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of Wilson Benjamin and Rachel (Dyer) Thurston of Central City,


Neb.; born in Argyle, Wis., Dec. 14, 1857 ; married, March 27, 1879,
Elizabeth Middleton, born April i, 1857, daughter of Lucas and
Elizabeth (Bulger) Middleton of Argyle. He was a farmer in Central
City, Neb., has been town clerk, a Methodist; Aug. 5, 1891, moved
to Payette, Idaho.


10.247 .Irwin LaRue,'° b. April 8, 18S0.

10.248 Clyde Wilson,'" b. Nov. 26, 1881.

10.249 Ralph Victor,'" b. Oct. 6, 1884.

10.250 Kessie,'°b. Oct. 13, 18S6.

10.251 Nellie,'°b. Feb. 25, 1891.

Unconnected and miscellaneous names.

10,252 D.wiD Thurston, a shoemaker in Cranston, R. L, m. Sarah Jordan,
and had :
10,253 Jabez, a farmer in Cranston, R. L ; m. Sarah McClude ; he d. 1852 ; she
d. in Providence, Sept., 1876. They had:

10.254 James, b. March 4, 181 2, d. young.

10.255 Ardelia, b. April 2, 1814; m. Rescomb Snell, a carder in Cranston.

10.256 William, b. May 9, iSi6|; a mariner.

10.257 Elizabeth, b. Nov. rS, 1818; m. Joseph Farnum of Smithfield, R. I.

10.258 Charles Ferdinand, b. March 17, 1820; a foundryman; m. Phebe

Ann Baker of Cranston.
10,259 Olivia Ann, b. March 12, 1822; m. Wanton Burdick of Greenwich, R.
L, and had Mary (Burdick).

10.260 Lydia Potter, b. Apr. S, 1824; m. Edward Smith Luther, below.

10.261 James, b. March 14, 1826; d. young.
io,262-|-George Omari, b. March 27, 1828; m. Mary Abbie Lufkin.

10.263 Olivia Ann, m. ist, James Johnson, a mariner; 2d, George Bowen ; she

d. ; no children.

10.264 Dolly, b. Feb., 1799; m. Joseph Chambers, a mariner in Providence;

he d. in New Bedford.

10.265 Fanny, b. Jan. 23, 1794; m., Sept. 20, 1820, Henry Luther; she d.

March i, 1859, having had Edward Smith (Luther), b. June 23, 1823,
a mason in Rehoboth, Mass., m.. May 19, 1844, Lydia Potter Thurston
[no. 10,260], b. April S, 1824, and had William H. (Luther), a farmer
in Rehoboth; Caroline F. (Luther), b. Aug. 4, 1847, d. Aug. 23, 1849;
David T. (Luther), b. Nov. 4, d. Dec. 5, 1849 ; Susan M. (Luther), b.
May 8, d. Mar. 12, 1851 ; Edward S. (Luther), b. May 25, 1852, d.
July 27, 1S57 ; George N. (Luther), b. Nov. 11, 1856, d. Feb. 13, 1857.

10.266 David, d. at sea; n.m.

10.267 Sarah, m. Henry Graham, a machinist; she d., having had Jane and

Ellen (Graham).

10.268 John, b. 1801 ; a foundryman in Providence ; m. Eliza Harris, and had

Phebe; Mary, d. 1891 ; twin daughters, d.


George Omari Thurston (Jabez), son of Jabez and Sarah (McClude) Thurs
ton of Providence, R. I.; born in Cranston, R. L, March 27, 1829; married, Nov.
16, 1853, Mary Abbie Lufkin, born Aug. 6, 1836, daughter of Edwin and Abi-
gail Pettengill (Kimball) Lufkin of Haverhill, Mass. He is a shoemaker in Haver-
hill, served thirteen months in the 22d Massachusetts regiment in the war against
the rebellion.


