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Longwell, Ralph, 587.

.Macauley, Kicliarcl, 573.

MacDougiil, James Muir, 96.

Marston, William Stinch-
lickl, '2-25.

Martin, Jolni, 315.

Masters, William, 438.

McG livery, freeman, 96.

McKenney, Charles James,

Mckcnncy, William Augus-
tus, 224.

Mc.Kcnzie, Edward, 178.

Miller, Albert, 420.

Miller, Asber Moon, 412.

Miller, Charles Willis. 412.

Miller,Mervey Augustus,412

Miller, John Burtis, 146.

Miller, Oliver Spencer, 146.

Mitcbell, Jeruel B., 420.

Moore, Kphraim, 410.

Moores, Edward Payson,83.

Mosier, John Louis II urd,24'2

Oakes, Ansel Hall, 431.

Pearson, Charles S.,71.

Penloy, Natlian ]S(ewman,182

Perkins, Henry Clay, 156.

Piull)rook, Francis Tliurs-
ton, 183.

Pitman, WilliamGoddard,. 534
Potter, Florance Archimi-
des, 469.

Reed, Aaron, 496.
Eichards.Thomas Henry ,244
Richardson, Henry Brown,

Roundy, B Iward Emerson,

Rundlett, Prank Gray, 272.
Riinnells, Freeman, 349.
Russell, Albert, 410.
Ryan, Thomas Curran, 159.
Sawyer, Harry S., 280.
Severance, Clarence, 210
Severance, Eni^ene, 210.
Severance, George W., 210.
Sides, George, 356.
Simmons, Alplieus, 575.
Sloan, Pratdi deVoliiey, 621.
Smith, Curtis, 51.
Smith, Daniel, 69.
Smith, Morris, ()02.
Snow, Frank F., 409.
Somcrs, Milo J., 407.
Speirs, .Tames R., 387.
SpoiTord, Amos, 71.
Stevens, Geor^^e W., 619.
Stevens, Henry IL, 157.
Taylor, .Joseph Fi'ancis, 203.
Taylor, William Wiggin,425.

Thayer, Ansel, 575.

Tliompson, Drury, 72.

Tlioraton,John Tluirston,647

Tlirasher, Cliarles Gott, 105.

Thurber, Frank Her))ert.561.

Torrey, Luther Campbell,385

True worthy, Burnett Thurs-
ton, 226.

Truman, Charles L., 577.

Upton, Charles Emerson, 169

Upton, Edwin, 169.

Upton, Thomas, 168.

Vanvelzor, John Martin, .553.

Wadleigh, George Albert,203

Walker, .John, 588.

Warren, Calvin, 206.

Webste f, Caleb Augustns,349

Whitehead, Alonzo, 50.

Whiting, Daniel Willard,4S4.

Wightman, David, 178.

Wilkinson, -, 259.

Williams,Frank Thomas,280

Winchester, Alpheus, 16(>.

Winslow, Roscoe Greeue,,342

Wiswall, Moses Thurston,210

Woodard, John, 212.

Woodworth, Charles Louis
Rev., 30.

VVright, James, 612.

Wyman, Franklin G., 624.


I have failed to get full particulars of this family. They spell their name Tlirus-
ton, but undoubtedly belong to the Thurston tribe, and may be connected with
those on pages 648, 649.

IJenjamiii Thruston moved from Virginia to Tennessee.

William Thruston, bro. of Benjamin, moved from Virginia to North Carolina; m.
Rebecca Pines; he d. Feb. 6, 1S28, aged 75; she d. Sept. 17, 1834, aged 80.

-[-Street, m. Letty Gowen.

William, Richard, John, Beverly.

Street Thruston, son of William, b. in Stokes Co., N. C; m. ist, in Spartan-
burg district, S. C, Aug. 10, 1809, Letty Goweii ; 2d, in Charleston, S. C, Aug. 6,
1829, Sarah Ann Graddock. He was a fannar, and lived some time in Green-
ville district, S. C, moved to Versailles, Mo., in 1S33, d.


Minerva Gowen, b. Oct. 2, 18 10.

Mariah Thompson, b. Nov. 5, 18 12.
-f John Beverly, b. March 30, 1815; m. Nancy R. Walton.

William Richard, b. Aug. 11, 1817 ; d. 1847.

Jeremiah Cleveland, b. Dec. 2, 1819; d. 1849.

Street Winn, b. June 3, 1822; d. 1847.

James Lawrence, b. July 10, 1824; d. 1839.

