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Nancy Thurston ^ {Alnj'ah,^ Daniel,^ Datiiel,^ Thomas,^ T/iomas,^
yohn '), sister of the preceding, and daughter of Abijah and Rachel
(Johnson) Thurston of FrankUn, Mass.; born there probably 1776;
married, April 19, 1800, Thaddeus Hastings, born Sept. 10, 1769,
son of Thaddeus and Mary (Stratton) Hastings of Lexington, Mass.
She died Jan. 7, 1805. He was a farmer in South Hope, Me., jus-
tice of the peace and selectman, died Feb. 11, 1841.


6595 Erwin (Hastings), b. July 4, 1801 ; a farmer in South Hope, Me. ; m., Jan.
30, 1831, Elizabeth Walker, da. of Amos and Judith (Bailey) Walker of
Union, Me. ; he d. Oct. 13, 1865; she d. Jan. 26, 1890, aged 83 yrs. 11 mos.
They had :

6596 Amos W. (Hastings), b. May 11,1832; m., March, 1856, Susan Sedg-

wick of Adamsville, O., where he was a teacher, since in Zanesville, O.
They had: Florence (Hastings), b. Dec. 13, 185S; Eugenia (Hastings),
b. May, i860, d. Aug., 1861 ; Nellie (Hastings), b. Sept. 14, 1862, d.
Nov. 21, 1S65; Alice (Hastings), b. Aug. 12, 1864, d. March 13, 1866;
Clarence Remington (Hastings), b. Aug. 7; 1868, d. Jan. 22, 1869.

6597 Thaddeus (Hastings), b. May 18, 1835; a farmer in Hope, Me.; served

in the war against the rebellion in the 9th Me. reg. ; justice of the
peace; m. ist, June 30, i860, Mary \. Fish, d. Feb. 4, 1871 ; 2d, Jan. i,
1872, Martha Boggs. He had: Lillie E. (Hastings), b. May 15, 1861,
d. March 18, 1S62; Everett S. (Hastings), Id. March 9, 1863, a teamster
in East Union, m., and has Manuel S. (Hastings), b. Sept. 24, 18S9;
Flavius N. (Hastings), b. Feb., 1865, d. aged 18 mos. ; Carrie Walker
(Hastings), b. June 26, 1868, a compositor in Rockland, Me., m., Aug.

7, 1891, David Gregory, a shipwright in Camden, N. J. ; Erwin E. (Hast-
ings), b. Oct. 27, 1S73; Emma A. (Hastings), b. Oct. 19, 1875; Ernest
E. and Alice M. (Hastings), twins, b. Sept. 25, 1877; Annie M. (Hast-
ings), b. April I, 1881.

6598 Nancy Thurston (Hastings), b. Nov. 18, 1837; m., Aug. 22, 1863, Edwin

Davis, a hotel manager in Warren, Me. ; he d. at South Hope, March
7, 1869. They had: Fannie L. (Davis), b. March ii, 1867.

6599 Emily E. (Hastings), b. Jan. 18, 1841 ; d. May 15, 1857.

6600 Edmund Bailey (Hastings), twin, b. April 26, 1845; m., Feb. 17, 1870,

Jerusha Blackington of Rockland, Me., where he is a merchant. They
have: Albert Mills (Hastings), b. 1872.


6601 Sarah M. (Hastings), twin, b. April 26, 1S45; m., Nov. 22, 1863, Minot
D. Hewett, a cabinet malcer in Undlay, O., lost part of right hand and
son deorge part of left hand by a circular saw. They had : George
I-:. (Hewett), b. May iS, 1S65; Arthur L. (Hewett), b. March 20, 1867;
Florence M. (Hewett), b. Oct. 18, 1876.

6602 Julia (Hastings) b. Jan. 6, 1805; m.. May 22, 1S43, George Fogler, a farmer

of Hope, and had: Mary Frances (FoglerJ, b. Feb. 26, 1S49.


