medley Drodley Orme Drod Patch Croig Prere Owen Roe Mork Sanderson Gordon Allred. David Drooks
Doniel Chnsrensen. Norhon Cole Douglas Cottle Kelly Faucerre Derk Lovell, Moris Mitchell. Druce Orterson Igor Vosey Jerry Yazzie









DOTTOM ROW Heod Cooch Tim Powers Coach Stan Crump Cooch Rollie Destor Cooch Ston Curnow SECOND ROW Ricordo Ve
lorde Tom Ougg Phil Oberhonsley Steve Dird Chns Roth Jim Axtell THIRD ROW Dave Spivey Steve Shermon Andy Seibt Wc
delin Skip Daley Mork Fredenckson Lyle Chnstofferson FOURTH ROW John Sonch Jim Tmgey Piero Ferrocuri TOP ROW Dnon
James Nor Pictuted Kevin Mottensen

page 90











DOTTOM ROW Cooch Rollie Desror, Coach 5ron Curnow. Cory Durm,
Lelei Fonoimoono, Yolanda Mendiolo, Cooch Tim Powers, Assisronr
Cooch Sron Crump SECOND ROW Tncio Dolloghon, Tounyo Herry, Short
Clark Liz Young THIRD ROW. Karhy Drunsdale. Chns Noisbirr TOP ROW
Mallory Wilcox. Chris Corbndge

poge 94


1 1

■ ■

Hi ' ^H •

■ R 19 It ■ V?

1^2^ I

s*7T %&* A**?* aP


r r *!fv i

^" ^w

■ I *M

1 w V jfl

r ctI j I'll 3S 1

L [3 UttW

W 1 ' J^H

1 ^^ ^ ^ ~"^m

^^^^^_^^^Bh1 \ '

■' I

1 *!* !



Lf 10 *

ii 21 riz is a ,


H^aMm vC^tot^^

PfHiB u 1

1! v mi

J J> it

VI IlL* r

|K> j^J^p|L.

A^hhh\ HA H^B& J ^9HH A

' £flt '

DOTTOM ROW Coach Courtney Leishmon. Manager Rita Yorbrough. Susan Rnley, Debra Zirbes, Julie Loucall, Allison Srewarr Assisranr Coach
Dove Porter TOP ROW Jill Bolingbroke, 5usie Meisrer, Debbie Freesrone. Rose Jensen, Tmo Gunn. Becky Ostler, Annerte Cortle. Judy Hunter.
Terry Dleozard










DOTTOM ROW Morgo Klein, Laune Armirage Alyson Collert. Pom Happy Heather Wood Mono Garaa Vol Shaw Linda Dourn Linda Oudge
TOP ROW Assistant Cooch Roberto Cormono, Sandy Livingston. Corol Evans. Vrvion Estes. Cheryl Johnson. Debbie Richordson. Morcio Chodw
ick. Janet Scotr, Deonno Nelson, Romono Moughan. Anna Oeth Sovik. Cooch Nena Rey Howkes

poge °5













Dione Dingley, Wendy Chandler, Parricio Clopson, Dorboro Cums Wonda Erhendge Danielle Eyer, Dierdn Farr, Celesre Han-
ley Elizaberh Echer. Janean Jacobson Jone Jensen. Mary Jensen Grera Larson Bonnie Lloyd. Diane Lungo. Carhy Oberg
Jocelyn Shelley, Janerre Srevens Shirley Srevenson. Karhryn Szeyller

BOTTOM ROW Beverly Bishop, Annerre Cotrle Tmo Gunn, Debbie Freesrone, Terne Willison TOP ROW Korhi Whire. Volene
Srour, Marnlee Reeve Lon Doerr, Koren Cums. Joni Rogers

page 96

BOTTOM ROW Koren Drown, Tiru Fernando. Julie Cloword TOP ROW Jody Reuss, Nancy Drod-
bury. Pom Miller







— I



DOTTOM ROW Koren Kennmgron, Tracy Tonner TOP ROW Syndi Pordoe. Dorboro Domes. De
nise Nordi. Lon Dorlow Nor picrured Mary Anderson, Allison Qinghom, Mory Coll Marrho Clow
son. Paula McGimsey, Amy Norserh. Sue Toylor

page 97







w — "- ■■■-





¥ Au





The people— rhor's whor mokes DYUI"

Sue Hiorr

page 102

auia- |

poge 103

How's Your

a seven-year-old!'

MorvLou Greenwood

,,<ree guys on rhe line sure keeps ir busy!"

Lon Jones

'Ir's fine when I do rhe asking."

Dione Cums

I'm nor complaining— I'm gerrmg grear obscene phone colls!"

Karen Lmd

'Ir's berrer now— I'm nor a freshman."

Ir's rhe pirs!

