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vation, Hour being eighty-four dollars per one hundred pounds, and no
way to obtain any supplies except by foot carriage thro the deep snow.

He returned home after two years' absence, with two thousand
dollars, with which he purchased a house in Montpelier, Vt. In
1858 he moved to Elyria, O., and started a sash and blind mill ; was
burnt out in 1859, losing all again. Rebuilt by the aid of the citi-
zens and ran it a year, when he moved to Sullivan, O., to manufac-
ture shingles.

When the rebellion broke out he recruited a number of men, and
enlisted in the 2d Ohio cavalry drilled in Camp Chase, Columbus,
O. ; did scout duty in Platte City, Mo. ; organized an Indian regi-
ment near Fort Smith in the Indian Ter. In 1863 was attached to
Burnside's command in Kentucky ; detailed to follow the rebel Mor-
gan on his raid into Ohio, and captured him. The hard marches
and field duty were too much for his health, and he broke down.
After recovery was detailed to repair bridges and mills which the reb-
els had destroyed, thus using his mechanical skill to good advantage
for the government. His term of service expired in the fall of 1864,
and broken in health he settled his family in Oberlin, O., and en-
gaged in the manufacture of shingles till his health gave way entirely.

In 1883 he secured three hundred and sixty acres of government
land in Dakota under the homestead and preemption law, and in
1888 returned to Oberlin, where he still lives, tho a confirmed par-
alytic, the result of his hard experiences in the army. His wife has
proved herself a true helpmeet, enduring the hardships and long sep-
arations from him with faithfulness and fortitude, caring well for her
household. He attributes whatever of success in life, as well as the
character and manhood he possesses to her faithful devotion, exem-
plary conduct, and steady and persistent piety. Both members of
the Episcopal church.


4773 Ella Harriet,* b. in Cambridge, Mass., June 18, 1845 > "^- ^st, Jan. 28, 1862,
Reuben Maynard Gorham, a grocer in Grand Rapids, Mich. ; divorced
1881 ; 2d, 1885, Chester Dewey, supt. in lumber mnfy. in Marshfield, Wis.
She has :

4774 Mary Hayvvard (Gorham), b. in Sullivan, Feb. 20, 1866; m., Dec. 15,

1887, Charles Spencer, marble and granite works in Grand Rapids.
They have : Arthur Maynard (Spencer), b. Oct. 15,1888; Olive Har-
riet (Spencer), b. Aug., 1S90.

4775 Edwin Thurston (Gorham), b. in Oberlin, O., April 15, 1867.

4776 Clarence Maynard (Gorham), b. do., June 2, 1873.

4777 Lewis Clayton (Gorham), b. at Grand Rapids, Dec. 8, 1875.

4778 Fanny (Gorham), b. do., Oct. 5, 1S77.

4779 Chester Thurston (Dewey), b. March, 1890.

4780 Edward Hiram,* b. in Readfield, May 5, 1847 ; "^- ist, Sept. 3, 1867, Agnes
Maria Dorsey, b. in Malone, N. Y., Sept. 3, 1846, da. of Richard and
Sarah L. (Wentworth) Dorsey of Oberlin; she d. in Little Rock, Ark.,
Sept., 1880; 2d, in Oberlin, Aug., 1887, Christeen Linder. Mr. Thurston
is a mnfr. of cheese boxes, hoops, headings, etc. Dec. 10, 1863, enlisted
in the 128th Ohio reg. and was stationed at Johnson's Island, as guard to
rebel prisoners, mostly officers, and was discharged at Camp Chase, July
13, 1865. " Spent from Sept., 1875, ^'^ April, 1877, in Alabama and Missis-


sippi, mostly at Quitman, Miss., with my family, and enjoyed ourselves
very much"; 1880 in Oberlin; 1889 mnfr. of hardwood and poplar lum-
ber in Athens, Tenn. They have :
4781 Lettie Eugenie,^ b. in Oberlin, June 2, 1869; bookkeeper in Cleveland, O.

