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company there, and 1686 moved to Norwich, Ct. ; m. 1st, Dpc. 19, 1654, Mary Dmgley, da. of
John Dingley ; she d. July, 1055, and is the Mary near whom the captani wished to be buried ;
m. 2d, Sarah Allen, da. of Samuel Allen of Braintree, Mass. They had: Miles, m., Dec. 0,
1700, Mehitable Adams; Dea. Ju.siah, referred to in 2d line of note on p. 174; Samuel, lived
in Duxburv and Preston, Ct , m., June 1, 1710, Deborah Gates; Israel, m, Feb. 8,1704,
Elizabeth Richards; Mary; Lois; Mehitable; Martha; Mercy.

t For obituary of Stephen Thurston, whose record is on p. 84, see 1st ed. p. 168.



26534-Clara Standish," b. Nov. 3, 1842; m. Henry White Strang.

26^4 William Hull,' b. March 29, 1S47 5 c^- ■'^ug- -'> iS6r.

26554-Jiilia Hart,' b. May 16, 1849; ^'^- George Washington Thomas.

2656-l-Charles Parish,' b. Feb. 22, 1851 ; m. Mary Toll Reid.

2657 Elizabeth Morse,' b. Sept. 13, 1S55; m., Aug. 27, 1873, Henry Bowring, ship
and freight broker in Brooklyn, N. V. ; i88;§ moved to Newcastle-on-Tyne
and 18S9 to Lausanne, Canton Vaud, Switzerland, son of the late C. T.
Bowring of Liverpool, Eng., of the Devonshire family of Bovvrings, who
d. Sept. 23, 1S85; had been a member of the city council for 26 years.
They had:

2658 Cornelia Harriet (Bowring), b. Oct. 11, 1877.

2659 Elizabeth Thurston (Bowring), b. Nov. 7, 1879.

2660 Charles Thurston (Bowring), b. Sept.' 2, 1881.

2661 Richard Hull," b. Oct. 10, 1863 ; grad. from the law dept. of the university of
Michigan 18S5; admitted to the bar of that state 1884, and to the bar in
state of New York 1SS7 ; practicing in Elmira, N. Y. ; n.m.


Caroline Mehitable Webster'' {Mehitahle. Pearson,'^ Sarah
T/inrsfon,'^ Richard,'^ Daniel ^^ Daniel''), daughter of James and Me-
hitable (Pearson) Webster* born on the old Pearson place in Row-
ley, Mass., Nov. 15, 1808; married, at the house of Col. John Mills
of Marietta, O., who married her sister Dorothy, Sept. 19, 1839,
Rev. Jeremiah Root Barnes,! as his second wife, born in South-
ington, Ct., March 9, 1809. He married, first, Aug. 7, 1836, Cath-
erine Miles Piatt of Prospect, Ct. ; she died Nov. 20, 1838, leaving
one son, Charles Joseph (Barnes), born July 26, 1837, ^^ ^'^^ '^xvcs. of
A. S. Barnes & Co., publishers of Chicago. His uncle, A. S. Barnes,
says he is a splendid business man. She died Nov. 3, 1889.

Mr. Barnes was the son of Eli and Roxana (Newell %) Barnes of
New Haven, Ct. He was indentured by his father when a boy to a

♦Webster Famii.v

The Welisters were weavers in the north of Eniy;lancl, and are to this day at their looms in
their homes. John Webster came early to Ipswich, Mass.; was "clerk ot the bonds," and
had a servant named White. He had Stephen, whose grandson piobably was Stephen of Nevr-
buryport, .Mass., a ship-cavpenter, who in 1740 purchased >*alisbury Point, and established a
shipyard. When the revolutionary war broke out he had seven ships on the stocks, which
all but one rotted. Was at Hoston when the tea was thrown overboard, came home, found
his wife with company, and tin-ew the contents of the tea waiter into the tire. Was captain at
the taking of Ticonderoga. His son Samuel was a minute-man, and when called struck his ax
into the ship timber and went into the army. He ra., Dec. 24, 1763, Susannali Jewell, and
next day rode on the ice to Plum island, which has not been done since. They had nine chil-
dren, seven sons, three of whom were lost at sea. 1884 there were two of the name. James,
the youngest son, m. Mehitable Pearson [no. 422].

t Barnes Famii.v.

