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Canadian practitioner

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6 10'^


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January to December, 1899


The Canadian Practitioner and Review Co

Digitized by VjOOQIC

Index to voL xxiV.


AiWns, W. H. B., M.D.

Anderson. H. B., M.D.

Baines, Allen, M.D.

Balfour, J. D., M.D.

Bingham, George A,, M.B.

Brown, J. Price, M. 0.

Bruce. Herbert A., M.D.

Bryons, W.F., M.B

Bumham, Herbert O., M.D.

Caven, John, B.A., M.D.

Chambers, Graham, B.A., M.D.

Ferguson, John, M.A., M.D.

Fotheringham, J. T., M.A., M.D.

Fraser, R. N., M.D., CM., Thamesville, Ont.

Goldie, WiUiam, M.D.

Graham, J. E., M.D.

Graham. W. E., M.D.

Greig, W. J., M.D.

Groves, A., M.D., Fergus.

Hall, Ernest, BID.

Hamill, W. E., M.D.

Hamilton, H. J., M.D.

Hobbe, A. T., M.D., I/ondon, Ont.

King, E. E., M.D.

KlotK, Julius E., M.R, Vienna.

Macdonald. A. A., M.D.

Martin, F., M.D.



Abdominal Cases, Co-operation of Surgeon

and Physician 5®1

Abdominal Palpitation, Treatment of 520

Abortion ^

Abscess, Chronic, of Naso- Pharyngeal Vault,

Case of 11»

Aoetonuria. ^7

Acne, Prescription for..., 63

Adenoids and Enlarged Tonsils and Their

Removal, with Notes &86

Adenoids, Polyuria and Incontinence as

Symptoms of 2ft8

Albuminuria Complicating Pregnancy, Notes

of a Case of 77,94, 636

Alcoholic Delirium, Apomorphine in Acute. 693

Alopecia Areata, Trikresol in 696

Amputation, Double, of Both Arms at El-
bow-joint 268

Anderson and Page 318

Anesthetics, Administration of, to Children. 459

Anesthetists, A Suggestion for 357

Anesthesia by Chloroform and Ether 692

Anemia, Pernicious 239, 323

Anemia, Splenic 223

Aneurism of Arch of Aorta 166

Anger, A Study of 720

Angioma, Multiple 266

Antiseptic Treatment of Respiratory Pas-
sages 6**

McCaig, A., M.D.

McCassey, J. H., M.D., Dayton, Ohio.

McCrae, Thomas, M.B.

Mcllwraith, K. C, M.R

Mcintosh, J. W., B.A., M.B.

McKenzie, B. E., B.A., M.D.

McKenzie, A. F., M.D., Monkton.

McMahon, T. F., M.B.

Morton, John P., M.B., Hamilton.

Oldright, William, M.A., M.D.

Osier, William, M.D.

Page, C. A , M.D.

Ross, J. F. W., M.D.

Ryerson, G. Sterling, M.D., CM.

Scadding, H. C, M.D.

Smith, Bruce R. W., M.D.

Smith, A. Lapthom, M.D.

Smith, Charles Merrill, M.B., Orangeville.

Starr, Clarence L., M.D.

Sutherland, Geo. A., M.B.

Sweetnam, L. M., M.D.

Thistle, W. B., M.D.

Welch, William H., M.D.

White, W. C, M.R

Wright, Adam H., B.A,. M.D.

Wright, H. A., M.D.



