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at Keokuk, 111., Aug. 3, 1862. He had one child, but I can learn nothing
from him.


Jesse Thurston 7 (^Rowland Swcethmd,^ Atnos,^ Da7iiel,* Daniel,^
Daniel,'^ John '), son of Rowland S. and Sally (Ketchum) Thurston
of Marshall, Mich.; born Aug. 19, 1797; married, first, 1817, Sally
Thurston, born Jan. 9, 1799 [no. 6,186], died March 22, 1827.
Second, Oct. 22, 1828, Altha Ketchum. He was a farmer in New
Lisbon, N. Y., since a hotel keeper in company with his son-in-law
Savery in Sturgis, Mich., died there Dec. 25, 1857 ; she died in Or-
land, Ind., Jan. 26, 1865.


7117 Russell,** b. Aug. 12, 1S19; d. Aug. 21, 1821.

71 iS Susan Beatty,* b. March 2, 1822; m.. May i, 1846, Safford Savery of Sara-
toga, N. Y.; went to .Sturgis, Mich., as a hotel keeper, in company with
his father-in-law, after whose death he removed to DesMoines, la. ; she d.
March i, 1887; no children.

7 1 19 George Ketchum,** b. Dec. 29, 1826; d. Aug. 20, 1852.

7120 Sarah Jane,** b. Jan. 26, 1829; m., Feb. 17, 1846, Juluis Ewing Spear, b. in

Palmyra, N. Y., July 19, 1829, clerk of the county and district court of

Filmore county from 1S71 to 1876, then a farmer, since retired and live in

Geneva, Neb. They have :

7121 Kittle Elizabeth (Spear), b. Aug. 29, 1858; m., Sept. 24, 1878, Albert

Brenton Payton, a mnfr. and dealer in tin ware in Geneva. Children :

Alta Blanche (Payton), b. Nov. 22, 1884; Grace Ethlyn (Payton), b.

Sept. 21, 1SS9.

7122 Elizabeth Keyes," b. June 26, 1S29; resides in Marshall, Mich.; n.m.

7123 Rochester W.,^ b. July 4, 1831 ; d. Aug. 15, 1836.

7124 Lydia Maria,*^ b. July 3, 1832; d. July 27, 1834.

7125 Eliza,** b. July 3, 1833; d. Aug. 28, 1836.

7126 Edward J.,^ b. June 6, 1837; d. Nov. 7, 1S41.

7127 Katherine Katchum,* b. Sept. 8, 1839; m., April 26, i860, Lewis J. Coulter,

state librarian of Iowa; slie d. in Chicago, 111., Jan. 8, 1889. Children:

7128 Edward (Coulter), b. Jan. 29. 1861 ; m. Nellie Walcott, and have Robert

Edward (Coulter), b. April 2, 18S3.

7129 Jessie Faville (Coulter), b. July 24, 1863; m., Aug. 6, 1879, Nelson Oli-

ver, and have Bartlet (Oliver), b. Jan. 6, 1881.

7130 Albert Schuyler,** b. May 12, 1842; d. Jan. 17, 1843.

7131 Julia Etheridge,^ b. July 2, 1845; m., Aug. 7, 1866, William D. Mahana, an

express messenger in DesMoines, la., since in Chicago, 111. They had
Dick, Harvey, Safford S., Minnie, Nellie, Florence, William (Mahana).

7132 Grace Amelia,** b. Aug. 6, 1847; d. Oct. i, 1848.
7133-l-James Henry,* b. June 25, 1850; m. Florence Maria Pitney.


Allen Thurston ^ {Amos,^ Ainos,'^ Daniel,^ Daniel,^ Daniel,^ jFohn '),
eldest son of Amos and Lucy (Dart) Thurston of Norwich, Che-
nango county, N. Y. ; born there Oct. 27, 1797 ; married Lucy
Wakely, born Oct. 12, 1799. He was a farmer in Preston, Penn,,
died Aug. 22, 185 1 ; she died June 26, 1868.




