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(Lee) Briggs. He is a farmer in Fall River, Mass.


10.148 Thomas Henry,^ b. Aug. 8, 1862; d. Tune 15, 1886.

10.149 Robert Elias,^ b. Feb. 7, 1878.


Albert Hiram Thurston ? {Gardner,^ Nathatiiel,'^ Edward*' Ed-
ward,^ Thomas,^ Edward^), son of Gardner and Elizabeth S. (Moore)


Thurston of Fall River, Mass. ; born there March 31, 1845 ! married,
Feb. 28, 1872, Blanche Ellen Call, born in Dresden, Me., Feb.
27, 1856, daughter of James [inventor of Call's iron center-board for
vessels] and Susan Jones (Clemen) Call of Boston, Mass. He is a
molder by trade, but follows market gardening in Freetown, Mass.


10.150 Agnes Savilla,^ b. March 15, 1873; d. May 20, [876.

10.151 Leland Walter,^ b. Sept. 13, 1877.


Edward Mason Thurston'^ (£dward,^ Varnum^ Peleg,'^ Edward^'^
Thomas,'^ Edward^), eldest son of Edward and Sarah Maria (Mason)
Thurston of Fall River, Mass. ; born there July 18, 1832 ; married,
first. May i, 1853, Mary Wilbur Gardner, born Oct. 16, 1833,
daughter of Hiram and Mary Wilbur (Gardner) Gardner of Som-
erset, Mass.; she died Jan. i, 1S83. Second, Jan. 15, 1884, Car-
oline Gardner, born March 27, 1852, daughter of Henry and Eliz-
abeth (Francis) Gardner of Swansea, Mass. He is a furniture dealer
in Providence, R. I., residence at Swansea; member of the Congre-
gational church, and superintendent of Sunday-school for a number
of years.


10,152 Hiram Edward,*' b. in Somerset, Mass., Jan. 25, 1857; grad. from Amherst
1879; is clerk in Mechanics National Bank, Providence, R. I.; m., July
21, 1880, Abby Isabel Wood, b. Nov. 16, 1854, da. of Nathan Montgom-
ery and Abby Mason (Kingsley) Wood of Swansea, Mass. ; they reside in
Providence, and are members of the Cong, church, Rev. Thomas Laurie,
D.D., pastor. They have :
10,153 Louisa Isabel,' b. March 14, 1882.

10.154 Mary Maria,** b. Feb. 9, 185S; m., July 24, 1878, Samuel Roscoe Chaffee, b.

Sept. 21, 1850, son of Samuel and Rebecca Talbot (Pierce) Chaffee of
Seakouk, Mass., a crayon and pastel artist in Providence.

10.155 Jeannette Mason,^ I twins, b. in Provi- ) d. Sept. 15, i860.

10.156 Jane Wilbur,* ) dence, July 4, 1859; ) d. Sept. 17, i860.


Anthony Thurston ^ {Edward,^ Varnum,^ Peleg,^ Ed7vard,^
Thomas,'^ Edward'), brother of the preceding, and son of Edward
and Sarah Maria (Mason) Thurston of Fall River, Mass. ; born there
March 13, 1837 ; married, June i, 1858, Ann Maria Whipple, born
Jan. 30, 1839, daughter of Clark Whipple of Fall River, He is high-
way surveyor and superintendent of streets in Fall River.


10.157 Frank Anthony.^b. March 15, 1864.

10.158 John Mason,^ b. Feb. 20, 1868.


James Emery Thurston 7 {Samuel,^ Varnum,^ Feleg,^ Ediaard,'^
Thomas,'^ Edward'), only child of Samuel and Almira (Boomer)
Thurston of Fall River, Mass.; born there Jan. 11, 1838; married,
Nov. 7, 186 1, Melissa Gifford Peckham, daughter of Joseph and
Eliza (Chase) Peckham ; she died May 4, 1876. He was a building
mover and wheelwright in Fall River, died Sept. 6, 1878.



10.159 Mary Ellen,' b. Sept. ro, 1863.

10.160 Henry Gardner.^ b. Feb. 10, i83s; in Fall River, Mass.


Rev. Charles Abraham Gardner Thurston ^ {Abraham Gard-
ner,^ Vanium,^ Piieg,^ Edward,^ Thomas,^ Edward ^), eldest son of
Abraham Gardner and Catharine Borden (Allen) Thurston of Fall
River, Mass. ; born there July 23, 1841 ; married, Dec. 5, 1872, Anna
Moore, born July 6, 1847, daughter of John Haddock and Harriet
Sprague (Wright) Moore of Barnet, Vt. He graduated from Brown
1866, and from Andover i86g ; was ordained over the Congrega-
tional church in North Raynham, Oct. 17, 1877 ; since Dec. i, 1881,
has been acting pastor in Laconia, N. H.


