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and has a pension.

9230 Nancy," b. April 23, 1S02 ; d. July 23, 1S03, buried on Thurston Hill.

9231 Nancy," b. Dec. i, 1S05; m. ist, Jan., 1836, Charles De La Mater, a farmer,

b., m. and d. in Springfield; 2d, Oct. 20, 1844, Horace Colman ; she d. Jan.
7, 1864, having had:

9232 Ruth Augusta (De La Mater), b. Dec. 4, 1S36; d. June i, 1S52.

9233 Matilda Maria (De La Mater), b. Oct. 5, 1838; m., July 3, 1S64, Levi Wal-

rath, b. in Cherry Valley, N. Y., Oct. 11, 1839, a farmer on the home-
stead in Springfield. They had Sarah Elizabeth (Walrath), b. Oct. 19,
1866; m., Sept. 19, 18S8, Arthur FreewDl Davis, b. in Williamstown,
N. Y., Sept. 19, 1S6S, a machinist. Select Knight A. O. U. W. ; moved
with his wife's parents to Perry, N. Y., 1890, and all joined the Baptist
church 1S91, baptized at one time by Rev. M. B. Comfort, the pastor.
They had Leslie Arthur (Davis), b. June 10, 1890.
9234-j-Silas Rawson," b. July 11, 1808; m. Nancy Hart.

9235 Irenus Greene," b. April 23, 18 10; a farmer in Perry Center, N. Y.; m., Sept.,

1838, Marietta Brown of York, N. Y. ; he d. Feb. 25, 1846. They had
Wallace Fay,* b. June, 1839, d. young; Irena,^ b. 1846, d. young.

9236 Ira Jerome,'' b. March 3, 1813; m., 1S36, Adeline Eaton; she d. Feb., 1858;

he was a nurseryman near Adrian, Mich., made a balloon, and assisted in
filling it for W. D. Bannister, a citizen of Adrian, who was to make his
first ascent that day; he did not like to go alone, and Mr. Thurston went
with him. They ascended from Adrian, Sept. 16, 1S58, on the occasion of
a county fair; had a successful send off, and came down about two miles
away. The balloon lay along the ground, and Mr. Thurston took hold of
the top of it, and told Bannister to untie the neck of the balloon, and then
unhook the basket or car; but instead of doing so he unhooked the car,
and being thus relieved of weight the balloon began to ascend, and Mr.
Bannister caught hold of the neck, and both were carried up. Mr. Bannis-
ter saw the danger and let go, but Mr. Thurston, thinking the neck of the
balloon had been untied, and would soon be relieved- of the gas, held on,
and was carried out of sight in a very short time. The hunt for his re-
mains was maintained for weeks. The next spring his remains, watch,
boots, and other relics, were found in a piece of woods in the town of
Deerfield, Mich. They had:

9237 Helen,* b. Jan , 1838; m., Dec. 28, 1S59, Bradley Miller; she d. Oct., 1S60.

9238 Orlando,8 b. May, 1842; d. Sept., 184S.

9239-j-Cyrus," b. Aug. 13,1815; m. 1st, Mary Ann Pickens; 2d, Mrs. Nancy M.

9240 Serena,'' b. July 20, 1817; m. ist, April, 1842, Dea. Silas Rawson, a Baptist,
farmer in Whitestown, after in Perry, N. Y., in war of 1812, d. June 25,
1S50; 2d, Jan. 16, 1853, Alpheus Sylvester Simmons, b. in Vienna, N. Y.,
July 25, 1822, a tanner and currier, shoemaker, farmer, deacon in the Bap-
tist church, lieut. in the 89th N. Y. reg. in the war against the rebellion ;
com. of highways for 9 years, now janitor of the His. Asso. building of
Wyoming county, at Silver Lake, N. Y. ; no children.



