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from Atlanta to the sea"; discharged at Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 16, 1865,
d. June II, 186S. His brother writes :

But fatigue and exposure 'neath the hot southern sun
Sowed the seeds of disease, and its course was soon run.
Life's liopes weraall blasted, no power could save.
And our tears wet the flowers on a soldier boy's grave.

7361+Cassius Brutus.^b. May 29, 1849; m. Ann Mathewson.
7362-j-Solon Kossuth,' b. March 4, 1851 ; m. Ella Worden.
7363+Agamemnon Highland,' b. April 3, 1853; m. Elizabeth I. Schoch.

7364 Dulcena Dulcerado,' b. March 17, 1S55; d. Nov. 25, 1870.
7365-l-Patroclus Antilocus,' b. July 18, 1856; m. Estella H. Dexter.

7366 Wendell Phillips,' b. Aug. 15, 1862; d. April 28, 1865.


Joel Thurston^ {William ^ Joel,^ yohn,'= David,'- John,^ Thomas,''
John '), eldest child of William and Sophia (Strickland) Thurston of
Patriot, Ind. ; born there Jan. 19, 1804; married, 1829, Lovisa
Phebe Hunger, born July 29, 1809, daughter of Cheney Hunger.
She died Aug. 21, 1846. He was a river boatman in Patriot, and
after a farmer in Peoria, III, died Jan. 15, 1861. She was a Baptist.


7367 + William,' b. Feb. 6, 1828; m ist, Ellen O. Keefe; 2d, Cassandra Holmes;

3d, Amazon Daniels.

7365 Phebe,' b. Dec. 15, 1830; m. Joseph Edrinton, in Peoria, 111.

7369 Miriam,' twin, b. Feb. 13, 1832; m. James McKeown, a farmer in Fort Col-

lins, Col.

7370 Mary,' twin, b. Feb. 13, 1832; m. Wallace Clark, a farmer in Peoria; he d.

1865; she lives with her son in Fort Collins. They had Joel (Clark), b.
in Fort Collins.

7371 Alford,' b. June 11, 1834; a farmer in Peoria; m., 1857, Margaret Dicker-

son; he d. 1859. -They have William,'" b. March 5, 1858, a farmer in Wy-

7372 Cheney Washington,' b. July 11, 1S39; a farmer in Mulberry Grove, Kan.,

enlisted in the 77th 111. reg. in the war against the rebellion, 14 months a
prisoner in Fort Tyler, Texas, and served three years to close of the war ;
m., Jan. i, 1870, Harriet Heavrin, b. May 22, 1850. They have:

7373 William Cheney,'° b. Sept. 15, 1870.

7374 Rosey,'° b. Nov. 20, 1880.

7375 Charles,'°b. Oct. 19, 1882.

7376 Pearl Clarence,'" b. Aug. 24, 1S84.
IZll John,'° b. May 24, 1890.

7378 Lusippy,' b. Aug. 12, 1841; d. aged three years.

7379 Sophia,' b. Feb. 15, 1844; m. John I. Hamilton; she d.


Mary Thurston ^ {Daniel ^ Jocl,^ J^olm,^ David,^ John,^ Thomas,^
yohn '), daughter of Daniel and Hargaret (Burch) Thurston of Eas-
ton, N. Y. ; born there Nov. 19, 1804; married, in Lyons, N. Y.,
1820, William Carruthers, born in Sodus, N. Y., son of Robert
and Penelope (Penoyer) Carruthers. He was a first-class shoemaker,
later a farmer in Washington township, Gratiot county, Hich., died
July 21, 1876, aged 76. She had blue eyes, light complexion, brown
hair, weighed one hundred pounds, and was called beautiful when
young ; was a Hethodist, an able bible scholar, and could hold her


own with any divine of the day in an argument, died in Jerusalem,
N. Y., November, 1832. •


7380 Penelope Emelia (Carruthers), b. April 9, 1822; m. William Sedgwick, a car-

penter and joiner in Jackson, Mich.

7381 Laura Lovisa (Carruthers), b. Nov., 1823; d. at Romeo, Mich., 1837.

7382 Clarissa Caroline (Carruthers), b. Feb. 14, 1825; m. Benjamin Ostrander, a

com. mer. in New York city, residing in Jersey City, N. J. They have :

7383 Sarah Elizabeth (Ostrander), b. in Geneva, N.Y.; a telegraph operator

in Jersey City.

7384 George W. (Ostrander), a tragedian residing in Jersey City.

7385 William Valentine (Carruthers), b. in Jerusalem, N. Y., Feb. 14, 1827 ; a
farmer in Pompei, Mich.; m., Oct. 17, 1850, Sarah Jack of Cooper's
Plains, N. Y., da. of James and Melissa (Ross) Jack of Thurston, Steuben
Co., N. Y. They have:,

7386 Jennie Lovisa (Carruthers), b. in Thurston, Jan. 10, 1S53 ; m., July 4,

1870, in Ithaca, Mich., Martin W. Coon, b. March 4, 1849, ^ farmer in
Washington township, Gratiot Co., Mich., son of Joseph S. Coon of
Oswego, N. Y., b. May 26, iSii, and Julia A. Prosser, b. Dec. 11, 1809.
They have: William M. (Coon), b. June 10, 187 1 ; Marion E. (Coon),
b. May 4, 1873; Sarah A. (Coon), b. April i, 1875; Cornelia C. (Coon),
b. March 5, 1877; George F. (Coon), b. Sept. 7, 1879; Estella M.
(Coon), b. Sept. 15, 188 1 ; Giles E. (Coon), b. April 28, 1884; Maggie
A. (Coon), b. April 27, 1S86 ; Jennie C. (Coon), b. Sept. 8, 1888.

7387 Ada Estelle (Carruthers), b. in Thurston, N. Y., April 10, 1865; m., July

II, 1886, in Maple Rapids, Mich., Edward Payne, b. Feb. 10, 1857, son
of Day ancf ^^i^TRandolph) Payne of Fulton township, Mich. They
have: Rena Minerva (Payne), b. March 3, 18S8; Mina Mabin (Payne),
b. Jan. 21, 1890, and a son, b. jSgi.i/mi qi,c.$/t h.^S' De^ '^^3 /H. iViifi / An(f*i
7388 Margaret Melvina (Carruthers), b. in Jerusalem,'N. Y., Aug. 26, 1829 ; m., m'^'^1 ^"^
Hillsdale, Mich., June 14, 1846, William Wallace Comstock, b. in Leyden, N., '' ' ^ .
Y., May 10, 1823, was a hotel keeper, but smce a farmer in Ithaca, Mich., /^A

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