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Mass.; sold her interest in her father's estate in Otisfield, 1809.

5750 Lydia,* b. Aug. i, 1770; sold her interest in her father's estate 1820; d.

May 24, 1838 ; n.m.



Dea. Daniel Thurston s {Daniel,'^ Thomas,^ Thomas,^ Johti'^),
eldest son of Daniel and Deborah (Pond) Thurston of Wrentham,
Mass.; born there June i, 1722 ; married Elizabeth Whiting. He
died June 25, 1785. He was a farmer and tavern keeper in Frank-
lin ; admitted to the Congregational church March i, 1741, and chos-
en deacon July 3, 1754. Sept. 7, 1772, bought iron works in Wren-
tham, deed signed in presence of Nathaniel Hawes, his sons Daniel
and Abijah, and Eliza Thurston.


5751 Deborah,* b. Feb. 7, 1744-5; i"- Nathan Fisher of Wrentham, Mass.

5752 Mary,* b. July 20, 1746; m. Thomas Fisher and lived in Templeton, Mass.

5753 Unity,* b. Jan. 7, 1747 ; m. Seth Daniels, a farmer of Franklin.
5754-(-Daniel,* b. Sept. 11, 1749; m. Susan Johnson.

5755-I- Abijah,* b. July 5, 1751; m. Rachel Johnson.

5756 Abigail,* b. May 6, 1754; m. Samuel Clark of Franklin.

5757 Elizabeth,* b. Feb. 9, 1756; m. Aquila Robbins, a farmer in Wardsboro, Vt.

5758 Chloe,* b. May 28, 1758; hung herself when young with a skein of yarn.

5759 Caleb,* b. Feb. 9, 1760; lived in Franklin; d. in the revolutionary army.

5760 David,* b. April 25, 1762; d. in the revolutionary army.

5761 Esther,* b. May 25, 1764; m. Joseph Kingsbury, a farmer of Millbury, Mass.

5762 Lucretia,* b. Mar. 24, 1766; m. Nathan Pond, a farmer in Walpole, Mass.

5763 Joseph,* b. Aug. 26, 1769.

A daughter died Oct. 4, 1757, aged 4; another died Feb. 5, 1770, aged 9, and a
son died Sept. 13, 1775, aged 16. It is said they had ten daughters and nine sons.


Rev. David Thur.ston s {Daniel,'' Thomas,^ Thomas,'' yohn '),
brother of the preceding, and son of Daniel and Deborah (Pond)
Thurston of Wrentham, Mass.; born there May 6, 1726; married
Susanna Fairbanks Waters. He died in Ward, now Auburn,
Mass., May 5, 1777. He joined the church in Wrentham, now
Franklin, Mar. 6, 1743; graduated from Princeton, 1751 ; ordained
first pastor of the second Congregational church in Medway, Mass.,
June 23, 1752. Feb. 22, 1769, he asked for dismission, retired
from the ministry, and in 1772 settled upon a farm in the town of
Oxford ; subsequently removed to Auburn, and afterward to Sutton,
Mass. His eldest son Paul was appointed administator of his estate
June 3, 1777.


5765-j-Paul,* b. Aug. 25, 1761; m. Hannah Rawson.

5766 Abijah,* b. 1762 (Daniel Thurston of Wrentham appointed guardian Sept.

4, 1777, Abijah 15 years old), m., had children, and d. before Oct. 13, 1814.

5767 Elihu Cleverty.*

5768+Xathan,* b. Jan. 14, 1764; m. Sally Campbell.

5769 Susannah,* m. Fish; she d. before Mar. 2, 1785.


John Thurston s {John,'' Benjamin,'!' J^oseph,^ j^ohn^), eldest son
of John and Grace Thurston of Jamaica, L. I. ; born there Feb. 28,
1728; married Mary Bouquet. He was postmaster in Jamaica
1775. He voted against sending deputies to the provincial congress


and afterward recanted and voted in favor ; joined a company of
minute-men 1775.


5770+Willliam,'' b. P'eb. II, 1754; m. Abigail Dobbs.

5771 John,^ b. April 27, 1759; d. in infancy.

5772 John,* b. Sept. 2, 1761.

5773 Benjamin.*


Israel Thurston s (^John^^ Benjamin,^ jfoseph,^ J^o/in^), brother
of the preceding, and son of John and Grace Thurston of Jamaica,
L. I. ; born there Dec. 6, 1734; married, 1759, Christina Pangeurn.