4782 Lucy Adaline,^ b. April 25, 1850; d. in Bath, Me., March i, 1S51.


William Henry Thurston ^ {Thomas,^ Thomas,^ Abiier,'^ Abner,"^
jFames,^ DaJiiel^), brother of the preceding, and son of Thomas and
Clarissa B. (Kimball) Thurston of Readfield, Me. ; born there March
31, 1823; married, first, 1848, Sarah Caldwell of Charlestown,
Mass. ; she died 1852, a noble christian lady. Second, in Charles-
town, Sept. 28, 1854, Sarah Eliza Waterhouse, born May 13, 1829,
daughter of John P. and Sarah (McLellan) Waterhouse of Port-
land, Me. He was a machinist in Portland 1852, and after a sad-
dler, firm of Boyd & Son in Boston, residing in Chelsea, Mass., died
Oct. 26, 1877 ; she resides with her eldest daughter.


4783 Willie Chapman,* b. in Readfield, Me., June 18, 1851 ; d. in Portland, Me.,

Feb. 5, 1852.

4784 Annie Jane,** b. in Boston, Mass., June 27, 1855; m., July 26, 1881, George

Webster Hersey, a bookkeeper in Medford, Mass., where he was born,
June 13, 1859. They have:

4785 lone Thurston (Hersey), b. June 7, 1882.

4786 Ethel Warren (Hersey), b. Nov. 10, 1883.

4787 Leila (Hersey), b. Dec. 12, 1885.

4788 William Kimball,^ b. in Boston, March 28, 1857 ; a fish curer in Yarmouth,

N. S.

4789 Sarah Minnie,*^ b. in Readfield, July 5, 1859; m., Aug., i88r, Wallace M.

Gould, a grocer in Chelsea, Mass. They have :

4790 Rachel Berta (Gould), b. April 2, 1883.

4791 Edna Bernice (Gould), b. Sept., 1887.


David Benjamin Thurston ^ {Abnerf' David,'^ Abfier,^ Abner,'^
Jafnes,^ Daniel^'), son of Abner and Mary Worthen (Huntoon) Thurs-
ton of Franklin, N. H. ; born in Charlestown, Mass., July 24, 1829 ;
married, in Natick, Mass., by Rev. James Thurston [no. 546], Feb.
14, 1852, Almira Yeaton Howard, born in Strafford, N. H., Aug.
10, 1834, daughter of Paul and Sarah Yeaton (Hobbs) Howard of
Wakefield, N. H. He was a farmer in Franklin. She died April 25,
1887, and in May he moved to Southern Pines, N. C, where he is
raising grapes and small fruit.


4792 Louis Buchanan,* b. in Natick, Sept. 27, 1857; manager of a creamery at

Eagle Mills, N. Y. ; m., Aug. 30, 1881, Catherine Augusta Griffin, da. of
Dennis and Mary Griffin of So. Boston, Mass. ; no children.

4793 Fred Howard,* b. in Natick, Oct. 13, i860; an apothecary in Manchester,

N. H. ; n.m.

4794 Harry Lee,* b. in Andover, N. H., Jan. 6, 1S66; a civil engineer in Vermil-

lion, So. Dakota, since in Sioux City, la. ; n.m.



George Henry Thurston ? [Caleb,^ Ca/eb,^ Caleb,* Abner,^ James,^
Daniel^), son of Caleb and Jane (Sargent) Thurston of South Bos-
ton, Mass. ; born there May 25, 1831 ; married, June 15, 1853, Sarah
Little Adams, born July 12, j83i, daughter of Freeborn and Ruth
(Adams) Adams of Newbury, Mass. He is a farmer in Lexington,


4795 Caleb Adams,'^ b. in South Boston, Mass., April 26, 1854; m., June 11, 1879,
Emma Antoinette Glynn, b. in Lawrence, Mass., May 20, 1S54, da. of
Jacob W. and Lucy Foye (Haraden) Glynn. He was a salesman in a
wholesale woolen store in Boston; 1S89 in the milk business, then in the
shoe trade in Dorchester, Mass. They have :

4796 Henry Glynn,^ b. Jan. 14, 1880.

4797 Helen Irene,' b. Jan. 30, 1881.

4798 Chester Caleb,' b. May 30, 1882.

4799 Harriet Frances,^ b. April 15, 1855; '"^•■> Sept. 24, 1879, George Albert Cot-

trell, b. Oct. 16, 1851, son of Asa and Maria Louisa (Hanford) Cottrell of
Redbank, N. J. Mr. Cottrell is a mechanical engineer in Adams Nervine
Asylum, Jamaica Plain, Mass. ; no children.

