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David, elected deacon 1796; d. 1848, aged 84 years; a man greatly beloved and honored by his
fellow-citizens, — having been chosen by them to the h^gislatures of Massachusetts and Maine,
and having held important civil oflaces for more than thirty successive years.

Dka. Ammi R. iM itch ell, son of David, nnd elder hrotlier of the preceding, a physician,
and prominent civilian, elected deacon in ISOii; d. suddenly in isii4, aged 62 years.

VIII. Dea. Ammi R. Mitchell, son by 1st ni. of Jacob, removed from Yarmouth to
Bath; elected deacon in the then " North," now Winter St. Congregational church 1824,
which office he still holds.

Dea. .Jacob Mitchell, son. by 1st m., of Jacob, united with the church so long served
by his ancestors 1822; was a physician in Chelsea, Mass., where he was elected deacon in the
Winnisimmet Congregational church, in the year 1856; d. Jan. 11, 1873.

IX. Jacob Mitchbll, son of Jacob of Boston, is a member of the Winnisimmet Congre-
gati nal church, Chelsea.

From this family have sprung several ministers of the gospel. Rev. David M. Mitchell, a
man of singular purity, remarkably successful in winning souls to Christ, d. at Waltham,
Mass., Nov. 27, 1869, was one of them. Others are now in service in different and distant
states of the country. In the territory of ancient North Yarmouth are now embraced Yar-
mouth, North Yarmouth. Cumberland, Pownal, Freeport and Harpswell. In these towns
there are now seven Congregational churches, beside a large number of other churches of
evangelical faith. The parent church has contributed largely of its members for the consti-
tution of the larger part of these. Yet the original church, of which Dea. Jacob Mitchell
was a founder and a deacon, lives and thi'ives, and in its whole history his family has had
representatives in its membership, than whom none others have been more loved, honored, or
essentially identified with its progress and work.


the path of hfe, unfolding the wondrous method of grace and salva-
tion, displaying the wisdom and matchless love of God in redemption,
teaching men what they must do, and what they must be, in order to
gain eternal life, inforcing duty by the sublime fact of eternal retri-
bution both for saints and sinners. His manners in the pulpit were
characterized by simplicity, solemnity, earnestness, and an affection-
ate persuasiveness. Utterly unpretentious, he stood erect in the
calm simplicity of one charged with a message from God. As a pas-
tor, he was kind, faithful and sympathetic. He not only visited the
people from house to house, but preached lectures on week days and
evenings in the various parts of his parish very frequently. Among
the leading elements of his Christian character were reverence, con-
scientiousness, devoutness, and firmness of moral principle. He
would sooner have suffered the loss of all human favor than the ap)-
probation of his own conscience. For the sake of preaching the
gospel he was willing to practice the most rigid economy, and live on
very humble fare. Notwithstanding his means were small, he gave a
tenth of all his income in charity.

The question of right, of duty, having been settled, he adhered to
it with oaken firmness. His quick moral discernment carried him in
advance of his times in regard to the evils to be reformed. Early
did he become a laborer in the cause of temperance and of the op-
pressed. He remembered those in bonds as bound with them.
Notwithstanding all he suffered in the cause of the oppressed, whether
by his brethren in the ministry, or the church, or the baser sort, I
never heard of a hard or unforgiving word he ever uttered respect-
ing them. His forgiving love, his broad charity, covered a multitude
of wrongs done to himself.

Children, born in WLnthrop.

1193-l-Eunice Farley,*^ b. Nov. 19, 1812; m. Rev. Henry Richardson.
1194-j-Brown,'' b. Oct. 6, 1814; m. 1st, Harriet Chapman; 2d, Amanda Chapman.
1195 Mary,*^ b. Feb. 18, 1817; d. Nov. i, 1819. •

1 1 96+ Elizabeth,'' b. Nov. 28, 1818; m. Charles Philbrook.

1197 David Francis,'' b. June 17, 1S21; d. Sept. 30, 1830.

1 198 Mary Brown,'' b. April 18, 1823; d. Jan. t8, 1835.

il99-{-Samuel,'' b. Aug. 14,1825; m. ist, Lucretia Harrington Bartels ; 2d, Mary
Louisa Waters.

1 200-|- Harriet Ann,'' b. May 8, 1829; m. ist, Melvin Gilmore Deane; 2d, Hon. Ed-
ward Southworth.


