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their P. O., and was one of the most successful farmers in that region,

• "one of nature's noblemen." He d. March 5, 1890, aged 54. They have:

2355 William Henry (Harkins), b. Jan. 14, 1862.

2356 Ada Eldora (Harkins), ) twins, born >

2357 Addie Lenora (Harkins), ( May 13, 1S64. )

2358 Lewis Deleslie (Harkins), b. Jan. 7, 1867.

2359 Eugene Thurston (Harkins), b. Sept. 23, 1868.

236c Phebe Elizabeth (Harkins), b. July 17, 1870; d. Dec. 30, 1833.


2361 Charles Samuel (Harkins), b. Dec. 25, 1872.

2362 Edgar Warren (Harkins), b. Nov. 6, 1875.

2363 Orley A. (Harkins), b. Aug. 19, 1878.
2364+George Henry,' b. Aug. 17, 1841 ; m. Viola Waite.

2365 William Leslie,'' b. Nov. 22,1844; m, in Niles, Mich., Aug. 16, 1877, Ella
Riddle, b. May 7, 1858. He served in the 2d Minn. cav. and in Gen. Sul-
ly's expedition to the Black Hills ; a farmer in Marshall, Minn. Children,
b. in Sodus :

2366 Clara Delora,^ b. Nov. 28, 1879.

2367 Leslie Earle,^ b. Jan. 26, 1884.

2368 Marion," b. Aug. 15, 1889.


Leland Thurston^ {John,^ David,'' Benjamin'^), eldest son of
John and Lydia (Ball) Thurston of Keene, N. H. ; born in Wind-
ham, Vt., May 29, 1803 ; married, in Boston, April 22, 1827, Marga-
ret HuTCHiNS, born in Epsom, N. H., May 29, 1806, daughter of
Samuel and Betsey (Lock) Hutchins of Concord, N. H. He was a
mason in Denver, Col., a member of the Baptist church; died March,


2369+Charles Currier,'' b. in Troy, N. H., Jan. 13, 1828; m. Caroline Humphrey.
2370 Edwin Mills,'' b. in Troy, April 12, 1830; m., in Boston, Mass., May 26, 1850,

Harriet Shuman, da. of William .Shuman of Waldoboro, Me. He is a

brick mason in Chelsea, Mass. Children :

2371 Clara E.,** m. Capt. Nathaniel F. Cook, b. in Boston.

2372 Robert H.," b. in South Thomaston, Me. ; n.m.

2373 Emily Maria,'' b. in Troy, Aug. 24, 1832; m., in Boston, March 3, 1850, Jer-
emiah Miers Morton, b. in Lubec, Me., Jan. i, 1828, a carpenter and lum-
ber dealer in Boulder, Col. Children :

2374 Charles Leland (Morton), b. in Lubec, March 24, 1854.

2375 George Amasa (Morton), b. in Robbinston, Me., Jan. 17, 1856.

2376 Nellie Gertrude (Morton), b. in Hudson, Wis., Aug. 7, 1859; d. in Nash-

ville, Tenn., March 26, 1864.

2377 Albert Edward (Morton), b. in East Tennessee, Feb. 20, 1862.

2378 Frederick Augustus (Morton), b. in Lubec, Feb. 9, 1865.
-379 Nettie Gertrude (Morton), b. in Lubec, Feb. 23, 1867.
2380 Zenia Ernest (Morton), b. in Denver, Col., Oct. 11, 1874.

23814- Franklin Alden,'' b. in Keene, Oct. 9, 1834; m. Annie Eliza Rapelge.

2382-i-Martha Jane,' b. in Keene, Feb. 3, 1837; m. Charles I^aFayette Dalrymple.

