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O., fifteen years at Beaver Dam, Wis., and since in Lincoln, Neb. ;
superintendent of Sunday-school in the M. E. church fifteen years ;
Grand Worthy Chief Templar in Wisconsin, Grand Worthy Patriarch,
and a prominent republican.

Mrs. Newman has quite a literary taste, a lady of great enthusiasm
in the work of the Woman's National Home Missionary Society of'
the M. E. church, of which she has been state secretary for years ; as-
sociate editor of the Heathen Woman's Friend, published at Bos-
ton, Mass. ; a member of the Lecture Bureau of the National Woman's
Temperance Union ; has been heard on the platform in every north-
ern and many of the southern states on mormonism and temperance ;
has represented the gentiles of Utah in the 49th, 50th and 51st na-
tional congress as a philanthropist, and secured an appropriation of
|8o,ooo to establish a home for the dependent women who have
renounced polygamy in Salt Lake City. She prepared three argu-
ments on the Woman Question for the U. S. senate, which were in-
troduced by Senator Edmunds; was the first woman ever elected to
the General Conference of the M. E. church.


8058 Cora Fanny (Newman), b. Nov. 30, i860; grad. from the Chicago Musical

college June 30, 1881, as a pianist, and makes that her profession in Lin-
coln, Neb.

8059 Henry Byron (Newman), b. at Beaver Dam, Wis., April 10, 1863 ; engaged

in the insurance business with his uncle, John Newman, in New York city;
a Methodist and republican.



John Mellen Thurston ^ (^Daniel Syh'ester7 Timothy,^ yohn^^
Beiijamw,^ Daniel,'^ Daniel,'' John ■), brother of the preceding, and
son of Daniel Sylvester and Ruth (Town) Thurston of Montpelier,
Vt. ; born there Aug. 21, 1S47 ; married, in Omaha, Neb., Dec. 25,
1872, Martha L. Poland, born at Morrisville, Vt., May 12, 1848,
daughter of Luther and Clara M. (Bennett) Poland of Omaha.

Altho Judge Thurston was born in Vermont he was early trans-
planted to the west. In 1854 his father's family removed to Madi-
son, Wis., and two years later to Beaver Dam, in the same state. As
a boy he worked on the farm each summer and devoted the winters
to study in preparation for college. At the age of sixteen he entered
Wayland University, and graduated at twenty. He then entered upon
the study of the law, and May 21, 1869, was admitted to the bar in
Columbia county. Wis. In October of that year he removed to
Omaha, where he has since resided. While he has always taken an
active and personal interest in political affairs, he has been thoroughly
devoted to the law, and has made everything else subordinate to its
pursuit. He has had charge — on one side or the other — of almost
all important cases in that part of the country the past ten years,
and has been successful in every case of great moment. His career
is already an exceptional one, and to judge from the signs of the
times, it is scarcely yet begun. To use the flowery phrases of a west-
ern paper : — " The footsteps of John M. Thurston are heard on the
bridge that leads to fame ; he is on the whole the most promising
man in the west." From the appended list of the offices that he has
held it will be seen that he has steadily advanced from one position
of trust to another. He is now general solicitor of the Union Pa-
cific Railway Company's system, and would have been elected to the
United States senate four years ago, to succeed Senator Van Wyck,
had not Senator Manderson been a resident of Omaha; as it was he
■ had a strong following, sufificient to show that he will be the choice
of his party for the next vacancy in that body from Nebraska. At
the time of the last presidential inauguration his name was urged for
a place in the cabinet as Secretary of the Interior. A petition was
signed by the legislature and state officers of Nebraska, and was for-
warded to Mr. Harrison, asking the appointment of Mr. Thurston.
Colorado joined hands with Nebraska, and also presented to Mr.
Harrison a petition signed by all the state officers and members of
the legislature of that state saying that Mr. Thurston was the choice
of Colorado for Secretary of the Interior. Kansas, Dakota and
Wyoming also favored his appointment. To quote once more from
a western paper: — "He is a typical western man; he understands
the needs and wants of our people. He is the choice of the farmers
and homesteaders, having risen from their ranks himself. He is the
choice of the 'old soldiers,' and is in sympathy with them, his father
having been a soldier, who only left the battlefield to die. The grand
army will rally to his support. He is the choice of the whole people,
for they have a faith that in his hands their interests will receive
steadfast support. They recognize his superior ability and fitness for

