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Grant, b. in Windsor, Broome county, N. Y., P"eb. 21, 1816, son of Joshua
and Thalia Grant. He d. and she m. 2d, 1857, George Davis Grant, of
Salt Lake City, brother of her first husband ; he d. March 27, 1864. -"^he
was again m. to John Frederick Snedaker, b. in Pennsylvania, a farmer in
Big Cottonwood, Utah.t Children :

3294 George Smith (Grant), b. April 27, 1855; grad. from the university of

Deseret. He was a farmer in West Jordan, Utah, an elder in the .Mor-
mon church; 1880 a merchant in Oakley, Idaho, a very successful
business man; m. 1st, Jan. i, 1877, Louisa Matilda Morgan, b. in Salt
Lake City, Nov. 16, 1857, da. of Edward and Louisa Alorgan of Big
Cottonwood; she d. Aug. 26, 1877; m. 2d, in Oakley, Jan. 29, 1S83,
Alvaretta Jane Tollman, b. in Tooele, Utah, Nov. 18, i860, da. of
Cyrus and Alice (Bracken) Tollman of Marion, Idaho. Mr. Grant
came to his death Jan. 13, 1885, by the accidental discharge of his gun,
at the close of a day's rabbit shooting with a party of friends. He was
much respected by his fellow citizens. They had : Alvaretta Matilda
(Grant), b. in Oakley, Nov. 18, 1883; Georgia Stella (Grant), b. May 7,
1885, in Marion, Idaho, where Mrs. Grant resides.

3295 Sarah Helen (Grant), b. in Bountiful, Davis countv, Utah, Oct. 27, 1859;

d. Oct. 6, i860.

3296 Charles Alma (Snedaker), b. Jan. 10, 1865; d. Dec. 19, 1869.

3297 Rosetta Alice (Snedaker), b April 26, 1S66; d. Oct. 11, 1867.
329S Lauria Elizabeth (Snedaker), b. July 5, d. Sept. 20, 1868.

3299 Minnie Janett (Snedaker), b. Nov. 13, 1870; d. May 25, 1871.

3300 Rosalia Vilate (Snedaker), b. Oct. 22, 1873.

3301 Willard Jefferson (Snedaker), I twins, born ) d. Sept. 30, 1S78.

3302 Jedediah Lewy (Snedaker), f Nov. 4, 1876; (

3303 Hannah Maria," b. May 18, 1037 ; d. Oct. 3, 183S.

3304 Reuben Johnson,' b. Oct. 9, 1839; d. at Salt Lake City, Sept. 22, 1858.

3305 Julia Rosetta," b. Nov. 21, 1841 ; m. ist, in Salt Lake City, Jan. 15, 1856, Jo-

seph Bates Noble, b. in New York state, 1809, a farmer in Bountiful, mem-
ber of the Mormon church; divorced for ill treatment. May, 1S64; 2d,
Feb. I, 1865, Jacob Arthur, b. in Ireland, a sawyer in Hardscrabl)le Kan-
yon, Utah; he d. ; 3d, Samuel Cowan, and moved to Montana. Children:

* For full history of his eventful life see Ist ed. pp. 451-^3-
t For further particulars see 1st ed. p. 453.


3306 Rozetta Josephene (Noble), b. in Salt Lake City, March 13,1857; m.,

Nov. 15, 1875, William Joseph Spendlove, a farmer in Littleton, Utah,
member of the Mormon church, b. Uec. 17, 1853, son of Joseph and
Harriet (Paine) Spendlove of Sutterworth, Eng., since residents of
Bountiful. Children : Mary Josephene (Spendlove), b. Aug. 5, 1877 !
d. Dec. 18, 1S81. William Orson (Spendlove), b. Feb. 15, 1879. Clara
Rosalia (Spendlove), b. Sept. 11, 1880; d. Jan. 15, 18S2. Julia Rosetta
(Spendlove), b. Oct. 16, 1882. Eliza (Spendlove), b. Oct. 12, 1884.
Harriet' (Spendlove), b. July 26, 1886. Elizabeth (Spendlove), b. Sept.
II, 1888.

