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delphia with the Eureka Polishing Machine of Boston ; was the first
settler upon a farm in Union, Kan., 1878, named after his native
town ; the drought of 1879 caused him to leave and go to Leadville,
Col., as one of the first miners there ; was in many Indian fights;
1886 was in the real estate business under the firm names of Thurs-
ton & Smith, and after Thurston & Hubbell, the largest dealers in
the place ; 1889 was in the wall paper and paint business as Thurs-
ton & Shefer, the largest in Leadville ; 1890 commenced the manu-
facture of the Thurston Air Car Coupling in Central City, Col., which
he claims will soon supersede all other devices for car coupling, and
save the loss of many lives ; no children.


Willie LaForrest Thurston 9 {Nahiwt^ JVahiun,'' Daniel,^ Dan-
iel,'^ Daniel,'^ Thomas,'^ T/iomas,^ Jolin '), brother of the preceding, and
son of Nahum and Elizabeth (Cole) Thurston of Union, Me. ; born
there Oct. 18, 1859 ; married, April 3, 1881, Flora Belle Hol-
BROOK, born at Bird Flat, Cal, April 4, 1855, daughter of John Sav-
age and Mary Ann (Scribner) Holbrook of Nevada City, where he
went 1876, in the lumber business, later in mining, and since a saloon
keeper in Grass Valley, Cal. ; is 5 feet, 9^2 inches in height, blonde,
weighs 190 pounds, cheerful disposition, and fond of all kinds of
amusements. Mrs. Thurston is a brunette, of a quiet, cheerful dis-
position, and member of the Episcopal church ; no children.


John Alexander Thurston 9 ( William Eddy^ Alexander Camp-
bell,'' Nathan,^ David,^ Daniel,'' Tho^nas,^ Thomas,^ John '), eldest son
of William Eddy and Louisa Ann (Abbe) Thurston of Putnam,
Conn.; born in Windsor, Mass., Sept. 23, 1843 ; married, in Provi-
dence, R. L, Dec. 18, 1866, Sarah Ellen Cummings, born Sept,
18, 1844, daughter of Parris and Eunice Maria (Smith) Cummings
of Uxbridge, Mass. He is a woolen finisher in Spencer's mills, Ger-
mantown, Penn. ; served thro the war against the rebellion, enlisting
at the age of seventeen in Co. E, 15th Massachusetts regiment, pro-
moted to be sergeant ; in religion Episcopalian.

Children, born in Providence, R. I.

8155 Eaton Alexander,'" b. at Wanskuck, May 13, 1868; grad. from Pierce's busi-

ness college in Philadelphia, Penn., where he is a bookkeeper; m., June 3,
1891, Anna Eliza Street, b. Oct. 30, 1S71, da. of William and Ann (Beas-
ley) Street of Frankford, Penn.

8156 Josephine Louise, '° b. Aug. 4, 1870.

8157 Jennie Maud,'° b. Jan. 13, 1873.


James Franklin Thurston '' {V^illiam Eddy^ Alexander Camp-
bell,'' Nathan,"^ David,^ Daniel,'^ Tliomas,'^ Thomas,^ John '), brother of
the preceding, and son of William Eddy and Louisa Ann (Abbe)
Thurston of Putnam, Conn. ; born in Hinsdale, Mass., Aug. 17, 1845 ;
married, in Oxford, Mass., Aug. 17, 1865, Maria Abel Stone, born


in Moosup, Conn., May 10, 1846, daughter of Jason and Rhoda
(Fry) Stone of Oneco, Conn. He is a woolen finisher in Hinsdale,
Mass., served in the war of the rebellion in the U. S. navy.


8158 William Artliur,!^ b. in Oneco, Conn., July 18, 1866.

8159 Henry Nathan, 10 b. in Johnston, R. I., Oct. 12, 1869.

8160 Maria Louise,!" b. in Oneco, Nov. i, 1871.

8161 Florence Abbe,!" b. in Pittsfield, Mass., March 31, d. in Oneco, June 16, 1873.

8162 Martha Bell, 10 b- in Glendale, R. I., Aug. 24, 1876.

8163 Edith May,io b. in Warren, Mass., Nov. 24, 1878.

8164 Edward Carpenter,^'' b. do., Nov. 24, 187S; d. in Wales, Mass., Dec. 26, 1879.

8165 Ida Estelle,!'' b. in Hinsdale, Mass., Dec. 3, 1S89.


Abby Jane Thurston 9 ( William Eddy^ Alexander Ca7npbe^^ Na-
than,^ David ^^ Daniel^'' lliovias,^ y/iomas,'^ yohn ' ), sister of the preced-
ing, and daughter of William Eddy and Louisa Ann (Abbe) Thurs-
ton of Putnam, Conn.; born in Charlton, Mass., April 6, 1850; mar-
ried Charles Nathan Read, born Dec. 31, 1848, son of Charles
Allen and Henrietta ( Brown) Read of Pittsfield, Mass., where he is
a farmer.


