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T/iotnas,'^ Thomas,^ yohn '), daughter of Joseph and Lucy Bucknam
(Davis) Thurston of Worcester, Mass. ; born in Leicester, Mass.,


April 4, 1827 ; married, in Paxton, Mass., Oct. 4, 1843, Ezra Kent,
born July 8, 1818, son of Ezra and Eusebia (Southwick) Kent of
Wallingford, Vt. Mr. Kent's father died Feb. 3, 18 18, and after two
years his mother took him, witli three other children, to her sister,
Abigail Southwick's in Worcester, where her father and mother lived,
and she died Nov. 9, 1820 ; he remained there till he was eight, when
he worked on a farm in Paxton till he was eighteen ; 1836 he learned
shoemaking, and followed it till shortly after he went to Worcester
in 185 1, when he worked in a stable some two years; on the Worces-
ter police nearly three years ; since 1859 has been driving an express
wagon. She died March 30, and he died April 4, 1891.


7939 Joseph Harrison (Kent), b. in Paxton, Mass., June 8, 1S47 ; killed on the

railroad, Nov. 8, 1864, aged 17.

7940 Ada Flora (Kent), b. in Worcester, Mass., Oct. 26, 1855; m., in Worcester,

Oct. 21, 1S73, Lewis Cass Batson, b. in New Castle, N. H., ]Jec. 22, 1842,
a machinist in Danvers ; July, 1869, in Worcester, Mass. ; since 1870 fore-
man of Pond ]^Iachine Tool Co.'s works, and moved with them Jan., 1888,
to Plainfield, N. J.; deacon in First Cong, church. They have:
7941 Frank Lewis (Batson), b. May 7, 1877.


Jonathan Hubbard Thurston* {Joseph 7 Joseph,^ Joseph,'' Dan-
iel,'^ Thomas,^ Thomas,^ John '), brother of the preceding, and son of
Joseph and Lucy Bucknam (Davis ) Thurston of Worcester, Mass. ;
born in Paxton, Mass., Oct. 11, 1829 ; married, April 10, 1851, Maria
Louisa Whittemore, born in Charlton, Mass., daughter of Charles
and Mary (Parker) Whittemore of Leicester, Mass. He was a mer-
chant and selectman in Leicester ; went to Passaic, N. J. ; deacon
in the North Reformed ' church and city councilman ; since in Lin-
coln, Del. ; member of the Presbyterian church in Milford, Del.


7942 Effie Gertrude,^ b. in Leicester, Mass., Sept. 6, 1S55; m., June 25, 1877,
Charles Barker, a farmer and fruit grower in Lincoln, Del. They have:

7943 Madeline Amanda (Barker), b. ?\'ov. 25, 1S78.

7944 Sadie Waterhouse (Barker), b. Jan. 25, 18S1.

7945 Inez May,9 b. in New York city, Feb. 10, 1864; m.. May 23, 1889, Frank
Hughes, a real estate broker in Passaic, N. J. They have:

7946 Gladys May (Hughes), b. Aug. i, 1S90.

7947 Frank (Hughes), b. Aug. 23, 1891.

7948 Mabel Louise,^ b. in Passaic, Sept. 30, 1S69; n.m.


Dea. Lyman Davis Thurston ^ {Joseph ^ Joseph,^ Joseph,^ Daniel,'^
Thomas,^ Thomas,^ John '), brother of the preceding, and son of
Joseph and Lucy Bucknam (Davis) Thurston of Worcester, Mass. ;
born in Paxton, Mass., Sept. 8, 1832 ; married, first, March 15, 1854,
Hannah Smith Lyon, died May i, 1864, aged 31 y., 3 m., 21 d.
Second, Sept. 21, 1865, Mary Elizabeth Denny, born March 22,
1834, daughter of Joseph Addison and Mary (Davis) Denny of Leices-
ter, Mass. Mr, Denny died 1875 ; his ancestors came from Coombs,
England, and he visited the old homestead in 1874, and found it still


in the hands of the Denny faaiily. Mr. Thurston is a merchant in
Leicester, has been postmaster since 1861, town clerk since 1879, town
treasurer from 1885-91 ; deacon of the first Congregational church.


