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ville .\ppleton'' (Chapman), b. Eel). 2, 1S80. Cecil Faulkner' (Chap-

*For a brief history of his life ami business see 1st cd. pp 171. 172.
t For account of his life see 1st ed. p. IT.'i.


man), b. Aug. 20, 18S2. Christine Louise ' (Chapman), b. March 20,

2717 George Timothy^ (Chapman), b. Feb. 5, 1S44; d. Aug. 20, 1846.

2718 Hannibal Hamlin* (Chapman), b. Oct. 31, 1845; d. May 22, 1862.

2719 Lamartine Timothy^ (Chapman), b. Jan. 27, 1S48; d. May 5, 1849.

2720 Augustus Faulkner' (Chapman), b. Oct. 18, 1849; a clerk with his uncle

Timothy Appleton Chapman in Milwaukee, Wis.; m., Dec. 29, 1887,
Helen Kate Sholes, b. Nov. to, 1856, da. of Charles C. and Sarah
Elizabeth (McKinney) Sholes of Milwaukee.
272 [ Mary" (Chapman), b. March iS, iSri ; d. Jan. 31, 1S35.

2722 Harriet ' (Chapman), I). Sept. 8, 1813; m. Brown Thurston [no. 1,194].

2723 Joseph Greenwood'' (Chapman), b. Oct. 18, 181 5; d. June 24, 1835.

2724 Albion Perry^ (Chapman), b. Aug. 12, 1817; m. 1st, April 3, 1844, Sophronia

Fames; she d. April 28, 1865, aged 42; 2d, Jan. 12, 1866, Mary Ophelia
Skillings; she d. April 15, 1869, aged 28; 3d, Oct. 23, 1871, Mrs. Betsey
(Crockett) Penley of Norway, Me.; she d. Jan. 26, 1876, aged 57; 4th,
Sept. 5, 1878, Susanna Pach Wight of Bethel. Mr. Chapman is a farmer
in Bethel, a member of the Methodist church. He had :

2725 Leander Thurston ^ (Chapman), b. March 8, 1845; went west and sup-

posed not to be living.

2726 Paulina Kimball' (Chapman), b. March 6, 1847; d. Jan. 15, 1869.

2727 Ebenezer Fames' (Chapman), b. Jan. 19, 1850; m., Jan. 18, 1880, Ida

Urania Swan, b. July 10, 1855, da. of Leander Silliman and Harriet Au-
gusta (Decoster) Swan of Paris, Me. He is a farmer in Gilead ; she d.
Jan. 16,1890. They had: Melville KimbalP (Chapman), b. Sept. 28,
1882. A son, b. Oct. 8, d. Nov. 14, 1884. Albion Perry (Chapman), b.
Aug. 31, 18S7.

2728 Hannah Prince' (Chapman), b. Oct. 24, 1851; m., May 13, 1879, Nathan

Newman Penley, b. in Norway, Me., Jan. 18, 1842; he was a wood-
worker; in 1880 owned a gristmill in Conway Center, N. H., and in
1887 moved to Haverhill, Mass. He was in the war against the rebel-
lion, where he lost his health and has a small pension ; no children.

2729 Augustine Washington' (Chapman), b. Aug. 20, 1853; d. in Worcester,

Mass., Oct. 30, 1877.

2730 Sophronia Hazen' (Chapman), b. P^b. 6, 1856; d. Feb. 16, 1S83.

2731 George Albion ' (Chapman), b. July 28, 1S58; a farmer on the homestead

in Bethel; m., Nov. 4, 1S86, Lillelle Mittie Grover, da. of Edward Pay-
son and Augusta (Ward) Grover of West Bethel, Me., b. March 7, 1865,
They have : Donald Payson' (Chapman), b. Sept. 20, 18S7. Barbara
Belle' (Chapman), b. Jan. 12, 1890.

2732 Timothy Hannibal' (Chapman), b. Sept. 21, 1862; m., in Gorham, N. H.,

Dec. 26, 1885, Eva Florence Mason, b. March 7, 1868. He was a farmer
in Bethel; d. Feb. 13, 1S88. They had : Helen Julia ^ (Chapman), b.
Feb. 23, 1887.

2733 Leander Thurston" (Chapman), b. Sept. 18, 1819; studied medicine; was

practicing dentistry in Yarmouth, Me., where he d., Dec. 23, 1845.