10.269 Charles Edwin, b. Jan. 4, 1855 ; clerk in butcher shop in Haverhill, Mass. ;

m., Nov. 16, 1886, Carrie M. Moulton.

10.270 Ellen Frances, b. June 7, 1857; m., Oct. 14, 1878, Leroy Benson Fitts,

son of Joseph Fitts, a farmer in Haverhill. They have Mabel Alice
(Fitts), b. June 5, 1881 ; Howard Leroy (Fitts), b. July 10, 1883.


10.271 Mary Elizabeth, b. Sept. 25,1859; m., April 3, 1SS9, Samuel S. Rowe, a

provision dealer in Haverhill, and have b. May 23, 1S90.

10.272 George Herbert, b. April 6, 1S62 ; provision dealer in Haverhill; m., Jan.

II, 1889, Nellie M. Gile, and have Ralph Morton, b. Aug. 21, 1890.

10.273 William, b. Sept. 17, 1864; clerk in provision store in Haverhill; m., Dec.

16, 1885, Jennie Dillon.

10.274 Isaac Thurston, born in Rhode Island, March, ; m. Phebe Inman,

born in New York about 17S7, died May 14, 1842. He was a potter in Eden, O.,
died 1853. Children.

10.275 Vandoris Inman, b. in Washington Co., N. Y., April 27, 1S09; a potter in

Magadore, O.; m., 1837, Ann Clemence; he d. Aug. 25, 18S6, leaving:

10.276 Alfred J., b. June 20, 1838; m., July 4, 1859, Akens; no children.

10.277 Henry H., b. Nov. 2, 1840; d.Nov. 21, i860.

10.278 Mary E., b. Nov. 24, 1843; '^- Sept. 14, 1856.

10.279 Martha M., b. June 4, 1846; m.. May 19, 1863, Freeman Hope; she d.

Oct. 24, 1876.

10.280 Emily J., b. April 7, 1850.

10.281 Isabel, b. June 31, 1854; d. Dec. 10, 188S ; n.m.

10.282 John C, b. June 26, 1S63; a potter in Magadore.

10.283 Anna, b. 1810, m. Zenas Root; she was a Methodist, d. at her bro. James',

Feb. 17, 1886, having had Eleazer (Root), in Spring Valley, Minn.

10.284 Mary, m. John H. White, a farmer in Sunbury, O. ; she d., leaving Delia

and Edward (White), in Sunbury; Phebe (White); m. Daniel Durst,
a farmer in Sunbury, O.

10.285 Melissa, b. April 9, 1S15; m. ist, Moses Riley, a physician in Ashley, O. ;

2d, Jason Hall, a farmer in Columbus, O; 3d, 1854, Francis Pingree, b.
in New Hampshire, a seaman in early life, visiting China, Sandwich
Islands, England, So. America and Alaska, after marriage a farmer in
Kier, la., d. Feb. i, 1879, having had 2 boys and 3 girls by a former
wife; she d. March 22, 18S8, aged about y^^ having had Francis Marion
(Riley), b. Dec. 17,1836; Esther Anne (Riley), b. March 19, 1838, m.
Joel Fisher of Hico, Te.xas, 4 chil. ; Sarah Maria (Riley), b. Oct. 6, 1839,
m. Wesley O. Curtis, a retired farmer in Independence, la., served in
the war against the rebellion, 5 children ; William (Riley), b. June 29,
1841 ; Mary Elizabeth (Riley), b. Sept. 11, 1842.

10.286 Daniel, a potter and after a farmer in Pennsylvania; d. at his son James',

in Sycamore, 111., Sept., 1891.

