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THE following List of Bibliographical Works placed in
the extra cases in the Beading Room has been drawn up,
at the recommendation of the Principal Librarian, by
Mr. G. W. Porter, Senior Assistant Keeper in the Depart-
ment of Printed Books.


Dec., 1880.

A 2


THE following list has been drawn up to facilitate the use of
the collection of Special Bibliographies, Classed Catalogues,
and Indexes recently placed in the Beading Boom. It has
been thought that such a collection might be useful to
readers by indicating the works published and available for
consultation in the various fields of study and research, and
that it might in some degree supply the want of a classified
catalogue of the Museum Library, with the further advan-
tage of pointing out \\orks existing elsewhere, as well as
those to be found in the Museum.

In selecting the books for this purpose, it has been the
aim to represent every subject, as far as space in the Beading
Boom admits of it. But on many topics no satisfactory
bibliographical guide exists : in other cases the works
existing are much behind the literature of the present time,
or have never been completed. Some books will therefore
be found included which only remain until they can be
replaced by more efficient works. It is proposed in a future
edition to add references to bibliographies included in
printed works of authority ou special subjects, and it is
hoped also that the range of subjects may be considerably
extended. Beaders might greatly assist this object by
pointing out in the book of " Libri Desiderati," or per-
sonally to the compiler, any useful special bibliography
with which their studies may have made them acquainted.

It will be seen that the various bibliographical works
standing in other parts of the Beading Boom have been
included with those in the extra cases in this list, for the


sake of systematic arrangement and as a convenience to the

The present list is chiefly confined to Bibliographies, but
it may perhaps be as well to point out that much useful
bibliographical assistance may be obtained from the extensive
collection of biographies and literary histories in the Reading
Boom. How numerous these are will be seen by referring to
the Index of Subjects in the published " List of the Books
of Reference " drawn up for the use of readers by Mr. Rye.*

In arranging the bibliographies in their cases, the subjects
have as far as possible been made to correspond in position
with those in the Library of Reference : thus the theological
bibliographies will be found opposite to Theology, and the
historical opposite to History.

For press-mark the extra cases are distinguished by .the
letters BB. an abbreviation of the word bibliographies
in combination with the distinctive letters of the tables
against which they are placed : thus the press-mark BB. A,
shows that the work to which it refers will be found in
the bibliographical case standing at the end of the A table.


* A List of the Books of Eeforence in the Reading Eoom of the British
Museum. [Compiled by W. B. Bye.] Second edition, revised. Printed by
order of the Trustees. London, 1871. 8vo.




LOGUES ........ 12

Europe :

Denmark ...... 16

England, Scotland, and Ireland . . 16

Finland 18

France . 19

Germany . . . . . . 19

Greece ....... 21

Holland and Belgium . . . , 21

Hungary ...... 22

Iceland 22

Italy 23

Norway ...... 23

Portugal 24

Kou mania ...... 24

Kussia ....... 24

Slavonic Kaces :

Bohemia . . . . . 25

Bulgaria ..... 25

Croatia ...... 25

Poland 26

Servia ...... 26

Spain ....... 26

Sweden ...... 26

Switzerland . .... 27


Asia : I-AOR

Oriental Bibliographies .... 27

Hebrew 28

America :

United States of America ... 28

British North America .... 29
Mexico and Central America . . .29

South American States ... 29


1 . Theology :