Charles Thurston ^ {Edward,^ George,'^ Edwafd,'^ yonathaji,"^
Edward^'), brother of the preceding, and son of Edward and Thank-
ful (Main) Thurston of Springfield, N. Y. ; born in North Stoning-
ton, Conn., July 2, 1780; married, in Springfield, Dec. 5, 1805, Mar-
garet Fish, born in Starkville, N. Y., Oct. 21, 1786, daughter of
John Christopher and Margaret (Deusler) Fish of Danube, N. Y.
He was a farmer on Thurston Hill, Springfield, after in Cooperstown,
N. Y., till 18 1 7, when he sold, moved into the village, painting and
turning ; a good mechanic. Free Mason, Universalist and democrat,
died Dec. 2, 1870, ; she was a Baptist, died Jan. 11, 187 1.*


92414- Hiram,' b. Dec. 25, 1806; m. Luani^a Simons.

9242 Bille Randall,' b. April 20, 1809; m.. May 16, 1S37, by Rev. O. Winston,

Alvira E. Bates, da. of Charles and Charity Bates of Cooperstown, N. Y.,
d. Oct. 12, 1837; he d. Nov. 30, 1S41, in North Bainbridge, N. Y., where
he was just perfecting himself in the art of portrait painting.

9243 Delos," b. Sept. 20, 1813; d. Jan. 22, 1S16, buried on Thurston Hill, N. Y.

9244 .Amelia Caroline," b. Aug. 21, 1S17; m., Aug. 22, 1851, by Rev. George W.

Cates, Edmund Shattuck, of the firm of Shattuck & Co., bookbinders,
Hartford, Conn.; he d. in New York city, July 19, 1859, buried in Coop-
erstown, where his widow resides.!

9245 Cornelia Carey," b. April 22, 1820; m., Feb. 2, 1S58, by Rev. Lot Jones of

New York, Henry Slade Walker, son of George and Hannah (Benton)
Walker of Rochester, N. Y., a compositor on the Independent, New York
city; members of the Episcopal church, and have:

9246 Maria Louise (Walker), b Oct. 21, 1861 ; bap. Feb. 2, 1862.
9247 Celia Miranda," b. Dec. 25, 1826; m., Feb. 22, 1852, Nathan Wilson Cole, b.
Oct. 21, 1826, son of Nathan and Nancy Cole of Little Falls, N. Y., in
dry goods business in Cooperstown, since a prosperous wholesale grocer,
owning his residence and doing a large business. They had :

9248 Florence Vienna (Cole), b. Sept. 15, iS'53; d. Nov. 27, 1861.


Cyrus Thurston ^ {Edward,^ George,^ Edward,^ yonathan,'^ Ed-
ward'), brother of the preceding, and son of Edward and Thankful
(Main) Thurston of Springfield, N. Y. ; born in North Stonington,
Conn., March 9, 1788; married, Feb. 12, i8og, Sarah Spencer.
He was a farmer on Thurston Hill, in Springfield, died Aug. 24, 1814.
She married, second, Francis Porter, and moved to Watertown, N.
Y., where she died. May 3, 1874.


92494-P.iilander," b. Jan. 29, iSio; m. Jane Cleveland.

9250 Achsah,' b. June i, 1812; m., April 12, 1836, Oliver Anthony, a farmer at
Evans Mills, N. Y., and had :

9251 F"rancis Porter (Anthony), b. Jan. 15, 1841.

9252 Sarah Ettie (Anthony), b. Oct. 5, 1843; ^- J^"- M- 1867.


Jeremiah Thurston^ of Hopkinton, R. I. {George,^ George,^ Ed-
ward,^ yo7iathaii,^ Edward"), eldest son of George and Dolly (Cot-
trel!) Thurston of Hopkinton; born there May 29, 1768; married,

* For account of oste 'm in which he was held, see Tst ed. p. 313
t For fuller notice of him ana the funeral see 1st ed. p. 313.


March i, 1801, Sarah Babcock, daughter of Rowse Babcock of
Westerly, R. I. He was a successful merchant, Heutenant-governor
of Rhode Island, died Mar. 21, 1830 ; she died Feb. 27, 1841, aged 59.