10.161 Frederick Harris,^ b. Nov. 15, 1S77.

10.162 Arthur Dyer,* b. .Sept. 24, 1879.

10.163 Everett Sprague,* b. Jan. 17, 1881.


George Edwin Thurston 7 of New York {John,^ Samuel,^
Thomas,^ Thomas T' Thomas,^ Edward^), eldest son of John and Mary
Ann (Chase) Thurston of Providence, R. I, ; born there Sept. 17,
1830; married, first, Sept. 12, 1859, Charlotte Amelia Tooker,
daughter of William C. and Mary A. Tooker; she died July 14, 1870,
aged 36. Second, July 16, 1873, Frances Tillotson, daughter of
J. R. and F. A. Tillotson.


10.164 Mary Dickinson,^ b. Aug. 29, 1S60.

10.165 Edwin Chase,* b. Dec. 25, 1866.

10.166 Maud Olivia,' b. Aug. 17, 1874.


James Otty Thurston ^ of Brooklyn, N. Y. ( Wanton^ jfohn,^
jfohn^^ Feleg,'^ Thomas,^ Edjvard^), eldest son of Wanton and Sarah
(Otty) Thurston of St. Kitts, W. I.; born there May, 1842; married,
September, 1868, Susie Ackerman.


10.167 Martin Ackerman,* b. May, 1869.

io,i6S Maud Otty,* b. April, 187 1 ; d. May 9, 1873.
10,169 James Otty,* b. July, 1872.

ISiflijti) (Sfnuration.

William Stewart Thurston^ {Louis Marton,7 Robert Jenkins^
John,^ yohn,^ yonathan,^ Edward,^ Edward^), fourth child of Louis
Marion and Elizabeth Samuella (Brewer) Thurston of Huntington,
L. I. ; born there April 8, 1848 ; married, Dec. 24, 1872, Mary Sey-


MOUR AcKERMAN, born Oct. 15, 1852, daughter of George Bogert
and Ann Aston (deBevoise) Ackerman of Huntington. He is a
farmer, vestryman of the Episcopal church in Huntington.


10.170 William Marion,' b. Jan. 20, 1875.

10.171 Annie de Bevoise,' b. fuly 7. 1876.

10.172 Elizabeth Brewer,' b. Sept. 9, 187S.

10.173 Cornelia Emeline,' b. July 11, 1880.

10.174 Mary Seymour,' b. March 25, 1884.

10.175 Robert Kennard,' b. July 23, 1S90.


Thomas Edwin Thurston^ {Thomas,'' TJiomas,^ William,^ Wil-
liam,'' yonathan,^ Edward,'^ Edward''), eldest son of Thomas and
Mary (Buffington) Thurston of Pawtucket, R. I. ; born there July 13,
1836; married, Nov. 7, 1856, Annie Wilhelmina Falconer, daugh-
ter of John and Margaret Falconer of Pawtucket. He was a machin-
ist, and member of the Baptist church in Pawtucket; since 1878 fore-
man in the New Home sewing machine works in Orange, Mass.


10.176 Edwin Lajette,' b. Oct. 3, 1857; grad. from Brown univ. ph.b., 1881, read

law in Chicago, 111., admitted to the bar in Cook Co., 111., 18S5; removed
to Cleveland, O., Oct. i, 1887, and formed a partnership with Leonard
Watson, under the firm name of Watson & Thurston, for the practice of
patent law exclusively; n.m.

10.177 Harriet Emily,.' b. Oct. 15, i860; d. June 24, 1863.


Elias Thurston ^ {Linus,'' jfoshua,^ Edward,"^ George,'^ Edward,^
yonathan,^ Edward'^), eldest son of Linus and Abby (Blanchard)
Thurston of Springfield Center, N. Y. ; born there Aug. 19, 1818;
married, July 26, 1845, Phylinda Sitts. He is a farmer in Snow-
don, N. Y.