10.287 Hiram, d. 1840.

10.288 Harriet, b. in Zanesville, O., Dec. 6, 1S20; m., April 13, 1844, Israel Straw

Pingree, b. March 12, 1805, son of Andrew and Abiah (Straw) Pingree
of Springfield, N. H., a farmer in Pingree Grove, 111., where he went
183S; he d. Sept. 18, 1874; his widow resides in Elgin, 111. They had :

10.289 Phebe Abiah (Pingree), b. Jan. 13, 1847; m., April 10, 1867, George

Coombs, b. in Somersetshire. Eng., March 20, 1831, came to this coun-
try 1854, a farmer in Elgin, a republican, had 11 children.

10.290 Andrew Curtis (Pingree), b. Oct. 3, 1848; a teamster in Minneapolis,

Minn.; a democrat and Universalist ; m., Feb. 2C, 1874, Maria Whit-
by, b. in Kane Co., 111., of English parentage. They had Mary Har-
riet (Pingree), d. ; Frank Elmer (Pingree); Daisy (Pingree), b. 18S0.

10.291 Hiram Thurston (Pingree), a farmer, democrat and Methodist in For-

est, O.; m., March 18, 18S0, Josephine M. DeWitt of Forest; she d. in
Providence, R. I , 1889. They had Elbert (Pingree), d. 1S91, aged 5 mos.

10.292 Jennie Lydia (Pingree), b. June 27, 1854; m., Oct. 20, 1S78, George

Bagley, a foreman in the Elgin watch factory, republican and Univer-
salist. They had Verna May (Bagley), b. May 10, 1SS3; d. April
6, 1889. Glen (Bagley), b. Sept. 20, 1889.

10.293 Hannah (Pingree), b. July 2, 1S57; a Universalist ; m., June 6, 1891,

Cornelius J. Arnold, b. in Ramond ; in watch factory in Elgin, 111.

10.294 Daniel Cutler (Pingree), b. May 2, i860; d. Feb. 8, 1863.

10.295 Francis Edwin (Pingree), b. March 15, 1862; a railroad conductor,

democrat and Universalist, in Pingree Grove, 111. ; n.m.

10.296 Lorena Anna (Pingree), b. Jan. i, 1866; m.. May 16, 1S.S5, Eben John

Weightman, b. in Burlington, 111., a Univ., in watch factorv in Elgin.



10.29:' Lydis, m. William Vromen ; she d. 1813.

io,2q8 James Randolph, b. Sept. 13, 1828; a farmer in Colo, la. ; m., Jan. i, 1852,
Sarah Perry, b. in Ottawa, 111., Feb. 12, 1836, da. of Matthew Hale and
Pamelia (Briggs) Perry of Massachusetts; she is in Rhode Island.
They have :

10.299 Phabe Adslaide, b. Jan. 28, 1853; m., March 17, 1871, Frank Scott, a

farmer; she d. 1871.

10.300 Laura Jane. b. June r6, 1857; m., Jan. 17, 18S2, Alvah Freeman, a

baker in Chicago, 111.

10.301 Esther Ann, b. July 25, 1863; m., April 10, 1884, Edwin Gross, a farmer.

10.302 Anna Viola, b. Feb. 13, 1871 ; m., Feb. 27, 1890, George Varty Granger,

a farmer.

10,303 Mathew Thurston, born Jan. 2, 1801, a carpenter in Ithaca, N. Y.. mar-
ried Eliza Jane Stevens; he died Sept. 8, 1855; she died Jan. 28, 1865. 'I !icy
had Maggie Trophenia, b. Oct. 21, 1839,'m. Daniel Henry Gardiner, a sign p.iinter
in Providence, R. I. John Jacob, b. Sept. 18, 183S, a painter in Jersey City, N.
J., enlisted at the first 3 years' call in the war against the rebellion in the 6th N. J.
reg. ; m., in Jersey City, April 17, 1865, Mary Augusta Wood, b. May 30, 1843, ^^•
of James and Kate (Wood) Wood of Newark, N. J.; both members of the Bap-
tist church; he d. July 10, 1883. They had Lillie May, b. Feb. 11, 1867, a jewel
setter, n.m.; George Stevens, b. Oct. 20, 1868, an electrician, n.m. ; Maggie Jane,
b. June 2, 187 1, d. Jan. 4, 1874; Mary Eliza, b. May 25, 1876; Maude Augusta,
b. April 2, 1879; John Henry, b. May 23, 1883.