Dea. Richard Thurston s of Bangor. Me. {David,'' Richard,^
Daniel,^ Daniel ^^, brother of the preceding, and son of David and
Mary (Bacon) Thurston of Sedgwick, Me. ; born in Rowley, Mass.,
July 5, 1781 ; baptized by Rev. James Chandler; married, by Rev.
.N. Whitman, Oct. 13, 1817, Ann Bowers, born in Bilerica, Mass.,
Feb. 17, 1787, daughter of Samuel Bowers, a merchant in Boston.
They both died in Bangor, he May 24, 1852, she June 13, 1869.

He went to Sedgwick, Me., with his father, in 1796. spent a year or
more in New Bedford, Mass., and about 1805 settled in Frankfort,
Me., as a merchant. In 1832 removed to Bangor, in the lumber busi-
ness. Early in life he experienced religion, and was instrumental in


establishing a Congregational church in Frankfort, of which he be-
came a deacon. He was a very hospitable man, and kept what was
called in those days a " minister's tavern." Frankfort was a godless
place when he settled there as a young man, and his life was so sober
and correct that he was called deacon long before the office was con-
ferred upon him.


I20i + Ricliard J5owers,''' h. at Charlestown, Mas.s., June 28, 1819; m. Jane Miller

i202-|-^amuel David,'' b. at Franlcfort, F'eb. 10, 1822; m. ist, Susan Duncan Pierce;
2d, Jane Maria Sparhawk.

1203 Caroline Ann Parker,'' b. at Frankfort, Nov. 2, 1825; m., in Stamford, Ct.,
April 12, 1873, Hugh Young, b. Jan. 2, 1831, eldest son of James and
Elizabeth Young, nee Learmouth, of Edinburg, Scotland. His parents
afterward lived in Kilmarnock. He came to this country in 1851. He
was captain of the 79th New York volunteers in the war of the reljellion.
He is a manufacturer and inventor of Young's diamond saw machine, for
sawing stone, and lived in New York city till 1889, when, having a large
establishment requiring most of his attention in Chicago, 111., moved his
family there. They adopted Caroline Maud (Young), b. Feb. 25, 1875.

427 ,JM

Mary Thurston 5 (David,-* Richard,^ Daniel,^ Daniel '^), %vs,\.^x of
the preceding, and daughter of David and Chloe (Redington) Thurs-
ton of Sedgwick, Me.; born in Rowley, Mass., April 7, 1792; bap-
tized by Rev. Joseph Dana; married, at Sedgwick, Feb. 18, 18 18, by
her father, who was a justice, assisted by Rev. David Thurston, her
brother, Dea. Bliss Blodget, born in Lebanon, N. H., Dec. 9, 1785,
son of Daniel and Mary (Bliss) Blodget of Chelsea, Vt. He died
April 29, 1857. She died Sept. 27, 1882, aged 90.

Dea. Blodget's parents moved to Chelsea in his early childhood,
where he remained till he was twenty-one, when he went to Bucks-
port, Me., into a general store as clerk ; served one year, and became
a partner. He was an officer in the Congregational church ; always
interested in all religious and educational objects ; a public-spirited
man, who never spared any effort for the education and advancement
of his children or others. In all he was thoroughly aided by his con-
sort, and their lives have been filled with usefulness, and their house
has always been the home of all in any way connected with the ad-
vancement of society and religion.


1204+Mary Thurston (Blodget), b. Jan. 9, 1819; m. Rev. Enoch Pond.
1205-l-Sarah Ann (Blodget), b. Aug. 24, 1820; m. John Hincks.
1 206-i- Elizabeth (Blodget), b. Nov. 12, 1822; m. Rev. John P. Skeele.
1207-i-Henry (Blodget), b. July 13, 1S25; m. Sarah Ripley.
i2o84-John (Blodget), b. July 11, 1827; m. Sarah Case.
1209-j-George (Blodget), b. April 6, 1831 ; m. Mary Sophia Pond. '

1210 William Stephen (Blodget), b. Jan. 21, 1834; d. Jan. 31, 1838.

121 1 Charles Howard (Blodget), b. July 5, 1836; d. Sept. 5, 1862.


