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driver from Boston to Worcester, Mass., and after a farmer in Upton ; he

d. May 16, 1851, aged 58; she d. Dec. 31, 1876; no children.



Levi Thurston ^ {Levi,^ Benjamin,^ Daniel,^ Daniel,^ jfohn ^), son
of Levi and Priscilla (Wheeler) Thurston of Royalston, Mass. ; born
there March 25, 1781 ; married, in Orange, Mass., July 17, 1803,
Phebe Dexter, born 1780, daughter of Benjamin Dexter of Orange.
He was a scythe maker in Orange, and died Sept. 30, 1807 ; she died
Oct. 13, 1857.


6251 Phebe/ twin, b. April 20, 1804; m. ist, Willard Walker, a farmer in Royal-
ston, d. March 4, 1833; 2d, 1835, Israel Lamb, a farmer in Phillipston,
Mass., b. 1799, d. in Royalston, Dec. 29, 1869; she d. in Jaffrey, N. H.,
Aug., 1875. She had :

6252 Sabrina (Walker), b. March 10, 1828; m., Jan. 15, 1850, Amos Mason

Lamb, a farmer in Royalston, b. in Worcester, Mass., Feb. 21, 1824;
she d. March 23, 1876. They had : Henry Williard (Lamb), b. in
Worcester, March 30, 1852; Phebe Duella (Lamb), b. in Royalston,
Mass., Nov. 8, 1854; Edgar Eugene (Lamb), b. in Orange, Mass., Feb.
20, d. Oct. 15, 1857 ; Edward Mason (Lamb), b. in Fitzwilliam, N. H.,
Nov. 28, 1859; Walter Everett (Lamb), b. in Royalston, Feb. 12, 1864,
d. July 17, 1866.

6253 Delma (Walker), b. Jan. 31, 1831 ; m., April 21, 1852, Dea. William Mar-

quis Lamb, son of Isaac and Betsey (Boyce) Lamb of Worcester. He
is a farmer, lived in Worcester, and was one of the school committee ;
removed to Fitzwilliam, and in 1872 to Rindge, N. H., selectman 1874.
They had: Bronson Prior (Lamb), b. April 5,1853; Howard Payson
(Lamb), b. Oct. 29, 1854; Flora Delina (Lamb), b. Oct. 29, 1856; Wil-
liam Judson (Lamb), b. May 5, i860; John Martyn (Lamb), b. Dec.
20, 1862; Hattie Sybil (Lamb), b. Nov. 24, 1865; Mary Betsey (Lamb),
b. March i, 1869; Lillie Belle (Lamb), b. Feb. 18, 1876.

6254 Harriet (Walker), b. Dec. 30, 1833; m., July 5, 1856, George Leonard

Stearns, b. in Warwick, Mass., Nov. i, 1824, a farmer in Fitzwilliam,
selectman many years, chairman of the board during the rebellion, re-
cruiting officer, and filled the quota of each call; deputy sheriff of
Cheshire Co. four years ; he d. March 4, 1869. They had : Nellie
Etta (Stearns), b. Aug. 5, i860; Mmnie Eunice Leonard (Stearns), b..
Sept. 30, 1867.

6255 Frances Maria (Walker), m. George O. Richardson, a farmer in Fitch-

burg, Mass., d. 1875. They have : Fred E. (Richardson), timekeeper
F. R. R., Fitchburg ; Mabel (Richardson). (

6256 Priscilla," twin, b. April 20, 1804; m., Nov. 23, 1824, Richard French, a chair
maker in Orange, b. 1800, d. Sept. 29, 1884. Children :

6257 Levi Richard (French), b. April 6, 1828; d. in Stockton, Cal., May, 1844.

6258 Abijah (French), b. Nov. 22, 1829; mnfr. New Home sewing machines in


6259 Elvira Priscilla (French), b. 1831.

6260 Aurilla (French), ) twins, b. ) d. in 1839.

6261 Augusta (French), ) 1835; ( ni-> 1870, Horace Jones, a mechanic of

Worcester; she d. June 24, 1872.

6262 Maria (French), b. 1838; m., i860, Orin T. Lane, a mechanic in Orange,.

b. 1828.