10.178 Lavilla,' b. May i, 1S47 ; d. Aug. 21, 1853.

10.179 George,' b. April 7, 1851 ; d. Aug. 20, 1857.

10.180 Martha Ann,' b. July 28, 1853; ™ > I^^b. 15, 1870, Charles Martin.

10.181 Athalia,' b. July 10, 1856; d. Aug. 5, 1859.


Job Thurston ^ {Linus^' Joshua,^ Edward,^ George,'^ Edward,'^
yonathan,^ Edward^), brother of the preceding, and son of Linus
and Abby (Blanchard) Thurston of Springfield Center, N. Y. ; born
there Dec. 16, 1820; married, Dec. 25, 1842, Margaret McRorie,
born Feb. 5, 1824, daughter of Peter and Betsey E. (Shutters) Mc-
Rorie of Springfield Center, where Mr. Thurston is a farmer and
member of the Methodist church.


io,i82-(-Lucius,' b. Sept. 17, 1843; i"- 'st, Armena Castle ; 2d, Nancy Beach.
10,183 Peter,' b. May 4, 1855; d. Aug. 4, 1858.



LuciAN Edward Thurston^ {Cytus^ yoshtia,^ Edward,^ George,*-
Edward,^ yonathan,^ Edward"^), son of Cyrus and Mary Ann (Pick-
ens) Thurston of Wellesville, N. Y. ; twin, born at Springfield Cen-
ter, N. Y., July 30, 1839; married, April 26, 1871, Theresa Mel-
viNA Stephens, daughter of Alfred and Melissa ( Sumner ) Stephens
of Bridgewater village, P. O. Montrose, Penn., born July 15, 1842.
He enlisted three times in the war againt the rebellion, and was each
time rejected for physical disability, but was finally drafted in the
National Guards of New York, and trained with them till they dis-
banded ; taught school in Michigan several years ; returned to Perry,
N. Y., and engaged in the coal trade with D. C. White for six years,
since which time has been in the carpenter and joiner business ; both
members of the Methodist church.


io,i8-l. Bessie Ermina,' b. May 3c, 1875.
10,185 Mabel Stephens,' b. Jan. 26, 1878.


Lewis Daniel Thurston^ ( Qr/zi-,? Joshua,^ Edward,^ George*
Edward,'^ yonathau,^ Edward^), brother of the preceding, and son
of Cyrus and Mary Ann (Pickens) Thurston of Wellesville, N. Y. ;
twin, born at Springfield Center, N. Y., July 30, 1839 ; married, in
Perry, N. Y., Nov. 17, 1862, Martha Harriet Malone, born in
Churchville, N. Y., Feb. 22, 1840, daughter of Joseph and Mary Ma-
lone of La Grange, N. Y. He was in the bakery and grocery busi-
ness 1873-9, since that a farmer near Perry, N. Y. ; taught school thir-
ty-two terms in Michigan and New York ; a justice of the peace since
1885, and 1888 made secretary of the Philip Sheridan Republican
Club; 1889 secretary of the farmers' club, and member of the town
republican committee ; enlisted three times in the war against the
rebellion, in different branches, and was as often rejected on account
of physical disability ; both members of the Baptist church.


10.186 Nellie Elizabeth,' b. in Perry, N. Y., July 18,1864; m., Feb. 20, 1889,

Charles Lord Shepard, a farmer, breeder of Hamiltonian horses and
dealer in sheep in Perry, b. Oct. 10, 1863, son of Bissel and Sarah (Rob-
inson) Shepard of Perry; she is a Baptist, he a Presbyterian.

10.187 Charles Edward,' b. in La Grange, N. Y., April 4, 187 1.

10.188 Lee Lewis,' b. in Perry, June 20, 1878. ; d. July 25, 1879.

10.189 Edgar Jerome,' b. Sept. 5, 1880.


George Emerson Thurston ^ {Hiram ^ Charles,^ Edward,'^ George,*
Edward,'^ yonathan,^ Edward '), second child of Hiram and Luana
(Simons) Thurston of Canton, Ohio ; born there Feb. 20, 1836 ; mar-
ried, Dec. 13, 1863, Elizabeth Palmer, born in Canton, Feb. 16,
1834. He was a bookbinder in Washington, Penn. ; served in the
war against the rebellion ; since the war has been in Wooster, Cleve-
land and Akron, O., and Washington, Penn. ; separated, and she mar-


ried, Oct. 19, 1881, Matthew Smith, a farmer and stock dealer in El-
roy, Wis., born in Washington county, N. Y., died by stepping off
the Ashtabula bridge, Nov. 10, 1885 ; she is a member of the Meth-
odist church.