2383 Mary Elizabeth,' b. in Keene, Aug. 20, 1839; m., in East Tenn., Feb. 26,
1861, Isaac Newton Myers, b. in Lubec, Me., Aug. 29, 1834, son of Isaac
and Eliza Myers ; he is a carpenter in Springfield, Mo. ; she d. 1889. Chil. :

2384 Frank Edward (Myers), b. in East Tenn., Dec. 23, 1861 ; d. in Lubec,

March 23, 1865.

2385 Elmer Rease (Myers), b. in Lubec, March 31, 1865.

2386 Fred Herbert (Myers), b. in Lubec, May 23, 1867.

2387 Harry Thurston (Myers), b. in Springfield, Mo., May 25, 1869.

2388 Thomas Newton (Myers), b. in Springfield, July 1 1,1871 ; d. July 26,1872.

2389 Kate Lillian (Myers), b. Dec. 29, 1873; d. Feb. 3, 1874.

2390 Catherine MatOda,'' b. in Keene, Nov. 6, 1841 ; m., in Millbum, N. J., Apr.

20, 1872, Charles Henderson, a salesman in Denver, Col.

2391 Henry Stevens,' b. in Boston, Aug. 10, 1844; m., Dec. 24, 1868, Ellen

Chase Pope of Springfield, Mo., b. in Chattanooga, Tenn., Feb. 21, 1S47.
He is a carpenter in Springfield. Children :

2392 Minnie Bell," b. Dec. 4, 1869.

2393 Margaret May," b. May, 1872.

2394 Hugh Henderson," b. June 2, 1874.

2395 Edna George," b. April 5, d. April 17. 1877.
. 2396 Annie Vaughn," b. March 10, 1879.

2397 Charles Leland," b. March 19, 1881.


2398 Josephine,'' b. in Boston, April 25, 1847; m., in Winchester, N. H., Nov. 29,
1866, Henry Clay Perkins, a salesman in Denver, Col., b. in Morrisville,
Vt., Aug. 29, 1844. He served in the war against the rebellion in the 21st
Mass. reg., under Burnside ; was in 16 hard-fought battles, wounded sev-
eral times, carries a minie-ball in his right lung, and has a pension of $10
a month. Children :

2399 Charles Eugene (Perkins), b. in Keene, March 28, 1868.

2400 Fi'ank Thurston (Perkins), b. in Metawan, N. J., July 30, 1870.

2401 Ida May (Perkins), b. in Millburn, N. J., Dec. 31, 1872.

2402 George Henry (Perkins), b. in Denver, July 20, 1876; d. Nov. 26, 1879.

2403 Margaret Rosella (Perkins), b. in Denver, April 20, 1879.

2404 Bessie Josephine (Perkins), b. 40 miles from Denver, July 28, 1881.


RoswELL Tnvv.'^'von^ {y^oh?i,^ David,^ Be?7jamm^), brother of the
preceding, and son of John and Lydia (Ball) Thurston of Keene, N.
H. ; born in Marlboro, N. H., Oct. 22, 1808 ; married, Sept. 25, 1834,
Fanny Cummings, born in Swanzey, N. H., Sept. 15, 1814. He was
a butcher in Keene; died April 29, 1850, and his widow married,
Nov. 22, 1856, Apollos Nye, born 1795, died in Keene, March 22,
1864. She married, third, Dec. 16, 1868, Charles P. Page of Keene ;
he died Jan. i, 1887.


2405 Charles Henry,'' b. in Swanzey, N. H., June i, 1836; m. ist, in Claremont,

N. H., June 6, 1S60, Elizabeth Doane Newcomb, b. in Wellfleet, Mass.,
Nov. 23, 1839, da. of Jeremiah and Abigail (Harding) Newcomb of Boston.
She d. Aug. 2, 1879; 2d, Sept. 29, 1880, Alice Mary Judd, b. April 15,
1855, da. of Bennett Lurn and Mary Ann (Burgess) Judd of Watertown,
Ct. Mr. Thurston is editor and prop, of the Westboro Chronotype,
Westboro, Mass., under the firm name of Holton & Thurston; a member
of the Congregational church ; no children.