Samuel Thurston s of Bangor, Me. {David,'* Richard,'^ Daniel,^
Daniel^), brother of the preceding, and son of David and Chloe


(Redington) Thurston of Sedgwick, Me. ; born in Rowley, Mass.,
July 8, 1793; baptized by Rev. Ebenezer Bradford; married, first,
Jan. 21, 1824, Prudence Goodale, born in Worcester, Mass., March
16, 1801, daughter of Hon. Ephraim and Prudence (Willard) Good-
ale* of Orrington, Me.; she died Dec. 19, 1838. Second, Jan. i,
1840, Mrs. Charlotte (Goodale) Greeley, sister of his first wife,
born May 13, 1809 ; married, first, July 16, 1832, Rev. Greenleaf
Greeley, a Methodist minister of Readfield, Me., a man of deep piety
and much usefulness ; he died in Burke county, Ga., where he had
gone for his health, Nov. 25, 1835.

Mr. Thurston was a merchant at Mill creek, Orrington, Me., for
eleven years, till about 1831, where he accumulated a very handsome
property. He then moved to Brewer, Me., where he kept store, built
houses, dealt in lumber, and succeeded well till 1835, when he en-
tered into the land speculation, which swept like a destructive tor-
nado over all the northern part of New England, and lost all the
accumulations of his past life. His wife was sick with consumption,
soon after died, and with five young children he commenced life
anew. In 1840 he moved to Bangor and pursued the lumber busi-
ness. Here, too, he met with many losses by fire and flood and busi-
ness indorsements, which he bore with serene patience.

When he started in life he determined to attain riches, and he had
come almost to the realization of his wishes, when the disaster came
which showed him that " it is not in man that walketh to direct his
steps," but that the Lord directeth them for better ends than the
mere attainment of wealth. The loss of his wife and his earthly pos-
sessions led him to consider those interests of a more enduring char-
acter, and he gave his heart to God, established a family altar, taught
his children, both by precept and example, to seek first the kingdom
of God and his righteousness. He gave his children a good educa-
tion, sustained the institutions of society generally, and was a decided
abolitionist, when it was very unpopular to be one. He was received
into the Bangor Central church i860, at that time under the care of
Prof. Shepard of the theological seminary. Thro all he maintained
an unblemished moral character, and was respected by every one.

Children, by first wife, Prudence, born in (Orrington.
1212 Samuel Redington," b. Feb. 4, 1825; d. in Brewer, Oct. 31, 1847.
1213-l-Ephraim Goodale,'' b. July 2, 1827; m. Charlotte Margretta Darling.
1214 Helen Maria,'' b. Sept. 8, 1830.

121 5-|- Emily," b. in Kucksport, her mother being on a visit there, Jan. i, 1834: m.
m. 1st, Charles Wood; 2d, Augustus Hall Walker.

1216 Henry Martin,*' b. in Brewer, Oct. 13, 1836; d. Aug. 3, 1841.

By second wife, Charlotte.

1217 Charlotte Greenleaf (Greeley), by her ist husband. Rev. Greenleaf Greeley,

■ b. July 4, 1836, an artist in Boston, Mass.

1218 Willard Nelson,'' ) twins, born | d. Aug. 26, 1842.

1219 Horace Page,'' ( July 9, 1841 ; ( d. Aug. 30, 1842.
1220+Mary Elizabeth,''!). Dec. 15, 1843; m. Augustus Hall Walker.

1221 Arthur Everett,*^ b. March 5, 1845; '^^- i" Brewer, Aug. iS, .1849.

1222 Isabel Redington,'' b. Sept. 30, 184S; m., Jan. i, 1873, Edgar Clarence Pear-

son, b. Jan. 9, i8i;o, son of Orpealyer and Susan E. Pearson of Bangor; he
was a lumber merchant in Bangor.

» For interestinjj note concerning Mr. Goodale see 1st eil. p. KIT.


1223 Willis Little,"^ b. Aug. 16, 1850; m., Oct. 31, 1878, Catharine Barker, da. of

Isaac P. and Almeda W. Barker of Brookline, Mass.; a wholesale grocer
in Bangor, firm of Thurston & Kingsbury ; no children.


John Thur.ston s of Bangor, Me. {David,* Richard,^ Daniel,'
Daniel^), brother of the preceding, and son of David and Chloe
(Redington) Thurston of Sedgwick, Me. ; born in Rowley, Mass.,
Nov. 26, 1794; baptized by Rev. Ebenezer Dutch; married, 1826,
Abigail King Lawrence of Brooksville, Me. She died Jan. 6,
1834; he died March 14, 1834. He was a farmer at his father's, and
after he left home, in Bangor, a few miles from the city ; but a few
years before his death sold his farm and moved into the city, where
he kept the ordinary for the theological seminary.