6263 (French), ) twins, b. ) d. in infancy.

6264 Charles (French), ( 1846; ( a mechanic in Orange.

6265 Harriet," b. Jan. 11, 1806; m. John Chaney of Orange, b. 1802, a farmer in
Potsdam, N. Y. ; she d. 1869. They had :

6266 Julia Ann (Chaney), d. in infancy.

6267 Humphrey (Chaney), a farmer in Colton, N. Y.

6268 Laura Ann (Chaney), m. James Swift, a farmer in Minnesota.

6269 Nathan P. (Chaney), a feather and mattress renovator in Buffalo, N. Y.
6270 Susanna,'' b. Jan. 8, 1808 ; m. Ira Whitney of Athol, Mass., moved to Pitts-
field, O., and had :

6271 Levi (Whitney), a merchant in Oberlin, O.



David Thurston ^ {Lrui,^ Benjafnin,* Daniel,^ Daniel,'^ John '),
brother of the preceding, and son of Levi and Hannah (Hayden)
Thurston of Sutton, Mass., born March 13, 1795 ; married, in Charles-
town, Mass., July 23, 182 1, Anna Crocker Bacon, born in Barn-
stable, Mass., June 17, 1795. He was an auctioneer in Portland,
Me. ; 1835-6 moved to Baltimore, Md. ; both members of the Bap-
tist church. He died in Wheeling, Va., March 31, 1844; she died
at Newport, Penn., July, 1870.


6272-fGeorge Henry,'? b. Aug. 3, 1822; m. Mary Curry Lewis.
6272a Nizolla.'?

6273+Francis Edward,'? b. Aug. 12, 1S30; m. Mary Hall Heston.
Five other children, d. in infancy.


John Thurston 7 {yohn,^ jfohny' David,'' yohnT> Thomas,^ J^ohji^),
only child of John Thurston of Providence, R. I. ; born in Newport,
R. I., Nov. 14, 1759; married, in Chester, Vt., Sept. 9, 1790, Lydia
Fletcher, born March 2, 1769. She died Jan. 25, 1842. He was
a farmer ; served three years and nine months in the revolutionary
war, after which he purchased a farm in Chester, going on horse-
back, the roads then permitting no pther means of travel ; cleared a
farm in the wilderness, died May 10, 1847.


6274 Abigail,^ b. Aug. 15, 1791; d. 1794.

6275 Mehitable,^ b. July 21, 1792; m., April 2, 1815, James Field, a farmer of

Chester, Vt., b. March, 17S9, d. July 8, 1850. Mrs. Field moved to Dell
k Prairie, Wis., with her youngest son, d. Oct. 20, 1886. Chil., b. in Chester:

6276 Abigail (Field), b. Jan. 29, i8r6; m., Dec. 19, 1843, John W. Horton of

Chester, later of Dell Prairie, where she d. Dec. 17, 1857.

6277 Elizabeth (Field), b. Apr. 25, 1819; m., June 6, 1848, Warren T. Atcher-

son of Chester, later of Dell Prairie, where she d. Feb. 4, 1878.

6278 Henry Augustus (Field), b. Mar. 26, 1821 ; m. Olive Thurston [no.72Si ]
62794- Abigail Willard,* b. July 29, 1794; m. Joseph Williams Field.

6280-i- William Calvert,'^ b. March 17, 1796; m. Philena Burroughs.
6281-l-John,* b. March 9, 1798; m. Polly Greeley.
6282-l-Lydia,^ b. March 18, 1800; m. Samuel Greeley.
6283 Ira,^ b. April 2, 1802; d. Oct., 1804.
6284-l-Daniel,^ b. Oct. 16, 1804; m. Mary Porter.

6285 Mary.s b. Dec. 22, 1S06; m., July iS, 1850, Andrew Mead, a farmer in Ando-

ver, Vt., d. June 16, 186S; no children.

6286 Elizalieth,^ b. March 24,1809; m. Herod Pierce, a farmer in Barton, Vt. ;

she d. June 20, 1865, having had Ira (Pierce).
6287-l-Welcome,^ b. Dec. 21, 1814; m. Mariah Harriet Field.


