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Peter Thurston s of Nottingham, N. H. {jfames,-^ Robert, ^ Ste-
phen,^ Dajiiel^'), brother of the preceding, and son of James Thurston
of Nottingham; born in New Sandwich, N. H., March 6, 1770; mar-
ried Rachel Doughty, born in Topsham, Me., Feb. 15, 1770. He
died March 8, 1840, aged 70; she died Dec. 25, 1859, aged 89.

Mr. Thurston was a farmer and builder of stone walls and wells, a
very 'strong and rugged man ; it was said he could walk farther with a
crowbar, ax and shovel on his shoulder than without them.


iSgo-j-James,^ b. 1779; m. Deborah Chase.

1S91 Samuel,* m. ; went west 1820; d. ; had:
1892 Harrison/ in Raymond, N. H.

1S93 Klijah,* b. Oct. 15, 1800; m., March 20, 1824, Abigail Morrill of Deering, N.
H. ; he was a farmer in Deerfield, N. H. ; a member of the Free Baptist
church ;■ d. Nov. 26, 1846. She m. 2d, Saunders ; 3d, Noah Robin-
son ; 4th, Stephen B. Robinson, all of Deerfield; she d. Feb- 18, 1879; "o

1894 Betsey,* d.

189 1; Levi,* went away and was never heard from.

1896 Mercy,* b. Dec. 15, 1810, a housekeeper in Nottingham; n.m. ; member of

the Free Baptist church; d. Nov. 23, 1880.

1897 Hannah,* b. 1812 ; n.m.; d. July 28, 1874.

1 8984- Freeman Dexter,* h. Aug. 16, 1815; m. Nancy Ann Jones.
1899 Elizabeth,* b. Oct. 15, 1817; m. ist, Oct. 31, 1847, Orin Jones; he d. Oct. 6,
1854; 2d, Oct. 28, 1856, Washington Fogg Jones, brothers, and both farm-
ers in Nottingham; she d. Dec. 6, 1885, having had
1900 Ada Helen (Jones), b. Nov. 24, 1854; m., Feb. 15, 1878, Sidney Smith
French of Nottingham.
J90[ Mary,* b. March 14, 1821 ; n.m. ; d. Aug. 9, 1855.


Moses Thurston, s b. March 14, 182 1, a farmer in Nottingham, N.
H. i^jfames,'^ Robert,^ Stephen,^ Daniel'^), brother of the preceding, and
son of James Thurston of Nottingham ; married Nancy Harvey of

Nottingham. He died 1829, and his widow married Kenner-

soN, and moved to Orange, Vt.


1902 Mehitable,* m. John Brown of Deerfield, now Newton, N. H.

1903 Betsey,'' went to Orange with her mother; m. Haile of Lebanon, N. H.

1904 James,'' m.; lived and died in Epping, N. H. ; had: Ivan,' Roland,'' Alice,^

Edwina' and Melvin,'' m., 1S72, Jessie F. Buzzell, da. of Lemuel and Lu-
cretia Buzzell of Newton, N. H. They had: Ada,^ b. Sept., 1874;
Charles,sb. 1876; Willis,^ b. 1S78; Cora,« b. 1880; Blanche, b. 1882.^

19^5 Samuel D.,''m. ; lived in Epping and d. in the war against the rebellion, of
wounds received at Fredericksburg.

1906 Delia Jane,*' m. Daniel Barker of Orange, Vt. They have Freeman Thurs-
ton (Barker).


Polly Thurston s (^James,'' Robert,^ Stephen,- Daniel ^), sister of
the preceding, and daughter of James Thurston of Nottingham, N,


H. ; born in New Sandwich, N. H., Feb. 5, 1776; married, Nov. 20.
1794, Freeman Dexter of Winthrop, Me., born Sept. 14, 1773. She
died June 15, 1839. He was a farmer in Winthrop ; died Dec. i, io-;-
cawen, b. July 21, 1S16; he is a farmer in Danbury, N. H. They had :