3307 Harriet (Noble), b. in Salt Lake City, Feb. 10, i860; m., in Salt Lake

City, July 6, 1874, Andrew Jackson Walton, b. May 12,1835, son of
Arthur and Martha (Walton) Walton of Mexico, Me., a machinist in
Ogden City, Utah, an ordained elder in the Mormon church. Arthur
Walton went with his family to LTtah in 1851, and with his son Andrew
J. constructed the first threshing machine made in Utah. He was
born June i, 1802, and died in Logan City, June 9, 1878; his wife was
born in Canada 1802 and died 1853.
330S Sarah Maria (Noble), b. in Milton, Morgan county. May 6, 1862; m. ist,
in Park City, Utah, Dec. 25, 1876, Edward Mull, b. in Ohio, a miner in
Park City; has been a soldier in the United States army; intemperate
and abusive. She was a Mormon; 2d, in Ogden City, Utah, Oct. 15,
1S84, Elijah Willett Littlefield, a farmer and beer brewer in Morgan,
Utah, b. in Portsmouth, Eng., May 10, 1S56, son of William David and
Ann (Toomer) Littlefield of Morgan. She was drowned. Had:
Franklin (Mull), b. Oct. 30, d. Oct. 31, 1877. Josephine (Mull), b. Oct.
I, 1S79. Elijah Willett (Littlefield), b. July 4, 1885. David William
(Littlefield), b. Feb. 4, '1886. Joseph Henry (Littlefield), b. May 28,

3309 Charles (Noble), b. in Bountiful, April 20, 1864; d. July 27, 1877.

3310 Elizabeth (Arthurs), b. Feb. 2, 1867; d. June 22, 187c.

331 1 Henry (Arthurs), b. Dec. 9, 1869.

3312 James Edward (Arthurs), b. Feb. 22, 1872.

3313 Lizzie Helen (Arthurs), b. in Salt Lake City, May 20, 1874.

3314 Thomas (Arthurs), b. in Park City, Aug. 20, 1876.

3315 Peter Franklin (Arthurs), b. in Milton, April 15, d. April 27, 1878.

3316 William and Ida (Cowan), both d. young.

3317 Caroline Rozalia,' b. Jan. 3, 1843; m., in Salt Lake City, Oct. 15, 1864, John
James P'ry, b. Aug. 7, 1S38, son of John James and Ann (Toomer) Fry of
Portsmouth, Eng , a brewer in Ogden City, Weber county, Utah, an or-
dained elder in the Mormon church. Chiklren, b. in Salt Lake City:

3318 Caroline Rozalia (Fry), b. Aug. i, 1865; d. Oct. 21, 1866.

3319 John James (Fry), b. Jan. 10, 1867.

3320 Rozetta Ann (Fry), b. Oct. 12, 1868; d. Sept. 27, 1869.

3321 Sarah Jane (Fry), b. June 10, 1870.

3322 Mary Cordelia (Fry), b. in Ogden City, Feb. 18, 1872; d. Oct. 21, 1875.

3323 Fanny Josephene (Fry), b. Sept. 15, 1873.

3324 William Alonzo (Fry), b. July 10, 1875.

3325 Clara (Fry), b. Aug. 20, 1S77.

3326 Daughter, b. Oct. 5, 1879; d. Feb. 14, 1880.

3327 Huldah Cordelia," b. in Van Buren county, la., June i, 1846; m., in Salt
Lake City, Utah, April 15, 1865, Willard Gilbert Smith, b. in Amherst, O.,
May 9, 1827, son of Warren and Amanda (Barrs) Smith, a farmer in Lit-
tleton, Utah; probate judge and president of Morgan stake of Zion, in
the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. His father was killed
by a mob in the Hanns Mill massacre, Missouri. Children:

3328 Cordelia Rozetta (Smith), b. Sept. 11, 1866.

3329 Amanda Caroline (Smith), b. April 3, 1868.

3330 Willard Cilbert (Smith), b. Sept. 8, 1870.

3331 David Franklin (Smith), b. July 29, 1872.

3332 Deseretta (Smith), b. April 13, 1874; d. June 26, 1880.

3333 Georgianna (Smith), b. May 5, 1876.

3334 Sarah (Smith), b. Jan. 25, 1878; d. July 4, 1880.

3335 Eliza Ruth (Smith), b. Jan. lo, d. March 18, 1880.


3336 Alberta Moiressa (Smith), b. May 18, 1881.

3337 Zina Estelle (Smith), b. April 19, 1884.

3338 Fannie Frances (Smith), b. June 15, 1886.

3339 Gertrude Ortensia (Smith), h. Sept. 2, 1888.

3340 Thomas Jefferson,'^ b. in Salt Lake City, Dec. 13, 1848; was shot without

provocation by John Olson, in Morgan county, Aug. 20, 1870.