Cheryl Cosgroy

Anne Roben

"I'm now convinced my husband was killed in rhe war in

Koren Breeder

'Super. I rhink I'll go on a mission ."


A joke."

'Fanrosric. Donny and Mone ger berrer every Friday "

'Ir's o reol hay-o!"

"Up ond down— iu

"Ir's grear! I'm seeing a whole differenr side of peopk

Srefanie Mossey

Julie Holmes

Decky Wilding

Juli Measom

Lisa Taylor

"There's olwoys room for improvemenr

'My day will come— I hope 1
'No comploinrs. I'm gerrmg

Wendy Diesmger

Rebecco Anderson

Ann Welch

worried in o monrh

"My besr social life or DYU is when I go home on rhe

"Ir's . . ir's . . ir's . . NOT'

'I'm loving i r '

s like a ror race


e rors are winning'

Leigh Dierking

Cathy Monoron

Diann Koiford

Julie Sumsion

Denise Peliz

Karhy Chnsren>.en

'Only rhe srrong survive Thar's why I'm in weighr training "

Anne Chflswnsen

Thrown in rhe rood

My husband's in law school, whar sooal life?"

Rared G— bring rhe dogs cars, kids, ond your g r andmo !

"Ir's horrible because rhe men here or DYU are re :

"I hear DYU Hawaii is grear "

'Ir's hard being a convert

Unless some miracle occurs

'Me 1 The Dareless Wonder is going ouri'

. • - - -

Mine . k/ete»

Could you give me rhe Webster s Dicnonary definirior


Improving by rhe mourhful
Ir's in Logan."

- .-.

V 6

"Ir keeps me humble."

"I'm nor lernng school work ger in rhe woy of my educanon

-e Seo'5


Connie Qren^

"Well. I'm going ro Preference

Kaveiyn -

"Ir's alive ond kicking "

Jody -

"The only dare I've had all semesrer is our of a package m rhe

grocery srore "

Michelle Bore

"Ir decided jusr ro be friends "

Ly Wilcox.

"Ir's odeguare "

Alison Dons

"Good rhing I have a boyfriend or homo

Lisa Bogle;

"On rhe up ond up Dur who knows abour rhp future'"

Vichy Dovis

"Love is blind

Elene Turnev

Social Life?

" r rhe thing

ec ■■. " "he oea<

• •■

- - • ■• • •- . • - -

•"••.'.••.'.'■ - -

* h e resuif

". >e

-. • .

• . •

. . ■.


• ■ ■.■ ■ ■

ove if

Just ask my

•..••■• .-. • . ■ ;: .•. ti

id rorher be pi .

I don r even have time ' •'.■•••■.

• .

Ir s greor because I'm c '.' •■••,•..

'I'll never rell ."

I vote for more social acri,

Tm 27 and single whu'
See 3 Nephi 2 4
In rhi ■

osed to I ■


. A

-• ' .-. ' r be complere wirhour i

. biology

'^e grou ' • rho

'he i


1 a Decembe' w id - .verh not from
■ • r where ir g >eth

a hove i peed pi

■ ni ■ ■■ ■ • -

Ie i ve had in we<

A ''A ■ •

• ' and a Dig \\ac ark: -

■ ■ • ■ f disease'

1 i a em


i bui rhe quoin*, has come up I goi


us year n.

ihr or rhi

■ hi-,. ■ i commercii i.

i ■ m imiripfl up

The Cougar Ear
The Desr Place ro Meer and Greer!

page 1 06

Whor Think Ye of rhe Cougar Ear?

"Acopulco, Rio, Paris, LA. — all come rogerher or rhe Cou-
gar Ear ." Rob Johnson

"Where else can you ger a quickie wirh cheese?"

Andy Johnson

"Ir's o garhering place for escapees from ZCMI's show
window." Thone Young

"Ir's a social dry, nexr ro Riviera of course."

Dill Carter

"Everyrhmg srans and everyrhmg ends in rhe Cougar

Ear." Mark Lords

"Ir's rhe besr place ro find a dare."

Rick Reed

"Ir's advanced placemenr of Helomon Hall's Cannon

Cenrer. ' ' Richard O Lorsen

"Ir's o grear place ro snack bur I wouldn'r wanr ro eor
rhere . " Joy Devench

Ir's cheap

Kelry Crawford

"The facr rhar I ear is secondary. I come ro rhe Cougar
Ear ro warch." Dryce Barron

"Isn'r rhar where rhe donur-for-lunch bunch hangs our?"

Shirl LeOoron

"lr has excellenr prices for rhe worsr food in rown "

Randy Taylor

"lr reminds me of Disneyland— so many faces, so many
places, o lor of empry spaces." Drenr PMiips

'When ore rhey going ro rake roll?'

Traci Wood

"Cougar Ear 361 R is Craig Spongberg's fovonre class."

Sreve Rooh

"My Social Life

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