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partment of Mrs. Marr's boarding and day school in Clinton, N. Y. Her
influence is felt for good wherever she goes; is a teacher of high order,
and a christian lady ; in East Orange, Vt.

4889 Henry Elliott,^ b. Oct. 9, 1839; m., Oct. 9, 1861, Eliza M. Heywood; had a

son, b. Aug. 4, 1864, d. Aug. 4, 1867. He served in the commissary dept.
of the 9th Mass. reg. at New Orleans under Gen. Banks ; has been in the
dry goods and lumber business in New England and Chicago ; deputy
sheriff in Portland, Oregon ; a smart business man.

4890 Caroline Annette,* d. Sept. 8, 1844, aged 11 m. 26 d.

4891 Alexander Bowman Richmond,^ b. Sept. 4, 1845; d. April 5, 1846.

4892 A son, b. July 20, d. July 21, 1848.

*For accouut of his early life and later prosperity sec 1st ed. p. 500.



Sampson Thvrston^ (Sampson,^ Afoses,^ Moses,* Mbses^ Stephen^^
Daniel^), eldest son of Sampson and Hannah (Payne) Thurston of
Avon, Me. ; born in Orange, Vt, Jan. 25, 1817 ; married, in Brad-
ford, Vt., April 16, 1848, Elsie Ann Clifford, born there April 23,
183 1, daughter of Ambrose and Lydia (Baldwin) Clifford of North
Haverhill, N. H. He is a farmer in Bradford.


4893 George Kimball,^ b. Sept. 6, 1S49; m., Oct. 27, 1874, Ellen Frances Smith of
Lyman, N. H. ; is a mechanic in Bradford, since a lumberman in Whitch-
erville, N. H. They have :
4S94 Charles Eugene,' b. April 29, 1S75.
489s George Kimball,' b. Dec. 4, 1877.
4S96 Elsie Ann,' b. Feb. 17, 18S4.
4897 Hannah Jane,* b. Oct. 26, 1850 ; m., Aug. 20, 1S70, Norman Edward Small
of Windsor, Vt., agent for sewing machines in Columbus, Platte county,
\eb., since a contractor and builder in Evanston, Wyoming. They had :
4898 Freddie Harry (Small), b. April 18, d. June 23, 1876.
4899 Martin Daniel,^ b. Oct. 10, 1857 ; was a dentist in Grand Haven, Mich.; m.,
Feb. 10, 1880, Charlotte E. Waite of Grand Haven, and went to Colum-
bus, since 1886 in Lincoln, Neb., where he is practicing his profession un-
der the firm name of Hodgman & Thurston. They have :

4900 Howard Edson,' b. June 7, 1S82.

4901 Elsie May,' b. June 19, 1884.

4902 John Edson,* b. March 20, 1S60; a farmer in Corinth, Vt. ; m., Nov. 25,

1882, Emma Lauretta Humphrey, b. July 17, 185S, da. of Mahlon Nelson
and Sarah Ellen (Barnes) Humphrey of Coi'inth ; he d. July 9, 1890 ; no

4903 Charles Eugene,^ b. May 12, 1864; a farmer in Bradford, Vt. ; m., May 12,

18S5, Fannie Etta Humphrey, b. Oct. 16, 1865, sister to his brother's wife.
They have :
4904 Goldie Rae,' b. March 19, 1889.
4905 Mary Emma,* b. Aug. 21, 1865; m., Sept. 22, 1887, Charles Childs Robie,
clerk in dry goods store in Barre, Vt., b. in West Fairlee, Vt., June 9, 1862,
son of John Wilson and. Grace Brown (Childs) Robie of Corinth.


Joshua Tennev Thurston 7 {Sampson,^ Moses,^ Moses,* Moses,^
Stephen,^ Daniel '■'), brother of the preceding, and son of Sampson
and Hannah (Payne) Thurston of Avon, Me. ; born in Orange, Vt,
July 19, 1818; married, first, in Avon, May 5, 1842, Sally Vining,
born in Lewiston, Me., Sept. 8, 1814; she died April 23, 1880,
Second, Nov. 21, 1880, Mrs. Elizabeth (Wallace) Park, born
July ig, 1 83 1. Her first husband was H. H. Park, who died in the
war against the rebellion.