2734 Jarvis" (Chapman), b. Jan. 22, 1822; m., Oct. 17, 1849, Anna Twitchell, da.

of Col. Eli Twitchell of Bethel. He was a farmer in Gilead; enlisted in
the war against the rebellion in the 13th Me. reg., and d. at Fort .Si Philip,
below New Orleans, La., 1S62; she d. i860. They had: '

2735 Fordyce Granville' (Chapman), b. Sept., 1850; d. Jan., 1851.

2736 Clarence Eugene' (Chapman), b. June 27, 1851 ; grad. from the law

school in Michigan university, at Ann Arbor 1879, '^^^ settled as a law-
yer in Fergus Falls, Minn. Has been judge of probate; m., Feb. 13,
1884, Anna Eliza Frye, b. Nov. 26, 1851, da. of John and Joanna Per-
kins (Clark) Frye of Belfast, Me. They have: John Frye' (Chap-
man), b. April 21, 1885. Alice' (Chapman), b. Dec. 9, 1S86.

2737 Adelaide Josephine' (Chapman), b. July 11, 1853; folder and stitcher in

a book bindery in Worcester, Mass., 1879; d. in Chicago, 111., 1887.

2738 Harriet Amanda ' (Chapman), b. Oct. 13, 1857; d. in Westboro, Mass.,

Jan. II, 1884.

2739 Annie Grace' (Chapman), b. Dec. 18, 1858; m., Oct. 31, 1877, William J.

Osgood of Leominster, Mass. ; she resides in Hopkinton, Mass., and
has Clarence William (Osgood), b. May 10, 1879.


2740+Timothy Appleton' (Chapman), b. May 23, 1824; m. Laura Bowker.

2741 Hannibal Greenwood' (Chapman), b. Oct. 5, 1826; a dry goods merchant in

Boston, a young man of bright promise, till his health failed, when he
went on to a farm in Gilead, and d. Feb. 5, 1S58 ; n.m.

2742 Amanda' (Chapman), b. Dec. 30, 1828; m. Brown Thurston [no. 1,194].

2743 Fordyce" (Chapman), b. Jan. 31, 1831 ; d. May 14, 1833.


Elizabeth Thurston^ {David,'^ David,'' Richard,^ Daniel,^ Dan-
iel'^), sister of the preceding, and daughter of Rev. David and Pru-
dence (Brown) Thurston of Winthrop, Me. ; born there Nov. 28,
1818; married, June 20, 1839, Charle.s Philbrook,* born May 16,
181 1, son of Charles and Betsey (Johnson) Philbrook- of Winthrop,
She died in Portland, Me., while on a visit to her brother, Sept. 16,
1875, very much esteemed by all who knew her. He was a shoemaker
in Winthrop ; 1S36 settled in Adrian, Mich. He spent the winter of
1837-8 in Port au Prince, San Domingo, W. I., settling the estate of
his brother, who died there. In March, 1863, they moved to Gene-
seo. 111., on to a farm; March, 1887, moved to a farm in Goldfield,
Iowa ; both devout members of the Congregational church.


2744 Francis Thurston (Philbrook), b. April 12, 1S46; a farmer in Goldfield ; n.m.;

served in the war against the rebellion from May 16 to Oct. 28, 1864; supt.
of the M. E. Sunday-school. All members of the M. E. church, as there
is no Congregational church there.

2745 William Thomas (Philbrook), b. Feb. 22, 1848; d. March 26, 1849.

2746 Charles (Philbrook), b. Oct. 10, d. Oct. 13, 1854.

2747 Ella (Philbrook), b. Dec. 23, 1856; n.m.; in Goldfield.

2748 Harriet (Philbrook), b. March 14, 1859; n.m.; in Goldfield.


Samuel Thurston^ (David,^ David,'' Richard,^ Daniel,- Daniel ^)^
brother of the preceding, and son of Rev. David and Prudence
(Brown) Thurston of Winthrop, Me. ; born there Aug. 14, 1825 ; mar-
ried, first, June 5, 1850, Lucretia Harrington Bartels, born Sept,
12, 1829, daughter of John and Sarah Bartels of Portland, Me.; she
died at Steep Falls, Me., Sept. 7, 1856. Second, June 15, 1858,
Mary Louisa Waters, born Sept. 10, 1833, daughter of Cornelius
and Abigail (Irish) Waters of Gorham, Me. He is a member of the
Congregational church ; dealer in musical instruments in Portland,

♦Philbrook Family.

