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5523 Stephen, b. 1830; a farmer in Belfast, Me., served in the war against the re-

bellion, and lost a leg; d. Aug. 20, 1889; m. Mary E. Hopkins. Chil-
dren: Walter, b. 1874; Ralph, b. 1876; Maud, b. 1S78; Edward, b. 1880;
Mary J., b. 1883; Lillian, b. 1886.

5524 Moses, b. 1834; a farmer in Belfast, d. 1S81 ; m. Laura Sawyer of Thorn-

dike, Me.', d. 1881. They had Delia, b. 1865; Herbert, b. 1868; Carrie, b.
1870; Clayton, b. 1873.

5525 Mary Jane, b. 1835 ; m. George Sides, a farmer at City Point, Belfast ; no chil.

5526 Charles H., b. March 9, 1840; a physician at City Point, served in the war

against the rebellion two years in the army and till close of the war in the
navy; m. Joanna Elwell, b. April 24, 1851.

5527 William, b. 1842; a railroad bridge builder in Passumpsic, Vt. ; 1886 be-

came owner of one of the largest dairy farms in Central Vermont; m.

Hannah S. Towle of Stanstead, Can. They have adopted Mary J., b. 1883.
552S Horatio, b. 1844; a farmer in Danville, Vt. ; served in the war against the

rebellion; m. Elvira Wood of Belfast, Me., and have: George, b. 1867;

Nellie, b. 1869; Mabel, b. 1871 ; Lydia, b. 1874; Alice, b. 1877; Lizzie, b.

1881; William, b. 1883; Bertha, b. 1886.
5529 Albert Russell, b. in Thorndike, Me. ; a farmer in Passumpsic; m. Carrie

Kendall of Northport, Me.

5530 Orville Thurston, son of John and Eleanor Thurston, born Feb. 9,
1839, a resident of Billings, Montana, was frozen to death Jan. 8, 1887, and the

body was not found for two months; married, Jan. 18, 1857, Juliette , and

had John, b. May 16, 1867; Bertha, b. Oct. 3, 186S; a son, b. Jan. 21, 1875.

5531 John Thurston, from Wolfboro, N. H. ; married Nancy ; he d.

in Farmington, N. H., and she married second, Nathaniel Roberts of Farming-
ton. He had (i) Emily, m. Warren H. Parmenter, a dry goods dealer in F. ; (2)
John Henry, a boot and shoe dealer in F., d. ; m. Melissa Weeks, and had Wilbur
Henry, b. in Dover, N. H., July 4, 1857, a trav. salesman in Stoneham, Mass. ; m.,
Sept. 20, 1880, Mary Boyd, b. in New York. They have Melissa, b. in New York
city, July 6, 18S1, d. in St. Louis, Mo., July 4, 1882 ; Alta Belle, b. in St. Louis, May
20, 1883; John Edward, b. in Stoneham, Aug. 14, 1885; (3) Ellen, m. Daniel Hol-
brook House, d. ; (4) Rebecca; (5) Noah, d. in Farmington 1863, aged 18 ; (6) Au-
gusta R., d. 1884, n.m. Mr. Roberts had Leah (Roberts), m. John M. Berry of F.

5532 Daniel Thurston of Concord, N. H. ; Mrs. Thurston died at her daugh-

ters in Grand Rapids, Mich., and was buried there. Children.

5533 Daniel A., m. Eliza W^endell of Rochester, N. Y. ; she d. 1859. They had :

Louise, a teacher.

5534 Stephen. 5535 Samuel. 5536 Benjamin. 5537 Eliza, m. T. Gouldsbury,

in Grand Rapids, Mich.


I AM Strong in the belief that this family was kin to the preceding,
but I cannot connect them.

jFirst (KSencration.


John Thurston,' a carpenter of Wrentham, Suffolk county, Eng.,
baptized Jan. 13, 1601. May 10, 1637, John Thurston, aged 36, and
his wife Margaret, aged 32, were passengers for New England in
the Mary Anne of Yarmouth, Eng. They brought two sons with
them, and were received into the church in Dedham, Mass., she
June 28, 1640, and he March 28, 1641. He became a freeman May
ID, 1643, and it is recorded that he attended a meeting in Dedham
in November, 1644,* to provide some means of education for the
youth. He had a grant of land in Dedham, Feb. 16, 1643. His
estate was part in Medfield, set off from Dedham in 1651. His fam-
ly settled in the adjoining towns of Wrentham and Medfield except
Joseph, who is supposed to have gone to Jamaica, Long Island. She
died May 9, 1662 ; he died in Medfield, Nov. i, 1685.!