4800 Elizabeth Jane,^ b. Oct. 14, 1856; d. Oct. 18, 1864.

4801 George Henry,* b. Jan. 19, 1858; d. Dec. 14, 1S64.

4802 Babe, b. in Le.xington, July 31, 1859; d. same day.

4803 Georgianna,^ ) twins, born I d. Jan. 6, 1874.

4804 Henrietta,^ ) Sept. 4, i860; \ d. Sept. 2, 1861.

4805 Sarah Evalina,*^ b. in Le.xington, Mass., Nov. 10, 1863 ; m., Oct. i, 1884, Henry

Ridgeway Comley, a florist in Lexington, b. Aug. 8, i860. They have:

4806 Stella May (Comley), b. in Lexington, Dec. 31, 1885.

4807 Clara Frances (Comley), b. in South Boston, Dec. 24, 1886.

4808 Alfred Henry (Comley), b. in Lexington, Dec. 8, 1888.
48o8rz George Ellsworth (Comley), b. March 26, 1891.

4809 Ruth Estella,** b in Lexington, Nov. 10. 1864; d. March 22, 1876.

4810 Helen Irene,* b. do., Dec! 27, 1867 ; d. Nov. 8, 1868.


Edmund Morse Thurston ^ {yoshiia,^ Caleb,^ Caleb,'' Abner,^
jfames,^ Daniel'^'), eldest son of Joshua and Clarissa Ann (Leach)
Thurston of Bradford, Mass.; born there Jan. 31, 1833; married,
Aug. 5, 1854, Clara Ann Batchelder, born Feb. 6, 1838, daughter
of Capt. Benjamin P. and Mary Ann (Emerson) Batchelder of Exe-
ter, N. H. ; she was an Adventist, died Jan. 17, 1890. He is a
blacksmith in Exeter, a Universalist.


48 1 1 Mary Ella," b. Nov. 6, 1856; m., Oct. 17, 1877, Charles Edward Williams, b.

in Fremont, N. H., a foreman in brass works in Exeter, N. H. They have :

4812 Clara Belle (Williams), b. July 25, 1878.

4813 Charles Austin (Williams), d. in infancy.

4814 Benjamin (Williams), d. in infancy.
4S15 Maud Julia (Williams), b. .Sept. 7, 18S8.

4816 Edmund Morse,* I3. Sept. 13, 1858; a brass molder in Exeter; m., Feb. 14,
1885, Emma Frances Adams, b. June 12, 1S60, da. of Thomas Adams.
They have :

4817 Bessie,' b. Sept. 21, d. Sept. 27, 1S86.

4818 Bessie Jane Adams,' b. Jan. 31, 18S7.

4819 Bert,' b. Aug. 20, d. Dec, 1888.

4820 Charles Henry,* b. Sept. 4, i860; a brass core maker in Exeter.

4821 Clara Annie,* b. Jan. 13, 1862.



4822 Chase Wiggin,^ b. May 12, 1864; a brass helper in Exeter.

4823 Isaiah Robbinson,^ b. July 16, 1865; d. Oct. 21, 1872.

4824 George Herbert,^ b. Jan. 3, 1867; a brass molder in Exeter; m. Ellen So-

phia Day. They have :
4825 Benjamin Batchelder,' b. in Kensington, N. H., Aug. 27, 1S73.

4826 John Batchelder,^ b. Dec. 22, 1870.

4827 Lewis Walter,^ b. April 12, 1872.

4828 Alice Maud,8 b. July 10, 1874.

4829 Jennie Mary,^ b. March 4, 1876.

4830 Bessie M.,^ b. Sept. 2, 187S; d. same day.

4831 General Gilman Marston,** b. Dec. 2, 1879.


• George Henry Thurston 7 {Samuel Royal,^ Trueworthy,^ Caleb,*
Abner,^ jfames,^ Daniel^), eldest son of Samuel Royal and Elizabeth
F. (McClench) Thurston of Salem, Ore. ; born in Burlington, la.,
Dec. 2, 1846; married, March 26, 1872, Marietta Henderson, born
near Sibley, Jackson Co., Mo., Feb. 3, 1851, only daughter of Rev.
Enoch Prince [born near Bloomfield, Mo., July 24, 1818] and Eliza-
beth (Schroyer) [born in Masontown, Pa., Nov. 13, 1826] Henderson,
of Eugene City, Ore., where he is a lawyer and Presbyterian.