10,304 Charles F. TnaRsroN, married Phebe A., daughter of Pardon and Phebe
Barker, b. in Warwick, R. I., Jan. 18, 1825; she d. in Providence, R. I., Dec. 29,
1891. Do not know when Charles F. d., his business, residence, or whether he had
any children.

Deaths of Thurstons recorded in Providence, R. I.

Mrs. Adeliza, .Sept. 29, 1861, aged 35 years.

Charles, son of Mary S., March 19, 1861, aged 12 mos.

David A., Aug. IG, J840, aged 8 mos.

Edward, Miirch 17, 1840, aged 2 years.

Eliza, Dec. 29, 1844, aged 21 years.

Frances M., March 22, 1840, aged 4 years.

John, Aug. 31, 1841, aged 1 mo.

Mary A., Aug. 9, 1841,"aged 21 days.

Sarah, July 2.5, 1843, aged 76 years.

William, March 3, 1844, aged 64 years.

Edward, son of Edward, May 4, 1860, aged 79 years.

Kate E., da. of Albert, Jan. 16, 1866, aged 11 months.

Mrs. Sarah A., da. of John Reese, Jan. 27, 1862, aged 23 years.

Susan, Sept. 19, 1854, aged 55 years.

Daughter of Benjamin, Jau."9, 1856, aged 4 years.

Marriages of Thurstons in Providence, R. I., no record in Births.

Dolly E , m., Nov., 1839, Joseph Chambers.
Eliza, m., June 14, 1825, Thomas Millett.
Harvey, m., 1807, .Sally Heiiton.
John L., m., Oct. 27, 1839, Catharine Latham.
Lueinda, ni., Sept. 20, 1804, John Johnson.
Mary, m., Oct. 17, 1819, John Crandel.
Mary, m., .March 18, 18.50, Ephraim Wilmarth.
Kachel, ni., Sept. 14, 1800, Reuben IJowen.
Samuel, m., July 25, 1809, Betsev Greatracks.
William, ra., Oct. 7, 1846, Lydia'ChatTey.
Abbie F., m., Jan. 26, 18G2, "George W. Baker.
Susan P., m., April 14, 1869, Thomas Donahue.
John A., m., Dec. 18, 1866, Sarah E. Cumminge.
Samuel W., m.. Sept 13, 1857, Waity A. Cook.

Cha-rles A., s )u of Mary S., July 10, 1861.



10.305 Peter Thurston of Loiidou, England, born March, 1736; married

Martha ; he died in London, Jan. 2, 1817, aged 80, having had :

10.306 Susannah.

10.307 Elizabeth, m. Fisher.

10.308 William, d. in infancy.

10,309+ Peter, b. Aug. 21, 1767; m. Sarah Kipps Baldwin.
10,310 Martha.

10,3 1 1 -|- Joshua, b. Feb. 6, 1774; m. ist, Mary Smith; 2d, — .

10,312 Mary.

10, 309

Peter Thurston {Peter), son of Peter and Martha Thurston of London, Enj. ;
born there Aug. 21, 1767 ; came to New York city, October, 1796; married, Oct.
26, 1796, Sarah Kipps Baldwin, born Feb. 10, 1773, daughter of Kipps Baldwin
of Newark, N. J., who also came from England with his family in 1794. Mr.
Thurston was a Baptist minister, pastor of the First Baptist church in Newark,
afterward of the Baptist church in Catskill, N. Y. ; died in New York city, Feb.
15, 1847; she died November 22, 1805.


io,3i4-f-N'atha:ii3!, b. Oct. 12, 17)7; m An Kitchan.
10,315 Joseph, b. July 22, 1799; d. May 14, iSdo.
io,3r6-|-H:2ary. b. D^c. 26, iSot ; m Margaret Ann Aitkin.
io,3r7-f-Pat3r Kipps, b. March ij, 1804; m. Catherine Ann Baldwin.