3341 Peter Franklin,'^ b. in Salt Lake City, June 24, 1851, a farmer in Milton, Mor-

gan county, an ordained elder in the Mormon church; m., Oct. 3, 1871,
Mary Ann Spendlove, b. Oct. 22, 1855, da. of Joseph and Harriet (Paine)
Spendlove of Sutterworth, Eng. In 1879 moved to Arizona, taking his
mother with him. Here he worked at sawing lumber and laying brick
and stone. He was killed May 25, 1886, by a party of Apache Indians
who had deserted their reservation, not far from his home as he was haul-
ing wood. The Indians were arrested and sent to Florida. Had :

3342 Harriet,^ b. Sept. 14, 1872.

3343 Rozetta,^ b. July 11, 1874.

3344 Mary Ann,^ b. Dec. 25, 1875.

3345 Joseph Franklin,^ b. in Prattville, Utah, Feb. 23, d. April 14, 1878.

3346 Jefferson Smith,^ b. in Milton, July 13, 1879.

3347 Cordelia,^ b. in Pima, Arizona, Sept. 19, i88t.

3348 Caroline,^ b. in Pima, Dec. 15, 1883.

3349 Josephine,^ b. in Pima, March 26, 18S6.

3350 Rozetta,' b. in Centerville, Oct. 25, 1856.

3351 Elizabeth,' b. March 17, 1858; m., Dec. 25, 1S79, Jedediah Orant Little, a

farmer in Littleton, Utah, b. in Salt Lake City, Jan. 22, 1857, son of Jesse
Carter and Eliza Greenwood (French) Little of Littleton. Children :

3352 Charles Morgan (Little), b. Oct. 5, 1880.

3353 Clara Eliza (Little), b. Dec. 2, 1881.

3354 Nellie Elizabeth (Little), b. Dec. 27, 1882.

3355 Jedediah Ernest (Little), b. Jan. 30, 1885.

3356 Sarah Helen (Little), b. Jan. 29, 18S6.

3357 John,'' b. in Morgansville, Utah, Dec. 14,1859; a farmer and stock raiser,
church, school trustee, and judge of elections in Milton; m., in Littleton,
April 6, 1881, Alice Josephine Little, sister of J. G. above, b. in Salt Lake
City, July 29, 1864. They have:

3358 Alice Eliza,** b. Jan. 25, 1882.

3359 Jesse Frederick,^ b. July 25, 1884; d. April 4, 1885.

3360 John Wallace,'* b. Feb. 20, 1886.

3361 Leo Augustus,^ b. Nov. 23, i888.

3362 Clara,' b. Sept. 17, 1861 ; m., in Milton, Aug. 12, 1884, George Leonard Lit-
tle, b. in Provo, Utah, April 29, 1858, a farmer in Littleton, brother of J.
G. above. They have :

3363 Maud (Little), b. Jan. 19, 1885.

3364 Grace (Little), b. March 29, 1887.

3365 George Leonard (Little), b. Feb. i, 1889.

3366 Mary,' b. July 22, 1863; m., in Milton, June 8, 1889, Andrew Laden, b. in

county Clare, Ireland, a miner in Butte City, Montana.

3367 William Henry,' b. Nov. 15,1865. This boy is quite remarkable for his

memory ; when two years old he could talk very plainly, and was much in-
terested in a primer having pictures of four birds in it, and under each
bird three stanzas of poetiy. He brought this primer to his father, and
asked him to read the poetry to him, which he did, and at the boy's re-
quest read it over to him several times, when the youngster took the book
and went away. The next day he repeated the whole twelve stanzas to his
mother, and then to his father, correctly.