Mr. Thurston was a farmer and; stock raiser in Ord, Neb., 1880.
He resided about twenty years in Richford, Wis., and did much
toward building up that place. Both members of the Methodist
church, and he mostly supported the preaching and Sunday-school ;
was a class leader and steward of the church. He owned a large
farm, well fenced with cedar, large barn, and good house, with all
conveniences and comforts, and taking the " Western fever " in the
spring of 1872, started for the west with a team, and was joined at
Rome, Wis., by his son-in-law Frank Gifford. They traveled to Deer


Lodge, Montana, where Gifford sold out his interest in the team and
outfit to his father-in-law, and returned home. Mr. Thurston contin-
ued on to Oregon, Washington, and back to Utah, where he sold his
team and outfit, and returned home, but not to be contented, for his
children were in Nebraska. He subsequently sold his comfortable
home at a great sacrifice, and went there, too. The second year of
his life in Ord he had two spans of horses stolen by the famous
" Doc. Middleton " gang of horse thieves that infested Nebraska,
who were captured a few years later, his crops were destroyed by the
grasshoppers, — but is not sorry he located there. His second mar-
riage was not a happy one, and they are divorced, 1891 settled
in Wilber, Neb., where he has property. Mrs. Gifford says, " Of my
mother I cannot speak too highly. Coining to Wisconsin when the
country was new, and her children small, she had to endure many
privations and hardships, which she bore with patience, true christian
fortitude, and trust in Christ as her Saviour. She was always cheer-
ful, and beloved by all. Her house was always a home for the min-
ister. She had been a member of the church for more than fifty
years, and died in the triumphs of faith."

Children, born in Avon.

4906 Ahaz,* b. March i, 1S43; entered the war against the rebellion and was in

the following battles, a record of which he made upon the fly-leaves of his
pocket Bible : Gainsville, Aug. 28, 1S62 ; Bull Run, Aug. 30 and Sept. i
t and 2; South Mountain, Sept. 12, Antietam, Sept. 17, 1862; Gettysburg,
July I, 2, 3, 1863; Fredericksburg, Dec. 13, and second battle May i, 2, 3,
and was killed in the Battle of the Wilderness, May 5, 1864.

4907 Maria, 8 b. Jan. 5, 1845; rn-i iii Rome, Jefferson Co., Wis., Aug. 20, 1S65,

Francis Marion Gifford, b. in Harbor Creek, Penn., Dec. 15, 1842, son of
James Murray [b. Dec. 21, 1800] and Prudence (Hemmenway) [b. Dec. 22,
1S03, d. March 4, 1S65] Gifford; he was a farmer in Rome, his father liv-
ing with him 1S80; moved, in the spring of iSSi, to Wright Co., Minn.,
and Dec, 1881, to Royalton, Wis., where he has stock in the Wolf River
Mnfg. Co., for the manufacture of chairs and other furniture; 1884 moved
to a farm in Ord, Neb. ; she is a member of the Methodist church. Have :
490S Mittee Marion (Gifford), b. Feb. 25, 1868; m., Feb. 2, 1887, Rufus James
Clark, b. in Newton, Marquette Co., Wis., Feb. 13, 1S64, a farmer in
Ord. They have: Melvin Ernest (Clark), b. Aug. i, 1888; Cecil
Clyde (Clark), b. Oct. 17, 1890.

4909 Ernest Conrad (Gifford), b. Jan. 27, 1872.

4910 Frank Thurston (Gifford), b. May 24, 1879.

4911 Eugene,^ b. June 16, 1848; d. in Buffalo, Wis., Feb. 20, 1853.

4912 Herbert,^ b. Aug. 14, 1849; "i., June 3, 1871, Almena Holcomb, b. May 18,

1S52, da. of Joseph Lyman Holcomb of Coloma, Wis., who was killed at
the battle of Pittsburg Landing in the war against the rebellion, leaving a
wife and seven daughters. Herbert was a blacksmith in Ord, where he
went in 1S73, driving the whole distance with his private team. In 1879
he was elected sheriff of Valley county, re-elected 1S81 and 1883; since
1885 a blacksmith in Hay Springs, Neb. They have :

4913 Mary Olla,' b. in Ord, Sept. 17,1873; m., 1890, Charles Carrol, b.^lvlay

22, 1866, son of William and Julia (Stallman) Carrol of Segel, Penn.;
he is a blacksmith and farmer near Hay Springs.

