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196-i-Caleb,'' b. 1737 ; m. Hannah Dudley.

197-i-Peter,'' b. 1739; m. Dorothy Gates.

198 Timothy,'' b. 1742; m. Susan Wheeler.


Moses Thurston 3 {Stephen,"^ Daniel^), eldest son of Stephen and
Mary Thurston of Stratham, N. H. ; born there July 19, 1707; mar-
ried Sarah , He died Oct. 12, 1756; his son Stephen ap-
pointed administrator Nov. 24, 1756.


Estate appraised at ^^213. Jan. 20, 1757, sworn to by said Stephen.
April 26, 1757, the widow Sarah's dower was set off. 1731, deed re-
corded in Exeter, N. H., Moses to John of Stratham, probably his
brother. 1787, deed from Sarah, widow of Moses, to son Josiah.
He was sergeant in company C of Col. Nathaniel Meserve's regiment
in an expedition against Crown Point; enlisted May i, discharged
Oct. 2, 1756.


199 Josiah.''

200-|-Moses,'' 1). June 10, 1730; m. Elizabeth Clifford.

201-i-Ezekiel,'' m. .

202 Sarah/ d. April 8, 1752.

203-f-Stephen,'' m. .

204-j-Oliver,'' b. about 1738; m. Sarah French.

205 John.''

206 Benjamin." Was in Capt. Owen's Co., Col. Church's reg., and was killed or

died before Jan. 26, 1776, as his brother Oliver drew his army pay that day.

The three last were under twenty-one Jan. 10, 1757, as letters of guardianship
were issued to John Thurston, pr^obably their uncle [no. 50].


John Thurston ^ {Stephen,^ Daniel^'), second son of Stephen and
Mary Thurston of Stratham, N. H. ; born there Aug. 29, 1709; mar-
ried, first, Mrs. Phebe Wiggin, who had a daughter Hannah (Wig-
gin). She died April 24, 1750. Second, Elizabeth Folsom, born
about 1715, daughter of John and Hannah (Oilman) Folsom of Exeter,
N. H. He died Dec. 28, 1773.

He was probably a farmer in Stratham, N. H., as his will, probated
1774, gives his "wife Elizabeth 20 bush, good corn, 6 bush, rye, 200
lbs. good pork, 80 lbs. beef, and 10 lbs. flax." His granddaughter,
Mrs. Nourse, says he gave the land to build the Congregational church
upon in Stratham.

207-l-John," m. Elsie Leavitt.
2oS-|-"Paul,'' m. Margaret .

209 Hannah,'' \ m. Stockbridge.

210 Phelie,'' S


Robert Thurston 3 {Stephen,^ Daniel^), brother of the preceding,
and son of Stephen and Mary Thurston of Stratham, N. H. ; born

there Feb. 25, 1712; married . He died at his brother John's

Feb. 16, 1752.

Mr. Thurston deeded land in township of Bow, N. H., " said land
having belonged to my honored father Stephen of Stratham, N. H."
He was in a company "guarding and scouting at Canterbury," under
command of Capt. Jeremiah Clough, from July 4 to July 9, 1746.


211 Robert,'* mariner in the revolutionary war, d. in Stratham, intestate, 1788.
2i2-|-.Samuel,'' m. Mary .

2i3-)-James,'' b. 1744; m. .



Nathaniel Thurston 3 {Stephen,^ Daniel'), brother of the preced-
ing, and son of Stephen and Mary Thurston of Stratham, N. H. ;
born there July 12, 1718; married Miner Chase, born Nov. 17, 1721,
daughter of Stephen Chase of Nottingham, N. H. He died Oct. 12,
1775, aged 57. She died April 9, 1815, aged 93.

Mr. Thurston was a tailor in Newbury, Mass., deeded land in
Chester, N. H., 1747, and in Bakerstown, 1771, was a member of the
Congregational church. Mrs. Thurston used to walk nearly a mile
and a half to meeting, down a long and steep hill, when she was
ninety-two years old.*


2144-Enoch,'' b. July 29, 1741 ; m. ist, Lucy Mclntyre; 2d, Elizabeth Chase.