9253 Eliza Rathbone," b. Jan. 26, 1802; m., Nov. i, 1824, Courtland Palmer, a
merchant of New York city, b. in Stonington, Conn., beginning without
capital, by energy, tact, and affable manners, became a millionaire; she d.
Sept. 27, 1S27 ; he d. 1875; '^° children.

9254-f-Benjamin Babcock,' b. June 29,1804; m. 1st, Harriet Elizabeth Deshon;
2d, Frances Elizabeth Deshon.

9255 Horace,' b. July 21, 1806; d. Aug. 21, 1812.

9256 Mary Ann," b. Jan. 7, 1809; m., Sept., 1830, Asa Potter, b. at Rhinebeck, N.

v., Oct. 13, 1802, son of Asa Potter, formerly of South Kingston, R. I.,
grad. from Brown University 1824, studied law with Hon. John Whipple
in Providence, R. I., and at Judge Gould's law school in Litchfield, Conn.;
admitted to practice in R. I. 1S27 ; went to New York under the firm name
of Brown, Potter & Co.; returned to R. I., and was sec. of state 185 r-3;
she d. Dec. 25, 1857; he d. Oct. 11, 1872. They had:

9257 Eliza Palmer (Potter), m. her cousin, Maj. James B. M. Potter, paymaster
• U. S. A., stationed at San Francisco, Cal., 1879.

92 58 Sarah Thurston (Potter), m. George T. Rice of Worcester, Mass. ; d.

Dec. 29, 1S62, leaving one da.

9259 Carrol Hagadorn (Potter), b Oct. 25, 1S38; captain U. S. A.

9260 Caroline," b. March 13, 1812; m. Dr. William Torry Thurston [no. 8,948].
926r4-Franklin,^ ( twins, born \m. ist, Laura M. Hawley; 2d, Margaret Reece.
9262-(-Horace,' j Mar. 4, 1814; j m. Caroline Louisa Quimby.


Nathaniel Thurston^ (George,^ George,'' Edward,^ Joftathan,^
£dward^), brother of the preceding, and son of George and Dolly
(Cottrell) Thurston of Hopkinton, R. I.; born there July 16, 1772;
married, Feb. 12, 1795, Mary Whitman. He was a saddler in Exe-
ter, R. I., died April 14, 1824; she died Apr. 22, 1859, aged 84.


9263-I- Whitman,'' b. Oct. 22, 1795; ™- Elizabeth Phillips.

9264 Deborah,'' b. Feb. i, 1797; m., March 12, 1815, Stephen Dexter of Exeter,
and after of Oswego, N. Y. They had :

9265 Horace (Dexter), b. Jan. 22, 18 16; m. Martha Cotton of Starkey, N. Y .,

and had Josephine and Harriette (Dexter).

9266 Francis B. (Dexter), b. Oct. 26, 1817; m., April 11, 1849, Adelia Ander-

son of Owego ; one child, Edwin (Dexter).

9267 Harriet (Dexter), b. May 16, 1819; m, Oct. 28, 1841, Frederick Parmele.

They had: Charles Frederick (Parmele), b. Oct. 11, 1842; Stephen
R. (Parmele), b. March 31, 1844; Ella (Parmele), b. July 5, 1849, d.
Sept. 15, 1S54; George D. (Parmele), b. Feb. 12, 1854.

9268 Nathaniel Thurston (Dexter), b. March 30, 1821; a wagon maker in Ti-

oga, N. Y.; m. [st, Feb. 6, 1850, Harriet Thurston [no.996S ]; she d.
April 8, 1857; 2d, 1867, Sarah Emily Farnham, b. in Tioga, Jan. 6,
1830; she had previously m., Feb. 12, 1S50, Albert Sherman, a farmer
in Tioga, son of Albert and Abby A. Thurston Sherman [no. 9,278].
He had Fanny Thurston (Dexter), b. 1S69.

9269 Alfred (Dexter), b. Dec. 29, 1S23; d. L^ec. 30, 1824.

9270 Anna Thurston (Dexter), b June 24, 1826; m., July 12, 1849, Charles L.

Truman ; he was killed in battle, Sept. 20, 1863, leaving Asa H. (Tru-
man), b. Aug. I, 1S50; Catherine (Truman), b. Jan. 2, 1852.