1952 George (Littlefield), b. July 13, 1S38; m. Angeline Sweatt of Danbury.

1953 Susan Adeline (Littlefield), b. Sept. 22, 1839; m. Luther Sawyer of Hill.

N. H. ; reside in Andover, N. H.

1954 Frances Augusta (Littlefield), b. Feb. 8, 1S41 ; m. Frank Tucker of


1955 Mary Jane (Littlefield), ( twins, born ) m. John Bartlett of Warner. X.

1956 Eliza Jane (Littlefield), \ Jan. 19, 1843; ) H. Eliza Jane m. John E.

Huntress of Boscawen ; d. April 27, 1878.

1957 Lewis (Littlefield), b. Nov. 20, 1844; d. Sept. 4, 1869.

1958 Phebe (Littlefield), b. Aug. 9, 1846; d. Sept. 20, 1851.

1959 Fitz Henry (Littlefield), b. Sept. 5, 1S48; d. Oct. 11, 1851.

i960 Abby Ployt (Littlefield), b. May 11, 1S50; m. George Clark of Danbury.
1961-l-John Jay,'' b. April 3, 1S13; m. ist, Eunice Randall Andrews; 2d, Mrs. Hr-
zilla (Bean) Elkins.


1962 Susan Jackman/' b. Oct. 18, 1815; m., May ir, 1852, Capt. Bradley Atkin-
son, a carpenter of Boscawen. They have :
1963 George (Atkinson), b. March 29, 1859; m., Sept., 1878, Hattie Annis of
1964-l-Nathaniel,*' b. April 6, 1820; m. Hannah Clough Noyes.
Three other children who died young.


Eunice Smith Thur-stonS [Stephen,'' Nathaniel,^ Stephen,^ Daniel"^),
daughter of Stephen and Keziah (Cheney), Thurston of Boscawen,
N. H. ; born in Rowley, now Georgetown, Mass., June 9, 1774; mar-
ried, Dec. 31, 1795, Porter Estabrook of Lebanon, N. H. She died
in Junius, N. Y., July 31, i8ii. He was a carpenter in Utica, N. Y.


1965 Porter (Estabrook), b. Jan. 8, 1797; d. in Hartford, Vt., Jan. 9, 1797.

1966 Alvan (Estabrook), b. Sept. 4, 179S.

1967 John (Estabrook), b. May 24, iSoo.

1968 Thesda (Estabrook), b. Jan. 16, d. Sept. 4, 1803.

1969 Thesda (Estabrook), b. April 3, 1805; d. Aug. 6, 1806.

1970 Porter (Estabrook), b. Aug. 20, 1807.

1971 Joseph (Estabrook), b. May 19, 1809; d..Dec. 19, 1810, at Westfield, Vt.


Stephen Thurston 5 {Stephen,^ Mit/ui/iiel,^ Stephen,^ Daniel'^),
brother of the preceding, and son of Stephen and Keziah (Cheney)
Thurston of Boscawen, N. H. ; born in Rowley, now Georgetown,
Mass., April, 1781 ; married, Feb. 19, 1805, Philena Pamelia Dun-
ham, daughter of William and Rebecca Dunham of Plattsburg, N. Y.
He wg,s a carpenter and farmer in West Hartford, Vt. ; died Sept. 6,
1864; she died Sept. 12, 1867, aged 87 years, 7 months.


i972-}-Volney,*^ b. July 21, 1806; m. Hannah Clark Barber.

1973 Lucia Jeanette,*^ b. March 22, 1808; m., Feb. 26, 1832, David Foster, a car-
penter in Piermont, N. H., b. in Pelham, N. H., July 9, 1802; d. March 2,
1888; she d. Dec. 22, 1876. They had, b. in Haverhill, N. H. :

1974 Charlotte (Foster), b. Feb. 14, 1833.

1975 Christopher Columbus (Foster), b. Aug. 8, 1835.

1976 David (Foster), b. Aug. 26, 1837 ; a farmer in flaverhill, N. H.

1977 Louisa (Foster), b. Dec. 4, 1839.

1978 Philena (Foster), b. May 24, 1842.

1979 Wesnon Deagnon (Foster), b. in Piermont, June 2, 1844.

1980 Paul Atwood (Foster), b. in Piermont, Nov. 15, 1848.

1981 Valorous Morris Tillotson,'' b. Nov. 23, 1810; factory hand in Lowell, Mass.,

went to New Orleans; n.m. ; d. Dec, 1835.