MagaTljie ofmsKm tt'J'-n'


the place, as well as his manly and unflinching integrity." He is thus
described in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper : — J" Hon. John
M. Thurston of Omaha has long been known as an able lawyer, but
it was not until the assembling of the Republican National Conven-
tion in Chicago, when he was made the temporary presiding officer,
that he achieved a national reputation as an impressive orator. His
speech, delivered upon that occasion, was one of great power, and
elicited rapturous applause from the vast multitude present. Indeed,
he was accorded, at its close, an ovation, such as few speakers ever
receive. He has a strong, clear, penetrating voice, and every word
is uttered with the utmost distinctness, and at no time is there any
hesitation in his speech for want of a proper term to express his
meaning. His command of language is very unusual, while grace
and polish mark every sentence. Added to these accomplishments
is a splendid presence, which at once stamps him as a man of more
than average character, and as a leader of men instead of a follower."
We give some of the positions he has held : — From April, 1872,
to April, 1874, he was a member of the city council of Omaha.
From April, 1874, to August, 1877, city attorney of Omaha, at which
time he resigned the office of city attorney to accept the position of
assistant attorney of the Union Pacific Railway Company ; 1875 "^'^^
a member of the Nebraska legislature, chairman of judiciary commit-
tee of the house and acting speaker; fall of 1875 was candidate of
republican party for judge of third judicial district of Nebraska,
but was defeated by democratic opposition; 1880 headed the Ne-
braska electoral ticket, and was electoral messenger; 1884 was chair-
man of republican delegation from Nebraska to the republican na-
tional convention of that year, in which convention he seconded the
nomination of John A. Logan for vice-president. He was also dele-
gate from Nebraska to the last national convention, and temporary
chairman of the same. February i, 1888, he became general solici-
tor of the Union Pacific Railway Company's system, which now em-
braces about eight thousand miles of railroad, extending into or thro
almost every state or territory west of the Missouri river ; also presi-
dent of the Republican League of the United States.


8060 Charles Poland,^ b. Feb. 7, 1874; d. Nov. 26, 1880.

8061 Frank Mellen.a b. Aug. 4, 1876; d. Nov. 28, 1880.

8062 Clarence Luther,^ b. March 12, iSSo.

8063 Grace Poland,^ b. April 20, 1883.

8064 Jean Mellen,^ b. Aug. 23, 1885.


John Coe Thurston ^ {Calvin S\h'ester7 Daniel,^ John,'^ Benja-
min,'^ Daniel,^ Daniel,^ John '), eldest son of Calvin Sylvester and
Eliza Jencks (Coe) Thurston of Grafton; born there June 20, 1832 ;
married, March 9, 1859, Cordelia Walker, born Nov. 24, 1835,
daughter of Chester William and Nancy ( Claflin) Walker of Up-
ton, Mass. He lived for a while in Montreal, Canada, and during
the centennial exhibition in Philadelphia; in 1876 was agent for the
" Pneumatic Fire Extinguisher," having his stand in the Canadian


department ; enlisted in the war against the rebellion in the 13th
Massachusetts regiment, July 29, 1861, as a musician under Col. Sam-
uel H. Leonard, and was in active service till August, 1862, and was
honorably discharged from the hospital in Alexandria, Va., Nov. 19,
1862 ; 1877 went on to his father's farm in Grafton, Mass.


