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aged 81; she died at David Thurston's in Sedgwick, Me., March 6, 1815, aged 87.

1 The following is taken from " Personal Reminiscences of Asa Redington, sr "

" My father's name was Abraham, and I believe Boxford was also liis native place, as my
grandfather RediiigtDH once resided in Boxford. I have seen the remains of his dwelling-
place. I once saw my grandiiiother Redington when I was returning from the war of the
Revolution. She then lived with her son Benjamin Redington, who lived in Lunenburg,
Mass. ; was. I think, over 90 years of age, was nearly blind, but had the use of her limbs, and,
with a child to guide her, could walk quite spry; she appeared to be a very pious woman,
gave me good advice, and atbnoni-^hed me to remember my Creator; her mirid seemed to be
bright and powerful. How long she survived after that I do not know, but think she lived
some years.

" My father married Sarah Kimball of Boxford, the daughter of Dea. Aaron Kimball, by
whom he had seven children, Thouuis. Sarah, Asa, Aaron, Samuel, Chloe and Hepzibah. My
sister Chloe married Mr. David Thurston of Rowley, who was then a widower, and by whom
she had a numerous family of sons and daughters.

" My father settled in Hoxford where all his children were born except the youngest, who
was born in Haverhill. He Iniilt a vessel of about 50 or 60 tons, and went into the coasting
business. He continued in this trade several years, when, returning from Sheepscot River
with a load of wood, in the month of December, thi' vessel struck on a sandbar in the even-
ing, and when the weather was very cold. >he kept beating neai-er the shore to a place
called Squaw Harbor, near Cape Ann. The inhabitants seeing them from the shore collected
and matle fires, but the sea was so rough it seems they alViiided them no relief. Fearing the
vessel would go to i)ieces, they got into the boat and attempted to gain the shore; there were
only three persons on board; the boat struck on the rocks and upset, my father and one man
were drowned, the other man was saved. This took place so near the shoi'e that my father
took hold of a spar that was extended to his relief, but it was so covered with ice he lost his
hold and perished. Had they remained on board they would probably have been saved, as
the vessel was got olT afterward, but little injured. When my father left the vessel he took
with him a bag containing ijSOOo, a large sum for those days, which was lost. With his life he
lost all his proiierty, and niy mother, who then lived in Haverhill, in a hired house, was left
poor and destitute, with six small children, and another born » few weeks after my father's
death. The children were dispersed among friends except the youngest."


David Thurston died in Sedgwick, Me., Aug. 26, 182 1, aged 70;
his wife died in Bucksport, where slie spent the last few years of her
Ufe in the family of her daughter, Mrs. Blodget, Oct. 12, 1862, at the
ripe old age of 95 years, 5 months, and was buried in Sedgwick.

David Thurston was a farmer in New Rowley* till 1795, when he
made a prospecting journey to Maine on horseback, stopping at
many places to see what advantages they offered, but with the reso-
lution that he would not locate where there was no orthodox minister.
In conversation with a gentleman in Bangor he said, " I have money
in my pocket to buy this land," which included all that is now Ban-
gor city, " but I will not settle where my family cannot have the gos-
pel." So he went on forty miles to Sedgwick, where Rev. Daniel
Merrill, a pupil of Dr. Spring, senior, was pastor of a Congregational
church. Having purchased a farm he returned to Rowley, and in
April, 1796, he took his son Richard and went to Sedgwick to sow
and plant for the season, and then returned for his family, who took
passage in a sloop from Newburyport to Bluehill Falls. There with
four children, the oldest" four years old, they were put into a boat and
rowed four miles to the old saw-mill in the dead of night. Here
they waited for the dawn. David and Richard came with an ox-team
to take them to their new home, which was rough and not very clean.
Some time after, a quantity of milk having been spilled, mother
called to the maid, " Patty, Patty, I have found the floor." [This in-
cident was related by one of the children.]