Antistreptococcic Serum in Smallpox. 466

Antistreptococcic Serum 649

Antitoxic Agent in Thyroid Body 468

Antitoxin Diphtheria 36

Antitoxin, The Administration of, by the

Rectum 107

Antrum of Highmore 231, 664

Anus, Fissure of 643, 603

Aorta, Aneurism of the, in a Child 696

Aorta, Tuberculosis of 118

Aphonia, Hysterical 666

Appendices, A Series of 829

Appendicitis in Children, Notes on 23

Appendicitis, Recurrent, Vermiform Ap-
pendix Removed for 220

Arterial Sclerosis and Cerebral Hemorrhage

and Thrombosis 621

Arthritis Ossificans 216

Arthritis, Purulent, and Friedlander's Pneu-

mobacillus 63

Arthropathia s, Relapsing 6ft9

Astragalus, The, in Congenital Talipes,

Equino- Varus 256, 276

Asymmetry of Frontal Sinus Revealed by

Operation, A Case of 460

Atropine in Delirium Tremens, The Use of. . 468

Bacillus. Timothy Hay 216

Bacillus, Typhoid, in Cider 116

Digitized by




BacUKis Icteroides ftnd Bacillus CholenB

Suis 688

Bacteria and CalcuU 49

Bacteriology and Pathology 49

Bacteriology of Noma of the Vulva, The. ... 179

Bed-Sores 646

BUiary CalcuH hi Children 8«8

Black-mailing Extraordinary 97

Blastomycetee as Sources of Infection of

Malignant Tumors. 296

Blood Examination in Gynecology 648

Boils in the External Auditory Canal 113

BouUmia. 190

Braohycardia, A Case of 268

Breast, Duct Carcinoma of the, Schleich's

Solution of Cocaine used at Operation of. 261

Breast, Malignant Disease of the 225

Brighfs Disease 63

Bronchitis 645

Broncho<Pneumonias of Children, Bella-
donna in the 605

Bruce, Herbert A 66

Brown, J. Price 386

Burnham, Herbert O 617

Calot's Treatment of Spinal Cases 854

Calculi, Tonsillar 118

Calculi, Uric Acid 26

CalcuIuS) Phosphatic 25

Calculus, Removal of, from Common Bile

Duct 172

Calculus, Renal, The X-Rays in Diagnosis of 104

Cancer of the Stomach, Surgical Treatment of 103

Cancer, Sdrrhus, of the Breast 158

Cancer, Some Observations on the Treatment

of 530, 692

Capsules, Supra- renal Caseation of 115

Carcinoma Duet of the Breast 226, 261

Carcinoma of the Cardia, Gastrostomy and

Curettement of 35

Carcinoma of the Eso]4iagus 235, 828

Carcinoma of the Leg 328

Carcinosis, Case of 3-27

Cardiac Insufficiency, Drugs in 637

Cardiac Neurosis 139

Cases in Practice . 323

Catarrh of the Stomach 545

Cautery, Electric, in the Nose, The Abuse of 117

Caven, John 68

Cerebro Spinal Fever, Etiology and Diag-
nosis of 447

Chambers, Graham 437

Chancre» Bilateral, of the Eye-lids 54

Charcot's Joint Disease, Amputation for, A

Note on : 172

Cholelithiasis, ainical Notes of Cases of ... . 157

Christian Science 577

Chronica Poliomyelitis Anterior, Two Cases

of 204

Circumcision, Its Moral and Physical Neces-
sities and Advantages 544

Climatology and Public Health 240

Clinic, Hofrath Puch' 129

Clinical Notes 18,77,203,258, 821


Clinics, Politser and Gruber 567

Olub-Foot, Congenital 602

Club-Foot, Treatment of 107

Cocaine Addiction, Diagnosis of 466

Coccidial Infection, A Case of 415

Coccidiosis in Uver of Rabbit 818, 381

CoBur Biloculaire 881

Colic, Acute 889

Colitis, Mucous, A Case of 18

Coma, Diabetic, The Treatment of 106

Consumptive Poor, Best Methods of Deal-
ing with 582, 608

Cornea, Artificial Ill

Coryza, The Treatment of 106, 461

Correspondence 800,866, 476

Craniectomy for Microoephalus 698

Criminals and Their Characteristics 806

Cryptorchid 266

Curettement, Danger of, after AbortioD.. . . 292

Cyclo-Therapeutics 856

Cyclic Vomiting 181

Cyst of Broad Ligament 606

Cyst of Epiglottis 666

Cystic Diseases of the Breast. '866

Dermatitis Herpetiformis 866

Diabetes, Acute 418, 620

Diabetes, Mellitus, The Liver in 848

Digestive Disorders of Infancy, Treatment

of 679

Dionin 646

Diphtheria 862

Diphtheria, Antitoxin Treatment of 168

Diphtheria, Value of Negative Cultures after 298
Dif)lopia and Polyopia, Monocular, Observa-
tions on 14

Diseases and their Treatment 83

Dominion Registration 693, 702

Duct Carcinoma of the Breast 261

Dysarthria and Delay in Learning to Speak

following Cerebral Disturbance in Infancy. 263

Dysphonic Nervous Cough 464

Ear, Nose and Throat Work, as Taught in

Berlin and Vienna, A Few Notes on 687

Eclampsia 648

Ecxema, Notes on Treatment of 414, 487

£dema. Hysterical, ParoxysnuU 207

F^itorials 26, 96, 159. 227. 278, 335, 420,

470. 536, 608, 661, 701

Education, Medical 96

Electrol^-sis and Cataphoresis in the Treat-
ment of Inoperable and Recurrent Ma-
lignant Disease 411, 504

