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public loss, died July 12, 1885.


94Q9 Benjamin Marshall,' b. July i, 1S4S; a wholesale dealer in roses in New-
port, R. I.; m., May 27, 1875, Eliza Simmons Hammond, b. Mar. 14, 1856.
They have :
9500 Clarence,^ b. April 30, 1877.

9501 Laura Casttoff,' b. Oct. 25, 1S49 ; m., June i, 1874, William Gibbs Peckham,
b. Feb. 7, 1849, son of William Gibbs and Mary Hull (Perry) Peckham of
Newport, a lawyer in New York city, residence Westfield, N. J., grad. from
Harvard, A.B., 1S67, univ. of New York city, LL.B. 1870, studied law at
Heidelberg, Ger., and in office of W. M. Evarts, New York city. Have:

9502 Mary (Peckham), b. Jan. 1, 1S76.

9503 Laura (Peckham), b. Sept. 14, 1877.

9504 Ruth Easton (Peckham), b. Dec. 28, 1879.

9505 Paul Tyler (Peckham), b. Dec. 17, 1884.

9506 William," b. Nov. 27, 1851 ; a farmer in Middletown, R. L; m., Nov. 25,
1873, Hannah Briggs Weaver, b. Nov. 3, 184S, da. of George and Frances
Weaver. They have :
9507 William,* b. Feb. 20, 1S75.
95')8 George Weaver," b. Sept. 24, 1876.
9509 Francis Peckham,^ b. July 16, 1878; d., aged 15 months.

951 1 Mary Henry," b. Aug. 6, 18S1 ; d. Oct., 1887.

9512 Elizabeth Easton,^ b. Feb. 6, 1S84.

9513 Caroline Marsh,^ b. Jan. 14, 1855; m., Nov. 27, 1873, Daniel Peckham, a

clerk in Providence, R. L ; no children.

9514 Henry Casttoff,' b. May 29, 1857 ; a florist in Newport; d. Sept. 4, iSSi.


Benjamin Easton Thurston^ {IVil/iam,'^ IVilliani,^ jhoseph,'^
Samuel,^ Ed7ciard'), brother of the preceding, and son of William
and Ruth C. (Easton) Thurston of Middletown, R. I.; born there
October, 1826; married, Feb. 5, 1862, Mary Anne Siddall of Mad-
ison, Ind. He graduated from Amherst 1852, was a teacher of a
school for boys in Newport, R. I. ; the confinement being too much
for his health, in 1859 took a farm in Delavan, 111. ; May, 1868, went
to New York as auditor in the N. Y., Delaware & Hudson Canal
Co. ; continued there a year, and went to Grand Tower, 111., as cash-
ier in a manufacturing and coal company ; contracted malarial fever,
and died in Delavan, June 4, 1879.* The family removed to Min-
neapolis, Minn.

Children, born in Delavan, 111.

9^15 James Siddall," b. Dec. 30, 1862 ; supt. of advertising for Minneapolis Tribune.

9516 Benjamin Easton," b. April 6, 1864; grad. from Annapolis naval academy

1S83 ; is ensign U. S. navy, with residence in Minneapolis, Minn.

* For full account ot his life and character see 1st ed. p. 324.


9517 Robert Berry,' b. Oct. 23, 1S65; sec. of Minneapolis Tribune; m., Nov"

12, 1890, Minerva Austin of Minneapolis, and liave Elizabeth Austin,^ b.
Oct. 22, 1891.

