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was a desire then to see how much could be doire for the amount paid, and not how lit-
tle. The work was not sliglited or cheapened in any way, lait todav sstands as a monu-
ment of laitbfulness to the builders. Alter the lire in 1S4:5, Mr. Thiirston began witli a
larger number of men and apprentices, and built nearly the whole square, corner of
Main anil Bedford sti'eets, the lA'ander ISorden block, and many of tlie private resi-
dences throughout the city. He wa.s at one time sui-yeyor of liighway^, and put the
same energy into the work for tlie city tliat he did for lumself. lu 18.5.^) Ire moved from
Pearl .st. to the homestead, whicli hehud bought when it was aljout to pass out of the
family. It is now one of the best culiivated farms in this section. He was a member
of the Franklin St. Christian cliurch, and after that was given up, of the North church
at Steeii Urook. In all positions, — as a devoted and respected member, as deacon, su-
perintendent and teacher in Sunday-school, he gave (nidence that his close application
to busint-ss did not prevent his I'eadiug and studying the Word of God, and but few
could be found wlio were as familiar with the IJibie as lie. It is not too much to believe
that bis success in life, the strength to labor as he did to gain the end sought, was attri-
butabh; to his practice, — never varied, never given up or omitted, no matter how tired
or how late the hour — of gathering the family in the quiet and close of the day, read-
ing a chapter in th(^ Bible, always toUowed by counnents sugfjested, and prayer. As a
JuisbaMd and father he insisted on close application to the duties of the hour, and his
energy was felt in that there wa-j no time for idleness by any member of tire family.
■Otlierci ies can name more learned and popular men, but Fall Kiver can stand as rirm
upon tile integrity, honesty, frugality and industry of such men as Edward Thtis-ston,
as she remains 11 rni upon the granite upon which she is built. Tney celebrated tlieir
golden wedding Feb. 2S, 1878, an event of rare enjoyment for all who were presi^nt.



Abraham Gardner Thurston ^ ( Varnum,^ Peleg,'^ Edivard,^
Thofnas,'^ Edward'), brother of the preceding, and son of Varnum
and Mary (Gardner) Thurston of Fall River, Mass. ; born there June
21, 1813 ; married (intentions April 4, 1840) Catharine Borden
Allen, born Nov. 7, 18 15, daughter of Abraham and Rachel (Gard-
ner) Allen of Tiverton, R. I. He is a machinist, engaged in the
manufacture of cotton and thread machinery in Fall River.


9639-I- Charles Abraham Gardner," b. July 23, 1841 ; m. Anna Moore.

9640 Rienzi Ware," b. Jan. 8, 1851 ; a machinist, m company with his father;

a vocalist of merit, possesses a fine baritone voice, and is quite a student
in vocal and instrumental music; m., May 24, 1876, Amy Chase Almy;
no children.


Vernon Thurston^ {Varnum,'^ Feleg,'^ Edward,'^ Thomas,^ Ed-
ward'), brother of the preceding, and son of Varnum and Mary
(Gardner) Thurston of Fall River, Mass. ; born there Feb. 11, 1815 ;
married, Oct. 27, 1848, Abby Streeter, born May 26, 1830. He
and his son Alberto Gardner were proprietors of Thurston's Hotel at
Fall River, having a large circle of friends, died Jan. 30, 1885.


9641 Alberto Gardner,'^ b. Sept. 10, 1849; m., Jan. 28, 1874, Nellie Sullivan, b.

Sept. 15, 1849; was in company with his father in the hotel, and d. Jan. 20,
1882. They had Vernon,^ Effie,^ Cora.^

9642 LeRoy F.,^ b. March 28, 1851 ; d. Aug. 25, 1853.

9643 Melissa M.,' b. June 9, 1854; d. Nov. 19, 1856.

9644 Effie,^ b. Jan. 23, 1858; m., Dec. 27, 1877, Frank Bullock, b. in Providence,

R. I., March 16, 1S53, one of the props, of Thurston's Hotel, in company
with his brother-in-law .Sweet, in Fall River, Mass. ; no children.

9645 Ida May,' b. Aug. 7, i860; d. Sept. 20, 1869.

9646 Eugene de Forest," b. Sept. 20, 1862 ; d. Aug. 9, 1863.

9647 Cora,' b. Sept. 5, 1864; m., Feb. 2\, 18S4, Wilbur Howland Sweet, b. in Bris-

tol, R. I., Jan. II, 1862, in company with his brother-in-law Bullock.