8166 Allen Festus (Read), b. March 20, 1873.

8167 Henrietta Louise (Read), b. Oct. 7, 1874.

8168 Oscar Samuel (Read), b. Sept. 7, 1885.


Edmund Milford Thurston 9 {Caleb^ Israel^'' jfohn,^ Israel,^
yoh7i,'> Benjamin,^ Joseph,^ jfohn '), eldest son of Caleb and Hannah
(Vanzant) Thurston of Wiley Station, O. ; born in Cheviot, O., Nov.
12, 1838; married, in New Paris, O., May 29, 1862, Ellen Lucy
Pierce, born in Chambersburg, Penn., March 8, 1837, daughter of
James Alfred and Catherine (Corr) Pierce of Lewiston, Penn. He
was several years, from 1862, a merchant in New Paris and Brinley,
O., then in railroad business seven years in Chicago, 111., after which
with Bradstreet's Commercial Agency in Chicago to 1880, then in
Atlanta, Ga., to 1883, since in life insurance in Chattanooga, and 1889
in Knoxville, Tenn. ; both connected with the Presbyterian church.


8169 Addie Leonora,!" b. in New Paris, O., Feb. 28, 1863.

8170 Carrie Rosanna,i" b. do., July 20,1864; ™-. Aug. 26, 18S9, Frederick H.

Taylor, son of S. H. Taylor of Washington, Ind. ; he was supply agent of
the U. S. Express Co. at Chattanooga; since Jan. 1, i89r, life and accident
ins. agent in Knoxville, Tenn.

8171 Harrie Milford,^" b. do., April 26, 1867; life and fire ins. agent in Chatta-

nooga, 18S8-9; bookkeeper for Armour Packing Co. in Knoxville, 1S90;
now life and accident ins. agent in do.

8172 Elsie Dinsmore,!" b. in Chicago, 111., Dec. 23, 1870; d. July 16, 1871.

8173 Maude Duncan,^" b. do., Dec. 14, 1873.


Rev. Oakley Bunn Thurston 9 {Moses IVa/es,^ Asa,^ Moses,^ /s-
rae/,^ John,'^ Benjami?i,^ Joseph,^ John '), eldest son of Moses Wales


and Helen Caroline (Strader) Thurston of Elmira, N. Y. ; born in
Watkins, N. Y., Nov. 9, 1857 ; married, July 22, 1882, Martha Wil-
cox, born Feb. 21, 1866, daughter of Warren Palmer and Marion
(Winchell) Wilcox of Bellaire, Mich. He received a commercial ed-
ucation, attended academy at Havana and Watkins, taught school in
Michigan four years, studied for the ministry under direction of con-
ference, and is a licentiate of Genesee Conference of Congrega-
tional churches in Michigan; licensed at Traverse City, June 10,
1883, ordained at Standish, Mich., March 2, 1886, where he had been
preaching some months; August i, 1886, accepted a call from the
Congregational church in Mecosta, Mich., and Aug. 15, 1887, went
to the Congregational church in Pinckney, Mich.


8174 Warren Bunn,!" b. Jan. 21, 18S4.

8175 Elbert b. Dec. 5, 1885.

8176 Reuben Earl,^"^ b. Jan. 19, 1SS8.


Alvaro Alonzo Thurston 9 (^Alfred^ Eli^ Ezra,^ yamesy> Dan-
iel,'' Daniel,^ Joseph,'' jfohn '), son of Alfred and Emily O. (Pike)
Thurston of Bowling Green, O. ; born there March 27, 1836; mar-
ried, 1852, Amelia Clough. He is a merchant in Bowling Green;
both members of the Presbyterian church.


8177 Frank, ^° a crockery ware merchant in Bowling Green, O. ; m., March 4, 1891,

Carrie Louise Hopkins.


Wesley Shortis Thurston 9 {Alfred^ E/i,7 Ezra,^ James,^ Dan-
iel,^ Da/lie/,'^ Joseph,^ John '), brother of the preceding, and son of
Alfred and Emily O. (Pike) Thurston of Bowling Green, O. ; born
there June 11, 1838; married, Feb. 22, 1867, Martha Jane Gor-
rill, born May 22, 1840. He is a lawyer in Toledo, O., under the
firm name of Bissell & Gorrill ; enlisted in the iiith Ohio regiment
against the rebellion, served three years, rising from a private to a


8178 Mary Jessie.i" b. Sept. 29, 1S69.

8179 Wilbur b. Oct. 7, 1S71 ; a student.

8180 Alice Eliza,io b. May 3, 1873.

8181 Mattie b. Dec. 28, 1875; d. Feb. 3, 1879.

8182 Wesley Standish.^" b. June 26, 1877.

8183 Ethel Grace," b. Dec. 17, 1884.


Theron Alfred Earl Thurston ^ {Alfred,^ Eli,'' Ezra,^ James,''
Daniel,'' Daniel,^ Joseph,^ John '), brother of the preceding, and son of
Alfred and Emily O. (Pike) Thurston of Bowling Green, O. ; born
there Oct. i, 1846; married, 1865, Edna Foot. He has dropped
the Theron in his name, is a brick and tile maker in Bowling Green ;


■enlisted in the navy against the rebellion, on the ship Ino, and served
to the close of the war ; both members of the Presbyterian church.