I. Tho.mas Philbrook of England 'sailed from Yarmouth in the "Arabella," April ?,
1630, and arrived in Salera, Mass., June 14, 1630. He had a son Tho.mas.

II. Thomas Philbrook, aged six, came with his father. He bad three son?, Jonathan,
b. 1657, Samuel, b. 1660, and William, b. 1670.

III. Willi ^m Philbrook, had three sons, Walter, Jonathan and William.

IV. Jonathan Philbrook, had four sons, William, Jonathan, Joshua and Job.

V. .Tonathan Philbrook, m. tlie da. of Rev. Abijah Weld, d.d., pastor of the Congre-
gational church in Attleboro, Mass., and had Ave sons, John, Thomas, Samuel, Kobert and

VI. Charles Philbrook, m. Betsey Johnson, settled in Winthrop, Me., and had seven
children, Lucy; Samuel Johnson, d. in Racine, Wis., April, 1382; Thomas, d. in West Indies;
Jotham Sewall ; Moses, d. in Elmwood, HI., July, 1887; Eliza, ra. Henry Goodale, and lived
in Adrian, Mich., d in Honolulu, Sandwich IsUxiul.*, Dec, 1888; and Charles.

VII. Charles Philbrook, m. Elizabeth Thurston, as above.

"TFor sketch of his life and war service see 1st ed. pp. 17.'^, 176.



2749 Charles Augustus,' b. Feb. 12, 1S52; m., Aug. 2, 1878, Olive Agnes Mason

of Portland, b. Aug. 26, 1852. Was with his father in the musical instru-
ment business in Portland, since which is running a Waters mailing ma-
chine in New York.

2750 Henry Bartels," b. April 14, d. Sept. 23, 1853.
275: Louisa Bartels," b. April 4, 1855; d. Sept. 23, 1856.

2752 Carrie Elizabeth," b. June 17, d. Aug. i, r856.

2753 Ida Louisa," b. Feb. 4, 1861 ; m., Sept. 25, 1883, John Herbert Gerrish, b.

Oct. 13, 1858, son of John Jordan and Susan Rich (Small) Gerrish of Port-
land, Me. He was engaged in dredging, with residence in Portland. In
1SS7 went into business with Reuel Waters, in Boston, Mass., in the mail-
ing business, and changed his residence to West Medford, Mass. Children :

2754 Louise Waters (Gerrish), b. Aug. 22, 1884.

2755 Herbert Thurston (Gerrish), b. July 6, 1886.

2756 Alice Small (Gerrish), b. April 7, 1888.

2757 Henry Lyndon,'' b. May 19, 1S66 ; with his father in business; m., June 25,

1S90, Rosa Leona Wetzler, b. Sept. 28, 1865, da. of Mark and Ellen T.
(Woodsum) Wetzler of Portland.