5541-f-Thomas,^ bap. in Wrentham, Eng., Aug. 4, 1633; m. Sarah Thaxter.

5542-|-John,^ bap. in Wrentham, Sept. 13, 1635; '''^- Mary Wood.

5543-}- Joseph,- bap. in Dedham,, July 15, 1640; m. Anne .

5544 Benjamin- b. in Dedham, May 8, bap. July 15, 1640; m., Dec. 12, 1660, Eliz-
abeth Walker, da. of Robert Walker of Boston, Mass. He was a free-
man May 3, 1665, one of the founders of the third or " Old South " church
in Boston, May 16, 1669, his wife also being an original member, t In
1675, before Philip's war, the General Court made him ensign under Capt.
John Hull. His special friend, Charles Just. Small, says he died of
small pox Nov. 10, 1678. They had, b. in Boston:

5545 Mary^ and Eleazer,^ twins, b. April 24, 1662.

5546 Mehitable,^ b. Nov. 11, i666.§ Boston records say Dec. 7, 1715, only sur-

viving da. of Benjamin of Boston, sold land.

5547 Mary,^ b. Feb. 11, 1667.

5548 John,3 b. March 15, i669.§

5549 Mary,- b. Jan. 8, and bap. Jan. 12, 1643; "i-' ^^c. 27, 1660, Seth Smith.
5550+Daniel,^ b. May 5, 1646; m. ist, Maria ; 2d, Hannah Miller.

*See note 1st ed. p. 356.

t His will, dated June 13, 1683, proved Oct. 21, 1686, gives his estate to sons Thomas,
John, Daniel, Joseph, widow of Benjamin, da. Mary Smith, and sons-in-law Jona.
Treadway and Joseph Chaney.

X The records of this church have the name of Margrett Thurston in 1668.

§ The records in Boston say children of Benjamin and Elishua. The3' may belong to
another Benjamin, but we can find no trace of any other person by that name in these
early days, and conclude that they are children of Benjamin and Elizabeth, and that
there is some mistake in the date of Mehitable's birth.


5551 Judith,^ b. Mar. 17, bap. Mar. 29, 1648; m., Mar. 10, 1666, Jonathan Tread-

way. She was received into the church in Dedham, Mar. 29, 1648.

5552 Hannah,^ b. Feb. 28, 1650; m., March 12, 1668, Joseph Chaney.

Note. The town records of Medfield show that Deborah Thurston married Ja-
bish Talman Nov. 18, 1665, and it seems almost certain that she was a daugliter of
the above John.' The town of Medfield was burned 1676 by Indians under King
Philip, 30 houses, half of all; many of its people massacred, and Mary Thurston
was wounded.

Srconti (feneration.

Thomas Thurston^ {^0/1/1^), eldest son of John and Margaret
Thurston of Dedham, Mass. ; born in Wrentham, Eng., and baptized
Aug. 4, 1633 ; married, "before Capt. Luther" of Dedham, Dec. 13,
1655 [county records say Nov. 10], Sarah Thaxter, daughter of
Thomas Thaxter of Hingham,' Mass. She died Sept. i, 1678 ; he
died May 20, 1704.

Thomas Thurston and Thomas jr., are on the list of names of
those who came to Medfield from Dedham. Mr. Thurston was a
man of much usefulness ; one of the prudential committee and town
clerk, 1673 ; the same year Thomas and John Thurston were on a
committee chosen by the inhabitants of Dedham to manage the di-
vision of Wrentham from Dedham; sergeant in 1675, before Philip's
war; made lieutenant in 1678; representative to the General Court
in 1686, the last session before the abolition of the "good old char-
ter," and was justice of the peace, with authority to solemnize mar-
riages. Farnum thinks he must have been the man who received
.544 votes for " assistant" in April, 1686.