He was a man of commanding presence, nearly six feet high. He
held the reins of government with a strong hand; exerted a molding
influence on the character of his large family, so that not one fell
into habits of vice. In his religion he was firmly orthodox, owning
and studying such works as Edwards' and Hopkins'. He was con-
stant in family worship, taught his children the Assembly's catechism,
and so influenced them that they have all remained steadfast in the
orthodox faith. He was selectman of Sedgwick and justice of the
peace many years. f

Mrs. Chloe Thurston was a bright, sprightly woman, of great en-
ergy and endurance, and did a wonderful work in the care of a large
family, for which they bless her memory.

Children, by first wife Mary, born in Rowley.

42 5-|-David,5 b. Feb. 6, 1779; m ist, Eunice Farley; 2d, Prudence Brown.
426-i-Richard,5 b. July 5, 1781 ; m. Ann Bowers.

By second wife, Chloe.

427-f Mary,5 b. April 7, 1792 ; m. Dea. Bliss Blodget.

428-i-Samuel,5 b. July 8, 1793; ^- i^t, Prudence Goodale ; 2d, Mrs. Charlotte

(Goodale) Greeley.
429+John,^ b. Nov. 26, 1794; m. Abigail King Lawrence.
430-fSarah,5 b. April i, 1796; m. Dea. John Buck.

Born in Sedgwick, Me.

43i + .Stephen,^ b. Dec. 22, 1797; m. Clara Matilda Benson.
432-i-Mehitable,5 b. Feb. 5, 1800; m. John Godfrey.

* For reminiscences of the church and people of Rowley see 1st ed. p. 52.
t For account of golden wedtlings and family featherings see 1st ed. p. 53.


433 Hannah,' b. Nov. i6, iSoi ; baptized by Rev. Daniel Merrill; d. Sept. 14,
1824, aged 23. She had been teaching a school in New Bedford, Mass.,
where, having sometime before going there thought shew-as a subject of
renewing grace, she united with the Congregational church. About the
time she closed her school she was seized with a fever and died.

434+Elizabeth Chloe,' b. June 18, 1803; m. Rev. Joseph Smith.

435-|-I)aniel Oliver,' b. May 5, 1S05; m. Aphia Hinckley.

436-i-Winiam,' b. Feb. 7, 1807; m. ist, Dorothy Pearson Colman ; 2d, Caroline
Elizabeth Greenleaf.

437 Phebe,-' b. March 15, 1809; baptized by Rev. Jonathan Fisher of Bluehill ;

n. m. ; d. Jan. 24, 1S57.


Mehitable Thurston 4 {Richard,'^ Datiiel,^ Daniel'), sister of the
preceding, and youngest daughter of Richard and Mehitable (Jew-
ett) Thurston of Rowley, now Georgetown, Mass ; born there Sept.
25, 1753; married, June 13, 1775, Dea. James Chute, born Feb. 16,
1751, son of Capt. Daniel and Hannah (Adams) Chute of Newbury,
Mass. She died in Byfield, Mass., Oct. 18, 1819, aged 66; he died
in Madison, Ind., April 28, 1825, aged 74.

He was a farmer, and lived in Boxford, Mass., while his father was
able to carry on the farm in Byfield; Mass., which he afterward
occupied. She had an amiable disposition, and was an invalid for
some years.

Children, born in Bo.xford.

438 Betsey (Chute), b. 1776; m. Daniel, son of Joseph Hale of Newbury, Mass.
4394-Richard (Chute), b. Sept. 3, 177S; m. Dorothy Pearson.