7949 Newbirt Augustus,^ b. May 21, d. Sept. 2, 1855.

7950 Joseph Lyman,9 b. May 23, 1859; d. May 24, 1864.

7951 Carrie Louise,^ b. March 21, 1869; n.m.

7952 Mary Davis,^ b. Sept. 16, 1872; in Wellesley college; n.m.


Levi Sherman Thurston ^ {Dame/,^ Joseph,^ jfoseph,^ Daniel,*
Thomas,^ Thomas,^ yo/in^), son of Daniel and Patty Allen (Ross)
Thurston of West Brooktield, Mass.; born there Aug. 5, 1828; mar-
ried, April 8, 185 1, Esther Keep, born April 8, 1829, daughter of
William E. and Polly (Wood) Keep of Oakham, Mass. He is a
farmer and milkman, deacon in the Congregational church in North
Brookfield, Mass.


7953 E>aniel Sherman,^ b. Nov. 7, 1S53; a grocer in North Brookfield, Mass.; m.,

April 15, 1875, Thankful Hobbs, b. in Brookfield, Mass., June 27, 1S52.
They had :

7954 Arthur Hobbs, '° b. March 14, d. Aug. 27, 1S77.

7955 Ethel Blanche,'" b. May 14, 1884.

7956 Edward Eaton,'-" b. Dec. 13, i860; a mechanic in North Brookfield; m., June
12, 1S83, Fannie May Ward, b. in Aylesford, N. S., April 29, 1865. Have:
7957 Harold Edvvard,'° b. March i, 18SS.


Edwin C. Thurston ^ (Edwin,'' EH,^ Samuel,'^ yoseph,* Daniel,^
Daniel,^ yo/i/i^), son 'of Edwin and Sarah Lincoln (Humphrey)
Thurston of Covington, Ky. ; born in Cincinnati, O., Sept. 20, 1856;
married, in Chattanooga, Tenn., Oct. 6, 1881, Nancy Lmogene Per-
fect, born Aug. 26, 1861, daughter of Charles Henry and Hannah
Elizabeth (Grieves) Perfect of Pleasant Lake, Ind. He was an en-
gineer on the Louisville, Nashville and Great Southern railroad till
1879, when he met with a severe accident, crippling his right hand,
and rendering it useless for nearly a year. In October, 1887, he
went to Duluth, Minn., and in May, 1889, entered upon the business
of caterer, having an ice cream, confectionery and oyster parlor; was
burnt out in September, losing all, but his landlord rebuilt for him,
and fitted up the finest restaurant in the cit}^ which he opened Jan.
27, 1890.


7958 Edna Imogene,^ b. in Covington, Ky., Nov. 9, 1882.

7959 George Walter,^ b. do., June 7, 1886; d. June 9, 1887.

7960 Eugene Mortimer,^ b. in Duluth, Minn., June 20, 1889.


Valorous Fernando Thurston ^^ {Elisha,'' Amos,^ Increase,^ Dan-
iel,* Daniel,T> Daniel,^ John^), son of Elisha and Lovisa (Sweet)
Thurston of Morris, N. Y. ; born in Lisle, N. Y., April 20, 1822 ;


married, March 10, 1845, Olive Thurston, born May 10, 1822,
daughter of Ira and Ruth (Benedict) Thurston of New Lisbon, N.
Y. [no. 6,207]. She died July i, 1874, in Platte, Mich. He is a
farmer and job contractor in Frankfort, Mich,, a justice of the peace,
supervisor, state road commissioner, licensed as a local preacher of
the Methodist church, Oct. 24, 1857.


7961 Myron Ervin,^ b. Burlington, N. Y., Feb. 4,1846; m., in Elmira, N. Y.,

Nov. 6, 1870, Jane M. Burnett; he is a merchant in Platte, Mich.; no chil.