Copy of Deed from Daniel Morse to Thomas Thurston,

To all christian people to whom this present writing shall come, Daniel Morse, late
of Medfield, in the county ot Suflfollce in the Massachusetts colonie of New England,
husbandman, sends greeting. Know Yee that tlie said Daniell Morse for and in con-
sideration of one liundred pounds in hand paid by Thomas Thhurston of the said Med-
field, carpenter, which he tlie said Daniel Morse doth by these presents aclinowledge
to liave received and is thei'ewith satisfied, hatli given, graunted, bargayned, sold, en-
feolfed and confirmed, and bvtliese presents doe give, graunt, bargayne, sell, enfeolTe.
and conflrme unto the said Thomas Thurston, A parcell of upland, being a twelve acre
lott with his dwelling liouse, barne, leanetoes, with a parcell of land added, being
about forty rodds more or lesse uppon whicli the said barne stands, situate, lying ana
being in Metfield aforesaid, which said twelve acre lott with the said addition was
granted the said Morse by the towne of Metfield bounded on the one side with the
land of Samuel Bulling South East, on the other side with the land of Joseph Morse
North West, and both ends butts upon the west, land belonging to the said towne to-
gether with all priviledges and appurtenances, towne rights, commons and common
rights as yet undevided and unto the said twelve acre lotte any ways belonging. Allso
a parcell of land at a place called Nantascott containing two iicers more or lesse being
part upland and part meadow, bounded with a highway leading to Dedham north, with
a swamp south, east, and with wast land on all other quarters ; To have and to hold the
said bargayned premises, with all the rights, privileges and appurtenances thereof afore-
said as before buttelled and bounded together with all deeds, evidences, or writings
particularly concerning the same, if any, he the said Morse hath, unto the said Thomas
Thurston, his heiers and assignes to the only proper use and behoof of the said Thomas
Thurston, his heiers and assignes, for ever. And the said Daniel Morse for himselfe,
his heiers executors and administrators doth covenant and graunt to and with the
said Tliomas Thurston his heiers and assignes by these presents, That he, the said Dan-
iel Morse the day of the date hereof, is, and standith lawfully seized to liis owne use of
and in the said l)argayned premises and euery part thereof with the appurtenances
thereof in a good perfect and absolut estate of inlieritance in fee simple and hath in
himselfe full power, good right and lawful authority to graunt, bargayne, sell, convey,


and assure the same in manner and forme. And that lie the said Thomas Thurston h.2
heiers or assignes and every of tliem, shall and may forever hereafter peaceably and
quietlj' have, hold and enjoy the said bargayned premisses, with the appurtenances
thereof as is aforesaid, free "and cleere and "cleerely acquitted and discharged of and
from all former bargaynes and sales, gifts, graunts, joointures, dowers, titles of dower,
estates, mortgages, forfeitures, judgments, extents, executions and all other acts an
incombrauces whatsoever, had made committed and done, or suffered to be done by the
said Daniel Morse his heiers or assignes or any person or persons claymeing by, from
or under him, them or any of them, or had niade done or committed, or to be done or
co'jamitted by any other person or persons any way claymeing anj' right, title or inter-
est to the same or any part thereof whereby the said Thomas JThurston his heiers or as-
signs shall or may be hereafter molested or lawfully evicted out of the possession or
eujoyii.ent thereof. And Further that he the said Daniel Morse and his heiers at the
reasonable request and at the cost and charges in the law of the said Thomas Thurston
his heiers or assignes, shall and will performe and doe or cause to be performed and
done, any such further act or acts, as he the said Daniel Morse shall be thereunto ad-
vised or required by him the said Thomas Thurston his heiers or assignes for a more
full and perfect conveying and assureing of the said bargayned premises and every
part thereof according to the lawes of the Massachusetts Jurisdiction, in witness
whereof the said Daniel Morse hath hereunto put his hand and seale the second day of
July in the yeare of our Lord God one thousand six hundred sixty and two, and in the
fourteenth "yeare of the raigne of our Sovraigne Lord Charles the Second, by the
grace of God ot England, Scotland, France and Ireland Kinge, defender of the faith
etc. Daniel Morse.

Signed, sealed and delivered in Presence of us Ralph Wheelocke, Thomas Marritt.

Know all men by these presents, that I, Leidva Morse wife of the above named Dan-
lell Morse have remised, released and forever quiteclaymed, and by these presents doe
fully, freely and absolutely remise, release, and quite clajTne unto Thomas Thurston
above, said all my right title and interest that 1 have o"r hereafter may or ought to
have by right of dower or otherwise to or in the above bargayned premises or any
part thereof. In witness whereof I the said Leidva Morse have "hereunto put my hand
and set to my seale the said second day ot July in the year 1662. annoque regni, regis
Caroli quarto decimo. ^

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