7134 Maria Jane,® b. 181S ; m. Samuel Scott Breed; he d., and , she resides in

Bloomington, Wis.
7 1 35+ David,* b. 1822; m. Sarah Jane Hine.

7136 Armena,^ b. 1827; m., 1846, John Hine, a farmer in Preston, Penn., b. 1819.

They had: Marion (Hine), b. 1848; Nettie (Hine), b. 1852.

7137 Lucy Ann,* b. 1829; m., 1S4S, Abel Reynolds. They lived in Pennsylvania

for a while, then moved to Bloomington ; he served in the war against the
rebellion, d., and buried in a soldier's grave.

7138 Henry Allen,* b. 1835; m. Christana Drown; in 1S62 he enlisted in the war

against the rebellion, d. in hospital at Fortress Monroe, and was buried

there ; a christian ; one child. His widow m. Knapp, and resides in

Starrucca, Penn.


Gaines Thurston? {Anws,^ Anios,^ Daniel,* Daniel,'^ Daniel,'
jfohn^'), brother of the preceding, and son of Amos and Lucy (Dart)
Thurston of Norwich, N. Y. ; born in New Lisbon, N. Y., Dec. i,
1800; married, Oct. i, 1823, Margaret Hasbrook, born in Wash-
ington, N. Y., March 29, 1803, daughter of Benjamin Daniel and
Hannah (Green) Hasbrook of Pleasant Valley, N. Y. He is a retired
farmer, residing in New Lisbon ; member of the Episcopal church.


7139 James," b. Nov. 3, 1824; a cheese maker in New Lisbon, N. Y. ; m., Oct. 8

iSr,:, Caroline M. Hanford of Starrucca, Penn.; he d. June 28, i8qi.

7140 Hannah,* b. Aug. 9, 1826; m., April 21, 1867, Daniel Teal, an inventor and

churn maker in Oneida Castle, N. Y.

7141 Adeline,* b. Sept. 3, 1829; d. Aug. 26, 1849.

7 142+ Alfred,* b. Oct. 10, 1843; m. Mary Adelia Hawkins.


William Thurston ^ {Afnos,^ Amos,^ Daniel,* Daniel,^ Daniel,'
John '), brother of the preceding, and son of Amos and Lucy (Dart)
Thurston of Norwich, N. Y. ; born in New Lisbon, N. Y., Dec. 18,
1809; married, first, Nov. 8, 1831, Olivia Draper, born July 5,
1806, daughter of Benjamin and Olive (Pettingall) Draper of But-
ternut, now Morris, N. Y. She died Sept. 21, 1878. Second, April
12, 1880, Susan Waight, born 18 19. He was a farmer in Butternut,
and after in Norwich, member of the Baptist church, died in Bain-
bridge, N. Y., Nov. 16, 1885, where his widow still resides.


7143 Marion Letitia,* b. in Butternut, N. Y.. Sept. 22,1832; m., Oct. 16,1851,
Levi Haynes, a farmer in Norwich, N. Y. ; both members of the Baptist
church. Mrs. Haynes says she "pieced a quilt before she was five years
old, and at the age of ten went to a show and had a ride on an elephant."
Children :

7144 George Byron (Haynes), b. Dec. 13, 1857; a farmer in Norwich, joined

the Baptist church at fourteen years of age; m., Oct. 9, 1889, Mrs.
Alice Mabel Skinner, b. April 17,. 1860. She had: Luke (Skinner),
b. Oct. 14, 1883; Eva (Skinner), b. Aug. 8, 1884; Marion Susan
(Haynes), b. Sept. 22, 1S90.

7145 Ella May (Haynes), b. Nov. 15, 1863; m., Sept. 17, 1884, Perry Hoey, a

carpenter in Norwich ; no children.