1982 Emily Louisa,*^ b. Aug. 14, 1814; n.m.; d. Dec. 12, 1841.
1983+John Cheney,'^ b. Oct. 18, 1S16; m. Harriet Maria Snow.
1984-i-Charles Henry,'' b. Nov. 30, 1820; m. Susan Ann Miller.

19S5 Philena Pamelia,'' b. March 2 [, 1822 ; m., Dec. 24, 1845, Orvis Wills, a farmer
and carpenter on the homestead in W. Hartford, Vt. ; no children.


Nathaniel Th.vsk^.to^ ^ {Stephen,* Nathaniel,^ Stephen,^ Da?iiel^),
brother of the preceding, and son of Stephen and Keziah (Cheney),
Thurston of Boscawen, N. H. ; born in Rowley, Mass., April 22,
1795; married, first, 1816, Martha Hall, born in Francistown, N.


H., 1795 ; she died Oct. 26, 1833, and was buried at Hanover, N. H.
Second, February, 1834, Jane Fellows, daughter of Isaac Fellows
of Hanover. She died 1849 5 ^^ lived successively in Boscawen, N.
H., Hartford, Vt., Hanover and Orford, N. H.; died in Hanover,
Feb. 15, 1844.


1986 Joel," b. 1 818; d. 1S20.

1987 Lurena Carlton,'' b. April 27, 1820; d. Feb. ;, 1843.

1988+Henry Warren Lyman,'' b. Nov. 20, 1823; m., Lliza Ann liiunham ; 2d,
Mary Elizabeth Choate.

1989 Nathaniel Pillsbury,'' b. Sept. 23, 1830; d. July 4, 1846.

1990 Martha Jane,*^ b. April 9, 1835; m., 1852, R. B. Eastman of Canaan, N. H.,

and had one c'a. ; mother and child d. in 1855.


Enoch Thurston '=> (Dauie/,-^ Nathaniel^^ Stephen,- Daniel '), eldest
son of Daniel and Hannah (Hilton) Thurston of Aurora, Erie Co.,
N. Y. ; born in Fitchburg, Mass., Aug. 24, 1780 ; married Jane Ham-
BLET(.)N, born in Windsor, Vt., daughter of John and Nancy (Kester)
Hambleton of Hamburg, N. Y. She died Aug. 4, 1854, aged 67 ;
he died Jan. 25, 1870. He was taken by his parents to Windsor, Vt.,
then to Scipio, and finally to Aurora, N. Y., where he spent his days
as a thrifty farmer and shoemaker. He was a shrewd, calculating,
quick-tempered man.

Children, born in Aurora.

1991 John Mason,** b. Feb. 10, 1813 ; m., in Buffalo, X. V., July S, 184 1, Mrs.

Eliza Mary Warren, da. of John Taylor Oilman of Parsonsfield, Me., and
Mary Fenton of Walpole, N. H. He was a millwright and a Universalist ;
d. in Weaverville, Trinity Co., Cal., AprO 11, 1885; no children.

1992 Tracy,** a carpenter; m. in California, and d. July 4, 1872 ; had 3 daughters.

1993 Philetus Swift,'' b. March 20, 1814; m., in Wales, N. Y., March 24,1841,

Ruth Maria Woodward, b. April 2, 1820, da. of Jonathan and Vashti
(Green) Woodward of Renselear Co., N. Y. ; a farmer and minister of the
Advent church in Hancock, Wis.; he d. April 16, r876; had:

1994 Helen J.,^ b. April 29, 1S42; d. April 15, 1849.

1995 Millard Fillmore,^ b. Oct. 11, 1846.

1996 Helen M.,'' b. April 12, 1851 ; d. 1870.

1997 Philetus,' b. June 7, 1852.

1998 Orson Woodward,'' b. Dec. 21, 1853.

1999 William H.,'' b. Nov. 14, 1855.

2000 Mary Vesta,^ b. Oct. 23, i860; asst. sec. Int. Tract and Miss. Soc. Seventh

Day Adventists, in Madison, Wis.