440 Hannah (Chute), b. Aug. 21, 1780; m., Nov. 30, 1797, John Poore, b. Nov. 26,

1775, a cordwainer, of Rowley, Mass. In 1S16 they went to Indiana and
settled in Loogootee, Martin Co., at the head waters of the White River,
on government land. As soon as the cabin was up he died suddenly,
being found dead one morning. Friends offered to bring her home, which
she declined to do, and the friends offered and paid for the land. She was
able at the age of 91 to sew, knit and read daily. In 1867 her descendants
were 10 children, 73 grandchildren, 112 great-grandchildren, and 5 great-
great-grandchildren. All her male grandchildren over 15 were in the army
against the rebellion, most of them 3 years; 19 husbands of her grana-
children were in the war. One grandson fall on the battlefield, i badly
wounded twice, 2 severely wounded, i a cripple for life, I died in hospital,
I made the march with .Sherman to the sea, i saw the first battle in West
Virginia, and many counted their battles in large numbers. One daughter
m. Brooks ; one m. Dr. Merrill, a druggist in Cincinnati.

441 Mehitable (Chute), b. 1782; m., 1800, Col. Jonathan Elliott of Concord, N. H.

She d. Dec, 181 2. He was a man of fine presence and called the hand-
somest man in Byfield. He first engaged in trade, but after invented a ma-
chine for compressing leather, an attachment to a bedstead for raising the
sick without moving them, a horseshoe machine to be run by power. From
the last he would probably have realized a fortune had he not died before
procuring a patent. They had Sophronia, b. i8oo, d. soon; two Carolines,
d.iinnfancy; Fidelia, b. 1805, m. Joseph Elkins of Nashua, N. H. ; Eliz-
abeth Hale, b. 1806, n. m., lives in Somerville, Mass. She says her father,
her oldest sister and infant brother d. within three months, and she heard
her mother often repeat a couplet from Young, —

" Insatiate archer! could not one suttice!

15ut thrice thy bolt was drawn, and thrice my peace was slain."

Andrew Swett, b. 1810; Sophronia, b. 181 2, m. 1st, Arden Baldwin, from
Brantford, Ct., and settled in Cincinnati, O., a man of sterling worth, of
whom Dr. Beecher said, "An Israelite indeed in whom there is no guile";


he d., and she m. 2d, John Trow of Nashua, N. H., an uncomfortable hus-
band ; she had one daughter, Jenny Flora (Baldwin).
442 Eunice (Chute), b. 1783; m., 1806, Joseph Hale of Newbury, Mass., b. Dec.
4, 1781. She died June 20, 1868; he died June 18, 1820. They had:

443 Joseph (Hale), b. Jan. 6, 1807.

444 Henry (Hale), b. Feb. 18, 1808.

445 Mary (Hale), b. Aug. 14, 1809.

446 Mary (Chute), h. Jan. 7, 1786; m. Jeremiah Colman of Newburyport, Mass.,
b. Feb. 15, 1783, son of Moses and Dorothy (Pearson) Colman; he d. 1867.
They had :

447 Dorothy Pearson (Colman), b. Feb. 13, 1810; m. Wm. Thurston [no. 436].

448 Betsey Little (Colman), b. Dec. 21, 1813.

449 Moses (Colman), b. Jan. 27, 1817.

450 Mehitable Thurston (Colman), b. Aug. 28, 182 1.

451 James Chute (Colman), b. April 28, 1826.

452 Daniel (Chute), b. Jan. 4, 17S7; m. ist, Dec. 27, 1813, Rachel McGrilitin ; she

died Sept. 21, 1840; 2d, Oct. 20, 1842, Mrs. Sarah Benjamin. He gradu-
ated from Dartmouth in 1810, was a teacher most of his life, and was an
elder in the Presbyterian church in Evansville, Ind. His daughter Eliza-
beth is the second wife (m. Jan. 6, 1858) of ex-Gov. Conrad Baker of Indi-
anapolis, Ind., whose name with others was March, 1S77, handed in to
President Rutherford B. Hayes as a suitable candidate for tlie caliinet. He
died June 6, 1859, leaving a large family, mostly settled in the West.
Children of Mr. and Mrs. Baker: Alice (Baker), b. Dec. 2, 1858. Eliza-
beth Winter (Baker), b. Apr. 4, 1861. Nancy (Baker), b. Nov. 19, 1865.
Conrad (Baker), b. Dec. 31, 1867; d. June i, 1868. Florence (Baker), b.
Aug. 21, 1870. Thaddeus (Baker), b. Feb. 14, 1S73.