9271 Mary Whitmar. (Dexter), b. May 26, 1S28.

9272 Abby A. (Dexter), b. Aug. 10, 1830; m., 1866, Theodore Coddington.

9273 George (Dexter), b. Aug. 26, 1S34 ; ni. ist, Nov. 27, 1855, Priscilla Nel-

son; she d. Nov. 8, 1S65; 2d, Sept. 12, i866, Cornelia Bicknell. He
had Everett (Dexter), b. Aug. 12, 1858.


9274 George N.," b. July 5, 1799; m., Dec. 25, 1S21, Sarah Reynolds; they lived

in E.xeter, R. I.; he d. Sept. 11,1832. They had Alfred,^ Mercy Mary,^
Linzey,** all d. in infancy.

9275 Harriet," b. April 29, d. May 5, 1801.

9276 Abby A.," b. June 26, 1802; m., June 17, 1821, Albert Sherman of Aurora^

111. They had :

9277 Abby F. (Sherman), m. Frederick Goodrich.

9278 Albert (Sherman), m. Sarah Emily Farnham [no. 9,268].

9279 Susan (Sherman), m. Osborn Parmele.

9280 Ann E. (Sherman), m. Alonzo David.
92.S1 Maria (Sherman), m. Wade.

9252 Emeline (Sherman), m. Cornelius Taylor. •

9253 Adelaide (Sherman), m. Miller.

9284 Sands," d. young.

9285 Mary Ann," b. Feb. 12, d. June 19, 18 10.

9286 Alfred,^ b. May 25, 181 1 ; m., 1830, Amy Wilcox; he lived in Exeter, and d.

1 868. They had:
9287 Mary Frances,^ b. 1S31 ; m., Sept. 8, 1851, Job T. Stanton of Newport, R.
I. ; d. Sept. 28, 1866, having had Nathan F. (Stanton), b. Jan. 31, 1856;
Walter (Stanton), b. Nov. i, 1S57.

9288 Edwin R.," b. June 20, 1S12; m. Sarah Gurley; d. in Indiana, Oct. 3, 1850;

no children. •


Benjamin Taylor Thurston '^ {Gardjier,^ George,^ Edward,^ Jon-
athan,^ Edward^), eldest son of Gardner and Lydia (Taylor) Thurs-
ton of Hopkinton, R. I.; born there Aug. 29, 1787; married, Nov.
28, 181 1, Mary Button. He was a farmer in Norwich, Conn., died
March 29, 1847 ; she died Jan. 10, 1856, aged 66.


9289 Abby Hazard," b. Aug. 23, 1814; m., Oct. 3, 1S32, John Brown Clark, an ex-

tensive farmer in Norwich, Conn., but for several years past retired and
living independently; she d. Nov. 21, 1865, having had:
9290 John Thurston (Clark), b. Dec. 12, 1839.

9291 Joseph Taylor,' b. in Preston, Conn., Jan. 22, 1816; m., in Newark, N. J.,

April 10, 1S54, Elizabeth Sly, b. in Lisbon, Conn., May 19, 1822, da. of

John and Mary (Mowry) Sly of Norwich ; he was a prominent business

man and a successful teacher in the public schools ; d. Jan. 11, 1865. Had :

9292 Josephine,^ b. in Norwich, May 28, 1855.

9293 Mary Ann," b. Dec. 6, 1817 ; m., Dec. 31, 1836, Charles Pendleton Bennett, a
farmer in Hartford, Ohio; he d. in Warren, O., March 18, 1873, aged 62;
she d. in Hartford, Sept. 19, 1869. They had:

9294 Abby L. (Bennett), b. Oct. i, 1837; m. Zimri J. Evarts of Ennis, Texas.
9294a Mary T. (Bennett), d. July 24, 1.S43.

9295 Lydia M. (Bennett), b. March 8, 1845; m., Jan. i, 1S61, Milford J. Oakes

of Winneconne, Wis.