I. SriiPHEx I5.VRXES of ."5outliino;ton, Ct., had

II. Stepukn B.vrs'ES, b. Jan. 2, 170t-5; m., 1726. Martha Wheadon, and had

III. .\SA Barnes, b. Aug. 24, 1,4."); d. I82b; m., Oct. oO, UO.'i, I'hebe AdUins (Thomas Vd-
klns of Hartford, (;t., d. I(i94, had Henoni, b. 169 >, d. in Southington 1750, m., 1715, Esther
Hall, had son Luther, b. 1718, m., 1743, Eunice Andrews, da. of Daniel, d. 1788; their da.
Phebe m Asa Barnes), and had

IV. Eli Ba^cnes, a merchant in Southington, after in e.xtensive ovster trade in Nev?'
Haven, Ct., b. May 21, 1775, d. July 27, 1827; m. 1st, JVov. 4, 1795, Roxana Newell, da. of Pom-
royNdwell, b. .Tan. 12, 1775, d. April 11, 1812; 2d, Aug. 2, 1812, widow Su.san Bradley, nee
Morris, of New Haven, b. Oct., 1784, d. Feb. 17, 1854, and soon moved there. She was the
mother ot A. S. I'arnes and five other children. He had, by 1st wife, Jeremiah Root, b. Mar.
9, 1809; m. 1st, Aug. 7, 1836, Catharine Piatt of Prospect, Ct., who d. Nov 20, 1838, leaving a
son Charles Joseph, b. July 27, 1837, of the publishing firm of A. S. Barnes & Co. of New
York and Chicago, m., 1878, Mary Lovina Ludington of Chicago, and has Mertlia Louisa, b.
Nov. 24, 18—, Nelson Ludington, b. May 30, 18—. J. K. m. 2d, Ciiroline Mehitable Webster,
as above.

J Newell Family.

Isaac Slieldon Newell of Dorchester, Mass., had Isaac, m., 1708, .Mary Woodford; 'Phomas,
m., 1725, Vlary Hinsdale; Rachel, m. John Pomroy of Northampton, Mass , and had Rachel
(Poraroy), who was a minuber of Pres. Edwards' church, an eiruest christian, m. Isaac New-


contractor and builder in New York. After the death of his father
he became converted, and desired to study for the ministry. His
mother had small means and a large family, but encouraged him, and
told him to write a sermon and read it to her. This he did, and that
decided the matter, so that he commenced to study. He bought his
time, having two years more to serve, for $150; graduated from Yale
1834; studied divinity with Dr. Nathaniel W. Taylor, during which
time he prepared for his brother-in-law " Olney's History of the U.
S.," preferring not to have his name afifixed to it. From the income
of this work he was enabled to pay the bills for his education. He
was commissioned by the Home Missionary Society, in August, 1836,
to go west, which he did. Stopping at Evansville, Ind., over the
Sabbath, he was invited to preach, and received a call from the Pres-
byterian church there, was ordained and installed over it in Nov.,
1838. This was an old-school region, and an effort was made, after
learning he was a pupil of Dr. Taylor of New Haven, to drive him
out, considering his theology to be heretical ; but the people would
not consent, and he remained nine years. For some years after this
he preached and labored in the cause of education. Was agent one
year for Marietta college. In July, 1856, he was called to organize
Congregational churches in Cannon Falls and Northfield, Minn., the
latter place being just laid out by Mr. North, a lawyer in Minneapo-
lis, Minn. Carlton college was eventually located at Northfield. He
labored in this region until he became unfitted for the duties of a
pastor by deafness. After the death of their son-in-law Wightman,
in 1870, they went to Zumbrota, Minn., to be with their bereaved
daughter and her three children. In 1878 he went to Owatonna,
Minn., to aid his son-in-law Hillman in business, and remained there
about four years ; enjoying a green old age, residing with his daugh-
ter, Mrs. Mills, in Marietta, O.