Elbow, Excision of, for Tubercular Disease 92, 216

Elbow-Joint, Tuberculous Bone in 217

Emphysema, Subcutaneous, A Case of . 581

Enderraol— Use in the Treatment of Scabies 288
Endocarditis. Acute, Infective, with Em-
bolism in Cardiadextra Congenitalis 826

Endocarditis in Tuberculosis. 49

Endocarditis, Malignant, Serunitherepy in 60
Endocarditis, IHcerative and Gonorrheal

Septicemia 178

Enteritis Membranous 165


Digitized by




Enucleation, Simple, not a Proper Surfcical

Procedure 866

Epilepsy, The Management of 170, 517

^>ilepBy, Jaoksonian 02

Epiphysis of Uie Femur. 624

Epiphyses of Co Calciii Separated by Os-
teomyelitis. 831

Epistaxis OM

Bpistaxis, Recurrent, The Treatment of 23"*

Epithelioma, Intrinsic, of the Larynx 464

Ergot, Present Status of, in Obstetric Prac-
tice. 414

Eiysipelas, with Treatment by Marmoreck's

Serum 582

EsUander's Operation. 26

Etiological Diagnosis, by Means of the Skia-
graiMi, of Obstinate Interoosto- Brachial

Neuralgias 689

Eustrongylus Gigas, from Kidney in Mink. . 271

Exophthalmos, Acute 156

Exostosis of the Os Calcis 109

Exstrophy of the Bladder 590

Eye Diseases 54

Eye Affections, S<Hne Points in the Diag-
nosis of 411

Eye-lids, Bilateral Chancre of the 54

Eyestrain 16

Ferguson, John 139

Fibrinous Rhinitis 358, 410

Fibroid Nodules, Supra-Arterial, Epicardial 584

First- Aid Package in Military Surgery 524

Forearm and Hand, Operation for Relief of
Deformity of, Following Infantile Hemi-
plegia 692

Foreign Body Impacted in the Naso-Pharynx 462
Formaldehyde Disinfection, An Experience