Caleb Thurston ^ {Abijah^ Daniel,^ Daniel,'^ Thomas,'^ Thomas,'
John '), brother of the preceding, and son of Abijah and Rachel
(Johnsori) Thurston of FrankUn, Mass. ; born there 1781 ; married
LoviCEY French, born 1778. He succeeded his fathers for several
generations in the tavern in Franklin, noted all over that part of the
country ; a colonel of militia ; represented his town in the legislature
several times ; town treasurer twenty-five years in succession, and se-
lectman, died Sept. 12, 1840. She was admitted to the Congrega-
tional church in Franklin, May 27, 1810, and he Sept. 29, 181 1. She
died July 13, 1843.


6603 Pauhna French,^ b. 1S03; m. John Phillips Nye, a farmer in New Braintree,

Mass., b. 1789, son of William and Eunice Nye; she d. Feb. 14, 1857.
They had: Caleb Thurston (Nye), b. Nov. 8, 1S18, in Franklin, Mass.;
William (Nye), b. 1S20, in New Braintree, Mass.; James Arnold (Nye), b.
1823; Susan (Nye), b. 1826; John Harrington (Nye), b. 1S32; Nathan
(Nye), b. 1834.

6604 Julia,» b. Sept. 28, 1807 ; d. Sept. 28, 1822.

6605 Harriet,^ b. March 6, 1809; d. Aug. 9, 1810.

6606 Harriet Sophronia,^ b. Feb. 21, 1812; d. April 12, 1816.

6607 Charlotte Lovicey,^ b. Sept. 24, 1814; d. Oct. 29, 1S15.

6608 Abigail,^ b. April 27, 1817; m., by Rev. Elam Smalley, pastor Cong, church

in Franklin, May 18, 1835, David Ely, a trader in Humphrey, N. Y., b. in
Harwinton, Conn., March 29, 1811 ; she d. Sept. 21, 1867. They had:

6609 Julia Thurston (Ely), b. Sept. 2, 1840 ; m., at Cuba, N. Y., Feb. 18, 1861,

George Peter Learn, b. Dec. 17, 1S36, a farmer in Humphrey Center, N.
Y., and has William Edwin (Learn), b. May 9. 1863.

6610 Sarah Jane (Ely), b. May 27, 1845; m., in 1868, Alphonso Oristes Win-

ters, a farmer in Franklin ville, b. in Portville, N. Y., Feb. 23, 1841 ; no

661 1 Maria,^ b. June 22, d. Nov. 12, 1822.


David Thurston ^ {Abijah,^ Daniel,'^ Datiiel,'^ Tho7nas,^ Thomas,'
yohti '), brother of the preceding, and son of Abijah and Rachel
(Johnson) Thurston of Franklin, Mass.; born there Sept. 20, 1784;
married, Sept. 5, 1809, Miranda Ellis, born Dec. 8, 1786, daughter
of Timothy and Sarah (Richardson) Ellis of Franklin. He was a
farmer in Franklin, died July 25, 181 1. She married second, April
17, 1832, Jemotis Pond, born 1771 and died April 20, 1843. She
died in Holliston, Mass., Aug. 15, 1870.


6612 Nancy,^ b. March iS, 181 1 ; m., Nov. 29, 1832, Stephen Metcalf, b. in Belling-

ham, Mass., June 8, 1802, son of .Stephen and Olive (Burr) Metcalf, d.
Nov. 4, 1875; was a merchant in Holliston, Mass., where his widow re-
sided till her death, July 12, 1887. They had:


6613 Nancy Miranda (Metcalf), b. May 24, 1834; m., Feb. 13, 1856, Edmund

Fisher Pond, b. in Franklin, Mass., Oct. 29, 1825, a merchant in Phila-
delphia, Penn. ; she d. Feb. 28, 1890, and had Annie Frances (Pond), b.
in W. Medway, Mass., Oct. 21, 1857.

6614 Stephen George (Metcalf), b. Sept. 4, 1835; m., June 7, 1S64, Adaline

Trowbridge of Framingham, Mass., where he was a merchant ; d. Oct.
24, 1868, and had Irene (Metcalf), b. in Framingham, P'eb. 16, 1867.

