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N. H., June 13, 1812 ; he died Sept. 18, 1863; she died Feb. 10,
1885. He was a master mariner, residing in Madisonville, St. Tam-
many Parish, La., a true descendant of the New England Puritan
stock, which high moral character he maintained thro life. She joined
the Presbyterian church at the age of 12, and brought up her chil-
dren in the faith, so that they were all, except the youngest son, mem-
bers of the Presbyterian church. The pastor, among other things,
said of her, " Mrs. Perkins has for many years been somewhat of an
invalid. Every one loved and revered her, for the principles and at-
tractions of religion were beautifully illustrated in her church life in
Madisonville, which for many years has recognized her as its chief


2217 Harriet Almeda (Perkins), b. Nov. 12, 1835; m., Oct. 2, 1866, George Miller

Jones, b. in Thomaston, Me., June ii, 1831 ; an engineer in New Orleans,
La.; he d. May 26. 1885; no children.

2218 James William (Perkins), b. June i, 1838; m. 1st, Oct. 11, 1866, Lydia

Bird Morgan. She d. March 8, 1884; 2d, Nov. 27, 1890, Louisa Turner.
He was a steamboat captain ; no chil.

2219 Louisiana (Perkins), b. Jan. i, 1840; m. ist, Aug. 4, 1858, Capt. P.erent

Thomson, b. in Norway, a shipmaster, washed overboard from the ship
" Piscataqua," off Cape of Good Hope, May 18, 1865; 2d, Aug. 22, 1866,
Thomas E. Williams, b. in Boston. Mass., May r8, 1838, a clerk in New
Orleans; he d. Feb. 27, 1872. Children:

2220 Ella Louisa (Thomson), b. in Madisonville, July 24, 1859; lives in Madi-

sonville ; n.m.

2221 James Perkins (Williams), b. in New Orleans, Aug. 10, 1S67.

2222 Lucy Colman (Williams), b. in Lake Charles, April 4, 187 1.

2223 Susan Ilardy (Perkins), b. Nov. 8, 1841 ; lives in Madisonville, La.; n.m.

2224 Isadora (Perkins), b. Oct. 23, 1S43.

2225 Henry Clay (Perkins), b. Sept. 28, d. Oct. 6, 1845.

2226 Everett Wilder (Perkins), b. March 6, 1847; m., June i, 1872, Locadia Colo-

mer, b. in Madisonville, Sept. 18, 1851 ; is a steamboat captain residhig in
Madisonville. They have :

2227 William Wilder (Perkins), b. Nov. 20, 1874.

2228 Emeline (Perkins), b. Nov. 12, 1876.

2229 Lenox (Perkins), b. Oct. 12, 1878.

2230 Harriet Newell (Perkins), b. March 27, 1880.


22jt Beient Thomson (Perkins), b. Dec. 26, 1.SS4.
2232 Viola (Perkins), b. Kel). 26, 18SS.

2233 Ella Eliza (Perkins), b. April i, 1851 ; d. Sept. 12, i manager of newspapers in Elmira,
N. Y., Wheeling, W. Va., and Binghamton, N. Y. ; appointed deputy
bank supt. of state of New York, May, 1880; resigned in 1883, and
entered the American Loan and Trust Co. of New York ; since
secretary and treasurer of same ; also president of United Ice Lines.


2316 Mary Elizabeth,' b. Oct. 31, 1852; m., June 26, 1878, Edward Morris Ames,
b. Oct. 17, 1845, son of George and Lucy A. Ames of South Killingly, Ct.
He was a member of the firm of Lamkin, Foster & Co., in Boston, Mass. ;
d. Oct. 3, 1887 ; she resides in Binghamton, N. Y. They had :

2317 George Thurston (Ames), b. Dec. 11, 1880.

2318 James Sidney (Ames), b. Aug. 21, 1882. •

2319 Helen Louisa (Ames), b. July r, 1884.

2320 Edward Maurice (Ames), b. Dec. 9, 1887.

2321 Emma Louise,' b. Feb. 11, 1857; m., Aug. 30, 1890, Charles David Darling,

b. Dec. II, 1854, son of David Dutcher and Elizabeth Darling of La Porte,
Ind. He is asst. supt. of the Edison Electric flight Co., and resides in
New York city.