Two boys d. in infancy. The four boys are farmers.
2001 William,'' m. Sarah Bates in Colden, N. Y. ; a farmer in Southern Califor-
nia ; had two sons, one da., Eva.''
2002+ Hambleton Jonas," b. April 22, 1823; m. Annie Sheldon.

2003 Clarissa,'*) . , | m. Continus Baker of Michigan, and had : Ashion. Frank.

2004 Hannah,'* 5 "*' f Ida, Jennie (Baker). Hannah d. young.

2005 Miranda,** m. Augustus Baker, brother of Continus, and d. in Michigan.

Had : Annie, Helen (Baker).

2006 Almira,** m. ist, Amos Dalby; 2d, Seth Sprague of Aurora. She d. in Clin-

ton, Wis. Had: Charles, Ro.saltha, Avery (Dalby). !'. O., Bolivar, Wis.

2007 Clinton,'* d. young.


Daniel Thurston 5 {Dafiiel,"^ Nathaniel T' Stephen^ Daniel'),
brother of the preceding, and son of Daniel and Hannah (Hilton^


Thurston of Aurora, Erie Co., N. Y. ; born in Windsor, Vt., Nov. 7,
1784; married, Aug. 8, 1819, Eliza Chilcott, born in Muncie, Pa.,
of Virginia and Maryland parentage, June 29, 1802, daughter of Amos
and Martha (Richards) Chilcott. He died in Orion, Nov. 19, 1854,
a painful and lingering death, occasioned by a broken thigh, and
was buried in Mount Vernon, Mich. She died in Seymour, Ind.,
Jan. 14, 1871.

Mr. Thurston was a farmer, attorney-at-law in Washington, Mich.,
and judge of the circuit court for more than twenty years. He built
the first schoolhouse [of logs] on the northeast corner of his farm,
ij{ miles from his house, and paid the teachers out of his own
means for twelve years. He was colonel of volunteer cavalry in the
war of 18 1 2, and participated in the battle of Lundy's Lane. He
was a strong-minded, enterprising and public-spirited man, of the
Universalist faith. Soon after he built it some scamp placed a sign
on the top of the schoolhouse — "Thurston's Folly." He lived
long enough to prove his wisdom and their folly. His wife was a
Quaker. He was a man of imposing stature, being six feet, two
inches in height, spare made, dark complexion, black hair, whiskers
and eyes, and not the least gray at the time of his denth.

Children, born in Aurora.

2008+ Alexander James Dallas,*' b. June 19, 1820; m. Sallie McClain.

2009 Wellington Chilcott," b. May 12, 1822; n.m. ; a planter and attorney-at-law,

of Presbyterian faith, in Memphis, Tenn. ; d. March 12, 1864.

2010 William Wallace,*' b. Feb. 29, 1824; n.m.; a farmer, of Universalist faith, in

Washington, Mich.; d. Feb. 17, 1850.

Born in Washington, Mich.

2011 .Mary Jane Gray," b. March 17, 1827; m., June 27, 1852, Joseph Shippey, b.

July 4, 1826, son of Stephen and Abigail (Salisbury) Shippey of Roches-
ter, Mich. ; a railway bridge builder in Seymour, Ind.

