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311 Hattie,^ b. 1742.

312 Betty,5 b. Oct. 25, 1744; m. Capt. Peter Kimball.

313 Mary,5 b. July 24, 1746; m., May 21, 1771, Dea. Richard Walker, a farmer

and tanner in Bradford, Mass. They had :

314 Mehitable (Walker), b. 1773.

315 Hannah (Walker), b. 1775; "i- 'Samuel Gardner, a shoe manufacturer of

Haverhill, Mass.

316 David (Walker), b. 177S; m. Sarah Thurston [no. 9 /> ].

317 Betsey (Walker), b. 1782; m. Samuel Gardner, above.

318 Richard (Walker), b. 1786; m. Catherine Trickey of Bradford; a farmer

in Hanover, N. H.
319 Hannah,^ m., March 14, 1771, Timothy Gage, a farmer in Bradford. They
had :

320 Daniel (Gage), m. Hannah Curtis.

321 Betsey (Gage), m. Thomas Webster.

322 Hannah (Gage), m. Samuel Chadwick of Bradford.
323+Benjamin,^ b. Sept. 25, 1753; m. Sarah Phillips.
324-i-Nathauiel,5 b. Jan. 17, 1755; '"• "st, Betsey Webster and six others.
325-l-Daniel,^ b. June 12, 1757; m. Susannah Crombie.

326 Judith,' b. Aug. 14, 1765; d. Sept. 4, 176s-


David Thurston 4f (^Benjamin^), born July 9, 1736; married
Eunice Whitney. She died Jan. 5, 1802, aged 63. He died Aug.
6, 1826, aged 90 years, 28 days.

David Thurston lived in Leominster, Mass., several years, when he
left, and was one of the first settlers in Marlboro, N. H., as early as
1775, near the Monadnoc mountains, when the township was almost
an unbroken forest, subjecting them to great hardships. The cata-
mounts, wolves, bears and wild turkeys were very numerous and
troublesome, disturbing the slumbers of the night by their noise and
search after sheep and fowls. It is said of Mrs. Thurston that she
was particularly tough and smart, oftentimes walking long distances
on snow-sliuoes in the care of her family. By a letter from his son
David written to his sister Eunice (found 1878), he records that
David Thurston (his, father) went to live with him in Owego, N. Y.,
some years before his death, and that " he died sitting in his great
chair, the place chosen by himself to die a few minutes before, and

*For his will and anecdotes about him see 1st ed. p. 45.

i The 1st ed. had this D.-ivid as the son of Jonathan. I have since discovered that he was
the son of Benjamin, but who were the ancestors of Benjamin Tliurston I have not been able
to find, tho there is no doubt he belonged to this family.


closing his own eyes passed away like one going into a gentle sleep."
He was a member of the Presbyterian church, and to all appearances
a sincere Christian. The following record is of interest : —

"Marlboro, N. H., July g, 1776. We the subscribers do hereby
solemnly engage and promise that we will, to the utmost of our pow-
ers, at the risk of our lives and fortunes, with ARMS oppose the hos-
tile proceedings of the British Fleets and Armies against the United
American colonies." Signed David Thurston, and forty-nine others.

Children, born in Leominster, Mass.

327 Benjamin,' b. Dec. 26, 1766 ; m. Sally , and had:

328 Ginnet,'' bom in Marlboro, Aug. 30, 1792.

329 Sally,* b. in Marlboro, March 9, 1794.
330-l-David,' b. Oct. 17, 1768; m. Fanny Darling.
331-1- Levi,' b. June i, 1770; m. Abigail Newton.
332-j-John,' b. Jan. 21, 1772; m. Lydia Ball.

Born in Marlboro, N. H.
333-f Samuel,' b. Aug. 16, 1775; m. Sally French.
334-|-Ja-son,' b. Jan. 23, 1777; m. Mrs. Lydia (P'almer) Rollins.