4832 Blandina Sybil,^ b. Sept. 7, 1876.

4833 Samuel Royal,^ b. March 24, 1879.

4834 Anita Elizabeth,^ b. Nov. 12, 18S3.


John Henry Thurston 7 i^Henry,^ Gates,^ Peter,* Abner,'^ J^ames,^
Daniel^), eldest son of Henry and Aurelia (Warren) Thurston of
Harlem, Winnebago counry. 111. ; born at Glens Falls, N. Y., March
8, 1824; married, at Harlem, Feb. 16, 1846, Mary Ann Barrett,
born in Essex, Vt., Jan. 6, 1823, daughter of Reuben and Zilpha
(Simons) Barrett of Harlem. She died March 4, 1890. He went to
Rockford, 111., March 12, 1837, and was a successful grocer till 1866,
since which time, on account of deafness which grew upon him rap-
idly, he retired. When he went there Rockford was a hamlet of a
dozen log huts, ninety-two miles from a post-office. He is now
writing reminiscences of the early days of Rockford, which are very
interesting, and resides with his son in St. Paul, Minn.


4835 William Henry,^ b. in Harlem, 111., Dec. 9, 1846; a real estate broker in Chi-

cago, 111. ; m., in Rockford, 111., Oct. 3, 1878, Imogene Seymour, b. in Mt.
Carroll, 111., Oct. 2, 1852. They have:
4836 Norma,' b. Jan. 6, 1884.

4837 Reuben Barrett,* b. in Rockford, Dec. 25, 1849; was a grocer in Seattle,

Washington; m. ; no business now and no children.

4838 James Warren,* b. do., July 2, 1851 ; a tin worker in St. Paul, Minn.; m. ist,

June 24, 1875, Ida Elizabeth Marsh, d. ; 2d, May 10, 1881, Anna Herron,
b. in Erin, Washington Co., Wis., March 4, 1851. Children:

4839 Louise,' b. Aug. 31, 1877.

4840 Mary,' b. March 24, 1882.

4841 John Henry,' b. Sept. 9, 1883.

4842 James Warren,' b. May 5, 1885.



4S43 Luke Barrett,' b. April 6, 1SS7.

4844 Reuben Karrett,' b. Jan. 14, d. July 8, 1889.

4845 William,'' b. July 19, 1890.

4846 Mary Elizabeth,^ b. Feb. 17, 1859; d. July 4, 1S61.


George Lee Thurston 7 i^yohn Gatcs,^ Gates,^ Peter,'' Almer,^
yames,'^ DanieP), eldest son of John Gates and Harriet Patrick
(Lee) Thurston of Lancaster, Mass.; born there Jan. 16, 1831 ; mar-
ried, in Boston, Mass., June 15, 1859, Mary Baldwin Whitney of
Brighton, Mass., born in Cambridge, Mass., Nov. 14, 1833.

Mr. Thurston was a merchant in Boston from tlie age of eighteen,
then in Ogdensburg, N. Y., Chicago, III, and Lancaster. At differ-
ent periods of his life had been a member of several military and
civic organizations in Ogdensburg, N. Y. ; of the state militia and of
the Light Guards (Tigers ) in Boston ; of the Light Guards in Chi-
cago ; an active Free Mason in Clinton. He entered the union army
and was captain in the 55th Illinois regiment volunteer infantry, and
died at his father's, Dec. 15, 1862, from disease contracted in the
army at Corinth, Miss. ; buried at Lancaster with Masonic honors.
Mrs. Thurston married second, Sept. 12, 1870, Hon. Henry S. Nourse
of Lancaster.


4847 William Lee,* b. May 3, i860; grad. from Phillips academy, Exeter, 1879; is

asst. engineer on the Mexican Central railway since 1S82, stationed at
Tampico in charge of that division.

4848 Alice Clary,* d. in infancy.


Francis Henry Thurston ? {Johri Gates,^ Gates,^ Petcr,'^ Abfier,^
Jaines,^ Daniel''), brother of the preceding, and son of John Gates
and Harriet Patrick (Lee) Thurston of South Lancaster, Mass. ;
born there Dec. 21, 1833; married, in Paxton, 111., March 4, 1863,
Elizabeth Amelia Crandall, born in Cambria, Niagara count)^, N.
Y., Oct. I, 1836, daughter of David Sprague, formerly editor of Ni-
agara Courier, and Eliza (McBride) Crandall of Lockport, N. Y.
He was a merchant for many years in Oconto, Wis., and other places,
but a trouble with his eyes has caused varied changes in his life.
May, 1879, '"'s purchased a farm at Central Lake, Mich., the cultiva-
tion of which is congenial to him, and in connection with the farm
has conducted a mercantile business with his son in company, under
the firm name of Thurston & Co. He is a man of extensive read-
ing and literary taste.