9296 Ella H. (Bennett), b. April 4, 1850; m., June 2, 1869, Plumb W. Sutliff, a

real estate broker in Warren.

9297 Charlieana (Bennett), b. Feb. 10, 1S56; m., Sept. 14, 1S82, S. Harris

Welch of Milford, Neb.
9297^ Ada E. (Bennett), d. in Delhi, Wis., March 16, 1863.
9298 Harriet Kinney," b. Feb. 4, 1820; m., Nov. 20, 1848, Francis Gates Brown, b.
Oct. 27, 1810, son of Asahel and Lucia (Gates) Brown of Colchester,
Conn., a farmer in Preston, Conn. They have :

9299 Frank Thurston (Brown), b. Feb. 27, 1853; graduated from Yale 1872; a

lawyer in Norwich.

9300 Charles Sumner (Brown), b. Aug. i, 1856; a farmer in Norwich.

9301 Oliver Winslow (Brown), b. March 7, 1859; graduated from Yale 1878.
9302 Lydia Button,'' b. Sept. 6, 1823 ; m., Dec. 2, 1S46, Abel Rathbone, b. March

30, 1810, son of Abel and Alice (Brown) Rathbone of Colchester; he is a


farmer in Norwich, has been state rep. three sessions, school visitor and
justice of the peace ; she d. April 8, 1882. They had :

9303 Mary Alice (Rathbone), b. in Salem, Conn., Nov. 8,1850; m., Oct. 28,

1875, Joseph Clifford Hendrix, b. May 25, 1853, son of Adam and Isa-
bel (Murray) Hendrix of Fayette, Mo.; grad. from Cornell univ., 1873,
and is following the profession of journalism, residence Salem, Conn.
They have Clifford Rathbone (Hendrix), b. March i, 1882.

9304 John Fuller (Rathbone), b. Aug. 30, 1852; grad. from Cornell univ. 1876;

editor of Norwich Evening Record, Norwich, Conn.

9305 Caroline Louise (Rathbone), b. Nov. 17, 1854; d. Dec, 1877.

9306 Jennie Sophia (Rathbone), b. Sept. 8, 1863; resides in Norwich; n.m.
9307 Lucy Caroline,' b. March 8, 1825; m., Nov. 4, 1849, Leonard Hendee Ches-
ter, a merchant in Buffalo, N. Y., b. Oct. i, 1825, son of Joseph and Pru-
dee (Tracy) Chester of Norwich ; he is councilman, member of board of
education, and vestryman in the Episcopal church. They have :

9308 Carl Thurston (Chester), b. in Norwich, Aug. i, 1853; a. B. Yale, 1875,

LL.B. Columbia 1877 ; a lawyer in Buffalo.

9309 Arthur Thurston (Chester), b. do., April 9, d. Aug. 2, 1857.


Robert Thurston ^ ( Gardner,'^ George,'' Edward,^ yo7iatha7i,^ Ed-
ward'^'), brother of the preceding, and son of Gardner and Lydia
(Taylor) Thurston of Hopkinton, R. I.; born there April 5, 1790;
married, Nov. 25, 1825, Eliza Hannahs, born in Bethlehem, Conn.,
Jan. 25, 1805, daughter of David and Susan (Sanford) Hannahs.
He was a harness maker in Livonia Center, N. Y.


9310-f-George Gardner," b. April 2, 1827; m. Abigail Almira Fairchild.
93ii-|-Henry David,' b. Sept. 25, 1S2S; m. Frances Adams.

9312 Mary Eliza,'' b. April 13, 1831 ; d. Aug. 14, 1856.


Jeremiah Thurston ^ ( Gardne?;^ George,^ Edward,'^ yonathan*
Edward^), brother of the preceding, and son of Gardner and Lydia
(Taylor) Thurston of Hopkinton, R. I.; born there Oct. 17, 1797;
married, Oct. 9, 1822, Maria (Brown) Southworth, daughter of
James Brown of Hartford, Conn. Her former husband was Capt.
Southworth, who died of yellow fever in New Orleans, La. He was
a manufacturer in Norwich, and after in Hartford, Conn., died March
8, 1852 ; she died Oct. 23, 1867, aged 66.