335 Eunice,' b. June 25, 1780; m. ist, in Marlboro, N. H., Oct. 6, 1S05, Abraham
Garfield, b. 1779, son of John and Lucy (Smith) Garfield of Lincoln, Mass.
He was a farmer, living in Troy, N. H., and after marriage in Londonderry
and Landgrove, Vt. She d. in Landgorve, Feb. 23, 1S41, and was buried in
Londonderry, Vt., after which he lived with his son John in Jaffrey, N. H.,
where he died Sept. 24, 1S65. They had:
336 Eunice (Garfield), b. July 27, 1S06; m., Feb. iS, 1S40, Walter Greenwood,
b. Oct. 3, 1S12. In furniture and woodeli ware business in Providence,
R. L, till 1851, removed to ILast Templeton, Mass. He died July 9, 1880.
.She resides in Baldwinville, Mass., both members of the Baptist church.
They had: (i) Thomas (Greenwood), b. in Templeton, Mass., Nov. 27,
1S42, fitted for college at Easthampton, Mass., and entered Yale, worked
his own way for two years, then entered the commissary dept. at City
Point, Md., and after close of the war was commissioned with the charge
of Fort Foot, Md. He went liack to Vale in 1S66, and graduated 1S67 ;
was principal of Harcourt school in (xambier, O. Taught school and
studied law in New Vork, graduated from Columbia Law school and
commenced practice in New Vork. Li 1S79 '^'^'^'^ appointed assistant U.
S. attorney in New Vork. (2) Edwin Walter (Greenwood), b. in Provi-
dence, R. L, Mar. 30, 1S45, enlisted in the war against the rebellion, died
of gunshot wound received at Port Hudson, La., July 6, 1863, a member
of Baptist church. (3) Thurston (Greenwood), b. in Providence Sept.
29, 1S51, d. in Templeton, Mass., Oct. 19, 186S ; member of Bap. church.

337 Maria (Garfield), \\ in Troy, N. H., May 19, 1808; m., 1862, Ebenezer

Howe, a chair maker in .So. Gardiner, Mass.; d. April 2, 1876, aged 68.
.She died at her l^rother Solomon's, April 8, 1887. No children; both
members of the Baptist church.

338 Abraham (Garfield), b. in Troy, Apr. 24, 1810; m. ist, 1837, Sophronia

Coney of Londonderry, Vt. Shed. 1842; 2d, March, 1842, Eliza Ann
Reed Dinsmore Jacquith of Ashby, Mass., 1). Aug. 17, i8io.' .She died
Feb. 6, 1876. He was a stone cutter in Ashburnham, Mass.; 1889 in
Keene, N. H. They had : (i) William Azel (Garfield), b. in l^ondon-
derry, Vt., April 5, 1S38, a mechanic in Keene, N. H. Enlisted in 1st
N. H. regiment heavy artillery, Aug. 29, 1863. Discharged on account of
heart disease after 14 months; m., Aug. 15, 1862, Sarah Maria F'iske, b.
Oct. 17, 1837, in Chicopee, Mass., da. of Abner [b. in Chesterfield, N.
PL, Apr. 17, 1773] and Mary L. (Smith) [b. in Holland, Mass., May 31,
1818] Fiske of Keene, N. H. Methodists. They have; .Sophro-
nia Isabel (Garfield), b. .Sept. 12, 1S63; d. in New London, Ct., May I;
1874; Mary Adelaide (Garfield), b. July 23, 1S65 ; Frank Azel
(Garfield), b. in Hinsdale, N. H., July 19, 1868. A pail turner in Keene;
member of Congregational church; Lizzie Jane (Garfield), b. at


Athol Depot, Mass., Mar. 2, 1872; d. May i, 1S74. (2) Elmur Lauren
(Garfield), b. in Hinsdale, N. H., Nov. 27, 1S41. Enlisted in 14th X. H.
regiment, Aug. 11, 1862, and was killed in battle at Winchester, Va.,
Sept. 25, 1864. (3) Warren (Garfield), b. 1843; a truckman in Boston!
enlisted in war against the rebellion Aug. 13, 1864, in the 14th Mass. reg-
iment. Discharged June 17, 1865; d. 1886.

339 John (Garfield), b. in Troy, N. H., Feb. 27, 1812; a farmer in East Jaf-

frey, N. H., says he aided in taking down the old Thurston house in Troy,
and the shingles were all fastened on with wooden pins ; no iron nails ;
m.. May 31, 1S36, Emily Gould, b. Oct. 24, 1807. She died Sept. 30!
1882. They had: (i) John Quincy (Garfield), b. Aug. 6,1838; a fres-
coer in San Francisco, Cal. ; m., Oct. 20, 1869, Emma Parker of San
Francisco. They have: Walter P. (Garfield), b. 1870; Clara
E. (Garfield), b. 1874; John M. (Garfield), b. 1876. (2) Lucius A.
(Garfield), b. Mar. 11, 1S49; a farmer in Jaffrey, N. PL; m., Feb. 4, 1874,
Ella M. Clark. They have : Ernest B. (Garfield), b. 1875; Bessie A.
(Garfield), b. 1S77; Marion E. (Garfield), b. 1879; John A. (Garfield),
b. 1882; Ansel L. (Garfield), b. 1884.