2406 Francis Warren,^ b. Mar. i, d. Mar. 18, 1838. Francis Warren,' b. May 7,

1839; d. April 8, 1840.

2407 William Cummings,' b. June 27, 1841 ; d. Jan. 2, 1842.

2408 ■ Julia Ann,' b. Jan. 2, 1843 ; d. April 13, 1845.

2409 Lyman Cummings,' b. Oct. 4, 1S47 ; d. Sept. 4, 1848.

2410 George Roswell,' b. Feb. 12, 1850; a seaman, went a whaling voyage of five

years when 17; enlisted in U. S. marine service; was stationed at Hong
Kong and other foreign ports. His term of enlistment closed June, 1878,
and he was drowned Oct. 12, 1878, by the capsizing of the whaling bark
" Sarah " off New Bedford, Mass. ; n.m.


Emily Thurston'^ (yo/i/i,^ David,'' Benjamin^^, sister of the pre-
ceding, and daughter of John and Lydia (Ball) Thurston of Keene,
N. H. ; born in Marlboro, N. H., March 8, 1810; married, Nov. 17,
1834, Melvin Starkey, born Aug. 9, 1809, son of Benjamin and
Sally (Smith) Starkey of Westminster, Mass. He was a mechanic
and farmer in Winchester, N. H. ; died in Orange, Mass., July 29,
1870. She resided at Athol Center, Mass., after the death of her
husband, and died.

Children, born in Keene, N. H.

241 1 Sarah Harriet (Starkey), b. Dec. 27,1835; m., July 13, 1855, Samuel Saw-

yer; d. in Orange, Sept. 21, 1867, leaving:
2412 Hattie Maria (Sawyer), b. in Orange, Sept. 27, 1859; m.. May 20, 1875,
Edwin Angel, a mechanic, and had one child, Eveline (Angel), b. May
14, d. Aug., 1876.


2413 Elizabeth Amanda (Starkey), b. Aug. 27, 1841 ; m., yXug. iS, 1869, Henry II.
Murdock, a farmer in Orange, Mass. ; d. They have :
2414 Frank MiUon (Murdock), b. in Orange, Jan. 17, 1874.
2411; Charles Edward (Murdock), b. in Athol, Feb. 20, 1877.


Wesson Thvrston ^ (^o/ih,^ Dav'ul,'^ Benjamin^), brother of the
preceding, and son of John and Lydia (Ball) Thurston of Keene, N.
H. ; born in Northfield, Mass., Nov. 4, 1816; married, in Lowell,
Mass., June 9, 1838, Harriet Scott, daughter of James and Sally
Scott of Stoddard, N. H. He was a machinist, winters in South Bos-
ton, Mass. ; lived and worked a farm summers in Stoddard ; died
Jan. 24, 1868.


2416 Charles Wesson,^ b. in Stoddard, N. H., Oct. 5, 1839; m. Jennie Prank of

Waldoboro, Me. ; was a machinist by trade ; enlisted in the war against
the rebellion in the 6th N. H. reg. ; was taken prisoner Sept. 3, 1864, and
confined at Salisbury, N. C, where he was put in charge of a bakery, and
served the Union prisoners with many an extra ration and saved many
lives. He finally escaped, and rejoined his reg. ; went to Alabama in 1870,
and d. Aug. 3, 1871 ; had one child, not living.

2417 James Edward,^ b. in Keene, Feb. 16, 1843; an engineer in Munsonville,

since in Heniker, N. H. ; enlisted in the 2d N. H. reg. against the rebel-
lion, and served till the close; m., June 5, 1867, Lucy Ann Center, b. in
Merrimack, N. H., June i, 1S4S, da. of Ervin H. and Almira J. (Winn)
Center of Stoddard, N. H. They have :

2418 Addie Lucy,« b. April 8, 1S68.

2419 Myra Frances,^ b. Oct. 28, 1870.

2420 Helen Maria,'' b. in Lowell, Oct. 24, 1845; '^■' ^'^?,- ~^' 1861, Henry H. Ste-
vens of Stoddard, who d. in the army Oct. 29, 1864, aged 23. She d. Jan.
I,- 1866, leaving:

2421 Hattie L. (Stevens), b. 1862; m. George Upton, a mechanic in Benning-

ton, N. H.