10.190 Edgar Emerson,^ b. in Elroy, Wis., Sept. 4, 1864; a mechanic in Eau Claire,

Wis.; m., May 7, 1890, Nellie Messner of Menomonee, Wis., b. Dec. 11,


10.191 Walter Eekie,^ b. in Clinton, O., Apr. 2, 1867 ; a photographer in Elroy ; n.m.

10.192 Wilbert Palmer,^ b. do., July 16, 186S; a printer in Columbia, S. D., mem-

ber of Co. F, 2d reg. S. D. National Guards ; n.m.


Benjamin Francis Thurston ^ {Benjami?i Babcock,7 Jeremiahy^
George,'^ George,'^ Edward,^ yonatha7i?- Edward^), eldest son of Ben-
jamin Babcock and Harriet Elizabeth (Deshon) Thurston of Hop-
kinton, R. I. ; born there Nov. 7, 1829 ; married, May 9, 1S53, Cor-
nelia Rathbone, born June 30, 1830, daughter of Stephen Kilton
and Sarah (Brown) Rathbone of Providence, R. I. He graduated
from Brown university 1849, studied law at Harvard; admitted to
the bar of the state of Rhode Island September, 1851 ; a lawyer in
Providence, had no superior in the country as an exponent and prac-
ticer in patent law ; speaker of the house of representatives three
terms, senator three terms; trustee of Brown university, and in 1888
they conferred upon him the degree of ll.d. ; member of Grace
church, since 1859 ^ vestryman, died suddenly in New York city,
March 13, 1890.


10.193 Ellen De Forest.^ b. Oct. 9, 1857; m.. May 8, 1886, John Russell Gladding,

b. in Plainfield, Conn., June 8, 1858, son of Samuel and Nancy Boradel
(Williams) Gladding of Providence, R. I., grad. from Brown Univ. 1881,
and 1889 is in the office of N. Y., P. & B. R. R. in Providence; no chil.

10.194 Maurice Deshon,^ b. Aug. 2, 1859; d. Oct. 3, i860.

10.195 Harriet Deshon,^ b. Jan. 20, 1862; m., Oct. 7, 1891, Jesse Houghton Met-

calf, b. Nov. 16, i860, son of Jesse and Helen A. (Rowe) Metcalf of
Providence ; woolen mnfr. of the Wanskuck Co., Providence, member
of the house of representatives 1S89, and of the city council 1SS9-91.

10.196 A son, b. and d. April 26, 1865.

10.197 Benjamin Francis,^ b. Dec. 30, 1870; entered Brown Univ. 18S9, in prepa-

ration for an electrical engineer.


Stephen Whitman Thurston^ {W/nima?i7 Naihaniel^^ George,'^
George^'' Edward,^ Jonathan,^ Edward^), eldest son of Whitman and
Elizabeth (Phillips) Thurston of Exeter, R. I. ; born there Feb. 6,
181 7 ; married, May 2, 1842, Abby Remington Johnson, born July
13, 182 1, daughter of Levi and Phebe (Briggs) Johnson of Warwick,
R. I. ; she died Jan. 19, 1863. He was a teacher at Fort Jones, Cal.,
died 1886.


10.198 Edwin Remington,' b. in Warwick, R. I., April 3, 1843 > ^ bookkeeper in

.San Francisco, Cal.; 18S0 in the salmon fishery at the mouth of Smith
river in California ; n.m.

10.199 Fanny,' b. Jan. 12, 1863; d. same day.




Clarke Thurston ^ {Benjamin Reynolds ^ Clarke,^ Joseph,'^ George,^
Edward^^ jfonathan,^ Edward''')^ second child of Benjamin Reynolds
and Elizabeth Harwood (Marble) Thurston of Providence, R. I. ;
born there Oct. 24, 1842; married, July 10, 1865, Emma Rebecca
Cornell, born April 4, 1828, daughter of James and Annie (Rounds)
Cornell of Swansea, Mass. He is president of the Canada Screw
Company of Hamilton, Ont., and vice-president of the American
Screw Company of Providence ; enlisted in the war against the re-
bellion as a private in infantry, but subsequently and to the close of
the war was an engineer officer in the navy, a greater part of the time
on special torpedo service in James river, at Dutch Gap, and below
Richmond ; resides in Providence.


