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3758 Lucia Mehitable (Merrill), b. May 13, 1S49; ™- John Wesley Fitts, a

farmer in Corinth, Vt.

3759 Flora Maria (Merrill), b. June 16, 1851 ; m. Frank Peaslee Cutting, a

farmer in East Haverhill.


Capt. Sampson Thurston ^ {Moses,^ Moses,'^ Moses t> Stephen,-
Da?i?'el^), brother of the preceding, and son of Moses and Jane
(Spaulding) Thurston of Orange, Vt. ; born there April, 1789; mar-
ried Hannah Payne, born Aug. 12, 1790, a descendant of Robert
Treat Paine, one of the signers of the declaration of independence.
They both died in Avon, Me., she Nov. 6, 1858, and he Dec. 14, i860.



Mr. Thurston was a farmer and mechanic in Washington, Vt. ; was
in the war of 1812, in the battles of Plattsburg and Chateaugay,
where he received three English bullets thro his clothes, without be-
ing wounded, and at Prescott on the St. Lawrence river, in all which
he proved himself a brave and efficient soldier. He was wounded
in the head and lost a thumb by the bursting of his gun ; discharged
with honors, and received one hundred and sixty acres of govern-
ment land. He was captain of militia for several years after the war
in Washington, Vt. ; moved to Danville, Vt., and from there to
Indian Stream, now Pittsburg, N. H., where he took up new land,
and built a comfortable and pleasant home. In 1835 he moved
to Avon, Me., bought a farm in an almost unbroken forest. By hard
work on the part of all the family he made a nice and happy home.
He was an industrious and honest man, a member of the Free Bap-
tist church in Vermont and the Methodist in Maine. Mrs. Thurston
had great power of endurance, and brought up her children to be pa-
tient" and strictly honest in all things. The wolves were very numer-
ous and troublesome, killing many sheep and frightening the peo-
ple. As he and his wife were coming home from a visit to a neigh-
bor's one evening, on an ox sled, he made a noise like a wolf, and a
whole pack came running after them into the very door-yard. Moose
and deer were plenty there in those days. He came very near being
drowned twice, once in Lake Champlain, by breaking thro the ice,
when walking, and again with a two-horse team and his wife, in the
Connecticut river.


3760 Mary," b. in Orange, Sept. 10, 1810; m. ist, in Washington, Vt., Jan., 1830,
'James Dailey, b. 1809, a farmer in Woodbury, Vt., and owner of a large
tract of heavily timbered land; he d. autumn of 1833; 2d, May 27, 1840,
William Phillips, b. in Avon, Me., April 17, 1799, where he was a farmer.
He was second cousin to Wendell Phillips, of anti-slavery notoriety, and
d. in Weld, Me , Jan. 4, 1884. She is a woman of firm integrity, and scru-
pulously just in all her dealings. Now over So, she retains her physical
powers and activity; takes delight in reading, which she does without
glasses, keeping herself well informed upon all current events ; an active
member of the Unitarian church in Grand Haven, Mich., where she resides
with her youngest daughter. She had :

3761 Amanda Malvina (Dailey), b. in Woodbury, Nov. 10, 1830; a teacher of

repute for many years until her health failed, and has since resided in
Lowell, Mass.'; a member of the ist Congregational church; n.m.