with 678

Formaldehyde upon the Digestive Fer-
ments, llie Influence of 287

Formalin for Sweating Feet 237

Fotheringham, J. T 875, 697

Fracture of Femur 636

Fracture of the Skull, Complications and

Treatment of 684

Fracture Ununited 832

Fracture Ununited, of Radius and Ulna 222

Fraser, R. N 604

Friedreich's Ataxia 683

Oall-BIadder, Surgery in 691

Gangrene, Carbolic Acid, Two Cases of .221, 237

Gangrene, Lung 297

Gas-light, Acetylene, for Examination of

the Eyes 64

Gastric Ulcer, Ca«e of Perforation 849

Gastric Secretion 648

Gastrostomy and Ourettement of Carcinoma

of the Cardia 86

General Practitioner 74

Gestation, Ectopic 294

Glaucoma, Massage and the Relief of Eve-
strain in the Treatment of '... 678

Goitre, Exophthalmic 694

Goldie. ^iUiam 438

Gonoooccus in Ulcerated Endocarditis, The 848

Gonorrhea, The Importance of Clfeanlioess

in Treatment' of 107

Gottingen, Medicine in 612

Grave's Disease, Treatment of 639, ^65

Groves, A 134

Gynecolo^oal Case, Peculiar 409

Gynecological Diagnosis, Signiilcanoe of

Pain in 43

Gynecology, Progress of 152

Gynecology, Surgical, Among the Insane . . 379

Hair 644

Hamill. W. E. 16

Haj' Asthma 288

Hay Fever 231

Headaches 239, 664

Heart Disease from an Obstetrical Point of

View 671

Heart Disease in Fetus and Children 180

Hematoma, Abscess and Seroiis Cyst of the

Nasal Septum 117

Hemophilia 287

Hemorrhage, Cer^ral 276

Hemorrhage by Gelatin, The Control of 290

Hemorrtiage Pharyngeal, A Fatal Case of . . . 282

Hemorrhage, Post-partum 174. 176

Hepatic Cirrhosis, The Indirect Treatment of 719

Hepatic Insufficiency 374

Hernia, Treatment of 409

Hip Disease, Treatment and Results 1

Hobbe, A. T 879, 499

Hof rath Fuch's Clinic 129

Holocain, The Use of, in Eye Practice 110

Hydrogen Dioxide 642

Hygiene .466, 667

Hyascine 876

Hydro-Nephrosis 609

Hypertrophy, Cardiac 216

Impetigo Contagiosa 604

Immunity, Theories of Recent Contribu-
tions to 811

Inebriates, Report of Committee on 6Wi

Inebriety, The Pathology of 686

Infantile Convulsions, The Treatment of . . . 680

Infection, Acute Streptococcus, A Case of . . 208

Infection, Staphylococcus 21

Infant Feeding and Infantile Diarrhea 547

Influenza in its Relations to the Middle Ear 111
Injection, Hypodermic, of Bichloride of Mer-
cury, Death from 106

Injection, Intracerebral, of Antitoxin in

Tetanus 372

Injections, Intravenous, of Normal Saline

Solution 46

Injections of Saline Solution in Shock 38

Injury of the Forearm 269

Insane, Surgical Gynecology among the.879, 697

Insanity, Causation of 499

Insanity Deflned in the Basis of Disease 467

Insanity Plea in MedicalJurisprudence, The 418

Intestinal Canal, Chronic Affection of 645

Intra-Nasal Operations, Use of Rubber Splint

in the Treatment of 386

Intussusception 56

Digitized by




Intunusception, Multiple, of the Dyiofir 215

Iritis 681

Iron, Administration of. 646

Jacksoniftn Epilepsy, Trephining in 699

Jambul in Diabetes Mellitus. 288

Jaundice, Obstructive, in Children 296

Kidney, Disease of. Amenable to Surgical

Treatment 416

Kidney, Granular 284

Kidney, Movable, The Treatment of 105

Kidney, Third, Independent 171

Knee- Joint, Internal Derangements of the. . 690
Kochcr's Method of Radical Cure of Hernia,

A Note on 410

Labor, On the Relief of Suffering in 173

Lactophenin as a Hypnotic 60

Largin 646

Larj-ngeal Chorea of Reflex Origin, Report

of aCaseof 656

Laryngeal Growths in Young Children, Re-
marks on 463

Laryngeal Paralysis 656

Laryngology and Rhinology 116, 231, 3.'^, 460, 652

Lead Poisoning from Water Pipe 660

Lei^oorrhea, The Topical Use of Quinine in . . 174

Liver, Enlarged Cirrhotic 217

Liver, Protective Action of the, against

Microbes 114

Lupus Erythematosus, Treatment of 458

Lung, Foreign Bodies in the. Simulating

Tuberculosis 284

Malaria, Splenectomy in 190

Malaria, Tropical, A Case of 258

Malignant Disease, Electrol^'sis and Cata-

phoresis in the Treatment of 604

Mammary Gland, Carcinoma and Tubercu-
losis of 630

Management of Difficult Breech Labors 10

McCassey, J. H 895

MoCrae, Thomas 612

McHwraith, K. O 148

MoKenxie, A. F 620

McKemde, B. E l, 890

McMahon,T. F 403

Medical Education in Different Countries. . 625

Medical Experience Is Built Gradually . . .. 722

Medical Items 229, 282, 342

Medical Profession in South Africa, The .... 701

Medicine .... SO, 165, 284, 847, 466, 520, 686, 689

Medicine in Gottingen 612

Mtningitis 66

Meningitis, Cerebro-spinal 66. 79, 98

Meningitis Due to Primarj Pneumococcus

Infection 19

Meningococcus in the Nasal Secretions,

Presence of the 62

Menopause and the Kidneys 60

Menstruation from the Ear, A Cose of 689

Metatarsalgia 363

Microscopical Specimens 632

Militia Medical Service, The 708


Mole, Vesicular, Case of 527

Morton, John P 129, 667

Morphine and Ether on Uterine Pains. In-
fluence of 47

Mosquitoes and Malaria 600

Muscular Dystrophy, A Case of 400

MyeloceleSyringo, Twins, Each with 206

Myxedema and Allied Disorders.. 81

Nasal Treatment of Asthma 466

Nasal Insufficiency, Due to Exaggerated
Prominence of the Anterior Arch of the

Cervical Vertebne 461

Nasal Passages, Cleansing Solution tor 73

Naso- Pharyngeal Polypi of Enormous Sixe. . 368

Necrosis, Phosphorus, and Tuberculosis . . . 180
Necrosis, Fat, with Hemorrhage and Acute