340 Fanny (Garfield), b. in Landgrove, Vt., Sept. 18, 1814; m. John Robert-

son Haynes, a farmer in Landgrove, representative to the legislature, se-
lectman, and other town ofiices. He was killed by his bull 1879 ! she d.
Sept., 1885. They had: Abby Maria (Haynes), b. 1852; m., 1880, Dan-
iel W^ebster Marden, a farmer in Londonderry, Vt.

341 David (Garfield), b. in Landgrove, Vt., Mar. 2, 1817, lived in London-

derry, Vt. ; m., 1863, Dorcas McMullen. No children.

342 Solomon (Garfield), b. in Landgrove, Vt, Jan. 2, 1819 ; a farmer in East

Jaffrey, N. H. ; m. ist, Aug. 20, 1844, Loretta Fairbanks of Dublin, N.
H. She d. Sept. 3, 1855; 2d, Sept. 6, 1857, Mary Eliza Richardson, b.
1829. He had: (i) Andrew May (Garfield), b. in Providence, R. L,
July 6, 1853; d. in Peterboro, N. H., Mar. 3, 1873. (2) Martin
Parker (Garfield), b. in Peterboro, Dec. 4, 1859; a farmer. (3) Frank
Lewis (Garfield), b. Jan. 21, 1861 ; studying for the ministry. (4) Archie
Reuel (Garfield), b. in Vineland, N. J., May 21, 1867; a farmer. {5)
John Pearl (Garfield).

343 Andrew Jackson (Garfield), b. in Landgrove, Vt., June 18, 1821 ; a wooden

ware dealer in Jaffrey, N. H.; d. Aug. 17, 1848.

344 Daniel Jackson (Garfield), b. in Landgrove, Vt., Aug. 8, 1824; a pail

maker in Winchendon, Mass., and Marietta, O., and after in St. Louis,
Mo., where he died 1879; ™-' 1852, Marietta Stoddard of Winchendon,
Mass. They had: (i) Newton (Garfield), I3. 1S53. (2) Florence (Gar-
field), b. 1855.
345 Stephen,' b. March 18, 1783, d. Jan. 25, 1784.


Dea. John Thurston 4 {jfonathan,^ Daniel^i^ Daniel '), son of Jon-
athan and Lydia (Spofford) Thurston of Rowley, now Georgetown,
Mass.; born there Aug. 19, 1723; married, first, March 15, 1743-4,
Hepzibah Burpee, born Oct. 3, 1722, daughter of Ebenezer and
Miriam (Pearson) Burpee of Newbury, Mass. She died April 10,
1766; second, April 28, 1768, Lydia Kimball of Bradford, Mass.
He died August, 1807.

Mr. Thurston purchased a farm in the westerly part of Lunenburg,
before the town of Fitchburg was incorporated, Aug. 6, 1765, and
moved there in the spring of 1766. He was a soldier in the French
and Indian wars, and several relics captured by him from the enemy
are still in the possession of his descendants. He was deacon of the
Congregational church, and a man much respected in town.*

* For inscription on tombstone see ed. p. 46.


Children, all born in Rowley.

346 Jonathan,' bap. Nov. 25, 1744.

347 Sarah,' b. June 8, bap. June 12, 174S; m. Wood.

348 Ebenezer,'* b. 1749; published Oct. 27, 1770; m. Lydia Flagg of Worcester.

He was a farmer, deacon of the Congregational church in Fitchburg, Mass.,
many years. No children; d. June, 1822, aged 73. She d. Nov., 1831,
aged 78.
349-f Priscilla,' b. about 1751 ; m. Abraham Farwell.

350 Miriam,' bap. April 10, 1782; m- Sargent, and had Thurston (Sargent).

351 Hepzibah,' b. Aug. 8, bap. Aug. 12, 1760; published July 6,1786; m. John

( )sborn, a farmer in Fitchburg. She died Nov. 29, 1808. They had:

352 liepzibah B. (Osborn), b. Sept. 30, 1787.