6615 Julia Ann (Metcalf), b. Jan. 6, 1839; m., Oct. 8, 1S74, Dr. Anthony Jones

Johnson, grad. from Berkshire medical college, Pittsfield. Mass., 1845.
He was a native of Holliston, but spent most of his professional life in
Cambridge, 111. ; returned to Holliston to practice, but was stricken sud-
denly with disease, and d. Jan. 30, 1875.

6616 Mary Jane (Metcalf), b. Oct. 3, 1841 ; d. Aug. 30, 1842.

6617 David Waldo (Metcalf), b. July i, 1846; a merchant in Holliston; m.,

June 16, 1869, Emma M. Clark of Portland, Me.


Julia Thurston ? (^Abijah,^ Daniel,^ Daniel,'^ Thomas,^ Thovias^^
jfohn '), sister of the preceding, and daughter of Abijah and Rachel
(Johnson) Thurston of FrankHn, Mass.; born there Nov. 9, 1788;
married, Nov. 26, 1812, Asa Rockwood, born March 25, 1787, son
of Timothy and Sarah (Phillips) Rockwood. She died April 5,
1857. He was a merchant in Franklin, a pioneer in the manufac-
ture of straw bonnets, died Aug. 29, 1870.


6618 Erastus (Rockwood), b. Aug. 17, 1813; a trader in Franklin, Mass., chairman

of selectmen six years, and justice of the peace; m. 1st, Nov. 27, 1834,
Mary Ann Daniels, da. of Joel and Philena (Smith) Daniels, d. April 7,
1842; 2d, April 2, 1845, Louisa Morse, da. of Isaac Morse of Natick,
Mass.; he d. March 7, 1864. He had: (i) Erastus Daniels (Rockwood),
b. April 7, 1837, m., Jan. 26, J 858, Abbie O. Wales, and have Elroy Wil-
marth (Rockwood), b. Feb., 1S62; Medora (Rockwood), b. June, 1S70; (2)
Edmund Joel (Rockwood), b. April 2, 1842, m., April 2, 1863, Arba W.
Cook, and have Albert Erastus (Rockwood), b. Jan., 1864; Annie Mabel
(Rockwood), b. Aug., 1S69, m.. May 30, 1889, Walter E. Daniels, and have
(a) Grace Rockwood (Daniels), b.' Oct. 23, 1890; Carrie Louise (Rock-
wood), b. Sept. 12, 1877 ; (3) Mary Louisa (Rockwood), b. Feb. 3, 1846, d.
1863; (4) Eugene Morse (Rockwood), b. Dec. 6, 1848, d. Dec. i, ]88o;
(5) Elmer (Rockwood), b. Dec, 1853, d. 1862.

6619 Asa Phillips (Rockwood), b. Jan. 6, 1816; d. Aug. 11, 1821.

6620 Julia Ann (Rockwood), b. Jan. 24, 1818; d. Aug. 28, 1836.

6621 Abijah Thurston (Rockwood), b. March 24,1820; a straw bonnet bleacher

in Franklin, Mass. ; m., Aug. 20, 1843, Sarah Maria Peck, b. in Cumber-
land, R. I., da. of William Peck of Franklin; he d. Dec. i, 1874; she d.
Jan. 26, 1886. They had : Lucius Osborn (Rockwood), b. Jan. 15, 1847,
m., 1872, Eliza Ham of Providence, R. I., d. Feb. 16, 1882; Julia Etta
(Rockwood), b. July, 1849; Frank Ernest (Rockwood), b. Dec. 20, 1853,
m., June, 1885, Emma Banks.

6622 James (Rockwood), b. Nov. 6, 1S21 ; d. April 7, 1822.

6623 Susan Bailey (Rockwood), b. March 17, 1S24; m.. May 27, 1853, Francis

Baylies Ray, a mnfr. in Franklin, b. in Mendon, Mass., May 15, 1823, son
of Joseph and Lydia (Paine) Ray of Franklin; both members of the
Cong, church, and had : William Francis (Ray), b. Mar. 2, 1854, m., Dec. 25,
1875, Hattie, da. of Charles and Mary Jane Richardson of Chelsea, Mass.

