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born there Dec. 2, 1767 ; married, 1786, Catherine Ter Boss, born
April 10, 1765. He was a farmer in La Grangeville, N. Y., member of
the Dutch Reformed church, tall, slender, pale, dark brown hair, and


a grave countenance, died Sept. 16, 1824 ; she was short and slender,
a light brunette, died Aug. 29, 1833.*


8565+Samuel Thomas,^ b. March iS, 1787 ; in. Ruth Rowe.

8566-I- Isaac,* ) twins, born ) m. Rebecca Rosekrans.

8567 Ann,* ) Mar. 29, 1790; ( m. ist," Baltus Overacker, a farmer in Fishkill, N.
Y., where he d.; 2d, John Van Vleit, a farmer in La Crangeville, 1833 in
Wayne Co., and 1856 in Elbridge, N. Y., where both d. 1873, both most
respectable men; no children.

8568-I- Peter,* b. March 9, 1793 > ^'^- Eliza Jewell. *

8569 Sarah,* b. May 7, 1797; m. Benjamin Pollock of Fishkill, N. Y.; he was an

architect in New York city till a short time before liis death, he had re-
tired and settled in his native town, d. in Poughkeepsie, Sept., 1853 ; she
d. Oct. 30, i85S; no children.

8570 Joseph,* b. Aug. 17, 1804; thrown from a carriage and killed, Feb. 14, 1S24.


Jacob Thurston s (T/wmas вЦ†^), brother of the preceding, and son

of Thomas and (Montross) Thurston of Fishkill, N. Y. ; born

there June 21, 1771 ; married, in New York, by Rev. John Rogers,
April 29, 1798, Martha Valentine, from one of the best old fami-
lies of New York. He was a highly esteemed watch and jewelry mer-
chant, and second postmaster 1812-20, in Schenectady, N. Y., died
September, 1820; she died March 11, 1847.!


8571 Abby Valentine,* a teacher, d. June 25, 1841, aged 40; n.m.

8572 Martha,* m., by Rev. Mr. Mason, Feb. 11, 1S30, Elisha L. Freeman, a paint

and oil merchant in Schenectady, N. Y. ; she d. May 10, 184S, aged 42.
They had :^

8573 Samuel Thurston (Freeman), b. Jan. 9, 1831; grad. from Union college

1850; a lawyer of considerable note in New York city; m. in Tus-
kahoe, N. Y., d. Dec, 18S9, having had Cuyler, Martha Thurston, Oak-
ley, and Fred Buck (Freeman).

8574 James Oakley (Freeman), b. Nov. 24, 1834; d. Aug. 2, 1835.
81575 Ethan Barrows (Freeman), b. April 23, 1836; d. Dec. 5, 1891 ; n.m.

8576 Charlotte,* d. March 16, 188 r, aged 79.

8577 Matilda,* a teacher, d. July 11, 1889, aged 75; n.m.

8578 Louise Montross,* d. July 20, 1839, aged 24.

8579 Rachel Hanson,* a teacher in Schenectady.

8580 Jemima Bloom,* d. July 10, 1843, aged 23.


John Thurston s of Hudson, N. Y. {Johi,'' Jonathan .,'>' Edward,^
JEdward^), eldest son of John and Elizabeth (Oxx) Thurston of New-
port, R. I. ; born there May 31, 1747 ; married, June 21, 1772, Eliz-
abeth Jenkins, eldest daughter of John and Prudence (Marion)
Jenkins of Boston, Mass. He lived for a time in Providence, R. I.,
and was one of thirty shareholders who formed themselves into an
association in 1783, and founded the city of Hudson, which he sup-
posed would be the head of North river navigation ; moved to New
York city in the spring of 1784, and in 1794 removed to Hudson, go-
ing in a sloop, provisioned for the voyage, having also a cow on

* For minute particulars of lior wedding dress, etc., see 1st cd. p. 470.
|- For interesting family details see 1st ed. p. 477.


board ; he placed the vessel under the control of his wife, and as she
ordered the captain to cast anchor whenever the wind blew fresh, the
voyage occupied two weeks. There is an enlargement of the Hud-
son river, near Nyack, which was called the "Tappan See or Zee," the
crossing of which gave the family much alarm. The rehearsal, in
after years, of the alarm at crossing this inoffensive portion of the
river was a source of great amusement to the children and grandchil-
dren. He remained in New York till 1804, when he bought a beau-
tiful farm near 'Hudson, called Mt. Laurel, where he spent the re-
mainder of his days, with an unsullied character, universally beloved,
died Jan. 6, 1809; she died Aug. 19, 1815, aged 65.*


8581 John Holmes,*" b. in Providence, R. I.; bap. May i, d. Sept. 8, 1776, in

Newport, R. I.
8582+ Robert Jenkins,^ m. Abigail Bogert.