7962 Agnes Ruth,9b. in Oxford, N. Y., Aug. 16, 1852; m., in Platte, Jan. 4, 1S71,

Jeboam Carter, an engineer in Frankfort, Mich. They have :

7963 Lulu Olive (Carter), b. in Platte, Jan. 19, 1S72.

7964 Grace Aldyth (Carter), b. in Frankfort, Aug. 14, 1878.

7965 Ella Josephine,9 b. in Oxford, June 7, 1854; m., April 16, 1871, Byron Hare
Dart, a farmer in Lake, Mich. They have :

7966 Pearl (Dart), b. June 9, 1873.

7967 Raymond Hays (Dart), b. May 8, 1875.

7968 Frances Leona,^ b. in Washington, Wis., Nov. 12, 1862; m., July 17, 1S79,

William Mulford Carter, a farmer in Frankfort ; no children.


Albertu.s Elisha Thurston^ {Eiisha,^ Amos,^ I?tcrease,^ Dan-
iel,^ Daniel T' Daniel,'' John ■), brother of the preceding, and son of
Elisha and Lovisa (Sweet) Thurston of Morris, N. Y. ; born there
Dec. 15, 1833; married, first, Oct. 15, 1851, Lydia M. Marble,
daughter of John Nelson and Martia (Barber) Marble of Morris;
she died July, 1852. Second, in Williamstown, N. Y., Oct. 30, 1852,
Eliza Ann Bulson, born June 25, 1835, daughter of William K.
and Ann (Clover) Bulson of Milford, N. Y. He is a traveling
preacher in the Methodist church, located in Coventry, N. Y.


7969 Ambrose Duane,^ b. July 10, 1852; a lawyer, admitted to the bar April 10,

1876, in Waterloo, la. ; had to give up the practice on account of poor
health ; was tel. operator in LaPorte City; 188S moved to Vinton, la. ; was
the founder of the order of Railroad Telegraphers, and is editor of the
Railroad Telegrapher, the only paper published in the interests of railroad
operators in the U. S. ; m.. May i, 1884, Mary Reardon, b. Aug. 31, 1864,
da. of Dennis and Mary (Oaks) Reardon of LaPorte City. They have:

7970 Oliver Albertus,'° b. Sept. 21, 1SS5.

7971 Odin Ray,'° b. Oct. 23, 1886.

7972 Pliny Coombs,'° b. May 3, 1SS8.

7973 Luella Lydia,'° b. Feb. 3, 1890.

7974 Mary Elizabeth,^ b. Oct. 15, 1853 ; m., Sept. 3, 1871, William Andrew Cook,
b. April 23, 1843, son of Henry Green and Lucilla Maria Cook of Morris,
N. Y. ; he is a railroad man in Oneonta, N. Y. They have:

7975 Aden Lull (Cook), b. Sept. i, 1S72 ; a cigar maker in Oneonta; m., Sept.
4, 1891, Ida K. Allen.

7976 Harvey Jay (Cook), b. June i, 1874; a printer in Vinton, la.

7977 Gracie Eliza (Cook), b. May 18, 1878; d. Feb. 16, 1883.

7978 Eldorous,Elijah,9b. June 16, 1856; was telegraph operator for D. & H. C. Co.

in Oneonta; d. Jan. 19, 1890; n.m.

7979 William Valorous,^ b. April 24, 1858; a farmer in Mt. Vision, N. Y. ; m.,

and has Albertus E.,'° b. May 18, '1888.