3762 Julietta Walker (Dailey), b. in Boston, Mass., May S, 1833; m., Oct. 30,

1864, Enoch Page Cummings, b. in Groton, N. H., Sept. 30, 1837; stud-
ied medicine and practiced it awhile, but being quite mechanical, took
up dentistry as more congenial, and is practicing it very successfully in
Grand Haven, Mich. ; both members of the Unitarian church. They
have: Edward Page (Cummings), b. June 28, 1871, in the scientific
dept. of the Mich. State Univ. at Ann Arbor. Herbert Thurston
(Cummings), b. Nov. 10, 1874, in the high school.
3763 C"harlotte,' b. in Washington, Vt., Oct. 16, 1813; m., 1830, Elias Smith Carr,
b. in Vermont, Feb. 2, 1808, moved to Taunton, Mass., after his first child
was born, where he was overseer in the cotton factory; she d. Nov. 19,
1871 ; he d. Nov. 4, 1881. They had:
3764 Richard Payne (Carr), b. in Greensboro, Vt., Oct. 2, 1833; supt. of stove
factory in Taunton, Mass. ; m. ist, 1852, Abby Austin of Taunton.
They had a son George (Carr), b. 1853, d. in infancy; she d. soon after,
1853; 2d, June, 1856, Catherine Crudden of Taunton, b. 1832.


3765 Anna Maria (Carr), b. in Taunton, Jan. 17, 1847 ; a teacher and brilliant

scholar; could read and write correctly French, Spanish, German, Ital-
ian, Latin and Greek; m., 1865, Philip Lane, a carriage mnfr. and sil-
ver plater in Taunton; she d. Nov., 1872, They had: Philip Percy
(Lane), b. Nov. 4, 1872, d. April, 1873.

3766 Mary Frances (Carr), b. Jan. 27, 1850; m., ist, 1870, Henry T. Clapp of

Scituate, Mass. ; he d., and she became a teacher several years in Lake-
ville, Mass., having resumed the name of Carr; 2d, Sept. 18, 1S87,
Oliver S. Caswell, a shoe stitcher.

3767 Emma Florence (Carr), b. April 15, 1S53; m., July 12, 1878, Rev. James

Nash Studley, a Baptist clergyman of Scituate. They had : Arietta
Brown (Studley), b. and d. May, 1879.
3768 Melissa,'^ b. March 19, 1815; m., April 2, 1S32, Otis H. Wheeler, b. March
II, 1812 ; she d. Oct. 3, 1861. They had :

3769 Amanda Delana (Wheeler), b. in Pittsburg, N. H., Nov. 21, 1833; m.,

Dec. 18, 1850, Aurelius Streeter, b. in Westmoreland, N. H., May 8,
1821, a tinsmith in Chicopee, Mass. They have: (i) Flora Geneva
(Streeter), b. in Westmoreland, Sept. 6, 1852; m. ist, Sept. 5, 1875,
Ransom Harrington Austin, b. in Brandon, N. Y., Sept. 16, 1851, a
truckman in Chicopee; divorced ; 2d, Sept. 25, 1888, Frank Wade Per-
son, b. in Brandon, Sept. 26, 1853, a peddler in Westfield, Mass. She
had: Daisy Aurelia (Austin), b. Sept. 29, 1885; Frank Henry (Austin),
b. May 13, 1887. (2) Clarence Aurelius (Streeter), b. March 29, d. Oct.
18, 1856; (3) Eva Amanda (Streeter), b. April 5, 1858, d. Feb. 22,
1859; (4) Fred Aurelius (Streeter), b. Jan. 29, 1865, a machinist in Chic-
opee; m., Jan. i, 1890, Mary Conlon, b. in Chicopee 1868, a Protestant,
of Irish descent.

3770 Loren O. (Wheeler), b. April 26, 1838; d. Oct. 3, 1861.

3771 Albert C. (Wheeler), b. Sept. 15, 1839; went to California, never heard


3772 Mary E. (Wheeler), b. Dec. 2, 1S41 ; m., Nov. i, i860, Horace J. Hub-

bard, a mechanic in Chicopee, Mass. ; she d. Feb. 7, 1872, having had
Belle Melissa (Hubbard), b. Dec. 13, 1870.

3773 Emma Ann (Wheeler), b. Aug. 10, 1844; m., in Brattleboro, Vt., Sept.

5, 1859, Andrew Everett Willis, b. in Plymouth, Vt., April 15, 1830, a
physician at Shelburne Falls, Mass. They had: Maud (Willis), b. in
Rutland, Vt., March 17, 1865, d. Sept. 3, 187 1 ; Leo Everett (Willis),
b. in Hartford, Conn., Dec. 13, 1870.