2758 Ella Waters," b. July 26, i868.

2759 David Cornelius," b. April 11, 1870.

2760 Harriet Elizabeth,'' b. Feb. 13, 1874.


Harriet Ann Thurston ^ {David,^ David,^ Richard,^ Daniel,^
Daniel^), sister of the preceding, and daughter of Rev. Uavid and
Prudence (Brown) Thurston of Winthrop, Me. ; born there May 8,
1829; married, first, Oct. 12, 1848, at Winthrop, Melvin Gilmore
Deane, born at Ellsworth, Me., Nov. 16, i8'2i, son of John Gilmore
and Rebecca Dennis (Paddleford) Deane of Portland, Me. He was
a civil engineer, and died in Portland, March 21, 1854. Melvin G.
Deane married, first, May 9, 1843, Sarah Edwards Shepard, born in
Ashfield, Mass., Sept. 16, 1823, daughter of. Rev. Thomas and Sarah
Williams (Barrett) Shepard of Bristol, R. I. ; she died in Bristol,
May 12, 1847. ^'^'- Deane had one son by this marriage, John Gil-
more (Deane), born- in Portland, March 28, 1845. He was lieutenant
in the 6th Maine battery during the war of the rebellion, and was for
some time on the staff of acting general Col. Hazard. He married,
Oct. 27, 1870, Marie Louise Greenwood, born in New York city, Feb.
10, 1850, daughter of Benjamin and Salome L. (Cornelison) Green-
wood of Bristol, R. I. He died in Denver, Col., where he went for
his health, Nov. 11, 1873; they had, born at South Hadley Falls,
Mass., Marie Louise (Deane), born Nov. 25, 187 1, died Aug. 10, 1872 ;
Hattie Greenwood (Deane), born Dec. 13, 1873, died April 20, 1877.
Mrs. Harriet Ann (Thurston) Deane married second, Oct. 5, 1866,
Hon. Edward Southworth, born July 3, 1804, son of Dr. Abiah
and Keziah (Boltwood) Southworth of Pelham, Mass. Mr. South-
worth graduated from Harvard in 1826. He taught in Charleston,
S. C, 1826 to 1834; was a merchant at South Hadley Falls from
1834 to 1839, and was largely engaged at West Springfield, Mass., in
the manufacture of writing paper from 1839 till his death, Dec. 11,
1869. He was a representative to the general court 1853-4; was
chosen senator in 1854, but declined ; treasurer of the Southworth
Mnfg. Co. for thirty years, and president at the time of his death of

:^ ^^^-TVa/xV^/


the Hampshire Paper Company of South Hadley Falls. He was
deacon of the first Congregational church in West Springfield from
1857 to 1869, an active christian of influence. He married, first,
June I, 1841, Ann Elizabeth Shepard, born in Little Compton, R. I.,
June 24, 1810, daughter of Rev. Mase and Deborah (Haskins) Shep-
ard. She died Aug. 7, 1855, having had George Champlin Shepard
(Southworth) [no. 2,762], born Dec. 13, 1842 ; Edward Wells (South-
worth), born Feb. 12, 1845, ^^^^ Feb. 8, 1847 '■> Mase Shepard (South-
worth), born Sept. 23, 1847, member for three years of the class of
1868 at Yale, after which he was student of chemistry at Tubingen in
Germany, where he received the degree of doctor of philosophy 1873,
and in 1876 was chosen professor of chemistry at Williams college ;
the degree of m.a. was conferred upon him by Yale in 1877 ; ^^^t^-
ried, Nov. 25, 1879, Mary Virginia Mallory, born in Brooklyn, N. Y.,
Jan. 26, 1856, daughter of William Henry and Mary Anne (Mellis)
Mallory; no children; Charles Upham Shepard (Southworth), born
June 26, 1850, died Nov. 24, 1853 ; Wells (Southworth), born March
6, 1852, died Feb. 22, 1854. He married, second, Dec. 4, 1856, Mary
Woodbury Shepard, born in Ashfield, Mass., Oct. 10, 1827-, daughter
of Rev. Thomas, d.d., and Sarah Williams (Barrett) Shepard of Bris-
tol, R. I. She died June 15, 1861, having had Edward (Southworth),
born Sept. 27, 1857, graduated from Yale 1879; from College of
Physicians and Surgeons in New York city, May, 18S2, and was serv-
ing on the house staff of Charity hospital, Blackwell's Island, N. Y.,
where he died Aug. 15, 1882 ; Mary Woodbury (Southworth), born
Sept. 26, 1859 ; Thomas Shepard (Southworth), born June 7, 1861 ;
graduated from Yale, 1883 ; from the college of Physicians and Sur-
geons in New York city, 1887 ; house physician St. Luke's hospital,
New York, 1888 ; house surgeon Chambers St. hospital, New York,
1889 ; studied in Vienna and Dublin 1889-90.

Mrs. Southworth spent about three years in Europe with the most
of her family ; is a member of the Congregational church in Spring-
field, Mass.


2761 Sarah Shepard (Deane), b. at Goshen, N. H., Oct. 30, 1850; d. at Wmthrop,

Dec. 23, 1851.
2762-fAda (Deane), b. in Winthrop, Me., March 24,1853; m. George Champlin

Shepard Southworth.
2763 Alice Harriet (Southworth), b. in West Springfield, Mass., Feb. 19, 1S6S.


Rev. Richard Bowers Thurston ^ (i?zV//^7r^,5 David,'' Richard,^
Daniel,'' Daniel'), eldest son of Richard and Ann (Bowers) Thurs-
ton of Bangor, Me.; born in Charlestown, Mass., June 28, 1819;
married, in Friendsville, Pa., May 24, 1847, Jane Miller Pierce,
born in Owego, N. Y., Sept. 14, 1823, daughter of Henry Miller
and Susan (Peironnet) Pierce of Waverly, N. Y.