453 James (Chute), b. Nov. 15, 1788; m. ist, Oct. 23, 1817, Martha Hewes Clapp,

da. of Wm. Tileston Clapp of Roxbury, Mass.; 2d, 1S34, at Dayton, O.,
Mrs. Mary (Haven) Crane, widow of Rev. Samuel Crane, one of the first
missionaries to the Tuscarora Indians. He graduated from Dartmouth in
1813 and went to Pittsburg, Pa., taught school a few months, then embarked
in trade, and moved to Cincinnati, O. May 20, 1S21, was elected ruling
elder in the ist Presbyterian church. In 1831 he organized the 1st Presby-
terian church in Fort Wayne, Ind., and continued to be pastor until his
death. He had :

454 Dr. Samuel Hewes (Chute), b. Dec. 6, 1830; m.. May 5, 1858, at St. An-

thony, Minn., Helen E. A. Day, b. Sept. 15,1835. Mrs. Chute was a
member of the Methodist church, a very devoted Christian, and after
her husband became a Christian she became a Catholic, thro read-
ing books furnished by a servant. They had : Charlotte Rachel
(Chute), b. June 30, 1859; d. Jan. 13, 1863. Mary Jeannette (Chute), b.
Aug. 24, 1862. Agnes (Chute), b. Sept. 6, 1864. Elizabeth (Chute), b.
Oct. 16, 1866. Louis Prince (Chute), b. Oct. 17, 1868. Frederic But-
terfield (Chute), b. Dec. 21, 1872.

455 Richard (Chute).


Joseph Thurston •♦ (yosep/i,^ Joseph,- Daniel ^)^ son of Joseph 3
and Mary (Finson) Thurston of Rockport, Mass. ; born there Feb.
15, 1729; published July 30, 1750; married iVcNES Davis, born Oct.
^5' ^733? daughter of Capt. Samuel Davis. He died June 8, 1801 ;
she died at age of 73.

He was a fisherman, residing at (Sandy Bay) Rockport, Mass. ;
was parish treasurer in 1764.


456 Sarah,5 b. Nov. 27, 1751 ; m. I-xlmund Grover.

457 + Joseph,5b. Nov. 15, 1755; m. Lydia Parsons.

458 William,' b. Oct. 27, 1762 ; d. young.

459 Annis,5 b. 1764; m. John Tarr.



460 IJenjaniin,-'^ b- 17^15; cl. young.

461 Olive,' b. April 7, 1766; d. young.

462 Benjamin,-' b. Dec. 25, 1771 ; d. young.

463 Hannah,' b. 1772.

464 Samuel Davi.s,' b. Oct. 14, 1775; •""• Margaret Oakes. He joined the Con-

gregational church in 1805, and died in the West Indies in 1808. Their
children were :

465 FLbenezer Oakes, '^ h. Dec. 9, 1796; n. m. ; drowned at sea.

466 Peggy," b. August 21, 179S; m. ^^'inthrop Harridan; no children.

467 Samuel Davis,^ b. 1802; d. 1804.

468 Lydia Parsons,'' b. Aug. 25, 1804; m., July 29, 1820, Samuel Saunders, b.

July, 179S. She joined the Congregational church Feb. 26, 1S32. They
had :

469 Mary Ann (Saunders), b. Aug. 13, 1821 ; m. Dudley Ci. Adams.

470 Margaret (Saunders), b. Sept. 3, 1S23; m. Freeman Mitchell.
-['t Elizabeth (Saunders), b. Dec. 19, 1825; m. John Woodfall.