353 Lydia K. (Osborn), b. July 19, 1790.

354 John (Osborn), b. April 6, 1792.

355 J'^phraim (Osborn), b. May 2, 1794.

356 Miriam (Osborn), b. July 13, 1801.

357 Abram (Osborn), b. May 5, 1804.

358 Daniel,' b., m. and lived in Beverly, Mass., and had :

359 John.6

360 Anne.^

361 Sarah.''

362+Thomas,' b. Feb. 2, bap. Feb. 9, 1755; ""*• '^t, Lydia Davis; 2d, Mehitable

363+John,' b. Feb. 20, bap. Feb. 27, 1757; m. Esther Wood.
364+Stephen,' bap. July 17, 1763; m. Mary Osgood.


Samuel Thurston'* (^yonatha7i,^ Daniel,'' Daniel'), brother of the
preceding and son of Jonathan and Lydia (Spofford) Thurston of
Rowley, now Georgetown, Mass.; born there June 7, 1727 ; married,
by Rev. James Chandler, Apr. 18, 1751, Priscilla Burpee, born
Jan. 18, 1728-9, daughter of Ebenezer and Miriam (Pearson) Burpee
of Newbury, Mass. He died Mar. 26, 1806 ; she died Nov., 181 1.

Mr. Thurston was a farmer in Lancaster, Mass. His farm was on
the line between Lancaster and Sterling, and his remains were buried
in Sterling. He was representative to the general court 1778.


365 Priscilla,' b. Mar. 24, 1752; m. [intention Jan. 5, 1776, both of Lancaster]
Joseph Kendall, b. in Sterling, Mass. She d. May 29, 1812. They had:

367 John (Kendall), b. Jan. 17, 1777; d. Apr. 4, 1823.

368 Judith (Kendall), h. July 21, 1778; d. May 27, 1820.

369 Peter (Kendall), b. Mar. 15, 1780; d. Mar. 31, 1786.

370 Joseph (Kendall), b. Aug. 12, d. Aug. 16, 1781.

371 Sewall (Kendall),!). Aug. 31, 17S2; d. i860; m. Sarah Wyman of Rox-

bury, resided in Boston.

372 Sophia (Kendall), b. Oct. 15, 17S4; d. Nov. 4, 1866; m. William Perry, a

lawyer of Leominster, Mass.

373 Peter (Kendall), b. Aug. 4, 1785; d. Jan. 24, 1S49; m- and resided in

Worcester, IVIass.

374 Clarissa (Kendall), b. Aug. 5, 1788; d. 1814.

375 Hannah (Kendall), b. May 9, 1790; d. Nov. 10, 18 18.

376 Pearson Thurston (Kendall), b. Aug. 29, 1792; d. Jan. 11, 1865; m. and

practiced medicine in Sterling and Clinton, Mass.

377 Martha (Kendall), b. July 13, 1794; d. Jan. 14, 1818.

378 C;ill (Kendall), b. March, 1797; d. Jan. 6, 1798.

♦Ebenezer Tluirstoii of Castleton, Vt., Samuel Hutchinson and wife Abig.ail of Cavendish,
Vt., Ebenezer Tliurston, yeoman, and wife Lydia of Fitehburfi, Josepli Gra;y and wife Sarah
of FltchburK, Phinehas Allen, yeoman, and wife Dolly of Fitchbrn-"-, Stephen Flagg, yeo-
man, and wife Batty of Boylston, ioiutly deeded land March C, 1792.


379 John,-' b. Sept. 15, 17^3 ; d- Jan. i, 1754.

380-fJohn,-' b. Nov. 15, 1754; m. 1st, Rebecca Gates, 2d, Polly Sargent, 3d, Lydia

381 Judith,-' b. Jan. 9, 1757; d. June 20, 1774.
382+Silas,5 b. Dec. 12,1758; m. ist, Sally Kendall, 2d, Michal Nelson, 3d, Amy

383 Mary.s b. Oct. 17, 1761 ; m.. May 19, 1782, jjy Josiah Wilder, Esq., Tilley

Richardson of Sterling, Mass.
384+ Pearson,-' b. Dec. 9, 1763; m. Jerusha (ireenleaf.
385 Sally,' b. June 14, 1767; d. June 16, 1801.
386+Susanna,' b. April 7, 1769; m. Dr. Silas Allen.