Mrs. Thurston had unusual skill as an amateur artist. Her gift
was useful in promoting the culture of art in the places of her resi-
dence. In the time she could withdraw from the cares of her family



she painted many landscapes and other pictures of much beauty and
merit, which adorn her home and those of many of her friends.

Mr. Thurston belonged to the first class which graduated from the
Bangor city high school in 1837 ; graduated from Eowdoin college in
1841, and from the theological seminary, Jiangor, 1846 ; ordained
over the Congregational church in Waterville, Nov. 11, 1846; dis-
missed April 27, 1855, and became acting pastor of the church at
Chickopee Falls, Mass., where he remained three years; settled in
Waltham, Mass., 1858; installed over the church in Stamford, Conn.,
1865 ; supplied the second church in Fair Haven two years, and re-
moved to Old Saybrook, Conn., Jan. i, 1877, where he was stated sup-
ply till 188 1 ; Nov. 20, 1882, installed over the Congregational
church in North Greenwich, Conn. ; sermon by Rev. John Rogers
Thurston of Whitinsville, Mass. ; installing prayer by Rev. Joseph
Greenleaf of New Canaan ; charge to the pastor by Rev. Samuel J.
Mills Merwin of Wilton ; right hand of fellowship by Rev. Samuel
Scovil of Stamford ; address to the people by Rev. George A. Gor-
don of Greenwich ; benediction by the pastor. December, 1887, he
was compelled to resign on account of his health. He removed to
Stamford, Conn., and in, 1888 underwent three amputations of his
limbs, made necessary by stoppage of the circulation of the blood.
He is a man of more than ordinary ability, and his ministry was ac-
companied in all these places with satisfactory results. He was the
author of the prize essay on the "Error and Duty in regard to Slav-
ery," published in 1857, and of the resolution passed by the Jubilee
Convention in Chicago, 1870, which led to the founding of the Na-
tional Council of Congregational churches in Oberlin, Ohio, in 187 1.*


2764 Florence Bowers,'' b. in Waterville, Me., March 3, 1849; '^•' March 7, 1S70,

Henry Correll Humphrey, b. June 10, 1848, a chemist in Philadelphia, Pa.,
1S77; after in New York city. She resides with her parents in Stamford.
They have :
3765 Mary (Humphrey), b. in Dresden, Saxony, Aug. 11, 1S71.

2766 Henry .Stephen,'' b. in Waterville, Sept. 4, d. Sept. 27, 1852.

2767 Jennie King,' b. in Waterville, Oct. 2, 1S54; m. Rev. John Howard Hincks

[no. 2,786].

2765 Marion Percy,' b. in Waltham, Mass., March 25, 1863 ; m., in Bethany church,

Montpelier, Vt., by her father, assisted by Rev. J. H. Hincks, Sept. 22,
1881, James Henry Pierce, b. April 25, 1S56, son of James Peironne and
Amelia A. (Pease) Pierce of Santa Clara, Cal., and is a real estate broker
in San Jose, Cal. They have :

2769 Edith (Pierce), b, July 18, 1SS3.

2770 Mildred (Pierce), b. March 15, 1885.


Samuel David Thurston ^ {Richard,^ David,^ Richard,'^ Daniel,^
DanieP), brother of the preceding, and son of Richard and Ann
(Bowers) Thurston of Bangor, Me. ; born in Frankfort, now Winter-
port, Me., Feb. 10, 1822 ; married, first. May 24, 1848, in Waterville,
Me., Susan Duncan Pierce, born in Friendsville, Pa., 1832, daugh-
ter of Henry Miller and Susan (Peironnet) Pierce ; she died in Ban-

» For further notice see 1st ed. p. 178.


gor, May, 185 1. Second, June 14, 1852, Jane Maria Sparhawk,
born 18 19, daughter of Noah [died May, 1858] and Maria (Stetson)
[born in Kingston, Mass., 1791, died Dec. 31, 1882] Sparhawk of
Bucksport, Me. Mr. Thurston is treasurer of Bangor savings bank
and Bangor theological seminary.*


2771 George Pierce,' b. March 30, 1849 : "I-j ""> ^^-'^ Francisco, Cal., May 8, 1879

Dora M. Riversmith, da. of W. H. Riversmith of Saco, Me. He went to
San Francisco in 1868, was sec. of mining companies and l^roker ; 1885
pres. Pacific Hardware Co.