8065 Wilbur Herbert,* b. March 9, 1S60; a farmer, surveyor and notary public in
Selig, O. ; m., Jan. 25, 1885, Emma Jeannette Horton, b. July 2, 1863, da.
of Daniel [d. April, 186S, aged 48] and Temperance Ann (Scott) [d. May,
1868, aged 42] Horton of Blooming Grove, N. Y. They have:

8066 Chester William,'" b. Nov. 24, 18S5.

8067 John Coe,'° b. June 22, 1S87.

S068 Mabel Grace,* b. March 26, 1862 ; m., Sept. 20, 1882, Sumner Freemont Leon-
ard, a general store in Grafton Center, Mass., b. there Oct. 24, 1857, son
of Thorndike and Hannah (Claflin) Leonard of Grafton. They have :
8069 Winnifred (Leonard), b. Jan. 2, 1S88.
S070 Mildred (Leonard), b. July 27, 1S89.
8070^ Robert Sumner (Leonard), b. Sept. 25, 1891.
S071 Sarah Miranda,* b. Dec. 27, [863; m.. May i, 1888, Frank Dexter Williams
Arnold, in furniture business in Providence, R. L, b. in Scituate, R. I., Oct.
23, 1865, son of Simeon Cranston and Alzada (Tourtellot) Arnold. Have:

8072 Cordelia (Arnold), b. in Grafton, Jan. 30, 18S9.

8073 Earl Frank (Arnold), b. Feb. 27,*iS9i.

8074 Lizzie Ada,* b. Feb. 2, 1866; m., Feb. 4, 18S4, Irving Williams Tourtellot, a
fruit and produce com. mer. in Providence, in the firm of S. Tourtellot &
Co., b. June 2, 1858, son of Henry and Emily Jane (Hopkins) Tourtellot
of Foster, R. L ; during the winter of 1880 he was buying apples, and
came into the family of J. C. Thurston, bought his apples, made the ac-
quaintance of his family of four unmarried daughters, and became at-
tached to one of them and married her. They have:

8075 Mabel Winnifred (Tourtellot), b. Feb. 27, 1885.

8076 Carl Thurston (Tourtellot), b. Sept. 26, 18S6.

8077 Chester Irving (Tourtellot), b. June iS, 1888.

8078 Susie Arabella,* b. Jan. 9, 1868; m., Nov. 28, 1889, Henry Cranston Arnold,
a farmer in Scituate, P. O. Chopmist, R. I., b. Feb. 6, 1864, a brother to F.
D. W. Arnold, who m. Sarah M. Thurston, a cousin to I. W. Tourtellot
above, and a direct descendant in the 8lh generation of Roger Williams
of early history. They have :
8079 Grace Thurston (Arnold), b. July 28, 1S90.


Isaac Daniel Thurston ^ ( Calvin Syhesier,'^ Daniel,^ jfohti,^ Ben-
jamin.'' Daniel,'^ Daniel,'^ yohn '), brother of the preceding, and son of
Calvin Sylvester and Eliza Jencks (Coe) Thurston of Grafton, Mass. ;
born there March 21, 1834; married, Sept. 5, 1858, Laura Anna
Boyd, born Nov. 11, 1839, daughter of James and Anna (Hitchcock)
Boyd of Marlboro, Mass. He is a wholesale boot and shoe manufac-
turer in Montreal, residing in Lachine till 1882, when he made his
residence in Montreal, Canada.


8080 Alice Melinda,9 b. in Grafton, Mass., Nov. 18, 1859.

8081 Florence Boyd,* b. in Marlboro, Mass., Oct. 27, 1862.

8082 Charles Edward,* b. in Montreal, Canada, Oct. i, 1865; with Brown & Scri-

ver, auctioneers, in Montreal; m., in the Bishop's palace, Nov. 2 r, 1888,
Lena Anna Waters, b. in Ottawa, Ont., Jan. i, 1867, da. of David and
Elena (DeAngelis) Waters of Montreal. They have :

8083 Lisle Stanley,'" b. in Montreal, Oct. 8, 1889.

8083a Marie Berinece Gladys Dorothy,'° b. April 30, 1891.


Rosanna Edith,9 b. do., Jan. 6, iSCS.