4914 Ray Lyman,9 b. July 24, 1876.

4915 Rex Herbert,' b. in Hay Springs, Feb. 3, 188S.

4916 Dora May,9 b. Aug. 17, 1S90.

4917 Amanda Malvina,* b. Oct. 23, 1850; m., Jan. 30, 1869, Warren Granger Col-
lins, b. Dec. 2, 1845, son of John Caldwell and Fanny (Godfrey) Collins of
Seneca Co., N. Y. He is a farmer and stock raiser in Ord, where they
went in 1872, driving their own team the whole distance. There were no


roads or bridges then, no work to be had on arrivmg ; the grasshoppers
destroyed their crops ; lightning and disease took some of their cattle ; the
nearest store and post-office was 25 miles away ; this was pioneer life in
earnest. She is a member of the Methodist church. She says she stayed
alone a week after they arrived in Nebraska with her sister-in-law's chil-
dren while her husband and his sister went to Grand Island for provisions;
their nearest neighbor was five miles away. Twice Mr. Collins had been
called up in the night and traveled 20 miles on foot to fight Indians, only
to find they had done the mischief and left; 18S2 a railroad was building
across their farm. They have :

4918 Oscar Ernest (Collins), b. in Newton, Wis., April 11, 1870.

4919 Carrie Maria (Collins), b. in Ord, Jan. 20, 1S73; in Fremont normal sch.

4920 Helen Eudora (Collins), b. July 17, 1876.

4921 Earl (Collins), b. Aug. 14, 1878.

4922 Ralph Henry (Collins), b. May 8, 1881.

4923 Lynn Valentine (Collins), b. Feb. 14, 1887.

4924 Rex Eugene (Collins), b. April 2, 1888.

4925 Dennis Eugene,® b. in Richford, Sept. 3, 1859; 1S80 studied in York, Neb.;

1882 was in the medical college in Keokuk, la. ; grad. at Lincoln, Neb.,
with honor, and is practicing physician in Eugene City, Oregon ; n.m.


WiLLARD Thurston ^ {Sampso7i,^ Moses,^ Moses,^ Moses^^ Stephen,^
Daniel^), brother of "the preceding, and son of Sampson and Han-
nah (Payne) Thurston of Avon, Me. ; born in Danville, Vt., May 19,
1826; married, Nov. 17, 1850, Hester Ann Rogers Sylvester,
born Jan. 7, 183 1, daughter of Maj. John and Esther (Collier) Syl-
vester of Avon. He was a farmer in Otsego, Wis. ; went to Califor-
nia 1851 or 1852 ; was shipwrecked, and in traveling over the moun-
tains was taken sick ; his companions thought he would not live long,
and left him to die, but others came along and saved his life. En-
listed in the 2d Wisconsin cavalry against the rebellion, had his
horse shot and fall upon him in such a way that he could not extri-
cate himself, and lay several hours before being relieved and taken
to a hospital, and after a long illness was honorably discharged, but
never fully recovered. He came to his death finally, June 28, 1873,
by an apothecary putting up a poison instead of the medicine or-
dered. When too late to remedy the error, the apothecary came to
see him, full of alarm ; Mr. Thurston said, " Don't hurt him, it was a
mistake." He was very liberal in his religious views, loyal to his
country, and was honored by his fellow citizens, being appointed to
several offices of trust.


4926 Eudora Geneva,® b. in Avon, Aug. 4, 1851 ; d. in Green Lake Co., Wis., July

15, 1865.

4927 Wilson Elmore,** b. do., April 6, 1855 ; d. in Otsego, Wis., Feb. 12, 1S73.

4928 Georgie Lou Emma,® b. in Mackford, Wis., May 23, 1857 ; a teacher in Ot-

sego; m., Oct. 17, 1879, Chauncey Nicholas Miller, b. Oct. 22, 1855, -a
farmer in Lodi, Wis., son of Frederick and Mary Orcelia (Hermley) Miller
of Lodi. She is a member of the Baptist church, and has quite a talent
for writing poetry. They have: Sadie Clare (Miller), b. Nov. 24, 1890.

4929 Willard Sylvester,® b. do., July 23, d. Aug. 19, 1864.

4930 Albert Wallace,® b. in Otsego, Nov. 2, 1866; in Wayland Univ., Beaver Dam,

Wis., 1889.

4931 Abbie Geneva,® b. do., Dec. 10, 1870; in Wayland Univ., Beaver Dam, 1889,

since in Lincoln Park Sanitarium, Chicago, III. ; both members of Bap. ch.