2662 Julia Anna (Barnes), b. in Evansville, Ind., Aug. 27, 1840; m.. at the house
of Col. Mills, July 2,. 1S67, by Dr. Thomas Wicks, Rev. George Rufus
Gear, b. Dec. r, 1840, son of Rev. Hiram [b. in Middletown, Ct., May 6,
1804, a graduate from Newton Theo. Inst.], and Jerusha (Sage) [b. in Mid-
dletown, Aug. 5, 1S06], Gear, for many years pastor of the First Baptist
church in Marietta, O. Mr. Gear, junior, grad. from Marietta college, de-
livering the valedictory in 1S67. During his college course went into the
army, serving as private for the war in 39th Ohio reg., and going with
Sherman to "the sea. He taught in Marietta high school four years, was
principal of Marietta academy eight years, and commenced the pastorate,
which his father had vacated l)y death, in 1S79. Children :

2663 George Mills (Gear), b. April 9, 1870.

2664 Harry Barnes (Gear), b. March 6, 1S72.

2665 Fanny Caroline (Gear), b. March 27, 1874.

2666 Katherine Grace (Gear), b. Dec. 2r, 1875.

2667 Jeremiah (Barnes), b. and d. July 4, 1842.

2668 Kate Piatt (Barnes), b. in Evansville, Ind., July 10, 1844; m., by her father,

in Cannon Falls, at their Dell Nook preempted home, Dec. S, 1S65, David
Wightman, son of David and Ann (Stuart) Wightman of Elmira, N. Y.,

ell, b. nil, d. 1T9.S, of Soutliington, Ct.; she (I. 1T76, a^ed 54; had a ?oii, Dea. romrcy New-
ell, b. 1745, m., 1770, Elizabeth Carter, b. 1750, d. 1834. She was an eniiiient clmi^rian. He
was elected deacon of .SouthinKton church 1785. Isaac Carter came from Lonsr Island to Bran-
ford, Ct., and m , 1712, Uorcjis Tyler, and had Abel, m., 1739, Mary Coach, moved to ^outll-
ington, and d. 1799. Elizabetli m." Deacon Fomroy Newell, as above, and their da Roxaua m.
Eh Barnes [Barnes Family, p. 176].


wiio moved to Illinois and after to Zumljrota, Minn., where the son was a
carpenter and farmer. He was a meml^er of the Baptist church ; went into
the war, was orderly sergeant in the loth Minn, reg., served three years,
was wounded in the battle of Nashville ; was in Owatonna, Steele Co.,
Minn. He d. April 27, 1S70. She m. 2d, by her father, May 20, 18S0, Ed-
ward McKenzie, b. in Danby, N. V., July 5, 1841, son of George, b. in
Catskill, N. Y., Sept., 1805, and Caroline, b. in Danby, Nov., 1806, who
went to Cannon Falls when the place was laid out. In 1854 Edward
moved his family to Luverne, Minn., where they are both members of the
Presbyterian church. He laid out Luverne and named it, then was driven
out by grasshoppers for a term of years. A farmer and painter ; served
in the 7th Minn. reg. from Aug., 1862, to Aug., 1865; 18S9 living in Min-
neapolis. Children :

2669 Arthur Barnes (Wightman), b. Oct. i, 1S66; drowned in the Zumbro

river, June 26, 1877, at Zumbrota.

2670 Anna Mills (Wightman), b. April 28, 186S; d. Nov. 19, 1880.

2671 Daisy Carrie (Wightman), b. May 21, 1870.

2672 Caroline Webster (Barnes), b. in Evansville, Ind., Jan. 14, 1846; m., at Can-
non Falls, by her father, in Cong, church, Sept. 24, 1871, William Joseph
Hillman, b. April 17, 1849, son of Levi C. and Mary M. (Shelly) Hillman
of Northampton, Mass., but moved to Cannon Falls in 1856. He is a
photographic artist in Richmond Center, Wis., going there Nov., 1881 ;
enlisted in the war against the rebellion in the 2d Minn. reg. from April 3
to July 14, 1S65. Both are members of the Congregational church. Chil-
dren, b. at Cannon Falls, except Charles :