He died about 1790. She afterward married Taylor, and had

one son. The British army went into winter quarters on his farm,
and before they left destroyed every vestige of the building and tim-
ber on the place. They were members of the Presbyterian church
in Rah way, N. J.


5774 Benjamin,* b. 1760; served thro the revolutionary war, returned home

with poor health, and died a few years after of consumption.
57754-David,* b. March 20, 1762; m. Esther Taylor.
5776-)-Samuel,* b. March 6, 1766; m. Hannah Kelley.
5777-i-John,* b. Jan. II, 1768; m. Mary Mars.
5778-f-Moses,* b. May 9, 1770; m. ist, Catherine Bottenhamer; 2d, Elizabeth

5779+Flavel,* b. 1772; m. Mary Magdalene Bottenhamer.


Flavel Thurston 5 {yohn* Benjamin,^ Joseph,^ John^)^ brother
of the preceding, and son of John and Grace Thurston of Jamaica,

L. I.; born there Nov. 15, 1744; married . He was a tailor

in Rahway, N. J. ; died about 1808, leaving something of an estate
to his only son.

S78o+John Flavel,* b. 1778; m. Martha Hopper.


William Thurston s {Daniel,^ Daniel,^ Joseph,'' John '), son of
Daniel Thurston of Hempstead, L. I.; born there 1742-3; married,
May 18, 1772, Phebe Rhodes. He died 1833, ^g^^ 90.


5781 John,* m. and had a son John Z?

5782 James.*

5783 Thomas,* m., and had, John,' William,' Nicholas,' Henry,' Samuel.'

5784 Joseph.*


James Thurston s {Daniel,'^ Daniel^^ J^oseph,^ yohn '), brother of
the preceding, and son of Daniel Thurston of Hempstead, L. I. .
married and settled on the Hudson river, near Poughkeepsie, N. Y'



5785+Ezra,6 m. Sally Gilbert.
5785a William,^ a Baptist preacher.


Cyrus Thurston 5 (^Daniel,'' Daniel t> jfoseph^^ John '), brother of
the preceding, and son of Daniel Tliurston of Hempstead, L. I. ;

married Guernsy. He was in the war of the revolution, a

minute-man with the rank of captain.

5786-l-Ebenezer,^ m. Eunice Kelsey.

5787 Israel,* m., went to Ohio in search of a farm and never returned ; supposed

to have been killed by Indians.

5788 Daniel.*


Joseph Thurston s [Joseph,^ Dmiicl,^ Daniel,^ John^), son of
Joseph and Dorothy (Fizzell) Thurston of Westboro, Mass. ; born
there Dec. 29, 1739; married, Aug. 30, 1763, Thankful Wood of
Westboro, born April 5, 1740. He died in North Brookfield, Mass.,
Aug. 13, 1822 ; she died April 20, 1824. He moved to Spencer or
Leicester and finally to Brookfield, Mass., as the Worcester county
records mention Joseph and Thankful in connection with convey-
ances of land Nov. 12, 1794, as residents of Brookfield, and the town
records have births of their children recorded.
Children, born in Brookfield.

S7S9+Joseph,* b. Sept. 10, 1764; m. Polly Hubbard.

5790 Thankful,* b. Oct. 11, 1766; m., Dec. 26, 1797, Barnabas Raymond of North



Samuel Thurston s i^yoseph^'^ Daniel^^ Daniel,^ John''), son of
Joseph and Dorothy (Frizzell) Thurston of Westboro, Mass. ; born
there Feb. i, 1744; married, first, Oct. 15, 1765, Sarah Townsend ;
she died Sept. 12, 1766. Second, July 16, 1770, Sarah Harrington,
all of Westboro, where he was a farmer, died Sept. 11, 18 10.


5791 Sarah,* b. Sept. 5, 1766; m., May 31, 1798, Asa Keyes, b. Sept. 21, 176S, son

of Thomas and Mary (Temple) Keyes of West Royalston, Mass. She
died Feb. 26, 1807; he died Dec. 27, 1850. Mr. Keyes was a farmer in
Sterling, Mass. They had:

5792 Sarah (Keyes), b. July 15, 1801 ; d. Dec. L2, 1830.

5793 Mary (Keyes), b. April 25, 1803 ; d. April 18, 1836.

5794 Asa (Keyes), b. Sept. 17, 1805, a farmer in Sterling, Mass.; m. ist, April

ID, 1833, in West Boylston, Mass., Lucy Walker Hubbard, daughter of
Eli and Mehitable (Haskell) Hubbard of Holden, Mass., b. May 29,
1807, d. Sept. 6, 1846; 2d, May 19, 1S47, Martha Johnson, daughter of
Joseph and Charlotte Johnson of Southboro, Mass., b. April 16, 1805,
d. Feb. 25, 1867. He had:

5795 Charles Beckwith (Keyes), b. Jan. 24, 1834; enlisted in the 53d reg.

Mass. vol., and died at Brashear City, La., May 23, 1863.