7146 William Levi (Haynes), b. July 4, 1S67.

7147+William Jason,* b. in Norwich, Nov. 13, 1834; m. Harriet Amelia Hunt.


7148 Edwin Curtis,^ b. April 17, 183S; d. March 6, 1840.

7149 Amos Draper,^ b. Dec. 21, 1840; d. Dec. 9, 1842.

7150 Helen Adelia,^ b. Sept. 22, 1S44; member of the Baptist church; m., Oct.

14, 1867, James Briggs, a farmer and teamster in Norwich. They have:

7 1 51 Howard William (Briggs), b. Feb. 4, 1S74.

7152 Middred Ann (Briggs), b. Jan. 16, iSSo.

7153 William Jason (Briggs), b. Dec. 22, 1S84.

7154 Melona Araminta,* b. Feb. 21, 1848; member of the Congregational church;
m., Oct. 20, 186S, Edwin Lewis Graves, b. Dec. 30, 1846; he is a farmer
in New Berlin, P. O. Norwich, N. Y. They have:
7155 Merton lidwin (Graves), b. Nov. 14, 1877.


Chester Thurston 7 (^Ira,^ Amos,^ Daniel,^ Daniel,^ Daniel,^ J^o/in^),
eldest son of Ira and Ruth (Benedict) Thurston of New Lisbon, N.
Y. ; born there April 29, 1807; married, Dec. 27, 1838, Margaret
Pattengill, born Sept. 29, 1818, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth
(Ackley) Pattengill of Laurens, N. Y. He was a farmer in New Lis-
bon and in Laurens ; members of the Presbyterian church, died May
17, 1850; she died at Mount Vision, N. Y., Oct. 10, 1877.


7156 Mary Elizabeth,^ b. in New Lisbon, N. Y., March 13, 1840; a dressmaker in

Mt. Vision, N. Y.; n.m.

7157 Samuel Dexter,^ b. in Virgil, N. Y., Aug. 17, 1844; a carpenter, farmer, and

egg dealer in Mt. Vision, a member of the Methodist church; m., Feb. 12,
1868, Caroline Elizabeth Hubbard, b. Sept. 14, 1849, da. of George
Washington and Julia Ann (Smith) Hubbard of Hartwick, N. Y. Have:
7158 Chester Dexter,' b. Sept. 11, 1871.
7159 Charles Torrey,^ b. in Virgil, May 10, 1846; m. ist, Nov. 24, 1870, Helen L.
Hall, da. of Thomas W. and Sarah A. (Wescott) Hall; she d. June 26,
1876; 2d, March 21, 1877, Libbie Delaphene Bowdish, da. of Philander
and Augusta (Gorham) Bowdish ; he is a farmer in Norwich, N. Y., served
in the war against the rebellion in the I52d N. Y. reg. He had:

7160 Lucius Earl,9 b. July 25, 1878.

7161 Ira M.,9 b. March 15, 1879.

7162 Ada Leona,* b. at Laurens, N. Y., Sept. 19, 1849; d., March 9, 1852.


Rev. Curtis Thurston ? {Ira,^ Amos,^ Daniel,^ Daniel^^ Daniel,^
yohn^), brother of the preceding, and son of Ira and Ruth (Bene-
dict) Thurston of New Lisbon, Otsego county, N. Y. ; born there
Sept. 10, 1809; married, April 15, 1846, Julia Ann Spalding. He
graduated from Union college 1837, studied theology in Auburn, N.
Y., under Drs. Richards and Mills ; principal of Syracuse academy
for a while ; installed over the Presbyterian church in Athens, Penn.,
February, 1841 ; retired 1848, died Sept. 22, 1872.


7163+William Owen,^ b. Oct. 21, 1847; m. Mary E. Allen.