Pancreatitis 68

Neuralgia 289

Neuroses, Cardiac 139

Neurosis, Fear 80

Neusser's Perinuclear, Basophilic Granules

in the Blood 177

Nipples, Cracks in. Painless Treatment of . . 290

Nipples, Treatment of Fissure of 176

Nose, Tubular Epithelioma of the 358

Noaoloiry of the So-called Functional Dis-
eases, The 620

Nurse, The, as a Specialist 721

Obititary —

Campbell, James B 666

Clarke, John 808

Clemens, Levi Bowman 249

Charlton, Stanley 80S

Comfort, William... 665

Cooke, Thomas 261

Coverton, Theodore S 248

Cumming, James 618

Dack, Thomas Benjamin 542

Day, Samuel Dominion 803

Duck, WUliam B 121

Duncan, John 613

Dunnintcton, W. H 183

Etheridge, James Henry 261

Gaviller, Archibald Charles 249

Graham, James Elliott 480

Hagel, Samuel David 700

Herod, George Samuel 121

Hopkins, Nicholas 250

Hyndman, John 665

Jardine, Joseph 121

Jones, Henry 250

Logan, George 709

Machell, Arthur George 248

Macklin, Henry P 303

Morson, Fred 808

Mullin, John Alexander 188

MoCallum, Duncan 250

McCausland, Henry Porter 249

McDonald, Charles 247

Neilson, W. M 251

Potts, Robert Bums 486

Rohe, George Henry 251

Digitized by



Obituart (Continued)—

Rutherford, William 260

Scott, William Francis.... 260

Struthere, Sir John 261

Tait, Lawson 484

WellB, WiUiamfl 642

Woods, Edward Robinson 121

Wright, Henry Hoover 246

Yonker, William 121

Observations on Monocular Diplopia and

Polyopia 14

Obstetrics and Gynecology. 4 3, 173, 291, 429,


Obstetrical Methods in Dublin and London . 148

Obstetric Practice, Golden Rules of 647

(Esophagus, Malignant Diseases of 65

Oldright, William 68

Ophthalmology and the General Physician . 617

Ophthalmology and the General Profession. 412

Ophthalmology and Otology 64, 110, 366

Original Communications 1, 65, 129. 193,

265, 311, 375, 433, 49:J, 647, 617, 671

Orthoform and New Orthofomi 176

Orthoform in Toothache 290

Orthopedics 107, 353, 600

Os in Parturition, a Rigid, A Speedy Method

of Dilating 47

Osier, William 447

Otitis Media with Purulent Meningitis, A

Cose of 82, 92

Ovaritis, Chronic and Cystic, Ignipuncture

of the Ovary for 48

Oyster Fever 347

Pain, Significance of, in Gynecological Diag-
nosis 43

Pancreatitis, Acute, with Hemorrhage and

Fat Necrosis 68

Pathogenic Diplo-Bacillus in Human Con-
junctivitis, A . : 115

Pathological Specimen— Appendix Vermi-

f omiis 698

Pathology and Bacteriology.. 49. 113, 177, 295, 530

Papillomatous Growths 642

Paralysis, Bulbar, A Case of 119

Paralysis, Diphtheritic, on the Pathology of. 118
Paralysis, Spastic, Surgic^ol Intervention in

Casesof 390

Parasite in Bloody Pleuritic Exudation, A

New 62

Pediatrics 66, 181, 298, 363, 602, 695

Pediatrics, Serum Diagnosis in 192

Pfclvic Exudate 648

Peldc Floor, Repair of Injuries to 650

Pelvic Peritonitis 650

Pericarditis in Children 697

Peripheral Neuritis 364

Peritoneal Affection resembling Tuber-
culosis caused by the Eggs of Tapeworms. 723
Peritonitis. Septic, A Case of Liporatomy,