1224 David,'^ b. in Sedgwick, Nov. 14, 1827; drowned Oct. 3, 1S37.

1225 Margaret,'' b. April 4, d. April 30, 1830.

i226-|-John Rogers,*' b. in Bangor, Sept. 4, 1831 ; m. 1st, Frances Orilla Goodale ;

2d, Caroline Augusta Wells Story.
1227 William," b. in Bangor, Dec. 19, 1833; d. Oct. 13, 1S34.


Sarah Thurston s i^David,* Richard^'^ Daniel,^ Daniel''), sister of
the preceding, and daughter of David and Chloe (Redington) Thurs-
ton of Sedgwick, Me.; born in Rowley, Mass., April i, 1796 ; bap-
tized by Rev. Humphrey C. Perley ; married, Oct. 30, 1823, Dea.
John Buck, born Feb. 16, 1795, son of Benjamin and Sarah (Sew-
all) Buck of Bucksport, Me. He died Feb. 13, 1872. She died May
20, 1886, aged 90.

Mr. John Buck was a man of a genial and happy nature. He en-
gaged in school teaching and fishing, sometimes taking fifty salmon
from his weir at a single tide ; commenced business in Orland, Me.,
in 1823, as a trader, and increased his facilities as the place grew;
bought large tracts of timber land, built and equipped fishing vessels
and coasters ; was successful ; became one of the first men in the
town, and offices of honor and trust were often conferred upon him.
He was deacon of the Congregational chiuxh from the time of its
organization, Sept. 35, T850, till his death. He was chiefly instru-
mental in forming the church and in building" a house of worship ;
constantly doing good things that the world never heard of ; a strong
antislavery man, and acted as conductor on the " under-ground " rail-
road, during the years of the fugitive slave law, sheltering and help-
ing many on their way to the Queen's dominions. He was heartily
aided by his companion in life in all social and benevolent matters,
and their house was the common resort for all progressive minds, as
well as relatives, who wxre all made to feel at home and happy in
their munificent mansion. A favorite expression of his as they as-
sembled at the table on social occasions was, " I have a large house
but Mrs. Buck has a large heart."

l4J &tn^^


Children, born in Orland.

1228 Maria (Buck), b. July 25, 1824; d. in Bradford, Mass., May 12, 1842.
1229+John Albert (Buck), b. Aug. 15, 1825; m. Charlotte Maria Buck.
1230-I- Frank (Buck), b. April 24, 1827; m. Ann Catherine Buck.
1 23 1 -f Edward (Buck), b. April 17, 1829; ni. Emeline Billings Darling.

1232 Hannah Thurston (Buck), b. May 17, 1832.

1233 Sarah Emeline (Buck), b. April 12, 1S35.

1234 Charlotte Elizabeth (Buck), b. Feb. 27, 1837; d. Sept. 12, 1862.


Rev. Stephen Thurston 5 of Searsport, Me. {David,^ Richard,^
Daniel,^ Daniel'^), brother of the preceding, and son of David and
Chloe (Redington) Thurston of Sedgwick, Me.; born there Dec. 22,
1797 ; baptized by Rev. Daniel Merrill; married, at No. 67 Kingston
street, Boston, Mass., June 5, 1827, Clara Matilda Benson, born
in Bucksport, Me., Jan. 6, 1803, daughter of John and Sarah (Buck)
Benson of Boston. He died May 20, 1884. She died May 6, 1886.

Mr. Thurston joined the Congregational church in Bluehill, Me.,
under the pastoral charge of Rev. Jonathan Fisher, in 1816, at the
age of nineteen, and had his mind turned toward the ministry. He
studied nearly two years with his brother, David Thurston of Win-
throp. By an imprudent use of his eyes there, they were so injured
as to render a college course an impossibility. After more than a
year spent in other employments, he entered Bangor theological sem-
inary, and graduated in 1825, ordained as pastor of the first church
in Searsport, Aug. 9, 1826, remained there until June 22, 1S64, when
he was elected secretary of the Maine Missionary Society, which of-
fice he filled, with great satisfaction to the churches, till June, 1876,
when failing health induced him to resign. In 1856 he received the
degree of doctor of divinity from Colby University. He was trustee
of the Bangor theological seminary from 1850 to 1882, and president
of the board from i860 to 1880 ; trustee of the Maine Missionary
Society from 1849 to 1880; trustee of the Maine Congregational
Charitable Society from 1864 to 1881 ; vice-pres. of the American
Missionary Association from 1864 to 1883.

