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cilla (Royal) Thurston of Peru, Me. ; born in Monmouth, Me., April
17, 1816; married, July 28, 1844, Elizabeth F. McClench, born
Dec. 22, 1816, daughter of John and Sarah McClench of Fayette,
Me. He died April 9, 1851.

Mr. Thurston was with his father in Peru on the farm till seven-
teen years of age, when an injury changed his plans for life. He fit-
ted for college at the Maine Wesleyan seminary, Readfield, Me. ; en-
tered Dartmouth college in the freshman class, and in 1840 left there
and entered Bowdoin as a sophomore, and graduated in 1843. He
read law with Hon. Robert P. Dunlap of Brunswick, Me., and prac
ticed there till 1845, when he went to Burlington, then the territory
of Iowa, and practiced law and edited the Gazette, a leading demo-
cratic paper. The climate did not agree with him, and March 24,
1847, having bought a team of five yokes of oxen, two cows, and a
horse, took his wife, and child three months old in a wagon, and
with goad in hand drove that team two thousand, four hundred miles,


arriving in Oregon City, in the valley of the Willamette river, Ore-
gon, Sept. 13, 1847. At this time the U. S. mail was received but
once a year, and two merchant ships came once a year from Boston,
and the vessels of the Hudson Bay Company were the only means
by which letters could be sent, or passage had. With the advent of
territorial jurisdiction came a monthly line of steamers in 1850.
He practiced law, was elected to the legislature 1848; elected the
first representative to congress from the territory of Oregon, 1849.
On the 6th of August he started for Washington, D. C, in a boat
propelled by Indians on the Columbia river, and arrived in San
Francisco on the i8th; left San Francisco, Oct. ist, Panama, 25th,
and Chagres, 29th, in the steamship Empire City, bound to New
York, where he arrived Nov. 13. He paid a flying visit to his rela-
tives in Maine, and arrived in Washington on the last day of No-
vember. His course in congress was marked by fidelity to his
adopted state and the country and with honor to himself. He was a
democrat in politics, but in his letters home he writes, " It was a
time of sectional strife, and I saw at once that I must unite and
combine strength from all. I therefore shut up the book of partisan
politics and opened one in which the whig and the democrat, the
freesoiler, the northern man and the southern man, could read in
harmony. Pursuing this course, I may say, and I trust it will not be
immodest in me, I have the respect and confidence of all parties in
Congress. And when my measures came to the test I had the pleas-
ure of witnessing, practically, the success of the policy my judgment
had dictated. My political notions are well understood ; they have
been cherished from my boyhood, and I am ready to defend them on
all proper occasions. I shall ever take good care not to obtrude them
on persons or bodies to the detriment of those measures I am seeking
for Oregon. ... I say it to you, and I shall say it aloud, if need be,
I make no compromise with any man who desires Oregon to become
a slave country. Dear as my reputation, enticing as are the allure-
ments of popular favor, and as closely as Oregon is allied to me, I
would lose all, forsake all, abandon all, before I would compromise
with slavery in Oregon. Nail this flag to the masthead, and let it be
lowered only with the shivering of the mast."

Pie died April 9, 185 1, on board the steamer California, on his
way home, and was buried in Acapulco, Mexico. Yet he died not
alone or unattended ; he had in his charge a company of young
women, teachers whom Gov. Slade of Vermont was sending to Ore-
gon, who now became his tender nurses, and when they had closed
his eyes forever, treasured up every word that could be of interest to
his bereaved wife and friends. The legislature of Oregon in 1853
voted to remove his remains from foreign soil, and they were depos-
ited in the cemetery in Salem, Ore., and in 1856 a monument was
erected by the same authority on the eastern face of which is in-
scribed "Thurston — erected by the people of Oregon."

He was in all relations ambitious, resolute and determined, fond of
debate and vigorous in defense of his points. His 4th of July ad-
dress of 1849 ^vill be long remembered by those who heard it. He
was kind to his friends and magnanimous to all ; a sincere christian.


humble and earnest in the prayer-meeting as he was bold and defiant
in debate. He made his way by hard and faithful work, attained
success, and left an honored memory.