3774 Ellen Melissa (Wheeler), b. March 10, 1846; d. July 21, 1850.

3775 Estella Maria (Wheeler), b. May 21, 1848; m., Sept. 5, 1S65, Lucius J.

Parmelee, a foreman machinist in Springfield, Mass. ; she d. Dec. 8,
1880. They had: Cora Belle (Parmelee), b. July 28, 1867, m., Sept.
24, 1885, Charles W. Quimby, b. May 29, 1861, a mechanic in Strat-
ford, Ct. ; Ernest L. (Parmelee), b. Sept. 18, 1875, d, Sept. 3, 1882.

3776 Ellen Melissa (Wheeler), b. June 9, 1851 ; m., March 10, 1873, James

Cargill, a merchant in Kansas City, Mo. ; she d. March 19, 1883.

They had: Guy Melville (Cargill), b, 1880, d. March 14, 1883; Maud

E. (Cargill), b. May 15, 18S2.
3777 + Sampson,^ b. Jan. 25, 1817; m. Elsie Ann Clifford.
3778-i-Joshua Tenney," b. July 19, 1818; m. Sally Vining.

3779 Alonzo,' b. Sept. 25, 1820; went west, and not heard from since. »

3780 Maria," b. Sept. 5, 1824; d. 1827.
3781-l-Willard," b. May 19, 1826; m. Hester Ann Sylvester.
3782-i-Dennis.' b. Jan, 17, 1828; m. ist, Sarah Simpson; 2d, Emily Smith.
3783 Rosanna,' b. Dec. 17, 1829; m., in Temple Mills, Me., Oct. 19, 1862, Silas

Goodin, a farmer in Avon ; P. O., Phillips, Me. They have:

3784 Elsie Orrena (Goodin), b. in Avon, June 3, 1864; in tooth-pick mill in

Strong, Me.

3785 Edwin Alonzo Thurston (Goodin), b. in Farmington, Me., May 31, 1S66;

in a restaurant in Boston, Mass. ; m., July 26, 1890, Annie Marguerite
Grosser of Boston, b. 1875, of German descent.

3786 Elizabeth Janett (Goodin), b. in Farmington, Dec. 19, 1867; hi tooth-

pick mill in Strong, Me. ; m., Dec. 19, 1889, Frank David Oilman, b.
Nov. 4, 1890, a mechanic in toothpick mill in Strong. They have:




3787 Edmond Alphonzo (Goodin), b, in Avon, Aug. 3, 1S71.
^788 George Washington," b. Dec. 13, 1832; m. ist, Lavina Dill of Avon; 2d,
Rebecca Gordon Lawn of Pasely, Scotland ; worked in an oil-cloth carpet
mill in Winthrop, Me., and in a woolen mill in Springfield, Mass; d. in
Lowell, Mass., June 14, 1875, of sunstroke. She lives at F.orest Lake,
Minn. He had :

3789 Georgia Emma,^ b. Oct. 13, 1855; was adopted by her aunt, Mary Phil-

lips, and lived with her in Avon and Auburn, Me., and in Grand Ha-
ven, Mich., until she was m., Jan. 15, i88t, to Ithiel John Cilley, b. in
Lisbon, N. Y., June i, 1848, son of James Golden and Mariam (Mon-
roe) Cilley, b. in Rochester, N. Y., Oct. 8, 1827, an attorney in Coop-
ersville, Mich., whose father was William W^inthrop Cilley, son of
Gen. Joseph Cilley of the ist N. H. vols, in the revolutionary war.
He had a common school education, and by studying at odd hours
became well versed in several sciences and the law ; followed mechan-
ical pursuits from 1867 to 1880, when he moved to Grand Haven,
Mich., and resumed the study of law. A throat trouble unfitted him
for practice at the bar, and he turned his attention to soliciting patents,
in which his previous education served him well, so that he has been
remarkably successful in securing patents, securing all but three in
eight years' practice. They have: Cornelia Verne (Cilley), b. in
Grand Haven, Mich., Aug. 16, 18S2; Miriam Lavinia (Cilley), b. do.,
Nov. 20, 1883; Georgia Estella (Cilley), b. in Grand Rapids, Mich.,
June 10, 1886; Cecil Clare (Cilley), b. do., Aug. 20, 1887; Vrl Ithiel
(Cilley), b. do., Nov. 8, 1888.

