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he did his first wife, and went back to Pennsylvania. Mr. Bishop,
becoming unable to work thro rheumatism, returned to Newport with
Jane and their son Lorenzo, who had come to man's estate. Elias
comes too, and takes Jane and Lorenzo away with him to Pennsyl-
vania, leaving Mr. Bishop heartbroken and forlorn, who soon put an
end to his existence rather than become a town pauper.


366o-(-Andrew' (who took the name of Thurston), b. Oct. 18, 1804; m. I.ovina

3661 Moses (Hurd), b. in Lebanon, N. H., Dec. 13, iSoS; a respectable and thrifty

farmer in Newport, N. H.; m., 1S34, Adelia Diana Barton, b. Oct. 29,

1816, da. of Bazaleel and Hannah (Powers) Barton of Croydon, N. H. ;

he d. Feb. 22, 1869; she d. Nov. 18, 1882. They had:

3662 Melissa (Hurd), b. in Newport, May, 1834; d. May, 1839.

3663 Sumner Florentine (Hurd), b. Jan. 13, 1837; m., in Baltimore, Md., Apr.

24, 1864, Henrietta Clay Elliot of that place, b. Oct. 28, 1845. He is a
mechanic ; served in the 5th N. H. reg. in the war against the rebellion,
rising from the ranks to be lieutenant; was twice wounded; was six
weeks in Libby prison, and resigned May 2, 1S63, on account of ill
health. Since 1875 '^^^ been foreman of bottom finishers in a shoe
factory in Vineland, N. J. Is an advocate of total abstinence from in-
toxicating liquors and tobacco, he having used both ; was an abolition-
ist and now is a Republican. A Unitarian Spiritualist. They have :
Annie Marion (Hurd), b. in Newport, June 15, 1865; Mary .A.delia
(Hurd), b. do., Feb. 26, 1867 ; Josephine Aurora (Hurd), b. do., April
4, 1869; Sumner Webster (Hurd), b. in Sunapee, N. H., Sept. 20, 1S72;
Edward Elliot (Hurd), b. in Vineland, July 9, 1876; Ada Ardelle
(Hurd), b. do., July 2, 18S0.

3664 Hannah Jane (Hurd), b. April 11, 1839; m., Dec. 12, 1876, Eugene Alva

Paul, b. Feb. 17, 1848, son of Azor of Croydon, N. H., and Rosilla
(Reed) Paul of Newport. He is a carpenter in Newport; member of
the Methodist church. They have : Eugene Ralph (Paul), b. Jan. 9.

3665 Melissa (Hurd), b. Aug. 9, 1841 ; m., Jan. 24, i860, Ira Pearsons Smith, a

farmer in Langdon, I^. H., b. May 29, 1835, son of Asa and Sophronia
(Way) Smith of Langdon ; no children.

3666 Ziba (Hurd), b. July 27, 1843; d. Jan., 1844.

3667 Horace Powers (Hurd), b. July, 1847; d. Nov., 1851.

3668 Horace Eben (Hurd), b. Oct. 4, 1853; m., May 30, 1876, Nettie Prouty,

b. March 5, 1856, da. of Walter B. and Susan (Morse) Prouty of Hard-
wick, Mass. He is a carpenter in Newport, N. H. Children : Horace
Cuthbert (Hurd) b. June 25, 1878. Ella Gertrude (Hurd), b. Feb. 19,

3669 Lewis (Hurd), b. Sept. 10, 1856; d. Dec. 24, 1862.

3670 Huldah Jane (Hurd), b. in Orange, Vt., July 12, 1810; m. ist, at Derby
Line, Vt., June 10, 1832, John Mosher, a blacksmith in Derby, h. in Barns-
ton, Stanstead Co., P. Q., Nov. 19, 1S02 ; moved to Rochester; divorced
Nov., 1833; ~'^> Ja"-i 1834, George Ethan Belknap, a surveyor and mill-
wright in Rochester, b. in Lisbon, N. H., Feb. 24, 1809, son of John and
Sarah (Moody) Belknap; she d. in Rochester, N. Y., June 8, 1845; he d.
April 7, 1857. Children:



John Louis Hurcl (Mo.sher), b. in Derby, May 2S,

1833; m., Oct. 15,
1854, Miranda Lou-
ise Fisher, b. Dec.
13 1835, da. of Wil-
hani Bennett [of
W cilpole, Mass.,
and Harriet Maria
(I ninel) [of Hyan-
nis, Mass.] Fisher
of New York city.
Lntil 17 years of
age he was not
i\\ are of the trouble
that caused the di-
\oice of his par-
ents, and was known
b\ his step-father's
n uiie; he then took
his mother's maid-
en name of Hurd,
foi the great love
lit had for her, till
he became of age,
when he dropped
the h and added an
1, making his name
Moiier. Being left
to care for himself
at the age of 12, he
turned his hand to
fuming, was driver
on the Erie canal, a
sailor, rising to be
2d mate, etc. In
1850 he apprenticed
himself to a black-
smith. In 1S60 he went to take charge of a carriage manufactory in
South Carolina. The firm was called upon to make a secession flag,
and he was deputized to make it, as the only one capable, and in
three days he had completed the task, and the first secession flag
was flung to the breeze. From motives of policy he assisted in the
formation of a rebel regiment, but declined a position in it. Being fa-
miliar with military tactics as a member of the 71st N. Y. reg. N. G.
for 7 years, he was compelled to instruct and drill the infantry and
cavalry regiments. .Some loyal remarl

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