Jason Thurston ? {^Joel,^ yohn,'= David,^ yo/ui,^ Thomas,^ jfohii '),
son of Joel and Miriam (Blakely) Thurston of Easton, Washington


county, N. Y. ; born 1760; married, 1815, Betsey Paine, daughter
of Gen. Edward Paine, proprietor of Painesville, O., and relative of
the author Thomas Paine. She died in Brownstown, Mich., August,
1827. He was a farmer in Painesville. In 1815 went on the first
steamer from Cleveland to Detroit, Mich., and lived on Gen. Cass'
farm. In 1829 moved to Sima, Ind., then called Mongoquinong
Prairie, died in Colon, Mich., Feb. 26, 1835.


6288 Lodisky,^ b. June 4, 1808 ; m. William Thrall, a farmer in Grinnell, la., af-

terward in McMinnville, Ore. He was a Free Thinker in religion, d. They
had: Angeline (Thrall), d.; Antoinette (Thrall), d. ; William (Thrall), in

6289 Roxielany,^ b. June 11. iSio; m., fall of 1828, Timothy Wallace, a farmer

in Coldwater, Mich., d. in Batavia, Mich., 1848; she d. 1850. They had:
6290 Colin A. (Wallace), a farmer in McMinnville; m., in Lafayette, Ore., Aug.
2, 1857, Eliza Jane Shuck, b. in Burlington, la., da. of Andrew and
Mary (Conley) Shuck of McMinnville. Children : Edward West
(Wallace), b. April 14, 1859; a tinner; Annie Bell (Wallace), b. June
17, 1861 ; m., Oct. 19, 1881, Jasef Todd, a farmer; Cora M. (Wallace),
b. March 15. 1863.
6291 Augustus, * shot, in Detroit, Mich., by soldiers, garrisoned near there, while

guarding a pile of potatoes he had dug for his father, 181 5.
6292-l-Massena Paine,** b. March 31, 1812; m. Lovina Washburn.


William Thurston 7 {Joel,^ JoJm.'^ David,^ John,^ Thomas,^
John '), brother of the preceding, and son of Joel and Miriam (Blake-
ley) Thurston of Barker, N. Y. ; born in Easton, N. Y. ; married
Sophia Strickland, born in Easton. He took a farm in the woods
in Barker about 1806, and about 1819 went to Patriot, Ind., settled
near the Ohio river, and died June 17, 1841, and the widow went to
Peoria, 111., with her sons Jesse and Joel, and died in Marrville, 111.,
Feb. 15, 1869.


6293 William.8

6294 Hiram.'^

62954-Joel,* b. Jan. 19, 1804; m. Lovisa Phebe Munger.

6296 Jesse,^ h. in Easton, N. Y. ; m. Charlotte Moore, in Peoria, 111. ; he d. ; she

is still living. They had seven children.

6297 Jefferson,^ b. do. ; in Posey township, Switzerland Co., Ind. ; a boatman on

the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, took the yellow fever in New Orleans and
d. 1836; m. Millie Tripp. They had:

6298 Hiram,' b. Feb. i, 1829; a gold miner in Coquillie, post-office Eckley,

Ore. ; enlisted in the ist Oregon cavalry on the first call for volunteers,
served 3 years, dis. at Fort Vancouver; Christian ch. in religion; n.m.

6299 Adrian Hagerman,' b. March 5, 1831.

6300 Catherine,' b. April 22, 1833; m. ist, Nov. 18, 1S55, James Richard Goffe,

in Ohio Co., Ind., d. Jan. 17, 1868; 2d, Sept. 28, 187 1, William Thomas
Fulcher. She had: Robert Marion (Goffe), b. July 27, 1856; Mary
Alice (Goffe), b. in Gallatin Co., Ky., May 4, 1858, m. William Scuyler
of St. Louis, Mo. ; Martha Ellen (Goffe), b. Oct. 26, 1861, m., 1878,
George Robinson, d. Sept. 8, 1S84; James Adrian (Fulcher), b. 1872,
d. in infancy; Hiram Perry (Fulcher), b. in Gallatin Co., Dec. 12, 1873.
All members of the Methodist church.