His widow married, Oct. 16, 1855, Hon. WilHam Holman Odell,
born Dec. 25, 1830, son of John and Sarah (Holman) Odell of Car-
roll Co., Ind., who was one of the presidential electors of 1876,
from Salem, Oregon. She died March 31, 1890.


35664-George Henry.^b. in Burlington, la., Dec. 2, 1846; m. Marietta Henderson.

3567 Elizabeth Blandina,^ b. in Linn City, Oregon, May i, 1849; m., in Eugene
City, Ore., Nov. 13, 1S67, Alfred Wilson Stowell, a trader in Eugene City,
b. in Carroll Co., Ind., Feb. 26, 1841, son of John Stowell, b. in Knox Co.,
Tenn., July 7, 1797, m., March 18, 1S21, d. March 17, 1882, and Margaret
Armstrong, b. in Knox Co., Oct. 16, 1802, now living in Eugene Citv. Chil. :

3568 Walter Thurston (Stowell), b. March 21, 1872.

3569 Blandina Elizabeth (Stowell), b. Sept. 5, 1880.

3570 Margaret Gertrude (Stowell)

3571 Alfred Curtis (Stowell)


Trueworthy Thurston^ {Trueworthy,'= Caleb,-^ Abner,^ James*
Daniel^), brother of the preceding, and son of Trueworthy and Pris-
cilla (Royal) Thurston of Peru, Me. ; born in Monmouth, Me., April
15, 1819; married, March 4, 1846, Rachel Fisher Welch, born
Sept. 3, 1823, daughter of Robert and Lois (Titus) Welch of Mon-
mouth. He is a farmer in Rumford, Me.

Children, born in Peru.

3572 Samuel Royal," b. July 2, 1S47 ; m. ist, Jan. 2, 1871, Carrie A Whitmarsh
of Boston, Mass., b. Oct., 1S44; he is trav. salesman for a safe and lock
company of Chicago, 111. ; she d. March 8, 1883 ; 2d, June 23, 1886, Emma
Ellis. They have :
3573 Samuel Royal,^ b. March 12, 1875.

3574 William Henry," b. Dec. 12, 1848; m., July 23, 1871, Salome F. Glover of
Rumford, b. June 16, 1846, where is a farmer ; lost his right hand in a
hay cutter Nov. 12, 1865. They had:

3575 Willie Howard,^ b. Feb. 7, 1872; d. Dec. 28, 1874.

3576 Ethel May,^ b. Nov. 23, 1875.

3577 George Henry,^ b. Jan. 30, 1878.

3578 Maora Rachel,^ b. Oct. 9, 1882.

3579 Anthony Glover,^ b. June 29, 1887.

3580 Granville True,7 b. Oct. 13, 1850; m., Dec. 4, 1875, Ada E. Lufkin, b. April
23, 18515, of Rumford, where he is a farmer. They have:

3581 Carl Granville,^ b. June 23, 1877.

3582 Nettie Lena,^ b. June 25, 1882.

3583 Herman Lamont,* b. Dec. 19, 1885.

3584 Robert Lamont," b. Feb. 28, 1852; m., April 13, 1S79, Anna O'Conner of

Chicago, 111., b. in Ireland, May 6, 1S53; is teaming in Chicago.

3585 Lydia May," b. May 24, 1854; m., July 17, 1875, John E. Goggin of Lewis-

ton, Me., b. in Lawrence, Mass., June 24, 1849; ^^ i^ a blacksmith in Liv-
ermore, Me. They have :

3586 Bertha Lois (Goggin), b. May 8, 1877.

3587 Everett Lamont (Goggin), b. April 26, 1879.

3588 Clarence True (Goggin), b. April 23, 1883.

3589 Lizzie Odell," b. Jan. i, 1857 ; m., in Waltham, Mass., July 9, 1881, Thomas
Henry Burgess, b. Jan. 26, 1S56, a grocer in West Peru, son of Thomas
and Lizzie (Macavoy) Burgess of West Peru, Me. They have :

3590 Henry Leo (Burgess), b. July 31, 18S2.

3591 Merl Foss (Burgess), b. April 12, 1884.


3592 Mark Newell (Burgess), b. Nov. 11, 1SS6.

3593 Nellie May (Burgess), b. Jan. 12, 1SS8.

3594 Daniel Adams,'' b. Dec. 16, 1859; m., by Rev. A. H. Witham, in Newry, Me.,
March 30, 1883, Jennette Jewell Peabody, b. Aug. 27, 1S53, da. of Loammi
Baldwin and Sarah Bragg (Graham) Peabody of Rumford Corner, Me.,
where Mr. Thurston is a blacksmith. They have:
3595 Lena Maud,^ b. May 23, 18S4.