Dennis Thurston ? {Sampson,^ Moses,'= Moses,'^ Moses t- Stephen,^
Daniel'^), brother of the precedihg, and son of Sampson and Hannah
(Payne) Thurston of Avon, Me.; born in Pittsburg, N. H., Jan. 17,
1828 ; married, first, Sarah Simpson of Phillips. Second, Emily
Augusta Smith of Fayette, Me. He was a farmer and gardener in
East Livermore, Me. ; 1881 was a farmer and mechanic in Chester-
ville. Me. Both members of the Methodist church.


4932 Emma Elizabeth,^ b. Jan. 22, 1S51 ; m. Thomas Jefferson Clough, a farmer
m Chesterville, Me. They have :

4933 Edward Elmer (Clough), b. in Winthrop, Me., June 14, 1869.

4934 Charles Everett (Clough), b. in Fayette, Me., June 18, 1871.

4935 Twin boys, b. do., May 15, d. Sept. 5, 1876.

4936 Elsie Ann,8 b. in Avon, Me., March 16, 1857; m., Feb. 15, 1876, Edward Le-
roy Wilbur, a farmer in East Livermore, Me. They have :

4937 Leroy Forest (Wilbur), b. Nov. 24, 1878.

4938 Everett Horatio (Wilbur), b. April 17, 1885.

4939 Leon Edward (Wilbur), b. July 13, 188S.

4940 Fanny Jane,^ b. in Avon, Dec. 30, i860; m., Nov. 25, 1876, at Livermore
Falls, Me., Charles Heselton Josselyn, a farmer in South Chesterville, Me.,
after in North Fayette, Me. ; 1885 moved to Livermore Falls, and worked
in the pulp mill, 1888 to Jay Bridge, 1889 to East Dixfield, Me., farming.
They have :

4941 Edith May (Josselyn), b. April 9, 1876.

4942 Addie Maud (Josselyn), b. Aug. 20, 1878. -

4943 Clyde Heselton (Josselyn), b. Sept. 18, 1880.

4944 John Harvey (Josselyn), b. July 21, 1883.

4945 Sumner Folsom (Josselyn), b. Jan. 6, 1885.

4946 Charles Reuel,^ b. in South Chesterville, Nov. 15, 1S63; a machinist in Bos-

ton, Mass. ; n.m.

4947 Chester Howard,^ b. do., Sept. 5, 1866; a carpenter in Livermore Falls; m.,

Nov. 26, 1887, Nettie Sturtevant; no children.

4948 Flora May,^ b. do., Feb. 6, 1869; a music teacher in Chesterville.

4949 Ella Charlotte,^ b. in Livermore, Aug. 31, 1871 ; fitted to be a teacher; d. in

Foxboro, Mass., Jan. 25, 1891.


UzziEL Tinney Thurston,7 goes by name of Hiram ( William,^
Moses, '^ Moses, ^ Moses T' Stephen,^ Daniel^), son of William and Cla-
rissa (Church) Thurston of Woodstock, Vt. ; born in Sharon, Vt.,
July 8, 1819 ; m. Mary Chase ; in Palatine, 111.


4950 George Elbridge,^ m., and has six children.

4951 Julius Walbridge,^ m.

4952 Wallace,^ m. Emeline Lytle. He is an engineer, residing in Janesville, Wis.

They have :

4953 Cora,' b. in Palatine, 111., June 29, 1867.

4954 Minnie Maude,' b. in Janesville, June 19, 1874.

4955 Ellen,8 m. Patrick, and had one child who d. ; she d.

4956 Clara.8 4957 Fannie.^


Erastus Henry Thurston ^ {William,^ Moses,^ Moses,^ Moses,^
Stephe?i,^ Daniel "■), brother of the preceding, and son of William and
Clarissa (Church) Thurston of Woodstock, Vt. ; born in Sharon, Vt,


Aug. 23, 1827; married, in Chelsea, Vt., Jan. 11, 1852, Harriet
ClouCxH, born in Strafford, Vt., 1828, daughter of Anson and Sarah
(Campbell) Clough of Washington, Vt. He is a lumber manufac-
turer in West Braintree, Vt.