215 Paul,-* b. Nov. 22, 1743; m. ; was a farmer in West Newbury, Mass.,

and had John, Anne, Miner and Sarah. John, Anne and Sarah named in

their grandfather's will.
2i6-(-Jonathan,'' b. Dec. 21, 1745; m. Elizabeth Hovey.
217 Sarah,* b. Nov. 27, 1747; m. Moulton of West Newbury, Mass.; d.

Sept. 20, 1769, having had: 218 Silas (Moulton).
219-f-Stephen,'' b. Jan. 24, 1750; m. ist, Keziah Cheney; 2d, Mrs. Pettingall.
220-j-Daniel,'' b. Aug. 24, 1752; m. Hannah Hilton.
221 Miner,"* b. Dec. i, 1754; m., Jan. 29, 1785, Benjamin Carleton, a farmer and

basket weaver in Plaistow, N. H., where, after marriage, he took his wife on

horseback; a member of the Congregational church in Haverhill, Mass.

She d. 1831 ; he d. Nov., 1833. They had:

222 David (Carleton), b. Dec. 13, 1785; m. Mary Mitchell of Plaistow; served

in the war of 181 2 and received a bounty of one hundred and si.xty
acres of land; was deacon and one of the founders of the Baptist church
in Plaistow ; sang in the choir till he was over sixty years old.

223 Plannah (Carleton), b. Feb. 2, 1787; m. Samuel Farrington of Newton, N.

H. No children.

224 Miner (Carleton), b. Sept. 16, 1788; m. Wm. J. Chase, b. in West Newbury,

Mass., Jan. 27, 1793, son of Simeon and Eunice (Bailey) Chase. He
lived with his great-grandfather till he was ten years of age, when his
father died, and his mother married Moses Chase of Vermont. He was
a shoemaker, went into the war of 181 2, and had a land warrant of 160
acres; a very honest and upright man. He was killed by the cars, June
26, 1S77, but lived to see seven generations in his own family. Had four
children, all living 1881. Hannah Carleton Stevens of Newton Junction,
N. H., says, "my mother was Thurston all through," and d. Dec. 28, 1869.
They had :

225 John P. (Chase), b. in Plaistow, N. H., July 21, 1823.

226 Sarah P. (Chase), b. in East Haverhill, Mass., Aug. 19, 1S25.

227 Hannah C. (Chase), b. in Amesbury, Mass., Jan. 9, 1828; m., June 28,

1863, Wm. Carleton Stevens as his 2d wife. He is a farmer, shoe-
maker and lumberman at Newton Junction, N. H., b. Mar. 21, 1820,
son of Job [b. in Warner, N. H., April 18, 1791, and d. at his son's,
W. C, Oct. 13, 1888, aged 97] and Sarah (Carleton) Stevens. W. C.
Stevens d. May 18, 1887.

228 Benjamin (Chase), b. in Kingston, N. H., Jan. 7, 1830.

229 Benjamin (Carleton), b. Jan. 4, 1790; went to sea, and died in a hospital in

Asia, 1814.

230 Paul Thurston (Carleton), b. Jan. 10, 1792; m. Ruth Harriman of Derry,

N. H. ; was in the war of 181 2, and died soon after.

231 John (Carleton), b. Aug. 18, 1794; n. m. ; d. in Plaistow, 1866, aged 72.

232 Tappan (Carleton), b. Sept. 2, 1796; d. Sept. 2, 1797.

233 Silas,-* b. March 2, 1757; d. April 12, 1758.

234 Lydia,''b. Dec. 4, 1759; m.. May 23, 1779, Peterson Roby; d. Mar. 15, 1780.

* For his will see Ist ed. p. 41.



235-1-Susannah,'* b. May 7, 1763; m. Josiah Chase.

236 Ruth/ / twms, born ( d. Sept. 7, 1775.

237 Rhoda/ ) Jan. 14, 1766; ( m. Thurlow of Newburyport, Mass.

The above is taken from an old bible in hands of J. H. Noyes, Webster, N. li.


Stephen Thurston ^ (^Stephen.,- Daniel''), brother of the preceding,
and son of Stephen and Mary Thurston of Stratham, N. H. ; born
there about 1720; married Mary St. Claire. He died Nov. 27,
17S2. She married again and had one child. She died Sept. 10,
181 1, aged 83.