2673 Theodore William (Hillman), b. June 6, d. Aug. 7, 1874.

2674 Mabel Webster (Hillman), b. June 6, 1875.

2675 Charles Barnes (Hillman), b. in Owatonna, Aug. 14, 1878.

2676 Julia Harriet (Hillman), b. March 6, d. July 25, 1881.


Dorothy Wek.ster'^ (J/67//yrt;(5'/^ Pearson,^ Sarah Thurston,^ Rich-
ard,^ Daniel,^ Daniel ^\, sister of the preceding, and daughter of
James and Mehitable (Pearson) Webster of Rowley, Mass. ; born
there June 14, 1810; married, as his second wife, July 3, 1845, ^^ ^^^
house of Rev. J. R. Barnes in Evansville, Col. John Mill.s, born
in Marietta, O., Dec. 2, 1795, son of Capt. William and Sarah (Bow-
man) Mills of Boston, Mass., who was one of the Ohio Co., formed
in Boston March i, 1786, that first settled Marietta; was a member
of the Society of Cincinnati. In 1824 Mr. John Mills was married
to Deborah Selden Wilson. She died, having had Martha, wife of
Rev. George M. Maxwell, d.d., and Sarah, wife of Col. I. C. Elston.
Col. Mills died March 14, 1882.

Colonel Mills was one of the originators of the Marietta Chair
Co., which employs many hundred persons. He was president of
the bank of Marietta, treasurer of the college from its first inception,
and was interested and efficient in all the business, educational and
moral enterprises of the time ; a man whose judgment on all ques-
tions was considered the best up to the last ; he died March 14,
1882. They were both active members of the Congregational church.
Mrs. Mills went to Marietta in 1835 to teach in the seminary. From
a child she was beloved by every one.


2677 John (Mills), b. June 8, 1846; grad. from Marietta college 1867, and is the

pres. and treas. of the Marietta Chair Co.; n.m.

2678 Mary Colman (Mills), b. April 15, 1850; d. Sept. 10, 1857.


2679 William Webster (Mills), b. Jan. 27, 1852; m., Oct. 12, 1S75, Betsey Gates of

Marietta, b. Feb. 26, 1853, a graduate of Ipswich, Mass., seminary. He
grad. from Marietta college 1871, and is pres. of the First National Bank,
Marietta, O. Mr. Mills is deacon of the Cong, church in Marietta, and
teacher in the Sunday-school, as is also his wife; no children.


Eunice Farley Thurston '^^ (v9^"vV/,5 David,'' Richard,^ Daniel,'
Daniel '), eldest child of Rev. David and Prudence (Brown ) Thurs-
ton of Winthrop, Me. ; born there Nov. 19, 1812; married, Sept. 3,
1832, Rev. Henry Richardson,* born in Springfield, Mass., Nov.
28, 1799, son of John Barnard and Mabel (Wolcott) Richardson.
Entered Bradford academy, Mass., in 1823, and studied three years,
teaching school winters ; graduated from theological seminary, Ban-
gor, Me., 1830. Feb. 25, 1829, a Congregational church was organ-
ized in Sidney, Me., and he was ordained its first pastor Nov. 23,
183 1 ; dismissed Sept. 20, 1833; in Brownville, Me., May 21, 1834,
to Jan. 10, 1838 ; in Gilead, Me., and Shelburne, N. H., May i, 1838,
to March 14, 1849; March, 1850 to 1861, acting pastor in Goshen,
N. H. ; Sept. I, i86r, returned to Gilead as acting pastor there and
in Shelburne for about one year, when failing health confined him to
the house of his only daughter till his death, March 24, 1881.