3790 John Edwin, ** d. in infancy.

3791 Mary Etta,^ b. March 2, 1867; d. in Lowell, Mass , May 19, 1888.

3792 Edwin," b. in Pittsburg, N. H., Nov. 19, 1S34; m. ist, Feb. 18, 1862, Elsie
Er»eline Locklin of Farmington, Me., b. Aug. 15, 1844, d. March 14,
1862; 2d, Oct. 9, 1S65, Sarah Martha Gould, b. in Temple, Me., July 18,
1845, da. of Joseph and Polly (Woodbury) Gould of Farmington; he is a
carpenter in Farmington, and has saw mills in Temple. He has :

3793 Lilla Belle, *^ b. Dec. 25, 1869.

3794 Edith Althea,** b. Feb. iS, 1873.


William Tuvrstots! '^ (Moses, ^ Moscs,^ Moscs,^ Stephen,^ Daniel^),
brother of the preceding, and son of Moses and Jane (Spaulding)
Thurston of Orange, Vt. ; born in Unit)^ N. H., Oct. 4, 1791 ; mar-
ried, first, Dec. 4, 18 10, Clarissa Church, born in Unity, Jan. 29,
1793 ; she died in Gaysville, Vt., Aug. 3, 1847. Second, in Roxbury,
Vt., July 19, 1848, Betsey Minerva Wiley, born 1832 ; she died in
South Royalton, Vt., Aug. 4, 185 1. Third, March 26, 1852, Mrs.
HuLDAH (Morse) Farmer of South Royalston, Vt. He was fife-
major in the war of 181 2, and received for his services bounty land
and a pension. He was a machinist in Bridgewater, Vt. ; inventor
of the double-head spinning wheel, double-wheel flax jenny, etc. ;
1869 in Woodstock, Vt., where he died, July 6, 1876 ; she died Aug.
23, 1889.


3795 Clarissa," b. in Orange, June 12, 181 1 ; m. John Walbridge, b. 1803, ^ farmer
in Northfield, Vt., d. May i, 1869; she d. Oct. i, 1887. They had:
3796 John Josiah (Walbridge), b. in Rochester, Vt., June 8, 1832; m. rst, Dec.
17, 1854, Arabelle M. Washborn of .Sharon, Vt. ; divorced; 2d, July
26, 18S6, Lucy Ann Smith of Roxbury, Vt. He has: Herbert Hiram
(Walbridge), b. Jan. i, 1856, a miller in Enfield, N. H., m., May 17,
1876, Eveline Webster.


3797 Louisa Clarissa (Walbridge), b. April 18,1834; m. Lucius Jenny, a rail-

roader in Roxbury ; she d. Sept. 16, 1862, having had Ina Bell (Jenny),
not living.

3798 Clifton Henry (Walbridge), b. Sept. 29, 1835; a yard master in Worces-

ter, Mass. ; m. Annette Sargent ; three children.

3799 Lurinda Lanora (Walbridge), b. Oct. 20, 1S37; m. Jefferson Bruce of

Montpelier, Vt. ; she d. April 19, 1891 ; three children.

3800 Charles E. (Walbridge), b. in Northfield., Vt., Dec. i, 1S44; m. Ann Eliz-

abeth Hastings.

