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she was a member of the Central Baptist church, died July i, 1887.


9112 Elizabeth Lawton,^ b. in Portsmouth, R. I., Dec. 23, 1823; m., Jan. 29, 1843,
Henry Gardner Luther of Swansea, Mass., a collector of bills in Provi-
dence, R. L. d. March 20, iSSi, aged 63; she d. at her da. Elizabeth T.
Barnard's, Jan. 8, 1890. They had :

91 13 John Henry (Luther), b. April 15,1844; a collector in Providence; m.,

Oct., 1870, Mary Frances Tourtellot, da. of John and Celia Tourtellot
of Providence; she d. Feb., 1888. They have Henry Tourtellot (Lu-
ther), b. July, 187 1.

91 14 William Gardner (Luther), b. Nov. 29, 1845; a trav. salesman, residing at

Deep River, Conn.; m., Dec. 14, 1871, Anna Ray Andrews, da. of Dr.
Thomas and Elizabeth Andrews of Providence ; he d. Feb. 20, 1890,
buried in the family lot in Providence. They had Newton Ray (Lu-
ther), b. July, 1875.

9115 Elizabeth Thurston (Luther), b. Aug. 10, 1847; m., Sept. 6,1881, Dr.

Charles Alonzo Barnard, a homoepathic physician in Centerdale, R. I.,
b. in Milledgeville, Ga., Aug. 16, 1843; she d. Jan. 8, 1890, buried in
the family lot in Providence. They had Luther (Barnard), b. July 9,
1882; Edith (Barnard), b. July.24, 1S84; Mary Brownell (Barnard), b.
Aug. 15, 1886; Clinton (Barnard), b. Aug. 11, 1888.

91 16 James (Luther), b. April 3, d. May 9, 1849.

91 17 James (Luther), b. May 10, 1850; d. Aug. 4, 1851.

91 18 Phebe Lawton,^ b. do., Nov. 7, 1825; in Providence; n.m.

giig_|-john Babcock,^ b. in Providence, R. L, Feb. 26, 1829; m. 1st, Sophia Allen

Capwell ; 2d, Adeline Almy Wilbur.
9120 William Plenry,'' b. do., April 12, 1832; d. June 17, 1838.
9121-fGeorge Stratton,' b. do., July 26, 1S34; m. Jerusha W. Heath.

9122 Sarah Hart,^ b. do., Sept. 23, 1S36; in Providence; n.m.

9123 Ruth Hannah,^ b. do., Oct. 5, 1S39; m., Dec. 13, 1857, Daniel Henry Mat-

thewson, a lapidary, since foreman Rumford Chemical Works, Providence.
They have :

9124 George Snow (Matthewson), b. April 20, 1861 ; d. Oct. 26, 1863.

9125 Charles Henry (Matthewson), b. Dec. 11, 1863.

9126 Edwin Lawton (Matthewson), b. Oct. 6, 1873.

9127 Frank Clinton (Matthewson), b. Nov. 12, 1879.


Robert Lawton Thurston ^ {Fe/eg,^ JaJm,'- jfonathan,^ Edward,^
Edward"^, brother of the preceding, and youngest son of Peleg and
Ruth (Lawton) Thurston of Portsmouth, R. I. ; born there Dec. 13,




1800; married, first, 1827, Eliza Stratton, daughter of Capt. John
Stratton ; she died July 10, 1828, aged 28. Second, Jan. 5, 1839,
Harriet Taylor, daughter of William and Elizabeth (Bailey) Tay-
lor of Little Compton, R. I. He was a practical, intelligent, far-see-
ing and enterprising machinist in Providence, R. I., whose energy
and capacity developed successfully the long latent power of steam,
and applied it to navigation, railroad transportation, driving the spin-
dle, the loom, and the thousand purposes now so familiar to us, died
Jan. 13, 1874; she died Nov. 29, 1880, aged 70 years, 8 months.*


9128-l-Robert Henry,' b. Oct. 25, 1839; m. ist, Susan Taylor Gladding; 2d, Leo-
nora Boughton.
9129-j- Eliza Stratton,'' b. June 26, 1841 ; m. William Walton Fletcher.
9i3G-j-Frank Taylor,' b. Sept. 17, 1844; m. Ida Treadwell.


Edward Thurston^ of Brooklyn, N. Y. {yonathaii,'^ John,'^ Jon-
athan,'^ Edward,^ Edward ^),< eldest son of Jonathan and Hannah
(Beebe) Thurston of Newport, R. I.; born there Oct. 29, 1778;
married, first, June, 1806, Catharine Hubbard of Catskill, N. Y.
Second, Oct. 7, 1810, Eliza Fairchild; she died April 10, 1839;
he died July 8, 185 1.


9131-l-Henry Christopher,' b. March 24, 1807; m. ist, Catharine Smith ; 2d, Alniira

Allen Smith.
9132-l-Robert F.,' b. July 8, 181 1 ; m. Sarah Ann Hughes.