Daniel Wesley Thurston ^ {Elisha,'' Amos^ Increase,'^ Daniel,'^
Daniel,^ Daniel^^ JoJm '), brother of the preceding, and son of EHsha
and Lovisa (Sweet) Thurston of Morris, N. Y. ; born there Sept. 6,
1834; married, September, 1859, Lucy Jane Davis, born in Middle-
field, N. Y., April 6, 1840. He was a mason in Morris, died Dec. 13,


79S0 Arlina May,^ b. Aug. i, 1S60; m., Oct. 31, 1877, William Shove, a farmer of
Mt. Vision, b. in Hartwick, N. Y., June 16, 1S4:;. They have:
79S1 Harriet Olivia (Shove), b. Nov. 3, 1882.
7982 Lorinda Ellen,^ b. Dec. 25, 1862; m., Oct. 17, '.878, Eugene Cook, a farmer
of Morris, N. Y., d. Dec. 22, 1887 ; she d. some years ago. They had:
7983 Cora Emeline (Cook), b. Nov. i, 1879.

7984 John Wesley,^ b. 1866; d. in infancy.

7985 Adrien Eugene,^ b. Nov. 6, 1S71.


Elijah Thurston ^ {Elis/ia,^ Amos,^ I/icrease,^ Daniel,'^ Daniel,^
Daniel,^ John '), brother of the preceding, and son of Elisha and Lo-
visa (Sweet) Thurston of Morris, N. Y. ; born in Garrattsville, N.
Y., Nov. 14, 1839; married, in Milford Center, N. Y., Sept. 10, 1863,
Ellen Maria Henderson, born Dec. 2, 1842, daughter of Cyril
and Mary Maryette (Hamilton) Henderson of Morris. He is a
painter and decorator in Morris; enlisted in the i52d New York reg-
iment, served three years, and had his right arm broken twice while
detailed as orderly, and his back injured while in camp before Appo-
mattox Court-house, receives a pension ; in religion a Baptist.


7986 Atson Cyrel,^ b. July 30, 1870; grad. from Morris Union school Feb. 24,

1885, a teacher.


William Henry Thurston^ {Davids David,^ Daniel,^ Daniel,*
Daniel T' Daniel,^ yohn'^),\}ri\x^ child and eldest son of David and
Sophia (Curtis) Thurston of Newton, O. ; born there Sept. i, 1836;
married, first, Jan. i, 1856, Mary Van Alstyne, eldest daughter of
Lawrence Van Alstyne of Farmington, Mich. ; he separated from her
Oct. 3, 1863. Second, Elizabeth Harger. He is engaged in
oyster packing, having a large packing establishment in Annapolis,
Maryland, from which he supplies a great portion of the retail trade
of the Northwest, having his headquarters for distribution in Mil-
waukee, Wis. ; went to Albion, N. Y., then to Farmington, Mich.,
thence to Kenosha, Wis., and thence to Milwaukee, Wis. ; is a mem-
ber of the Methodist church.


7987 Clara.s b. in Michigan, Nov. 13, 1858.

7988 Infant, b. and d. 1859.

7989 Harry,9 b. in Michigan, Dec, i860; d. 1874.



Alonzo Lomis Thurston ^ {David,'' David,'' Daniel,'^ Daniel,''
Daniel,^ Daniel,^ jpohn '), brother of the preceding, and son of David
and Sophia (Curtis) Thurston of Newton, O. ; born there July 15,
1838; married, February, 1S63, Phebe Flansburg, born at Fort
Plain, N. Y., Jan. 7, 1844, daughter of Henry and Jane (Ball) Flans-
burg of Eagle Harbor, N. Y. He is a' butcher, kept a meat market
in Milwaukee, Wis., 1889 settled in Medina, N. Y., same business.


7990 Catharine Jane,^ b. Nov. 19, 1863; d. March 20, 1S68.

7991 Smith,9 b. Oct. 7, d. Oct. 14, 1865.

7992 Hattie Sophia,^ b. Oct. 7, i865; m., Oct. 22, 1886, Frederic Emory Brown, a

clerk in Milwaukee, Wis. Have Jessie Estelle (Brown), b. Oct. 16, 1S87.