4957 Ella Betsey,^ b. in Washington, Oct. 21,1852; m., April 26, 187 1, Thomas

Aldrich, a laborer in Newark, Vt. ; she d. Jan., 1878; no children.
495S Emma Luvinna,^ b. in Canaan, N. H., Nov. 3, 1854; m., Nov. 29, 1871, Ar-
thur Charles Campbell, b. in Lempster, N. II., Aug. 26, 1850, son of
Arthur and Sibera (Scott) Campbell, a farmer and lumberman in Gran-
ville, Vt., and have :

4959 Frank Arthur (Campbell), b. in Braintree, Vt., May 26, 1872.

4960 William Henry (Campbell), b. do., June 7, 1S74.

4961 Son, b. Jan. 27, d. in Granville, Vt., March 11, 1876.

4962 Eda Maude (Campbell), b. in Granville, Sept. 6, 1878.

4963 Harriet Elvira,^ b. in Lyme, N. H., July 8, 1S57 ; m., Oct. 30, 1872, Henry
Seymour Hazen, b. in Hartford, Vt., Dec. 24, 1849, son of Seymour and
Rebecca (Russ) Hazen, a freight master in Framingham, Mass. ; she d.
Jan. 3, 1885. They had:

4964 Carrie Mabel (Hazen), b. in Braintree, Nov. 26, 1S77.

4965 Grace (Hazen), b. in Randolph, Vt., July 5, 1880.

4966 Ida- Louisa,^ b. in Granville, Feb. 5, 1S60; m., in Montpelier, Vt., July 3,
1879, Ephraim Timothy Clark, an Odd Fellow and railroad brakeman in
W. Springfield, Mass., b. Aug. 2, 1852, son of George and Bertha Bret-
tona (Baxter) Clark of Moretown, Vt. They have :
4967 Willie Newell (Clark), b. in Middlesex, Vt., Sept. 12, 1880.
496S Pearley Edmond (Clark), b. in W. Springfield, Sept. 11, 1887.

4969 Clara Bell,^ b. in Granville, April 22, 1864; a saleswoman in Toronto, Can.

4970 Charles Lorenzo,^ b. do., March 16, 1S66; a farmer in Northfield, Vt. ; n.m.

4971 George Frank, ^ b. do., Aug. 9, 1S69; a sawyer in a lumber mill in W. Brain-

tree, Vt. ; m., July 7, 18S9, Ada Mann of East Granville, Vt., b. Dec. 14,
1874, da. of and (Fox) Mann of Tunbridge, Vt.

4972 Phena May,^ b. in Braintree, Oct. 22, 1874.


Moses Thurston 7 {Cyrus, ^ Moses, '^ Moses,'' Moses, '^ Stepheti,^ Dan-
iel'''), son of Cyrus and Mary (Schoonover) Thurston of Newbury,
Penn. ; born in Newville, Penn., April 16, 1831 ; married, August 12,
1852, Mary Jane McCrystal, born in Baltimore, Md., March 5,
1834. He is in the marble business in Ansonville, Penn.


4973 William Lewis, ^ b. Oct. 8, 1852; a farmer in Newbury, Penn.; m., Sept. 15,

1876, Nancy Wood. They have : Blanche,' Emma,' Agnes,' Berrle ' and
Pearl,' twins.

4974 Sarah Emma,^ b. Nov. 20, 1857; m.. May 31, 1874, Robert Lewis, a farmer

in Berwinsdale, Penn., b. Oct. 25, 1851. They have: Thomas, Caroline,
Irvin, Margaret Jane, Moses Howard, Minla Pearl, Elmea, Virga Bell

4975 Anastasia,^ b. Nov. 12, i860; m., Sept. 20, 1885, Aaron Burr, a carpenter in

Bumside, Penn. They have : Sarah Emma, Elizabeth Bell, William
Robert (Burr).

4976 Cyrus Elias,« b. June 28, 1864; d. Nov. 18, 1884.

4977 Emanuel Cranes,^ b. July 13, i865; m., July 2, 1887, Jane Coal, b. Feb. 6,

1868 ; a coal miner in Ansonville, Penn. They have :
4978 Verda May,' b. Aug. 29, 1888.

4979 Ulysses Simpson Grant, ^ b. Aug. 26, 1868; a lumberman in Ansonville,

Penn. ; n.m.