9133 Hannah Beebe,' b. Nov. 15, 1813; m., March 29, 1835, Joseph S. Waring; d.

July 26, 1836, having had Hannah (Waring), b. April 11, d. July 27, 1836.

9134 Mary,' b. Oct. 10, 1816; d. Aug. 6, 1817.

9135 Mary Eliza,' b. Feb., 1820; m., Jan. 28, 1847, William Davis, and had Ed-

ward (Davis), b. March 22, 1S48; William (Davis), b. Nov. 10, 1850; Har-
riet (Davis), b. July 22, 1853; Thomas (Davis), b. July 6, 1856.


Thomas Thurston ^ ( William,^ William,'^ Joiiathan,^ Edward,^
Edward'^), third child of William and Mary (Rowlong) Thurston of
Newport, R. L; born there Jan. 15, 1782; married, June 8, 1807,
Martha Simpson. He was a master mariner in Newport, died Sept.
3, 1814; she died Aug. 25, 1833, aged 48.


9136 Edward,' b. 1810; lost at sea, 1831.
9137-l-Thomas,' b. June 23, 1812; m. Mary Buffington.
9138 Frances Ruth,' b. April, i8i3;.d. Aug. 14, 1836.


William Carter Thurston ^ ( Wi/h'am,^ William,^ yuiatliaii^^

Edward,'^ Edward^), brother of the preceding, and son of William

and Mary (Rowlong) Thurston of Newport, R. I. ; born there Aug.

23) 17S3; married, Sept. 25, 1805, Patience Young, daughter^ of

*.ror full account of his life and doings see 1st ed. pp. 304-7.




Samuel Young. He was a cabinet maker in Newport, after engaged
in trade in tlie South ; a prominent citizen, having filled many of-
fices in his native town, died in Rehoboth, Mass., Nov. 2, 1876, aged
93; she died March 8, 1872, aged 89 years, 8 months; were both
members of the Methodist church.


g 1 3g_|_ William Carter," b. Dec. 6, 1S06; m. Mary A. Mott.

9140 James Wilco.x," b. 1808; lost at sea, Dec, 1831.

9141 EmilyJ b. 181 1; m , Oct. 6, 1S30, William Joseph Clarke White, a black-

smith in Newport, R. I. ; he went away, and has not been heard from. Had:

9142 Emily (White), b. Nov., 1831 ; m. Edwin Anthony of Somerset, Mass., a

machinist, an4 a member of the Methodist church.

9143 Edmund (White), b. Dec, 1833; a tailor, with Claflin & Co., New York

city ; n.m.

9144 Charles (White), b. Feb., 1835; a carpenter and upholsterer in Somerset,

Mass., since in Newport, R. I.; m. Ruth Amelia Barker; Methodists.

9145 Amanda Caroline (White), b. Nov. 13, 1S36; m.. May i, 1856, George

Hedding Lovejoy, a painter and furniture finisher, steward and sec. of
the Methodist church in Newport, b. in Nantucket, Mass., July 25,
1835, son of Rev. John and Ruth Besom (Stiness) Lovejoy. They
have (i) John Woodbury (Lovejoy), b. July 27, 1857, a cabinet maker
in Newport, m., Nov., 1S84, Lucy Mattieson of Pawfucket, R. L, and
have Edmund Mattieson (Lovejoy), b. Dec, 1S85 ; (2) Addie Edmina
(Lovejoy), b. Dep. 29, 1866, a bookkeeper in Newport.

91464-Thomas Jefferson,'' b. May 26, 1S13; m. Clarissa Monroe.

9147 Mary," b. 1815; m., July, 1834, Caleb Wilbor Anthony, a grocer of Provi-
dence, R. L; she d. April, 1866; he d April, 1S76. They had:
914S James T. (Anthony), b. 1S35; a prominent member of the Methodist ch.,
and supt. of Sunday-school at time of his death, 186S; m. Mary E. Da-
mon of New Bedford, Mass. They had Mary (Anthony).

9149 Julia (Anthony), b. May, 1837 ; m. George A. Gorton, a carpenter in Prov-

idence, Methodist; she d. March 18, 1S82.

9150 Mary Wilbur (Anthony), b. Sept. 14, 1840; m., Sept. 10, 1S59, Hollis Al-

len Phillips, b. Jan. 5, 1S28, overseer in cotton mill in Pawtucket, Meth-
odist. They had (1) Ida Augusta (Phillips), b. in Providence, R. I.,
Jan. 29, 1S61, m., Jan. 2, 18S4, William Ralph Mayor, b. in Sutton,
Mass., Dec 16, 1859, overseer in Attawaugan cotton mill in Killingly,
Conn., and have Hollis Clifton (Mayor), b. in Pawtucket, Nov. 27, 1884;
William Tracy (Mayor), b. do., Dec. 21, 1886; Nancie Cole (Mayor), b.
in Killingly, June 24, 1889; Ida Celeste (Mayor), b. do., June 13, 1891.

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