7993 William Fenn,^ b. Jan. 16, 1870; d. Jan. 24, 1873.

7994 Nellie Saville,^ b. Sept. 25, 1872; m., Feb. 27, 1890, Ernest Ives Hill, a farmer

in Medina, N. Y. They have Hattie Mildred (Hill), b. Dec. 8, 1890.

7995 Alice Maud,9 b. March 12, 1875; d. Feb. 9, 1882.

7996 Jessie Frances,^ b. Oct. 15, 1S77.

7997 Frank James,^ b. March 24, 18S0.


James Hamilton Thurston*^ {David,^ David,^ Daniel,^ Daniel,'^
Daniel,'^ Daniel,^ jfoJiii '), brother of the preceding, and son of David
and Sophia (Curtis) Thurston of Newton, O. ; born there Nov. 6,
1840; married, Sept. 9, 1869, Eleanor Jane Field, born Sept. 9,
1850, only daughter of George Warren and Mary (Kane) Field of
New York city. At the age of thirteen he started out to support and
educate himself; was in Barre, N. Y., Flint, Mich., in 1856; in Farm-
ington, Mich., 1859 ; studied dentistry and commenced to practice
in Titusville, Penn., 1863 ; 1868 removed to Jamestown, N. Y., where
he became acquainted with his future wife. In 1877 sold out a fine
practice, and engaged in producing oil in the Bradford oil region,
Penn., still residing in Jamestown; 1890 practicing dentistry in Den-
ver, Col. When his wife was ten years of age she went with her
uncle, who was United States Minister to that country under Presi-
dent Lincoln, to Guatemala, Central America, and remained three
years with him ; attended a convent school, the only one there ; re-
turned to New York 1863, and entered the ladies' seminary in Brat-
tleboro, Vt., where she remained till 1867.


7998 George Hamilton,^ b. July 5, 1S70; d. July 31, 1872.

7999 Wallace David,^ b. Dec. 11, 1875.


Horace Fitch Thurston ^ {Stephen Bcriley,'' Caleb Curtiss,^ Dan-
iel,^ Daniel,'^ Daniel,^ Daniel,^ yohn '), son of Stephen Bailey and
Juliana (Williams) Thurston of Albion, N. Y. ; born there April 4,
1836; married, first, Jan. 22, 1861, Mary Frances Kingsley, born
May 27, 1841, died Feb. 17, 1875. Second, Sept. 15, 1875, Mary
Louise Goodwin, born Oct. 31, 1853. He is a farmer, member of
the Baptist church in Albion.



Sooo Willie Gtant,'-' b. July 12, 1864; d. Jan. 20, 1865.

8001 Stephen Bradford.^ b. April 17, 1866; a farmer in Owensville, O. ; m.

8002 Millard Fitch,^ b. April 23, 1871 ; a farmer in Albion, N. Y. ; m.

8003 Nellie Loiiise,^ b. Dec. 22, 1877.


Ellis David Thurston ^ {Peter ^ David,^ Afoses,^ Daniel* Daniel,'^
Daniel,^ jfohn^)^ eldest child of Peter and Anna (Kelsey) Thurston
of Garden City, Minn.; born in Pittsfield, N. Y., Nov. 10, 182 1;
married, Aug. 2, 1846, Eleanor Augusta Lynch, born in Bain-
bridge, N. Y., Aug. 28, 1823, daughter of Walter and Linda (Smith)
Lynch of Morris, N. Y. He had a common school education, and
one year in an academy ; was ordained deacon in the Methodist Epis-
copal church July 26, 1846, in Auburn, N. Y. ; made elder in Owego,
N. Y., July 30, 1848, died in Varna, N. Y., Dec. 20, 1886.