6301 Milly,8 b. do., d. ; n.m.

6302 Matilda,* b. in Indiana; m., Nov. 30, 1830, Ambrose Facemire, a steamboat

pilot in Posey township, one-half mile from Patriot, Ind.; she d. Aug. 21,
1833, having had William (Facemire), d. Aug. 11, 1834.


6303 David,^ b. in Posey township; d. on the homestead, aged 21 ; n.m.

6304 Sophia," b. do., Feb. 18, 1S18; m., Nov. 10, 1837, John C. Hamilton, a river

pilot in Patriot and Jeffersonville, Ind. ; she d. in Crystal City, Mo., Dec.
30, 1884. They had, b. in Patriot:

6305 Josephine (Hamilton), b Jan. 19, 1839; m. William McGonigal, a planter

in Helena, Ark.

6306 Theodore (Hamilton), b. April 4, 1840; a steamboat engineer in Peoria;

m., April 15, 1S60, Eliza Sargent.

6307 Rose Anna (Hamilton), b. July 15, 1844; m., March 20, 1864, Robert

Kennedy, b. near Baltimore, Md., July 9, 1839, a photographer in Peo-
ria, 111., served in the war against the rebellion in the 9th Mo. reg.,
wounded at Fort Donnelson Feb., 1862. They have: (i) Theodore
(Kennedy), b. in Henry, 111., Feb. 7, 1S65, a fur dealer in Des Moines,
la., m., Sept. 15, 1885, Regina Wooster, b. in Peoria, Jan. 18, 1868, and
have Fannie, Mabel and Avery (Kennedy) ; (2) Frank (Kennedy), b. in
Peoria, Jan. 5, 1870, d. in Helena, Ark., Oct. 10, 1874; (3) Oliver (Ken-
nedy), b. in Helena, Aug. 22, 1874, studying to be an engineer; (4) Min-
nie May (Kennedy), b. do.. May 19, 1878, d. Oct. 22, 1882; (5) Bertie
C. (Kennedy), b. do., June 17, iSSi, d. March i, 1872; (6) Grace (Ken-
nedy), b. do., March 25, 1884.

6308 Commodore Perry (Hamilton), b. July 28, 1S48; an engineer in Spar-

land, 111.; m., Jan. 28, 1870, Sarah Campbell; five children.

6309 Dewitt Clinton (Hamilton), b. Dec. 12, 1850; an engineer in Joplin, Mo.;

m. 1st, Nov. 12, 1873, Cynthia Pinson; 2d, Oct., 1885, Mary Raville of
Crystal City, Mo. ; three children.

6310 Samuel,^ b. in Posey tp., drowned at Plum Point, Miss., June 2, 1840; n.m.

6311 Daniel,^ b. in Patriot, June 4, 1825 ; a farmer in Ira, la., having gone to Peo-

ria, 111., 1S49, and to Ira 1865; m., 1856, Jane McFarland. b. 1833, da. of
William McFarland. They have: Emma,^ b. in Peoria, March 18, 1857,
m., 1875, John McQueston, a farmer in Story Co., la.; Matilda,' b. Mar.
30, 1862, m., May 10, 18S5, William Gearheart, station agent in Ira; Eu-
gene,' b. Oct. 18, 1864, a farmer in Hamilton, la., m., 1S84, Sarah Barker;
Ray,9 b. May 9, 1866, a farmer in Jasper Co., la., m., May 9, 1887, Mag-
gie .Simpson; Charles,' b. Aug. 20, 1S73; Edith,' b. April 6, 1880.

6312 Rowena,^ b. and d. June 26, 1829.


James Thurston? {Joel,^ John,'^ David,^ jfohn,^ Thomas,^ J'ohn'^)^
brother of the preceding, and son of Joel and Miriam (Blakeley)
Thurston of Barker, N. Y. ; born Aug. 14, 1771 ; married, first,
Sarah Lathrop, died; second, Lois Gould, born Jan. 17, 1778.
He was a farmer in Easton, N. Y., died Aug. 18, 1856.