6624 William (Rockwood), b. July 16, 1827; a grocer in Franklin. He has ren-

dered much service in perfecting the record of this family and that of the

early settlers of the Thurston name in that region; has been selectman,

OXi overseer of the poor, and justice of the peace; m., Dec. 29, 1S58, Laura

Matilda Blake, b. Nov. 12, 1828, da. of Ira and Laura (Mowry) Blake of


Franklin; both are members of the Cong, church. They have: Elbert
William (Rockwood), b. July 4, 1S60, grad. from Amherst i8§4, prof, of
Chemistry in State universty, Iowa City, la. ; Bradley Mortimer (Rock-
wood), b. May 24, 1S62, bookkeeper, m., June 30, 1887, Alice Irene Bow-
ers ; Julius Thurston (Rockwood), b. May 21, 1866, a printer in South Fra-
mingham, Mass., m., Dec. 25, 1890, Harriet Harwood of do.


Alexander Campbell Thurston 7 (^Nathan,^ David,^ Daniel^''
Thomas,'^ Thomas,^ jfolm ■), eldest son of Nathan and Sally (Camp-
bell) Thurston of Westminster, Vt. ; born there Aug. 7, 1788; mar-
ried, March 16, 1815, Polly Eddy of Oxford, Mass., born Aug. 8,
1 79 1. She died Oct. 20, 1855. He was a farmer in Oxford, held all
the town offices, was representative to the general court one term,
died in Providence, R. I., Aug. 18, 1872.


6625-!- William Eddy,^ b. Sept. 6, r8i6; m. Louisa Ann Abbe.

6626 Nathan.* b. Sept. 28, iSrS; d. Nov. 21, 1824.

6627-[-Levi Eaton,*^ b. June 29, 182 1 ; m. Martha Matilda Newton.

6628 Mary Miriam,* b. March 2, 1825; m., April 29, 1S44, Henry Allen Baker of

Charlton, Mass., a dentist in Douglass, Mass. ; divorced; she d. March 4,

18S8. They had:

6629 Estus Eugene (Baker), b. in Willimantic, Conn., July 5, 1S45; served in

the 34th Mass. reg., and d. in Andersonville prison, Aug. 24, 1864.

6630 Caroline Adelia (Baker), b. in Millbury, Mass., Feb. 14, 1S47; m., in Prov-

idence, R. I., Dec. ID, 1874, Charles Henry Miller, a paper hanger in
Chicago, 111., and since March i, 18S2, in Leominster, Mass., b. in
Chazy, N. Y., Nov. 10, 1843. They have : Grace Ella (Miller), b. in
Chicago, Feb. 25, 1881 ; Ethel May (Miller), b. in Leominster, Feb. 5,

6631 Willard Alexander (Baker), b. in Douglass, Mass., Feb. 15, 1849; d. in

North Grosvenor Dale, Conn., March 9, 1867.

6632 Mary Ella (Baker), b. Aug. 4, 1851; m., in Leominster, Dec. 16, 1 886,

Frank Chamberlain, a chair maker in So. Gardner, b. in Dudley, Mass.,
Oct. 10, 1854.

6633 Alexander,* b. Aug. 13, 1828; d. in Oxford, Mass., Dec. 31, 1830.

6634 Sally Campbell,* b. July 26, 1830; m. ist, April 27, 1848, George Bridgeford,

a machinist in No. Grosvenor Dale, d. in Providence, Aug. 7, 1875; 2d,
Oct. 12, 1876, Dr. Lewis Trumbull Mason, b. July 6, 1820, a physician in
Rockville, Conn., 15 years, since retired in Charlton; grad. from the Eclec-
tic medical college in Worcester, Mass., 1856. His earlier years were
spent in studying and teaching. This college has been removed to Cincin-
nati, O. They had :

6635 George (^Bridgeford), b. in North Grosvenor Dale, Feb. 24,1849; d. in

Providence, Nov. 13, 186S.

6636 Anna Idella (Bridgeford), b. do., May 3, 1S50; m., in Charlton, Feb. 12,

1880, Reuben A. Keach, a goldsmith in Providence. They have Louis
Hudson (Keach), b. Feb. 9, 1884.
66374-Henry,* b. Jan. 19, 1833; m. Martha Lucinda Parks.