8004 Ellis W.,9 b. in Richmondville, N. Y., Nov. 24, d. Dec. 26, 1847.

8005 Mary Amelia,^ b in South. New Berlin, N. Y., Feb. 2, 1849; d. in Guilford,

N. Y., Aug. 5. 1862.

8006 Sarah Elizabeih,'-* b. in Coventry, N. Y., May 14, 1850; m., Oct. 16, 1884,

Alfred Marshall, 1j. June 30, 1846, a farmer in Enfield Center, N. Y. Have:

8007 Lou Ellen (Marshall), b. Aug. 9, 1885.

8008 Ellis Thurston (Marshall), b. Oct. 16, 1887.
S009 Raymond (Marshall), b. April 11, 1891.

8oro Rosamond,^ b. in Bainbridge, N. Y., June 26, 1852; m., Feb. 4, 1887, Fill-
more D. Frost, a farmer in Millport, N. Y., and has Eleanor Elizabeth, *°
b. July 26, 1S88.

801 r Ellen Julia,^ b. in Guilford, May 13, 1861 ; d. Sept. 10, 1862.

8012 Lewis Powell,^ b. in New Berlin, N. Y., July 10, 1865 ; with the Lawyers' Co-
operative Pub. Co., Rochester, N. Y., i8S5; in 1888 carrying on the Em-
pire Nurseries in Rochester, under the firm name of L. P. Thurston Co. ;
m., Dec. 18, 1890, Ida May Osborne, da. of Nelson and Mary Osborne of
Washington, D. C.


Jesse Moses Thurston^ {Pefer^ David,^ Moses,^ Datiiel,* Daniel,^
Daniel,^ yohn '), brother of the preceding, and son of Peter and Anna
(Kelsey) Thurston of Garden City, Minn. ; born in New Lisbon, N.
Y., May 14, 1825 ; married. May 2, 1855, Polly Ann Smith, born
in Girard, Penn., 1835. He is a Baptist clergyman at Windom,
Minn. After teaching several years he became a licentiate in the
Baptist church at Butternut, now Morris, N. Y., May 14, 1848 ; three
years a colporteur in Kentucky ; ordained in Packwaukee, Wis., No-
vember, 1851. His ministry has largely been of a missionary char-
acter in both Wisconsin and Minnesota, where he went i860.


8013 Lucius Milton,' b. in Oxford, Wis., July 29, 1856; a merchant in Windom,

Minn.; m. Oct. i, 1890.

8014 Anne Esther,' b. in Moundville, Wis., -Sept. i, 1859 ; m., Dec. 23, 1880, George

L. Macomber, a sheep raiser near Windom. They have Ruth Lois (Ma-
comber), b. Feb. 8, 1884; Minetta (Macomber), b. April, 1886; George
Edward (Macomber), b. Dec, 1887 ; John Stanley (Macomber), b. Dec,
1889; Mary (Macomber), b. Aug., 1891.


8015 Irving Judson,' b. in Garden City, Minn., Dec. 25, 1S60; a merchiant in Win-

dom ; m. Sept. 4, 1891.
801 5^ Cliarles Ernest,^ b. in Lyra, Minn., Aug. 19, d. Nov. 30, 1S68.
8015*5 Sarah Jane,' b. in Walnut Lake, Minn., Oct. 26, 1871; adopted June 25,

1877, da. of Salem Hober.


James Henry Thurston^ {yesse^ Rowland Sweetland,^ Amos,^
Daniel,^ Daniel,^ Daniel,^ John '), son of Jesse and Altha (Ketchum)
Thurston, born in Marshall, Mich., June 25, 1850; married, in Oska-
loosa, la., Oct. 26, 1866, Florence Maria Pitney, born in Minerva,
O., April 18, 1849, daughter of Reuben R. Pitney of Portsmouth,
Neb.; she died May 4, 1885. He is a compositor in Chicago, III,
member of the Episcopal church.