9518 Theodore Payne," b. June 30, 1S67 ; in Epis. divinity sch., Cambridge, Mass.


Charles Mvrick Thurston^ {Charles Myrick,^ jfohn,^ John,^
Samuel,^ Edward ^\, eldest son of Charles Myrick and Rachel Hall
(Pitman) Thurston of Newport, R. I.; born there July 11, 1819;
married, April 16, 1843, Caroline Marsh, born Jan. 25, 1823,
daughter of Col. Benjamin and Catharine (Casttoff ) [formerly Guest-
hoff of Germany] Marsh of Newport. Mr. Marsh is a member and
deacon of the Baptist church. Mr. Thurston was a merchant in New
York city ; retired from business 1856, and removed to New Rochelle,
N. Y. ; was the first president of the village, officer in Trinity (Epis-
copal) church ; held many positions of trust and public improvements
in the village government; was elected a member of the State His-
torical Society of Wisconsin in 1869; was a corresponding member
of the Rhode Island and several other State Historical Societies;
deeply interested in the genealogy of his ancestry, gathered and pub-
lished a pamphlet of seventy pages, of the descendants of Edward
Thurston of Newport, in j868, and assisted me very much upon this
work before his death, June 3, 1878, and she removed to Newport;
no children.*


Dr. Alfred Henry Thurston^ {Charles Myrick,^ JoJin,'' John,^
Saviuel^^ Edward'^), brother of the preceding, and son of Charles
Myrick and Rachel Hall (Pitman) Thurston of Newport, R. I. ; born
there Oct. 2, 1832; married, first, April 10, 1856, Eliza Strong
Blunt, daughter of Nathaniel Bowditch and Lavinia Henrietta Blunt
of New York city; she died in Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 8, 1862, aged
25. Second, April 25, 1864, Mary Sullivan Bankhead, daughter
of James and Elizabeth Bankhead of Nashville. He graduated from
Columbia college 1851 ; from the New York medical college received
a certificate of honor 1854; degree of m.d. 1855 ; served as resident
surgeon of the New York hospital ; practiced medicine in New York
city; was surgeon of the 12th regiment New York State Militia, and
at the breaking out of the rebellion in 1861 served with the regiment
three months, in defense of Washington; was commissioned surgeon
of volunteers, with the rank of major, Oct. 5,. 1861, by President Lin-
coln, and ordered to the army of the Cumberland ; was placed in
charge of University hospital at Nashville, March 8, 1862 ; was med-
ical inspector on Major-Gen. Rosecranz' staff, Oct. 30, 1862 ; was
assistant medical director of the department of the Cumberland in
1863, and medical director of the 12th army corps, Major-Gen. Slo-
cum commanding, Jan. 7, 1864; was ordered to the army of the
Potomac and stationed at Belle Plain, May, 1864; had charge of
Grant hospital at Willets Point, New York harbor, July 5, 1864, until

* For extended notice see 1st ed. p. .325.


it was closed, June, 1865, "for faithful and meritorious service during
the war," a lieutenant colonel of volunteers by brevet, to rank as such
from March 13, 1865 ; was a member of the Masonic order and of
the Roman Catholic church, died in New York, Aug. 2, 1865, of dis-
ease contracted while in the public service, and his widow married,
May 19, 1870, Dr. Jacob Bodine.


9519 Nathaniel Blunt,'' b. April 12, 1857; in a commission house in New York
city; served in the 22d N. Y. reg. in the war against the rebellion as post
instructor of guard duty ; m. Elizabeth Darrow, da. of John and Emily
Darrow of New York city. They have :
9520 Charles Ward,^ b. Nov. 7, 187S.

9521 Helen Harrington,' b. May 6, 1S62.

9522 Mary Bankhead," b. at VVillets Point, N. Y., March 18, [865; m., Nov. 3,

1887, Walter Scott Woodward, a clerk in Jersey City, N. J.


George Thurston^ {Samiici,^ Samuel,'^ y-o/m,^ Samuel,^ Ed-
ward^), eldest son of ^amuel and Elizabeth (Gifford) Thurston of
Newport, R. I. ; born in New Bedford, Mass., March 29, 1815 ; mar-
ried, first, Dec. 15, 1836, Sophia Hawn, daughter of John Hawn of
Niagara, Canada; she died June 10, 1849, aged ^2)- Second, May
13, 1854, Margaret Manery, daughter of Thomas and Margaret
(Givens) Manery of Kingston, Canada. He was a ship carpenter in
New York 1833 ; went to Niagara 1834, was foreman for the Niagara
Dock Company four years ; went to Kingston in 1847 in employ of
Kingston Marine Railway Company ; was burnt out and lost nearly
everything ; bought a farm, but did not succeed ; went to St. Cather-
ine, Can., and worked at his trade as foreman, died April 3, 1885.