8184 Nellie," b. Oct. 2, 1872.

8185 Dora,'°b. Dec. 27, 1877; d. 1S84.


Daniel Edward Thurston 9 {^Daniel Marvin^ Ebe/iezer^ Eben-
ezer,^ Cyrus,^ Daniel,^ Daniel,'^ yoseph^^ yoh?i ■), eldest son of Daniel
Marvin and Emily (Ford) Thurston of Parsons, Kan. ; born in San-
dusky City, O., May 12, 1852 ; married, on summit of Santa Cruz
mountains, Santa Clara Co., Cal., Dec. 17, 1875, Isadora Forestina
Stowe, born in Waupun, Wis., Dec. 7, 1845, daughter of Isaac Mars
and Salina (Storey) Stowe of Santa Clara county. He is a lumber
sawyer in Santa Cruz, member of the Baptist church.

3i86 Albert Grant,'° b. Oct. 14, 1877.

Unconnected and Miscellaneous Names.

8187 Alvin Thurston, son of Nathan Thurston of Newport, Me. ; born there;
married Sarah T. Tibbetts. He was a carpenter and millman in Newport. They
had Charles Edwin ; Helen Sarah ; Franklin Cummings, born Nov. 19, 1853, a rail-
road employe in Portland, Me., married, April 21, 1881, Ella Emily Whiting, no
children; Julia; Lucian Woodbridge.

A petition to the Judge of the Probate Court was signed March 16, 1836, by
" Harriet, widow, and Nathaniel, Lydia, Abel, Chloe and Nancy, heirs of the late
Dr. Daniel Thurston of Mendon, Mass." An inventory of his estate, April 2, 1836,
named many " surgical instruments," etc. (I do not know who these were.)


iTirst Cl^rncvation.

Edward Thurston ' was the first of the name in the Colony of
Rhode Island. He must have been there some time previons to
1647, sufficient, at least, to attend to the preliminaries of his mar-
riage, which occurred June, 1647, to Elizabeth Mott, daughter of
Adam Mott,* and is the third on the record of the " Society of
Friends," at Newport. He is mentioned in the colonial records as a
freeman in 1655 ; as commissioner, assistant and deputy from New-
port from 1663 to 1690. August 26, 1686, he, with others, signed an
address from the Quakers of Rhode Island, to the king. She died
Sept. 2, 1694, aged 67 ; he died March i, 1707, aged 90. f


8191 Sarah,^ b. March 10, 1648.

8192 Elizabeth,- b. Feb , 1650.

8 1 93+ Edward,^ b. April i, 1652; m. Susanna Jefferay (or Jeffries).*

8194 Ellen,- b. March, 1655; "^•' 1674, George Havens, and had: George (Ha-
vens), b. at Shelter island; Jonathan (Havens), b. at Jamestown, R. I.,
Feb. 22. 16S1.

8195-l-Mary,- b. Feb., 1657; m. Rev. Ebenezer Slocum.

8196-l-Jonathan,- b. Jan. 4, 1659; m. Sarah .

8197-l-Daniel,^ b. April, 1661 ; m. Mary Easton.

8198 Rebecca,^ b. April, 1662; m. ist, Peter Easton; he d. Dec. 17, 1690, aged 31 ;
2d. Nov. 25, 1691, Weston Clarke; she d. Sept. 16, 1737. Mr. Clarke was
freeman 1655, rep. of Providence, R. I., 1663, but returned to Newport.
His daughter, Elinor, by a former marriage, m., in 1674, George Havens of
Portsmouth, R. I. Rebecca's children were : Rebecca (Easton), b. July
5, 1684; Peter (Easton), b. Nov. 11, 1685, m. 1st, Content Slocum, 2d, Ann
Stanton, he d. Dec, 1747; Ann (Easton), b. Sept. 3, 1687, d. Nov. 23,
i6go; Joshua '(Easton), b. April 27, 1689; Jeremiah (Clarke), b. July 27,
1692, d. Sept. 3, 1756; Mary (Clarke), b. Feb. 8, 1694; Elizabeth (Clarke),
b. Nov. 5, 1695; Weston (Clarke), b. Aug. 25, 1697, d. June 22, 1737;
Rose (Clarke), b. 169S or 9, m., July 16, 17 19, Seth Spooner, b. Jan. 31,

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