2322 James Sidney,' b. Nov. 8, i86[ ; d. July 29, 1862.

2323 Charles Whitney,' b. Oct. 15, 1865; d. Nov. 7, 1875.


Maria Thurston ^ {Levi,^ David,* Benjamin'^), eldest child of Levi
and Abigail (Newton) Thurston of Nichols, N. Y. ; born in Keene,
N. H., May 19, 1797; married, Nov. 24, 1818, in Owego, N. Y.,


Daniel McDowell Shoemaker, born at Water Gap, Delaware Co.,
Pa., Feb. 24, 1795, son of Daniel and Anna (McDowell) Shoemaker
of Stroudsburg, Pa. He was a farmer in Nichols, N. Y. ; died Nov.
26, 1873 ; she died Dec. 26, 1874. Both earnest and efficient work-
ers in the Methodist church. He was steward and clerk of the
board of trustees of the Asbury Methodist church forty years, whose
meeting-house he was the chief mover in building in 1824. His
daughter Elizabeth writes, " This was the Methodist itinerants'
home. The first quarterly meeting was held in their corn-house. At
their house sixty dined and forty staid the night. Going thirty miles
in a big wagon or on horseback to attend such meetings was common
in those days. With the hard work of spinning for the manufacture
of all sheets and wearing apparel, the scouring of floors, etc., it is no
wonder our mother became an invalid. With right care she might
have lived a hundred years."


2324 Hiram Warner (Shoemaker), b. Feb. 5, 1S19; m., Oct. 25, 1S50, Ellen H.

Schott ; was sheriff of Tioga Co. four years, and has been express mes-
senger and mail agent, gaining credit to himself in all positions he has

2325 Elizabeth Nyce (Shoemaker), b. June 21, 182 1 ; been a teacher twenty years

in various places; lives on a part of the old farm in Nichols, where "she
will at any time be pleased to see any branch of the Thurston family."
She m., Nov. 24, 1878, Rev. Francis Smith Chubbuck of Hooper's Valley,
N. Y., b. in Orwell, Pa., March 16, 18 13, and reside in Nichols. He was
in the war against the rebellion with Banks ; d. May 15, 1890.

2326 Horace Agard (Shoemaker), b. Feb. 22, 1831 ; a civil engineer and an intelli-

gent and scientific farmer in Nichols, N. Y. ; a Methodist, and correspond-
ent of various periodicals ; m., Oct. 8, 1856, Esther Lyons Comfort, b. Feb.
15, 1834, da. of James and Mary (McKune) Comfort of Harmony, Pa.
They have :

2327 Hiram Ralph (Shoemaker), b. May 30, 1859; grad. a.b. from Syracuse

Univ. 1SS6, ord. deacon at Canandaigua, N. Y., Oct. 10, 1886, and be-
came a member of the Central New York (Methodist) conference 1889,
at Mottville, N. Y. ; m., Dec. 29, 1886, Margaret Katherine Schneider,
b. Oct. 6, 1863, da. of Jacob and Elizabeth (Zaeger) Schneider of Syr-
acuse, N. Y. They have: Esther Elizabeth (Shoemaker), b. April 22,
1888. Caroline Margaret (Shoemaker), b. Feb. 27, 1890.

2328 George Winthrop (Shoemaker), b. in Owego, N. Y., June 8, 1862 ; a phy-

sician and druggist in Billings, Mon. ; m., June 26, 18S6, Alice G. Swift,
b. Dec. 19, 1864, in Potsdam, N. Y. They have: Harold (Shoemaker),
b. Feb. 7, 1889.

2329 Martha Elizabeth (Shoemaker), b. in Owego, Oct. 2, 1864; a teacher in

Windsor, Middleburg, Elmira, New Rochelle, N. Y., 1891 in Mont-
clair, N. J. Each of the three children grad. from the state normal
school at Potsdam.
2330 Lyman Thurston (Shoemaker), b. Jan. 22, 1S33; a farmer, and after a rail-
road engineer in Port Jervis, N. Y. ; a well educated and grand christian
man. In 1872 he was captain of a praying band in the Methodist church
at Port Jervis, and aided in the largest reformation ever brought about
among railroad men — hundreds were converted; m., April 24, 1857, Eliz-
abeth Little of Kingston, Pa.; d. Feb. 15, 1874. They had:

2331 Lienor (Shoemaker), b. Dec. 22, 1857; m., 1881, George Reeves, a con-

ductor on the Erie railroad, at Port Jervis, N. Y., killed by an accident
1886. Had Louis, b. 1883.

2332 Elouise (Shoemaker), b. June, 1863; m., 1883, Thomas Carlisle, trav.

salesman in Brooklyn, N. Y. Have Elouise (Carlisle), b. 1884.