8016 Lewis Ketchum,' b. in Oskaloosa, la., Aug. 28, 1867 ; bap. in the Epis. ch.,

member of the Chicago, III, fire dept. ; m., May 15, 1889, Nellie Sutton
of Chicago, b. Aug. 10, 1870. They have:

5017 James Sutton,'° b. March 21, 1890; d. July 23, 1891.

5018 Lewis Sutton, '° b. Sept. 7, 1891.

8019 Grace Altha,' b. in Chicago, May 2, 1874.

8020 Walter Pitney,' b. do., Feb. 2, 1877.


David Thurston^ (^//,f«,7 ^w^j,^ Amos,'' Daniel,'^ Daniel,^ Dan-
iel,'' John ') son of Allen and Lucy (Wakely) Thurston of Preston,
Penn. ; born in New Lisbon, N. Y., May 12, 1822 ; married, May 12,
1847, Sarah Jane Hine, born March 6, 1829, daughter of Merrit
and Catherine (Belcher) Hine of Hine's Corners, Penn. He is a
farmer, went to Hine's Corners in 1842 ; 1854 moved to Grant county,
Wis., then an undeveloped country; 1862 enlisted in the war against
the rebellion, and served thro the war, being engaged in the battles
of Prairie Grove, Mo., siege of Vicksburg and Fort Morgan ; 1872
moved to Alta, Kan., then an unbroken prairie, where he has suc-
ceeded, in the face of many difficulties, including the grasshopper
raid, when famine stared every one in that region in the face, in se-
curing a beautiful home in the midst of a beautiful and fertile coun-
try, where he is now enjoying the results of an industrious and labo-
rious life ; both members, and he a steward, of the Methodist church.


8021 Charlotte Sylphronda,' b. March 24, 1848; m. Lord of Alta.

8022 Francis Hezekiah,' ) twins, born I in River View, Kansas.

8023 Franklin Belmire,' ) Feb. i, 1850; ) d. May 5, 1850.

8024 Henry Jackson,' b. May i, 1853; a farmer in Rice county, Kansas; n.m.

8025 Corrinnia Catherine,' b. Aug. 21, 1855; m. Gibbs of Lancaster, Wis.

8026 Elizabeth Jane,' b. Jan. 28, 1856; m., and lives with her parents; joined the

Methodist church Nov. 25, 1877.

8027 Lucy Ella,' b. April 22, 1858.

8028 Mary Josephine,' b. Sept. i, 1859; m. Pierce of Halstead, Kan.

8029 Edgar Byron,' b. Aug. i, i860; d. July 5, 1863.

8030 Merrit Lorenzo,' b. July 30, d. Sept. 5, 1862.

8031 Gertrude Jeannette,' b. Aug. 12, 1866.; d. May 2, i86g.

8032 David Allen,' b. Jan. 29, 1870.




Alfred Thurston^ {^Gaines,'' Amosf' Amos,^ Daniel,^ Datiie/,^
DariieL^ John'), son of Gaines and Margaret (Hasbrook) Thurston
of New Lisbon, N. Y. ; born there Oct. lo, 1843 ; married, in West
BurUngton, N. Y., July 24, 1870, Mary Adelia Hawkins, born in
Pittsfield, N. Y., July 28, 1847, daughter of Emery S. and Lydia
(Tory) Hawkins of New Berlin, N. Y. He is a commercial traveler,
residing in New Lisbon; 1 869-7 1 was connected with the firm of
Moore & Thurston, general merchandise, in Morris, N. Y. ; 1872 sold
his interest to his partner, Nathaniel Moore, who failed, subjecting
Mr. Thurston and his father to a heavy loss ; both members of the
Episcopal church.


8033 Mary Adeline,' b. May 5, 187 1 ; in high school, class of 1892.

8034 Anna Elizabeth,' b. April 15, 1873 ; joined the Pres. church at 19; in high sch.
803s James Edward,' b. April 9, 1877; i" high school.