6313 Lois,^ b. Dec. 3, 1S02; m., June 12, 1825, Thomas Briggs Newell, b. in Sen"

eca Co., N. Y., April 15, 1801, a farmer in LaGrange, Ind. ; he d. Oct. 23'
1876. They had:

6314 Lucretia (Newell), b. Jan. 27, 1828.

6315 Llewellyn (Newell), b. March 5, 1830.

6316 Luamisa (Newell), b. March 14, 1832; d. Oct. 16, 1834.

6317 Lovina (Newell), b. Nov. 20, 1834.

6318 Thomas W. (Newell), b. April 12, 1836.

6319 John Nelson (Newell), b. June 5, 1839.

6320 Ira A. (Newell), b. July 22, 1841 ; d. May 20, 1842.

6321 Lorinda (Newell), b. June 12, 1843; ^- April 14, 1858.

6322 Jason (Newell), b. Sept. 20, J846. All farmers and farmers' wives but

John Nelson, carpenter, and Jason, grocer, in LaGrange.

6323 Alfred," b. April 25, 1804.

6324 Evelina,^ b. Oct. 6, 1805.

6325 Adam G.," b. Jan. 7, 1807,

6326 Judy ,8 b. Aug. 24, 1809.


6327 Anna,8 b. July 5, 181 1.

6328 Melissa,^ b. Oct. 6, 18 12.

6329 Melinda,^ b. April i, 181 5.

6330 James," b. Jan. 28, 1817, in Bronson, Mich.


David Thurston 7 {^oel,^ jfolm,^ David,'^ jfohn,^ Thomas,^ yohn^'),
brother of the preceding, and son of Joel and Miriam (Blakeley)
Thurston ; born in Nine Partners Tract, Dutchess county, N. Y., 1773 ;
married, 1818, Anna Dickerson. He was a farmer, a temperate,
upright and devoted christian, went with his parents to Easton, and
soon after marriage to Barker, and later moved to Groton, N, Y., but
soon back again to Barker, where he died 1845.


6331 David," b. in Barker, N. Y., Feb. 27, 1819; d. soon.

6332 Louisa," b. July 3, 1822; m., 1843, Jonathan Prince, in Portville, N. Y.

They had : Lorenzo, Robert, Charles, Arvilla, d. aged 19, Rose (Prince).

6333 Lorenzo," b. June 8, 1824; a farmer in Barker, after in Hedgersville, N. Y. ;

m. 1st, 1845, Melinda Waters, d. ; 2d, Anna Minere, d. June 14, 1868. Had:
6334 George,' b. 1846; enlisted in the war against the rebellion, and d. in An-
dersonville prison.
6335 Miriam," b. June 25, 1827 ; m., April 26, 1846, David Prince, a farmer in Che-
nango Forks, N. Y. ; she d. Feb., 1877. They had:

6336 Ellen (Prince), b. Feb. 14, 184S; m. G. W. English, a farmer in Barker,

had David and Bert (English).

6337 De Ette (Prince), m. George Atwater, a farmer in Chenango Forks.

6338 Charles (Prince), a farmer in Greene, N. Y. ; m. Sarah Strickland.

6339 Horatio (Prince), a farmer in Greene; m. R. Wheeler.

6340 Alberta (Prince), at home with his father.

6341 Juliette," b. in Tompkins Co., May 12,1829; m,, 1848, Robert Gibson, in

Hedgersville; shed. 1848.

6342 Charles Wesley,^ b. do., April 15, 1833; a lumberman in McKean Co., Pa.,

enlisted in the war against the rebellion, marched with Sherman thro Geor-
gia to the sea; n.m.

6343 Matilda," b. 1850; m. Harvey Burroughs.

6344 Emogene," b. May, 1853; m. Thomas Allen, a farmer in Hedgersville. They

have: Ray (Allen), b. 1887.


Rachel Thurston ^ {Joel^^ yohn,'= David,'' John,^ Thomas,^
yohn '), sister of the preceding, and daughter of Joel and Miriam
(Blakeley) Thurston of Nine Partners Tract, Dutchess county, N. Y. ;
born there 1773 ; married Reynolds Kenyon, born 1763. He was
a farmer near the Thurston homestead in Barker, P. O. Itasca, N.
Y., died Feb. 24, 1845. She was a Methodist, a lovely, devoted chris-
tian woman, "one of the excellent of the earth," died May 5, 1845.