3596 Franklin Marston,' b. Jan. 7, 1S61 ; a farmer in Rumford; n.m.


Henry Thurston^ {Gates,^ Peter, '• Abner,^ ^afnes,^ Danie/'), son
of Gates and Elizabeth (Pollard) Thurston of Lancaster, Mass. ;
born there Aug. 19, 1792 ; married, July 17, 1815, Aurelia Warren,
born in Amenia, Dutchess county, N. Y., April 12, 1794. Her father,
James Warren, purchased a large tract of land near Lake George, N.
Y., and removed to it in 1804. He died in early life, and his friends,
in respect to him, gave the name of Warrensburg to the place of his
residence and of Warren to the county. Mr. Thurston was a noted
hotel keeper, commencing at the Warren House in Warrensburg at
the time of his marriage. From there he went to the Lake House,
Lake George, then to Glen Falls; Waterford; Troy; and in 1831 took
the Merchants Hotel, 108 and no Broad St., New York city, N. Y,,
the second largest house in the city at that time, which he kept till
1834, when he moved to Lancaster, Mass., and in December, 1837,
he opened the Rockford House, in Rockford, 111., the first hotel
erected in Winnebago county. He was in the battle of Plattsburg
in 18 13, and after was captain of a rifle company in Warren county,
N. Y. An ardent democrat, he was one of the committee from the
first ward in New York to receive President Jackson in 1832. He
died at Lancaster, while on a visit there, Sept. 30, 1842 ; his widow
died at Troy, N. Y., Jan. 26, 1847.


3597 Sarah Maria," b. at Warrensburg, May 2, 1818; m., at Harlem, July 6, 1840,
Henry George Raleigh Dearborn, b. in Salem, Mass., June 22, 1809, eldest
son of Gen. H. A. S. Dearborn of Roxbury, Mass. He was a civil en-
gineer, residing in Boston, Roxbury district, Mass., d. Nov. 21, 1884. Had :

3598 Henry (Dearborn), b. Oct. 12, 1841 ; d. Sept. 5, 1842.

3599 Sarah Ellen (Dearborn), b. March 2, 1S47.

3600 Elizabeth Melinda," b. at Lake George, Feb. 16, i82t; m., June 28, 1855,
Stephen Clary, b. in Montgomery county, N. Y., Sept. 25, 1814; she d.
April 20, 1879; hs is a prominent com. mer. in Chicago; at one time pres.
of the Board of Trade ; no children.
36or-|-John Henry," b. at Glenns Falls, N. Y., March 8, 1S24; m. Mary Ann Barrett.
3602 William Peirce," b. at Troy, N. Y., Sept. 19, 1828; an accountant in Boston,
Mass.; m., Jan. 21, 1857, Elizabeth Harris Hooper, b. Nov. 12, 1832, da.
of Henry Northey [b. in Manchester, Mass., July 16, 1799] and Priscilla
Langdon (Harris) [b. in Boston, Dec. 9, 1804] Hooper of Boston. He d.
Aug. 15, 1872; his widow resided in Beverly, and 18S9 in Shelburne Falls,
Mass. They had :
3603 Marguerite Aurelia,^ b. in Roxbury, Mass., Feb. 10, 1859; m., in Chi-
cago, 111., July 9, 18S3, Charles Russell Hinckley, b. in Woburn, Mass.,
Nov. 29, 1S49, a land, cattle and grain dealer in Walnut, la., from 1870
to 1884, when he went to Sacramento, Cal. ; since to Centralia, Wash.
His father built the town of Walnut, and he, with his father, owned
the bank there. Children: Frances Marguerite (Hinckley), b. May
25, 1885; Thurston Russell (Hinckley), b. Feb. 17, 1889.
3604 Agnes Greenwood,* b. March 4, i860; lives with her mother; n.m.