3801 Mary Frances (Walbridge), b. Aug. 7,1850; m. Charles Gould; shed.

Oct. 19, 1890; four children.
3802 Tryphena T.,' b. in Waterford, Vt , April 22, 1814 ; m. Leonard Chaffee of
Rochester, Vt., b. 1813, d. Sept. 3, 1855; she lived with her son, Dr. Chaf-
fee, in Chicago, 111., till she died, July 6, 1879, ^^'''d "^^as buried in Roches-
ter. They had, all bom in Rochester :

3803 Elvira Clarissa (Chaffee), b. May 3, 1832; d.

3804 Emily (Chaffee), d.

3805 Esther Emily (Chaffee), d.

3806 Charles William (Chaffee), m., in Rochester, Sept., 1869, Diana Mosher;

he graduated at Ann Arbor, Mich., as a physician and surgeon, and
practiced in Chicago till he d. They had : Charles Francis (Chaffee),
b. Jan. 3, 1878.
3807 William," b. at St. Johnsbury, Vt., Oct. 7, 1817 ; served in the Florida and

Mexican wars, and the war against the rebellion in a Mass. reg. ; was

wounded in the two last ; n.m.
38o8-}-Uzziel Tinny," b. in Sharon, Vt., July 8, 1819; m. Mary Chase.
3809-f-Erastus Henry," b. in Sharon, Aug. 23, 1827 ; m. Harriet Clough.
3810 Andrew Jackson," b. in Sharon, March 2, 1829; m. Emily Bumham; he was

a machinist in St. Albans, Vt., d. June 23, 1866; no children.
3S11 Cyrus Lorenzo," b. in Hancock, Vt., P'eb. 15, 1832; m. Ann Livermore;

served in the war against the rebellion, and died at Brattleboro, Vt., Aug.

7, 1S63, from wounds received in battle; one son.
3812 Mary Luvinna," b. in Rochester, Jan. 24, 1S35; '^•> J^^Y 4> 1S52, William

Wallace Wills, b. in Chelsea, Vt., June 18, 1829; a machinist and inventor

of several patents, the most noticeable of which is the " single center

spring" for vehicles; living in Janesville, Wis. They have :

3813 Ella Luvinna (Wills), b. in Lebanon, N. H., Oct. 16, 1S54.

3814 George Mills (Wills), b. in Palatine, 111., Sept. 8, 1856; m., in Janesville,

Feb. 14, 1877, Ethelinda Wright, b. in Emerald Grove., Wis., July 19,
185S, da. of Orville and Clarissa Thurston (Dean) Wright [no. 1,101],
living at Janesville, and is shop clerk and telegraph operator for the
Chicago & N. W. R. R. They have : Xula Ethel (Wills), b. in Janes-
ville, Oct. 4, 1877.

3815 Charles Albert," b. in Gaysville, Vt., Oct. 28, 183S ; d. there July 26, 1842.

3816 Sophia Louisa," b. in Roxbury, Vt., April 11,1849; m., in Bridgewater, Vt.,

Sept. 15, 1867, Charles Denison Dean, b. in Barnard, Vt., April 2, 1841, son
of Paul D. and Maria A. (Topliff) Dean of Barnard ; he is a farmer in
Barnard. They have :

3817 William Denison (Dean), b. in Bridgewater, June 30, 1S68; at work 'in

Woodstock, Vt.

3818 Minerva May (Dean), b. in W. Bridgewater, May 1, 1872; in Woodstock.

3819 Edwin Leroy (Dean), b. do., March 3, 1875.

3820 Walter Harrison (Dean), b. do., Jan. 15, 1877.
3820a Frederic Clark (Dean), b. in Barnard, May 10, 1883.
38201^ Jane Maria (Dean), b. do., Aug. 3, 1884.

3821 Betsey M.," b. in South Royalton, Vt., June 27, d. Sept., 1851.


Cyrus Thurston^ (Moses,^ Moses, '^ Moses, ^ Stephen,^ Daniel^),
brother of the preceding, and son of Moses and Jane (Spaulding)
Thurston of Orange, Vt. ; born there Jan. 19, 1794; married, 1816,
Mary Schoonover, born in Tioga county, Pa., Feb. 9, 1798. Mr.