Mr. Thurston lived in Stratham, N. H. ; was in Capt. Ezekiel
Worthen's company, Col. Nathaniel Meserve's regiment, in the expe-
dition against Crown Point, 1756. He enlisted April 17, 1758, in
Capt. Somerbee Oilman's company, Col. John Hart's regiment, ill the
expedition against Lewisboro, N. Y., and was discharged Oct. 2>^,
1758. He next enlisted, April 24, 1760, in Capt. Jeremiah Marston's
company. Col. John Goff's regiment, for the invasion of Canada, and
deserted June 2.

238-(-Stephen,'* b. April 8, 1760; m. Elizabeth or Betsey Wiggin.
239 Mehitable,'' m. Zebulon Ring of Deerfield, N. H., and had : Abijah, Iphaliah,

twins; Rebecca, Sally, Stephen and Daniel (Ring); all dead 1877.
240-|-I>aniel,'' b. July 29, 1763; m. Hannah Dutch.

241 Ruth,'* m. Wiggin of New Market, N. H.

242 A daughter,'' m. St. Claire.

243 Sarah,'' b. 1752; m., 1770, Col. Joseph Hilton, b. June 15, 1747. He was a

large land owner, farmer and mnfr. of flax-seed oil, in Deerfield, N. H. She
d. May 15, 1813, aged 61. They had:

244 Betsey (Hilton).

245 Sally (Hilton).

246 Hannah (Hilton), d. young.

247 Mehitable (Hilton), b. Aug. 16, 1790; m., April 4, 1810, Capt. David Haine,

who commanded a company of artillery at Portsmouth, N. H., in the
war of 181 2.

248 Hannah (Hilton), m. Butler, and moved to Maine.

249 Stephen (Hilton) ; went to Maine.

250 Joseph (Hilton) ; lived in Deerfield.

251 Daniel (Hilton); went to Maine.

252 Theodore (Hilton).

253 Nathaniel (Hilton). All dead 1877.

254 Winthrop (Hilton); grad. from Dartmouth, and d. in Deerfield.

255 Deborah (half-sister), m. Richard Bartlett of Deerfield, N. H., and had: John,
Stephen, Richard and Deborah (Bartlett).
Stephen Thurston is said to have had fourteen daughters.

JFourti) ©enciMtion.

Mehitable Thurston-* {Danici,^ Daniel,- Daniel^), daughter of
Daniel and Lydia (Leaver) Thurston of Stratham, N. H. ; born there
1720; married as his second wife Capt. Jonathan Wiggin. She
died Nov. 14, 1784, he died 18 10.

Capt. Wiggin was a descendant, perhaps a son of Andrew Wiggin,
who married a daughter of Gov. Bradstreet. The township of Strat-


ham had been granted to this Andrew Wiggin. Capt. Jonathan was
born Jan. 19, 1740, and married, first, Oct. 10, 1761, Mary Little of
Newbury, Mass. After Mehitable's death he married for third wife
Mrs. Mary Mason, who survived him. He was a member of the New
Hampshire legislature, and lived and died in Stratham.

Children, by first wife, Mary.

256 Elizabeth, or Betsey (Wiggin), b. Oct. 10, 1762 ; m. Stephen Thurston [no. 238].

257 Mary (Wiggin), b. July 30, 1767 ; m. Levi Barker of Stratham ; S children.

By second wife, ISIehitable.

258 Edmund (Wiggin), b. May 30, 1772; went to Thomaston, Me., 1794; m., June

12, 1800, Elizabeth Copeland of Warren, Me. ; was a clerk in Knox & Vose's
store, Rockland.

259 Mehitable (Wiggin), b. Aug. 18, 1773; ^- Sam'l Marble of Stratham, X. H.

260 Abigail (Wiggin), b. Mar. 22, 1775; m. Thos. Chase of Stratham, N. H.

261 William Howe| (Wiggin), b. Dec. 16, 1776; went to Thomaston about 1795;

m., Dec. 13, 1804, Mary Simonton; was overseer of lime business; and d.
Jan. 20, iSii, having had three children, one Hon. Geo. .S. (Wiggin), b. Sept.
28, 1S05, learned the mason's trade, settled in Rockland, Me., and was mayor
of the city more than seven years.