7164 Joseph Spalding,* b. March 9, 1S50; a farmer on the homestead in Athens,
Penn.; m., Nov. 10, 1875, Hattie Allen, b. July 16, 1852. They have:

7165 John Spaldmg,' b. March 16, d. Aug. 11, 1879.

7166 Curtis Fayette,9b. Feb. 2, 1883.

7167 Helen,' b. June 16, 1884.

7168 Harry Oren,9 b. Dec. 3, 1888.

7169 John Curtis,* b. March 24, 1S52; a lumberman in Spalding, Mich.

454 'niUKSTON genealogies.


Joel Thurston ^ (^fra,^ Amos,'^ Da/tiel,^ Daniel,^ Daniel,^ ^o/in^),
brother of the preceding, and son of Ira and Ruth (Benedict) Thurs-
ton of New Lisbon, N. Y. ; born there July 28, 181 1 ; married Eliza
Ann Gregory, born May 24, 1821. He was a wagon maker, but
occupied himself as a farmer in New Lisbon, died April 4, 1880.


7170 Henry Egbert,^ b. May 24, 1S41 ; d. Oct. i, 1863.

7171 Julius Everett,^ b. Oct. 4, 1843; "''•' ^^^Y '> 1872, Lucy Smith Duroe, b. Apr.

7, 184S; he is a farmer in New Lisbon, N. Y. They have:

7172 Maria Theresa,^ b. (Jet. 17, 1873.

7173 Joel Ernest,^ b. June 2, 1875.

7174 Mary Ann,** b. Feb. 22, 1847; ™-> Oct. 4, 1870, Collingwood Rodney Duroe,
b. March 16, 1846, a farmer in Norwich, N. Y. They have:

7175 Vernon Everett (Duroe), b. Aug. 30, 1S72.

7176 Addison Elias (Duroe), b. Oct. 4, 1873.

7177 Mary Ann (Duroe), b. July 17, 1876.

7178 Francis John (Duroe), b Nov. 21, 1879.

7179 Laura Eliza (Duroe), b. Dec. 7, 1S81.

7180 Jane (Duroe), b. Sept. 2, 1SS4; d. Aug. 28, 1890.

7181 Bessie (Duroe), b. Nov. 6. 1886; d. Jan. 11, 1887.

7182 Deon (Duroe), b. Jan. i, 1888.

7183 Pliny Sweetland.s b. April 24, 1S52 ; m., April 20, 1875, Fanny Cole, b. Jan.
6, 1854; he is a farmer in New Lisbon. They have:

7184 Ethel Maud,9 b. Sept. 6, 1879.

7185 Grace,' b. June 27, 1881.

7186 Nellie Cole,' b. May 30, 1889.

7187 Child,'^ ) twins, born \ still-born.

7188 Clarence Gregory,** f Dec. 4, 1857; fa merchant in Cooperstown, N. Y.;

1880 moved to Junction City, Kan., agricultural implements, firm name of
Scott & Thurston; since 1883 real estate broker, firm of Greene &
Thurston, sole agents for Union Pacific Railroad lands; m., June 17, 1885,
Annie Neil Ketner, b. in Lexington, Mo., Nov. 23, 1864. They have:
7189 Kenneth,'-* b. July 14, 1886.

7190 Frances Jane,** b. Aug. 10, 1862; m., Dec. 2, 1885, George Addison .Sander-

son, b. Dec. 18, 1S63, a druggist and grocer in Morris, N. Y.

7191 Laura Eliza,* b. ^tarch 27, 1865; i^i-' March 30, 1881, William Lull, b. Jan.

2'5, 186 [, a farmer in New Lisbon. They had:
7192 Bessie (Lull), b. Dec. 8, d. Dec. 13, 1881.


Moses Hayden Thurston 7 {Timothy,^ ^okn,^ Benjamin,'^ Dan-
iel,^ Daniel,^ jfohn^), son of Timothy and Lucy (Hayden) Thurston
of Orange, Vt. ; born in Grafton, Mass., Aug, 9, 1796 ; married, March
10, 1826, Charlotte Fifield, born Sept. 26, 1804. He taught in the
high school at Andover, Mass., several years before marriage, after
which he was a farmer in Wheelock, Vt., died in Charlestown, N. H.,
June 18, i860; she died Dec. 13, 1880.