General Bibliographies .... 30

Bibles 31

Liturgies . . . . . . 32

Fathers and Later Writers . . . 33

Doctrinal Theology .... 34

Sermons ...... 34

Roman Catholic Theology ... 34

Eeligious Orders ..... 35

Sects 36

Secret Societies : Freemasonry . . . 36

Ecclesiastical History . . . . 37

Non-Christian Religions .... 37

2. Philosophy:

Metaphysics . . . . . . 37

Education ...... 38

Politics and Political Economy . . 39

Trade and Statistics .... 39

3. Jurisprudence :

General Bibliographies .... 40

Law of Nations ..... 41

Roman Law ...... 41

Canon and Ecclesiastical Law ... 41

British and American Law ... 41

Foreign Law ...... 43

4. Sciences and Arts :

General Bibliographies .... 44

Zoology ...... 45

Botany ....... 46

Geology and Mineralogy .... 47

Chemistry ...... 48



Physics ... 49

Medicine ...... 49

Mathematics . . . . . . 51

Astronomy ...... 52

Military and Naval Science . . . 53

Industrial Arts ..... 53

Sports and Games . . . . . 56

5. Fine Arts . ... . .57

6. Music 58

7. Belles-Lettres :

General Bibliographies . . . . 59

Languages ...... 59

Literature of ancient Greece and Kome . 62

of England . . . . 63

of France .... 66

of Germany .... 67

of Italy .... 68
of Spain 68

of Sweden .... 69
Proverbs and Ana . . . . 69

8. Geography : Voyages and Travels ... 69

9. History :

General Bibliographies .... 72


England, Scotland, and Ireland . . 73

France ...... 76

Germany and Austria ... 78

Holland and Belgium . . . 79

Italy . .... 80

Portugal. ..... 81

Kussia . . . . . 81

Scandinavia . . . . . 82

Spain ...... 82

Switzerland ..... 82

Asia ....... 82

Africa ....... 83

America ...... 84

Australasia ...... 86

Biography 86

Heraldry and Genealogy .... 86

Archaeology and Numismatics . . 88



10. Indexes to Periodicals ..... 89

11. Index Society 92

INDEX . 93


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et instnictives. Paris, 1810. 8. 2048. a.

Namur (P.) Bibliographic Paleographico-Diplomatico-Biblio-
logique generale, ou Bepertoire systematique, indiquant :
i Tons les ouvrages relatifs a la Paleographie ; a la Diplo-
matique; al'Histoire del'Imprimerie; a la Bibliographie, &c.
2 La Notice des Kecueils periodiques . . . des differents
pays. 2 torn. Liege, 1838. 8. 2048. c.

Guild (R. A.) The Librarian's Manual ; a Treatise on Biblio-
graphy, comprising a select and descriptive list of Biblio-
graphical Works ; to which are added, Sketches of Public
Libraries. New York, 1858. 4. 2050. d.

Petzholdt (J.) Bibliotheca Bibliographica. Kritisches Ver-
zeichniss der das Gesammtgebiet der Bibliographie betref-
fenden Litteratur des In- und Auslandes in systematischer
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BB. G.

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F. Denis, P. Pincon et De Martonne. Paris, 1857. 8.

BB. R.

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technique. Deuxieme Serie. Tom. 1-6. 1875-80. [A

monthly classified list of the new publications of all

countries, by G. Pawlowski.] Paris, 1875-80. 8. BB. R.

In progress.

Georgi (T.) Allgemeines Europaisches Biicher-Lexicon, in
welchem . . . die allermeisten Autores . . . zu finden, welche
. . . noch vor dem Anfange des xvi. seculi bis 1739, in dem
Europaischen Theile der Welt, sonderlich aber in Teutsch-
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In progress.

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plementum. Viennse, 1789. 4. 2049. c.

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2049. c.


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ab arte typographica inventa usque ad annum MD. typis
express! ordine alphabetico . . . recensentur. 2 vol. Stutt-
gartiae, 1826-38. 8. 2048. c.

Brunet (J. C.) Manuel du Librai re. Cinquieme edition. 6vol.
Paris, 1860-65. 8. 2049. b.

Supplement. Par P. Deschamps et (T. Brunet.

2 vol. Paris, 1878-80. 8. 2049. b.

Graesse (J. G. T.) Tresor de Livres rares et precieux ; ou,
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Dibdin (T. F.) Bibliotheca Spenceriana; or a Descriptive
Catalogue of the Books printed in the Fifteenth Century, and
of many valuable First Editions, in the Library of George
John Earl Spencer. 4 vol. London, 1814-15. 8. 2049. d.

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the Archiepiscopal Library at Lambeth. London, 1843. 8.

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Index Librorum Prohibitorum SS. D. N. Pii ix. Pout.
Max. jussu editus. Editio novissima in qua libri omncs
ab Apostolica Sedo usque ad annum 1876 prescript! suis
locis recensentur. Eomse, 1877. 8. 2048. a.

Astor Library Catalogue or Alphabetical Index of the
Astor Library. (Supplement with an Alphabetical Index
of subjects.) 5 vol. New York, 1857-66. 8. BB. B.

Bodleian Library Catalogus Librorum impressorum Biblio-

thecae Bodleianaj. 4 vol. Oxonise, 1843-51. fol. 2048. g.

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Athenaeum. 1807-1871. Boston, 1874, etc - 8. BB. R.
In progress.

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in the Upper Hall. 1861. (First Supplement, 1866.)
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Bibliotheque du Roi. [By J. van Praet.] 6 vol. Paris,
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Inventaire alphabetique des Livres imprimes

sur velin de la Bibliotheque Nationale. Complement du

Catalogue public par Van Praet. Pan's, 1877. 8 - 2048. a.

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Heber. [With prices in MS.] 12 pts. London, 1834-36. 8.