10.200 Frederic Lander,^ b. Feb. 19, 1S67 ; supt. Canada Screw Co. of Ham*

ilton, Ont.; m., Sept. 4, 1889, Helen Mallory Greenwood, b. in Danbury,
Conn., April 15, 1869, da. of James Robert and Helen Maria (Mallory)
Greenwood of Hamilton.

10.201 P2mma Rebecca,^ b. May 13, 1870.

io,2oi(Z Dorris Emma Greenwood,'-^ b. June 24, 1890.


Christopher Columbus Thurston ^ {Benja^fiin Reynolds 7 Clarke,^
yoseph,'= George,-^ Edward,'^ J^onathnn,'^ Edzvard^), brother of the pre-
ceding, and son of Benjamin Reynolds and Laura (Henley) Thurs-
ton of Providence, R. I.; born there Nov. 26, 1848; married, in
Brooklyn, N. Y., Oct. 20, 1870, Josephine Briggs, born Feb. 7, 1850,
daughter of Hiram Augustus and Almira (Harris) Briggs of Paw-
tucket, R. I.; she died Feb. 17, 1891. He is in the employ of the
Gorham Mnfg. Co. in New York city, residing in New York city.


10.202 Laura Henley,^ b. in Pawtucket, R. L, Oct. 9, 187 1 ; d. in New York city,

Jan. 7, 1872.

10.203 Alice Vivian,^ b. do., June 16, 1875; d. in Providence, R. L, Jan. 10, 1878.

10.204 Bertram Edward,^ b. in New York city, March 9, 18S2.


Henry Amon Thurston^ {Anion Reynolds ^ Clarke^ J^oseph,^
George,"^ Edward,'^ J^onathan,'^ Edward^), eldest son of Amon Rey-
nolds and Sarah Ann (Garland) Thurston of Providence, R. I. ; born
there May 3, 1848; married, June 29, 1870, Martha Hopkins
Turner, born in Savannah, Ga., Jan. 7, 1849, daughter of Stephen
Arnold and Mary Rebecca (Mackey) Turner of Providence. He is
a tool maker in Attleboro, Mass.


10.205 Arthur Richards,* b. June i, 1871.

10.206 Amon Reynolds,^ b. Oct. 27, 1874.

10.207 Flmer Arnold,^ b. Dec. 3, 1877.

10.208 Harry Irvin,'-* b. April 3, 188S.


Wilson Benjamin Thurston^ ( j>^osep/i,7 Daniel Greene,^ N'orfon,^
Safmiel,^ Edward,'^ Samuel,^ Edward^), son of Joseph and Charlotte


(Loofborrow) Thurston of Eden, Ohio; born there Sept. 13, 1827;
married, Sept. 18, 1855, Rachel Dyer, born in Union Co., Ohio,
May 30, 1822, daughter of Samuel and Cassandra (Foster) Dyer.
His literary advantages in early life were limited to the common
school. He studied with his mother's uncle, John Loofborrow [no.
9,440], and his cousin William Monroe [no. 9,442], and received his
diploma from Eclectic Medical Institute of Cincinnati, O., May,
1855. He settled in Argyle, Wis., where he kept a drug store, and
had a lucrative practice ; joined the Methodist church at the age of
thirteen, and has been honored by the offices of class leader, steward,
chorister and trustee for many years; December, 1887, moved to
Central City, Neb.


io,209-|-John Samuel,'' b. Dec. 14, 1857 ; m. Lizzie Middleton.

10.210 Anna Marie,^ b. Sept. 24, 1862; m., Nov. 14, 18S9, Fred A. McDonald of

Payette, Idaho, and have Leila Irene (McDonald), b. Feb. 3, 1891.

10.211 Bertha L.,^ b. Sept. 26. 1866.


Alfred Lorraine Thurston ^ {yosep/i,7 Daniel Greene,^ Norton,^
Satniiel^'^ Edward^^ Samuel,^ Edward^), brother of the preceding, and
son of Joseph and Charlotte (Loofborrow) Thurston of Eden, Ohio ;
born there Sept. 25, 1829 ; married, first, Sept. 8, 1853, Amelia Vick-
ers, born May 12, 1830, died. Second, Oct. 10, 1873, Mrs. Eliza
Fenton, born Nov. 22, 1823, daughter of John John, born in York
Co., Penn., 1785, and Martha Rodgers, born in Ireland, and widow
of John Fenton. He studied for the ministry in the Ohio Wesleyan
University ; licensed to preach in the Methodist church, August, 1853 ;
ordained deacon April, 1858; ordained elder Sept. 22, 1878; a local
Methodist preacher in Kingsley, Mich. ; served in the war against the
rebellion in the loth Wisconsin regiment from Oct. 13, 1861, to April
15, 1862, honorably discharged ; enlisted June 19, 1862, in the 67th
Illinois regiment, and was mustered out Oct. 6, 1862.


