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Hodge Walt (col), houseservant at 220 w Davie, r same
Hodge Dr William T, Jarmer, r 546 e Jones
Hogan Harris (col), photographer, r 13 Hayti alley
Hogan J B, salesman at Grausman & Rosenthal's, r 110 w

Hogg Harriet (col), cook at 213 Saunders, r same
Hogue Mrs Lucy H, seamstress, r 507 s Blood worth
Hi)^ue Willim E, j)oliceujan, r 507 s Bloodworth
Hoke Gen R F, mineralogist, r n Dawson
Holdeu Cenie Ann (col), cook, r 583 e Lenoir

&'N" W A T T"P"R ^ Merchant TaUor,
• 111 VV fX liJLJjJA;0> 234 Fayette If i//e street.



Holden Nareissa (col), wid of Dj.vid, r 5So e Lenoir

Holdei) W W, ex-Governor, r 127 w HargeLt,

Holder David, carrier for Eveninjj: Visitor, r 729 s East

Holder Geo, carrier for Evening Visitor, r 729 s East

Holder J H, laborer, r Centra! hotel

Holderfield J B, woodturner, r 719 s West

Holding J N [Pace & Hcdding], r above Lee, Johnson & Go's

Holland Charles (col), vvks at N C depot, r 10 Worth

Holland David (col), carpenter, r 748 s Person

Holland Geo C, drayman, r 108 Newbern av

Holland J B, salesman at L H Adams', r 226 e Cabarrus

Holland Major (col), vvks at ice factory, r 824 w Martin

H )lland Miss Mattie, dressmaker, r 223 e Hargett

Holland Tiressa (col), washer and ironer, r 311 w Lenoir

Holland Sarah A (col), seamstress, r 324 w Martin

Holleman Miss Aijanna, seamstress, r 413 e Morgan

Holleraan E C, salesman at W H & R S Tucker & Go's, bds

413 e Morgan
Holleman Geo (col), laborer, r 523 Newbern av
Holly Mariniina (col), cook a 209 w Davio, r same
Holloway, A W, wks at 127 s Wilmington, r n Person
Holloway Cresie (col), cook at 628 Hillsiv)ro, r same
Holloway Joshua (col), shoemaker at Wetraore's, r 330 w

Holloway Monroe (col), basket-maker, r 320 w Edenton
Holloway Maria (colV cook at 104 w Hargett
Holloway Nareissa (col), cook for W N Snelling, r 226 e

Holloway W H, street commissioner and manufacturer and

repairer of carriages, buggies, wagons, carts, &c., 127 8

Wilmington, r 547 e Hargett
Holloway W H Jr, cl'k at J J Thomas', r 547 e Hargett
Hoi man Alex (col), wks at water works, r 514 s Dawson
Holman D (col), drayman, r 416 s Blount
Hoi man Ed (col), wks at depot, r e Edenton alley
Holman Jennie (col), washer, r 514 s Dawson
H(dman Robert (col), drayman, r 409 w South
Holman W C, Prof Holman's mills, Fayetteville road, r 209

e Morgan
Holmes James (col), porter at L D Womble's, r outside
Holmes Julia (col), washer and ironer, r n West
Holmes Peter (col), trainband on R & A A-L railroad, r

123 n West


Holmes Pryinus (col), brakeman on R & A A L railroHd, r

M West
Holt D G, machinist at oil mills, r 007 s West
Holt Eliza, seamstress, r 735 s-: East
Holt Emeline (col), works at Yarborouglj House, r 118

Smilhfifld Alley
Holt James (col), laborer, r 118 Sraitlifiehl alley
Holt Martha (col), cook at 430 Fayetteville, r 118 Smithfield

Hc»lt Mary, seamstress, r 611 e Davie
Holt Robert (col), laborer, r 118 Smithfield alley
riolmes Mary (col), vvaslur and iroiier, r e Edenton alley
Home School for Colored Children, parochial (Baptist