8085 Arthur Frederic,9 b. do., May 17, d. July 28, 1S71.

8086 Ernest Coe,9 b. do., June 4, 1S73.

8087 Amy Frances, 9 b. do., Dec. 5, 1S75; d. in Lachine, Can., Dec. 20, 1876.

8088 Clinton Salsbury,9 b. in Lachine, March 28, 1879.

8089 Sidney Chesselden,9 b. Jan. 9, 1882. ,


Edward Harrison Thurston ^ {Calvin Sylvester ^ Daniel,^ J'o/in,^
Benjamin,'^ Daniel,^ Daniel,^ John "), brother of the preceding, and
son of Calvm Sylvester and Eliza Jencks (Coe) Thurston of Graf-
ton, Mass.; born there April 24, 1836; m., in Marlboro, Mass., May
II, 1867, Adelaide Lucretia Goold, born in Lancaster, Mass.,
Nov. 18, 1847, daughter of James Edward and Harriet (Hapgood)
Goold of Natick, Mass. He went to Kansas at the age of twenty-
one ; was with John Brown at the battle of Ossawatomie, and with
Jim Lane at the battle of Black Jack, and in nearly all the engage-
ments between the border ruffians and the advocates of freedom in
Kansas on the free side. After all the troubles were settled and
Kansas made a free state, he returned to the east and settled in Marl-
boro, in the manufacture of boots and shoes; paid •$1,500 for a sub-
stitute in the war against the rebellion, and about $300 a month in
tax on his business to help carry on the war. Removed to Montreal,
Canada, 1870, in the same business, and attained some notoriety as
the inventor of "an improved method of cutting boot and shoe up-
pers," patented 1875 ; also Thurston's patent seamless balmoral, pa-
tented 1879.


8090 Lola Edna Pearl,^ b. April 4, 1879..


David Burroughs Thurston ^ ( William Calvert^ yohn^ jfohn,^
John^'^ David,-^ yohn,^ Thomas, "^ yolin'^), son of William Calvert and
Philena (Burroughs) Thurston of Heuvelton, N. Y. ; born there Oct.
8, 1829; married, Sept. 27, 1853, Mary Elizabeth Griffin, born
March 1 1, 1832, daughter of Nathan Ford and Mary (Gallaway) Griffin.
He was in the boot, shoe, harness and tanning business' in Heuvel-
ton till 1870, when he sold and removed to West Point, Neb., and
October, 1881, to Fremont, Neb.; not engaged in any business after
leaving Heuvelton ; was a liberalist in religion, considering nature
all, died Sept. 30, 1883.


8091 Hollis Murdock.i'^ b. Aug. 9, 1854; a fire ins. agent in Chicago, 111.; m., Oct.

3, 18S3, Carrie L. Nash.

8092 Mary Louise,^'' b. March 31, 1861 ; m., Aug. 21, 1878, Fred Robert Kittle, a

foreman printer in Times office in Los Angeles, Cal., the first white boy
b. in Fremont, Neb., March 28, 1858 ; he d. Sept. 26, 1890. They had :
S093 Helen Elizabeth (Kittle), b. in Fremont, March 20, 1880.


S094 Ella Louise (Kittle), b. do., May 24, 18S2.
8095 Robert George (Kittle), b. do., Aug. 27, 1886.
8096 Ella rhilena,!" b. Dec. 18, 1S64; m., July 11, 1883, Benjamin Franklin More-
house, a grain, lumber and coal dealer in Fremont, b. in Liverpool, N. Y.,
Feb. 17, 1850. They have:
S097 Carlos Thurston (Morehouse), b. in Hooper, Neb., April 22, 1884.
809S Nye Franklin (Morehouse), b. in Fremont, April 3, 1889.
8099 Anna Laura,''' b. Oct. 12, 1866; m., Sept. 18, 1883, Dilks Black, a train dis-
patcher in Oakland, Cal., b. in Johnstown, Penn., Aug. 30, 1862. Ha\'e :
Sioo Zilo (Black), b. in Grand Island, Neb., Feb. 17, 18S5.
8iot David Burroughs,'' b. Feb. 18, 1872; a printer in Fremont, Neb.


Ira Thurston 9 {John,^ John^ John,^ yoJin,^ David,^ JoJm,^
2'hoi7ias,^ John '), eldest son of John and Polly (Greeley) Thurston
of Heuvelton, N. Y. ; born in Chester, Vt, Oct. 23, 1823 ; married,
Nov. 15, 1858, Susan McClellan Douglass, born in county Antrim,
Ireland, Dec. 25, 1829. He is a farmer in Heuvelton.