10,31 1

Joshua Thurston [Peter], brother of the preceding, and son of Peter and Mar-
tha Thurston of London, Eng. ; born there Feb. 6, 1774; married, first, Mary
Smith, cains to this country in [815, bringing his wife and four children; married
again, in New York, 1819. He wa; a piano manufacturer in New York city, resid-
ng in Brooklyn, where he died May 12, 1854.


10.318 Ann, b. 1795; ^- 1868; n.m.

10.319 Martha, b. 1798; d. 1817; n.m.

10.320 Elizabeth, m. ist, William Gardner; 2d, Thomas Edwin Baker, a clothier

in Charleston, S. C, d. 1849; she d. 1850, without issue.

10.321 Jasper -Scambler, a pianoforte maker in Richmond, Va. ; m. Fanny Duran-

do, da. of P. M. P. Durando, d. iSSb; she d. 1841, leaving:
10,322 Sarah Elizabeth, b. in New York, Oct. 28, 1831 ; m.. Nov. r, 1855, Capt.
Hanford Nichols, b. 1S29, d. May 25, 1881; lived at Black Rock,
Conn.,* and had :

10.323 Charles Hanford (Nichols), b. Oct. 31, 1856; captain and sailing mas-

ter, living at Black Rock; n.m.

10.324 Clarence Thurston (Nichols), b. July 12, 1S5S; drowned July 23, 1861.

10.325 William Henry (Nichols), b. June 3, 1S60; real estate dealer in Black

Rock; m., Nov. i, 1 888, Mary Hildreth Bradley, and have Mary
Thurston (Nichols), b. Aug. 3, 1890.

10.326 Clement Walker (Nichols), b. May 23, 1862; an engineer in Galves-

ton, Texas ; n.m.

10.327 Mary Ranson (Nichols), b. July i, 1S64; n.m.

10.328 Francis Durando Thurston (Nichols), b. Oct. 2, 1867; an architect

and architectural editor of the Scientific American, New York, with
residence at Black Rock ; n.m.

10.329 Georgia Anna (Nichols), b. Sept. 6, d. Oct. 7, 1869.

10.330 Robert Prescott (Nichols), b. April 7, 1872.

*Capt. Nichols was considered to be one of the most able sailhiK masters leaving the

Eort of New York. He coinnianded his own ship, the Barque Harvest, and sailed for
iverpool at the age of 21. He was also well known for liis bravery and lium.anity,
and as a reward, in one Instance, he was presented with an English spy-glass, by her
Majesty the Queen of England, which has inscribed upon it the following: " Presented
by her Majesty the Queen of England to Captain Hanford Nicliols, Master of the Amer-
ican Barque T. B. Bartramn, in acknowledgement of his humanity and kindness to the
master ancl crew of the Barque Sultan of Liverpool, whom he rescued from their
-water-logged vessel in March, 186-2."


^Oj^^i Joshua, b. 1S33; m. 1879.
10,332 Martha, b. 1S21 ; m. ist, Alfred N. Brewer, d. 1863; 2d, Charles Homan
d. j shed. 1871. She had:

10,333 Alfred F. (Brewer), livmg in New York.
10,334 Mary, m. George F. Brandt ; he d. ; she d. 1850 ; no children.


Nathaniel Thurston {Peter, Peter), eldest son of Peter and Sarah (Baldwin)
Thurston of New York city; born in Murray st., Oct. 12, 1797 ; married, April 15,
I 821, Ann Ketcham, born Sept. 26, 1794, daughter of Solomon Ketcham of How-
ell township, Monmouth Co., N. J.; she died Feb. 10, 1876. He was in early life
a stationer and bookbinder; became interested in banking, and was for some time
an officer of the bank of the U. S ; connected with many insurance companies ; a
prominent dealer in uptown real estate ; was one of the first to recognize the de-
velopment of that part of the city; retired from active business about i860; a
staunch republican, but not an active politician ; a liberal giver to public institu-
tions, and never unmindful of more private calls for charity, died Jan. i, 1SS9.