6345 Paris (Kenyon), b. 1783 ; a farmer in Ohio ; m. Phebe Pendleton, d. 1818.

6346 Thurston (Kenyon), b. May 8, 1795; a farmer in Barker, N. Y. ; m., May

21, 1818, Mary English of Easton, N. Y. ; he d. March 24, 1879. They
had: (i) Mary Ann (Kenyon), m. John Brown of Whitney's Point, N.
Y., served thro the war against the rebellion, 2 sons ; (2) Fidelia (Kenyon),
m. Charles Hurlbut; (3) Jonathan (Kenyon), a farmer in Barker, P.O.
Itasca, N. Y., m. Elizabeth Newman; (4) Thurston (Kenyon), d. ; (5) Bet-
sey (Kenyon), m. J. Atwater; (6) Niles (Kenyon), in Chenango Forks, N.
Y., m. Julia Newman; (7) Eliza (Kenyon), m. Cyrenus Terwilliger of



Binghamton, N. Y. ; (S) Isabella (Kenyon), m. Perry Bliss, a farmer in
Barker, served thro the war against the rebellion; (9) Olive (Kenyon), m.
John Hoeg, a farmer in Barker, i da.; (10) Milo (Kenyon), m. Abbie
Monk, in Smithville, N. Y., i son.

6347 Nathaniel (Kenyon), b. June 5, 1797; m., Sept. 10, 1826, Hannah Smith;

he was a farmer adjoining the Thurston homestead in Barker, an honest,
prosperous man, d. Dec. Ii, 18S4. His wife had been insane for thirty-
five years before her death. They had: John Wesley (Kenyon), a farmer
in Chenango Forks, m. Fanny English; Rachel (Kenyon), m. Nelson Ter-
willigei;; Caroline (Kenyon), m. Cieorge English, son of Luke and Betsey
(Thurston) English [no. 6,364]; Norman (Kenyon), m. Agnes Comstock;
Eliza (Kenyon), m. Clark Smith; Olive (Kenyon), m. Burt Bliss; Natha-
niel (Kenyon), m. Electa Taft. All these are in Chenango Forks.

6348 Anna (Kenyon), b. Sept. 1 1, 1799; m. Isaac Storm, a farmer in Moravia, N.

Y., d. Dec. 10, 1878, aged 80; she d. Aug. i, 1S88. They had: (i) John
B. (Storm), b. Oct. 15, 1838, a very successful grocer and public-spirited
man in Watkins, N. Y., where he went 1869; m., 1S65, Olive Whitman;
his health compelled his retiring from business 1870, d. Nov. 19, 1884,
deeply lamented by all the community, and was buried in Genoa, N. Y.
They had Charles and George (Storm). (2) Perry (Storm), m., in Geneva,
N. Y., 2 sons; (3) Algernon (Storm), m., near Pikes Peak, 3 children;
(4) Cornelia (Storm), m. a son of Mr. Decker, the piano maker of New
York city, and have i son; (5) Abram (Storm), a farmer in Moravia, N.
Y. ; (6) Eugene (Storm), a farmer in Moravia, m. Rebecca Baker, and
have 3 sons and i da.; (7) Polly (Storm), m. Charles Hull, a farmer in
Moravia, 2 children.

6349 Miriam (Kenyon), b. 1802; m. David Brown, a farmer in Chenango Forks;

he d., agecl 78 yrs., 6 mos. ; she d. Nov. 20, 1884, aged 82. They had :
Parley M. (Brown), a farmer in Barker, P. O. Itasca, N. Y. ; Simeon
(Brown), both enlisted in the war against the rebellion Sept. 9, 1861, in
the 89th N. Y. reg., and both wounded at the battle of Antietam Sept. 17,
1862; Eliza (Brown), m. Farley Terwilliger of Elgin, 111.; Lucy (Brown),
m. Nicholas Kenyon [no. 6,357]; Almira (Brown), m. ; Morris Brown;
Simeon (Brown).

6350 Phebe (Kenyon), b. 1804; m. Solomon Terwilliger, in Fisher, Pa. ; she d.

1874; he d., aged 78. Had Isaac, Orrin, DoUie, Edwin, Jane (Terwilliger).