Recovery 41

Personality, A Case of Triple 722

Pereonals, 120, 184, 230, 301, 344, 426, 474,

541, 611, 664, 709

Phthisis, Ichthyol in 723

Phthisis, I^aryngeal, Treatment of 234

Phthisis, New Method of Treating 349

Phthisis, Nigh^8weats of 694

Phototherapy 636

Physiological Effects of Castration in the

Male and Female , 492

Pilocarpin, The Use of 640

Pleuritic Fluid, Diagnosis of Tubercle Ba-
cilli in 581

Pneumonia in the Aged 623

Poliomyelitis, Acute Anterior 640

Politzer and Gruber Clinics, The 667

Poliomyelitis, Anterior Chronic*, Two

Cases of 204

Polyopia and Diplopia, Monocular, Obser-
vations on 14

Polymyositis 167

Polypus, Muoo-Fibrous 608

Post-Graduate Work in London 99

Potts' Di^ase, Forcible Reduction in 366

Practitioner, The General 74

Pregnancy, Chronic Valvular Disea<iein 626

Pregnancy, Extra- Uterine, Diagnosis of 291

Pregnancy, Normal, Hypotoxicity of the

Urine of •. 638

Pregnancy, Vomiting of 647

Preliminary- Communications in the Spread

of Tulwrculosis 438

Prepuce, The 6*1

Prevention of Premature Old Age 468

Progress of Gyneoologv 162

Progress of Medical Science, 30, 101, 166,

230, 284, 347, 426, 456, 520, 602, 686, 680

ProUrgol 866

Pseudo Membranous Rhinitis, Non-Diph-
theritic 461

Puerperal Infection, Local Treatment in . . . 136
Pulmonary- Tuberculosis, Home Treatment

and Prevention of 498

Pyo-Pneumo Thorax 274

Pylephlebitis 821

Reform, Military Medical 100

Rheumatic Arthritis and Gout 847

Rhinitis, Acute. Septic, of Childhood 662

Rhinitis of Inherited Syphilis 668

Rhinolith 224

Rupture, Intraperitoneal, of the Urinary

Bladder 40

Rupture of the Perineum, Secondary Opera-
tion for 629

Ryerson, G. S 14,73, 193

Socro-ilioc Disease 30

Sanitoria for Consumptives 84

Sarcoma of Vagina 100

Satcllitism of Colonies of Pfeiffer's Bacillus

in Mixed Cultures 52

Scarlet Fever, The Micro-Organism of 632

Scrofula, Iodide of Arsenic in 63

Sediments. Organized, Preservation of.. .. 53

Selected Articles 86, 207, 517 624

Seleirtions 60, 190, 492, 546, 719

Seminal Vesicles in Health and Disease 410

Sepsis, Intra Uterine, The Local Treatment

of 134

Digitized by




Sepfis, Puerperal 48

Septioemia, Gonorrheal and Ulcerative En-
docarditis 178

Septum, Naaal, Hematoma, Abeceas and

SerouB Cyst of the 117

Serum as a Cure and Preventive in Yellow

Fever 60

Sewem in Health 658

Shoulders, Round 108

Skin Clinic at St. Michael's Hospital 582

Skin, Sterilization of the 719

Sleeplessness, Treatment of 523

Spaam, Fadal 26

Small-pox 88

Smith, Charles Merrill 74

Smith, Lapthom 152

Soainxs, Mkbtikos op Medical—

American Association of Obstetrists and

Oyneco.ogists 600

Canadian Medical Association 572

Duif erin Union Medical Association . . 05, 371

London Medical Association 04

Ontario Medical Association 400

Southern Surgical and Gynecolofcical

Association 75

Toronto Clinical Society, 26, 92, 156,

222, 264, 832, 631, 698
Toronto Pathological Society. .214, 271, 327
Soda, Bicarbonate of, in Treatment of Sup-
puration 238

Sodium Sulphate in Chronic Mucous Catarrh

of the Stomach 237

Soklier and Surgeon, The 198

Solution, Cleansing, for the Nasal Passages.. 78

Solution, Saline, Injections of, in Shock .... 38

Somatose, The Administration of 245

Sphincter Ani Muscle, The Dissection and

Liberation of 292

Spina Bifida 682

Splints, Rubber, The Use of, in the Treat-
ment of Intra-Nasal Operation 886

Starr, Clarence L 265

Staphylococcus Infection 21

Sterilizing Ckt-gut, A Simple and Effectual

Method of 41

Steel in the Vitreous 56

Stock Yards, Chicago, Report of an Investi-
gation at the 466

Story of Medical Life 207

Streptococcus Infection, A Case of 203

Strychnine Poisoning, JfCaMe of 643

Summer Complaint in Children 457

Suprarenal Oland, The Functions of 457

Suprarenal Olandsof Sheep 361

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