Mrs. Richardson is a woman of more than ordinary force of char-
acter, maintaining in the societies where they have been located, and
in her household affairs, influence and energy that sustains and en-
courages a clergyman in his ofttimes perplexing and cheerless work.
Since her husband's death she has spent the winters with her sons,
three in New Orleans and others in Belmont, Mass.f


2680 John Francis (Richardson), b. in Sidney, Aug. 25,1833; m., June 4, 1872,

Emily Susan Hutchins of Boston. He is a designer and wood engraver
of the firm of Russell & Richardson, Boston, Mass. ; resides in Belmont, a
few miles out of the city. They have :
268[ Mabel Wolcott (Richardson),' b. Sept. 6, 1877.

2682 Emily Martin (Richardson), b. Dec. 20, 1882.

2683 Margaret (Richardson), b. Oct. 16, 1888.

2684 Henry Brown (Richardson), b. in Winthrop, Aug. 23, 1S37 ; m., in St. Joseph,
La., June 18, 1867, Ailna Howard- Farrar. He is a civil engineer, and has
been employed on the levee on the Mississippi river, on railroads in Texas,
was chief engineer in the construction of the Natchez railroad ; was asst.
state engineer, appointed by Gov. Nichols in 187S, with his residence in

* Richardson Family.

I. William Richardson and Edward, who is supposed to have been his hrother, were in
West Newbury, Mass., a.s early as 1647; we know not how much earlier, nor from what part
of England they came. He was born about 1620; m., Aug. 23, 1654, Elizabetli Wiseman. He
d. March 25, 1657, and his estate consisted of "a house, foure akers of hind prised at £23."
They had Joseph, Benjamin and Elizabeth.

II. Joseph Richardson, born May 18, 1655; m., July 12, 1681, Margaret Godfrey; was a
cordwainer in West Newbury. They had Daniel, and seven other children.

III. Daniel Richardson, born April 4, 1692; m. Lydia . They had Stephen, and

four other childreji.

IV. Stephen Richardson, m. Mary Chase of W^est Xewbury; lived in Methuen and
after in Dracut, where lie d. in the autumn of 1813. They had John Rarnakd, and eight
other children.

V. John Harnard Richardson, born in Methuen 1768; m. Mabel Wolcott. He was a
boot and shoemaker in Springfield, Wilbraham and Chickopee, Mass. He d. at his son Wil-
liam's in Hadley, Mass., April 6, 1841, aged 72. They had Hknrv, who m. Eunice Farley
Thurston, as above.

t For more extended notice of both see 1st ed. pp. 139, 170.


St. Joseph, La.; in iSSo'was appointed cliief state engineer, and moved to-
Xew Orleans ; was in the war of the rebellion, wounded and taken pris-
oner at Gettysburg. Children :

2685 Thomas P'arrar (Richardson), b. in St. Joseph. Sept. 28, 1871.

2686 Mary Wolcott (Richardson), b. in St. Joseph, Oct. 26, 1873.

26S7 John Francis (Richardson), b. in St. Joseph, March 21, 1876.

2688 Roger Wolcott (Richardson), ( , . 1 • xr /\ i xt 00

^/'c„ ur -PI t. /r>- u J \ ; twms, b. m .New Orleans, Nov. 1.0, 18S2.

2659 Henry 1 hurston (Richardson),) > j >

2690 Anna Girault (Richardson), b. in New Orleans, Dec. 30, 1S85.

2691 James Kempe (Richardson), b. in New Orleans, Dec. 5, 1887.

2692 Frederick Howard Farrar (Richardson), b. in New Orleans, Sept. 12, 1889.
2693 Mary Elizabeth (Richardson), b. in Gilead, May 2, 1841 ; m., Oct. 29, 1863,

William Reade I'eabody, b. in Gilead, Jan. 31, 1837, son of Asa Peabody ;
he is a farmer in Gilead ; is influential in town offices ; parents and chil-
dren all members of the Congregational church. Children :

2694 Mary Gertrude (Peabody), b. July 29, 1S64; teacher in .State Normal

school, New Britain, Conn.

2695 -^'^I'l Louise (Peabody), b. Aug. to, 1S65; teacher in public kindergarten,

Boston, Mass.