Children, born in New York city.

0,335 George Hobdey, b. March 25, 1822; a coal and wood merchant in Brook-
lyn, retired, in Ronkonkoma, L. I.; m., Nov. 7, 1857, Hannah Frances
Hawkins, b. April 3, 1838, da. of Mills and Jane (Rose) Hawkins of
Lakeland, L. I. They had :

10.336 Frances, b. in Brooklyn, N. Y., Aug. 7, 1858; d. in infancy.

10.337 Jennie May, b. do., Nov. 29, 1S60; m. Theodore Witte, a lawyer in

Brooklyn, N. Y.

10.338 George Nathaniel, b. do., Dec. 5, 1862 ; a builder; m. Rita F. Barrett.

10.339 Thomas Mills, b. in Ronkonkoma, Nov. 30, 1864 ; grad. from the nor-

mal school at Albany, 18S8; principal of public schools in various
places till Feb. 11, 1S90, appointed clerk in the New York custom-
house, residence Brooklyn; m., Nov. 24, 1890. Bertha Elizabeth
Bice, b. in W. Fulton, N. Y., Feb. 19, 1870; no children.

10.340 Lillian, b. Sept. 4, 1870; a teacher.

10,341 Sarah Baldwin, b. July 30, 1823; m., Oct. 23, 1S50, Thomas Edwin Baker;
he d. in Charleston, S. C, 1866. They had:

10.342 Annie (Baker), b. July 23, 1851 ; m., Oct. 23, 1877, Israel Fitz Randolph

Dissosway, b. Nov. 9, 1848, cashier in a banking house, res. New
Springville, Staten Island, d. ; one son, Thurston Nathaniel (Dissos-
way), b. Aug. 25, 1878. '

10.343 Mary Elizabeth (Baker), b. Mar. 17, 1858; in New York city; n.m.

10.344 William Ketcham, b. Nov. 17, 1824; d. Dec. 7, 1829.

10.345 David, b. Jan. i, 1826 ; a real estate lawyer in New York city, highly es-

teemed in his profession for probity and ability ; m. Charlotte Augusta
Purdy, da. of Hackaliah Purdy; he d. in Aiken, S. C, where he went
for his health, March 29, 1887. They had Lottie, n.m., and David, clerk
in bank in New York, n.m.

10.346 Mary Cooper, b. March 2, 1827; d. March 4, 1S62; n.m.

10.347 Elizabeth, b. July 12, 1828; d. May 26, 1S41.

10.348 Thomas L., b. Oct. 16, 1S30; twice married, both wives dead; he d. Dec.

13, 1864; '10 children living.
•10,349 Joseph, b. June 17, 1832; d. Aug. 28, 1854; n.m.

10.350 Solomon, b. Sept. f3, 1834; d. April 6, 1839.

10.351 Nathaniel, b. Sept. S, 1836 ; m. Phebe E. Hatt, da. of Rev. GeoKge Hatt.

They have :
10,352 Sophie, b. about 1866; m., June 15, 1889, A. W. Honer.
10,353 Alfred, b. June 5, 1838; m. Catharine Snow; he d. May 24, 1885. They
had Mary, Catharine, Fanny, Alfred. All young and unm., Dec, 1879.


Henry Thurston [Peter, Peter), brother of the preceding, and son of Peter and
Sarah Kipps (Baldwin) Thurston of New York city; born there Dec. 26, 1801 ;
married, Nov. 4, 1834, Margaret Ann Aitkin. He lived in Brooklyn, N. Y
died Dec. 25, 1855.