8583 Phebe Watson,^ b. 1783; d. in New York, Feb. 10, 1858, aged 75; n.m.

8584 Louis Marion,*" b. in Hudson, N. Y. ; of the firm of Proud & Thurston in

Baltimore, Md. ; d. in Philadelphia, Penn., aged 23; n.m.
85S5 John,*" d. single in Bushwick.
8586 Eliza,* b. 17S6; m. Ezra Reed of Mt. Laurel, N. Y. ; he d. 1858; she d. Jan.

15, i85o, aged 74; no children.!
8587-l-Edward Champlin,* b. Nov. 9, 1790; m. Elizabeth Van Vredenberg.
8588-1- Penelope,* b. Dec. 29, 1792; m. Rev. Gregory Townsend Bedell.
85S9-|-Susan Alada,* b. Nov. 29, 1793; m. Patrick Fanning.


Peleg Thurston s (^yohn,^ yonathan^^ Edward^^ Edward^), brother
of the preceding, and son of Capt. John and Elizabeth (Oxx) Thurs-
'ton of Newport, R. 1. ; born there May 28, 1753 ; married, first, June
I, 1777, Phebe Lawton, daughter of Robert and Mary Lawton ; she
died Oct. 6, 1793, aged 41. Second, Ruth Lawton, sister of his
first wife. He was a sea captain in Portsmouth, R. L, till he became
too old, when he paid attention to farming, died Dec. 4, 183 1, aged
78 ; she died Oct. 28, 1836, aged 77.

. Children.

8590 Peleg,* b. July 19, 1778; d. Oct. 3, 1781.

8591 Elizabeth,* b. June 21, 1782; m., March 17, 1805, Enos Gibbs, a farmer in

Portsmouth, R. L ;. she d. Oct. 9, 1820. They had:

8592 Phebe Lawton (Gibbs), b. Aug. 10, 1805; m. Thompson.

8593 Jonathan (Gibbs), b. Aug. 14, 1807; d. March 6, 1820.

8594 Ruth (Gibbs), b. Feb. 14, 1809.

8595 Enos (Gibbs), b. Dec. 3, 18 10; d. Aug. 12, 1822.

8596 Peleg (Gibbs). b. March 28, 1813; d. Aug. 23, 1820.

8597 Rachel .Stoddard (Gibbs), b. Sept. 19, 1815; m.. May 19, 1839, Samuel

Lindon Ward, and had : (i) Laura Underwood (Ward), b. Feb. 29, 1840 ;
m., Dec. 28, 1S69, Thomas Williams; he d. in the west 1883, she d.
June, 1884. They had Charles Lyndon (Williams), b. Oct. 3, 1870. (2)
Elizabeth Gibbs (Ward), b. Dec. 27, 1841 ; m., Sept. 4, 1865, Isaac N.
Babbitt, and had Samuel Ward (Babbitt), b. July i, 1866. (3) Robert
Gibbs (Ward), b. March 14, d. Oct. 30, 1S44.

* For full notes of Mr. and Mrs. John Thurston see 1st ed. p. 283-4.

t For interesting account of christian cliaracter and benevolence of these three sis-
ters, who d. universally lamented, see 1st. ed. p. 284-5.


8598 Robert (Gibbs), ) twins, born I d. Feb., 1841.

8599 Fanny Brightman (Gibbs), ) Dec. ID, iS 19; j m., Dec. 24, 1840, Henry

Sanford; slie d. spring of iSSt, having had Ann Elizabeth (Sanford), b.

Feb. 14, 1842, d. Aug. 7, 1858; Fanny Brightman (Sanford), b. March

19, 1845,

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