387 Hepzibah,5 b. Aug. i, 1771 ; m., June 16, 1805, Sawyer, a carpenter of

Sterling, Mass. ; d. July 31, 1814.

388 Lydia,-' b. Jan. 24, 1774; d. Nov. 25, 1S03.


Mary Thur.ston 4 (^Rkhard,^ Daniel,^ Da?iiel^), eldest daughter of
Richard and Mehitable (Jewett) Thurston of Rowley, now George-
town, Mass.; born there Oct. 26, 1734; married, Sept. 23, 1756, Dea.
Jeremiah Searle, born 1723, son of William and Jane (Nelson)
Searle. She died Aug. 20, 1804, aged 70.


389 Jeremiah (Searle), b. 1761 ; n. m.

390 Stephen (Searle), m., about 1790, Mary Jewett, and had:

391 Jeremiah (Searle), b. 1794.

392 Jacob (Searle), b. 179S.

393 Stephen (Searle), b. 1803; m. Sally Stickney, and had Stephen (Searle), b.


394 Benjamin Gardner (Searle), b. 1809.

395 Richard Thurston (Searle). b. 1814.

396 Betsey (Searle), n. m.

397 Martha (Searle), n. m.

398 Jonathan (Searle), n. m.

399 Mehitable (Searle), m., March i, 1793, Rev. vSamuel Toombs, b. in \Yallkill,

N. v., Jan. I, 1776; installed Feb. 19, 1806, as pastor of a Presbyterian
church in Salem, Washington county, N. Y., where he labored very suc-
cessfully twenty-six years, and died March 28, 1832. It is recorded of him
that " few equalled him in profoundness and solidity of intellect. His mind
was clear, vigorous and comprehensive, and while expounding the great doc-
trines and principles of Christianity, in which his whole heart and soul were
engaged, he gave utterance to thoughts that were eloquent and impressive."


Eunice Thurston '^ {Richard,'^ Daniel,- Daniel'), sister of the pre-
ceding, and daughter of Richard and Mehitable (Jewett) Thurston of
Rowley, now Georgetown, Mass.; born there Oct. 4, 1736; married
John Harris, born 1730, son of John and Mary (Waite) Harris,
born 1 65 1, son of Dea. Timothy and Phebe (Pearson) Harris, son of
John and Bridget Harris. She died Sept. 21, 1775 : he died Sept.
20, 1808, aged 78.


400 Mary (Harris), b. July, 1767; d. Nov. 17, 1795.

401 Phebe (Harris), b. Dec. 23, 1769; m., June 14, 1798, Dr. Joshua Jewett, b.

Aug. 23, 1768, deacon of the Congregational church of Rowley. She died
Oct. 12, 1854, aged 85; he d. Jan. 3, r86i, aged 93. In a letter written by
Dr. Tewett, Nov. 21, 1852, he says he is in his eighty-fifth year, and that hi.->
wife has two silver tablespoons made from silver money found in the pocket



of Stephen Thurston after he was shipwrecked, marked S. T. [no. 149].
Children :

402 John Harris (Jewett), b. 1799; d., n. m., about 1S60.

403 Joshua (Jewett), b. 1801 ; d., n. m., in Salem, about 1827.

404 Henry Cushing (Jewett), b. 1803 ; grad. from Brown University 1824, in-

stalled as pastor of the Congregational church in Winslow, Me., July 4,
1835, dis. April 30, 1842; m. Mrs. Bridges; d. in Mass. 1846.

405 Mary (Jewett), b. 1808; m. I)ea. James J. I'lummer of Rowley; d. June

3, 1844, without issue. She was a graduate of Ipswich Seminary under
blisses Grant and Lyon. He m. 2d, and always lived at the homestead
of his 1st wife, Mrs. Plummer caring tenderly for her parents, Lydia
Bailey the old housekeeper, and her brother, who left his business in
Boston to come home to die. This house is more than 100 years old,
and contains many relics of ye olden time, a clock over 200 years old, a
buffet filled wdth ancient ware, etc.


