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port for many years.

And now I think I hear some one, professing more wisdom than we profess, asking
the question why this assemblage of people should come from distant points, to a sym-
posium o^■er the dry bones of their ancestors, or should engage in anything so su-
premely childish, in other words what t'arthly benefit is there to b(! derived from gen-
ealogical researches of this charactiT. My answer is, that if there arc no i)ossible ben-
efits to he derived from these studies, there is much iiositive s.itisfaction and enjoy-
ment to be derived from them. I speak from experience when I say that I liave
beguiled many an otherwise tedious hour, in tracing out the history of my progenitors;
and so much does the passion grow by wliat it feeds upon, that one becomes intensely


^ 1 i„ tiiA hi«torv of families otlier than his own ; and in tracing out and study-
interested in tbe history oiiamuieBm, become interested in events, incidents,
ing the history of famd^^^^^^^^ suclr families. In
r4Se'recome.fix™Sin the study of history, and historical events hecome m-
delihly and firmly lixed iii the mind. soldier in the war of King Philip, or in
When I l'^''^"\t>Vtn''." ai^nstYhrsff. a^^^^^^ sati-fied till 1 have informed
Sullivan's campagn against t^^^^ touching the main incidents of that war
myselfin regard to all eventbwiuunn^^^ g ^^^^^ Daniel Thurston the
and that campaign. Tin s I leain Instoi^^^^ of Governor Andross, I be-
.. kinsman "paid an onerous tax un^^^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^^^^ ^^ ^

^Kd wfth a'^itUry PO w^^^^ ^1^^ l^eople became under nis tyrannical

^^^^- ^ th« oipmnrv of our auccstors is one of the marks of a high state of civil-

To Preserv^e tlie inemo^^^^^ people it^a child is born a record is made of it. A man
ization. Among enV^^^enea peopie public register. In this way men may

dies, the fact is set down with day and na^^^^^ Among barbarians no such records are
trace the history of f^mi les and individ^^^^^^ reared, and the chisel

^??,Ves?itlToV^a:i«'^I *« '^-'^ '^°^" ^«

posterity the forms and features of the departed.

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Online LibraryBrown ThurstonThurston genealogies → online text (page 2 of 107)