4849 George Lee,* b. Nov. 4, 1S63; in business with his father and well known as

a correspondent of various city journals; m., Nov. 27, 1890, at Central
Lake, Mich., Lenore Mohrmann, 1). in Illinois, Aug. 20, i868, da. of Wil-
liam Mohrmann, b. in Holtzendorf, Mecklenburg, Germany, and Elizabeth
Seed, b. in Stonyhurst, Lancashire, Eng.
48^0 Eliza Harriet,* b. Aug. 24. 1869; d. in infancy.



Stephen Thurston?* ( ,^ Moses, ^ Moses, ^ Moses,^ S ephen,*

Daniel^), son of Edward and Delia (Wallace) Thurston of Deerfield,
N. H. ; born there March 4, 1798; married, in Newbury, Vt., Mary
Mead. She died in Hanover, N. H., 1852. He was a mechanic in
Lebanon and after in Canaan, N. H. ; was in the French and Indian
war, experiencing hardships, living many days on horseflesh and
roots; a member of the Methodist church. He placed his children
with the Shakers in Enfield, N. H., where they were educated and
trained in virtuous and industrious habits, died in Haverhill, N. H.,
Feb. 22, 1877.


4851 Louisa,^ b. in Newbury, Vt., April 25, 1824; d. Jan. iS, i860.

4852 George Washington,^ b. in Newbury, Dec. 23, 1825; left the Shakers Nov,

21, 1862, a mechanic in Enfield and Lebanon, N. H., member of the Meth-
odist church; m., in Enfield Center, March 6, 1864, Polly Ann Coburn, b.
Feb. 3, 1834, da. of Seth and Deborah (Parker) Coburn of Pittsfield, Vt.
She d. Oct. 12, 1878; he d. April 25, 1887. They had:

4853 Elmer George,' b. in Enfield, Dec. 31, 1864; d. in Lebanon, Oct. 22, 1875.

4854 Mary Jane,^ b. in Lebanon, Jan. 23, 1828; d. in Enfield May 5, 1887; n.m.

4855 Fanny,^ b. in Canaan, N. H., Dec. 17, 1829; left the Shakers Aug. 16, 1852;

m. 1st, in New York city, Jan. 3, 1855, John Martin, b. in England, a musi-
cian in the U. S. A. ; in the war against the rebellion as band master in the
2d infantry reg., d. in Washington, D. C, Dec. 29, 1865 ; 2d, Sept. 9, 1866,
Lorenzo Dane Sargent, a farmer in Norwich, Vt., d. May, 1S81 ; 3d, Nov.
ID, 1S82, James Barton, a farmer in North Grantham, N. H. She has had
an eventful life, accompanying her first husband thro all his army life to
most all parts of the union ; she had eight sons, only one living to matu-
rity: George Washington (Martin), b. in Utah, March 12, 1859; d. Aug.

22, 1877.


William Wallace Thurston 7f {Edward,^ Afoses,^ Moses,* Moses,^
Stephen,^ Daniel^'), brother of the preceding, and son of Edward and
Delia (Wallace) Thurston of Deerfield, N. H. ; born there May 13,
1810; married, April 2, 1829, Lydia Johnson, born Feb. 26, 1809,
daughter of Moses and Betsey (Weber) Johnson of Enfield, N. H.
He was a farmer in West Braintree, Vt., was a sergeant in the state
militia, died March 5, 1891.

Children, born in Norwich, Vt.

4856 Charles,^ b. July 6, 1830; general store in West Randolph, Vt. ; m., Feb. 12,
1850, Mary G. Simons, b. Aug. 4, 1827. They had:

4857 Newell Franklin,' b. Jan. 6, 1852; m., 1S77, Margaret A. Macaulay, b.

Jan. 14, 1859, of A'ew York city, where he had charge of the wholesale
department in a store; d. at his parents' house March 19, 1SS2. They
had one child, that d. a few hours after birth, 187S; his widow resides
in Brooklyn, N. Y.

4858 Eldorus Orastus,' b. Dec. 30, 1857 ; jeweler and musical agent in North-

field, Vt. ; m., June 8, 1882, Alice Curtis.

* Since printing Edward Thurston, on p. 239, 1 have been Informeil that Steplien wa*;
a cousin to William Wallace and not a brotlier.