2772 Elliot Sparhawk/ b. in Bridgeport, Oct. 10, 1853 ; went to San Francisco in

1874, and is mining engineer; 1885 wholesale dealer in produce in company
with C. A. Stratton, firm name Stratton & Thurston, in San Francisco;
Dec, 1889, went to Sonora, Mexico, as supt. of the Oro Grande Co. Ld.
group of gold mines at Mulatos, .Sonora, Mexico; m., Nov. 9, 1S80, Julia
Adelaide French, da. of Hosea Edson and Julia Adelaide (Curtis) French
of San Francisco.

2773 Samuel Richard,' b. in Bridgeport, Oct. 11, 1855 ; d. Nov. 9, 1856.

2774 Maria Stetson,'!), in Bangor, .Sept. 10, 185S; m., June 25, i8go, Rev. James

ScoUay Williamson, b., i860, in Lerwick, Shetland Lslands, Scotland, son
of Lawrence and Charlotte (Scollay) Williamson; came to this country
1882; grad. from Baiigor Theo. Sem. 1S89, ordained over the -South Con-
gregational church in Augusta, Me., May 15, 1890; sermon by Prof. L. L.
Paine, D.D., of Bangor; ordaining prayer by Prof J. S. .Sevvall, D.D., of
Bangor; charge to the pastor by Prof. Wm. J. Tucker, d.d., of Andover-,
Mass.; right hand by Rev. J. A. Anderson of Monmouth; charge to the
people by Rev. L. H. Hallock of Waterville.


Mary Thurston Blodgei' {Mary T/iu)-stoii,i David,'' Richard,^
Daniel,^ Daniel^), eldest daughter of Bliss and Mary (Thurston)
Blodget of Bucksport, Me.; born there Jan. 9, 1819; married, May
25, 1843, Rev. Enoch Pond, born in Ward, Mass., June 20, 1820,
son of Rev. Enoch Pond, d.d., president of the Bangor theological
seminary. Rev. Enoch Pond jr., prepared for college in the Bangor
classical school, graduated from Bowdoin 1838 ; from Bangor theo-
logical seminary 1842 ; ordained colleague pastor with Rev. Isaac
Braman, in Georgetown, Mass., Dec, 1842. His ministry was earn-
est and faithful; died Dec. 17, 1846. His widow has resided in the
old homestead at Bucksport since the death of her husband.*

Child, born in Georgetown.
2775 Mary Bliss (Pond), b. Oct., 1844; d. in Bucksport, Oct. 22, 1S69.


Sarah Ann Blodget {Mary Thurston,'^ David,'- Richard,'^ Dan-
iel,^ Daniel'^), sister of the preceding, and daughter of Dea. Bliss and
Mary (Thurston) Blodget of Bucksport, Me. ; born there Aug. 24,
1820; married, Aug. 23, 1839, John Winslow Hincks, born in
North Bucksport, Aug, 23, 1817, son of Jesse Young and Ruth
Payne (Rich) Hincks. He was a merchant ; for some time before

* For further mention of him and Mr. Sparhawk see 1st cd. p. 179.

* For further account see 1st ed. pp. 179, 180.


and after marriage was connected with his father-in-law, Dea. Bliss
Blodget, in the general business of a country store, ship stores and
ship building. In 1852 in lumber business in Bridgeport, Conn. ;
subsequently with his son William B. in the nursery business. Mrs.
Hincks was a very spiritually minded christian lady; her friends
trusted in her, and "her children arise up and call her blessed."
She died July 26, 1864 ; he died Feb. 6, 1875.

Children, born in Bucksport.