10.354 Wallace Henry; m. ; one child, an infant, 1879.

10.355 Emma Cornelia, m. Albert Holbrook ; one child, an infant, 1879.


Peter Kipps Thurston [Peter, Peter), brother of the preceding, and son of
Rev. Peter and Sarah Kipps (Baldwin) Thurston of Catskill, N. Y. ; born March
13, 1804; married, Nov. 18, 1826, Catherine Ann Baldwin,* born Nov. 15,
1804. He was a pianoforte maker in New York city, supposed to have died of
yellow fever in Raleigh, N. C, where he went in 1834. His friends could never
satisfactorily establish the date of his death or place of interment; she died Jan.
8, 1882.


io,356-)-Henry, b. Oct. 23, 1827; m. Martha Northrup.

10,357 Matilda Smith, b. Nov. 28, 1829; m., 1850, Theodore Henry 'Gray, b. Dec,
21, 1826, son of John Gray; succeeded his father in the printing and
bookbinding business in New York city, and d. April 14, 1867; she d. at
Port Richmond, Staten Island, June 10, 1880. They had:

10.358 Theodore Porter (Gray), b. Dec. 4, 1851; d. May 24, 1872.

10.359 Little Ella (Gray), d. when a few days old.

10.360 Mary Ella (Gray), b. 1856; d. March 17, 1864.

10,361 +Charles Baldwin, b. April 2, 1832 ; m. Lida Amelia Armour.


Henry Thurston (Peter Kipps, Peter, Peter), eldest son of Peter Kipps and
Catherine Ann (Baldwin) Thurston of New York city; born there Oct. 23, 1827;
married, Oct. 28, 1855, Martha Northrup, born Jan. 12, 1836, daughter of Lewis
and Elsie Jane (Curtis, who d. Sept. 22, 1888) Northrup of High Ridge, Conn.,
died June 25, 1883. He vvas a farmer in Poundridge, N. Y., and after in Stam-
ford, Conn., where the widow and children still reside.


10.362 Katie, b. at Poundridge, Feb. 21, 1858; d. in Stamford, Feb. 26, 1883.

10.363 Annie, b. at Stamford, Aug. 31, 1862; n.m.

10.364 Charles Henry, b. Feb. 20, 1869; clerk in bank, New York city.


Charles Baldwin Thurston [Peter Kipps, Peter, Peter), brother of the pre-
ceding, and son of Peter Kipps and Catherine Ann (Baldwin) Thurston of New
York city; born there April 2, 1832; married there, by Rev. E. Dunlap Smith, d.d.,
April 14, 1859, Lida Amelia Armour, born April 30, 1834, daughter of James
J and Mary (Loweree) Armour of Paterson, N. J. He is president of the

Jersey City & Bergen Railroad Co.; treasurer and manager of the Jersey Associ-
ates of Jersey City, which own nearly all the water front and ferry rights; has
charge, as president, of the toll roads between Jersey City and Newark; president
of the board of Park Commissioners of the Hudson Co., and holds other positions
of trust and responsibility ; a man of great energy, enterprise and power, which,
with good judgment, makes him a leading business man of Jersey City; no children'

10,365 Thomas Thurston, born in Staffordshire, Eng., 1758, where his father,
William Thurston, was a weaver and member of the Episcopal church. Thomas
was a sailor in the British merchant service, discharged in Rhode Island, went to
Boston about 1780, a seaman in the merchant service there, and married there
Susanna Allen, settled in Smithfield, R. I., and in 1792 went to Lyndon, Vt,,
then almost a wilderness, bought a farm in the woods, and became a successful

*I. John Baldwin, with his brother Joseph, took possession, in 1716, of lands in
Newark, left by their grandfather John Ward of Milford, Conn., d. aged 90, and was
buried at Connecticut Farms, N. J.