Williams Crayton, b. July 16, 1826.

ilayles J. Earl, b. Oct. 6, 1S28; d. 1861.

Henry Clay, b. 1830; has a cattle ranch at Mt. Pleasant, Texas. He is a re-
markable man, being 7 feet, j]^ inches tall, not fleshy, wears a stovepipe hat,
which adds to his wonderful height, and produces a sensation wherever he
goes. He served in the confederate army during the war of the rebellion,
and surrendered to Gen. Canby at Shreveport, La.

Lewis Washington, b. July iS, 1832; d. 1839.

Lafayette Crook, b. Feb. 4, 1835; d. 1863.

Susan Rebecca, b. July 30, 1S37.

Sarah Ann, b. Feb. 14, 1841 ; d.

Mary Ann, b. Dec. 14, 1844; d. 1859.


Dr. John Beverly Tiiruston (Street, Williai/i), horn March 30, 1S15; mar-
ried, in Morgan Co., Mo., June, 1837, Nancy R. Walton. He graduated from
Transylvania University in Lexington, Ky., 1837, settled in Versailles, Mo., prac-
ticing medicine successfully. Children.

James Sydenham, b. Sept. 17, 1839; m., Feb. 25, 1S64, Camelia J. McMinn. He
is judge of probate for Morgan Co., and county treasurer. They have
Robert Haller, b. April 6, 1865; Josiah Beverly, b. Aug. 17, 1878.

Virginia Letitia, m. James McNair, clerk of Versailles Co. circuit court.

Josiah Walton, b. 1846 ; killed March 6, 1862, in battle of Elkhorn.

William Jeremiah, b. 1854; d. 1866.

Waddy Thompson, d. aged 6 years.

Cora Lee, m. J. W. Murtie.

Florence Blassingame, m. L. B. Hawks.

Ella Douglass, m. Dr. G. M. Gunn. Walter J.

Thurstons of whom I have no other information.

Samuel, Groton, Mass., i6Sr.

Matthew, one of the first settlers of Dublin, N. H. ; 1749 had a grant of land there.

Frank A., pensioner, in Great Falls, N. H., 1S92.

Abigail, m. Jan. 30, 1741, Jesse By ram of East Bridgewater, Mass.

Francis, in Bayham, Elgin Co., Out.; m. Harriet, da. of Joel and Mary (Hinman)

Tyrrell ; she d., having had 3 sons and 6 daughters, 2 of whom d. in infancy ;

one son, Jared, was about i8 in 1849, and one da., Sarah Ann.
Nancy, m., in Lancaster, Mass., April 20, 1S08, by Rev. Nathaniel Thayer, Stephen

Bates of West Cambridge, Mass.
Frank, of Newport, Me., m., April 20, 1880, Nellie Whitney of Portland, Me.
Moses and Hannah had a da. Lydia, b. in Pepperell, Mass., July 6, 1756, d. Oct.

28, [757.
Mary Jane, b. March 11, 1842; m. James Oliver, a farmer in Conway, N. H. ; no

Emma, m., by Rev. P. M. McDonald, July 27, 1883, Charles E. Austin, both of

Reading, Mass.
Sullivan B., m., in Clinton, Me., May 8, [883, Annie Chadwick.

, m. Sarah Oilman about 1703.

, m. John Oilman, about 1763. ,

Tammy, m., July 25, 1807, Jonathan Thomas Perkins of Gloucester, Mass., b. about

1778, son of Benjamin Perkins of G. ; she d. about 1S13, having had Mary

(Perkins), b. June 6, 180S; Jonathan Brewer (Perkins), b. April 5, 1812.
Rose, m. Jabez T. Perkins, b. Sept. 24, 1852, son of David and Jane S. (Dunning)

Perkins of Brunswick, Me.; he d. March 19, 1882.
Jonathan of Shrewsbury, Mass., m , May 5, 1773, Lois D., da. of Cyrus and Lois

D. (Wheelock) Wheeler, and had I^uther, b. Oct. 13, 1775. Jonathan d., and

she m. 2d, May 10, 1781, Samuel Rawson, and moved to New York.
Daniel, m. Jan. i, 1756, Anna, da. of Benjamin and Rebecca (Card) Giles of

Gloucester, Mass., b. about 1733.
Esther, m. Nathaniel, son of Henry and Mary (Sayward) Giles of Gloucester, Mass.
Samuel, m., April 23, 1854, Alice A. Cooper, both of Upton, Mass.
Mary, m., Dec. 10, 1854, John Albion, b. Feb. 14, 1834, son of John and Sally