6351 Reynolds (Kenyon), b. July, 1806; a successful farmer in Downer's Grove,

111. ; m. Annis Strickland, b. 1806, d. 1874; he d. Nov. 20, 188 1. He was
a man of talent, a Universalist, great reader, occasionally preached, quite
a poet. After his wife's death his daughters kept house for him till they
died, and he made arrangements to live with his sister Anna ; he had
drawn a sum of money from the bank in preparation for going, when he
was found one morning dead in his room, with his skull and upper jaw
broken by an ax found in the room, his money and gold eyeglasses gone.
A $1,000 reward was offered for the conviction of the murderer; suspicion
fell upon a man who had threatened him, but evidence suiilicient to con-
vict him was not found. He must have had some premonition of his end,
as these lines were found upon the blank page of a book :

Soon ray trials and troubles will end,

And iny body lie low in the grave,
And my spirit return unto God,

For his grace is sufficient to save.

They had: Washington, John (Kenyon), both in the war against the re-
bellion, Harrison (Kenyon), Paris (Kenyon), killed in the war against the
rebellion, Hosea, Anna, Mary, Fanny (Kenyon).

6352 Oliver (Kenyon), b. Sept. 18,1808; a farmer and spiritualist in Downer's

Grove, 111., where he went 1840; m. Mary Jane Hardenburg, b. Aug. 21,
181 1. They had:

6353 Adaline (Kenyon), b. July 22,1832; m., Oct. 7,1855, Edwin Fuller, d.

Feb., 1865, leaving Ella and Nettie (Fuller).

6354 Jeannette (Kenyon), b. April 17, 1834, m., Sept. 6, 1853, Elijah Root, a

farmer, mental scientists in Lysle, 111.

6355 Julia Ann (Kenyon), b. Dec. 16, 1835; m., Oct. 11, 1858, Thomas Austin,

a farmer in Cass, 111. ; she d., having had 4 children, 2 living.


6356 Perry (Kenyon), b. Oct. 3,. 1837; a teamster in Harnden, la., served in

the 8th 111. reg. in the war against the rebellion four years; m., 1866,
Adelia Reynolds; seven children.

6357 Nicholas R. (Kenyon), b. Jan. 2r, 1840; a farmer in Atlantic, la., served

in the war against the rebellion ; m. Lucy Brown [under no. 6,349] ;
two sons.

6358 Eliza Maria (Kenyon), b. Feb. 12, 1845 5 ^n-' J^^"- 6, 'S62, Milo J. Som-

ers, a teacher in Lamont and York Center, and a reporter in Galena,
la., enlisted in the war against the rebellion, raised several regs., with
one of which he went to the front, wounded at Arkansas Port, and d.
in a St. Louis hospital, buried in Downer's Grove ; she d. about 1873.
in the triumphs of faith.

6359 Mary Jane (Kenyon), b. May 16, 1846; a dressmaker in Downer's-

Grove; n.m.

6360 Edwin F. (Kenyon), b. May 27, 1848; a miner in White Pine, Col.; m.

Eunice Nelson; no children.

6361 Otis H. (Kenyon), b. July i, 1850; d. 1870.

6362 Spink (Kenyon), b. Nov. 15, 1811; a farmer in Chenango Forks; m. ist,
Nov. 16, 1837, Elizabeth Ann Ockerman, d. Nov, 17, 1872, aged 60; 2d,
Dec, 23, 1873, Lodica Knapp, b. Jan. i, 1825. He had :
вАҐ6363 Peter (Kenyon), b. Jan. 30, 184 1 ; a farmer and Episcopalian in Bingham-

ton, N. Y, ; m. Josephine Willard ; one da.
6363a: Charles (Kenyon), b. Nov. 3, 1844, in Binghamton.
6363^ George S. (Kenyon), b. April 24, 1851; a farmer in Chenango Forks; m,

Jennie Bennett.
6363c Franklin (Kenyon), b. Jan. 17, 1854; a farmer in Chenango Forks; m.
Addie Mix.


John Thurston 7 {Joel,^ jfohn,^ David,^ John,^ Thomas,^ yohn^'),
brother of the preceding, and son of Joel and Miri

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