II. Ezekiel Baldwin, son of John, m., 1668, his cousin Sai-ah Baldwin, granddaughter
of Benj. Baldwin, one of the flrst settlers, in 1668, of Newark, d. Jan. 27, 180.5, aged 86.

lU. Benjamin Baldwin, son of Ezekiel, b. Jan. 22, 1761, d. July 11, 1838, m., Nov. 11,
1783, Isabella Wright, and had 6 sons and 6 daugliters, the 10th child was Catherine Ann,
■vrho m. Peter Kipps Thurston.



farmer. He was said to have been a man of great moral worth and unusual energy
of character, died 1815; she died in the family of her son Joseph, in Niagara
county, N. Y., 1833.

10,366-f-William, b. in Smithfield, R. I., 17S2; m. Thirza Lockling.
10,3674-Jo.seph, b. about 1784; m. Keziah Henry.
10,36s Richard, m. Mehitable Lamb of Vermont, and last heard from in Mississippi.


William Thurston [Thomas], son of Thomas and Susanna (Allen) Thurston
of Lyndon, Vt. ; born in Smithfield, R. L, 1782; married, about 1804, Thirza
Lockling, daughter of Jonathan Lockling of Lyndon. He was a farmer in Lyn-
don, and in 1816 moved to Herkimer, N. Y. ; was a member of the Methodist
church. She was a lady of excellent character, of more than ordinary intellectual
endowment, a member of the Methodist church, died 1862; he died in St. Ansgar,
la., Jan. 25, 1867.


10.369 John and Thomas, both d. young.

10.370 Laura, b. Dec. 8, 1808; m., Nov. 10, 1S30, Silas Johnson, a farmer in

Schuyler, N. Y. ; she d. July 12, 1867; he d. April 13, 1S80; no children.

10.371 Eliza, b. May 11, 1811; m., Jan. 16, 1830, Obadiah Pratt, a carpenter in

Deertield, N. Y. They have William (Pratt), wandered away in 1855
and never heard from; Julius (Pratt), a farmer near Seymour, 111.; Shu-
man (Pratt), on Chicago railroad.

10.372 Parker Joshua, b. in Lyndon, Jan. 26, 1813; a farmer in Herkimer from

1835 to 1S57, when he went to Ilion, N. Y.; m., Dec. 7, 1834, Cornelia
Vorburg, b. in Stark, N. Y., Jan. 26, 1807, d. Jan. 10, 1891, greatly es-
teemed for her kind christian character ; no children.

10,373-f-Thomas William, b. Feb. 5, 1815; m. Mary Brown Faville.

10,374 Thirza, b. March 13, 1819; m., Nov. 28, 1839, Gilbert Abraham Wendell,
b. Nov. 8, 1815, a farmer in Stockholm, N. Y. ; she d. Feb. 5, 1885. Had.

10.375 Heman Hildreth (Wendell), b. July 19, 1840; a farmer in Buckton, N. Y:

10.376 Horace Duane (Wendell), b. July 17, 1843; a peddler, d. in Tenn., 1885.


JosEPii Thurston (T/ioims), brother of the preceding, and son of Thomas
and Susanna (Allen) Thurston of Lyndon, Vt. ; born in Smithfield, R. I., about
1784; married Keziah Henry, and lived in Batavia, N. Y., and in Armada, Mich.

10,377+James Gilbert, m. Lucy Ann Hough.


Rev. Thomas William Thurston [William, Thomas), son of William and
Thirza (Lockling) Thurston of Lyndon, Vt. ; born there Feb. 5, 1815 ; married,
1842, Mary Brown Faville, born Feb. 2, 1821, daughter of Thomas and Betsey
(West) Faville of Manheim, N. Y. He studied law three years, but, believing it
to be his duty to preach the gospel, he joined the Black River M. E. Conference of
New York, and preached thirteen years under its direction, with good success;
1858 went to Iowa and preached four years in the Upper Iowa Methodist Confer-

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