262 Sarah (Wiggin), b. Sept. 18, 177S; m. James St. Clair of South Thomaston.

263 Clarissa (Wiggin), b. Oct. 15, 1780; m. Stephen Bowman of Stratham.

264 Augusta (Wiggin), b. Aug. 15, 17S2; m. Jacob Wiggin, resided and died in



Mary Thurston -♦ (^yohnT> Daniel,- Daniel^), daughter of John
and Dorothy (Woodman) Thurston of Newbury, Mass. ; born there
1737; married, Oct. 17, 1759, William Stickney, born April i, 1730,
son of Jonathan and Mary (Redington) Stickney of Rowley, Mass. ;
lived in Newbury, Mass.


265 Jonathan (Stickney), b. Sept. 17, 1760; m. ist, E. Chipman; 2d, H. Peck.

266 William (.Stickney), b. April 30, 1763; m., Feb. 8, 17S0, Alice Maley.

267 Mary (Stickney), b. Aug. 4, 1765; m., Aug. 3, iSoo, Capt. Jeremiah Young.

268 Judith (Stickney), b. Aug. 9, 1767; m., Aug. 3, iSoo, Capt. Isaac Stone.

269 Eunice (Stickney), b. Oct. 28, 1769; m. ist, M. Brown; 2d, Capt. I. Stone.

270 Dorothy (Stickney), b. July 5, 1772; d. young.

271 David (Stickney), b. Aug. 5, 1774; m., Jan. 4, 1815, Elizabeth Le Breton.

272 Dorothy (Stickney), b. Sept. 4, 1776; m., Dec. 26, 1S04, Ephraim W. Allen.

273 Jeremiah (Stickney), bap. Nov. 19, 17S0; d., n. m., Sept. 2. 1821.


Hannah Thurston -^ (y^A«,3 Daniel,- Daniel'), sister of the pre-
ceding, and daughter of John and Dorothy (Woodman) Thurston of
Newbury, Mass.; born about 1740; married, Nov. 22, 1764. Edmund
Adams, born Oct. 24, 1740, an energetic and thrifty farmer in Lon-
donderry, N. H.*


274 James (Adams), b. May 5, 1765; m. Ann Griffin Jan. 24, 1793. ^^e d. 1807;

he d. Jan. 18, 1825.

275 Jane (Adams), b. Jan. 2, 1767; m. Daniel Marsh Dec. 31, 1794-

276 Amos (Adams), b. May 10, 1768; killed in a saw-mill Nov. 13, 1813.

277 Patience (Adams), b. July 16, 1770; d. July 20, 1S06.

278 Hannah (Adams), b. Feb. 8, 1775; d. June 5, 1795.

♦For his will see 1st ed. p. 43.


279 Edmund (Adams), b. May 14, 1777; m. Elizabeth Carr iSoS; was a farmer in
Salem, N. H.

250 Richard (Adams), b. Nov. 14, 1779; d. soon.

251 Henjamin (Adams), b. May 31, 1782; d. in Havana Sept. 21, 181 1.

282 Jacob (.\dams), b. Jan. 14, 1785; d., n. m., Aug. 10, 1823, having endowed by

his will the "Adams Female Academy" at Londonderry, N. H.

283 Susannah I'ike (Adams).


John Thurston '^ (y-o/in,^ £>c7nic'/,' Danie/'), brother of the preced-
ing, and son of John and Dorothy (Woodman) Thurston of Newbury,
Mass.; born there 1744; married, Jan. 26, 1765, Eunice Dole, born
1743. She died July 23, 1818, aged 75 ; he died Nov. 29, 1820, aged
76 ; both buried in Newbury Oldtown, where he was a farmer.