472 Samuel (Saunders), b. Aug. 15, 1832; m. Ann McDonald.

473 William E. (Saunders), b. March 3, 1836; m. Hannah McCarthy.

474 Henry (Saunders), b. Oct. 8, 1840; m. Esther Robinson.

475 Emily C. (Saunders), b. Aug. 8, 1846; m. Henry Welch.

476 Annis,'' b. Feb. 23. 1806; n. m. ; d. Feb. 4, 1878.

477 Elizabeth,* b. Sept. 30, 1809; m., Dec. 6, 1827, William Bailey of North

Village, b. Dec. 6, iSoi, and had:

478 Charlotte (Bailey), b. April 20, 1828; d. Sept. 20, 1832.

479 .\nnis Thurston (Bailey), b. July 18, 1831 ; m. Stinson Mitchell.

450 Elizabeth (Bailey), b. Jan. 4, 1835; m. James McClaron.

451 William (Bailey), b. April 9, 1S42 ; m. Martha Goday.


D.-^NiKL Thurston -^ (^osep/i,^ yoseph,- Daniel'), brother of the
preceding, and son of Joseph and Mary (Finson) Thurston of Rock-
port, Mass.; born there Feb. 16, 1735; married, 1756, Anna Tarr,
born 1733, daughter of Benjamin and Rebecca Tarr. She died and
he married second Bethia Adam.s. He died in 1818, aged 83.

He was interested in fishing ; built a vessel in front of his house,
in Rockport, Mass., and was quite a land-owner and farmer, fre-
quently holding town offices.

Children, by first wife Anna.

482-I- Daniel,' b. 175S; m. .Sally Rowe.

483-]- Nathaniel,' I1. 7, 1769; m. Betsey tJee.

484 Anna.'

485 Polly.'

486 Benjamin,' the first sea captain who sailed out of Rockport. His ship foun-

dered on the passage from London to Boston, and he was lost in her. By
second wife Bethia: Lydia,' Thomas.' Winthrop,' d., aged 20'


Cait. John I'hurstcjn ■♦ {Joseph,^ jfosephr Daniel'), brother of
the preceding, and son of Joseph and Mary (Finson) Thurston of
Gloucester, now Rockport, Mass.; born there June 30, 1737; mar-
ried Mrs. Eunice (Gott) Stockbridge, born April 5, 1738. She
had a son Benjamin (^Stockbridge), a master mariner. Mr. Thurston
died June 25, 1814; she died March 7, 1832.

Mr. Thurston was a fisherman, living in Rockport, Mass., and lost
his vessel by the French in 1783, after which he moved to Deer Isle,
Me., and pursued the same business there. He was taken prisoner



by the British in the revolutionary war and confined in Dartmoor
prison. He was a member of the Baptist church.

(Children, born in Rockport, Mass.

488-f- Ambrose,-^ m. Polly Gamage.

489-!- Amos,-' b. Oct. 20, 1772; m. Mary Gott. ■

490-I- Stephen,^ m. Mrs. Susannah (Davis) Wheeler.

491 .Susan,' b. Sept. 27, 1775; rn-' I^ec. 18, 1797, Charles Gott of Gott's Is-
land, Mt. Desert, Me., b. April 3, 177 1; she d. Oct. 12,1808, and he m.
Lovis above; he was drowned July 7, 1814.

492+ William,-' b. Aug. 27, 1778; m. Nancy Foster.

493-|-John,' b. 1781 ; m. .Sarah Foster.

Born in Deer Isle, Me.

494-)- Solomon,' b. Feb. 21, 1783; m. .Sarah Gott.

495 Lovis,' m. 1st, Hooper ; 2d, Charles Gott, as his 2d wife.

496 Eunice,' m. David Smith of Swan's Island, Me. They had David, Benjamin,

George and Asa (Smith) and three daughters.


William T hu rstotss ■* (y^osep/i,^ ^osepA,^ Dante/ ^), brother of the
preceding, and son of Joseph and Mary (Finson) Thurston of Rock-
port, Mass.; born there Nov. 27, 1742; married, Jan. 10, 1764, Mar-
tha Pool, born 1747. He was lost at sea in 1779. After the death
of her husband she married Capt. Andrew Woodbury. She died
August, 182 1, aged 74.