9313 George,'' b. Feb. 19, 1824 ; a farmer in Glastenbury, Conn. ; m., July 25, 1855,

Mary F. Weir; he d. Aug. 2, 1SS9; no children.

9314 Mary Maria,'' b. May i, 1825 ; m., Oct. 27, 1851, George Weir, a farmer in

Glastenbury, d. ; shed. Feb. 13, 1S75; no children.

9315 William,'^ b. June 14, 1S28; m., July 12, 1852, Maria Gladding; in Hartford,

Conn.; he d. Aug. 25, 1.S59. They had:
9316 Adia Maria,8 b. Aug. 9, 1858; m., Nov. 29, 1878, David Rothchilds, a
cigar maker in Hartford. They have Gertrude May (Rothchilds), b.
Nov. 9, 18S0.

9317 Charles,'' b. July 5, 1829; a pistol maker in Hartford; m., March 18, 1863,

Melissa L. Evarts ; he d. Feb. 20, 1875; "^ children.

9318 Elizabeth,' b. June 27, 1831 ; m., April 6, 1S48, Nathaniel Taylor, a baker in

San Francisco, Cal., his wife resides in Wethersfield, Conn. They have:
9319 George N. (Taylor), b. Nov. 17, 1850.
9320 Jane,'' b. June 3, 1834; m., Sept. 30, 1853, George Smith, a printer in Hart-
ford; d. Nov. 26, 1861, leaving:


9321 Mary Amanda (Smith), b. July 24, 1854; m., Oct. 25, 1877, Edward Mea-
ner, a dry goods merchant in Putnam, Conn., b. Oct. 2, 1850. They
had Edwin Frederic (Mesner), b. June 7, 1879, d. June 14, 1885;
Charles Albert (Mesner), b. Oct. 16, 1881, d. June 19, 1885.
9322+ Albert,'' b. Sept. 17, 1837; m. Catharine M. Johnson.

9323 Martin," b. April 6, 1839; a shoe cutter in Wethersfield ; m., Feb. 16, 1863,

Honor Bidwell Granniss.

9324 Martha A.,' b. Dec. 22, 1840; m., June 5, 1859, Charles Russell, a carriage

trimmer in Rockville, Conn.; she d. Oct. 10, 1865, leaving:

9325 Minnie Delia fRussell), b. Jan. 10. i860; m., Dec. 27, 1875, William Eli-

zur Smith, a grocer's clerk in Hartford. They have Charles Elizur
(Smith), b. April 6, d. Aug. 13, 1S77 ; Willie Russell (Smith), b. May 4,
1878, d. Jan. 13, 18S0; Willie Elizur (Smith), b. May 22, 1882; Fred-
rich Morse (Smith), b. March 19, 1884; Viola May (Smith), b. July 6,

9326 Nellie Jane (Russell), b. Jan. 13, 1862; m., Aug. 5, 1880, Marsden An-

drew Gold, b. in Liverpool, N. S., Dec. 16, 1857, in employ of the Win-
chester Arms Co., New Haven, residence Westville, Conn. They have
Nellie Eugene (Gold), b. Aug. 21, 18S1; Russell Skiff (Gold), b. Dec.
28, 1 883.


ICHABOD Thurston^ {Gardner,^ George,'^ Edward,^ yonathati,^ Ed-
ward^), brother of the preceding, and son of Gardner and Lydia
(Taylor) Thurston of Hopkinton, R. I. ; born there Sept. 27, 1802 ;
married, Sept. 26, 1829, Sarah B. Spink. He was a harness maker
in Mt. Morris, N. Y., died Sept. 12, 1870.


9327 ^Yilliam R.," b. Aug. 27, 1830.

