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1145 Delia,'' b. in Rowley Dec. 21, 1796; n.m. ; d. at Bedford, N. H., Sept. 24,1823.

1 146 Clarissa,^ b. in Andover, Mass., Feb. 26,1801; met her death on Sunday

morning, Jan. 6, 1884, being crushed by a moving train as she was attempt-
ing to cross the track of the Erie railway at 2d street in the city of El-
mira, on her way to attend church. She had been a school teacher for
upward of forty years, commencing at Goffstown. N. H., in iSiS; next in
Manchester, N. H. After tliat she went to what was then the province of
Maine, and taught for one summer at Sunkhase on the Penobscot river. In
182 1 she sailed for Savannah, Ga., and spent five years in teaching in that
state ; at Sandersville, Washington Co., in Columbia Co., at Eatonton, and
at Covington; returned to her father's house in Bedford, N. H., in 1826,
and in the winter of 1826 taught a school in Royalston, Mass. In 1827
she taught the female department of the academy in Prattsburg, Steuben
Co., N. Y. She was vice-piincipal of the young ladies seminary in Ge-
neva, N. Y., in 1831, and was connected many years with that quite famous
institution, until in 1S46 she founded the institution known as " The El-
mira I^adies' Seminary," which became, and continued to be, one of the
most celebrated schools in the state. As a teacher she attained great ce-
lebrity, having herself been educated at the school of Rev. Joseph Emer-
son at Byfield, Mass., from among whose pupils went out such distin-
guished educators as Miss Z. P. Grant and Miss Mary Lyon. Miss Thurs-
ton pul)lished several books of a religious character, which met with grate-
ful acceptance from the public. Altho advanced in years she was vigor-
ous and strong, and might fairly have counted upon living to a great age,
but for the fatal catastrophe that overtook her.

• For fuller account see Ist eil. p. 89.

t On p. 37, line 5, it was not Daniel, but his son Steplien, who moved to Andover.

X For further notice see 1st ed. j). 168.


1147 Lucinda,*^ b. in Bedford, Mass., July 21, 1805; d. March 23, 1806.

1 148 Mary Colman,s b. in Bedford, Sept. 23, 1806 ; d. in Eatonton, Putnam county,

Ga., July 23, 1825; text at funeral, James 4: 13, 14.
I149+ Ariel Standish,'^ b. in Goffstown, N. H., June 11, 1810; m. 1st, Julia Clark
Hart ; 2d, Cornelia Sophia Hull ; 3d, Georgiana Gibson.

By third wife, Hannah.

1150 Mary Delia,« b. at Bedford, Feb. 28, 1827; n.m. ; d. at Elmira, N. Y., Aug.

23, 1866. She was beloved by all who knew her.


Judith Thurston s {Daniel,^ Richard t> Daniel,'' Daniel'^, sister of
the preceding, and daughter of Daniel and Judith (Chute) Thurston
of Ipswich, Mass. ; born there Dec. 31, 177 1 ; married, Oct. 10, 1793,
Samuel Pearson, born in Bradford, Mass., Mar. 30, 1770. She
died Oct. 18, 1824, and he married second, July 2, 1826, Lydia Coy.

He was a merchant and maker of cotton hats, and died in Provi-
dence, R. I., Aug. 3, 1836.


1151 Luther (Pearson), b. Sept. 21, 1794; m. ist, Mar. 25, 1819, Louise M. Arnold,

b. Nov. 6, 1795, d- May 30, 1859; 2d, Aug. 12, 1S63, Mrs. Charlotte Chase
(Swain) Ackley, b. in Xantucket, Mass., July 6, 1823, da. of Alexander and
Eunice (Chase) Swain, descended directly from Peter Folger, Tristram
Coffin and John Swain, -three of the original purchasers of Nantucket.
She m. 1st, Jan. 12, 1S45, Capt. Enoch H. Ackley of Hudson, N. Y., who
d. Jan. 3, 1855. Mrs. Pearson is now, 18S4, living in Nantucket. Mr.
Pearson was a cotton merchant in Providence, R. L, and d. June 24, 1871,
having had Phebe, Louisa, Sarah, Elizabeth, John, Samuel (Pearson), and
three others, who d. in infancy.

1152 Susanna (Pearson), b. Nov. 30, 1795; ^- Oct. 5, 1796.

1153 Daniel Colman (Pearson), b. Apr. 13,1798; m., Jan. 23, 1820, Nancy Bug-

bee, b. Jan. 31, 1799, da. of Thomas [a farmer and mnfr. of pottery ware
in So. Woodstock, Conn., b. Sept. 9, 1761] and Phebe (Carpenter, b. June
4, 1760) Bugbee. He was a painter in So. Woodstock, and d. in New Or-
leans, Sept. 3, 1828. They had :

1154 Martha (Pearson), b. May 6, 1821 ; m., Jan. 16, 184S, E. F. Kingsbury.

1 1 55 William Henry (Pearson), b. Mar. 25, 1823; m. Martha Cocking.' He

lived in Putnam, Conn. They had: Louise F. (Pearson), b. Apr. 18,
1849; m., July 4, 1869, Erwin E. Robbins; Harriet M. (Pearson), b.
July 28, 1851 ; m., Nov. 26, 1S75, John Ross.