William Jason Thurston ^ ( IViHiam,'' Amos,^ A?nos,^ Daniel,'^
Daniel,'^ Daniel,'' John'), second child of William and Olivia (Dra-
per) Thurston of Norwich, N. Y. ; born there-Nov. 13, 1834; married,
Jan. 18, 1855, Harriet Amelia Hunt, born Oct. 9, 1834, daughter
of Warren and Esther (Turner) Hunt of Norwich. He was a farmer
in Pharsalia, N. Y., 1879 in Monroe, 1883 in Columbus, Neb.; en-
listed in the 44th New York regiment against the rebellion. " I
served two years, was in the first Fredericksburg fight under Burn-
side ; was not strong enough to endure the hardships of army life,
and was sent to the hospital at Annapolis Junction, where I remained
six months, very sick of fever a portion of the time. After the fever
left me I was helpless as an infant ; my limbs were like sticks, per-
fectly useless for more than a year ; I finally got better so as to walk
without help, but never recovered the full use of myself ; " has a pen-
sion ; both members of the Congregational church.


8036 Herbert Morelle,' b. in Pharsalia, N. Y., May 29,1856; ni'., Oct. 12,1877,
Cynthia Nice Jones, da. of Barcley and Rebecca (Snyder) Jones of New-
portville, Penn. ; he was a farmer on the homestead in Monroe, Neb.,
18S1 ; was appointed postmaster in Okay, Neb., 188S. They have :

8037 Harriet Amelia,'" b. in Monroe, July 19, 1878.

8038 Herbert Wallace,'" ) twins, born )

8039 Frankie,'° ( May 26, i88o; j d. same day.

8040 Cora,'° b. Sept. 17, 1882.

8041 Mabel,'° b. May 12, 1884.

8042 Viola Haidee,'°b. June 13, 1886.

S043 Rebecca,'" b. April 14, 1S88; d. Sept. 19, 18S9.
8044 Cora Olivia,' b. do., April 23, 1858; m , Feb. 23, 1S76, William Austin Rout-
son, a restaurant keeper in Denver, Col. ; she d. Oct. 28, 1880. They had :

8045 Howard William (Routson), b. March 23, 1877.

8046 Florence Edna (Routson), b. Aug. 15, 1S79.

8047 Harriet Adelaide,' b. do., Dec. 27, 1859; a teachpr, m., Sept. 23, 1890, Rev.

John C. Rollins.

8048 Ina May,' b. in Norwich, N. Y., June 20, 1S66; m., Nov. 26, 1S90, Frank E.

Thorp, a printer in Norwich.


Carrie Esther,' b. do., July 30, 1868; was a teacher; m., June 14, 1890, Lee C.
Draper, b. in Morris, N. Y., a cheese and butter maker in Columbus, Neb.

8050 Mary Malona,' b. do., Uec. 22, 1871.

8051 Ida Emogene.' b. in Monroe, April 10, d. Sept. 28, 1877.

8052 Edwin Jason,' b. do.. May 12, 1878.


William Owen Thurston ^ {Curtis ^ Ira, ^ Amos ^^ Daniel,'^ Dan-
iel,'^ Daniel,^ John '), eldest son of Rev. Curtis and Julia Ann (Spauld-
ing) Thurston of Athens, Penn. ; born there Oct. 21, 1847 ; married,
June 29, 1870, Mary Elizabeth Allen, born Jan. 18, 1849. He is
a farmer in Elmdale, Kan.


8053 Charles Curtis,^ b. Sept. 8, 1S72.

8054 Prentice Spalding,^ b. June 5, 1874.
805s Edward,9 b. April 8, 1877.

8056 Martha,^ b. Nov. 22, 1884.

8057 Julia Ann,3 b. Dec. 19, 1889; d. June 29, 1890.


Angelia Louisa French Thurston ^ {Daniel Sylvester ^ Ti?nothy,^
jfoJm,'> Benjamin,'' Daniel,^ Daniel,^ John^), eldest child of Daniel
Sylvester and Matilda (Benjamin) Thurston of Montpelier, Vt. ; born
there Dec. 4, 1837 ; married, first, in Madison, Wis., Sept. 18, 1856,
Benjamin Franklin Kilgore, whose father was a Methodist min-
ister ; he died July 4, 1857. Second, Aug. 25, 1859, David Newman,
born in New York city, a dry goods merchant, a year in Cincinnati,

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