Thurston, with his uncle John, were in Toronto, Canada, when the
1812 war was declared between the United States and Great Britain.
They were both impressed into the British army, and escaped one
dark night and crossed the lake under fire of the sentinels, joined
the Union army and served to the close of hostilities. He was in
the battle of Plattsburg, at Windmill Point (now Prescott), on the St.
Lawrence river; a wheelwright in Knoxville 1819, and after in New-
bury and Clearfield, Pa., died 1875; she died March 31, 1886;
both died at their son Moses', and were buried in the cemetery of
Zion's church, Jordan township, Clearfield county, Pa.


3822 Jane,' b. Oct. 25, 1817 ; m., 1837, Jacob Linefelter, a carpenter in Lajose, Pa.

3823 Phebe," b. Dec. 22. 1819; m., 1839, David Michael, a farmer in Lake City,

Iowa; she d. Nov. 7, 1840. They had: Cyrus, Mary, Henry Orange
3S24 William,' b. Feb. 28, 1822; m., Dec, 1848, Martha Jane Titerington, b. Feb.
25, 1831 ; a farmer in Ansonville, Pa. ; members of the Baptist church ; he
d. July 7, 1884. They had:

3825 John,i^ b. Oct. 3, 1849.

3826 Catherine,* b. Nov. 21, 1851.

3827 Samantha,*^ b. Feb. 7, 1854.

3828 Martha Helen,* b. April 29, 1856; d. Aug. 14, 1889.

3829 Adam Wallas,* b. Nov. i, 1858; m., Jan. 7, 1883, Rosie Neely.

3830 George E.,* b. Jan. 24, 1861.

3831 Henry,* b. Jan. 30, 1864; d. Feb. 5, 1865.

3832 Amos,* b. Jan. 31, 1875; '^Z^-

3S33 Orange,' b. Jan. i, 1824, a farmer in Ansonville, Pa. ; m., July 12, 1S45, Mary
Greene, b. Sept. 8, 1822; Baptists. They had:

3834 Maria,* b. Oct. 12, 1845; d. Feb. 21, 1858.

3835 James H.,* b. Feb. 15, 1847.

3836 Phebe,* b. Sept. 30, 1848.

3837 Harriet,* b. April 11, 1850.

383S Mary Susan,* b. Dec. 8, 1851 ; d. Dec. 30, 1857.

3839 Emily,* b. March 28, 1853; d. Aug., 1856.

3840 Sarah Jane,* b. June 8, 1854; d. Dec. 22, 1857.

3841 John C.,* b. 1856.

3842 Cyrus,* b. Oct. 12, 1857 ; d. Feb. 14, 1858.

3843 Louisa,* b. Feb. 10, 1859.

3844 Orange,* b. Sept. 7, i860.

3845 Sarah Ann,* b. July 8, 1863.

3846 Delia,* b. May 15, 1865.

3847 Albert," b. June 11, 1826; a lumberman in Clearfield, Pa.; m. Ellen Evans.

They have : Ebenezer,* Martha Ann,* Huldah,* Mary,* Rebecca,* Clark,*

3848 Cyrus Hurd,'' b. May 7, 1828 ; m., March 7, 1850, Matilda Wolfe, b. June 9,

1832; he is a tanner in Clearfield ; member of the Baptist church. Have:

3849 Lorenzo Dow,* b. July 5, 1851 ; m. Florence A. Stout, b. Sept. 25, 1854;

lived in Goodell, Pa., and had: William N. C.,^ b. Oct. 20, 1872, d.
Feb. 17, 1874; Charles E.,^ b. Jan. 12, 1874; Viola Maude,' b. Sept. i,
1876; Adie,9 b. May 15, 1880.