Mary Thurston 7 (iV^^Z/^a/^,^ Z>d!7'/^,5 Daniel^'' Thomas,''' Thotnas*
John''), sister of the preceding, and daughter of Nathan and Sally
(Campbein Thurston of Oxford, Mass.; born there June 30, 1794;
married, Nov. 19, 1812, Lieut, John Griggs, born Feb. 15, 1785 ;
a blacksmith, succeeded his father upon the estate in Sutton ; a man
of public spirit, possessed of every moral excellence of character,


identified with all enterprises to promote the interests of the com-
munity, died June 11, 1850; she died March 25, 1878.


6638 Lewis (Griggs), b. Sept. 7, 1S13; m., Jan. 26, 1842, Maria E. Hancock, da. of
Nathan and Lucy (Forbush) Hancoclc of Grafton, Mass. After a short
residence in Grafton he engaged in business in Boston, Mass. (where his wife
d. 1848), and subsequently in Cincinnati, O., wliere he remained until 1865,
when he returned to Sutton, Mass., and purcliased a landed estate, wliere
he resides, in quiet retirement, a much esteemed citizen and member of the
Congregational church. They had :

6639 Anne Maria (Griggs), b. in Grafton, June 13, 1843; ^ teacher; n.m.

6640 Mary Louise (Griggs), b. in Boston, Dec. 2r, 1845; rn., Nov. 17, 1869,

Henry Simeon Stockwell (whose 1st wife was Margaret Louisa Griggs,
[no. 6,657], b. April 9, 1833, a farmer and lumber dealer in Sutton, rep.
to general court 18S6-7 ; two sons : Harry Griggs (Stockwell), in class
of 1894 Mass. Agricultural college, Thomas Thurston (Stockwell).

6641 Salem (Griggs), b. Feb. 9, 1S15; m., Jan. 26, 1843, Lydia Maria A. Cleave-

land of Grafton, where he engaged in mercantile business ; afterward re-
moved to Worcester, Mass. They had: Emma Louisa (Griggs) ; George
Cleaveland (Griggs) ; Delia Maria (Griggs), m. Augustus H. Harrington,
a milk farmer in Worcester; Alice Elizabeth (Griggs), m. Lucius Eldred,
ins. broker in Worcester; Caroline (Griggs), m. John Scott, a lawyer in
Grafton; Carrie Ellen (Griggs); Mary Gertrude (Griggs); John Salem
(Griggs), grad. from the high and technical schools in Worcester, em-
ployed in Keystone Bridge Works, Pittsburg, Penn., d. 1S87 ; Margaret
Helen (Griggs), lives in Worcester.

6642 Susan Elizabeth (Griggs), b. July 14, 1816; an Episcopalian; d. in Brattle-

boro, Vt., Sept. 5, ic^86; m. ist, Nov. 11, 1833, Gibbs Lilley, a merchant in
Sutton, b. June 5, 1S05, d. in San Francisco, Cal., June 15, 1853, , 2d, Mar.
9, 1855, Julius Yeamans Dewey, b. Aug. 22, 1801, a physician of Montpe-
lier, Vt., d. May 29, 1877. Her only daughter, Susan Griggs (Lilley), b.
Oct. 3, 1834, m., Aug. 27, 1856, Edward Detvey, b. March 27, 1829, son
of Dr. Dewey of Montpelier, where he is vice-pres. 6f the Vt. Nat. Life
Ins. Co., and had Edward (Dewey); Thomas (Dewey); Theodore Gibbs

(Dewey), in the navy, m. Bradley of San Francisco ; Jessie (Dewey),

m. Hon. James Lorin Martin of Brattleboro ; Helen, Margaret, Julius
Edward (Dewey).

6643 Thomas Thurston (Griggs), b. July 31, 181S; m., Feb. 16, 1842, Julia Ann

Pierce, only da. of Delano Pierce, m.d., of Grafton ; he grad. from Har-
vard medical school 1849, '^'^

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