1 1 am informed too late to get tlie facts that Edward Thurston, the father of William
Wallace, had 5 other children ; George,' John,' Horace,' Philinda,' and Clarissa,' of
whom I have no information now, and that Stephen [no. SjO^SJ was a cousin.


4S59 Effie Inez,' b. Dec. 20, 1865; m., Jan. 13, 18S7, Jairus Bullard Adams, b.
Oct. 6, 1864, a farmer in Randolph, Vt.
4860 Aulendo Deceldo,* b. in Norwich, Vt., Feb. 7,1833; m., in Manchester, N.
H., April 5, 1S56, Jennie M. Derby, da. of Elihu and Hannah (Clark)
Derby of Canaan, N. H. He is a cabinet maker and merchant in Keene,
N. H. ; a Methodist. They have :
4861 Arthur Burdette,' b. in Hartford, Vt., Sept. 29, 1858 ; studied medicine
with Dr. Currier, and graduated from Dartmouth 1880, served in hos-
pitals in Boston, and is now practicing in Keene ; served three years on
board of health, and is U. S. examining surgeon for pensions.
Susan Blanchard,^ b. April i, d. April 5, 1836.

4862 Adelaide,^ b. July 19, 1841 ; m., March 27, 1S63, Phineas Campbell, b. in

Washington, Vt., May 3, 1826, a farmer in West Braintree, Vt. They
have: Eugene E. (Campbell), b. May 28, 1865, station agent Central Vt.
R. R., Northfield, Vt.; m., Nov. 6, 1889, Bertha M. Denny of Northfield.
Perley J. (Campbell), b. May 26, 1867, a farmer in West Braintree; m.,
June 30, 1891, Nettie B. Johnson.

4863 Sylvester,^ b. April 18, 1843; m., April 26, 1863, Betsey Pratt; a farmer in

North Randolph, N. H., d. June 21, 187 1 ; no children.

4864 Orra,* b. Jan. 20, 1S45; ^"^•' April 19, 1863, Almon M. Pratt, a railroad bridge

builder in West Braintree. They have: Harry Almon (Pratt), b. Feb. 2i,
1877; Ina May (Pratt), b. March 26, 1879; Elgiva (Pratt), b. Dec. 6, 1883.

4865 Francely,* b. Nov. 24, 1847 ; d. Aug. 7, 1850.


Andrew Thurston 7 (^ane,^ Moses ^^ Moses, ^ Moses t> Stephen,^ Dan-
iel^), son of Jane Thurston and Andrew Gardner [who died 1804,
and Andrew made his home with his mother's father and took his
surname]; born in East Orange, Vt., Oct. 18, 1804; married, March
22, 1827, LoviNA Richardson, daughter of Andrew and Polly
(Payne) Richardson of East Orange. He was a farmer in East
Orange, a Free Baptist; moved to Lawrence, N. Y., 1835, died
March 22, 1852. His widow resides in Barre, Vt.

Children, born in Orange.

4866 Diadama,^ b. Oct. 25, 1828; m., in Orange, Vt., Jan. i, 1849, Ora Slayton Cut-

ler, b. in Orange, Aug. 16, 1826, son of John and Bethiah (Stetson) Cutler
of Barre, Vt. ; he is a brick mason in Barre, a Universalist. They have :

4867 Fayette Tower (Cutler), b. Sept. 23, 1S50; a granite dealer in Barre; m..

May 5, 1872, Nora Warren.

4868 Flora Emma (Cutler), b. Sept. 25, 1853; m., Nov. 20, 1873, Horatio Nel-

son Parkhurst, a granite dealer in Barre.

4869 Addie Ellen (Cutler), b. Jan. 25, 1856; m., July 18, 1875, Eddie Enos

Fuller, an iron molder in Montpelier, Vt.

4870 Edna Carrie (Cutler), b. Oct. 3, 1858; m., Oct. 9, 1S76, Otis Dennis

Shurtleff, a builder of houses to rent in Barre.
487 1 -f- Almond Richardson,^ b. March 3, 1S30; m. Diana Wilds Jackson.
4872-i-Wilson,^ b. March 20, 1832; m. Frances Louise Kenney.

4873 Hiram Richardson,* b. Nov. 29, 1834; m., in Hardwick, Vt., Sept. 13, 1866,

Huldah Colby, b. in Washington, Vt., May 5, 1S46 [no. 3,656] ; a farmer in
East Orange, Vt., since lumbering in Aberdeen, N. C. ; no children.