He was abundantly blessed in his labors as pastor in Searsport.
During the first two years one hundred and ten were added to the
church. Eminently social in his nature, his relatives and friends re-
call many happy and joyful seasons spent at his cheerful fireside and
at theirs. Particularly fraternal have been the relations between
himself and his brothers and sisters. Many delightful social gather-
ings have given expression to the goodwill, kindliness of heart, social
gratification and affection for each other, consecrated by a manifest
trust and repose in the Father above, which have bound them to-
gether as with " hooks of steel." But the climax, the grandest and best
of all, was on the occasion of their golden wedding, June 5, 1877.*

The denomination in Waldo county owes more to his labors and
counsel than to those of any other man. Of the eleven Congrega-
tional churches now reported in that county, only five were in exist-
ence when he commenced his labors there. His pastorate was nearly

* For fuller aoomiiit of the golden wedding and other notes of interest, see 1st ed. yy. 110-12.



forty years, but not for lack of calls to other and larger churches in
the cities. Rev. John O. Fiske, d.d., of Bath, Me., says : —

It was a pathetic pleasure to nie to offer my feeble tribute of affection, respect and rever-
ence in memory of your honored uncle at our late meeting in Biddeford. His high, unbend-
ing character, his inflexible love of the truth of (.iod, his power and impressiveness as a
preacher, his large success in the work of the ministry, which he loved so well, his devoted,
iinselflsh, most judicious and successful service of the churches as secretary of our Maine
Missionary Society, combined with his affectionate heart and genial and courteous address,
have placed him in the very highest ranks of the ministers of Maine.

Children, born in Seaisport.

1235 Clara Benson,'^ b. April 14, 1828; m., March 15, 1850, Dr. Samuel Wood-
bury Blanchard, b. April 15, 1818, son of Sylvanus and Dorcas (Prince)
' Blanchard of Yarmouth, Me. He graduated at Bowdoin college in 1841,
attended medical lectures at Bowdoin, and finally graduated from Jeffer-
son medical college, Philadelphia, in 1S44. He commenced the practice
of medicine in Searsport, and finally settled in Yarmouth. He died Dec.
23, 1857, aged 39. His widow lives in Portland, Me. They had, b. in
Yarmouth :

1236 Lucy Nichols (Blanchard), b. June 12, 1S52.

1237 Alice Benson (Blanchard), b. July 22, 1S55.

1238 Maria Woodbury (Blanchard), b. April 20, 1857.

1239 Stephen Augustus," b. Aug. 6, d. Aug.. 26, 1829.

1240 Sarah Buck," b. Feb. 7, d. Feb. 19, 1831.

1241-l-Stephen Rollo,'' b. July 20, 1832; m. Annie Frances Carpenter.

1242 Alfred," b. Feb. 25, d. March 19, 1S34.

1243 Mary," b. Aug. 13, 1835; ^-^ ^Y ^^^- Stephen Thurston, her father, in State

St. church, Portland, Me., Nov. 6, 1866, William Albert Rogers, b. in Bris-
tol, Me., Jan. 20, 1832, son of Josephus and .Sarah (Lord), Rogers of
Frankfort, Me. He was a master mariner; made several voyages to San
Francisco, China and Europe, his wife going with him at times. Since
1886 a fruit raiser in Lugonia, San Bernardino Co,, Cal. They have, b. in
Searsport :