(Jackson) Folsom of Somersworth, N. H. They had: Ella Frances (Folsom),

b. in Rochester, N. H., Nov. iS, 1855 ; George Edwin (Folsom), b. June 26,1857.
, m. Elizabeth, da. of John and Hannah (Oilman) Folsom of E.xeter, N. H.,

b. about 1720. They had: John, named in his mother's will 1756.
James of Cumberland, R. I., m. Mary, da. of Ebenezer and Margaret (Pond) Guild,

b. July 14, 1754.
Clara, m., Aug. 28, 1882, Newell Culver Hamblet, b. Dec. I, 1854, son of Martin W.

and Almeda (Hathaway) Hamblet; a painter in Middlese.x, Vt.
No. 12,017 of 1st ed., gave most of her property to the "home of aged colored

women, 27 Myrtle St., Boston. Will made Apr. 7, 1869, probated June 28, 1869.
Page 345, no. 5,305 : d. Jan. 9, 1892, beautiful in character, and beloved by all.
Page 370, no. 3730: Obed Thurston m. Phebe Hurd, lived in Providence, R. L,

and had :
Ezra, m. Submit Howe, and went west.


Susanna, d. in Illinois.

John, h. Oct. 28, 1787 ; a farmer in Plainfield, Conn., was rep. to the legislature
several terms, had office in his town all his life ; m., Feb. i, 1814, Louisa Howe,
sister to his brother's wife, b. in Vernon, Conn., Jan. 19, 1794. He d. Aug. i^,
1858; she d. in Middletown, Conn., April ii, 1S70; both members of the Bap-
tist church. They had :
Samuel W. of Providence, b. in Sterling, Conn., July iS, 1824.
Emily, b. do.. May 6, 1S26; m., Oct. 14, 1837, Edward Medbury Prior, b. April
28, 1824, a farmer in Middletown, and have Frank Woodworth (Prior), b. in
Plainfield, June 18, 1S49, left home at age of 19; Eugene Thurston (Prior),
b. do , June 18, 1859, has charge of the burnishing department in the Derby
Silver Plating Co., Burmingham, Conn. ; Charles Howe (Prior), b. in Brad-
ford, Conn., Aug. 12, 1S59, has charge of the jeweling dept. in a watch fac-
tory in Canton, O.
Page 650, no. 10,493: m. Wilfred Cusick Brant, a locomotive engineer in Ellens-
burg ; moved from Lima, O., 1887, and lost nearly all their property in the fire
of July 4, 1889, that destroyed a large part of the city ; she is sec. of the Ever-
green Lodge B. of L. E. They have :
Harvey Thurston (Brant), b. in Morrow, Feb. 9, 1870; d. in Lima, O., Sept. 29, 1881.
Edward Lee (Brant), b. do., a locomotive fireman in Ellensburg, sec. of Mt. Baker

Lodge B. of L. F.
Ida Belle (Brant), b. in Urbana, 111., Dec. 2, 1876, sec. of juvenile templars.
Frank Miller (Brant), b. do.. May 3, 1S78, financial sec. of juvenile templars.
Nellie Alger (Brant), b. in Lima, Nov. 9, 1883, dep. marshal juvenile templars.
Danville C., b. Jan. 9, 1S42, of Anoka, Minn. ; m., Dec. 16, 1867, Ella R. McCann,
and have Ruth McCann, b. April 22, 1869; Olive, b. May 4, 1872.

Page 564, no. 9,040, was a farmer in Macedon, N. Y.

No. 9,041, live in Macedon, and their da. Kittie May m. M. Wemple of Ful-

tonville, N. Y.
No. 9,042, she was b. Aug. 3, 1857, da. of Charles E. Hadden. They have Ken-
neth Thurston (Reed), b. April 29, 1887.

Page 622, no. 10,025, should read Rochester, N. Y.

Page 641, no. 10,325, line 3, last word, should be Harry instead of Mary.

Page 642, no. 10,342, he d. Jan., 1890.

Omitted in Index of Thurstons — Harvey Nelson, page 440.

A letter dated Stratham, N. H., May 31, 1878, says, — "The old Swamscot bury-
ing-ground, where all the first settlers were buried, has laeen plowed up within a few
years. The gravestones were either broken up or carted away, and used for other
purposes.^ There is no one by the name of Thurston living in town at the present
time." The above shows the singular mutations frequently occurring in regard to
families and names. A century ago it would appear that the principal part of the
place was owned by Thurstons, and the enterprise and activities of this whole re-
gion were almost entirely in the hands of persons of that name.


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