John Gates Thurston'' {Gates,'^ Peter,'' Abner,^ James,^ Daniel^),
brother of the preceding, and son of Gates and EHzabeth (Pollard)
Thurston of South Lancaster, Mass.; born there March 18, 1794;
married, June 5, 1828, Harriet Patrick Lee, born Nov. 5, 1805,
daughter of Seth and Anna (Patrick) Lee, a lawyer of Barre, Mass.
He became insane and died March 27, 1873 ; she died March 6, 1878.

Mr. Thurston spent nearly all his life in his native town, tho he had
traveled extensively in the United States, and visited Europe in 1869.
He was in Italy during Louis Napoleon's Franco-Austrian campaign,
and visited the battle-field of Magenta shortly after the battle ; after
which he accompanied a portion of the French army to Milan, the
soldiers treating him and his companion (Edward A. Raymond of
Boston) with great courtesy, and carrying their valises for them. He
was so exhausted by the tramp that Raymond said he slept forty
hours. He held many positions of public trust and responsibility ;
was an "old line whig " and an earnest politician; sat many terms
in the legislature (both houses); was town clerk for fifteen consecu-
tive years ; bank director for many years. He was in mercantile life
for more than forty years, having the largest store in the county.
They celebrated their silver wedding in 1853, at the same time as the
celebration of the bi-centennial anniversary of the incorporation of
the town of Lancaster.


3605 Harriet Elizabeth,'' b. March 31, 1829; m., Dec. 29, 1854, Harry Peck, b. in
Newtown, Conn., Oct., 1818, a teacher in Greenwich, Conn. He d. 1887.
They had:
3606 Harry Thurston (Peck), b. Nov. 24, 1856; grad. from Columbia college
1881, and was elected professor of Latin in the same college, Nov., 1888.
3607 -(-George Lee,^ b. Jan. 16, 183 [ ; m. Mary Baldwin Whitney.
3608 Josephene,^ b. Sept. 9, d. Oct. 15, 1832.
3609-f- Francis Henry,^ b. Dec. 21, 1833; m. Elizabeth Amelia Crandall.


William Thurston^ {Gafes,'^ Peter,-^ Abner,^ jFames,^ Daniel^'),
brother of the preceding, and son of Gates and Elizabeth (Pollard),
Thurston of South Lancaster, Mass.; born there March 6, 1798;
married, first, June 9, 1824, Sabra Houghton of Bolton, Mass. ;
second, Mary Moffat of Vanderburg county, Ind. ; third, Mrs.
Sarah Carpenter of Princeton, Ind. ; fourth, Jane L. Thomas of
Luzerne county. Pa. ; fifth, Mrs. Isabel M. Bannan of Luzerne
county. Mr. Thurston lived in Lancaster, Mass., in 1834, moved to
Scott township, Vanderburg county, Ind. ; built and kept a hotel on
the state road from Evansville to Vincennes, and owned a large
farm ; died in Monticello, Ind., Dec. 2, 1862.


3610 Mary Greenleaf,^ b. Nov. 19,1824; m., June 15, 1844, Moses Barnes, whose

uncle was a merchant in Evansville, Ind., from whom he received a large

property. They had :

3611 Sabra Elizabeth (Barnes), b. June 29, 1S45; m., Nov. 2,1862, P'rank

Green, in Inglefield, Ind.; d. Jan. 24, 1872. They had: Moses

(Green), b. Dec. 29, 1S64. Lottie M. (Green), b. Sept., ' 1866. Frank

H. (Green), b. Nov. 2, 1S71 ; d. July 8, 1872.


3612 Sarah Isabel (Barnes), b. June 7, 1S47 ; m., March 27, 1864, John Barton.

They had: William J. (Barton), b. Dec. 29, 1S64. Ranie E. (Barton),
b. Aug. 2, 1S68. Sabra A. (Barton), b. Sept. 9, 1872. Herbert A. (Bar-
ton), b. Apr. 15, 1874. Ira M. and Ida M. (Barton), twins, b. Apr. 5, 1876.