2696 Henry Asa (Peabody), b. Dec. 2[, is;66; d. Aug. 20, [S6S.

2697 William Welcome (Peabody), b. Dec. 24, 1869; in Mass. Institute of

Technology 1891.
269S Francis Richardson (Peabody), h. April 9, 187 [ ; in Bridgton acad. 1891.


Brown Thurston ^ of Portland, Me. {David,^ David,'' Richard,^
Daniel,^ Da?iid^), brother of the preceding, and eldest son of Rev.
David and Prudence (Brown) Thurston of Winthrop, Me. ; born
there Oct. 6, 1814; married, first, July ig, 1842, Harriet Chapman,*
born Sept. 8, [813, daughter of Dea. George Whitefield and Mary

♦Chapman Family.

I. Euw,\Rn Chapman, miller, of Ijiswicli, Mass., is said to have come fi-om the northeast
of England, not tar from Hull in Yorl|)iiiions. His wife Dor-
othy survived him, and in., 'Nov. 18, 1678, Archelaus Woodman of Newbury ISytieM, .Mass. Chil-
dreii, by 1st wife: Samuel, Simon, NTatliauirl and Mary. His will cluscs witl) these words:
" My will is that all my children De satisfied with that i have done for thcni ; and if any of
them shall thro discontent make troulde about this, my wilt is tliat then tliey shall forfeit and
lose what I have herein bequeathed unto them or liim."

II. S.\MUEL Chapman, b. lG.j4; was , a wheelwright aiid farmer, a man of influence and
piety. He took the homestead and was alh>wed three years to setth^ the estate and six years-
to pay the heirs. He m.. May 20, 1678, Ruth, da. of Sanmel Ingalls; he d. Jan. 26, 1722,
They had Samup^l, .John, Joseph. Ruth, Edward, Mary, Job, Edmund.

III. Samuel Chapman, b. Feb. 12, 1679; m., March 11,1702. I'hebe r.aleh of Manches-
ter, Mass.; was a cordwainer in Hampton, and after a farmer iji Greenland, X. H. He d.
Apr. 21, K42. Thev had Phebe, Paul, Samuel, Martha, Peniiel, Josepli, Benjamin, Jona-
than, Ruth, Abigail.

IV. Sa.muel CiiAP.>tAN', b ill Hauii)ton, Dec. 7. 1706; baptized in (Jreenland 171"; m. 1st,
York; 2il, . He was taxed in Newmarket, N. H.. 1732, and after thirty years re-
moved to Stratham, N. H. He had, by 1st wife, .lohn, Mary, Sanmel, P.enjamin, Phebe, Ed-
mund. Noiili, Klizalieth, Klipiiaz, Martha, David, and by V(l wif, Ilannali,

V. Eliphaz Chapman, b. in Newmarket, March 7, H^O; m. 1st, ; shed, soon after

marriage; 2d, Au;;. 12, 1772, Hannah, da of Timotliy .Tackman of Newbury. He was a Con-
gregational minister, and i>reaclied in Madbury fron'i 1770 to 177.!, tlien in Metlnien, Mass., till
February, 17'J1, when he removed to Sudbury-Canada, now lethel, Me. He .journeyed with
two two-horse teams thro the towns of York, Covhani, llridgton, Waterford and Albany,
from where tiiere was no road, to Hetliel; only a one-horse team had ever passed over the
route before. Thfu-e were but few families in Kctliel at that time, and no traveled road within
twenty miles. He selected a lot on the north .side of the Androscoggin river, which his
son Timothy afterward occupied, anil which is now owned by his grandson, Timothy Hil-
liard, the seventh child of Timothy. He was a very prominent and poiiuUir mini in town,
judging from the number of children named after him. He d. Jan 20, 1814; .she d. Dec. 1.5,
]83'J. aged 92. Thev had Hannah, Eliphaz, Elizabeth, Abigjil, Geokoe Whitefield, Timo-
thy, Samuel, Edmund.

VI. Geouge Whitefield Chapman [p. 181], b. in Methuen, Dec. 2ri, 1780; m. 1st,
Sept. 30, 1804, .Mary Greenwood; had Harriet and Amanda, wlm m. F.rown Thurston, .above-.

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