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Letters, and Engravings, collected by Henry Huth, with
collations and bibliographical descriptions. [Compiled by
W. C. Hazlittand F. S. Ellis.] 5 vol. London, 1880. 8.

2048. d.

Lenox Library Contributions to a Catalogue of the Lenox

No. 1. Voyages of Hulsius.
2. The Jesuit Relations, etc.
3. The Voyages of Thevenot.
4. Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, etc.
New York, 1877-79. 4.
London Institution A Catalogue of the Library of the


London Institution ; systematically classed. 4 vol.
London, 1835-52. 8. BB. R.

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classified index of subjects by E. Harrison. Fourth edition.
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Manuscripts which formerly belonged to the Eev. Thomas
Prince, . . . and is now deposited in the Public Library of
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of the Eoyal Institution of Great Britain, with indexes of
authors and subjects. By B. Vincent. London, 1857. 8.

BB. R.

Appleton's Library Manual ; containing a Catalogue Raisonne
of upwards of twelve thousand of the most important works
in every department of knowledge in all modern languages.
New York, 1847. 8. BB. R.

The Best ReadingHints on the selection of Books ; on the
formation of Libraries, Public and Private ; on Courses of
reading, etc. With a Classified Bibliography for easy
reference. [Partly by F. B. Perkins.] New York, 1875. 8.

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thousand volumes of ancient and modern Books, English
and Foreign, in all classes of literature and the fine urts,
etc. London, 1862. 8. BB. R.






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over den Danske Literatur fra 1482 til 1830, efter sam-
lingerne i det store Kongelige Bibliothek i Kj0benhavn
. . . udgivet ved C. V. Bruun. Bd. 1-2. Kjfibenhavn,
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Supplement . . . indtil Udgangen of Aaret 1853.

3 vol. Kj0benhavn, 1843-68. 8. 2038. g.

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(Sagregister.) Kjtfbenhavn, 1861. 4. 2049. a.

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register.) Kjflbenhavn, 1871. 4. 2049. a.

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Kjfibenhavn, 1869-79. 8. In progress. 2050. a.


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and Foreign Literature. In two parts : Authors and Sub-
jects. 4 vol. Edinburgh, 1824. 4. BB. R.

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count of the Origin and Progress of Printing in Great Britain
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and a Eegister of Books printed by them from the year
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printed Bookes : which concerneth such matters of Divinitie,
as have bin written in our owne tongue, or translated out
of anie other language. (The Seconde parte : which con-
cerneth the Sciences Mathematical!, as Arithinetick, Geo-
ruetrie, Astronomic, Astrologie, Musick, the Arte of Wai-re,
and Navigation : and also of Phisick and Surgerie, etc.)
London, 1595. 4. 2050. f.

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the dreadful Fire of London in 1666 to the end of Michael-
mas Term, 1695. Fourth edition. London, 1696. fol.

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( Jan. 1872). 2 vol. London, 1864-73. 8.

Catalogue Desk.

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index of subjects. 8vol. London, 1873-80. 8.

Catalogue Desk.

Index to the British [and English] Catalogue of books

published during the years 1837 to 1857 (1856-1876).
2 vol. London, 1858-76. 8. Catalogue Desk.

Reid (John) Bibliotheca Scoto-Celtica : or, an account of all
the books which have been published in the Gaelic Language.
Glasgow, 1832. 8. 2050. d.

Rowlands (W.) Cambrian Bibliography: containing an ac-
count of the books printed in the Welsh Language ; or,
relating to Wales from the year 1546 to the end of the
eighteenth century. Llanidloes, 1869. 8. 2050. d.

O'Reilly (E.) Transactions of the Iberno-Celtic Society for
1820. Containing a chronological account of nearly four
hundred Irish Writers . . . carried down to the year 1750 :
with a Descriptive Catalogue of such of their Works as are
etill extant. Dublin, 1820. 4. 2050. f.

May's British and Irish Press Guide, 1880. A classified Index
to the Press of the United Kingdom. London, 1880. 8.

Catalogue Desk.

The Newspaper Press Directory, 1880. London, 1880. 8.

Catalogue Desk.


Pipping (P. W.) Forteckning ofver i tryck utgifna skrifter
pa Finska, afvensom ofver nagra andra arbeten innehal-
lande nagon uppsats pa detta sprak eller annars ledande
till dess kannedom. Luettelo Suomeksi prantatyista kir-
joista. Helsingfors, 1856-57. 4. 2049. a.


Vasenius (V.) Suomalainen Kirjallisuus. La Litterature fin-
noise. 1544-1877. Catalogue alphabetique et systematique.
Helsingissa, 1878. 8. 2049. a.