3613 William Edwin (Barnes), b. Dec. 27, 1S49.

3614 Clara Susanna (Barnes), b. Oct. 13, 1852; m., Oct. 26, 1S71, John Wheeler.

They had: Mary A. (Wheeler), b. March 26, 1873. Lucy B. (Wheel-
er), b. Sept. 4, 1874; d. Feb. 14, 1875. Frank H. (Wheeler), b. Aug.
20, 1878.

3615 Herbert Brinsley (Barnes), b. June 20, 1854; m., Oct. 16, 1877, Alice M.


3616 Mary Ellen (Barnes), b. Jan. 29, 1856.

3617 Eunice Jane (Barnes), b. May 4, 1858.

3618 Charles Rufus (Barnes), b. April 18, 1S61.

3619 Ruth Christina (Barnes), b. June 30, 1863.

3620 Louis M. (Barnes), b. Sept. 14, 1869.

3621 Eliza Blackman,' b. Sept. 10, 1S25; d. May 13, 1828.

3622 William Gates,' b. May 19, d. May 23, 1830.

3623 John Henry,'' b. July, 1S53; m. 1874, and had Eva.^

3624 Emma,'' b. Feb. i, 1855; m., June 13, 1872, Charles SchmoU, a grocer in

Princeton, Ind., b. July 13, 1848. They had:

3625 Lizzie May (Schmoll), b. May 24, 1S73.

3626 Anna Ruth (Schmoll), b. July iS, 1875.

3627 Augustus Lewis (Schmoll), b. May 10, 1S78.

3628 Grace (Schmoll), b. April 11, 1880; d. Aug. 13, 1881.

3629 Agnes (Schmoll), b. March 26, 1882.

3630 Grover Cleveland (Schmoll), b. Nov. 4, 1S84.

3631 Frances E. (Schmoll), b. Dec. 30, 18S6.

3632 Maud (Schmoll), b. Aug. 15, 1SS9.


Wilder Stoddard Thurston^ {Gafes,'^ Peter,'' Abner,^ jfaiiies,^
Dafiiel^), brother of the preceding, and son of Gates and Elizabeth
(Pollard), Thurston of South Lancaster, Mass. ; born there Oct. 8,
1806; married, Oct. 27, 1836, Rosanna Millicent (Lawrenxe)
Peirce, born 1817, daughter of Jacob Peirce, a farmer of Woburn,
Mass. She died Dec. 14, 1846; second, Sept. 28, 1848, Caroline
M. Laughton ; she died Nov. 2, 1849 ; third, Sept. 29, 1852, Susan
Dodge of Shirley, Mass., born March 3, 1814. He died Feb. 24,

Mr. Thurston was baptized by the name of Sampson Wilder
Thurston, named for the somewhat noted Sampson Vining Stoddard
Wilder, who was once a resident of Bolton, Mass. The name was
afterward changed to its present form by act of legislature. He was
a wholesale dry goods merchant in Boston from 1825 for fifteen
years; 1840 he returned to Lancaster, opened a country store, which
he carried on till 1857, when he moved to Lynn, Mass., and contin-
ued his mercantile life till 1872, when, having become largely inter-
ested in real estate, he retired from other business. He was a man
of influence in his native place, having been selectman, postmaster,
and justice of the peace. From 1845 to 1855 he took a deep inter-
est in political matters connected with the "American " party. He
was nominated for congress by them, and was a member of their
state and national conventions.




3633 Clara Wilder/ b. in Boston, June 19, 1838; was educated for a teacher, grad-
uating at the State Normal school in Framingham, Mass. ; m., in Lynn,
Oct. 30, 1862, Thomas E. Fry of Bolton. They lived for three years in
Brooklyn, N. Y., and then removed to Chicago, 111., as fire underwriter,
under the firm name of Hammond & Fry. They were completely
stripped of all their household possessions by the great fire of Oct. 8,
9, 1 87 1. They have :
3634 Thomas Wilder (Fry), b. in New York city, Sept. 23, 1863.

3635 Russell Gates, ^ b. in Lancaster, May 29, 1840; d. April 17, 1841.

3636 Louise Millicent,' b. Sept. 19,1842; was asst. in one of the Boston high

schools; since 1887 resides in Winchester, Mass.; n.m.