9325 Robert Henry," b. Oct. 18, 1834; chief clerk Chicago, R. L & P. railroad;

m., Jan. 18, 1869, Ada B. Malier of Chicago, 111.


William Tuvr^to'^ ^ {Gardner,^ George,'^ Edward,'^ yonat/ian,^ Ed-
ward'), brother of the preceding, and son of Gardner and Lydia
(Taylor) Thurston of Hopkinton, R. I. ; born there March 23, 1805 ;
married, March 7, 1833, Abby Hannahs. He was a harness maker
in Livonia, N. Y., died Sept. 20, 1857.


9329 Ellen Eliza," b. Dec. 7, 1833; m., Oct. 16, 1855, Lemuel Gibbs, a farmer of
Litchfield, Mich. They have :

9330 Marietta D. (Gibbs), b. July 22, 1S65.

9331 William Thurston (Gibbs), b. April 19, 1S67.

9332 John Barton," b. Sept. 26, 1835; a bank cashier; m., Sept. 20, 1858, Martha
A. McPherson of Livonia, N. Y. They have:
9333 William,^ b. March 25, 1870.
93344-1 Dudley Sullivan," b. Jan. 27, 1S39; m. Sarah Emily Wiggin.


Job Thurston ° {yoseph,^ George,"^ Edward,'^ Jonathan,^ Edward"),
third child of Joseph and Sarah (Taylor) Thurston of Hopkinton,
R. L ; married, May 15, 1807, Susanna Andrews, daughter of Capt.
Jonathan and Susanna Andrews of revolutionary memory of East
Greenwich, R. I. He was a prosperous grocer in East Greenwich,
died Sept. 23, 1819; she died June 19, 1820. The children were
taken by their maternal grandparents.



9335-(-William Andrews," b. Dec. 29, 1808; m. Una Lay Pratt.

9336 Sarah Perry,^ b. in Newport, R. I., Aus;. 27, iSio; d. in East Greenwich,

R. I., Jan. 24, 1828.

9337 Phebe Langworthy,' b. Aug. 6, 1812; m., in Coventry, R. I., Jan. 26, 1837,

John Hanckins Hart, b. on Warwick Neck, R. I., May 26, 1814; went to
Iowa as a farmer in 1S39; she d. at Pleasant Ridge, la.. May 12, 1851 ; he
d. at Butler, Ind., Sept. 13, 1870. They had:

9338 Jane Frances (Hart), b. in East Greenwich, Nov. 22, 1837 ; grad. from

Denmark academy June. 1865; m., Aug. 10, 1S66, Robert C. Henry, b.
Dec. 4, 1 84 1, served in the army against the rebellion two years in the
13th and 43d Iowa rags., a lawyer in Iowa City, la., grad. from State
Univ. of Iowa 1S69; in 1884 was chosen district judge of Iowa, residing
in Mount Ayer, la. ; she is a member of the Baptist church. They
have Lorin Lane (Henry), b. April 28, 1868; Iowa Inez (Henry), b.
Sept. 7,1870; Mary Mabel (Henry), b. Aug. 24, 1872; Jennie June
(Henry), b. July 19, 1874; Edna Edith (Henry), b. Nov. 8, 1878; Rob-
ert Randolph (Henry), b. Aug. 8, 1880, d. Aug. 4, i88r.

9339 Thomas Henry (Hart), b. do., April 4, 1839; a farmer in Denmark, la.,

served out three enlistments in the war against the rebellion as private,
corporal, sergeant, and veteran in the ist Iowa cavalry; m., June, 1864,
Emily Hill ; she d. April. 1S71, having had Susan Luna (Hart), b. April,
1867; Phebe (Hart), b. Feb., 1869; Charles (Hart), b. July, 1S70.

9340 Ray Sans (Hart), b. at Mt. Pleasant Ridge, la., Aug. 30, 1841 ; served 3

years in ist Iowa cavalry against the rebellion; a farmer in Denmark
la.; m., Oct. 7, 1S78, Celia Stiles.