Mr. Thurston was a seaman in Rockport, Mass., and owner of a
schooner in 1779, in which he sailed for the Western Banks, and
never returned.


497 Martha,' b. Oct. 17, 1765; m. Felix Doyle, and had:

498 William (Doyle), m. Polly Stillman.

499 Abraham (Doyle), m. Rhoda Blatchford.

500 Felix (Doyle), m. Fanny Clark.

501 Martha (Doyle), m. John Hunt of Newburyport.

502 Sally (Doyle), m. Joshua Colby of Newburyport.

503+ William,' b. Oct. 31, 1767; m. ist, Polly Tarr; 2d, Lucy Seward.

504 Sally,' b. 1769; m. Moses Platts Clark; she joined the Congregational church

Aug. 14, 1814; d. Aug. 24, 1859, aged 90 years, i month. They had six

children, two died young :

505 Moses (Clark), b. 1786; m. Rhoda Tarr; d. April 3, 1835. They had

Rhoda (Clark), m. Benjamin Choate; Sophia (Clark), m. Oliver Craig;
Howard (Clark) ; Jason (Clark).

506 William Platts iClark), b. July 23, 1791 ; m., 1815, Sally Thurston [no.

— ], and had six children. He is living, 1877.

507 Sally (Clark), b. 1800; m. Amos Tarr; d. April 3, i860, aged 60.

508 Betsey (Clark), b. 1805; m., Oct. 5, 1825, oses Haskins, and had six


509 Josiah,' b. 1771 ; m. Lydia Bradstreet, and had seven children, all daughters;

moved to Boothbay, Me., and died, aged about 65. Their eldest m. Samuel
Clark, Lydia m. Joseph Haycock, one m. A. Stetson of New York ; others

510 Abraham,' d. unmarried.

511 Henry,' m. Susannah Appleton Robards ; he d., and she m. Eben Lowe.


John Thurston '^ (Benjami/i,^ Joseph,'' Daniel'), son of Benjamin
and Sarah (Burpee) Thurston of Uxbridge, Mass.; born March 20,


1741; married Rosk Dknv, in Rhode Island, and died in Mayfield,
N. Y.

Child, born in Mayfield.
5I2-|-Daniel, b. 1778; m. Catherine Salmons.

Probably he had other children, l)ut I fail to get them.


Moses Thurst(JN ■* of Hollis {Ahn.-r,^ yamcs,- Daniel^), son of
Abner Thurston of Newbury, Mass.; born there 172 i ; married, first,
Hannah Sewall ; second, Dec. 18, 1777, Catherine Emerson,*
born Dec. 20, 17 18, sister to Rev. Daniel Emerson, the first pastor of
the Congregational church in Hollis. Moses Thurston died of apo-
plexy, while leading in prayer at a religious meeting, April 6, 1800,
aged 79, and was buried in Hollis, as appears by his gravestone in
the Central Hollis burying-ground, which has the following inscrip-
tion upon it :

3lr. Moses Thurston

At a religious coiifereiiee

April G, 1800,

While addressing the throne of grace,

being fervently engaged

was called into eternity

and without struggle or groan

resigned his spirit

to God who gave it

in his 80th year.

Could we but feel as he appeared

On Pisgah's top to stand,
We should not wish to tarry here,

But long for the promised laud.

Mr. Thurston was a hatter ; deacon in the Congregational church.
He enlisted June 19, 1775, two days after the battle of Bunker Hill,
in Capt. Reuben Dow's company. He enlisted again, June, 1777, in
Capt. Daniel Emerson's company, raised for the defence of Ticon-
deroga. Hon. Samuel T. Worcester of Nashua, N. H., the historian
of Hollis, informed me of the above facts in a letter dated April i,
1879, and says, none of the name or family have lived in Hollis since
my remembrance."