3850 Martha Jane,* b. 1853; d. April 26, 1870.

3851 Rebecca,* b. Oct. 11, 1S55.

3852 Laura Blanche,* b. July 10, 1S57.

3853 Mary Alice,* b. Sept. 7, 1859.

3854 Michael Harrison,* b. April 12, 1863.

3855 Eliza,* b. Sept. 23, 1865.

3856 Oscar,* b. Jan. 6, 1868.

3857 George Irvin,* b. Feb. 28, 1874.

3858 Jacob Pritchard," b. Nov. 3, 1830; a farmer in Brislin, Pa.; m. ist, March
I, 1855, Margaret Ann McCrystal, b. in Philadelphia, Pa., Oct. 14, 1838,
sister to his brother Moses' wife; she d. Nov. 18, 1883; 2d, Mary Gather-


ine Gardner. They had : Mary,^ m. and d. ; William Francis,^ d. ; Clara
Jane,^ m. in AUport, Pa. ; William,^ m., in Morrisdale Mines, Pa. ; John
Walker,^ m., in AUport ; Addie Sophia,^ in AUport ; Cordia Elva,^ in do.

3859+Moses," b. April 16, 1832; m. Mary Jane McCrystal.

-3860 John Sampson," ) twins, bom I d. July 28, 1838.

3861 David Michael," ) June 17, 1837 ; ) a farmer in Calhoun Co., Iowa ; m., fall

. of 1863, Amelia Palmer; no children.

3862 Huldah," b. Feb. 3, 1839; m., Sept. 14, 1855, James Riddle, a farmer in Kirk-

land, lU., b. Sept. 30, 1832. They had :

3863 Mary Phebe (Riddle), b. Nov. 3, 1856.

3864 Margaret Catharine (Riddle), b. Aug. 11, 1858.

3865 Eliza Eve (Riddle), b. Feb. 4, i860.

3866 Austilla Ann (Riddle), b. Feb. 17, 1862.

3867 David McCleUan (Riddle), b. May 15, 1864.

3868 Cyrus Thurston (Riddle), b. Sept. 4, 1865.

3869 Nancy Alice (Riddle), b. Oct. 25, 1S66.

3870 WiUiam Thurston (Riddle), b. Jan. 20, 1869.

3871 James Emery (Riddle), b. Dec. 14, 1S70.

3872 Nora Maud (Riddle), b. Feb. 4, 1873.

3873 Jennie (Riddle), b. April 14, 1874.

3874 Clarence (Riddle), b. Sept. 14, 1879.


EzEKiEL Thurston^ (youa//ian,^ £sekie/,'^ Moses,^ Stephen,^ Dan-
iel^), son of Jonathan and Mary (Ardway) Thurston of Portland,
IMe. ; born in Epping, N. H., Oct. 9, 1786; married, April 10, 1810,
Hannah Moulton, born April 20, 1788, daughter of John and Ann
(Cornish) Moulton of Lisbon, Me. Mr. Thurston's parents died when
he was quite young, and he was brought up by his uncle Ezekiel,
who adopted him. He was a ship. builder in Portland and was a sol-
dier in the war of 1812 ; died Dec. 3, 1859; she died Nov. 29, 1881,
aged 93 years, 7 months.

Children, bom in Portland.

3875 WiUiam Moulton," b. Feb. 7, d. Aug. 30, 181 1.
3876-t-John,'' b. Nov. 5, 1812; m. Harriet Snow.
3877-t-Edward," b. Jan. 17, 1815; m. Mary Ann Carter.
3878-j-Eliza Moulton,'^ b. Sept. 4, 1816; m. WiUiam Goold.

3879 Oilman," b. Oct. 20, 1819; d. Sept. 21, 1821.

3880 Sarah Ann Card," b. Oct. 15, 182 1 ; m., at U. S. Hotel, in New York, Jan.

15, 1848, Dr. John Heald, a dentist in Portland, Me. ; she d. June 28,
1863; he d. in San Francisco, Cal., about 1885. He had by a former wife:
3881 Edwin (Heald), a dentist in Brooklyn, N. Y.
3882+Charles Plummer," b. Oct. 15, 1823; m. Athena Blake Littlefield.