3368 Frederick,' b. Sept. 29, 1867.

3369 Jedediah Morgan,' b. Sept. i, 1869.

3370 Edward,' b. Aug. 12, d. Aug. 23, 1S71.

3371 Leah Helen,' b. Sept. 6, 1872.

3372 Rebecca,' b. Aug. 7, 1875.

3373 LeRoy,' b. June 7, 1877.

3374 Harris,' b. May 7. 1879.



Reube.v Harris Thurston^ {Peter,'^ Moses,* Abner,^ yames,^ Dan-
iel^), brother of the preceding, and son of Peter and Hannah
(Wheeler) Thurston of Fletcher, Vt. ; born there Dec. ii, 1806; mar-*
ried, in Granville, Licking county, Ohio, March 15, 1827, Mary
Morse Brooks, born June 12, 1803, daughter of Nathan and Sarah
(Morse) Brooks of Underbill, Chittenden county, Vt. He was a
farmer in Garden City, Minn. In religion a free thinker ; died April
13, 1880; she died May 11, 1876.*


337 :^4-I'viii Harris/ b. Jan. 11, 1828; m. 1st, Fredonia Case; 2d, Lydia Ellen
Dunham ; 3d, Mary Frances Gerry.

3376 Sarah Hannah,'' twin, b. in Granville, April 26, 1829; m., April 25, 1847,
Henry Clinton Covvgill, b. March 27, 1823, son of George and Eliza (Dun-
ham) Cowgill of Delaware county, O., a farmer and stock dealer in Albion,
la.; justice of the peace. Mrs. Covvgill says : " So far as I know, there
never has been a drunkard among my own or husband s relations, and in
my own family there are none who use tobacco. Our labors have secured
a moderate competency; the prophet's prayer has been answered to us,
' (iive me neither poverty nor riches.' " They have :

3377 George Thurston (Cowgill), b. Oct. 28, 1848; county supt. of schools;

1889 a farmer in Beaman, la.; m., Jan. 11, 1874, Eena Post, b. near
Mansfield, Ohio, Nov. 9, 1846. They have : Rovernie Gladdys (Cow-
gill), b. Nov. II, 1S76; Orta Idessa (Cowgill), b. Aug. 13, 1881.

3378 Henry Ernest (Cowgill), b. Dec. 2, 1851 ; d. Oct. 16, 1874.

3379 Frank Brooks (Cowgill), b. June 2, 1S56; grad. from Iowa State univer-

sity 1879, valedictorian ; joined the Minnesota conference, and has a
charge, 1889, in Northfield, Minn ; m., Oct. 17, 1882, Lillian Hall of
Plainview, Minn., b. Aug. 6, 1858, and have Charles, Nina and Arthur
3';So Rosa (Cowgill), b. Feb. 28, 1858; in Iowa State university, class of 1881 ;
m., June 4, 18S1, Charles Wesley Post, an artist in St. Paul, Minn., b.
in Ohio, Feb. 22, 1857. They have Ethel, Frank and May (Post).
3381 Nellie May (Cowgill), b. July 6, 1863; m., Dec. 22, 1S86, Forest Evans
Smith, a farmer in Grundy, la., b. March 26, 1S55. They have Kate
(Smith), b. 1889; Harry Omar (Smith), b. Nov. 25, 1S90.
3382 Mary Eliza," twin, b. April 26, 1829; m. ist. Dr. George S. Eaton of Dela-
ware, O. ; divorced 1862; 2d, Florentine Everett Snow of St. Paul, Minn.,
formerly of Boston, Mass. The names of her children by first husband
were changed by act of the legislature to Snow. She is a strong, active
and cheerful lady of merit ; good singer. Children:

3353 Son, d. aged one year.

3354 Lilla (Snow), m. William Kindred of Fargo, Cass county, Dakota.

3355 Rose (Snow), m. Robert Harrison of St. Louis, Mo.

3386 Georgianna (Snow), m. George Allen of -St. Paul.

3387 Stella (Snow), n.m.

3388 Rose Lucia," b. in Granville, April 29, 1831 ; m., at Delaware, O., Sept. 25,
1852, Brig.-Gen. James Heaton Baker, b. in Monroe, O., May 6, 1829, son
of Henry and Mary (Heaton) Baker. He was sec. of state in Ohio and
also in Minnesota, commissioner of pensions under Pres. Grant, register
of consolidated land office at Boonville, Mo., surveyor-general of Minne-
sota, and brig.-gen. in the war against the rebellion ; railroad com. five
years in Minnesota ; retired from business and resides at his farm in Rap-
idan, Minn. His wife d. March 20, 1873, ^"

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