284 Stephen,-' b. 1765; d. April 10, 1789.

285 Ednah,-^ b. 1768; m. Wm. Dole, a farmer in Newbury. She d. Jan 23, 1841.

They had: (i) Moses (Dole); (2) William (Dole), b. 1787; m., Dec 2,
1S42, .\bigail Plumer, b. Dec. 18, 1801 ; he was a farmer in Newbury; d.
June 26, 1846; no children; (3) Stephen (Dole); (4) Elunice (Dole), m.
Benj. Wheeler.
286'-(-Enoch,5 b. Sept. 30, 1770; m. Martha Jaques.

287 Daniel.^ b. Oct. i, 1774; d. Aug. 4, 1775. ■ •

288 Amos,- b. Sept. 10, d. Nov. 6, 1776.

289-I- Eunice,- b. April 23, 1779; m. Richard Jaques.
290-l-Mehitable,' b. Oct. 5, 1783; m. Enoch Plumer.
29] Elizabeth,^ b. Feb. 24, 1785; m., Nov. 27, 1807, James Kilborn, a farmer in

Boscawen, N. H., b. Nov. iS, 1783. She died in Andover, N. H., March 19,

1869; he d. Dec. 11, 1869. They had:

292 Elizabeth (Kilborn), b. in Newburyport, Sept. g, 180S; m., April 10, 1828,

Dr. Peter Coffin Carlton, b. in Haverhill, N. H., Nov. 13, 1801, a phy-
sician in Orland, Ind. She d. Oct. 27, 1839; he d. Aug. 7, 1856. They
had: (i) James (Carleton), b. in Bristol, N. H., Nov. 16, 1829, a carpen-
ter in Coldwater, Mich.; m., Nov. 27, 1856, Eunice Amelia Ring, b. in
Tecumseh, Mich., Oct. 20, 1836. (2) Elizabeth Kilborn (Carleton), b.
in Orland, Ind., July 28, 1S39; m., Oct. 17, 1859, Chas. Norris Adams, b.
Dec. 14, 1835, son of Samuel Parker [Capt. in the 6th N. H. reg. in
the war against the rebellion] and Margaret (Saffon) Adan*s of Haver-
hill, N. H. He is a foreman printer, and Congregationalist, in Wind-
sor, Vt.

293 Judith Thurston (Kilborn), b. Mar. 24, iSio; d. in Boscawen, Apr. 16, 1S31.

294 Edna Dole (Kilborn), b. in Boscawen, N. H., Jan 18, i8i2; d. Sept. i, 183S.

295 Nathan (Kilborn), b. Mar. 2, 1814, a farmer in .Salisbury, N. IL ; m. ist,

Dec. 28, 1836, Polly Danforth, b. in Boscawen, now Webster, N. H., Feb.,
3, 181 5. She d. in Andover, N. H., June 18, 1853; m. 2cl, Jan. 19, 1854.
Harriet Noire Huntoon, b. in Salisbury, N. H., Feb. iS, 181S, d. Sept,
3, 1881. They had: (i) All^ert (Kilborn), b. in Boscawen, Aug. 15,
1S40, d. in Vicksburg, Miss., Dec, 1872. (2) Sarah Climena (Kilborn),
b. in x\ndover, N. H., June 25, 1842. (3) Amelia (Kilborn), b. do., Sept.
22, 1847. (4) Manetha (Kilborn), b. do., June 27, 1851, d. July 10, 1852.

296 Eunice (Kilborn), b. July 13, iSiO; m., Sept. 26, 1838, John T. Dole, a

merchant in I>angor, Me.

297 Judith Frances (Kilborn), b. Sept. 28, 1832; m., Feb. 8, 1857, Oscar F.

Lawrence, a farmer in Elgin, 111.
298 Judith,'^ b. 1787; m. Edmund Dole, a cabinet maker of Bangor, Me., b. July
ir, 17S4.


Benjamin Thurston-^ (yo//;i,i DaiiicI,- Daniel'), brother of the
preceding, and son of John and Dorothy (Woodman) Thurston of


Newbury, Mass.; born there Oct. 21, 1746; married, Jan. 20, 1785,
Jane McKnight, born Apr. 5, 1753, daughter of James McKnight of
Newbury. He died Dec. 11, 1807; she died Aprils, 1820; both
buried in Newbury Oldtown. He was a farmer and Hved on the land
originally granted to the first Daniel Thurston, 1638, on Newbury
Neck, an assessor in Newbury, 1807, a true Puritan in faith and life.