9648 Minerva,' b. July 5, d. Oct. 8, 1866.


William Barton Thurston ^ ( ^?;v/7/;«,5 Peleg,^ Edward,'^ Thomas,'^
Edward'), brother of the preceding, and son of Varnum and Mary
(Gardner) Thurston of Fall River, Mass.; born there Nov. 8, 1818;
married, Feb. g, 1845, Mary Ann Packard, daughter of Gideon
and Rebecca (Packard) Packard. He was a house carpenter in Fall
River, 1879, manufacturer of proprietary medicines in New York,
deacon of the Christian church, superintendent and treasurer of Sun-
day-school for more than ten years ; after in Brooklyn, N. Y.


9649 Emma Packard,' b. Feb. 26, 1846; m., Oct. 30, 1872, Ellis Tinkham Lamber-

ton of New York ; he d. They had :
9650 Mary Barton (Lamberton), b. Aug. 26, 1873.
9651 Ida Barton,' b. April 19, 1849; m., Oct. 30, 1872, Charles Osborne Barker of
Fall River, Mass. ; she d. in Brooklyn, N. Y., Sept. 15,1882, and was
buried in Fall River.



Dav[d T huk'^ von ^ (y^onaf/iiin,^ T/iomas,* Edward,^ Thomas,^ Ed-
wdfd'), second son of Jonathan and Sarah (Luther) Thurston of
Fall River, Mass.; born there July 26, 1802; married, Jan. 30, 1834,
Hannah Miller Hathaway, daughter of Lloyd and Hannah Hath-
away of Fall River. He was a house carpenter in Fall River, and
his son says : "The Thurstons of this vicinity are noted as moral, in-
dustrious and successful people ; a large proportion are church mem-
bers in good standing"; she died Sept. 24, 1857, aged 42 ; he died
Feb. 20, 187 1.


9'352 Gaorge Henry/ b Jan. [3, 1835; held a clerkship in Washington, D. C,

several years, after which a watchmaker and jeweler in Fall River, Mass.,

was a Congregationalist, had liasn an invalid several years, and d. suddenly

while sitting in his chair, Nov. iS, 1882; m., Oct. 24, iS6r, Julia Eliza

Lapham, 1). iLine 20, 1838, eldest da. of Louis and Stella Ann (Arnold)

Lapham of Fall River. They had:

9653 Marion Hathaway,* b. Aug. 4, 1S62 ; m., by Rev. Eldridge Mi.x, D.D., Oct.

5, 18S7, Lewis Napoleon Read, b. July i, i86o, son of Isaac Winslow

and Josephine (Dyer) Read of Fall River, where he keeps a livery stable.


Thomas Thurston*' {yvtatkan,^ Thomas,'' Edwjrd,^ Thomas,^ Ed-
ward'^), brother of the preceding, and son of Jonathan and Mercy
(Briggs) Thurston of Fall River, Mass. ; born there Aug. 24, 1820 ;
married, first, Sept. 23, 1847, Betsey Jane Davis, born May 25, 1827,
died Oct. 13, 1853. Second, April 18, 1859, Matilda Gray Davis,
born May 13, 1831, both daughters of Gardner and Anne (Bennett)
Davis of Fall River. He is a prosperous farmer, member and trus-
tee of the North Christian church in Fall River.


9654 Charles Irvine,'^ b. Aug. 15. 184S; a house cirpjnter in Fall River ;']n.m.

9655 Annie Jane,'' b. Nov. 16, 1852; n.m.

9656 Arthur Willis," b. Jan. 24, 1860; a farmer on homestead; n.m.

9657 Carrie Bennett,^ b. fan. 13 1S64; n.m.

9658 Ellen Matilda,'' b. Feb. rS, 1S71 ; n.m.


John Thurston^ (Svu'/j/,^ Tkomxs,^ Thorn is,^ Thom.zs,^ Ed-
wird'), youngest child of Samuel and Mercy (Tabor) Thurston of
Tiverton, R. L; born May 6, 1803; married, Feb. 2, 1826, Mary
An.m Chase. He died in Providence, R. L, Jan. 31, 1858 ; she died
April 21, 1873.


9659 .A.nn Frances,'' b. Nov. 2g, iS25; d. April 17, 1S44.

9660 Elizabeth,' b. Jan. 11, 1828; d. June 11, 1835.

96ji + George Edwin,^ b. Sept. 17, 1830; m. ist, Charlotte Amslia Tooker j 2d,
Frances Tillotson.

9662 Mary llelenj b. Aug. 16, 1834; d. April 19, 1835.

9663 Alb2rt,'b. Nov. 27, 1836; m. tst, fuly 3, 1857, Sarah A. Reese, d. Jan. 27,

1S63, aged 22; 2d, May 3, [864, Ann Allen ; he d. Dec. 2, 1865. They had:
96')4 George W.,8 b. April 15, d. April 28, 1858.
9665 Frances E.,^ b. Aug. 12, 1859.
9566 William A.,8 b. Dec. 13. i86o; d. Dec. 22, 1S61.