2776 William Bliss (Hincks), b. Sept. 8,1841; m., Sept. 11, 1866, Mary Louise
Hart, b. Feb. 20, 1843, ^3.. of Dea. Baldwin and Charlotte J. (Welles) Hart
of Madison, Conn. Mr. Hincks fitted for college, but after passing exami-
nation went into the army against the rebellion, and was both private and
commissioned otificer in the 14th Conn, reg., taking part in most of the bat-
tles of the army of the Potomac, leaving the army with the commission of
major. In 1878 the degree of A.M. was conferred upon him by Yale ; treas.
of the Bridgeport Gas Light Company from 1S73 ^'^ ^^^31 May, 1883,
elected sec. and treas. of City savings bank of Bridgeport, Conn. ; deacon
and scribe in the Congregational church. She d. suddenly at Coronado
Beach, Cal., Oct. 24, 1S90. They had:

2777 Edward Baldwin (Hincks), b. Jan. 4, 1869; d. at McAboy, N. C, Dec. 19,


2778 William Thurston (Hincks), b. Jan. 22, 1870; grad. from Yale 1891.

2779 Robert Stanley (Hincks), b. April 28, 1875.

2780 Edward Young (Hincks), b. Aug. 13, 1844; m. 1st, April 19, 1877, Eliza-
beth Champlin Perry, da. of Oliver Hazard and Anne (Randolph) Perry of
Andover, Mass. She d. Nov. 25, 1882; 2d, July 20, 1887, in Kennebunk-
port, Me., Elizabeth Tyler Clalk, da. of Charles Peter and Caroline (Ty-
ler) Clark of Newton, Mass. Mr. Hincks grad. from Yale 1866; from
Andover, 1870; ord. over the State St. Cong, church in Portland, Me.,
Oct. 18, 1870; resigned April, 1S81 ; spent about a year in Europe with
his wife and da.; Nov., 1S82, he was elected to the Smith professorship
of Biblical theology in Andover theological seminary.* Children :

2781 Annie Perry (Hincks), b. Feb. 7, 1879.

2782 Sarah (Hincks), b. May 26, 1888.
2782^ Carrol Clark (Hincks), b. Nov. 30, 1889.

2783 Enoch Pond (Hincks), b. Dec. 22, 1846; m., Oct. 5, 1869, Cornelia Emmarine
Hart, sister of his eldest brother's wife. He is one of the firm of Hincks
& Johnson, carriage mnfrs. in Bridgeport; is a member and treas. of the
1st Cong, church. They have:

2784 Annie Hart (Plincks), b. May 22, 1872.

2785 Henry Winslow (Hincks), b. Dec. 13, 1875.
2785a! Cornelia Baldwin (Hincks), b. March 12, 1882.

2786 John Howard (Hincks), b. March 19,1849; m., April 4, 1878, Jennie King
Thurston [no. 2,767]. He grad. from Phillips academy, Andover, giving
the valedictory, 1S68; from Yale, 1872, and from Yale theo. sem., 1876;
won the " DeForest Prize"; ordained pastor of the Cong, church, Mont-
pelier, Vt., .Sept. 27, 1877. Rev. Mr. Hincks has a philosophical and inde-
pendent mind ; he calls no man master, but follows Christ, and his minis-
try has made its impression on the community; resigned July i, 1S88, and
moved to .Stamford, Conn., to be with his father-in-law during his illness ;
1S90 dean of Atlanta university, Atlanta, Ga.* They have :

2787 Percy Thurston (Hincks), b. Feb. 17, 1879.

2788 Alfred Winslow (Hincks), b. Sept. 5, 1880.

2789 Margaret (Hincks), b. March 20, 1883.

2790 Florence Thurston (Hincks), b. March 20, 1885.

2791 Henry Correll (Hincks), b. Feb. 18, 1S87 ; d. Dec. 11, t888.
2792 Jane Isabel (Hincks), b. in Bridgeport, Jan. 6, 1856.

*r'or further notes of interest see 1st ed. pp. 180, 181.



Elizabeth Blodget {Mary Thurston,^ David,^ Richard,^ Daniel,^
Daniel^), sister of the preceding, and third daughter of Dea. Bliss
and Mary (Thurston) Blodget of Bucksport, Me. ; born there Nov.

12, 1822 ; married, Feb. 9, 1851, Rev. John Parker Skeele, born
Oct. II, 182 1, son of John and Charlotte (Fisher) Skeele of Kenne-
bunk. Me. He graduated from Bowdoin in 1845 ; from Bangor in
1850 ; ordained over the Congregational church in Hallowell, Me.,
Oct. 9, 1850; dismissed Dec. 23, 1857, and went south to regain his
health. He was pastor of the Congregational church in Wilbraham,

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