5796 Mary (Keyes), b. Jan. 21, 1837; d. Dec. 21, 1844.

5797 Martha Julia (Keyes), b. Oct. 9, 1838 ; d. June 23, 18S3.

579S Susan Mehitable (Keyes), b. March 23, 1842; d. March(ii, 1843.


5799 Mary Frances (Keyes), b. Oct. 24, 1S45; m. Everett KendaH of West


5800 George Hubbard (Keyes), b. Aug. 30, 1S4S; m., Nov. 29, 1883, Manona

Cutler of Royalston, Mass., and have Charles Hubbard (Keyes), b.
Sept. 30, 18S4.
5801 Lucy (Keyes), b. Jan. 25, 1807 ; m., Oct. 30, 1827, Welcome William John-
son, b. Aug. 26, 1S04, son of Caleb and Mary (Hartvvell) Johnson of
Nahant, IVIass. ; he was a merchant in Nahant. Children:

5802 Asa Keyes (Johnson), b. Oct. 26, 1828; d. Oct. i, 1829.

5803 Sarah Evelyn (Johnson), b. Aug. 31, 1830; m. Benjamin Bradley

Hawkes; he d. Jan., 18S0, and she lives in Buffalo, N. Y.

5804 Caleb Thurston (Johnson), b. Aug. 2, 1S32; d. Jan. 22, 1833.

5805 Caleb Hartwell (Johnson), b. April 26, 1834; m. Julia Connor, and

lives in San Francisco, Cal.

5806 Martha Keyes (Johnson), b. Aug. 16, 1836; d. Nov. 15, 1840.

5807 Rev. Charles Thurston (Johnson), b. Oct. 16, 1838; m. Elizabeth S.

Edson. He was pastor of Meth. church in Stoneham, Mass., 1885.
5S08 Herbert Edgar (Johnson), b. Nov. 24, 1840; m. Cynthia Ann Taylor,
and lives in Walla Walla, Washington.

5809 Edwin Welcome (Johnson), b. Feb. 28, 1843; вДҐ- Mary Trasie Crandall,

and lives in Nahant.

5810 Harriet Lucy (Johnson), b. April 26, 1845; David^'^ jfohn,^ Thomas,^ yohn^), son of
John and Saberah Thurston; born in Hingham, Mass., July 9, 1736 ;

married . He died and the widow married Calvert, lived

in Newport, R. I., and had: William Calvert, a sea captain, and
Mary Calvert.

5869-t-John,' b. Nov. 14, 1759; m. Lydia Fletcher.


Joel Thurston ^ ( Jolm,'^ David,* yo/m,^ Thomas,^ John '), brother
of the preceding, and son of John and Saberah Thurston of Reho-
both, Mass.; born there Feb. 9, 1739-40; married Miriam Blakely
of Pennsylvania. He died March 10, 1833, aged 93 ; she died Feb.
28, 18 19, aged 82. He owned a large farm in Nine Partners' Tract,
Dutchess Co., N. Y. At the time of the Revolutionary war, in which
he served, he lost everything and his mind also for a time. He
recovered, went to Easton, N. Y., and about the year 1804 bought a
small farm in Barker, N. Y., then an unbroken wilderness. He was
an earnest Presbyterian christian. She was a fine singer and a
lovely woman.


5870-j-Joel,^ b. Jan. 19, 1804; m. Louisa P. Munger.

587 1 + Jason,'' b. 1760; m. Betsey Paiite.

587 2 -(-William/ m. Sapphira Strickland.

5873-}-James,^ h. Aug. 14, 1771 ; ni. ist, Sarah Lathrop, 2d, Lois Gould.

5874-I- David,' / twins, b. | m. Anna Dickerson.

58754-Rachel,' ) 1773; f m. Reynolds Kenyon.

58764-John,'' b. ab. 1775; n"*- Abigail Tripp.

5877-l-Daniel,'' b. June 4, 1781 ; m. Margaret Burch.