1156 George W. (Pearson), b. July 10, 1825; n.m.

1157 Daniel C. (Pearson), b. Jan. 27, 1827; m. Ann Thayer.

1158 William Colman (Pearson), b. Apr. 16, 1801 ; m., Nov. 8, 1826, Mary Earle,
b. Jan. 6, iSor, da. of Oliver and Fanny (Holroyd) Earle of Providence,
R. L; d. Feb. rr, 18S1. He was a jeweler in Newark, N. J., and d. Jan.
II, 1865. They had:
II 59 William Earle (Pearson), b. in New York city, July 6, 1S29; a lumber
dealer in Jersey City, N. J.; m., June 24, 1862, Susan Anne, da. of
Isaac I. and Ann (Oldis) Vanderbeek of Jersey City, N. J., b. in Pas-
saic, N. J., Feb. 3, 1837 ; she d. Apr. 29, 1879. They had Frank (Pear-
son), b. Sept. 27, 1864; William Earle (Pearson), b. Nov. 27, 1868; d.
Jan., 1870; Isaac Vanderbeek (Pearson), b. Mar. 7, 187 1.
1160 Henry Augustus (Pearson), b. in New York, Sept. 17, 1836; a bookkeeper
in Jersey City; n.m.
Henry (Pearson) f twins, born ) d. Mar. 30, 1806.
Il6i Harriet (Pearson) ( Oct. 16, 1803 ; ) m., Sept. 19, 1S24, Capt. Wm. Comstock,
b. Jan. 20, 1787, a popular steamboat captain, running from Providence to
New York; d. Oct. 22, 1873; she d. Aug. 26, 1882. They had:

1 162 Harriet (Comstock), d. in infancy.

1 163 William (Comstock), b. June 14, 1831 ; n.m.; d. at sea, Apr. 22, 1850.


1 164 Harriet (Comstock), m., Oct. i, 1849, Byron Sprague; six cliildren.

1 165 Richard W. (Comstociv), m., Nov. 18, 1874, Cornelia Pratt; 3 cliildren.

1 166 y\.nna L. (Comstock), m., May 13, 1853, Edward Augustus Balch; he d.

Jan. 14, 1 87 1.
1 167 Samuel (Pearson), b. Dec. 4, 1S05; m., Feb. 24, 1839, Phebe Selleck, b. July

19, 1S15. He was a merchant tailor in New York city; d. They had one

da. and three sons ; live in Jersey City, N. J.
116S Susanna Thurston (Pearson), b. Aug. 7, 1807; n.m. ; resided in Milwaukee,

Wis.; d. Mar. 19, 1889.

1169 Henry N. (Pearson), b. May 24, 1811 ; m., Nov. 25, 1832, Mary Ann Toomey.

He d. in New York city, Dec. 5, 1S35; no children.

1 170 Martha Goss (Pearson), b. Dec. 29, 1813; d. Dec. 14, 1814.


Sarah Pear.son 5 {Sarah Thurston,^ Richard,^ Daniel,'^ Daniel^),
daughter of Capt. John and Sarah (Thurston) Pearson of Rowley,
Mass. ; born there March 22, 177S ; married, about 1800, Rev. Moses
Elliot,* born March 5, 1775, son of Jonathan and Naomi (Sweat)
Elliot of Newtown, now Salisbury, N. H. His father moved to Con-
cord, N. H., 1779. After marriage he became a preacher, and still
later graduated from Dartmouth, 1808. He was a Congregational
clergyman, first settled in Reading, Vt., a missionary in the western
part of Massachusetts and northern New York, with residence for
nearly forty years in Boscawen, N. H. She died at her son's in Tem-
pleton, N. H., July 28, 1856.


1 17 1 Luther Carter (Elliot), b. Dec. i, 1801 ; a farmer in Topsham, Vt., and Can-

terbury, N. H. ; d. May, 1S4S; m., Oct. i, 1821, Lydia Flanders of Dan-
bury, N. H.

1 172 Milton (Elliot), b. Jan., 1803; d. 1804.

1173 Milton (Elliot), b. in Amesbury, Mass., Feb. 10, 1804; d. July 4, 1854; m.,

1827, Louisa Hewes of Putney, Vt. ; was overseer in the woolen mill in
Amesbury, and thro the influence of J. G. Whittier, the poet, became a
Quaker. At his death his mother, who was living with her son Matthew
in Boston, was unwilling to attend what she supposed would be a silent
funeral. The brother attended, and Wliittier came in and made a beau-
tiful and touching address. Milton's widow moved to Somerville and
lived with her children, one of whom died or was killed in the war against
the rebellion.

1 174 Henry Melancthon (Elliot), b. Dec. 22, 1805; a farmer and gardener in Pen-

acook, N. H. ; m. ist, 1840, Lydia George of Woodstock, N. H., and had
Lydia, b. Oct 14, 1842; d. young; 2d, Martha Smith of Deerfield ; 3d,
Emily Jackman Gould.

1 175 Maria (Elliot), b. Oct. 14, 1S07 ; n.m.; d. in Waltham, Mass., Aug. 3L 1S27.

1 176 Elijah Parish (FiUiot), b. Mar. 21, 1899; m. Hannah Brown of Amesbury, b.

Oct. 12, 1805, in Andover, N. H., da. of Nehemiah and Margaret (Bragg)

♦The Elliot Family.

L Edward Elliot came from England about 1643, was assessed 2s in 1662 for the sup-
port of Rev. VVm. Worcester of Salisbury, Mass. Tlieyhad: Jolm, b. Nov. 25, 1660; d. in
infancy; John.

IL JouN Elliot, Amesbury Records, m. Naomi. They had: Edward, b. July 30, 1686;
John, b. Dec. 25, 1693; Thomas, b. Nov. 16, 169G; David; and five dausrhters.

III. David Elliot, m., July 2, 1728, Mary Carter. They had: Thomas, b. Dec. 27, 1731,
d.; David, b. Dec. 10, I7:5i; Rich;ird, b. Dic. 12, 1735; Jonathan, b. March 22, 1738;
Thomas, b. June 24, 1741.

IV. Jonathan Elliot, m. Naomi Sweat of Khigston, N. H., da. of Dea. Renjamin
Sweat, a descendant of Dr. John Sweat of Eii

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