4980 Elsie Almeda,8 b. Sept. 8, 1876.

4981 Margaret Corintha,^ b. March 31, 1879.



John Thurston ^ {Ezekiel,^ yonathan,^ Ezekiel,^ Moses,^ Stephen,^
Daniel'), eldest son of Ezekiel and Hannah (Moulton) Thurston of
Portland, Me.; born there Nov. 5, 1812 ; married, June 13, 1838,
Harriet Snow, born Nov. 4, 1814, daughter of Nathaniel and
Sarah (Maberry) Snow of Portland. She died Jan. 13, 1887. He
was a ship builder and surveyor in Portland. He frequently told the
story of a journey he took to New Hampshire with his father, when
he was about twelve years of age. Much of the way was wilderness,
and they would go a distance of twenty miles without seeing a house ;
the bears were numerous and so little disturbed that they would go
to the very doors of the houses. Wolves, and snakes a yard long,
were plenty. He died April 10, 1869. The father of Mrs. Thurston
enlisted in the privateer Dash, which sailed from Portland in Janu-
ary, 18 1 5, and neither he or the vessel were ever heard of after.


4982 Nathaniel Snow,^ b. Nov. 21, 1839; d. April 29, 1842.

4983 Henry Irving,^ b. April 20, 1843; enlisted in the 17th Me. rag. in the war

against the rebellion, and was killed by a railroad collision on the G. T.
R., near Portland, Me., July 26, 1S64.

4984 Nathaniel Snow,^ b. Feb. 17, 1848; d. Oct. 12, 1853.


Edward Thurston 7 {Ezekiel,^ Jonathan,^ Ezekiel,'^ Moses^ Ste-
phe7i,^ Dafiiel'), brother of the preceding, and son of Ezekiel and
Hannah (Moulton) Thurston of Portland, Me. ; born there January
17, 1815 ; married, June 5, 1S45, Mary Ann Carter, born Dec. 11,
18 1 5, daughter of Benjamin and Betsey (Blake) Carter of Portland.
He was a junk dealer in Portland, member of the common council
and one of the overseers of the poor, for several years previous, and
at the time of his death, Feb. 3, 1875, ^ member of the Methodist


4985 Elizabeth Carter,^ b. April 16, 1846; d. May 17, 1853.

4986 Ella Carter,8b. June 26, 1S54; m., by Rev. J. W. Bashford, Sept. 3,, 1885,

Roscoe Walter Turner, b. May 10, 1840, son of Richard C. and Mary (Jud-
kins) Turner of East Livermore. He was a dry goods merchant, under
firm name of Turner Bros., in Portland, Me., d. May 20, 1886; no children.

4987 Hattie Edda,^ b. Oct. 10, 1856; m., Feb. 12, 18S0, by Rev. C. J. Clark of the

Methodist church, assisted by Rev. Asa Dalton of the Episcopal church,
Portland, Herbert Grignon Starr, b. July 17, 1855, son of George Herbert
[British vice consul] and Ellen (Goodwin) Starr of Portland. They both
graduated from the Portland high school in 1874. He went to sea in the
merchant service and was twice shipwrecked. His friends persuaded him
to leave the sea, and he went to Ohio in the railroad service, and in 1878
formed a copartnership with Edward S. Everett, formerly of Portland,
and engaged in the druggist and apothecary business in Wellington, Ohio,
under the firm name of Everett & Starr; Nov., 1885, left Ohio and went
into a drug store in Cumberland Mills, Me. Children :

4988 Marion Goodwin (Starr), b. Dec. 18, 1880.

49S9 George Thurston (Starr), b. Aug. 18, d. Dec. 3, 1882.

4990 Ella Eliza (Starr), b. May 24, 1884.



Eliza Moulton Thurston ^ {Ezekid,^ yonathan,^ Ezekiel,^ Moses,^
Stephe?t,'^ Daniel'), sister of the preceding, and daughter of Ezekiel
and Hannah (Moulton) Thurston of Portland, Me. ; born there Sept.
4, 1816; married, Aug. 22, 1839, William Goold, born in 1807, son
of Dr. John and Martha (Hinton) Goold of Portland. She died
Nov. 21, 1882. He was a sailmaker in Portland, alderman, and a
member of the Congregational church, died Sept. 23, 1886.