29g-|-Benjamm,5 b. Oct. 21, 1785; m. Susan Hardy.

300 John,5 b. Aug. 12, 1787 ; m. Nancy Baker, b. 1791. He graduated from Har-

vard 1S07, received m.d. at Dartmoutli 1S18, was surgeon in the U. S.
army in service in Florida, and d. in Newburyport, Dec. 10, 1S35. She d. at
Mrs. Baker's, a relative, in Brunswick, Me., Sept. 16, 1855, aged 64. No

301 Jane,' b. July 30, 17S9; d. Oct. 6, 1795.

302 Mary,5 b. August 23, 1792; m. Dea. Putnam Perley, a farmer in Byfield,

Mass. She d. Nov. 22, 1829; he d. June 30, 1835, aged 41. Both buried in
Byfield cemetery; were both eminent for piety and usefulness. No children.

303 Sarah,' b. Oct. 19, 1793; ^- ^^.y iS, 1795.


Hannah Chute (Daniel CJuite, Mary Thurston,^ Daniel,"" Daniel,'),
daughter of Capt. Daniel and Hannah (Adams) ('hute of Byfield,
Mass.; born there April, 1765; married, July 7, 1792, Rev. Ariel
Parish,* born in Lebanon, Ct., Nov. 29, 1764, son of Elijah and
Eunice (Foster) Parish. He graduated from Dartmouth 1788, appro-
bated to preach Aug., 1789, ordained over the Congregational church
in Manchester-by-the-sea, Mass., April 12, 1792, a strict Calvinist, but
of candid and placid temper toward those who adopted a different
faith, a man of remarkable cheerfulness and vivacity, loved by all,
died May 20, 1794; she was distinguished for sound judgment, ac-
tive benevolence and sincere piety, died April 28, 1842.


304 Philomela (Parish), b. 1793; '^- when two weeks old.

*The Parish Family. Samuel, Lemuel of Canterbury, Ct., d. 1821, aji^d .-8V2. Eli.jah,
three brothers and one sister, m. Nowliin, first known in Plainfield, Ct.

I. Eli.iaii Parish,* b. probably in Canterbury, Ct ; a farmer in Lebanon and Windliara,
Ct. ; m. Eunice Foster, b. 1733, d. Dee. 13. 1799; da of Hannah Staudish [see Standish Fam-
ily, p. / ?j-], and had: Asa, who died Feb. 20, 1772. aj;ed 3 years; Rev. Elijah, d.d.: I'hilo-
mela, who m. Dea. Stephen Thurston [no. 414]; Rev. Ariel [no. 106].

II. Rev. Eli.iaii Parish, d.d., b. in Lebanon, Ct., Nov. 7,1762; d. Oct. 15,1825; m.,
Nov. 7, 1796, Mary Hale. da. of Dea. Joseph and Mary (Northend) Hale of Byfield. She
d. May 30, 1831,a}ied 6t. He jiraduated from Dartmouth 1785; an eminent divine; nearly
forty years, all his ministerial life, pastor Datiie/,- Daniel^), eldest
son of Benjamin and Mary (Gage) Thurston of Newbury, Mass. ;
born there March, 1720; married, first, Sept. 3, 1741, Hannah Par-
ker, born Jan. 7, 1724; she died Jan. 11, 1759. Second, Sept. 10,
1761, Judith Gerrish ; she united with the Congregational church
Nov. 6, 1763. and died August, 1765. Third, Mr.s. Elizabeth Rolf


of Newburyport, Mass. He died July 14, 1805, aged 85. She died
1819, aged 97.

Mr. Thurston was an architect and house carpenter in Bradford,
and had one of the finest farms in that region. He was a " noted
man in his day," full of wit and humor, a member of the Massachu-
setts Provincial Congress, and enlisted in the revolutionary war. He
and his son Nathaniel were representative and senator for thirty years
in succession, one and sometimes both at the same time in the legis-
lature of Massachusetts. He held many responsible offices in town
and state ; was colonel of a regiment, one of the framers of the con-
stitution of Mass., and a deacon in the Congregational church.*

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