2012 Eliza Ethloine,*^ b. Nov. 19, 1829; n.m.; a Presbyterian, residing in Seymour,


2013 Helena Estaline,'' b. April 7, 1836; d. March 3, 1838.

2014 Henry Erastus," b. Aug. 5, 1840; n.m.; a house joiner and cabinet maker, of

Universalist faith; d. in Seymour, Ind., Feb. 26, 1885.
20t5 Belle Cooley,*^ b. Aug. 8, 1846; m., Oct. 27, 1S74, Albert Priest Charles, b.
Jan. 26, 1840, son of Ambrose and Besmath (Uickey) Charles of Lowell,, b. March 2, i8ti,m. Feb. 11, 1839. He grad. from Dartmouth
1864, read law with Hon. S. A. Bell of Manchester, N. II., and was admit-
ted to the bar of the supreme court of New Hampshire 1867, and settled
as an attorney-at-law in Seymour, Ind., the same year. He d. Feb. 18,
18S9. She is of the Presbyterian faith. Children, ]). in Seymour:

2016 George McCord (Charles), b. April 26, 1876.

2017 Albert Kennedy (Charles), b. Oct. 19, 1879.

2018 Frank Cole (Charles), b. April 22, d. Oct. 26, 1S82.

20 tg Robert Thurston (Charles), b. March 7, d. Sept. 18, 1884.
2020 Cyrrill Ambrose (Charles), b. Feb. 25, 1887.


Thomas Thurston 5 (Daniel,* Ahithanieli Stephen,- Daniel'''),
brother of the preceding, and son of Daniel and Hannah (Hilton)
Thurston of Aurora, Erie Co., N. Y. ; born in Windsor. Vt., Feb. 25,
1786 ; married, Sept. 9, 1813, Electa Willcox. She died Nov. 26,
1833 ; he died March 21, 1872.


Mr. Thurston was a farmer and shoemaker in Aurora, N. Y. He
was a stern, strong-willed man, a decided Universalist, and deacon of
the church in Aurora, a Whig and after a Republican, a man of char-
acter, honored by his fellow-citizens v/ith several ofifices of trust ;
served in the war of 181 2 ; obtained leave to go home and make a
pair of boots, his father taking his place in the army. While at home
he heard that his father had been killed by the Indians. He and his
brother Daniel immediately started for Buffalo (which had been
burned by the British), with two ox teams, and met their father just
out of the city. They loaded their teams with ammunition, which
had been left by the American army, and carried it to a place of
safety from the British. In 1850 he sold his farm and moved to Le-
oni, where he had a farm of 500 acres. ; P. O. address. Grass Lake,

Children. |

2021 Samantha Tubbs,*' b. June 20, 1814; her mother d. when she was nineteen,

and she kept house for her father over thirty years, taking all the care and
responsibility of a mother to the twelve younger children, conducting the
homestead affairs with such efficiency and well-directed thoughtfulness as
to receive the unqualified approbation and admiration of all her relatives
and friends ; for the last twenty years has been living with her youngest
brother, he knowing no mother but her. She has in her possess ion two
heirlooms of interest, a pewter platter, 52 inches in circumference, for-
merly belonging to her grandfather Daniel Thursf^on, one of a set that he
divided among his children ; and a quart cup whi(?h he gave to her father.
On the platter are the letters, " W. C. H.," and something more that can-
not be made out. She has also a plain gold band ring with the letters "W.
C." inside, and the motto, " This is my heart's delight," which is thought
to be about 300 years old, and has been used as a wedding-ring for every
generation as far back as they can trace.

2022 Cyrena Vesta,*J b. Aug. 31, 181 5; d. Jan. 27, 1839.

2023 Aurilla,*^ b. Feb. i, 1817; d. Aug. 5, 1834.

2024+ Voltaire Daniel,'' b. Aug. 13, 1818; m. Almira Allen.