8102 William John,i'^ b. April 19, 1863; a railroad employe in Heuvelton, N. Y. ;

m., Jan: 29, 1890, Ethel Childs, b. June 11, 1870; no children.

8103 Orpha Naomi,!' b. April 26, 1865; m., Aug. 3, 1886, Charles Washington

Popple, b. Aug. 21, 1861, a tinsmith in Heuvelton. They have :

8104 Lorenzo Dow (Popple), b. May 3, 1887.

8105 Cecil Naomi (Popple), b. May 4, 1889.


Ulysses Ithicus Thurston 9 (Afcrssena Paine^ yason,'' jfoel^
yo/ifi,^ David,"^ yohn,^ T/wmas,'^ jFo/m '), eldest child of Massena
Paine and Levina (Washburn) Thurston of Colon, Mich. ; born there
March 3, 1838; married, Nov. 27, 1856, Mary Ann Baker, born
March 4, 1839, daughter of Joshua and Polly Baker. He is a farmer
in Colon.


8106 Roxielany,!*^ b. Aug. 29, 1857; m., Dec. 4, 1879, George Engle, b. Jan. 7,
1839, an extensive farmer in Colon, Mich. They have :
8107 George Orla (Engle), b. March 13, 1884.

8108 Helena,'' b. July 16, 1867.

8109 Edna,!'-' b. Oct. 13, 1875.


Epaminondas Pelopidas Thurston 9 {Massefia Faine,^ Jasofi^
yoel,^ yo/in,^ David,-^ 'jfohnT' Thovias,^ JoJui '), brother of the preced-
ing, and son of Massena Paine and Levina (Washburn) Thurston of
Colon, Mich.; born there April 29, 1841 ; married, March 22, 1866,
Sarah Currier, born March 25, 1848, daughter of Rufus and Mary
( Hunt) Currier of Nottawa, Mich. He is a farmer in Staley, Wash. ;
enlisted in the 4th Michigan regiment April, 1861, in the war against
the rebellion, and was in the first battle of Bull Run, July 21, 1861 ;
siege of Yorktown, April 4, 1862 ; battle of the Wilderness, May 5,
1862 ; Fair Oaks, May 31 and June i, 1862 ; the seven days' fight in
Virginia, June 26, to July i, 1862 ; second Bull Run, Aug. 27, 1862 ;
Chantilly, Sept. i, 1862 ; Antietam, Sept. 17, 1862 ; Fredericksburg,


Dec. 31, 1862 ; Chancellorsville, May 2 and 3, 1863 ; Gettysburg, July
1-3, 1863 ;- shot in the neck by a minie ball, sent to hospital in Phila-
delphia, and in two months joined his regiment, and was in the bat-
tle of the Wilderness May 5 and 6, 1864, wounded, taken prisoner,
in Andersonville a year, " saw idiots made of men, and helped to
bury many human wrecks."


8 no Viola Ligette," b. Feb. 28, 1S67.

811 1 Robert Bruce.i'* b. June 12, 1870.

81 12 Mary Lovina,i° b. Oct. 28, 1875.

81 13 Jeannette Helen, w b. Jan. 22, 1S78.

8 1 14 Hugh Wallace,!' b. May 5, 1880.

81 1 5 Homer Roscoe,!'^ b. Aug. 2, 1883.

81 16 Elmer Paine.i" b. March 24, 1886.


Achilles Pelides Thurston 9 {Massena^ Paine^ jfason^ "Yoel,^
yohn,'= David,'^ yohn,'^ Thomas,^ Jo/m '), brother of the preceding* and
son of Massena Paine and Levina (Washburn) Thurston of Colon,
Mich.; born there May 31, 1843; married, Nov. 7, 1861, Ellen
Mathewson, born Oct. 7, 1843, daughter of James and Caroline
( Chapman) Mathewson of Onondaga county, N. Y. He is a farmer
and breeder of fine horses in Burr Oak, Mich.

81 17 Elfie,i"b. Jan. 28, 1S66.

81 18 Ethel," b. Nov. 8, 1874.