5878-l-Samuel Blakely,' b. June 15, 1782; m. Phebe Huddleston.

5879 Miriam,'' m. Ephraim Smith of Dutchess Co., N. Y.


David Thurston^ {James^'^ David,-* yohn,T> Thomas,^ John^^,
son of Dr. James and Phebe (Perkins) Thurston of Chester, Vt. ;
born in Rehoboth, Mass., April 29, 1762 ; married, in Barre, Mass.,
June 5, 1788, Alice Johnson, born in Thompson, Conn., Sept. 3,
1770. Both died at their daughter Alice's ; he April 27, 1830, she
March 6, 1832. He was a farmer in Dublin, N. H., and Chester, Vt,
till 1827, when they moved to Jay, N. Y., where he was a manufacturer
of willow baskets. The deed of Daniel Morse to Thomas Thurston
[no. 5,541] was in his possession, probably as an heirloom, and given
to his daughter Alice, and by her given to her daughter Caroline ;
she gave it to her sister Sarah, whose husband, B. B. Murch, depos-
ited it, 1880, in the State Historical Society in Madison, Wisconsin.



5880 Susanna/ b. in Barre, Mass., Wednesday, Mar. 9, 1791 ; m. ist, Joshua
Whitney, a farmer in Jay, N. Y., d. Aug. or Sept., 1812; 2d, Feb., 1813,
Ira Boynton, b. Mar. 20, 17S6, son of Ephraim and Betsey (Jones) Boyn-
ton of Jay, where he was a farmer. She d. Oct. 15, 1842. She had:
(i) Samantha (Whitney), m. Samuel Torrance in Jay, and have, all married:
William Freeman (Torrance); Eliza Jane (Torrance), b. 1838 or 9; Lydia
Maria (Torrance) ; Mary Ellen (Torrance) ; Ira Joshua (Torrance) ; David

Henry (Torrance) ; Lottie Bell (Torrance), m. Saunders, lives in

Keene, Esse.x Co., N. Y. (2) Ira Martin (Boynton), b. Aug. i, 1816, a
farmer in Jay, N. Y. ; m., Apr. 10, 1S42, Elvira Martin, b. in Jay, N. Y.,
Mar. 5, 1821, and have: Matilda Ann (Boynton), b. Apr. 10, 1843, d.
June 17, 1854. (3) Henry David (Boynton), b. Dec. 11, 1832; m., Dec. 14,
1857, Amanda Bartlett, b. July 6, 1835, da. of Elihu and Sarah (Martin)
Bartlett of Jay; a farmer in St. Clair, Mich. They have: Herbert Eu-
gene (Boynton), b. Jan. 29, 1864; Elihu Harry (Boynton), b. May 2, 1874.
(4) Mehitable Theresa (Boynton), b. Aug. 22, 1S18; m., Feb. 25, 1839,
Cyrus Partridge, b. Aug. 16, 1813, a farmer of Fort Edward, N. Y. He
died May 3, 1879; she d. at her daughter's, Martha F. Soper, Aug., 1881.
They had: (a) Christopher E. (Partridge), b. Oct. 16, 1840; m;,
May 19, 1863, Clara Chase, b. Jan. 27, 184S; a hardware merchant
in Fort Edward, and have: Effie L. (Partridge), b. March 18, 1865;
Nellie W. (Partridge), b. June 30, 1S67 ; Orville W. (Partridge), b. Sept.
28, 1S69; Horace C. (Partridge), b. Sept. 2, 1871; Christy (Partridge), b.
Mar 22, 1874. (A) Betsey Jane (Partridge), b. Jan. 2r, 1842; m., April 16,
1862, Taylor Pike, b. Apr. 10, 1832; a farmer in Washington Co., N. Y.
They have: Robert Edgar (Pike), b. Feb. 3, 1863; Inez D. (Pike), b. July

23, 1865; Ada (Pike), b. Mar. 3, 1867; Herbert (Pike), b. Sept. r6, 1869;
Cyrus (Pike), b. Jan. 24, 1873; Clara Mehitable (Pike), b. May 6, 1876;
Jennie D. (Pike), b. May 17, 1878. (c) Caroline (Partridge), b. May 10,
1846; m., Sept. 20, 1865, Charles Cutler, b. Apr. 2, 1S43, a farmer in Argyle,
N. Y. They have: Clarence (Cutler), b. June 20, 1S66; Clara Theresa
(Cutler), b. Jan. 9, 1872; Hiram W. (Cutler), b. Mar. 20, 1874; Warren

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