Phebe Thurston 4 {Richard,= Daniel,- Daniel'), sister of the pre-
ceding, and daughter of Richard and Mehitable (Jewett) Thurston of
Rowley, now Georgetown, Mass.; born there Dec: 14, 1741 ; married
first, Oct. 31, 1771, Rev. David Jewett, born May 31, 1746, gradu-
ated from Harvard 1769, and settled as a Congregational minister in
Candia, N. H., in 1771; dismissed in 1780, and settled as the first
pastor of the Congregational church in Winthrop, Me., Jan. 2, 1782,
having preached several months preceding, where he died March,
1783, aged 37. Second, Deacon Daniel Spofford,* born 172 1, a
farmer of Rowley, Mass., as his third wife. He was chosen deacon
of Georgetown church 1781. He died April 26, 1803. She died
Aug. 15, 181 1, aged 70.


406 Phebe (Jewett), m. Adams of Newbury, Mass.

407 David (Jewett), m. Mrs. Judkins; a farmer of Monmouth, Me., where he

lived and died, leaving 3 sons and a daughter.

408 Sarah (Jewett), d. young in Rowley.

409 Eunice (Jewett), m. Joshua Noyes, a farmer in Byfield, Mass. ; removed to

Atkinson, Me., where he died. They had :

410 Phebe Thurston (Noyes), b. 1801 ; m. Samuel Thurston [no. ir, 525].

411 Rev. Randall (Noyes) ; he died in Atkinson. One of his sons married a

daughter of his uncle David Jewett, and became a Baptist preacher.
412 John (Jewett), died in Georgetown, childless.


Daniel Thurston ■♦ {Richard,^ Daniel,- Daniel'), brother of the
preceding, and son of Richard and Mehitable (Jewett) Thurston of

• The Spofford Family.

L John and Mary his wife were among the first settlers of Rowley, Mass., in 1638, com-
ing from Eiij;laiid with Ezekiel Rogei-s' company. Will dated 1678; had John and Samuel.

IT John, born 1648; married, 1700, Sarah Wheeler; lived on the homestead farm; d,
1696. Had a son.

III. Capt. John, b. 1678; m. 1st, 1700, Dorcas Hopkinson, b. Feb. 26, 1670, daughter of
John Hopkinsoii and granddaughter of Bea. John Pearson of Rowley; m. 2d, Sarah Poor.
He had 5 children by 1st wife, one of whom, Francis, b. Feb. 19 1702, the patriarch of the
Windham, Ct., SpofEords, b. 1722, d. 1785, m., 1722, Priscilla Walcott. By 2d wife he had 3

IV. Col. Daniel, b. April. 1721; d. April 26, 1803; m. 1st, 1741, Judith Follansbee. He
was a skilled architect; colonel of the regiment that marched to the Lexington light; repre-
sentative to general court 1776; member of the convention that formed the U. S. Constitu-
tion 1780; deacon of the Congregational church. Hem. 2d, Betsey (Smith) Emery ; m. 3d,
Mrs. Phebe (Thurston) Jewett [no. 154].


Rowley, now Georgetown, Mass.; born there Dec. 14, 1745; mar-
ried, first, Feb. 4, 1768, Judith Chute, born Jan. 20, 1743, daugh-
ter of Capt. Daniel and Hannah (Adams) Chute of Newbury, Mass.
She died Dec. 13, 1788. Second, Nov. 5, 1789, Mrs. Margaret
Kinsman of Ipswich, where he lived» tall Nov. 4» 1799 i ""loved to a .

She died Feb. 27, 1822, aged 75. He died instantly at Ipswich, April
30, 18 1 7, as he was trundling a wheelbarrow along the street.*

Children, by first wife.
4i3+Susannah,5 b. Nov. i, 176S; m. Dea. William Colman.
4i4-(-.Stephen,5 b. Jan. 2, 1770; m. ist, Philomela Parish; 2d, Sarah Purge; 3d,

fiannah Worcester.
4iS-|-Judith,^ b. Dec. 31, 1771 ; m. Samuel Pearson.

416 Daniel,^ b. Dec. iS, 1772; d., unmarried, Apr. 19, 1792; bap. Dec. 20, 1772.

417 Hannah,' bap. May 8, 1774; d. in childhood.


Sarah Thurston ^ (A'ic/iar^/,^ Daniel,- Daniel^), sister of the pre-
ceding, and daughter of Richard and Mehitable (Jewett) Thurston of
Rowley, Mass.; born there April 14, 1748; married, June 13, 1775,
Capt. John Pearson, born October, 1746 [see Pearson Family, p.
12]. He died Sept. 15, 1807 ; she died Apr. 28, 1818, aged 70.