7193 George Washington,* b. in Wheelock, Vt., July 23, 1S26; m., Dec. 14, 1S47,

Lucretia Gould, b. Dec. 14, 1824, da. of William and Clarissa (Damon)
Gould of Springfield, Vt. ; he is a dealer in meat in Windsor, Vt. ; was
the first constable in Windsor; member of the Cong, church; no children.

7194 Sarah Fifield,* 1). June iS, 1833 ; m. Charles Artemas Witt, b. Oct. 26, 1830,

son of Willard and Lydia (Harvey) Witt, a carpenter of Drewsville, N. H.,
member of the Episcopal church. Children:


7195 George Moses (Witt), b. in Keene, N. H., Dec. 25, 1S57 ; chief clerk in a

boot and shoe store in Windsor, Vt. ; m., March 26, 1883, Lottie Per-
kins, b. March 10, 1863, da. of Dr. Edward Homer and Persis Cham-
berlain (Stevens) Perkins of West Windsor. Thev have Harrv Charles
(Witt), b. June 16, 1884.

7196 Charles Willard (Witt), b. in Drewsville, Sept. 22, 1859; d. r86S.

7197 Delia Grace (Witt), b. in CharleslOwn, i\. H., March 24. 1863; ^n-' Dec.

26, 1S83, Thomas Clifton Sparhawk, b. Aug. 2, 1859, son of George

Henry and Fanny Maria (Webb) Sparhawk of Walpole, N. Y., a clerk

in clothing store in Winchendon, Mass.; no children.

719S Orpha,8 b. Nov. 14, 1835; m., April 4, 1858, Otis Walker, b. Jan. 14, 1814, a

farmer in Langdon, N. H. ; he d. Oct. 17, 1870; she resided in Alstead, N.

H., and d. Sept. 26. 1888. They had :

7199 Ellery Otis (Walker), b. Nov. i, 1S60.

7200 Etta Maria (Walker), b. Oct. 3, 1863; m. Melborne Knights, k in Mar-

low, N. H. ; a dry goods clerk in Alstead, N. H.


Darius Thurston 7 {Timothy,^ yohu,'^ Benjamin,'' Daniel,^ Daniel,^
yohn ■), brother of the preceding, and son of Timothy and Lucy
(Hayden) Thurston of Orange, Vt. ; born there 1801 ; married, April
18, 1833, Margaret Pitts Howell, born Sept. 3, 1808, daughter of
WiUiam and Elizabeth Savage (White of Virginia) Howell of Ports-
mouth, Ohio. He was a boot and shoe dealer in Portsmouth, died
Nov. 10, 1842 ; she was a member of the Episcopal church, died in
Wilmington, Ohio, April 13, 1889.


7201 A daughter, b. 1838, and d. in a few hours.

7202 James Darius, ^ b. July 31, 1837 ; a very rapid and skillful telegraph operator

in Washington, D. C. ; m., Nov. 17, 1857, Martha Jane Hinman, b.
Sept., 1S40, da. of Stiles and Mary (Billingsley) Hinman of Wilmington,
O. They had:

7203 Mary,9 b. Sept. 27, d. Sept. 28, 1859.

7204 Margaret,^ b. Jan. 26.1860 ; member of M. E. church in Columbus, O. ; n.m.

7205 Harriet Burr,9 b. 1864; d. June 14, 1871.

7206 Charles Dugan,^ b. Jan. 10, 1869; a railroad employe in Columbus; n.m.
7207 Lucie Elizabeth, 8 b. Sept. 27, 1S40; member of the Epis. church; m., Nov.