Cassius Brutus Thurston 9 (^Massena Pame^ ^ason^ Joel,^ J^o/m,^
David,'' John,^ Thomas,^ yohn '), brother of the preceding, and son
of Massena Paine and Levina (Washburn) Thurston of Colon, Mich. ;
born there May 29, 1849 ' married Ann Mathewson, born Jan. 3,
185 1, adopted daughter of Lockwood and Wealthy Ann (Belote)
Mathewson of Colon, Mich. He is a farmer in Mattison, Mich.


81 19 Alcibiades,!'' b. Oct. 15, 1869 ; a farmer in Bronson, Mich. ; m., Jan. 15, 1889,

Lillie Allen, da. of Orval and Mary Elizabeth (Drumm) Allen of Matti-
son, Mich.


Solon Kossuth Thurston 9 {Massena Pame^ yasofi7 Joel,^ ^o/m,^
David,'' yo/inT< Thomas,^ John '), brother of the preceding, and son
of Massena Paine and Levina (Washburn) Thurston of Colon, Mich. ;
born there March 4, 185 1 ; married, Sept. 21, 187 1, Ella Worden,
born July 24, 185 1, daughter of James and Lois (Trussell) Worden
of Burr Oak, Mich. He is a farmer in Sherwood, Mich.


8120 Guy.Wb. Feb. 21, 1875.

8121 Nina.i'^b. July 11, 1878.




Agamemnon Highland Thurston'' {Massena Paine^ yason7
Joel,^ John,^ David,^ John,^ Thomas,'' John '), brother of the preced-
ing, and son of Massena Paine and Levina (Washburn) Thurston of
Colon, Mich. ; born there April 3, 1853 ; married, first, Nov. 23, 1875,
Elizabeth Jane Schoch, born Oct. i, 1856, daughter of Charles
and Amelia (Klose) Schoch of Parkville, Mich. ; she died April 21,
1884. Second, Sept. 13, 1887, Jennie Cleveland, born Aug. 12,
1866, daughter of Chauncy M. and Saloma (Engle) Cleveland of
Colon. He is a farmer in Colon.


8122 Ilion Demoyne,i° b. Feb. 6, 18S0.

8123 Robert Emmet.i'^ b. April 9, 1SS4.

8124 Wendell Paine,!' b. Sept. 17, 188S.


Patroclus Antilocus Thurston 9 (^Massena Faine^ Jason,'' Joel,^
John,^ David,'- John,^ l/wmasj^ John '), brother of the preceding,
and son of Massena Paine and Levina (Washburn) Thurston of
Colon, Mich.; born there July 18, 1856; married, Dec. i, 1880,
HuLDAH EsTELLA Dexter, born April 30, 1861, daughter of Miles
and Huldah Henderson (Davis) Dexter of Colon. He is a farmer
in Colon.


5125 Fern,io b, Aug. 7, 1882.

5126 Hazel.wb. Dec. 15, 1889.


William Thurston 9 {Joel^ William,'' Joel,^ Jo/in,^ Bavid,^ yohn,^
Thomas,^ John '), eldest son of Joel and Lovisa (Munger) Thurston of
Peoria,, 111. ; born in Patriot, Ind., Feb. 6, 1828 ; married, first, Jan.
6, 1850, Ellen O. Keefe, born in Pottsville, Penn., 1839, died 1859.
Second, 1868, Cassandra Holmes, born near Memphis, Tenn., 1840,
died 187 1. Third, 1873, Amazon Daniels, born in Starkville, Miss.,
1854. He was a farmer in Peoria, 111., till 1883, when he moved to
Thayer, la. ; served in the war against the rebellion in the nth Illi-
nois cavalry from November, 1863, to Sept. 30, 1865, his hearing
being very much injured by the service.


8127 Stephen William,!" b. in Peoria, 111., Feb. 23, 1851 ; d. 1852.

8128 George Washington,^' b. do., March 12, 1854; went on board a vessel in the

gulf of Mexico, and has never been heard from.