4874 Andrew Jackson,^ b. in Lawrence, N. Y., Nov. i, 1836; m., Oct. 4, 1863, Eva

Bill Bagley, b. July 28, 1845, ^^- °f William Andrew and Ann Tillotson
(Mittson) Bagley of West Topsham, Vt., where he is an operative and
speculative mason. They have :

4875 General Wellington,' b. July 2, 1865; a farmer in West Topsham; n.m.

4876 Alice Dell,' b. June 9, 1868; an invalid.

4877 Ethel May,' b. July 7, 1879.

4878 Christopher Cornelius,^ b. June 28, 1840 ; a street-car driver residing in Som-
erville, Mass., since in No. Cambridge, Mass., member of the Methodist


church; m., m Barre, Vt., Jan. 1,1860, Violanta Elizabeth Pearsons, b.
April 28, 1841, da. of Amos and Lydia A. (Wright) Pearsons of Orange.
He was in the war against the rebellion in the 15th Vt. reg., and received a
state memorial at the time of his discharge; she d. Oct. 3, 18S7. Chil. :

4879 Cora Ella,9b. in Plainfield, Vt., May 2, 1861 ; m., Sept. i, 1887, Edward

A. Herring, a grocery clerk in No. Cambridge. They have : Violanta
Adelaide (Herring), b. A\ig. 3, 1889.

4880 Lydia Mabel,' b. in Antrim, N. H., June 15, 1868; a stenographer and

typewriter ; resides with her sister.
4881 Lucius Hurlbert,^ b. Jan. 13, 1842; m., April, 1862, Angelyn Cutler, b. Aug.
9, 1842, da. of Nathan S. and Phebe (Newton) Cutler of Orange. He was
a farmer in Barre, Vt., built a house in the village and rents his lands;
served in the war against the rebellion in the 15th Vt. reg., since the war
has been captain of state militia. Children :

4882 Willie Herbert,' b. in Topsham, Jan. 29, 1865; m., Sept., 1890, Mary

Tooney, of Chicopee, Mass., where he is in a cotton mill.

4883 Minnie Almeda,' b. do., Sept. iS, 1866; m., Feb. 27, 1889, Ernest E. Pel-

key, overseer in cotton mill in Chicopee.

4884 Lillian Bell,' b. in Barre, Oct. 31, 1870; m., Aug. 17, 1888, Arby Freeman,

in Barre.

4885 Walter Stetson,' b. in Roxbury, Vt., Feb. 8, 1874 ; a carpenter in Barre.


Moses Thurston ^ {Moses,^ Moses,^ Moses,'' Moses,^ StepJmi,'' Dan-
iel'^), son of Moses and Betsey (Lovering) Thurston of Corinth, Vt. ;
born in Hartford, Vt., Oct. 16, 1806; married, Sept. 22, 1832, Julia
Richmond, born in Barnard, Vt., Oct. 28, 18 12, daughter of Paul
and Mercy (Udall) Richmond of Northfield, Vt. He was an enter-
prising farmer in Hartford and Northfield, Vt., energetic and upright
in business, devoted to his family, a most excellent neighbor; school
committee and treasurer of the town, attended the Congregational
church;* died July 20, 1849; she died Oct. 4, 1873.


Charles Richmond,^ b. Sept. 6, 1834 ; m., in New Hartford, N. Y., Oct. 22,
1866, Mrs. Orissa Jane (Case) Owen, b. Feb. 4, 1834, da. of Abel and
Sarah (Button) Case of Penfield, N. Y. ; her first husband was Henry B.
Owen of Penfield, m. Feb. 4, 1852; he was killed in battle May 10, 1864.
Mr. Thurston was connected with the Mnfg. Co. in Montpelier, Vt., for
several years in the construction of cabs, till the autumn of 1S77, when he
purchased a fruit farm in West Webster, N. Y., about eight miles from
Rochester; a Methodist, teacher in the Sunday-school, and a man of ster-
ling worth ; no children.

4887 An infant, b. Dec. 6, d. Dec. 8, 1835.

4888 Cornelia Mason,^ b. March 28, 1839; is a graduate, educated at Topsfield

and Boston ; has been preceptress in West Randolph and St. Johnsbury
academies, in Blairstown and Newton collegiate institute, N. J., in the
high schools of Illinois ; taught seven years in the college preparatory de-

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