2422 Henry H. (Stevens), b. July, 1864.

2423 Frank Lucilus,' b. in Concord, N. H., March 6, 1848. At the age of 15 he
enlisted in the 9th N. H. reg.; was taken prisoner Sept. 3, 1864, and con-
fined in Salisbury prison till exchanged in 1865; m., Dec. 15, 1870, Eleanor
Bartlett of Fancistown, N. H. ; a great sufferer and confirmed invalid from
hardships and injuries received in the war and in prison. Reside in Stod-
dard, N. H. They have:
2424 Charles Wesson,** b. Oct. 26, 187 1.


Louisa Thurston'' {Samuel,^ David,'' Benjamin^), eldest child
of Samuel and Sally (French) Thurston of Alstead, N. H. ; born
there Dec. 16, 1800; married, Oct. 15, 1817, Timothy Dort, born
Nov. 6, 1797, son of Timothy and Margaret (Taylor) Dort of Bol-
ton, Ct. She died Nov. 6, 1835, and he married again and had other
children. He died in Butler, III, Nov. 24, i860.


2425 Sarah French (Dort), b. March 23,1819; m., March 20, 1842, Levi Mans-
field, a farmer in Gilsum, N. H., b.,Dec. 22, 181 1, son of Elijah and Sally
(Dort) Mansfield of Keene, N. H. They had:

2426 Harriet Maria (Mansfield), b. June 25, 1S43; m., Nov. 5, 1865, Edward

Elisha Roundy, a stone cutter in Fitzwilliam, N. II.

2427 Helen Louisa (Mansfield), b. Aug. 21,1848; m., F"eb. 10, 1874, John

Joshua Isham, a farmer and mechanic in C.ilsum, N. H.


2428 Clement Levi (Mansfield), b. May 29, 1850; a farmer in Westmoreland,

N. H. ; m., Jan. i, 1883, Maria Louisa Gilson.

2429 Ossian Carroll (Mansfield), b. Feb. 14, 1852; a stone mason in Keene,

N. H. ; m., June t, 1874, Jane Ann Knight; he d. July i, 188S.
2430 Joseph Hartley (Dort), h. Jan. 14, 1828; m., April 3, 1851, Sabrina H. Mack.
He resided in Butler, 111. ; was thrown from his carriage, and d. April 7,
1869. Children, b. in Butler:

2431 Helen (Dort), b. June 10, d. Aug. 18, 1852.

2432 George Hartley (Dort), b. June 9, 1854; d. Aug. 15, 1855.

2433 Clinton French (Dort), b. Nov. 29, 1858; m., Dec. 5, 1878, Mary .Summons.

2434 Samuel Timothy (Dort), b. Dec. 27, i860 ; d. July 31, 1863.

2435 Lucy Louisa (Dort), b. April 10, 1S64; d. Sept. 18, 1877.

2436 Mary Louisa (Dort),"b. Oct. 24, 1S31 ; m.. May 27, 1850, Claudius Buchanan
Hayward, a farmer in Sullivan and Gilsum, N. IL, b. Feb. 23, 1825. Had:

2437 Olive Mary (Hayward), b. in Sullivan, May 16, d. May 17, 1861.

2438 Edith Theoda (Hayward), b. July 26, 1852; m., Nov.. 26, 1873, Albert

Martin French, b. in Hollis, Nov. 28, 1850, a farmer and teamster in
Alstead, N. H.