3637 Ellen Elizabeth,^ b. March 31, 1S45 ; went to Chicago with her sister, Mrs.

Fry, in 1865, and was employed as cashier and cor. sec. in the music store
of Root & Cady; m., in Lynn, Aug. 27, 1868, Myron Leonard of Middle-
town, Vt. ; in Indianapolis, Ind., 1874 to 1876; now confidential clerk in
an agricultural implement store in Chicago. They had :

3638 Frederick Thurston (Leonard), b. June 26, d. Sept. 16, 1869.

3639 Elsa (Leonard), b. Aug. 16, 1872.

3640 Ernest Wilder (Leonard), b. May 3, d. Aug. i, 1874.

3641 Lois Russell (Leonard), b. Nov. 11, d. Dec. 22, 1875.
3641a Walter Clarence (Leonard), b. Aug. 6, d. Oct. 2, 1881.

All three of the daughters have been somewhat given to writing for various pub-
lications, mostly juvenile, and the two older have published some books for chil-
dren. It was an amusing coincidence that the two having written, unknown to each
other, the one in Chicago, the other in Lynn, story books in answer to an offer of
three prizes for suitable Sunday-school books, by the American Unitarian Associa-
tion, two of the prizes fell to them. Their names and residences being different,
the awarders had little suspicion that two prizes went to the same family.


Edward Thurston^ {Moses, ^ Moses, '^ Moses, ^ Stephen,- Daniel^'),
eldest son of Moses and Jane (Spaulding) Thurston of Deerfield,
N. H. ; born there ; married Delia Wallace.


3642-|-Stephen,^ b. March, 1795; i"- Mary Mead.

3643-f- William Wallace,^ b. May 13, 1810; m. Lydia Johnson.


John Spaulding Thurston^ {Moses,^ Moses,'> Moses,''- Stephen,^
Daniel''), brother of the preceding, and son of Moses and Jane
(Spaulding) Thurston of Orange, Vt. ; born in Augusta, Me., Aug.
II, 1780; married Joanna Thurston [no. ], born in Stratham,

N. H., Nov. 10, 1771. Mr. Thurston was a farmer in Orange; he
died 1850; she died Sept. g, 1862, aged 90 years, 11 months.

3644 Sally,'' b. 1799; m. Nathan Knapp of Bradford, Vt. ; she d. Oct. 27, 1S43.
They had :

3645 John B. (Knapp). Orrin C. (Knapp), killed in the battle of Williamsburg.

3646 John,^ b. Oct. I, iSoi ; m., in Plattsburg, N. Y., Dec. 6, 1829, Sally Park-

hurst, b. May 3, 1810, daughter of Reuben and Lydia (Powell) Parkhurst
of Highgate, Vt. ; she d. He is a farmer in Potsdam, N. \ ., where he
went in March, 1830; no children.

3647 Elizabeth,'' b. March 23, 1S03; m. Robert Ford; resided in Corinth, Vt. ; she

d. June, 1878. They had three daughters ; all d.


364S Hiram/ b. April 21, 1805; m., Dec. 8, 1829, Jane Works; he was a carpen-
ter in Canton, N. Y., where he d. May 14, 1833. They had:
3649 Lucy Jane,* m., Nov. 21, 1852, Jonathan Hale Marston, b. March 20,
1S30, son of Jonathan and Phebe (Howe) Marston of Benton, N. H.
He resides in Canton, N. Y., and in May, 1S59, moved to Pleasant
Point, Lawrence Co., Tenn.

3650 f2zekiel,^ b. May 16, 1S08; a ship carpenter; d. in Potsdam, Nov. 17, 1862.