4991 Harriet Eliza (Goold), b. Feb. 28, 1841 ; d. May 25, 1846.

4992 William Dwight (Goold), b. Jan. 9, 1843; d. Oct. 2, 1844.

4993 Frank Eugene (Goold), b. Aug. 22, 1848; a traveling salesman in Portland,

Me. ; m. Harriet Lovis Howe, b. in Cherryfield, Me., Jan. 7, 1850. Chil. :

4994 Harold Eugene (Goold), b. Aug. 21, 1869.

4995 Edith Howe (Goold), b. July 27, 1871.

4996 Frank Bertram (Goold), b. Jan. 19, 1874; d. March 26, 1876.

4997 Elsie Capen (Goold), b. May 4, 1879.

4998 Eleanor Walker (Goold), b. Feb. 18, 1S52 ; m.. May 10, 1887, Walter Shaw

Kimball, a farmer in Bridgton, Me., son of William G. and Eliza Ann
(Shaw) Kimball of Bridgton; no children.

4999 Milbury Green (Goold), b. June 18, d. Sept. 2, 1856.


Charles Plummer Thurston 7 {Ezekiel,^ yonathan,^ Ezekiel,^
Moses T' Stephen,^ Daniel'), brother of the preceding, and son of Eze-
kiel and Hannah (Moulton) Thurston of Portland, Me.; born there
Oct. 15, 1823 ; married, Dec. 15, 1847, Athena Blake Littlefield,
born in Kennebunkport, Me., Feb. 10, 1826, daughter of John and
Betsey (Goes) Littlefield of Chelsea, Mass. He was a naval archi-
tect in Portland, Me., Chelsea and Maplewood, Mass., where he died
Nov. 13, 1875. He designed some of the fastest vessels in the
United States at a time when there was a mania for clipper ships.
She resides in Maiden, Mass.


5000 Charles Thomas,* b. in Portland, Me., Jan. 26, 1849.

5001 Anna Elizabeth,** b. in Chelsea, Mass., Feb. 19, 1851 ; d. March 21, 1856.

5002 Florence Evelyn,^ b. in Portland, Dec. 24, 1856; m., Nov. 11, 1885, Walter

Raleigh McDonald, b. April 22, 1856, a bookkeeper in Boston, Mass. They
have: Florence Arthena (McDonald), b. in Maiden, Mass., Aug. 16, 1887.

5003 Georgianna Quincy,^ b. do., Sept. 24, 1859; m., June 10, 1885, Obed Robin-

son, b. Sept. 4, i860, a bookkeeper in Atlantic Works, East Boston, resi-
dence Maiden, Mass. They had : Helen Elmore (Robinson), b. Mar.' 7,
d. Aug. 4, 1888; Luther (Robinson), b. April 21, 1889.


George Carter Thurston ^ {Isaac,^ Moses,^ Stephen,'^ Moses,^ Ste-
phen,^ Daniel'), son of Isaac and Mary (Dodge) Thurston of Ossi-
pee, N. H. ; born there Oct. 28, 1837 ; married, first, Nov. 16, 1861,
by Rev. John Walker, Lauretta Goldsmith, born May 18, 1834,
daughter of Daniel Goldsmith of Ossipee. She died May 6, 1878.
Second, in Boston, May i, 1879, Delia F. Hanley, born Dec. 11,
1839, daughter of Martin and Catherine Hanley of Halifax, N. S.


He Studied in Phillips academy, Exeter, N. H., and was in the em-
ploy of the horse-car company a number of years, in Roxbury, Mass.,
died December, 1882, where she now lives.


5004 Annie Bell,^ b. Nov. 17, 1869.


David Howard Thurston 7 {Moses,^ Moses,^ Oliver,^ Moses,^ Ste-
phen,^ Daniel'^), son of Moses and Phebe (Forest) Thurston of Errol,
N. H. ; born in Eaton, N. H., Oct. 21, 182 1 ; married, in Eaton, Feb.
16, 1843, Mary Jane Norton, born Jan. 11, 182 1, daughter of Na-
thaniel and Hannah (Davis) Norton of Nottingham, N. H. He was
a farmer and lumberman in Errol, selectman ten years, town clerk
four years, treasurer several years, superintending school committee
twenty years, and representative in the legislature 1858, 1859, 1870
and 1872, died Nov. 8, 1888.


5005 Jacob Almon,^ b. in Eaton, N. H., Nov. 15, 1843; mnfr. of dowels and spool

stock and keeps a general store in Newry, Me., is justice of the peace,
has been selectman five years, town clerk and treas. ; m., Jan. i, 1879,

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