2439 Dan Ambrose (Hayward), b. April 24, 1S54; d. in Marlow, N. H., March

31, 1876.

2440 Julia Antoinette (Hayward), b. Dec. 14, 1855; d. Dec. 18, 1873.

2441 Elbridge Thurston (Hayward), b. July 6, 1858 ; d. May 8, i860.

2442 Harry Martin (Hayward), b. April 25, 1862; resides in Cloverdale, Cal.


Joseph Thurston ^ {Samuel,^ David,^ Benjamin^), son of Samuel
and Sally (French) Thurston of Alstead, N. H. ; born there May
30, 1804; married, June, 1828, Betsey Brown, born June 20,
1803. She died June 10, 1876. He was a blacksmith in Dublin,
Sullivan, Dublin, N, H., again, next a farmer in Belchertown, Mass.,
then in Keene, N. H., where he died, possessed of a handsome prop-
erty, Sept. 5, 1887.


2443 Joseph Edwin," b. Nov. 18, 1830; d. Nov. 13, 1837.

2444 Albert Bradley,'^ b. June 20, 1837 ; m., Sept. 10, 186S, Hannah Bertholf Jen-

kins, b. in New Paltz, N. Y., May 20, 1833, da. of Crines and Rachel (Har-
denbergh) Jenkins of Gardiner, N. Y. He was a teacher of music and
tuner of musical instruments in Gardiner, and since 1883 in Albany, N. Y.
Both members of the First Reformed church ; no children.

2445 William Henry,'^ b. July 20, 1840; d. Oct. 19, 1848.


Hartley Thurston^ {Sat/niel,^ David,^ Benjamin'^'), brother of
the preceding, and son of Samuel and Sally (French) Thurston of
Alstead, N. H, ; born there March 3, 1806 ; married, in Alstead,
June 6, 1832, Arminda Robinson, born in Greenfield, N. H., Jan.
14, 181 1, daughter of Benjamin and Esther (Greeley) Robinson,
She died July 3, 1880; he died Feb. 13, 1881 ; dropped dead while
visiting his brother, Alden S.

Mr. Thurston when young had feeble health ; taught school winters
and worked on the farm summers ; at the age of twenty-one was
bookkeeping in Boston, but it did not agree with his health, and he
went back to his former occupations. After marriage he bought
a farm in Alstead, where he resided a few years, acting as super-
intending school committee. In 1840 he sold and purchased a farm


in Gilsum, N. H., where he lived a number of years and held several
town offices ; then sold and bought a farm in Manchester, Wis. ; sold
and bought in Berlin, Wis. Was county judge, and a neighbor says,
"he is the finest man in the county." His wife was an accomplished
teacher, and cousin to Horace Greeley. Both members of the Bap-
tist church.


2446 Andrew Jackson," b. in Alstead, Dec. 6, 1835; "''•' ^^^Y 28, 1S59, Jane Del-

zelle. He lived in Wisconsin till the war of the rebellion, when he went
to Tennessee, and was in gov't service till his death, in Nashville, Tenn.,
Nov. ID, 1864. His widow was several years matron at the soldiers' or-
phans' home in Davenport, la. ; her health failed, went to her friends in
Kansas, and soon died. Children: Nellie Adelle,** b. Jan. 28, iS6(, d.
Feb. 14, 1866; Orvis Greeley,* b. Feb. 6, 1862, d. March 21, 1863; Effie
May,* b. Jan. 30, 1864, d. Nov. 14, 1865.