10.212 Dora,^ b. Aug. 23, 1857.


John Loofborrow Thurston^ {yoseph^ Daniel Greene,^ Norton,'^
Samuel,'- Edward,^ Samuel,^ Edzvard^), brother of the preceding, and
son of Joseph and Charlotte ( Loofborrow) Thurston of Eden, Ohio ;
born there May 2, 1834; married, Feb. 14, 1856, Elizabeth Wil-
liams, born March 2, 1835. He has been quite a successful farmer,
but in 1882 a grocer in Delaware, O. ; member of the Methodist


10.213 Lottie Luella,9 b. March 5, 1857; m., Oct. 17, 1883, James Frank Cox, b

April 17, 1855, a farmer in Delaware, O., and have Edna Frances (Cox)
b. June 7, 18S5; Antoinette (Cox), b. Dec. 25, 1886; Stella Marie (Cox)
b. Jan. 10, 1889; John Thurston (Cox), b. Dec. 27, 1891.

10.214 Annie,^ b. May n;, 1S59; n.m.

10.215 Stella Maude,^ b' Oct. ir, 1865; m.. May 12, 1886, Frank Cunningham, a

teacher in oil and china painting in Delaware ; he d. Feb. 9, 1888 ; no chil .



William Kilrourn Thursto'n ^ (Sa^/iue/,'^ Daiiiel Greene,^ Norton,'^
Samuel,^ Edward,^ Samuel,^ Edward^), son of Samuel and Prudence
(Bearss) Thurston of Laketon, Ind. ; born in Marion county, Ohio,
May 5, 1834; married, Nov. 21, 1855, Mary Harlowe Culbertson
of Matamoras, Ind., born July 14, 1836, and died Feb. 5, 1874. He
was a druggist, bookseller and jeweler in Wabash, firm of Gordon &
Thurston ; a member of and ruling elder in the Presbyterian church ;
1892 traveling for a New York book house.


10,216 Clara Prudence,^ b. Oct. 20, 1856; m., Dec. 19, 1876, James Dicken Con-
ner jr., a lawyer in Wabasli, Ind., b. Oct. 8, 1853. They have:
10,217 Annie (Conner), b. Nov. 13, 187S.
10,218 Annie Laura,^ b. June 4, 1858; m., April 14, 1879, ^^ev. Charles Little, b.
Dec. I, 1845, grad. from Marietta college, O., 1S67, and from Lane theo.
sem. 1872; installed pastor of the Presbyterian church in Wabash, AjDril
29, 1873; his Alma Mater conferred the degree of D.D. upon him 1885.
They have :
10,2 rg George Thurston (Little), b. Feb. 3, 1880.

10.220 Robert Rice (Little), b. Oct. 7, iSSi.

10.221 Mary Thompson (Little), b. Oct. 17, 1883.

10.222 Georgia E.,^ b. March 20, i860; m., April 11, 1889, Ott Brenton Pettit, a

dealer in hardwood lumber in Wabash, b. Aug. 25, 1859, son of John Up-
fold and Julia Ann (Brenton) Pettit of Wabash.

10.223 Florence Belle,^ b. June 2, 1862; m., March 18, 1886, David Anderson

Williams, sec. B. & O. R. R. at Newark, O., b. Jan. 16, 1S63.

10.224 Margaret Ross,^ b. July 30, 1864.

10.225 Lena Blanche.^ b. July 4, 1868; m., June 4, 1887, Edwin Murray Tolan, a

cutter in Wabash, Ind., b. Jan. 6, 1865.