Sarah Thurston and her sister Mehitable were married at the same
time, Tuesday, before the battle of Bunker Hill, which was fought
Saturday, June 17, 1775. Capt. Pearson had bright black eyes, clear
complexion, and was very handsome ; he was passionately fond of
music, as he copied tunes which formed a thick book, and bound it
in tin covers. It is now, 1879, ^^ possession of Horatio Webster,
Milton, Mass. He had the house built 1750, the fulling mill, and a
farm in Rowley, Mass. The place is now, 1884, called Glen Mills.
Mrs. C. M. Barnes says : " I very well remember my dear old grand-
mother sitting in the stuffed chair which was brought from England,
and had under its cushion a box, in which it was said the Bible was
hid in the days of persecution. There she sat, all her joints fixed
except the neck, for I well remember she could shake her head at me
when naughty. A peg was placed in her nearly closed hand on
which was placed a handkerchief, that she could use by moving her
head. Her little grandchildren would stand by her and turn the
leaves of her Bible. Many were the lessons we received at her lips :
the history of Elisha and the naughty children ; a stitch in time saves
nine ; little children should be seen and not heard ; ' Hark, from the
tombs,' etc. She suffered thus for thirty years, and bore it with
Christian resignation, tho a lady of great spirit and efficiency when
well, as an old man once said to me, ' Your grandmother was a smart
woman, rather high in the instep.' "


4t8 Ruth (Pearson), b. Dec. 9, 1776; d. May 27, 1777.
4r9+Sarah (Pearson), b. Mar. 22, 177S; m. Rev. Moses Elliot.

420 Elizabeth (Pearson), b. Feb. 5, 17S0; d. Dec. 5, 1786.

421 One stillborn, Oct. 27, 1781.

*For his will see 1st etl, p. 50f


422-(-Mehitable (Pearson), b. Jan. I, 17S3; m. James Webster.

423 Hannah (Pearson), b. Oct. 9, 17S5; d. Aug. 10, 1814, aged 29; n. m.

424 John (Pearson), b. Mar. 4, 1791 ; last of the male line; a Christian of great

loveliness. He gave the Am. Ed Soc. $500 by his will ; d. (Jet. 5, 1819;


David Thurston ■* of North Sedgwick, Me. {Richard,^ Danicl,-
Daniel^), brother of the preceding, and son of Dea. Richard and
Mehitable (Jewett) Thurston of Rowley, now Georgetown, Mass. ;
born there March 19, 175 1 ; married, first, Mary Bacon, born Aug.
18, 1750, only daughter of Rev. Jacob and Mary (Wood) Bacon*
of Rowley. She died Oct. 21, 1790. Second, 1791, Chloe Red-
iNGTON, born May 11, 1767. She was a daughter of Abraham and
Sarah (Kimball) Redington, who after Mr. Redington's death mar-
ried Mr. Hook. Mr. Redington f was a farmer in Boxford, Mass.
When Chloe was quite young he sold his farm and built a vessel in
Haverhill. On the morning of his departure in this vessel he took
his family, wife and six small children, into the front room, drew the
shutters, and commended them all to God, then left never to return,
the vessel and all on board being lost. Chloe's mother died in New-
buryport, Sept. 28, 1823, aged 86 years, 9 months. While yet an in-
fant Chloe was given by her mother to her aunt, Mrs. Rev. Jacob
Bacon. After Mrs. Bacon's death, and when Mr. Thurston married
her daughter, he took Chloe with his wife to their new home, which
became her life home. Mr. Thurston often said '* I brought my two
wives home at once."

"''The BACON Family. (More extended notice in 1st ed. p. 51.)

I. Thomas Bacon, born 1666. married Hannali Fales; she diej April, 1711; he died April
11, 1749, aged 83. They had Thomas, d. 1781, aged 92; James, d. 1785, aged 85; Jacob; and
Hannah, ni. NaUianiel Wriglit, and d. Oct. 3, 1754; Mr. Wright d. Aprifs, 1755.

II. Rev. .1 ACOb Bacon, born in Rowley, Mass., 1706, married, flrst, June 22, 1749, Mary
Wood, born 1717; she died Nov. 17, 1772. Second, Mary Whitney. He died Aug. 14, 1787,

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