2447 Marion Emogene," b. in Gilsum, Sept. 16,1844; m., .Sept. 14, 1861, in Par-

deeville, Wis., Erastiis Darwin Corning, a farmer in Cicero, IS^. Y., b. in Ca-
naan, Columbia Co., N. Y., June 16, 1834, son of Edwin and Cynthia (Bab-
cock) Corning of Clay, N. Y. They had :

2448 Edwin Hartley (Corning), b. in Clay, Aug. 31, 1866; d. May i, 1869.

2449 Herbert Leon (Corning), b. in Clay, June 25, 1871 ; d. Feb. 11, 1872.

2450 Clara Estelle (Corning), b. in Berlin, May 29, 1S73.

2451 Anna Marion (Corning), b. in Cicero, Sept. i, 1875.

2452 Emma Estelle," b. in Gilsum, Dec. 18, 1850; m., Feb. 14, 1875, Judge Thomas
Curran Ryan, b. in Utica, N. Y., July 4, 1841, son of Michael and Mar-
garet Ryan of Ireland ; they lived in Berlin ; obtained his education by his
own efforts, and delivered a course of scientific lectures when iS; enlisted
in the war against the rebellion, served two years in the 5th Wis. reg. inft.,
and was discharged on account of wounds received in battle ; was admitted
to the bar at age of 24, and has held the office of district attorney or
county judge nearly all the time since. Moved to Wausau. Wis., June 4,
1881 ; to Merrill, Lincoln Co., Wis., May 8, 1882; and back to Wausau,
April 29, 1884, where he is doing business under the name of .Silverthorn,
Hurley & Ryan. They have:

2453 Thomas Hartley (Ryan), b. Sept. 3, 1876.

2454 Marion Eva (Ryan), b. May 31, 1880.

2455 James Thurston (Ryan), b. March 22, 1883.

2456 Winifred Martha Ellen (Ryan), b. Dec. 23, 1S84.


Alden Spooner Thurston *" (Samue/,^ David,^ Benjamin ^),
brother of the preceding, and son of Samuel and Sally (French)
Thurston of Alstead, N. H. ; born there Sept. 12, 1809; married,
Sept. 15, 1836, Esther Adaline Miller, born July 20, 1812, daugh-
ter of Robert and Mary (Boyce) Miller of Marlow, N. H. She was
a woman of culture and refinement, and possessed the social
qualities. It can truly be said, " She stretcheth out her hand to the
poor ; yea, she reacheth forth her hand to the needy " ; " if any one
came to her hungry she would feed them ; if thirsty, she would give
them drink ; and many a poor traveler has she kept over night, and
given a supper and breakfast, who have gone away asking God's
blessing to rest upon her for deeds of charity bestowed upon them ; "
died May 18, 1878.

Mr. Thurston, during his minority, assisted his father upon the
farm ; was educated at the district school, and after he became of
age attended the academy at Walpole and New Ipswich, and high


school at Alste^d Center, fall terms, for four years, and worked on
the farm summers. Taught school in the towns of Sullivan, Gilsum,
Marlboro, Swanzey, Keene, Westmoreland, Walpole, and twenty win-
ters in Alstead. He commenced teaching the winter after he was
twenty-one, and closed the winter after he was sixty-six, having taught
fifty-five terms and over two thousand different scholars. He was
superintending school committee twelve years, one of the supervis-
ors of the check list and selectman four years ; justice of the peace
for the county of Cheshire twenty-five years ; filled other minor offices
in Alstead, and farmed until he sold his farm, on which he and his
father had lived over seventy years. Since March 30, 1885, retired
from business, and lives with his daughter, Mrs. Roundy, in Charles-
town, Mass.


2457 George Franklin," b. Feb. 17, 1S3S; d. Oct. 7, 1839.

2458 Charles Samuel,' b. Aug. 21,1840; taught two district schools winters of

i86r-2 ; in the spring of 1863 went to Pesotum, 111., took the fever and
ague, and d. April 18, 1S64.

2459 Edwin Alden," b. Nov. 5, 1843; m., May 16, 1867, Nellie Louise Reeves, da.

of David A. and Almira (Smith) Reeves of Suffield, Ct. ; he worked with
his uncle Franklin Robinson Thurston three years at blacksmithing, and
then went to Saxton River, Vt., where he worked at ironing carriages until
a short time before his death, May 3, 1876. They had:

2460 Charles Eugene,^ b. May 18, 1S6S ; served an apprenticeship to the art of

printing in Charlestown, Mass. ; is an efficient and energetic printer in
New York city; m., May 24, 1888, Lillie Nixon of Brooklyn, N. Y., b.
Aug. 27, 1867.