3651 Huldah,'b. in Platsburg, N. Y., Feb. iS, 1813; m. ist, Joseph Colby, a

farmer in Washington, Vt., b. Oct. 1,1807, d. Oct. 5,1862; 2d, Dec. i,
1864, Dea. Benson Aldrich, a farmer in East Orange, Vt., b. Oct. 14, 1799,
d. I\Iay 3. 1866; she d. Nov. i, 1877. •'^he had:

3652 Hiram Thurston (Colby), b. Nov. 24, 1832 ; a farmer in Sierra Valley,

Cal.; m., Dec. 24, 1856, Elvira Maria Hodge, b. Nov. 2, 1S34, and had:
(i) Elvie Angelia (Colby), b. in Potsdam, N. Y., Sept. 20, 1857 ; m., June
20, 18S0, John McKenzie, a farmer in Mohawk, Cal., b. at Lousine
Brook, Restigonche Co., N. B., June 2, 1852, and have Alexander B.
(McKenzie), b. in Mohawk, May 4, 1881 ; Hiram W. (McKenzie), b.
June 19, 1883, d. Aug. 11, 1888; Alma Mabel (McKenzie), b. in Sierra
Valley, Feb. 5, 1885; Leslie (McKenzie), b. in Mohawk, Sept. 21, 1886;
John (McKenzie), b. Aug. 23,1888; Elvie Louise (McKenzie), b. May
20, 1890. (2) Leland Avery (Colby), b. in Pine Grove, Cal., Oct. 11,
1S66, a farmer in Sattley, Cal.

3653 Sally Abby ("Colby), b. Oct. 22, 1835; d. Jan. 29, 1842.

3654 Joseph Benson Aldrich (Colby), b. Nov. 15, 1838; a mechanic in Dutch

Flat, after at Gold Run, Cal. ; d. Oct. 3, 1890; n.m.

3655 Sally Abby (Colby), b. Jan. 28, 1843; m., Jan. i, 1861, Orrin Emerson An-

nis, b. May 9, 1840, a farmer in Corinth, 1S68 in Orange and Topsham,
Vt., 1883 in Exeter, N. H., d. March 5, 1891. they had: Mark
Fernald (Annis), b. June 20, 1862, a machinist in Saxonville, Mass., m., ;
Charles Merrill (Annis), b. Sept. 21, 1S64, a machinist in Marlljoro,
Mass., m.; Leon Bertel (Annis), b. Oct. 10, 1867, a machinist in Exe-
ter, N. H.

3656 Huldah (Colby), b. in Washington, Vt., May 5, 1846; m. Hiram Richard-

son Thurston [no.4^">7j ].

3657 John Thurston (Colby), b. Oct. 9, 1849 ! d. Jan. 11, 1852.

3658 Louisa Corolin (Colby), b. Dec. 2, 1853 ; m., in Laconia, N. H., Nov. 14,

1877, pAigene Leavitt, b. July i, 1849, son of William Henry Harrison

and Rachel Maria (Prescott) Leavitt of Bradford, Vt., a mnfr. of sash,

etc., in Bradford, after in Lancaster, N. H., 18S8 a mnfr. of long leaf

pine in Aberdeen, N. C. They have Bernard William (Leavitt), b. in

Lancaster, March 13, 1880.

3659 Moses, ^ b. May 22, 1815; m. twice, lived in California. He had one child,

William H. H.,^ grad- from college in Buffalo, N. Y., and soon after

went home, and died.


Jane Thurstq-n ^ (Moses,^ Moses,'^ Moses, ^ Stephen,^ Daniel'-')^ sis-
ter of the preceding, and daughter of Moses and Jane (Spaulding)
Thurston of Orange, Vt. ; born there about 1783; married, first,
1803, Andrew Gardner, who died 1804; second, in Lebanon, 1806,
Elias Hurd, born May 5, 1787, son of Ebenezer and Abigail
(Kempton) Hurd of East Haddam, Conn. He died in Chest, Clear-
field Co., Pa., 1862 ; she died 1845.

Mr. Hurd was a carpenter and wheelwright in Lebanon, N. H.,
till 181 1, when they moved to Orange, Vt. ; he enlisted and served a
year in the war of 1812. They moved to Danville, Vt., and in 1828
he deserted his wife with eleven children, very poor, and went to
Chest, Clearfield Co., Pa. Noah Bishop aided in maintaining the


family, secured good places for the children, and then took Mrs.
Hurd to Canada, where he gained some property. Had one child
born to them, Lorenzo (Bishop), a deaf mute, whom they sent to an
institution, where he learned to read some and write, but was not
contented, and left and learned shoemaking ; has since died. Dur-
ing this time Elias Hurd came to Hartford, Vt., married a widow
Dow, lived with her two or three years, and left her as suddenly as

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