10, 1857, John McCool Hinman, a silversmith in Wilmington, O., son of
Clark Hinman of Connecticut and Mary McCool of Virginia. They had :

7208 Henry Dean (Hinman),b. in Waynesville, O., Oct. 7, 185S; a watchmaker

in Wilmington, d. Jan. 25, 18S4; n.m.

7209 Frank Campbell (Hinman), b. in Eaton, O., Dec. 26, 1859; d. June 28,

1 868.


Daniel Sylvester Thurston ^ {Timothy^^ jfohn,^ Benjamin,'' Dan
iel,^ Daniel,^ jfohn '), brother of the preceding, and son of Timothy
and Lucy (Hayden) Thurston of Orange, Vt. ; born there 1809;
married, first, Matilda Benjamin of Berlin, Vt. ; she died in 1845.
Second, in 1846, Mrs. Ruth Town, widow of Josiah Town and
daughter of John and Ruth (Hopkins) Mellen.

Mr. Thurston was a farmer, tanner and currier of the firm of
Thurston, Keith, Peck & Co., of Montpelier, Vt. ; a town and school
officer ; nominated for the legislature by the Free Soil party, but de-
clined ; a member of the Methodist church ; moved to Madison,
thence to Beaver Dam, Wis. During the war of the rebellion he vol-


unteered in the ist Wisconsin regiment and received a lieutenant's
commission, and afterward was in the ist Wisconsin cavalry, in which
he served nine months, contracted a disease of the lungs, was dis-
charged, but lived only three days after reaching his home, dying
April 9, 1863. He was a stern advocate of every good cause, and a
successful business man. His widow resides with her son in Omaha.

Children, born in Montpelier, Vt.

7210+Angelia Louisa F"rench,s b. Dec. 4, 1837; m. ist, Frank Kilgore; 2d, David

721 1 Caroline Gertrude,^ b. 1840; m. Lorenzo H. Dow, who served thro the war

of the rebellion in the loth Wis. infantry without a scratch ; is supt. of
the Union Pacific Railway Co.'s eating-house in Pocatello, Idaho ; no

7212 Carrie Langdon,^ b. 1842; m. Elijah J. Fisher of Chicago, 111.; she studied

elocution and taught in the normal school at Englewood, 111., and died sud-
denly just as she was entering upon a three months' engagement as an elo-
cutionist. Her husband was com. mer. 1867-84 in Chicago, since claim
agent of the Union Pacific Railway in Ogden, Utah. They have: Charles
(Fisher), clerk to division claim agt. in Ogden; Florence (Fisher), m. W.
F. B. Wilcox, a farmer in Falls City, have four children; Ruth (Fisher).

7213 Matilda Leonora,*' b. 1844; m. Henry R. Bailey, yard master, now conductor

in Kansas City, Mo.
7214-l-John Mellen,* b. Aug, 21, 1847 ; m. Martha L. Poland.
7215 Ruth Mellen,* b. Dec. 4, 1849; d- March 29, 1867.


Hon. Elisha Madison Thurston 7 [Thnofhy,^ yof^n.'^ Benjamin*
Daniel,^ Daniel.^^ John '), brother of the preceding, and son of Timo-
thy and Lucy (Hayden) Thurston of Orange, Vt. ; born there March
24, 1810; married, August, 1843, Angeline Robinson Montgomery,
born July 20, 1826, daughter of John and Jane (Burton) Montgom-
ery of Gushing, Me. She died Oct. 5, 1858 ; he died March 17, 1859.