Thomas Thurston^ {George Howla/id,^ Thomas,'' Thomas,^ Thomas*
Edward^), eldest son of George Howland and Elizabeth (Baker)
Thurston of Tiverton, R. I.; born there May 24, 1807; married,
July 20, 1834, Barbara Whitford, born July 24, 1807, daughter of
John Summers and Barbara (Colvin) Whitford of Centerville, R. I.,
where he was a blacksmith, died June 23, 1877,


9667 Elizabeth,' b. June 23, 1S36; d. Oct. 9, 1861.

966S Thomas Henry,' b. Feb. 18, 1839; a carpenter in Centerville, R. I.; m., in
Fall River, Mass., March 29, 1871, Mary Helen Whitford, b. in Coventry,
R. I., June 13, 1849, "^a- of Jamas Edward and .Sarah Madison (Johnson)
Whitford of Warwick, R. I. ; no children.


Dr. William Torrey Thurston'^ {J^ohn Robinson,^ John,^ Pcleg,^
Thomas,^ Edzoard'), third child of John Robinson and Mary Ann
(Bruce) Thurston of St. Christophers, W. I. ; born in St. Kitts, W.
I., July 14, 1805; married, March 15, 1832, Caroline Thurston,
daughter of Governor Jeremiah and Sarah (Babcock) Thurston of
Hopkinton, R. I. [no. 9,260]. She died July, he died Oct. 23, 1886.

Dr. Thurston studied medicine and surgery in the New York hos-
pital, and received his diploma in 1829; commenced practice in his
native town of St. Kitts, and while there took part in quelling an
insurrection of the negroes, in which encounter he was sevejrely
wounded. He practiced his profession in Portland, Me., 1842 and
1843, and after in Westerly, R. I. Mustered into the U. S. A. as sur-
geon of the ist R. I. Light Artillery, Oct. 4, 1861, and joined the
Army of the Potomac, then organizing under Gen. McClellan ; served
throughout the Peninsular Campaign, and was present at the battles
of Seven Pines, Fair Oaks, Peach Orchard, Savage Station, White
Oak Swamp, Glendale and Malvern Hill. At the battle of Savage
Station he received a severe wound from a bullet from a shrapnell
shell, which fractured his skull, but with Spartan firmness he bound
up his head with a wet towel, and thro the fearful battle and the re-
treat which followed performed his duty, and brought off the wounded
men under his charge in safety to Harrison's Landing. Receiving a
furlough of a few weeks to recover from his wound, he rejoined the
army at the second battle of Bull Run, and marched into Maryland
with McClellan, being present at the battle of South Mountain. Here
he was seized with a severe attack of vertigo, caused by his poorly-
healed wound, and finding himself unable to bear the heat of the
sun he resigned, and was immediately placed by the surgeon-general
in charge of a large hospital in Frederick City, Md., where he re-
ceived in one day five hundred of the wounded from Antietam. Sub-
sequently assigned to the hospital at Portsmouth Grove, where he re-
mained until the close of the war. In November, 1876, he was ap-
pointed superintendent of the R. 1. hospital, where he remained
until May, 1882, when the infirmities of age and deafness, caused by
his wound, compelled him to retire from active employment, and to


seek repose in his home at Nayatt Point, Harrington, R. I. His mem-
ory was remarkably retentive of even the smallest details, and his
mental faculties remained unimpaired. His manners were of the
" old school " of politeness, and they endeared him to all. Of a self-
sacrificing spirit that always thought first of the good of others, and
a temper that never knew ruffling except under the grossest provoca-
tion, his old age stole quietly upon him in the retirement of his coun-
try home, and the final end found him not only prepared, but willing
and eager to go to his eternal rest.


9669 Eliza,'' b. June 28, 1S33; m., Oct. 12, 1859, Isaac Butts of Boston, Mass.,
treas. Napa Con. Mining Co. They had :

9670 Annie Atwood (Butts), b. Jan. 29, i86r.

9671 Caroline Thurston (Butts), b. March 4, 1864.

9672 Esther Thurston (Butts), b. Sept. 14, 1S68.

9673 Esther Hodgson,'' b. April 24, 1S35 ; m., March 18, 1862, Charles H. Merri-
man, a cotton goods mnfr., in company with Henry Lippitt, under firm
name of Henry Lippitt & Co., of Providence, residing in Nayatt, R. L,
and had :

9674 William Thurston (Merriman), b. Aug. 4, 1863; d. May 9, 1868.

9675 Maria Lippitt (Merriman), b. June 20, 1865.

9676 Charles Henry (Merriman), b. Oct. 23, 186S.

9677 Harold Thurston (Merriman), b. July 10, 1870.

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