Hubbard Thurston '-' (Levi,^ David,'' Benjamin 3), brother of the
preceding, and son of Levi and Abigail (Newton) Thurston of Nich-
ols, N. Y., born in Surry, N. H., Feb. 20, 1800 ; married, March 24,
1822, Phebe Barker Dodd, born in Tioga Co., N. Y., Nov. 19,
1800. He was a Methodist minister in the state of New York;
moved to Michigan, and preached for the United Brethren in Christ,
and died while holding revival meetings in South Bend, Ind., Jan. 23,
1849. She died in Winnebago City, Minn., March 9, 1866.

Children, born in Nichols, N. Y.

2333 Maria Shoemaker,' b. Jan. 4, 1823; m., 1842, Henry Brown ; in Oil City, Pa.

They had: Henry, Louisa (Brown).

2334 Amy Dodd,' b. Nov. 17, 1824; m., Sept. 4, 1845, William Sears, a lumber-

man on the Susquehanna river, since a farmer in Hampden, O. ; he d. Nov.,
1890; no children.

2335 Anna Shoemaker,' b. July 24, 1826; m. ist, Jan. i, 1850, William Fellows,

b. Dec. 20, 1S25, a brickmaker in Bertrand, Mich., d. Oct. 29, 1857; 2d,
Aug. 2, 1S74, Ebenezer Kizer, b. May 16, 1815, d. April 23, 1879, ^ retired
farmer in South Bend, Ind., where she still lives. They had, b. in Bertrand :

2336 Lois Amy (Fellows), b. Sept. 20, 1850 ; m., Dec. 18, 1885, Charles Shel-

don, a farmer in Buchanan, Mich.

2337 Amelia (Fellows), b. March 25, 1853; m., June 30, 1S75, Thomas Norris,

a carpenter at Spokane Falls, Wash.

2338 Ada Mabel (Fellows), b. Dec. 29, 1854; m., Feb. 7, 1884, Robert P. Kizer,

an ins., real estate and loan agt. in South Bend, Ind., b. May 19, 1852,
son of Ebenezer and Susannah Kizer of South Bend.

2339 Henry Light,' b. Sept. 29, 1829; d. Sept. 27, 1834.

2340 Harrison Dock!,' b. April 2, 1831, a farmer in Kilkenny, Minn.; m., in Med-

ford, Minn., Jan. 10, i86r, Eliza Kelsey. Children: Edmund,* Hubbard,*
Alice,* Daniel,* Eliza,* Willis Winfield,* b. Dec. 6, 1S71.

2341 Hubbard Newton,' b. July 15, 1833; m., Jan., 1867, Priscilla Angeline Clow

of Winneliago City, Minn., b. in Lake Co., 111., July 19, 1846. He is a
farmer in Blooming Prairie, Minn., served in the loth Minn. reg. three
years in the war against the rebellion in Banks' e.xpedition. Mobile, Nash-
ville, etc. They had :

2342 Frank Newton,* b. Aug. 28, 1868; d. Jan. 22, 187 1.

2343 Orley Amelia,* b. July 16, 1870.

2344 Milton Lester,* b. June 7, 1872; d. Oct. 16, 1S74.

2345 Francis Edmund,* b. Aug. 27, 1876.

2346 Fernlie Lester,* b. Aug. 16, 1879.

2347 Sarah Malvina,' b. July 13, 1835; m., in Bertrand, Mich., Jan. 19, 1856, Philip
Whalen, a vinegar mnfr. in Detroit, Mich. ; since a grocer in Niles, Mich.,
b. in Waterford Co., Ireland, March 17, 1822. They had:

2348 James Leslie (Whalen), b. Feb. 8, 1857; d. Dec. 16, 1863.

2349 Henry Eustace (Whalen), b. Dec. 19, I059.

2350 William Elmer (Whalen), b. April 2, 1862.

2351 Philip Edgar (Whalen), b. Jan. 19, 1865.

2352 Sarah Amanda (Whalen), b. Aug. 5, 1870; d. April 9, 1877.

2353 Guy Thurston (Whalen), b. June 24, 1876.

2354 Orley Elizabeth,' b. in Windham, Pa., Dec. 23,1838; m., April 11, 1861,

Samuel Harkins, b. July 12, 1835. He was a native of Crawford Co.,

Pa. ; staked out a farm in Walcott, Minn., 1854, five miles from Faribault,

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