Isaac Thurston^ {Moses,^ Stephen,^ Moses^^ Stephe?i,^ Daniel^),
eldest son of Moses and Betsey (Wiggin) Thurston of Wolfboro, N.
H. ; born there Jan. 28, 1799; married, first, Maria Dodge, born
Sept. 29, 181 o, daughter of Jonathan and Mehitable (Trask) Dodge
of Wenham, Mass.; died Jan. 26, 1875. Second, Feb. 11, 1878,
Mrs. Belinda Sias, born March 30, 1816. He was a merchant in
Ossipee ; worked for John Wingate of Wakefield, N. H., for three
years, and for Samuel Wiggin in North Wolfboro two years, and one
year in Union, N. H., before commencing for himself at Ossipee as a
country trader. He was in business forty years ; was ever noted for


honesty and integrity. He joined the Morning Star Lodge of Ma-
sons at Wolfboro in 1826, and was the oldest member. He never
sought office or position, but when thrust upon him the duties in-
volved were performed in such a manner as to reflect credit upon-
himself and the community he served; died June 21, 1880.

3883 Charles Henry," b. May 2, 1832; a stage driver in Ossipee, N. H. ; d. Feb.

21, 1871.
38844-George Carter,' b. Oct. 28, 1837 ; m. ist, Lauretta Goldsmith ; 2d, Delia


3885 Ann Eliza," b. April 15, 1841 ; m., Aug., i860, George W. Peavey, b. in Roch-

ester, N. H., Nov. 14, 1838, M.D. in Tuftonboro, N. H., where she d. June
7, 1863, and he moved to Milton, where he had a successful practice for
some years, and finally moved to Great Falls, N. H., where he d. Sept. 15,
1879. They had: Charles Thurston (Peavey), d. March 10, 1863.

3886 Pamelia Stillings,^ b. April 20, 1847 ; ni., Jan. 21, 1864, John Calvin Bickford,

b. Dec. 18, 1842, a lawyer and clerk of police court in Manchester, N. H.,
son of John Wilmot and Abra Went worth (Lord) Bickford of Wolfboro,
N. H. ; she d. Nov. 29, 1878. They had :
3887 Charles Wilmot (Bickford), b. in Ossipee, Dec. 20, 1865; a teacher in


Moses Thurston^ {Moses,^ Oliver^^ Moses,'^ Stephen,'^ Da?iiel^), eld-
est son of Moses and Sally (Moses) Thurston of Exeter, N. H. ;
born there March 5, 1795; married, March 5, 1816, Phebe Forest
of Eaton, N. H., born 1795. He was a farmer in Eaton and after in
Errol, N. H. ; was selectman, town treasurer, representative to the
legislature in 1851, and a member of the Constitutional Convention
of New Hampshire in 1850; died Dec. i, 1870; she died April 5,

Children, born in Eaton.

Sophronia," b. Aug. 23, 1817 ; m., May 6, 1S34, Leonard Harriman of Eaton;
resides in Kennebunk, Me. They have: Herbert and Ella (Harriman).
3889-}-David Howard," b. Oct. 24, 1S21 ; m. Mary Jane Norton.

3890 Thomas," b. Oct. 24, 1824; m. Sarah Bemas; lived in Errol, since in Daven-

port, Polk Co., Florida.

3891 Lavina," b. July 19, 1828 ; m., in Lowell, Mass., Dec. 15, 1851, Nathan Hack-

ett, b. in Minot, Me., Feb. 25, 1825, a cotton spinner, 2d overseer, in Low-
ell, Mass.; 1855 took up a preemption claim six miles from Lawrence,
Kan. ; passed thro all the Kansas troubles, and i860 moved in a wagon
700 miles to Bald Mountain, Col. ; 1868 traveled 1,400 miles in a wagon
to California, and rented a stock farm 30 miles from .Stockton; 1871
moved to Portland, Ore., in a wagon ; has farmed, teamed and steam-
boated; 1876 resided in Albina, Ore. ; she d. Nov. i, 18S9. They had:

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