9523 George," b. in Niagara, Can., April 26, 1S38; a millwright at St. Catherine,

Can. ; d. May 15, 1877; n.m.

9524 Mary,' b. 1840; d. May i, 1840.

9525 Joseph," b. Oct. 2, 1842 ; enlisted in the 72d N. Y. reg. in war against the re-

bellion, and was accidentally shot at Fortress Monroe.

9526 John," b. Nov. 14, 1844; a shipwright for Hudson Bay Co. ; since in Edge-

nonton, Can. ; n.m.
9527-)-Henry,' b. June 22, 1847; m. Sarah Davis.

9528 WilliamJ b. in Kingston, Can., Jan. 24, 184S; a machinist in Kingston; m.,

Nov. 24, 1873, Sarah Robbs, and had a da. ; d. June 6, 1S74.

9529 Twin daughters, b. March 15. one d. June, and one Aug., 1849.

9530 Albert," b. May 3, 1855 ; d. May 10, 1863.
9531+Thomas," b. Dec. 26, 1856; m. Florence Ead.

9532 David.' b. March i, 1859; a clerk in iron ore business in Escanaba, Mich.;

m., Sept. 22, 18S8, Nellie Belle Cox, b. in Boonesboro, la., Jan. 10, 1866.

9533 Charles Douglass," b. April 20, 1S61 ; d. April 6, 1873.

9534 Margaret Elizabeth,' b. Feb. 6, 1863; d. v\.pril 10, 1S76.

9535 James Wesley," b. Sept. 27, 1865; a saw maker in Hamilton, Ont ; n.m.

9536 Sophia,' b. Fell. 5, 1867 ; m. Alfred Pearce, a grocer in Hamilton, and have

Alfred Thurston (Pearce), b. Dec. 28, 1S86; Mabel Margaret (Pearce), b,
April 18, 1890.

9537 Christina,' b. Aug. 12, 1869; with her mother in St. Catherine.

9538 Herbert,' b. Dec. 30, 187 1.




George Henrv Thurston^ {Henry Ifiggins,^ Samuel,^ John^^
Samuel,'' Edward'), eldest son of Henry Higgins and Martha
Coggeshall (Thurston) Thurston of Newport, R. I.; born there
Aug. II, 1827 ; married, Dec. 29, 1852, Ruth Esther Potter, born
Dec. 26, 1834, daughter of George and Esther Potter of Middletown,
Conn. He was a carpenter in Newport, died Aug. 19, 1874; she
died Jan. 29, 1883 ; both members of the Episcopal church.


9539 Ann Martha," b. Nov. 2, 1S53; m., ist, Nov. 9, 1874, James Wheaton Lyon,
mate sailing out of Boston, and was to have been captain next voyage, but
d. in Salem, Mass., Feb. 17, 1877 ; 2d, March 28, 1S84, George Robert Lo-
gan, a carpenter in Middletown, Conn.; she is a member of the Episcopal
church, and had :

9540 Ruth Frances (Lyon), b. Oct. 3, 1875; d. April 13, 1877.

9541 Ethel May (Logan), b. Nov. i, 1884; d. Jan. 21, 1892.

95|2 George Robert (Logan), b. Sept. 18, 1S85; bap. June 6, 1S86, in the chapel
of Berkley Memorial church, Middletown, the first baptism on the rec-
ords of that church, built and formerly owned by his ancestors, d. Jan.
ID, 1892.
9543 Elsie Taggart (Logan), b. July 4, 18S7.
91544 James Taggart," b. May 3, 1857; a butcher in Newport, R. I., 1887 in Som-
erville, Mass. ; m. Kate Potter. They have :

9545 George Wheaton,** b. Feb., 1S81 ; d. Jan. 6, 1S82.

9546 Stella," b. May 25, 1884.

9547 Gracia,** b. Jan. 9, 1887.

954 7, will call to mind
the enormous amount of work that was pertoimed for a small amount of money. Tliere

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