North) Miss Ida Schoffield teacher, MissB L Pettegrew

principal, r 516 Haywood
Httmes Squire (col), laborer, r e Edenton alley
Hood Cora V, seamstress, r 102 w Jones
Hood Ed H, works at Walker Bros, r 102 w Jones
Hooker Mary (col), cook at D H Allen's Newbern av, r same
Hood Rosa E, seamstress at Walker Bros, r 102 w Jones
Hooker William (col), freightliand on R & G R R, r 125 n

Hooks Ellen (ci»l), washer and ironer, r 217 e Hargett
Hooks 0-car (col), chairbottomer, r 217 e Hargett
Hooper Mrs Mary E, works at Prof D B's, r 326 Newbern av
oover C W (col), Re[>r»-sentative from Wake, r 117e South
Horner Sidney (col), retail grocer, 320 s East, r same
Horner Susan (col), saleslady at 320 s East, r same
Horion Mrs A C, seamstress, r 216 e Lenoir
Horton D B, watchman at cotton jilatlorm, r outside limits
Horion Ed (col), bussdriver at 124 w Morgan, r same
Horton Edward G.^salesman for W G Separk, 16 e Hargett
Horton Fenner (col), wasl)ingand ironing, r 312 s East
Horion Fiank (col), carconpler on yard R & G shops, r 126

Horton Fnrney (col), drayman 224 Fayetteville
Horton F T (col), works Julius Lewis & Go's, r 118 Smith-

fi-id alley
Horton Henry, blacksmith at R & G shops, r 239 terminus

n Dawson
Horton Ju ia B, artist at Watson's gallery, r 403 s Blount


1 DlJ LOlUIj 1 LUj 124 Fayetteville St.. RALEIGH. N. C.


Horton J T, clerk at Len H Adams', r e Davie

Horton Capt John W, yardmaster at ii & G shops, r n

Horton Lum (col), servant at 214 n McDowell, r outside

Horton Malissa (col), cook at 504 s Bloodworth, r 323 s

Horton Mrs M L, seamstress, r 573 Cannon
Horton Parthenia (col), cook at 306 Hillsboro, r 409 Hills-

Horton Pleasant (col), Methodist preacher, r 316 s East
Horton Richard (col), drayman, r 409 Hillsboro
Horton Rufus H, engineer on R & G R R, r 119 Johnston
Horton Rufus H Jr, blacksmith at R & G shops, r 119

Horton Mrs Rebecca, wid of Montford^ seamstress, r 507 s

Horton S P, boarding House, 403 s Blount, r same
Horton Sarah (col), cook at 301 s Bloodworth, r 323 s Blood-
Horton VV A, carpenter, r 216 e Lenoir
Horton Walter A, engineer on R & G R R, r 119 Johnston
Horton W F, bolt cutter, wks R & G R R ph.»ps, r 119

Horton W T, engineer on R & G R R, r 119 Johnson
Horton Wra H, carter, r 573 Cannon
House S V, painter and contractor, r 548 e Jones
Howard (-has S, billposter, r 314 s Blount
Howard Hal (col), porter at 224 Fayetteville, r Smithfield

Howard J H, repairer 216 Fayetteville, bds cor Person and

Howard Jennie (col), cook washer and ironer, r Fowle's row,

No 2
Howard Mrs J W, wid of J W, seamstress, r 117 s Wil-
Howard Miss Lovie, seamstress, r 117 s Wilmington
Howard Miss Margaret, housekeeper lor Mrs Grimes, r 2 w

Howard Martha (col), seamstress, r 833 Fayetteville
Howard Mrs Ruthie T, seamstress, r 314 s Blount
Howard Walt (col), wks at Ferrall & Hill's, r Smithfield