2461 Edwin Horace,^ b. July 7, 1876.

2462 Lorenzo Goldsbury," b. Jan. 26, 1847 ; a Free Mason; employed by Boston

& Me. R. R. in Charlestown, Mass.; n.m.

2463 Harriet Ellen," b. Aug. 27, 1852; m., June 6, 1871, Edwin Emerson Roundy,

b. in Fitzwilliam, N. H., Oct. 17, 1845. In 1847 his father moved to Gil-
sum, N. H. At the age of 17, Aug., 1862, enlisted in the war against the
rebellion, in the 14th N. H. reg. Had typhoid fever in Maryland ; joined
his reg. again April, 1863, in the Shenandoah valley, and followed its vicis-
situdes in Virginia to the gulf of Mexico, the Red river, back to Virginia,
in the battles of Opequon, Fisher's Hill, Cedar Creek; thence to Savan-
nah and Augusta, Ga., where they guarded Jeff Davis and the prisoners
taken with him. Was mustered out in Savannah June, 1S65. After a
short visit at home went to Walpole, N. H., where he attended school and
worked for three years ; in Keene, N. H., several years, making extracts
for Cheshire tannery; March 17, iS77,for the Electric Signal Co. in Wal-
tham, Mass., and since Sept. 20, 1880, as engineer on the B. & M. R. R.,
residing in Charlestown, Mass. He is a Free Mason. They have :

2464 Nellie Lillian (Roundy), b. Dec. 14, 1872.

2465 Minnie Esther (Roundy), b. May 30, 1S81.


Franklin Robinson Thurston^ of Marlboro, N. H. {Samue/,s
David,-^ Benjamin 3), brother of the preceding, and son of Samuel
and Sally (French) Thurston of Alstead, N. H. ; born there Jan. 22,
1815 ; married, first, by Rev. Alanson Rawson, May 24, 1838, Fanny
LoviSA Holm AN, born in Roxbury, N. H., Aug. 31, 1816, daughter
of Dea. Charles and Polly Holman of Marlboro ; she died Dec. 23,
1870. Second, Nov. 28, 1878, by Rev. F. D. Ayer, d.d., Mrs. Hannah
Elizabeth (Nichols) Hoit of Concord, N. H., born in Boston


Mass., July 12, 1828, daughter of Luther Western and Hannah
(Tompkins) Nichols ; she was first married by Rev. L. D. Burroughs,
March 4, 1852, in Amherst, N. H., to Sewell Hoit of Concord, where
she lived twenty-seven years, and has a daughter, Jennie Lizzie
(Hoit), born Sept. 23, i860, who had her name changed by the leg-
islature of i88g to Jane Elizabeth Hoyt, graduated from the Woman's
Medical College, New York, 1890, and is practicing at Lasell semi-
nary, Auburndale, Mass. Mr. Thurston was formerly a blacksmith ;
1879, manufacturing, agent for the Thurston Knob Screw Company
of Marlboro ; was republican representative to the legislature 1877
and 1878. Removed to Concord, N. H., May, 1884.


2466-|-Charles Holman," b. June 3, 1842; m. Amanda C. Frost.

2467 Ella Chestina," b. Dec. 4, 1848; m., Aug. 20, 1872, Horatio Stilman Rich-
ardson, b. May 21, 1846, son of Thomas Hall and Hannah (Morse) Rich-
ardson of Marlboro ; he was a pharmacist in Cambridgeport, Mass., of the
firm of A. R. Bayley & Co., and also of the firm of Bayley & Richardson ;
retired from that firm, and in 1883 moved to Concord, Mass., where he is
a pharmacist. Have :
2468 Frank Linden (Richardson), b. Oct. 13, 1877.