9341 George A. (Hart), b. do., March 26, 1843; served one year in ist Iowa

cavalry against the rebellion ; is a carriage, wagon builder and black-
smith in Denmark; m., at Fort Madison, la., Oct. i, 1867, Leonora
Cynthia Burton, b. at Glover, Vt., Feb. 24, 1845. They have Glen
Thurston (Hart), b. Nov. i. 1869; Dorr (Hart), b. May 23, 1873;
George Emmet (Hart), b. March 28, 18715; Nellie (Hart), b. Sept.
14, 1878.

9342 John Thurston (Hart), b. do., Jan. 5, 1S45; was in the 41st Missouri reg.,

and died in hospital at St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 12, 1864; a Baptist.

9343 Ariadne (Hart), b. do., Sept. 28, 1846; m., Oct. 4, iS68, Timothy Fox

Whitmarsh, a farmer near Denmark, and have John (Whit marsh), b.
Nov. 24, 1869; Ariadne (Whitmarsh), b. May 16, 1878.

9344 Lorin (Hart), b. do., March 12, 1S4S ; served one year in the war against

the rebellion, and is a farmer in Minnesota.

9345 Lewis (Hart), b. do.. May 4, d. Aug. 26. 1851,

9346 Mary Greene," b. Dec. 29, 1814; m., in Whitinsville, Mass., Dec. i. 1836,
Rev. William Perkins Apthorp, b. in Quincy, Mass., March 23, 1S06; he
grad. from Yale 1829, studied at Andover two years, and grad. from Prince-
ton 1832; preached for a Presbyterian church in Raleigh, N. C, a few
months ; after marriage went to Fort Madison and Denmark a few months,
and then took charge of a branch of the Mission Institute, founded by
the late Dr. Nelson, at Quincy, 111., for ten years; spent most of his life
in the West; Dec, 1869, went to Tallahassee, Fla., d. March 14, 1883.
She was a lovely woman, of devoted piety, strict in the discipline of her
children, but kind and sympathetic, d. at Port Byron, 111., Dec. 15, 1S52.
They had:
9347 William Lee (Apthorp), b. in Lee Co., Iowa, Aug. 31, 1837; grad. from
Amherst 1859; enlisted in the war against the rebellion in 1861 in a N.
Y. reg., was promoted to be a corporal, sergeant, captain, and then
lieut.-col. of the 34th reg. of colored troops; m., at Beaufort, S. C,
Dec. 24, 1863, Charlotte Childs, b. at Eton, Eng., March 27, 1S43.
After the war he was stationed at St. Johns river, Fla., as agent of
freedmen's bureau, and since at Tampa, Fla. From 1869 to 1S77 was
chief clerk in the surveyor general's office at Tallahassee, when he re-
moved to a farm in Springfield. N. J., d. Jan. 24, she d. Oct., 1879.
They had : Charlotte Elizabeth (.Apthorp), b. in Iowa City, July 17,
1866, d. at Tampa, Aug. 26, 1867; Emma Matilda (Apthorp), b. at


Tampa. Dec. 14, 1867 ; George Henry (Apthorp), b. at Staten Island,
N. Y., Dec. 26, 1.S71; Ellen Wentworth (Apthorp), b. at Tallahassee,
Feb. 8, 1S75, ^ ^yP*^ writer in New York city; Grace (Apthorp), b. at
Staten Island, July 31, 1876. Emma M., George H., and Grace, are in
the dairy business near Tallahassee, Fla., on a farm owned by John

9348 John Perkins (Apthorp), b. in Adams Co., 111., Sept. 6, 1839; grad. from

Amherst 1S61 ; taught the academy in Conway, Mass. ; enlisted in the
war against the rebellion in the loth Mass. battery of light artillery,
Aug., 1862, and served thro the war in active service in the army of
the Potomac; after the war taught in Massachusetts; went to Jackson-
ville, Fla., as teacher, then to Tallahassee in 1871, where he was ap-
pointed county supt. of schools and county surveyor; m., Aug. 20,
1873, in Ipswich, Mass., Ellen Osgood, da. of James Osgood of Frye-

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