Beauvois (E.) Le Mouvement litteraire en Finlande dans les
dix dernieres annees. Paris, 1879. 8. 2050. b.


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raisonne des ouvrages iinprimes en langue frangaise jusqu'a
1'an 1500. Paris, 1865. 8. 2048. c.

Bossange (H.) Ma Bibliotheque Francaise. Pan's, 1855. 8.

2050. a.

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graphique des Savants qui ont ecrit en frangais, plus particu-
lierement pendant les xvm e et xix siecles. 1 2 vol. Paris,
1827-64. 8. 2048. b.

Litterature FranQaise contemporaine (i 827-49). Continu-
ation de la France Litteraire. 6vol. Paris, 1842-57. 8.

2048. b.

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(1866-1875.) 6 torn. Pans, 1867-77. 8. 2049. b.

- Tables des Matieres. 1840-1875. 2 torn. Paris, 187980.

8. 2049. b.

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et de Librairie. 1876-80. Pan's, 1876-80. 8. BB. R.
In progress.

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periodique fran^aise ; ou, Catalogue systematique et rai-
sonne de tous les ecrits periodiques publics en France
depuis Forigine du journal jusqu'a nos jours. Paris, 1866. 8.

BB. o.

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pugne d'uno Table systematique. Paris, 1879. 12. BB. R.

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demie Francaise. Paris, 1877. 8. 2048. b.


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oder Anzeige und Beschroibung derjenigcri Biicher, wolcho
von Erfindung der Buchdruckerkunst bis \ r - ) 2o( bis 1526)

u 2


in deutscher Sprache gedruckt worden sind. (Zusiitze.)
Niirriberg, 1788-1805. 4. 2050. f.

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Literatur im ersten Viertel des sechzehnten Jahrhunderts.
Im Anschluss an Hains Repertorium und Panzers deutsche
Annalen. (Supplement, 1874.) Nordlingen, 1864-74. 8.

2049. b.

[Heyse (C. W.)J Biicherschatz der deutschen National-Littera-
tur des xvi. und xvn. Jahrhunderts. Systematisch geord-
netes Verzeichniss einer reichhaltigen Sammlung deutscher
Bucher. Berlin, 1854. 8. 2048. a.

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zehnten, siebenzehnteu und achtzehnten bis um die Mitte
des neunzehnten Jahrhunderts. Jena, 1875, etc. 8. 2048. a.

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5 vol. Leipzig, 1812-17. 4. 2049. d.

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enthaltend alle von 1750 bis zu Ende des Jahres ( 1876)
in Deutschland . . . gedruckten Bucher. 20 vol. Leipzig,
1834-77. 4. 2049. d.

Hinrichs (J. C.) Verzeichniss der Bucher . . . welche in
Deutschland vom Januar 1877 bis zum (December i88o)neu
erschienen oder neu aufgelegt worden sind. Leipzig, 187680.
12. In progress. BB. R.

Repertorium liber die nach den . . . Verzeichnissen

1871-75 erschienenen Bucher. Von E. Baldamus. Leipzig,
1877. 12. BB. R.

Hoppe (H.) Katalog der wichtigeren, hervorragenden und
besseren Schriften Deutscher Literatur, welche in den Jahren
1801 bis Ende 1868 erschienen sind. I. Wissenschaftliche
Uebersicht. II. Autoren und Namen-Register. St. Peters-
burg, 1871. 8. BB. R.

Schwab (G.) and Kluepfel (K.) Wegweiser durch die Litera-
tur der Deutscheu. Vierte Auflage (Erster-Dritter Nach-
trag. Die Jahre von 1870-1879). Leipzig, 1874-79. 8.

BB. G.

Biicherschatz der Deutschen. Systematische Zusammenstel-
lung der vorziiglichsten Werke der neueren und neuesten
deutschen Literatur aus alien Fachern. Leipzig, 1870.
8. BB. R.

Allgemeine Bucherkunde des Brandenburgisch-Preussischen
Staates. Berlin, 1871. 4. BB. M.


Deutscher Zeitsehriften-Katalog. Zweite Auflage. Ostern
1874. Leipzig, 1874. 8. BB. B.

Verzeicliniss der Abhandlungen der Koniglich Preussischen
Akademie der Wissenschaften von 1710-1870 in alpha-
betischer Folge der Verfasser. Berlin, 1871. 8. 2048. b


PapadopOUloS VretOS (A.) NeoeAA^vi/o; 3>iAoAoyta, rjroi
/caraAoyos TWV airo Trrwcrews TT/S BvavTiv7S auroKpaTopias /Aevpi

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