1 have had laborious correspondence as to the ancestry of Moses Thurston of Hollis, and
to gratify the curiosity of those descendants who have claimed a ditt'ereut paternity from
that I give here. I insert the traditions and the manner by which I came to the truth. This
book was tirst i)ublished in 1880, and Dec, 1882, I received from the towa records of West-
minster, Mass., the intention of marriage of his eldest son, as follows: — " Moses Thurston of
Newbury, Mass., and Esther Bigelow of We-tminster, were published Nov. 9, 1767."

There is a tradition in the family that Moses moved to Cohoes, N. Y., and came back to
stay with his son Mo-es before he died, but 1 think this is unfounded. I get from three reli-
able sources the manner of his death, all of whom agree, but one says he died in Hollis and
another that he dicil in Westminster. 1 am satisfied from all I can gather from the descend-
ants knowing most about it, that he lived and died in Hollis. It was also said by another
that he was translated, as Elijah the prophet was, and that his mantle fell upon his son Moses,
who was a very devoted christian and deacon in the church at Westminster, Mass.

There i.s also a tradition that this Moses came from Canterbury in England, with two or

*TnE Emekson Family.

I. Thomas Emerson of Ipswich, Mass., died May 1, 1600.

II. JdSEi'H p:mekson of Meiidon, Mass., died 1680.

III. Peter Emerson of Beading, Mass., died 1751. Children; Anna, b. July 9, 1697, d.
young; Eli/.alieth, b. Feb. 20, 1699; Anna, b. March 9, 1701, d. Feb. 15, 1788; Brown, b. April
16, 1704; Sarah, b. March 9, 1708; Jane, b. March II, 1711 ; Mary, b. Dec. 20,1713; Daniel, b.
May 20, 1716, d. Sept. 30, 180! ; Catherine, b. Dec. 20, 1718, m. ist, in Hollis, February, 174.5,
.Tosiah Conant, who died in Hollis, Dec. 17, 1756; 2d, Dec. 18, 1777, Thurston, as above.
Peter Emerson had a brother Edward, whose son Joseph had a son William, who had a son
William, who was tlie father of Ralph Waldo Emerson of literary fame.


three brothers, and that there were five generations back of him by the name of Moses wlio
were distingnislied for their piety, and tliat some of them settled in Cohoes, N. Y. 'Miss
Mary L. Chadwiclc of Jeffiersonville, Vt., a great-granddanghter of Moses, says slie has often
heard her grandmotlier tell of going on horseback, sometimes two on one iKirse, the one be-
hind on a pillion, to Cohoes to see her relatives. Tliey carried tlieir food in saddlebags,
thrown across the back of the horses, and their clothing in a round valise strapped on to
the back of the saddle. It may be these " relatives " were connected with her father, Chad-
wick, which under the circumstances seems to me more probable.

Rev. Joseph Fuller of Vershire, Vt., a grandson of Moses Thurston, seems to have more
positive knowledge of the place where Moses Thurston came from to Hollis, than any otlier
of the descendants 1 have found. He says in a letter dated June 25, 1879, "When Mr.
Crocker married one of his [Moses] daugliters, my mother visited them and spent some time
witli them. She also spent some eighteen months with an uncle of hers in Newl)uryport,
Mass. She .said of them 'they were grand folks.' Grandfather Moses Thurston used to visit
us when he lived in Newbury, but it was before my remembrance, but who his father was I
never knew. . . . I do not know the name of his first wife. My imjiression is she died in
Newbury. This only I know, that my mother had kind, rich and genteel kinsfolk by the
name of Thurston in Newburyport. . . . She was in Newburyimrt when about eighteen.
. . . Pepperell, Mass., joins Hollis, and I remember hearing motlier say that the farm on
which they lived was on tlie line between the two towns — ])artly in Pepperell and partly in
Hollis. The house stood in Pepperell, and the family record dates her birth in Pepperell;
but they always attended church in Hollis, and I presume tliPir civil relations were with Hol-
lis." All this confirms me in the opinion that Muses was descended from Daniel Thurston of

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