Howell Mrs Arsenia, seamstress, r 518 n Persoo


Howell Miss Delia, seamstress, r 518 >i Person
Howell Henrietta (col), seamstress, r 30o w Cabarrus
Howell Jeff (col), wks at water works, r 303 w Cabarrus
Howell Miss Lethie. seamstress, r 518 n Person
Howell Vi'-toria (col), cook at 115 Johnston, r same
Howell Walt, elk at Alexander Kalensher's, r 518 s Person
Howell W H, watchman at Baltimore United Oil Co's ware-
rooms, r 518 n Person
Hubbard Ciias (col), laborer, r 584 e Cabarrus
Hubbard Dinah (col), washer and irojier, r 584 e Cabarrus
Hubbard Mary (col), washer and ironer, r 584 e Cabarrus
Huddle^^ton Lewis, ^uard at penitentiary, r 305 w South
Hudgings D S, train disi)atcher and car accountant R & G

and R & A R R, office 313 Halifax, r 513 Halifax
Hudgins Sallie (col), cook at 523 n Person
Hudson Miss Betsey, r 104 e Cabarrus
Hudspeth xMrs J A, dealer in confectionaries, 209 w Morgan,

r same
Huggins H R, f)rinter at Christian Advocate, r 513 n Salis-
Hughes Amanda (col), cook, r 5 s Salisbury
Hughes David (col), houseservant, r 411 w South
Hughes Ellen (col), cook at 128 Fayetteville, r e Hargett
Hughes Ellen (col), cook, r rear Prairie building
Hughes H J (col), barber and hairdresser under Jos P Gul-

ley's store, r 517 s Blount
Hughes Jas (col), drayman, r 22 Railroad av
Hughes Moses (col), woodcutter, r 411 w South
Hughes Ollie (col), cook, r 411 w South
Hughes W H, china, crockery, &c, 309 Fayetteville, r 227

w Morgan
Hundley Frank P, copyist, r 313 w Lane
Hunnicutt Artemus, wheelwright, s 422 Smithfield
Hunnicutt Miss Eliza, washer and ironer, r 507 e Martin
Hunnicutt Mrs Essie, seamstress, wks at Oak City Manufac-
turing Co's, r 557 e Martin
Hunnicutt D 0, city carpenter, r 412 e Morgan
Hunnicutt F W, [Hammell & Hunnicutt] r 226 s Swain
Hunnicutt Henry, bricklayer's apprentice, r 226 s Swain
Hunnicuttt W G, brickmason, wks with Hammell & Hun-
nicutt, r 557 e Martin

Merchant Tailor,

234 Fnyetteville Street.



Hunt Adelia (col), nurse, r 548 e Cabarrus
Hunt Angeline (col), cock at 18 Saunders, r Crow alley
Hunt Jno (col), driver for M A Parker, r 548 e Cabarrus
Hunter & Donaldson (col), Jai-k Hunter (col) and Wilson

Donaldson (col), hucksters market-house
Hunter Bettie, (col), washer and ironer, r 602 s Person
Hunter Celie (^ol), wa^^her and ironer, r Bledsoe av
Hunter Charlie H (col), assistant city-pump repairer, r 221

w Lenoir
Hunter Charles M (col), city-pum[) repairer, r 221 w Lenoir
Hunter Cynthia (col), cook ai Dr Hogg's, r 508 e Martin
Hunter Easter (col), washer an ! irttner, r 217 w North
Hunter Ed H (col), teacher at \Vashiii^;ton graded school,

r 533 New hern av
Hunter Gertrude (col), schoolteacher, r 208 w Cabarrus
Hunter Grade (col), nurse at 504 e Jones, r same
Hunter Harriett (col), washer and ironer, r 318 s East
Hunter Henry (col), blacksmith. 13G e Hargeti
Hunter Henry (col), laborer, r 525 s Wilmington
Hunter Henry (col), coachman for James Baker, r 230 s

Hunter Kittie (col), washer and ironer, r 525 s Wilmington
Hunter Joseph (col), wks at 314 Hillsboro. r t^ame
Hunter Job (col), boot and shoemaker, 130 e Hargett, r 305

s East
Hunter Jack (col), [Hunter & Donaldson], r s East
Hunter Laura (col), cook at 513 Hillsboro, r same
Hunter Lucy (col), washer and ironer, r 221 w Lenoir
Hunter Maria (col), washer and ironer, r 305 s East
Hunter Martha (col), cook at G09 Hillsboro, r w Edenton
Hunter Martha (col), washer and ironer, r 208 w Cabarrus
Hunter Mary (col), washer and ironer, r 325 s Bloodworth
Hunter Mary A (col), washer and ironer, r 221 w Lenoir
Hunter Mary J (col), washer and ironer, r 28 Hunter
Hunter Mattie (col), Jiurse at 117 ;; Bloodworth, r 325 s