8129 Alfred Eugene, !" b. do., 1856; a stone mason near Creighton, Mo.; n.m.

8130 John Francis,!" ]-, j^ Medina tp., Peoria county, 111., Dec. 25, 1858; a stone

contractor in Creighton, Mo.; m., near Centerville, la., June 27, 1880,
Katherine Ann Hogan, b. near Marion, O., Nov. 26, 1864. They have:

8131 George Patrick,!! b. near Albany, Mo., March 11, 188 1.

8132 Alfred,!! b. near California Junction, la., Jan. 7, d. Jan. 11, 1883.

8133 David William,!! b. near Hollenburg, Kan., Jan. 5, 18S4.

8134 Katherine Frances,!! b. in Creighton, April 21, 1S90.

8135 Mary Ellen,!' b. near Memphis, Tenn., Nov. 23, 1S70; m., Aug. 10, 1887,
Frank Weber, a farmer in Thayer, la. They have :


8136 Mabel Ethel (Weber), b. May 12, 1889.

8137 David Harrison,!" b. near Mossville, 111., Jan. 9, 1874; in the employ of the

C. B. Q. R. R. at Ottumwa; living at home.

8138 Phebe.w b. do. April 8, 1876.

8139 Dora,i° b. in New Hope tp., la., Dec. 28, 1878.

8140 Carrie,!" b. in Thayer, la., Dec. 2, 1881.

8141 Lovisa,!" b. Dec. 21, 1885.

8142 Jessie Belle.i" b. Jan. 6, 18S7 ; d. Nov. 22, 1889.

8143 b. Feb. 7, 1890. *


Solomon Thurston 9 (^Solovwn^ Daniel,'' Joel^ John,^ David,'*
John,^ 77iomas,'^ John '), son of Solomon and Mercy Ann (Stebbins)
Thurston of Sturgis, Mich. ; born there Dec. i, 1844 ; married, March
19, 1868, Margaret Jane Maloy, born in Haldonnan, Canada,
May 17, 1846. He is a farmer and stock dealer in Osceola, la. ;
both members of the Methodist church.


8144 Grace Alice,'° b. July 12, 1873.

8145 Maud Bernice,'° b. Oct. 5, 1875.

8146 Lloyd Leonard,'°b. March 27, 1880.

8147 Ralph,'° b. April 6, 1886.


William Alonzo Thurston 9 (So/omon,^ Daniel,'' Joel^ John,^
David,'^ John,^ Thomas,^ John '), brother of the preceding, and son
of Solomon and Mercy Ann (Stebbins) Thurston of Sturgis, Mich.;
born there March 26, 1853 ; married, July i, 1872, Carlistia Emira
Treece, born in Hebron, Ind., June 10, 1853, daughter of Benjamin
Franklin and Mary Evey (Eaton) Treece of Sherwood, Mich. He
is a farmer in Osceola, Iowa.


8148 Clyde Jay,i" b. in Sherwood, Mich., Sept. 2, 1873.

8149 Nellie Belle,!" b. in Burr Oak, Mich., Oct. 30, 1875.

8150 Franklin,!" b. in LaGrange, Ind., March 25, 1878.

81 51 Budd,!" b. in Mt. Ayer, la., Aug. 12, i8Sr.

8152 Guy,!" b_ i,-, Allegany, Mich., April 21, 1884.

8153 Calvin,!" 5 \^ Osceola, la., Nov. 29, 18S6.

8154 Alvin,!" b. do., July 12, 1S88.

8154a Roy,'° b. in Washington tp., la., March 18, 1891.


Frank Warren Thurston 9 {Nahuni^ Nahum' Daniel,^ Daniel,'^
Daniel,'' Thomas,^ Tho77ias,^ Jo/ifi^), eldest son of Nahum and Ann
Elizabeth (Cole) Thurston of Union, Me. ; born there Dec. 2, 1850;
married, first, Jan. 23, 1879, Emma Louisa Wells of Brookdale,
Kansas ; divorced Aug. 8, 1888. Second, in Denver, Col., July 27,

1889, Elizabeth Orme, a very smart woman ; divorced September,

1890, He went to Lewiston, Me., as a bobbin boy at an early age;
soon commenced to learn the trade of machinist; 1869 went into the
locomotive works in Portland, Me. ; worked in large shops in
Boston and Lowell, Mass., in Blake's steam pump works five years,
thus became a thorough machinist ; attended the centennial in Phila-

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