10.226 Nerva Rose,^ b. Jan. 11, 1871.


Daniel Bearss Thurston^ {Satnuc/,'' Daniel Greeiie,^ Norton,^
Samuel,'* Edward,^ Samuel,^ Edzvard'-)^ brother of the preceding, and
son of Samuel and Prudence (Bearss) Thurston of Laketon, Ind. ;
born there Feb. 5, 1837 ; married, April 19, 1862, Nancy Schuler,
born Jan. 28, 1840, daughter of Robert and Betsey (Reusz) Schuler
of Wabash. She was converted at fourteen, and united with the
Presbyterian church, of which her parents were members. After
marriage she became a member of the Methodist church, that she
might be in the same communion with her husband ; was an earnest
and efficient worker in the cause of the church and temperance, until
failing health compelled retirement. In the last weary months of
suffering she was patient, brave and trustful, in the fullest degree en-
joying the assurance of the christian's hope; died Sept. 4, 1885. She
will be long remembered by hosts of friends in the places where she
lived for the sterling qualities of christian womanhood, which shone
so brightly in her character. He was a druggist and stationer in
Blue Earth City, Minn., since 1888 general agent Wabash School Fur-
nishing Co., in Red Oak, la. ; was a member of the Methodist
church, treasurer, steward, and superintendent of the Sunday-school ;
served as delegate to the U. S. Christian Commission at Harpers
Ferry and Winchester, Va.



10,227 Nellie May," b. in Wabash, Ind., March 5, 1864.; m., Dae. 15, 1887, Jesse
Douglass Flint, an adv. agent in Red Oak, la., and have :

10.228 Helen (Flint), b. April 22, 18S9.

10.229 Lula (Flint), b. July 7, d. July iS, 1891.

10.230 Annx Dell," b. in B!ua Earth City, Minn., Feb. 7, i855; a bookkeeper.

10.231 Mary Bell,^ b. do., May 23, 1S67 ; a teacher.

10.232 Laura Browa,^ b. do., Dec. 15, 1S72; in high school.


Charles Gilbert Thurston^ (Fina/,'^ Daniel Greene,^ Norton,^
Samuel,^ Edward,'^ Samuel {■ Edward'-), son of Vinal and Ann L,
(Plant) Thurston of Bennington, O. ; born in Berkshire, O., May
4, 1840; married, Nov. 9, 1S67, Mary Morehouse, born Aug. 20,
1844, daughter of Charles and L. (Aldrich) Morehouse of Benning-
ton. He is a farmer in Deshler, O. ; was in the 20th Ohio regiment
in the war against the rebellion, and came near starving in the An-
dersonville prison ; has been trustee of the township ; members of
the Methodist church.


10.233 Charles Derose,^ b. in Berkshire, O., Aug. 25, 1868 ; a farmer in Deshler,

O. ; n m.

10.234 Estella,^ b. in Deshler, O., Nov. 13, 1873.

10.235 Vinal,o b. do., Sept. 24, 1877.

jSTintlj (Knieratioit.

Lucius Thurston ^ {yob,^ LinHs,^ yoshua,^ Edward,^ George,'' Ed-
ward,'^ yojiathan,^ Ed7vard^), eldest son of Job and Margaret (McRa-
rie) Thurston of Springfield Center, N. Y. ; born there Sept. 17,
1843; married, first, Dec. 21, 1863, Armena Castle, born Jan. 3,
1840, died July i, 1866. Second, Jan. 21, 1867, Nancy Beach, born
April 3, 1843. He is a farmer in Springfield Center.


10,236 Libbie,'" b. Jan. 24, 1864; m., July 4, 1879, William Teeter, a farmer in
-Springfield Center, N. Y. They have :

10.237 Lovinie May (Teeter), b. June 21, 1S80.

10.238 Pearl Mattie (Teeter), b. Feb. 17, 1887.

10.239 Peter," b. May 2r. 1868; with his father on the farm.

10.240 Mary Ella,", b. March i, 1870; m., July 4, 1S85, Melvin Dewitt Kane, a

farmer in Fly Creek, N. Y., born there Aug. 6, 1866. They have :

10.241 Vernon Theodore (Kane), b. April 23, 18S7.

10.242 Freddie Leon (Kane), b. Feb. 22, 1889.

10.243 Martha," b. June 22, 1872.

10.244 Margaret Adelia," b. April 4, d. May 8, 1879.

10.245 Freddie Lee." b. June 6, i8Sr.

10.246 Maude May," b. Sept. 3, 1SS4.


John Samuel Thurston'' {Wilson Benjamin,^ yoseph,^ Daniel
Greene,^ Norton,^ Samuel,'^ Edward,'^ Satnuel,^ Edward^), eldest son

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