Hunter Moilie (col), schoolteacher, r Bledsoe av
Hunter Nancy (col), washer and ironer, r 208 w Cabarrus
Hunter 0, 8r. (col), carpenter, r w Cabarrus
Hunter Priscilla (col), housekeeper at 816 s Biuiit, r Bled-
soe av
Hunter Robert (col), harness-maker, r 28 Hunter
Hunter Robert (col), wks at tobacco factory, r 305 s East
Hunter Sarah (col), washer and ironer, r 221 w Lenoir


Hunter Willie (col), wks at oil mills, r 208 w Cabarrus

Hunter Wyati (coi), laborer, r 602 s Person

Hunter Wylie (col), servant on slee ping-ear R & G railroad,

r 217 w North
Hunter W B (col), editor of the Outlook, office 16 s Salis-
bury, r s;inie
Hurrinij;ton Ella (coi), washer and ironer, r 510 s East
Hurrin^ton Henry (col), hostler, r 510 s East
Hurrington Lucy (col), cook, r 732 Fayetteville
Hurrington Silvie (col), waslier and ironer. r 510 s East
Hutchings Ciiarlie (col), whitewasher, r 312 w South
Hutfhins Mrs Fannie, boarding house, 109 s Wilmington,

r same
Hutchings Frances (col), washer and ironer, r 413 n West
Hutchiiigs Isaac D, works at W H Wetmore & Go's, r 418

w South
Hutchings Miss Julia, music teacher, r 030 w Jones
Hutchings Maria (col), washer and ironer, r 413 n West
Hutchings Miss Narcissa, schoolteacher, r 630 w Jones
Hutchings Robert (col), invalid, r 312 w South
Hutchings Ruffin, laborer at 209 e Hargett, r outside east
Hutchings W B manufacturer of saddles, harness, &c, 319
s Wilmington, r 321 w Jones

I DEN G E, tinner at J C Brewster & Go's, r 9 s East
Ingram Phoebe (col), washer and ironer, r 118 e Lenoir
Inter-Sfate Life Association, Geo G Jordan general agent,

office 224 Fayetteville, first floor
Iredell Fannie (col), washer and ironer, r 114 w Cabarrus
Iredell James (col), laborer, r 114 w Cabarrus
Iredell Jas T (col), porter for E L Taylor, r 114 w Cabarrus
Iredeil Mollie (col), houseservant at 220 s Dawson
Iredell Mollie (col), schoolteacher, r 413 n Salisbury
Iredell Mollie (col), houseservant, r 114 w Cabarrus
Iredell Nancy (col), cook at T T Hay's, r 114 w Cabarrus
Iredell Robert, waiter at Yarborough House, r 116 Polk
Irvin Gary (col), carpenter, r 122 w Lenoir
Irvin Mary (col), seamstress, r 122 w Lenoir
Ivery Dora (col), cook at 301 w Morgan, r Saunders

A Dry eMrvUfi artist tailor,
I DIjLuluij 1 Ijili 124 Fayetteville St., RALEIGH, N. C.


Ivery Hannah (col), cook at 126 Saunders

Ives' G N & Co (G N Ives and C D Artliur), tish and

oyster dealers, market liouse
Ivey Henry (co!), servant at Col A W Shaffer's, r e Lenoir,
Ivev Henry (oi>l), cook, r 112 e LtMioir
Ivey H M, storekeeper for R & G R R Co, r 521 Halifax
Ivey Minnie (col), nurse at 205 e Hargett, r same

JACKSON An(]rew, carpenter at D & D Institution, r 606
Jackson Andrew (col), dra>raan, r 413 n Salisbury
Jackson Miss Bettie seamstress, r 322 e Martin
Jackson Bettie (col), washer- woman, r 3-11 Cannon
Jackson Charlotte (col) cook at 605 Hillsboro, r Saunders
Jackson E L, wks at J(dinson & Barbour's, r 322 e Martin

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