Hannah Thurston ^ ( Thomas,^ jfohn,'' Jonathan,^ Daniel,^ Dan-
iel'^'), eldest daughter of Thomas and Lydia (Davis) Thurston of
Fitchburg, Mass.; born there Sept. 27, 1782; married, Jan. 7, 1802,
Dea. John Farwell, born March 23, 1773, son of Dea. John and
Sarah (Hovey) Farwell of Groton, Mass. He was a scythe maker
in Fitchburg; both members of the Congregational church. He died
Dec. 24, 1855 ; she died Oct. 8, 1856.


2469 John Thurston (Farwell), b. Jan. 22, 1803; m. ist, Aug., 1823, Flizabeth H.
Holden, b. March 15, 1800, d. Nov. 28, 1828; 2d, Feb. 18, 1830, Mersilvia
Todd, b. Nov. 14, 1800, da. of Capt. Moses and Jane (Whitman) Todd of
Rindge, N. H. John T. Farwell was a scythe mnfr. in Htchburg; chosen
deacon of the Cong, church Nov. 9, 1833, '^^^ held the office until his
death ; town clerk several years ; a man of sterling integrity. They had :

2470 PUizabeth Hannah (Farwell), b. Dec, 1825; d. Jan. 25, 1831.

2471 Elizabeth Mersilvia (Farwell), b. July 2, 1831 ; m., .Sept. 24, 1857, Charles

H. Merrill, a farmer in Plymouth, N. H.

2472 John A. (Farwell), b. Sept. 3, 1833; m., Oct. 28, 1869, Ava M. Cham-

bers; he was comptroller of Chicago, 111. ; since in jewelry business.

2473 Sarah C. (Farwell), b. May 31, 1836; m., Oct. 4, 1855, Joseph M. Bar-

ney of Brimfield, 111., a farmer in Erie, Kan.

2474 Maria Thurston (Farwell), b. July 11, 1838; m., Oct. 27, 1859, Charles

A. Sullivan, a lawyer in Starkville, Oktibbeha Co., Miss.

2475 Mary Jane (Farwell)^ b. July 12, 1840; d. Aug. 29, 1841.

2476 Edward P. (Farwell), b. Oct. 24, 1843; enlisted in the Union army, and

d. at Port Hudson, La., July 19, 1863.

2477 Jane Todd (Farwell), b. Dec. 4,1846; m.," Nov. 26, 1873, Edward P.

Downs, sec. Mut. Ins. Co. of Fitchburg; five children.
2478 Stephen Thurston (Farwell), b. June 21, 1805; m., 1834, Elizabeth Carleton
Todd, sister to his bro. John's wife. He was a merchant in Cambridge,
Mass. ; in 1837 chosen deacon of the Shepard Cong, church, and continued
deacon 35 years, till his death,' Oct. 20, 1S72. He was a man greatly be-
loved, and held important public and private trusts ; was a member of the
legislature several years ; two children.


2479 Lydia Elizabeth Thurston (Farwell), b. Nov. 15, 1807; d. Sept. 28, 1829.

2480 Thomas Thurston (Farwell), b. Sept. 11, 1809; a scythe maker in Scythe-

ville, N. H. ; m., Dec. i, 1831, Sally Keys, b. in Westford, Mass., June
16, iSio, d. in New London, N. H., Feb. 2, 1879; he d. Jan. 10, 1891.
They had:
2481 Thomas Thurston (Farwell), b. in Chelmsford, Mass., Sept. 29, 1832; d.

in Wilmot, N. H., Aug. 24, 186S.
24S2 Sarah Elizabeth (Farwell), b. in South Reading, Mass., Oct. 16,1835;
living in Scytheville; m., Sept. 2, 1878, Abel French Boynton, b. in

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