1244 William Thurston (Rogers), b. June 29, 1868.

1245 Stephen Thurston (Rogers), b. April 8, 1872.

1246 Sarah Buck," b. Aug. 18, 1836.

1247 Hannah," b. Sept. 9, 1837; m., Feb. 21, 1861, Capt. Freeman McGilvery, b.

Oct., 1824, son of Robert and Elizabeth (Chase) McGilvery of Prospect,
Me. He was a shipmaster in the foreign trade, and on the breaking out
of the southern rebellion, in 1861, collected the 6th Maine battery and
went into Virginia. He was afterward promoted from the captaincy of
this battery to be colonel, commanding a corps of artillery at the battle
of Gettysburg, and was of vital service in resisting Longstreet's attack
July 2 at the wheatfield, and Pickett's charge on Cemetery Hill, July 3,
and continued in command till his death, in Petersburg, Va., Sept. 3, 1864.
He was a brave and very efficient officer. Mrs. McGilvery resided in
Portland till she m. 2d, Oct. 10, 1883, Capt. James Gilmore Pendleton as
his 2cl wife, b. May 17, 1821, son of Phineas and Nancy (Gilmore) Pendle-
ton of Searsport (formerly Prospect). He was master of ships from
1844-68; ten years in European and cotton business with the south; nine
years in the East India, Australian and Pacific coast voyages. Is presi-
dent of Searsport Savings Bank and Searsport National Bank, and mem-
ber of governor's council 1878-82. Both members of the Congregational
church in Searsport, Me. ; no children.
1248+Henrietta Maria," b. March 31, 1839; m. Rev. Charles Whittier.

1249 Elizabeth Homer," b. Nov. 26, 1840; m., May 22, 1879, l^X her father, James

Muir MacDougall, b. May 25, 1840, son of James and Elizabeth (Muir)
MacDougall of Auburn, N. Y. ; he was appointed assistant engineer U. S.
revenue marine June 20, 1864, commissioned chief engineer May 26, 187 1,
stationed, 1879, on the Pacific coast; had a sunstroke, incapacitated for
service, and has since been on leave, residing in the homestead in Sears-
port, Me. ; no children.

1250 William C'olman," b. April 3, 1842; d. April 10, 1S43.

1251 William Redington," b. Dec. 13, 1843; d. May 26, 1844.



Mehitable Thurston s {David,'' Richard,^ Daniel,^ Daniel^), sister
of the preceding, and daughter of David and Chloe (Redington)
Thurston of Sedgwick, Me. ; born there Feb. 5, 1800 ; baptized by-
Rev. Daniel Merrill; married, at Searsport, Me., April 24, 1838, Hon.
John Godfrey* of Bangor, Me., born May 27, 1781, son of John
and Jerusha (Hodges) Godfrey of Taunton, Mass., where his par-
ents lived and died. She died March 30, 1881.

Mr. Godfrey graduated from Brown University 1804, and studied
law in Taunton ; established himself in Hampden, Me., in the prac-
tice of the 4aw in 1805 ; removed to Bangor in 182 1, and continued
the practice till his death. May 28, 1862. He held the office of chief
justice of the court of sessions for Penobscot county from 1825 till
1827, when he was appointed county attorney, which office he held
seven years. He was a man of influence in his profession and a pro-
moter of all good enterprises, both material and spiritual. He was
one of the class, now nearly gone, who held to the good old custom
of seeking God's blessing at the table and before the family altar,
although he never made a profession of religion.

Children, by first wife Sophia, born in Hampden.

1252 Sophia (Godfrey), b. Feb. 18, 180S; d. May 28, 1811.

1253 John Edwards (Godfrey), b. Sept. 6,1809; m. ist, May 16, 1837, Elizabeth

Angela Stackpole, da. of David Stackpole of Portland, Me. ; she d. May
27, 1868; 2d, Sept. 19, 1876, Laura J. Schwartz, da. of M. Schwartz of
Bangor; he d. Feb. 20, 1884. John E. Godfrey was a member of the bar
and common council of Bangor, alderman four consecutive years, on the
school com. ten years, and judge of probate for Penobscot county smce
1856; had two sons by first wife and a da. by the last. His eldest son,
John Franklin (Godfrey), was captain of cavalry in Louisiana under But-
ler and Banks, and afterward lieut.-col. of 2d Maine cavalry; since a law-
yer and city attorney of Los Angeles, Gal. ; m,, and has a son and da.
His second son, George F. (Godfrey), is m., and has Henry Prentiss,
George Herbert, Edward Rawson, named for his ancestor, the secretary of
the colony of Massachusetts 40 years, and Angela (Godfrey).

1254 Charlotte (Godfrey), b. March 25, 181 1; m. Rev. Alpha Morton; d. in West

Auburn, Me., Sept. 4, 1871. He went to Oakham, Mass., 1872.
125s Ann Sophia (Godfrey), b. Dec. 24, 1812 ; m. Rev. John Dodge of Waldoboro,
Me., and after in Braintree, Mass., where he d., June 19, 1872, aged 60.
Their da. Ellen is the wife of Rev. Minot J. Savage of Boston.

1256 Emeline (Godfrey), b. Nov. 11, 1814; m. Rev. W. W. Whipple, now of

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