Mr. Thurston studied for the ministry, graduated from Colby 1838,
and delivered the salutatory. From 1838 to 1844 he was principal
of the Charleston ( Me. ) academy ; representative to the state legis-
lature 1844; 1846 and 1847 member of the state senate, where "he
endeavored to secure a general state revision of the common school
system, which by his earnest and persevering efforts was finally car-
ried into effect." From 1850 to 1853 secretary of the Maine Board
of Education, residing at Charleston. October 6, 1854, he went to
Missouri and Kansas, and shared in all the " troubles " of that region
and period, being an active worker in the cause of freedom. In the
autumn of 1857 he disposed of his property in Maine and removed
his family to Manhattan, Kansas, where he had an extensive law busi-
ness, and at the time of his death was mayor of the city. His chil-
dren were brought up in the family of Rev. J. O. Preston, an Episco-
pal clergyman, and were educated for teachers, a part of the time at-
tending the seminary for young ladies in Topeka, Kan., and a por-
tion of the time the agricultural college in Manhattan. All taught
several years in the public schools in Kansas. In 1875 Emma went
to San Leandro, Cal , and her sisters followed in a few years. They
have made themselves a home there, where one remains all the time,
and the others join her when not teaching ; one has since died.
They are all members of the Episcopal church except Emma, who
joined the Presbyterians after settling in San Leandro.


Children, born in Charleston, Me.

7216 Emma Leoline,^ b. Jan. 28, 1847; d. in San Leandro, Cal., Oct. 22, 1S90.

7217 Margaret Ann,^ b. Feb. 12, 1S49.

7218 Ella Adelaide,^ b. 1852; d. in Topeka, Kansas, i860.

7219 Annie Montgomery,^ b. 1854; d. in infancy.

7220 Nettie Florence,^ b. May 17, 1S56.


Calvin Sylvester Thurston 7 {Daniel^^ yohn,^ Benjamin.,^ Dan-
iel,^ Daniel,^ jfohn ' ), son of Daniel and Rosanna (Ellis 1 Thurston of
Grafton, Mass. ; born there April 7, 1808 ; married, in Upton, Mass.,
May 24, 1830, Eliza Jencks Coe, born in Little Compton, R. I.,
May I, 1809, daughter of Isaac and Sarah (Weaver) Coe of West-
ford, Conn. She died in Grafton, Sept. 29, 1876. He was a farmer
in Grafton, selectman, and held other town offices, died in Montreal,
Canada, Jan. 30, 1890.


7221+John Coe,* b. June 20, 1832; m. Cordelia Walker.
7222-|-Isaac Daniel,* b. March 21, 1S34; m. Laura Anna Boyd.
7223-j-Edward Harrison,* b. April 24, 1836; m. Adelaide Lucretia Gould.

7224 Albert Sylvester,* b. April 29, d. Sept. 5, 183S.

7225 Eliza Melinda,* b. Jan. 13, 1842; d. Oct. 27, 1S44.


William Harrison Thurston ? {Daniel,^ John,^ Benjarimi,'^ Dan-
iel,^ Daniel,^ John '), brother of the preceding, and son of Daniel and
Rosanna (Ellis) Thurston of Grafton, Mass.; born there March 19,
1813 ; married, Oct. 30, 1839, Julia Augusta Bigelow, born June
21, 1820, daughter of William Henry and Sarah Fisk (Gibbs) Bigelow
of Oxford, now Webster, Mass. He lived at home till his father
died, when he went to his cousin's, Lewis Ellis, and learned the shoe-
making business, going to school occasionally. In 1834 he went to
Pennsylvania and Illinois, and in 1835 settled in Osford, which was
his home for fifty years as a manufacturer of boots and shoes and
merchant tailor ; the second station agent in Oxford, on the Norwich
& Worcester railroad, and held that position for ten years from 1840.
He spent a portion of 1850 with his family in Florida. Since 1864,
when he sold out his shoe business to his son, he has been engaged
in farming and building till 1885, when he removed to Worcester,
Mass., where he is engaged in the grocery and oil stove business. He
was selectman and assessor in Oxford and steward, trustee and class-
leader in the M. E. church about forty years.


7226 "William Henry Harrison,* b. Dec. 25,1840; m., Aug. 18, 1S65, Mary Au-

gusta Lackey, b. in Salem, Mass., Oct. 31, 1841, da. of Albert and Adeline
Augusta (Snow) Lackey of Boston, formerly of Salem; he was a boot
and shj)e mnfr. in Oxford, Mass., now retired from business ; selectman,
director in the bank, and sec. of the agricultural society; no children.