2025 George Washington," b. Feb. 22, 1820; a farmer.

2026 Harriet,*' b. May 18, 1822; m., Oct. 28, 1843, Alonzo B. Webster, b. 1823,

son of Andrew and Rachel (Smith), Webster. He was a grocer in Eden
and in Buffalo till June, 1876, when he was appointed U. S. guager in Buf-
falo. Had :

2027 Henry Herbert (Webster), b. Dec. 26, 1846; d. Jan. 24, 1856.

2028 Albert De Loraine (Webster), b. Feb. 16, 1850; m., June 26, 1874, Ida L.

Boughton, da. of John and Lucy Boughton of Buffalo. She d. March
14, 1880. He was in the milk business in Buffalo till April, 1879, since
in Glass Co.'s works, Atlanta, Ga. ; m. 2d, Dec. 27, 1882, Rel^ecca Cor-
nelia Beasley; shed. Sept. 15, 18S6; 3d, June 4, 18S8, Jackuline Eu-
genia Mann. He has: Edith May (Webster), b. Aug. 21, 1875. -^^i^e
(Webster), b. 1888.

2029 Leila Maria (Webster), b. Dec. 29, 1S52; at home; n.m.

2030 Alice Eliza (Webster), b. July 31, 1855; at home; n.m.

2031 Frank Howell (Webster), b. April 23, 1858; d. Oct. 15, 1859.

2032 Mary G. (Webster), b. Feb. i, i86i ; a teacher in Indiana.

2033 Andrew Thomas (Webster), b. Jan. 16, 1866; a music teacher, and organ-

ist in the Presbyterian church; a member of the Methodist churcli and
of the Y. M. C. A. in Buffalo; m., June 12, 1890, Jessie Maud Piatt of
Montclair, N. J.

2o^4-|-Amos Brown,'' b. July 5, 1823; m. Eliza Jeannette Moore.

2o'^5 Mary Crook,^ b. Jan. i, 1825; m., Nov. 29, 1850, John H. Hilton, a farmer
near Rochester, N. Y. She d. April 2, i860, and he m. 2d; d. 1862. Chil. :

2036 Cassius (Hilton), b. Sept. 15, 1852; d. Aug. 27, 1863.

2037 John H. (Hilton), b. July 15, 185- ; m., July 3, rS76, Dell Ballard. Lives

near Grand Rapids, Mich.


203S Marion (Hilton), 1). in Walker, Kent Co., Mich., March 15, i860; after
his father's death he lived with his uncle Erastus Thurston; m., Feb.
22, 18S7, Ida May Updike, da. of Samuel Updike of Uivass Lake,
Mich., where he has settled as a farmer.
2039 Hannah,"^ b. April 24, 1827; m.. May 5, 1852, Wm. H. Hilliker, a farmer in
Aurora, N. Y., served in the war against the rebellion. .She d. Oct. 13,
1870. Children: Ella, Charles, Bertie, Etta (Hilliker).
2040-|-.\ugustus,'^ b. Oct. JO, 182S; m., Sept. S, 1852, Harriet Ingles.
2041 Julia Ami,''' b. Feb. 3, 1830; d. Feb. 20, 1S70; m., Jan. 12, 1859, Leonard
Williams, a farmer. Children :

2042 Emma (Williams), b. March 20, i860; m. March, 1876.

2043 Mary (Williams), b. July 29, i>s62; m. 18.S2.

2044 Francis (Williams), b. March 29, 1866; d. August, 1878.

2045 I'-bza Ethloine,'' b. Aug. 29, 183T ; m., Oct. 13, 1853, George Haskell, a farmer
in Waterloo, Mich. She d. Nov. 14, 1887. Children:

2046 Leila Samantha (Haskell), b. Sept. 18, 1854; m., Nov. 10, 1878, Frank

Miller, a farmer in Leoni, Mich. Have: Archie (Miller), b. June, 1880.

2047 Lovell (Haskell), b. June 12, 1862; m.. May 27, 1883, Addie Miller. He

is a farmer in Waterloo, Mich. They have a son, b. 1885.
2048+Frastus,'' b. April 12, 1S33; m. Cornelia Hunter Slosson.


Col. Willia.m Thur.s ton 5 {Stephen^^ Stephen,^^ Step/ie/i,- Daniei^),
eldest son of Stephen and Betsey (Wiggin) Thurston of Stratham, N.
H. ; born there Jan. 1^,^786; married, October, 1807, Charity

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