7227 Albert Eugene,* b. April 2, 1858; d. April 5, 1864.




Daniel Clarendon Thurston? {Daniel,^ yohn,'= Benjaynin,^
Daniel,^ Danieh- John '), brother of the preceding, and son of Daniel
and Rosanna (EUis) Thurston of Grafton, Mass. ; born there March
14, 1816 ; married, Sept. 27, 1842, Lois Keyes Taft, born Jan. 10,
1819, daughter of Judson and Sarah Bolster (Keyes) Taft of Upton,
Mass., where they lived several years. In 1854 they moved to Yel-
low Springs, O., and 1856 to Zenia, O., where he was proprietor of a
hotel and carriage factory, having a branch store in Cincinnati, O.
They moved to Worcester, Mass., 1858, where he was proprietor of
dining rooms. He died Jan. 6, 1868, and his sons continued the


7228 Frank Eugene,* b. Aug. 26, 1S45; m., April 12, 1868, Maria Houghton White,
b. March 18, 1845, *^^- °^ George and Jane (Houghton) White of Peter-
sham, Mass. After his father's death he and his brother carried on the
dining-rooms for several years ; now in company with E. J. Putnam, con-
tinuing the same business in Worcester, Mass. They have :

7229 Nellie,' b. Oct. 21, 1870; grad. from the Worcester ngrmal school 1891.

7230 Gertrude,' b. March 14, 1873.

7231 -Frank Eugene,' b. March 3, d. March iS, 1S83.

7232 Mildred,' b. Sept. 16, 1885.

7233 Frank Eugene,' b. May 30, 18S7.

7234 Fred Judson,^ b. June 22, 1849; m., Sept. 12, 1872, Carrie Ward McFar-
land, b. Feb. 24, 1852, da. of Hosea James Walter and Sophia (Lackey)
McFarland of Worcester; he learned the trade of a machinist, but after
his father's death carried on the dining-rooms with his brother, since has
been clerk in a hotel and now clerk in a real estate and ins. office in
Worcester. Mrs. Thurston is a member of the Baptist church. Children :

7235 Louie Clarendon,^ b. Nov. r, 1S74; in high school.

7236 Robby Judson,^ b. Oct. 22, 1876.

7237 Carrie Lois,^ b. Jan. 25, 1879.

7238 Alice Maria,9 b. April 15, 1881.

7239 Fred Clinton,^ b. Oct. 30, 1883.

7240 Charles Harold,^ b. March 29, 1886.


Hannah Hill Thurston ^ {Daniel,^ John,^ Benjamin,'^ Daniel,^
Daniel^^ John ^), sister to the preceding, and daughter of Daniel and
Rosanna (Ellis) Thurston of Grafton, Mass. ; born there Sept. 22,
182 1 ; married, in Worcester, Mass., July 2, 1850, David Rufus
Grosvenor,* born in Paxton, Mass., April 25, 1806, son of Col.

* Grosvenok Family. Motto — Nobilifatis virtus non stemma charactu.

The tirst to bear the name was the ca!)tai)i-general of William the Conqneror ; his
name was Hughhipas. He owned a castle in Normandy called Grosvenor, which
means " great hunter." He took it as his surname, and it was adopted by his posterity.
The flrst of the name in this country was

I. John Gkosv^enor, who came from England and settled in Roxbury, Mass., aa
early as 1673, was one ot the proprietors of ihe " Masha Maquet Purchase," and in
1713 it was incorporated by the name of Pomfret, Conn., a tanner and constable of
Roxbury, ra. Esther Clark. He d. in Roxbury, Sept. 27, 1691, in his 49th The
stone which marks his grave bears the Grosvenor Coat of Arms. Esther "Grosvenor

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